Content Guidelines

Last Revised: 27 June 2023
We at Outfox Stories try to maintain high-quality standards, and we reserve the right to review your stories before they are published. If your story violates any of our rules below, or does not meet our quality standards, it should not be published on our platform.
Content Rules
  1. No real people unless they are adult public figures.
    • This includes names, locations, occupations or private information that would lead to a real person, non-public figure to be identified.
    • Public figures must be well recognised by the general public and to the mods.
  2. No plagarism
    • All works published on Outfox Stories must be owned by the poster, or posted with the consent of the original author.
    • Posting a story on our site that you have written and posted elsewhere is permitted and encouraged!
  3. No spam
    • Spam includes content designed to disrupt or manipulate other users’ experience of the site, or spam chapters.
    • You must come to this site with the genuine intent to consume or create content.
  4. No sexual content involving minors
    • We have a zero tolerance for this type of material, and it is a legal requirement that we do not allow it on our site.
    • Minors are anyone under the legal age as well as:
      • Characters with child-like bodies.
      • Contexts that imply that a sexualised character is underage.
    • Such banned content includes:
      • Descriptions or suggestions of sexual acts towards, on, or between minors, including descriptions of masturbation.
      • Sexualised descriptions of minors, including full or partial nudity, or any commentaries designed to arouse the reader.
      • Sexualised transformation stories in which a character is underage before, during or after transformation.
    • If underage characters are written, or if characters describe past situations in which they were underage, they must not be placed in sexual situations. Any non-human characters, such as robots or aliens also must meet the above requirements.
    • Finally, please ensure the story is permitted under Australia’s Pornography Legislation, which can be found here:;fileType%3Dapplication%2Fpdf#search=%22library/prspub/G1610%22
How we ensure our high quality standards
Outfox Stories reserves the right to make minor edits to stories in order to make sure stories meet our quality standards. This includes, but isn’t limited to, spelling, grammar and formatting.
In other cases, we may decline to publish your chapter, or remove it at any time after publishing.
Which stories are Premium and why?
Premium stories are only available to read to users who are either:
  • Subscribed to Outfox Premium Learn more
  • Support the author who wrote the chapter
Outfox Stories reserves the right to decide what is and isn’t a Premium story/chapter. All stories are Preimum initially, and most (but not all) stories are moved to the free tier a few months after they are initially published.
Please email us at if you:
  • Have any general questions about our rules.
  • Have any concerns about whether your story complies with our rules.
  • Come accross a chapter that you believe violates our rules.
Please note: all content, including opinions, statements or advice found on this website are the product of third parties. Outfox Stories does not endorse, take responsibility for, or guarantee the truthfulness, validity, accuracy or usefulness of any content found here. All works are provided for entertainment purposes only.