Privacy Policy

Last Revised: 27 March 2023
  • By accessing and using our website you acknowledge that you have read and understand our privacy policy.
  • Use of this site means that you give us permission to collect, use and disclose personal information as described in this policy.
  • We are committed to keeping your privacy safe. As such, we only ask for minimal information, and store this securely.
  • In this policy: “we”, “us” and “our” “our site” and “Outfox” refers to Outfox Stories Online Story Services PTY LTD website, management and staff.
  • “You” or the “user” refers to you, the reader of this privacy policy, and any users or visitors of Outfox Stories.
  • “Others” or “other users” refers to any other users, whether visitors or account holders, of our site and services.
  • Our “services” refer to our existing and future content, and any facilitated communication with us or other users (such as through the comment section).
  • “Personal information” is any information unique to you and can be used for identification, including your username, email, payment details, movements and activities across the site etc. We only collect personal information we deem necessary and relevant, such as being required for site use and operation, information that ensures security for you, us and for others, communicating with you and that which enables site improvements. We do not sell any information to third party advertisers.
  • Any data collected may be used for legal purposes- including in court or out of court proceedings- for our, your and other users’ legal rights.
  • Any information you provide is voluntary. You have the right to access, change, delete or withdraw consent to our use of your information at any time. Please contact us if this is the case.
  • We do not have access to your password. All passwords are encrypted before storing on our database, and we do not have the ability to unencrypt them.
What do we collect and why do we collect it?
What do we collect? Why do we collect it?
We track your movement and activity across the site. This occurs whether or not you have an account. So that you and others have the best experience of the site, as the better we know our audience, the better we can provide for their needs and wants. This information is used for site improvements.
Any information you provide in your communications with us (correspondence data) via emails, or other social media sites, such as Instagram.
Username and encrypted password Required to make an account and access certain features. This keeps your money and other private information safe, while also allowing us to identify you. Such information can stop fraudulent activities. You can modify these at any time in account settings.
Credit card information is collected if you use certain areas of our website. When writing a story, we hold your payment details until the story has been published- and then we pay you.
Publication data. Any comments, commissions, or written contributions for the site are collected and stored. This ensures you are provided credit for your work, and enables us to remove any user who misuses our site.
Email Address Required to make an account and access certain features. It allows us to identify you and contact you if there are any issues (such as payment related). We do not share your email with any external site. You can modify this at any time in account settings.
Cookies A HTTP cookie is a small text file that a website stores on a user's computer or device when the user visits the website. It's how we know whether to keep someone signed in, and so we know who you are. We also use cookies to store chapter drafts and story preferences.
What can other Outdox users see?
  • Your chosen username, everything you have published, who are your supporters and who you support. They can also see your contributions and your “favourited” stories.
  • Your bio/description (written by you and able to be changed at any time by you).
Do we share your Personal Information?
  • Any information shared to trusted 3rd parties is due to the necessity of this for the running of our site.
  • We use the secure site Stripe for payments and Google Analytics to track movement.
  • If you have consented/requested for us to share your information with 3rd party websites or platforms, such as social networking sites- we may do so.
  • We may share your stories to promote them - these will link back to our site and your profile.
  • We do not sell your data to advertisers.
Where do we store and protect your Personal Information?
  • Your personal information is protected under Australian laws, and we will keep it safe to the best of our abilities on our secure servers.
  • We store the data on third party servers, which have their own responsibilities and privacy policies. We work with providers to make sure the information is as safe as reasonably possible.
Access to your Personal Information?
  • You can access your personal information by going to account and account details.
What happens to your Personal Information when you leave Outfox Stories?
  • We delete your account if you ask us to, otherwise it stays indefinitely.
  • We retain the right to update this policy at any time.
  • Significant changes may be communicated to you via our site, socials and/or communication channels such as email.
  • Please check this often- if there are any changes you do not consent to, please contact us or stop using our site.
How to contact us
Contact us with any concerns at