Patient Zero: Growing Pains

Story created by EzraWritesThings ∙ 11 September 2023

A small family in California jump into a lake, a common hobby for them. However, today, something different lurks in the water. The family find themselves the patient zero clan for a new pandemic.

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  • Patient Zero: Growing Pains

    Chapter written by EzraWritesThings ∙ 14 February 2023

    A small family in California jump into a lake, a common hobby for them. However, today, something different lurks in the water. The family find themselves the patient zero clan for a new pandemic.

  • The sun is setting just perfectly over Oakdale, California. The moon is peaking out over the horizon now as the sun disappears flawlessly, casting shades of red, purple, and a dark blue over the waters. Life, however, is about to take a strong left turn.

    When people think about pandemics, or epidemics, they mostly think of ebola. COVID19 has become almost an after thought in this world now. One could argue this is a good thing. One could also argue that this signifies how society would react in regards to something much, much bigger going on.

    Insanely bigger.

    The family is enjoying a vacation. This is where everything is going to begin for not only them, but the world. That lake shimmers with the sun as it falls down over the horizon. Little does this family know, or understand, that being in the lake is the entire issue. Had they never come into contact with the water, the events of their patient zero tale would have never fallen like dominoes into this path. Maybe they could have skirted by without an infection.

    Mateo, twenty years old, is the last one to get out of the water. He likes being it water, likes the way it mats down his curly black hair. He just likes being wet, honestly. Swimming is something he loves doing, which may be why became a firefighter. It’s not just fighting fires. He’s jumping into rivers and lakes and pools to save people.

    He’d swallowed a lot of water, he’d absorbed a lot into his skin, giving him a rather pruny appearance. His lightly olive skin glistens in the low light of the setting son as he exits the water, cracking his neck to the side.

    Jesus, the forty seven year old father of the children and the patriarch of the family, is not such a strong swimmer. Not a fan of being wet for too long, Jesus got the least exposure to the water today. But still enough for him to now become one of the infected without knowing it. Without even knowing that people were infected at all.

    It’s all really flying under the radar for now.

    It seems like a paradise of a vacation for Serilla and Brandi. Brandi, the mother, Serilla, the daughter, spent time dipping in and out of the lake while suntanning. It’s been fun, they’ve enjoyed themselves significantly.

    Once Jesse comes back from fishing way further down the lake, the family is all back together in the house.

    Jesus is in the kitchen, cooking side dishes. He’d been mostly grilling off and on all day, enjoying being able to cook. There’s assorted meats on the table, Mateo and Brandi go to fix their plates first. But as Mateo looks down at his hand, he wonders… did he always have big hands? He really can’t remember. What person pays so much attention to their hands?

    Brandi looks over at her son, noticing nothing out of the ordinary. Instead, she focuses on her plate. She’s hungry, for some reason. Rather ravenous despite taking many breaks to eat during the day to keep herself going. Serilla joins the pair, butting in to grab some ribs, some asada, some adobado. She’s hungry as hell, too. None of the family is questioning their appetites right now. It’s easily rationalized. They’ve been swimming all day, they’ve all been getting dehydrated by the son. Of course they’d be hungry. Who wouldn’t be?

    “My hands hurt,” Mateo announces as Jesse joins the family in grabbing food. The hunger has set in for him.
    “Yeah, mine too. And my feet,” Serilla adds as she feels herself starting to ache in places as well.

    “You all pushed yourself too hard today, too much movement,” Brandi insists as she takes her seat at the table. Her children follow suit, sitting around the table Jesus was still adding food to, before they all began to hungrily dig in. They all feel like they’re starving. Like they may not have eaten in weeks, yet they have been eating all damn day.

    It’s uncomfortable to say the least. The rice and beans and various vegetables are an afterthought, only being picked off from the table when their plates run out of red meat. Starving. They’re all fucking starving.

    Mateo notices it again. His hands hurt. And not only that, he swears his fingers look longer. With a rib in one hand, he raises the other to look at it. And then, a sharp pain radiates through Serilla’s leg.

    She doesn’t yelp, or cry out, but instead she pushes her chair back to look at both of her legs in her bikini… is she taller?! Why does Serilla feel like her legs just got bigger? It’s not a fun thing to realize for her, she’s less aloof than Mateo in that regard. But still, she swallows down the food in her mouth ravenously.

    The pain doesn’t subside.

    Mateo drops his rib back onto his plate. Standing up quickly, he leaves the dining room and goes back to the living room. That couch has never looked more comfortable. He’s never liked the couch in the lake house, but, right now? He’s taking great pleasure in plopping down on it in his still wet shorts. His mother will have to understand, he’s in too much pain to take them off.

    Serilla eventually follows her brother, opting for the love seat sofa in the corner. Much like her brother, she’s never been a fan of sleeping on these things. But she feels such a sense of comfort with her body at ease on the tinier couch.

    They aren’t noticing it just yet but their bodies are changing. Serilla’s legs are growing at the joints, the pains she is feeling are indeed growing pains. And the same goes for Mateo and Jesse. Their arms are hurting because they’re growing.

    It isn’t until Jesse joins his siblings on the couches, laying in the second love seat sofa across from Serilla, that he processes the amount of pain he’s in. His arms feel so heavy. And they should, because he’s gained double the arm length.

    Mateo’s arms have doubled, but now his legs are getting longer. He writhes in deep seeded pain on the couch. His head turns from side to side as the pain spreads into his back. He isn’t understanding any of this.

    Serilla whimpers loudly, she can feel the pain all the way from her hips down into her toes, it’s a deep pain that she can’t even describe. It’s like her muscles are being rearranged into something else, or the bones that hold her curvy body together are shift. The severe discomfort is unrivaled. And there’s no solace in the fact that she isn’t the only one in the house in such agony. In fact, it seems to worry her even more. Why is this happening to them? What did they do wrong? Serilla doesn’t understand it and slowly begins to weep. It’s a horrifying situation to be in, of course.

    Mateo’s body continues to elongate until the bends of his knees are hanging off of the couch. He’s doubled in size and is just about to triple. Jesse is not far behind his little brother, his body doubling and rushing to the tripling mark. He’d not had the time to think about what any of this means either. Neither of the boys had.

    Brandi, finally, joins her children in the living room, taking a hard seat in the recliner. No one speaks because they already know, everyone in this room is in just as much pain as whoever would ask about it. There’s so much groaning.

    Jesus… he had the least exposure, but he’s still feeling it, he can feel his hips aching and his arms follow close behind, as if his body is joining a raise to see who can be in the most pain out of his entire family. It takes him time, his feet carrying him to the living room slowly. His feet… they’re huge now, the bones and muscles are aching like never before and once he makes it to that room…

    He just crashes onto the second recliner.

    The family’s all together now, crying out, writhing in pain as body parts elongate and stretch. The sounds of bones being broken or cracking and then being pushed back together echoes out every few seconds. Coming from someone completely different every single time.

    Mateo’s entire body is almost too big for the couch, his legs now comically hanging off of it as he just lays there on his back in severe pain.

    Jesse’s torso fits on the love seat sofa, but not much more of him. He’s the one who is the first to pray.

    “Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos. Santificado sea tu Nombre. Venga tu reino,” Jesse’s voice chokes up here for a moment, his arm snapping multiple times without his consent, without his doing. “Hágase tu voluntad. En la tierra como en el cielo. Danos hoy el pan de este día y perdona nuestras deudas como nosotros perdonamos nuestros deudores y no nos dejes caer en la tentación sino que líbranos del malo. Amen.” Reciting the Padre Nuestro may seem like the wrong thing to do here, but how could he do anything else? Jesse doesn’t understand why no one else is praying!

    “Si vivimos, para el Señor vivimos. Y si morimos, para el Señor morimos.” All Jesse knows to do right now is to pray. There’s no one else he can call on, and he’s stable enough to be able to pray out loud for now. For his entire family. Because he thinks he may not make it out alive. And if he feels like this…

    He can only imagine Mateo and Serilla are feeling the exact same way. Their bodies are contorting and snapping and aching. Jesse can hear them groaning and grunting, but it’s so hard to process who is making what noise. Mateo sounds like a woman at times, that is hoe much pain his poor brother is in.

    “Sal, alma cristiana, de este mundo, en el nombre de Dios Padre todopoderoso, que te creó, en el nombre de Jesucristo, Hijo de Dios vivo, que padeció por ti, en el nombre del Espiritu Santo, que te santificó. Que descanses hoy en paz y habites con Dios en su Reino,en compañía de la Virgen Madre de Dios, Maria Santísima, de san José y de todos los ángeles y santos.” Jesse fully believes they’re all dying right now.

    Brandi writhes in the recliner, but she can barely fit in it now. It feels like she’s doubled in size. Because she has. If any of the family stand up, their heads will more than hit the ceiling. Doubling, tripling in size. It’s like the worst growth spurt someone could go through. Because it is.

    The parasitic virus in the lake has made this family its’ patient zeroes. Never something any human being wants to be. The first people to become utterly fucked up by this virus.

    But, Brandi and Serilla are finding their pains ending. For a brief moment, Serilla feared that she was finally dying. That the relief washing over her body as it laid without fitting on that love seat couch was death calling her name. Brandi for a moment feared the same, but there was no lights at the end of the tunnel. The women just laid there, catching their breath.

    “Vengan a su ayuda, santos de Dios; salgan a su encuentro, ángeles del Señor. Reciban su alma y preséntenla ante el Altísimo.


    Te encomendamos, Señor, a tu hijo NOMBRE, a fin de que, muerto ya para el mundo, viva para ti. Con tu infinita misericordia perdona los pecados que la fragilidad humana le haya hecho cometer. Por Jesucristo, nuestro Señor. AMEN!” Jesse cannot stop praying.

    It’s all he knows to do. Even if the pain is calming down for the women, all the men are still going through it. The pain is like the worst parts of everything. A kidney stone in your joints. A toothache in your back.

    “Why is this happening?!” Jesus finally cries out. His process is less intense than his children’s, but how could he even consider relaxing while his babies are in pain? His legs are growing swiftly, he can feel his body spreading, expanding, his fingers severely elongating as his body changes. These were not the changes Jesus thought he would be going through at his age.

    Grey hair, erectile dysfunction, that was what he thought was waiting for him.

    “I… I don’t know! Dad I don’t know what’s happening. Why are we stretching?! Why are we getting bigger?!” Mateo cries out, as instead of turning to Christ, he turns to his father instead. His father is more likely to answer him, even if Mateo is fully aware his dad has no answers.

    “I have no idea!” Jesus cries back out at his son, which is the exact answer Mateo was expecting. No one has any idea what is happening to them.

    Serilla and Brandi are just trying to breathe. They both look at their expended bodies, noticing somewhere along the lines, their bikinis had ripped off. Both of the women are naked as the day they were born. But at this moment, they’re both too exhausted to consider doing anything about it.

    They will soon enough, however.

    Mateo screams a little bit as his shorts rip off, turning into tatters underneath of his hips. The only plus side he can come to find as he looks down at his body? His cock’s bigger. Jesse looks down at himself as well, noticing the exact same thing as his swimming trunks have long since disappeared. At least his cock is bigger. That’s not something he’s gonna complain about, honestly. What man in their right mind would?!

    But it aches. The boys are finding their cocks aching now as they grind and writhe on their backs. Briefly, Mateo wonders if he should roll onto his stomach. But ultimately, he decides against it. In case the couch feels like giving out on him. He needs this couch. Mateo needs to feel comfortable at rest in something.

    It’s Jesse who is next to stop growing. He’s become triple his height, he’s almost doubled his body weight, and every single joint he has is still aching angrily. Even if the pain is rapidly subsiding, he finds himself tired.

    Exhaustion isn’t even the right word for it. Jesse feels like he just woke up from a coma but still wants five more minutes of sleep. His arm hits the floor as he tries to savor this moment. It’s been hours, hours of the family in the living room undergoing this transformation from the parasitic virus they didn’t even know they had come into contact with.

    And Jesse is just exhausted from it all. Brandi has never been more wrong with her maternal wisdom that the kids just pushed themselves too hard today. Maybe she should have gotten them to a hospital instead of just pressuring them to eat.

    Food cannot solve every problem in the world, unfortunately.

    Their ravenous hunger is also explained now, at least to Mateo. If their bodies were going to change and transform then it needed energy. More energy than they had in them at the time. Eating so much food so fast had been their downfall. Maybe they could have prolonged the inevitable path of pain just for a bit longer. Had they only put off eating as quickly as possible.

    Jesse sits up, slowly, his head almost hitting the ceiling but not quite. His dark brown eyes flick around the room. He sees his mother in the recliner, trying to catch her breath still yet. He sees his sister, laying on that love seat couch completely naked.

    And he growls.

    Jesse isn’t sure why he growled, but he did. Normally he would have looked away, he would have turned his head and not paid attention to it. But his dark eyes were roaming over her perky breasts, over every single curve, over her body and taking it in rather hungrily.

    Jesse was starving now but it wasn’t for food. No, it was for another just as important need. It was for sex. He could feel the blood rushing downward, into his cock. Causing the hefty muscle to slowly start to stand on it’s own. Jesse’s erection is growing quickly when his and Serilla’s eyes meet.

    Serilla… she starts to drool as she lays on her back on that much smaller love seat couch. Her eyes flutter, her eyelashes bat. Just hours ago the concept of fucking her brothers would have made the woman vomit, but now she’s finding her loins are aching, too.

    The canal of her pussy is soaked. Her clit is engorged, throbbing as she and Jesse keep that stare. It’s something neither of the siblings can deny, honestly. They want each other.

    Jesse does try to stand up, but when his head hits the ceiling, he opts for a swift crawl, making his way to his sister, to Serilla, the most gorgeous thing he swears he has ever seen. Serilla naturally spreads her legs a bit wider now. Mateo and Jesus still cry out in pain every few moments, but now Jesse is done praying. He’s done trying to get them some sort of saving. More along the lines of accepting their fate.

    This is their fate and the parasitic virus makes it hard for him to deny his urges now. Same for Serilla. Everyone else will get to this point as well. But for now, it’s just Jesse and Serilla being total fucking giant perverts.

    Crawling between his sister’s legs, his cock flops and lands on her slit. Serilla shivers, hard, unsure if she has ever been so horny in her entire life.

    Rocking his hips back and forth, Jesse spends a few moments teasing his big sister’s pussy. Grinding his underside against her swollen clit, smearing her juices all over her gorgeous pussy lips. Their hearts are racing, almost in sync, she can feel his heartbeat against her clit through the underside of his penis.

    Jesse grabs his sister’s hands, bending her arms to pin them behind of her head with his own as his hips shift. The head of Jesse’s cock gets an angle, and his hips jut forward. The siblings go far past the point of no return as he penetrates Serilla. His cock sinks in and he lets out a satisfactory grunt.

    Still staring down at her, Serilla meets and keeps his gaze. Their eyes stay locked as her brother mounts her, his entire cock filling her pussy up and stretching it while she moans. Her heavenly noises mix with the hellish screams of her father and other brother. It’s truly a mismatched menagerie of sound at the moment. But it almost suits the situation, almost makes the most perfect soundtrack for the situation the family was forced into.

    Jesse swings his hips back, pulling them until half of his cock is out and spearing back in. He finds a hard, fast rhythm. Serilla’s moans become louder, her hands fighting against the pinning a bit as her breasts heave and shake from the furiously rough thrusts. Her brother is her Adonis in this moment.

    Jesse’s balls loudly clap against the back of his sister’s legs, against her ass. The sounds of her squelching pussy starts to mix in with all the noises. And her brother is all too happy to keep beating that pussy up like it owes him some serious money. The oomph behind his thrusts makes that love seat sofa creak underneath of them, their giant bodies colliding together over and over again.

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck that dick is so fucking big!” Serilla cries out, she can’t help herself. Her orgasm comes quick, quicker than she would have wanted it or expected it to. That big, yet tight, pussy convulses around her brother’s cock as it pistons in and out of her. Jesse doesn’t slow down, not for a second, he continues to beat it right the fuck up.

    The noises Mateo has been listening to have made his body shiver. When he sits up next, he sees his cock is standing fully erect. But he doesn’t have a chance to try and join his brother and sister in their little tryst. Instead, he sees someone else crawling towards him.

    Brandi pushes her son until he is flush with the couch. She needs this, too. Listening to her son fuck her daughter’s brains out has worked up the woman to no end. How she wishes she could understand why.

    “M-Mommy?” Mateo croaks out, his cock giving an almost painful twitch in the air. He needs her, he’s never needed someone so badly before. As he stares into his mother’s eyes, Mateo knows he has to fuck her. He needs his cock inside of her as quickly as possible. Brandi feels the same way. But she has no idea why. Brandi has never been attracted to her sons before, but right now? She’s in so much need it’s unreal.

    Jesus is still in pain on the floor. It’s hitting him harder because he’s had the least exposure, it’s taking longer for that parasitic virus to multiply, to replicate his cells. But it’s just his painful screams now the only noises that aren’t filled with insane pleasure.

    Brandi crawls onto Mateo’s lap. Serilla screams out with another shaking orgasm, the fury of her own explosion causing Jesse to slow his movements to keep from blowing his load in what he considers to be premature.

    Once on his lap, Brandi just drops her ass onto it. Spearing Mateo’s entire cock inside of her pussy, letting the head mash against her cervix. The exact same pussy that made him, the same cunt that brought him into this world.

    “M-Mom!” Mateo cries out, his hands going to her hips to hold her down. Brandi presses her hands to his chest, rolling her head back as she starts to moan, almost in sync with her daughter. She grinds those hips back and forth, Mateo holding her down but letting her wiggle and grind as much as she wants.

    Mateo begins to buck his hims upwards, fucking his mother’s pussy roughly as she keeps grinding, spelling coconut and nothing less on her son’s amazing cock. Mateo had always been rather hung, but given the transformations his body just underwent? He’s much more hefty in the cock department.

    His mother’s tight walls squeeze his cock, making him shudder and lurch here and there. “Mommy… mom… mom… fuck, mom… fuck fuck fuck…” A vocal lover, he can’t stop talking to her. Watching her breasts heave up and down as he fucks her, as she grinds her hips on him, as his brother fucks the hell out of his sister.

    The noises are nothing less than sinful.

    Slapping of skin on skin, balls hitting asses, and of course Jesus groaning out in pain on the floor. He’s screaming in pain every few seconds. The other four can hear their father’s bones breaking and rearranging over and over again but they ignore it.

    They ignore his calls and cries of pain and anguish as they keep themselves focused on this primal urge. All they want to do now is fuck.

    Jesse continues to fuck his sister, keeping her arms and hands pinned until they go numb behind of her head. Over and over again he slams his cock into her pussy, bashing her cervix with the head of his cock. Those walls keep squeezing him, his poor sister cumming like a fountain every few minutes. But he loves it. Jesse is enthralled with watching his sister’s eyes roll back with each orgasm, with the hypnotic way her breasts jiggle and bounce with each of his thrusts.

    Mateo is in a similar situation, in a serious trance as he watches his mom’s breasts bounce right in his face. Brandi’s really feeling herself. Her hands roam over her youngest son’s chest, her hips move like a fucking tornado attacking a mobile home.

    “Fuck, mommy…” Mateo moans out as his nails dig into her hips tensely, leaving little crescent moon shapes in her flesh. “Y-You’re gonna make me cum.”

    Both of the sons wish they could move their women into a new position. But they don’t want to destroy the furniture, no, they need it, they need comfortable places to give into their urges. They need somewhere to rest, their instincts are truly kicking in, a new sense of self preservation has taken over with the virus.

    Jesse groans louder, noises more akin to a caveman or a wild animal than a living, breathing human being. His hips somehow manage to get a quicker pace, his balls giving a harsh lurch as he finally pushes his hips forward and starts to pump his cum into his big sister.

    Serilla squeals, her legs wrapping around Jesse to pull him in deeper while he cums inside of her. His milky white seed spews inside of her pretty little pussy, filling it up until it starts to leak out the sides the seal their intermingled sexes made.

    His grunting, his groaning, does not stop as he keeps pumping his nut, the fattest fucking nut of his life, right into his sister’s perfect pussy. If anything, he thinks Serilla may be his soulmate. She’s the best lay he’s ever had and he doesn’t care anymore that he doesn’t understand why.

    Why is everyone feeling this why? Why did everyone double or triple in size? Why is all of this happening? No one can question it, the nightmares in the water simply won’t allow it.

    Exhausted now, Jesse collapses on top of his big sister, the two of them falling asleep together. These couches, these love seat sofas, they used to be nightmares for these adults when they were children. New they’re a respite of normalcy in a chaotically fucked up world they had no desire to be in, but were forced into.

    Mateo is furiously dragging his mom’s hips back and forth. Helping her properly grind on his cock, still thrusting his own hips up into her body. Brandi is screaming from how hard her son is fucking her. When her orgasm hits her, it makes those walls tense up and convulse against Mateo’s rather greedy cock. Brandi can feel just how bad her son needs this orgasm.

    Just as bad as she needed the one he just gave her. How could she deny her son? Her new instincts simply won’t allow it. She continues to pump her hips back and forth fast, fast, faster. Letting Mateo’s grappling hands move her how he wants her, how he needs her.

    “M-Mommy please…” Mateo begs, his head tossing back onto the couch, staring up at the wall. Jesus screams again in deep pain while his arms stretch and grow, he’s really going through it while his family is now having the time of their lives.

    Mateo can’t fucking hold it anymore. His cock twitches deeply inside of his mother’s pussy as he spurts and splatters, painting her insides white. He can feel her pussy still convulsing from her last orgasm, to which Mateo just launches more cream into her. Cumming like a fucking fire hose inside of his own mother. Large legs shaking, even the couch shakes underneath of them as Mateo explodes in her sweet pussy.

    Much like his brother and sister, with his head on the back of the couch, Mateo falls asleep. His mother is not far behind, tucking her head under his chin, curling up, and drifting off quickly. Everyone is going to wake up hungry. The cycle will repeat until something horrible comes to pass, unfortunately. But none of them can even comprehend the Lovecraftian horror story they have been thrust into.

    Jesus just screams and cries on the floor. Hours pass and he can feel his body changing. All he knows to do is scream, and try to understand why he’s in so much pain for so much longer…

    Yet his family just had a fucking orgy around him.

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