Community Guidelines

Last Revised: 27 June 2023
We aim to create an inclusive, safe, and comfortable space for all users to enjoy, discover and create content. Through a constant process of discussion and self-reflection, we aim to constantly improve, and learn from our mistakes. As such, we have an everyday commitment to the values laid out in this page. It is also your responsibility as a user to uphold our values, and respect other users, the website and us, and to help foster a sense of community. If you notice another user not abiding by this Code, please contact us at The following guidelines refer to interactions that may occur in the comment section of stories, on our Discord, and via email to Outfox employees. Within this Code of Conduct page (also known as the “code”), “we” or “us” refers to Outfox Stories staff, while “you” and “your” refers to you, the reader of this page and visitor to our site. Here, “the/this/our site” refers to Outfox Stories website.
What is appropriate action?
  • If you raise a concern to us about the behaviour of another user, we promise to listen and validate your concerns.
  • If we believe that a user has violated this Code, we may issue a warning, or may remove and ban the user from the site permanently. The action taken depends on the severity of the violation. We reserve the right to remove and ban a user at any time, with no notice. Any decision we make is final and non-negotiable.
  • Any behaviours against the law will be taken to the relevant authorities.
Respect, care and empathy
  • We will do our best to treat you with respect, care and empathy in all our interactions with you. We want you to enjoy, feel comfortable and heard at Outfox Stories. Please let us know if we are not living up to this standard in any way.
  • Please treat everyone (Outfox Staff and other users) with kindness and respect. Treat others how you yourself would like to be treated, and assume that everyone has good intentions.
  • Any constructive criticisms you may give to other users must be kind, clear and respectful. If you don’t like a story and can’t explain why, downvote, but don't complain!
  • Understand that other users may live in different contexts, have experienced vastly different lives and have differing levels of English. Please keep this in mind in any interactions you may have.
  • If you experience an interaction that you do not feel aligns with the values of respect, care and empathy, please let us know and we we will take the appropriate action.
No harrassment or discrimination
  • Everyone is welcome here at Outfox Stories. We a committed to valuing, speaking up for and protecting marginalised communities, and upholding the human rights of all. Please let us know if we can make our site more inclusive in any way. We are constantly striving to improve, and are open to any suggestions or feedback.
  • By using our site, you agree to not harass or discriminate against other users for any reason at all, including race, gender, abilities or sexuality. This includes, but is not limited to, interactions that occur in the comment sections of stories and on our Discord.
  • Think before you type! Consider if the words or phrases you use will hurt an other user or community. Remember, everyone has vastly different lived experiences, and comments that may not affect you may deeply offend others.
  • If you experience any form of harassment or discrimination on Outfox Stories, please let us know and we we will take the appropriate action, as we have a zero tolerance policy in regards to this.