Stealth Control: Takeover

Story created by Kripto ∙ 11 September 2023

The plans for Stealth Control have been leaked onto the dark web. A mistreated loner decides to use the technology to take control of his small town.

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  • Stealth Control: Takeover

    Chapter written by Kripto ∙ 20 September 2022

    The plans for Stealth Control have been leaked onto the dark web. A mistreated loner decides to use the technology to take control of his small town.

  • Kyle


    I knew my girlfriend Anna was mad at me by the way she slammed my car door. She knew I hated that, but it was her go to move whenever she was pissed at me. “Something wrong?” I asked irritably as we walked up to Dustin’s apartment.


    “Yeah. I told you I wanted to go shopping, Kyle, not go to your dorky friend’s house.”


    “He’s not my friend,” I argued. “Not really”


    “Bullshit! You hang out with him at least a couple times a month.”


    “We play games or watch movies. Doesn’t mean we’re tight.”

    “Oh, I’m sorry,” Anna said sarcastically. “He’s just an acquaintance that you hang out with on a regular basis and share hobbies and interests with. Like a friend!”


    “Look, I only do it because he helped me graduate last year. You know this.”


    “Doesn’t mean you owe him a kidney or anything.”


    “This is hardly a kidney. He asked for me to stop by today, and to bring you along. He said it was really important, and fuck it, I owe him.”


    Before we got to the steps that led to Dustin’s third floor apartment, my girlfriend grabbed my arm to stop me. “You don’t owe him anything. You were nice to him at school, and that was enough. You can stop now. He’s a lost cause.”


    I just smiled at her, and shrugged free of her grip. I hated when she tried to tell me what to do, which was becoming more and more frequent. 


    As she huffed behind me, she kept on grumbling. “Why the hell did I have to come anyway?”


    I tried to placate as we climbed the stairs. “I’m sure it’ll be quick. He probably just needs a woman’s perspective on something, and that’s why he had me bring you.”


    Anna groaned. “My perspective is that he hit a treadmill and shower more than once a week. Let’s just go. Let’s say that something came up and you can come back by yourself tomorrow.”


    I whirled around to face her. “Give me a blowjob in the car and you got a deal.”


    She pursed her lips. “Counter offer. I let you be single again.”


    I sighed. “Sorry,” I said half heartedly. “But he probably already saw us pull up. Let’s just go. It’ll be quick, then I’ll take you shopping.”


    She stared at me for a moment, weighing her options, deciding if this was the hill she wanted to die on. Finally, she said, “Fine, but if all he does is look me in the tits like last time I saw him, I’m out.”


    As I turned my back on her, I said, “They are nice looking tits.”


    She punched me in the butt and said, “You must really miss being single.”


    We got to his door, and I looked at Anna. She had arranged her pretty face into something that made you think she wasn’t totally annoyed at your presence, which was close enough for me. I knocked.


    Dustin answered the door immediately, like he had been waiting on the other side. He ushered us in enthusiastically saying, “Thank you so much for coming. Come in, come in. It’s good to see you both.”


    Dustin was shorter than us both. I’m tall, about 6 foot 4 inches, but Anna’s like, 5 foot 9 or something. And Dustin is even shorter. It’s probably why he got picked on so much in high school. That and his interpersonal skills were fucking terrible. I’m pretty sure I was the only friend he had, which was really more of an alliance born out of necessity. He helped me graduate, and I kept him from getting forced into lockers. 


    “Alright, Dustin,” I said as he shut the door. “Anna and I are in a hurry, so we won’t be able to stay long. What did you want to show us?”


    Dustin smiled in a mad scientist sort of way that I knew Anna would find a little unnerving. “Only something that’s going to blow your mind.” He snapped his fingers and pointed at me as if remembering something. “But first, can I offer you both a drink?”


    “Uh, no thanks,” I informed him under the watchful eye of my girlfriend.


    “Are you sure? I just made mimosas.” He said, looking hopefully at Anna. 


    He made eye contact with her for two whole seconds before I saw his eyes drift down to her boobs. The girls in school had always thought he was a creep, and that wasn’t going to change anytime soon. And since he didn’t like sports or talking about cars, which was what every guy cared about in our small rural town, he pretty much assured himself that he was going to be a loner. 


    What Dustin liked was computers and smelling like a combination of body odor and nachos. But the guy had helped me graduate by hacking into the school’s servers and changing a couple of grades. Since we were one of a few recent graduates that hadn’t gone off to college, I didn’t mind hanging out with him from time to time. But my girlfriend sure seemed had a problem with it.


    I watched Anna stare daggers at him, then look at me and mouth the word, “Tits.” But Dustin had said something I knew would spark her attention. She sighed, snapped her fingers near her eyes, causing Dustin to look at her in the face and said, “Eyes up here, creep. Yes, I will have a mimosa.”


    “Me too, I guess,” I said. “But not too much. I’m driving.”


    As he turned his back on us, I thought I heard mumble, “It won’t take much.”


    He came back seconds later and handed us plastic cups, one filled to the brim, the other, only halfway. “I remember you liking mimosas, Anna.” Dustin said. “I figured you couldn’t say no to one.”


    Anna took a sip and said, “You figured right, Dustbin.”


    I saw Dustin bristle at his old high school nickname, something he got all the way back in elementary school. Someone called him Dustbin because he often came to school dirty and smelly, like that Peanuts character. I knew he hated the nickname. Anna knew it too. It was how she not so subtly voiced her displeasure at being here.


    I watched Dustin’s eyes grow dark, and for a second I thought he was going to tell Anna off. But then he seemed to veil his annoyance at my girlfriend, and said, “Well I hope you like it.” He looked at me with a nervous expectation. “Try yours too, Kyle.”


    “You promise there’s not too much alcohol in this?”


    He blew air out his nose. “No. You’ll barely even know it's there.”


    “Is that why it tastes funny?” Anna asked.


    I looked into the glass dubiously.


    “Just please try it,” Dustin begged. “Just a sip.”


    I rolled my eyes and brought the cup up to my lips. As the liquid passed into my mouth, Dustin broke into a huge grin. I didn’t know what he was so happy about. It was not the best mimosa I’d ever had. Anna was right. There was a funny taste.


    I downed it though and said, “You’re right. I couldn’t taste any alcohol.”


    “Me neither,” Anna complained.


    “I’m sorry,” Dustin apologized. “It was probably 98 percent orange juice. Kyle, can I see you in the other room real quick?”


    I looked towards the only other room he must be talking about. It was a one bedroom apartment after all. The door to it was open and I could see clothes strewn about the floor and at least two empty pizza boxes. “Whatever you needed us for, can’t you show us out here?”


    Dustin rubbed his hands together. “I’ve got to show it to you, and only you, first.”


    I hesitated, but my girlfriend prodded me to action. “Just go so we can get out of here.”


    I looked towards the room again, and wondered how long I could hold my breath. “Okay, but make it quick.” I walked into the room, followed closely by Dustin. He shut the door behind me, leaving my girlfriend alone in his living room. I was jealous of her, because at least the smell was better out there. 


    The only furniture in his room was a small bed currently full of comic books, and a computer desk with a chair.


    Dustin sat at his computer desk, and since there was no other place, I moved some comic books on his bed so I could sit down. “Alright,” I said insistently. “What’s up?”


    I watched him become more animated than I’ve ever seen him before as he asked, “Have you ever heard of Stealth Control?”


    I nodded slowly. “Yeah. I heard about it. It was some government project, right? And people got all worried and there were all these conspiracies. But all that blew over and now it’s used at some resort. People our age can go on vacation there so other people can experience a vacation through their eyes. Like through virtual reality or something.”


    Dustin turned towards his computer screen and pointed at a black screen filled with white ones and zeros. “It’s better than that.”


    “Okay. I’m sure it’s great. We done here?”


    Dustin gave me a disappointed look. “You don’t understand. This is incredible technology that allows others to hijack someone else’s mind and control their actions. It’s so much more than virtual reality.”


    I nodded along, but was quickly losing patience.


    He continued. “Someone on the dark web leaked everything about this project, and I mean everything. How it all works. How to build a working prototype. How to put together the necessary transmitters. How to utilize the program. It took a long time to read through, and even longer to build, but I did it. The only thing that was hard to get my hands on were the neuro-receivers themselves. I had to order them from some very sketchy people online, but I got them. And today I get to see if they work.”


    “I’m going to pretend like I understood any of that. Good luck with your stealth project. I’m going to go try and make my girlfriend not mad at me for the rest of the day so I can maybe get lucky later.”


    “Wait!” he exclaimed. “Give me thirty seconds to show you how awesome this is!”


    I gave an exasperated sigh. “Let’s see it.”


    I watched as his fingers flew across the keyboard for ten seconds. Then he picked up a round silver halo looking thing and put it on his head and began to explain. “This is very rudimentary of course. I’m sure the resort has much better equipment, but this should still be sufficient. By putting this on, I become the sender. And if it works, you become the receiver.”


    I guffawed. “Wait, what? How can I be a receiver? I thought I read that the people in Stealth Control had to get a shot of neuro somethings.”


    “Neuro-receivers, yes. They had to be injected into the bloodstream, yeah,” he said. “They’ve made a few advances though. For one, they can be given orally. And two, instead of a 24 hour period, they can stay in the body indefinitely.”


    Before he finished talking, I realized what he’d done. He’d spiked the mimosas with something he’d gotten from some shady website. He was going to kill me and Anna. 


    Before I could lash out at him, he said, “Here goes nothing,” and pressed the enter button on his keyboard.


    Nothing was right. I watched with some alarm as he slumped forward. A pulse of alarm ran through my body. I stood up quickly and looked at my friend. What was he playing at? I wanted to yell at him for spiking our drinks, but I decided not to give him the attention he so obviously wanted. I turned on the camera on his monitor instead and looked at myself reflected on the screen. 


    I let out a whoop! I’m not a narcissist, not compared to my girlfriend anyway, but I did know I looked good. At that moment, I thought I looked so good that I started flexing my biceps, and pounded my abs a few times with my meaty fists.


    “It feels good in here!” I proclaimed to Dustin, who still showed no movement at all. I didn’t care. It gave me a good excuse to leave. But before I went, I decided to tell him a message on his computer that I was taking off.


    “Okay, don’t hate me because of what I’m about to do,” I said to the camera. I winked at myself. That should be enough. And then I walked out of the room, and closed the door behind me. 


    Anna looked up from her phone and said, “About time. What did he show you?”


    “Nothing,” I said truthfully. I plopped down next to my girlfriend and put my arms around her kind of awkwardly. She gave me a weird look. Trying to alleviate some of the tension from earlier, I told her, “Hey, you look really good today. Can I have a kiss?”


    Her eyes went back to her phone and she said, “Depends on if we’re leaving this dump.”


    “That’s not very nice,” I said. I grabbed her face and turned it towards me. She acted surprised, probably because I’m usually not this forceful, but I really wanted a kiss right then. I pressed my mouth to hers, and for a moment she resisted, but then her lips parted for me.


    A few seconds later she pushed me back. “Kyle! That is way too much tongue!”


    “Sorry, uh, babe,” I said. I’m usually a better kisser than that. I don’t know why I was trying to rush it. It was probably because I had gotten really horny when I saw her. On a whim, I reached out and cupped her boobs with my hands and squeezed.


    She didn’t stop me as I fondled them, but did say, “Uh, excuse you?”


    I felt like it had been ages since I touched them, so I said, “They feel as amazing as I thought they would.”


    “Kyle, stop it!” she protested. “You’re being really weird. Can we go already?”


    I kept groping her, getting more and more turned on. Her boobs were so great. They were two big handfulls. I couldn’t stop squeezing them through her shirt. But I wanted more. So I tried to leverage the situation in my favor. “We can go if you show me your boobs.”


    Anna looked at me with disgust. “Ew, here? No. What if Dustin walked in and saw me. It’d blow his mind and he’d die.”


    “It’s okay,” I told her. “He’s taking a nap. I’m the only one that will see them. And it’s okay because I’m your boyfriend.” It was flawless logic really. 


    For a second, I wasn’t sure she was going to do it. But then she rolled her eyes, gave a half smile, and pulled up her shirt. A second later, she flipped up her bra, and let her breasts pop out. They looked better than ever.


    I must have really been gawking, because she started to tease me. “They’re just my boobs, Kyle. You’ve seen them like, a thousand times.”


    That was true. But every time seemed like the first time when it came to boobs. I was so turned on. I wondered if… “Would you suck my dick?”


    I watched with disappointment as she frowned, and then put the bra back in place. “You’re so romantic. No. I flashed you, which was more than you deserved, now let’s go.”


    “Okay, hold on,” I said. “I need to go tell Dustin goodbye.”


    Anna gave me a puzzled look. “I thought you said he was taking a nap?”


    I had said that. Probably because he looked like he had been taking a nap in his chair. But the way I’d rushed out of there, I should probably go check to be sure he was alright. “He is, but I’ll tell him bye anyway.”


    I went back into Dustin’s room and shut the door behind me. Instead of saying anything to Dustin directly, I looked back at my reflection in the monitor to say goodbye to him that way. “Hey, Kyle. You’re not going to believe this. But I just took over your body, went out, kissed your girlfriend, and got her to flash me. Don’t be mad. It’s true though. I’ve been you for the last few minutes. Anna’s boobs are perfect by the way,” I finished with two thumbs up. 


    I don’t know why I said all that, it was just the first thing that came to mind. I pressed a button on the keyboard to stop the recording. Then I pressed some other buttons just to act like Dustin who was always clacking away on the thing. But as I pressed the last button, I felt strange, like some invisible force had released me. A second later, I saw Dustin’s face come up from his reclined position with the hugest grin on it.


    “That was fantastic!” he said.


    “Your nap?” I asked. “That was really weird by the way. We were talking and then you just-”


    “No!” he interrupted. “I stealthed into your body. I was controlling you like a freaking puppet, and if I understand it right, you had no idea.”


    “Bro, whatever you’re on, save some for me next time. I’m out.”


    “Wait,” Dustin said, his fingers flying on the keyboard. “Why would you say this to me?”


    I watched as the video I just made appeared on the screen. It was near the end, and I heard myself say, “I just took over your body, went out, kissed your girlfriend, and got her to flash me.”


    “Why would you tell me something like that?” Dustin insisted.


    “I don’t know. Maybe because I see the way you’re always staring at her tits, and I guess I just, I called you out on it!”


    “Holy shit, dude!” my Dustin exclaimed. “You really do believe it was you and not me who just went out there, crammed your tongue down your girl’s throat, and felt her up?”


    Dustin’s words pissed me off, and I told him so. “She is my girlfriend, so yeah, bro, it was certainly me who went out there and did those things.”


    I watched Dustin’s mouth twist into a mean smirk. “But how can I know that’s what happened if I was in here the whole time with the door shut?”


    That question rattled me for some reason. But, wait, there was an explanation. “Because…because I told you on the video. You heard me say all those things, because you weren’t really asleep.”


    Dustin’s smirk grew. “But how would I know that she thinks I used too much tongue?”


    What the hell? Did he have cameras set up in his living room? “You fucking pervert! I don’t know how you know, but I’m leaving. And if you see me on the street, go the other way.”


    As I put my hand on the doorknob to leave, I heard him say, “I guess I’ll have to show you another way.”


    I heard him begin clacking on his keyboard, which was fine by me. I didn’t particularly feel like listening to anything he had to say.



    This was fucking riduculous. First, I get dragged to this loser’s house. Then my boyfriend treats me like an object on a couch that should be condemned because it smells like loser. And now he’s back in Dustin’s stupid room doing who knows what. If Kyle thinks he’s getting any today, he is sorely mistaken. I’m so pissed that dumping him doesn’t sound like a horrible idea. I won’t, because he’s so fucking hot, but if he keeps this shit up, even that won’t be enough.


    I heard the door open and I looked up at him from my seat on the couch. He really did look good 24/7. But I wasn’t about to tell him right then. “About damn time!” I seethed.


    “I’m sorry, babe,” Kyle started, and it really did sound like he meant it. “I think Dustin’s smoking something. You wouldn’t believe the stuff he’s saying right now?”


    “Tell me all about it on the way to the mall,” I said as I stood up. I was almost to the door, when I got dizzy all of a sudden. I might have fallen, had Kyle moved quickly to steady me.


    “Are you all right?” Kyle asked, looking at me with genuine concern.


    “My hero,” I giggled. As he righted me, I felt my anger towards him. I reached up on my tiptoes to put my arms around him, and kissed him on the cheek. Then I whispered in his ear, “It’s me. Dustin.”


    I thought it would be a funny thing to say to him, and I was right. My boyfriend jumped back from me like I was radioactive. 


    “Why did you say that?” he asked.


    “Because I am,” I said with a smile. It was hilarious to me that he was taking what I’d said so seriously.


    “No, no you’re not,” he argued.


    I ignored him and looked down at my cleavage. “Wow!” I exclaimed. My tits looked fantastic in this low cut top I’d recently purchased. Kyle liked it too, because he’d been sneaking glances at my chest since he picked me up. As long as it was Kyle, that was okay by me. I pressed them together, giving him even more cleavage to stare at. “It feels different seeing them from this angle.” I slipped a hand down the front of my shirt, going beneath the bra and feeling the soft flesh there. “Oh, that feels different too. Really nice.”


    It was true. Kyle could be rough, which I liked sometimes. But the way I was gently rubbing my boob right then made me hot.


    “Anna, are you and Dustin playing some sick prank on me right now? Is he paying you? Whatever this is, it’s not funny.”


    Dustin wasn’t paying me, but I did feel like joking some more. “It’s really me in here,” I said, and I pulled my top off. As expected his eyes zeroed in on my chest. “You wouldn’t punch your girlfriend for feeling up her own tits, would you?”


    Kyle’s eyes were wide as he snapped at me. “Cover yourself up! Dustin’s right in the other room!”


    “No, he’s not,” I said in a sing song voice. “I keep telling you, he’s right here. What can I do to prove it to you?”


    I watched my boyfriend clench his fist. He was angry now. Good. Serves him right for making me wait all this time.


    “Just put your top back on,” he ordered.


    I gave him a pitying smirk. “I don’t think so.”


    “Why not?” he pleaded.


    “Because I want you to believe me, duh. Why don’t you ask me to do something that Anna would never do in a million years. Something like, um, oh, I could get completely naked and run up and down the street.”


    I would never do that in a million years, but figured it was the best way to keep messing with him. I waited for him to call my bluff, but he just stood there with a dumb look on his face. So after a few seconds of silence had passed between us, I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra. Well, I tried to unhook it. More like I fumbled and struggled with it until my fingers got lucky. As I slid the straps off my shoulders, I looked down to watch the girls bounce free. It captivated me more than usual. I even gave a couple jumps to see them jiggle more. 


    Kyle put his hands up in surrender, and tried to look me in the eyes. It was really cute how much power my boobs had over him. 


    “Okay, okay,” he begged. “Uh, something you wouldn’t do. Why don’t you, uh, give me a blowjob right now in Dustin’s living room?”


    I put my hands on my hips and smirked at him. “Something less gay, dude.” It was a weird excuse not to blow my boyfriend, I know. But I’ve come up with more creative reasons than that before.


    Kyle seemed to think it was strange too, because he gave a dismissive chuckle and said, “Less gay? Okay, how about you go flash your tits to Dustin in the other room.”


    I let my shoulders slump. I let him think he had me there, because he knew I’d never want that lazy slob to see my tits. But as I walked towards Dustin’s bedroom door, I knew this was the thing that would really make Kyle regret bringing me here and wasting my time. Besides, they were my tits, and I could show them to whomever I damn well wanted.


    I pulled the door open and was instantly disappointed. Dustin wasn’t even looking at me. He looked like he was passed out in his chair. Undeterred, I whirled around and winked at Kyle and said, “Oh, looks like I’m sleeping. I guess I’ll have to do more than flash him.”


    I laughed at Kyle’s disbelieving face. He really didn’t think I’d take things this far. But that’s what he got for bringing me to this dump. Maybe next time he’d think twice before dragging me along. To drive my point home, I walked over and sat on Dustin’s lap facing him. Then I took my tits and began rubbing them all over Dustin’s face. 


    To give a bit more theater, I said in my sexiest voice possible, “Ooh, Dustin. I love putting my big boobs in your face. I wish you’d put your cock in me. I bet it’s so much bigger than Kyle’s.”


    “That’s enough!” Kyle roared.


    He was so loud that I jumped on Dustin’s lap. I turned toward him and said, “Do you believe me now?”


    Kyle was seething, but he nodded at me.


    “Good. Are you willing to help me with it?” I asked. I did want my boyfriend’s help. I wanted to leave. But…I also was feeling pretty aroused, like, more than usual, especially for being in a guy’s smelly room. 


    “Get out of her first, and then I’ll listen,” he demanded.


    “Okay, but you’ll want me to exit her in a slightly less compromised position. As great as this is, she might have some questions if I stopped sending the signal right now.” I sounded so smart just then, about as smart as I knew Dustin was. I turned and began typing on his keyboard like I was a real hacker. 


    “There,” I said, pretending I was as nerdy as Dustin. “It’s all set. Just hit enter once I’m in the other room, and we can talk.”


    He fumed some more, but nodded again. 


    “Just don’t hit me,” I said as I extracted myself from Dustin’s lap, and walked out of the room. I had just closed the door when I shivered. I looked down and immediately knew why. I was chilly because of all my exposed flesh. As I stooped to pick up my discarded clothes, I pondered why I had pushed things so far. 


    Those thoughts were quickly pushed aside by a loud scuffle on the other side of Dustin’s door. Then I heard Dustin shout, “I said don’t fucking hit me!”



    I rubbed my cheek where the meathead’s fist hit me. It was already starting to swell. I liked Kyle well enough, but he was really starting to piss me off. I was showing him something truly amazing, and he thanks me by punching me. He hadn’t given me a choice. I had to take over Anna. It was the only way to get him to believe me. It hadn’t hurt anything, because Anna had no idea what I’d done. That was the beauty of Stealth Control. 


    He towered over me, but I wasn’t intimidated. “Don’t do that again,” I warned.


    “I should do a lot more than that,” Kyle said threateningly. “I don’t know how you convinced Anna to go along with this fiction, but I’m out.”


    It was then that I realized how incredibly thick Kyle was. He still didn't believe me. I had taken over his body and felt up his girlfriend. I had taken over Anna and shoved her titties right in my own face. What did a guy have to do to convince people around here that they had access to a dark web mind possession program? I figured there was only one way now, and my fingers hit the keyboard. 


    As Kyle turned to leave, I stood up and pushed him onto my bed. He hadn’t been expecting that. He sat back up quickly, and I jammed the silver halo onto his head, then reached over and hit the enter key.


    I looked back over and saw his eyes roll back in his head. I whispered in his ear, “Third time’s the charm.” Then he fell back onto my bed.



    My double D’s were sugly back into my bra, and I had just gotten my top back on when I shivered. Was I still cold? I began to feel my arms, my face, and eventually looked down at my chest. I definitely wasn’t cold. In fact, I felt my body warming up again. I was getting hot even. So hot that I screamed, “Aah! What is happening?”


    I saw Dustin come through his door. His face looked like Kyle had punched him. It didn’t stop him from smiling at me though. 


    “How about now?” He asked. “Do you believe me now?”


    I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I saw Kyle’s legs on the bed. I peered around Dustin to see a bit more into his room. From what I could tell, Kyle was passed out on his bed. Dustin must’ve retaliated somehow. I responded with a question of my own. “What the fuck did you do?” I sounded furious. Good.


    Dustin walked over to me and I went to hit him, but he caught my arm. I was taller than he was, but not stronger apparently. 


    “Don’t even try in this body,” he sneered. “Behave yourself, and I’ll put you back. I just need you to believe that I’m telling you the truth.”


    The truth about what? What was he talking about? I decided to play along like I knew, because right then I just wanted to see if Kyle was okay. “I believe you! I  believe you! Now put me back!”


    “Well now hold on,” Dustin drawled. “I want you to be real sure. I’m not going to transfer you back and then you think it’s still just a dream, right?”


    I shook my head.


    “But also, you see, I feel I’m owed a bit of an apology. I was telling you the truth after all, letting you in on something very special, and then you hit me.”


    If saying sorry would let me check on my boyfriend, that seemed easy enough. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know. How could I know?”


    “Because I told you, dude. I showed you and…shit. I guess I can’t blame you too much. Stealth Control is real good at covering its tracks. The host body thinks everything they’re made to say and do is their idea. Anything they can’t understand, that doesn’t make sense, their brain finds a way to excuse it or justify it. If push comes to shove, it’ll even block it out if it has to, so don’t worry about what happens next.”


    It seemed to me like Dustin had completely lost his mind, because he sounded like something out of a science fiction movie. But it was not lost on me the way his voice dripped with lust as he told me not to worry. I did indeed worry as he continued. 


    “In way of a sincere apology, I’d like you to strip naked. Right now.”


    I couldn’t believe this creep. My boyfriend was in the other room, possibly hurt, and all he cared about was seeing my tits. “Bro, that’s not going to happen.”


    “It’s not, huh? Do you know how to get back to your body? Do you understand anything you saw on the monitor? It’s not point and click.”


    I thought about the keys on a keyboard, and said the first one that came to mind. “Enter.”


    Dustin laughed at my answer. “Sure, sure. Yes, you do eventually have to press Enter. But do you know the sequence you have to press before that?”


    I shook my head no because I really didn’t understand the question.


    “Well then, you’re wasting my time. You can either take off your clothes, or drag your body out of here and come back when you’re ready to show me how sorry you are.”


    I didn’t have time to play games. Kyle wasn’t stirring at all. He could be really hurt. I huffed angrily and took off my top. I struggled with my bra again for the second time today. I didn’t usually have this much trouble. I got it unclasped, then took off my jeans. I stood there in front of the loser, hoping it would be enough.


    “All of your clothes,” Dustin insisted. 


    “Dude, c’mon!” I whined. I did not want this idiot to see any more of me than he already had. Still, as I glanced through the open door at Kyle again, I figured I didn’t have much of a choice. I gripped the sides of my panties and slid them down. 


    As I did, I glanced at my bush. I studied it, appreciating the fact that at least it was well trimmed. I touched the top of it, letting my fingers feel the sparse hair. Then I put a finger right on top of my bottom lips and…


    “Ahem,” Dustin said. “Not distracting you, am I?”


    I quickly put my hands at my sides and glared at him. “No! It’s just, I’ve never seen it from this angle.”


    He chuckled. “Believe me, I understand. Now get over here and suck my dick.”


    I couldn’t help it as my face twisted in obvious disgust. “You’re joking,” I said.


    “You can still leave,” Dustin said, pointing at his front door.


    I hesitated. Kyle was always asking for blowjobs, but I very, very rarely gave them. But if this was something I had to do for Kyle’s sake, to make sure he was okay… “I thought you said nothing gay?” It was a flimsy argument, but I’d say anything if it meant keeping Dustin’s dick out of my mouth.


    “Ha! That only pertained to me. You, however, are allowed to do gay stuff, as long as you got a pussy and tits.”


    I scrunched up my face with rage. I thought about rushing him. But I knew he’d probably be able to stop me again. And I’d never be able to help Kyle if I couldn’t get past this jerk. As a feeling of defeat washed over me, I walked over to Dustin and dropped to my knees.


    “I can’t fucking believe this,” I said.


    “Oh shut up. If you had been a better friend, this wouldn’t be happening right now.”


    As he unbuttoned his jeans, I looked up at him and asked, “What the fuck’s that supposed to mean?”


    His eyes darkened as he said, “It means you’ve always thought you were better than me. Better than everyone. Well I was the one that saved your ass senior year. Yet whenever you come over and we hang out, you act like you’ve come down from on high and are doing me this huge favor. It’s bullshit. You’re not better than me. All you are is a musclehead that couldn’t go to college and got stuck in this hick town same as me. But you did get the hottest girl in our class, who was also too stupid to get out of here, but that worked out fine for me. Now, get to sucking.”


    I gave him a look that would melt stone. His words stung. He was right though. I was stuck in this stupid town. But at least I had Kyle. And Kyle might be really hurt. Why else would he be in the other room, allowing this to happen. I steeled myself. I lowered the front of his underwear, and almost got poked in the eye by miniature Dustin, who was not as miniature as I thought it might be. 


    “Damn, man,” I gagged. “It smells. When was the last time you showered?”


    “I don’t know,” he answered with a dismissive wave. “I’ll put it on my calendar.”


    “Dude, no joke. I will straight throw up on your dick if it tastes half as bad as it smells.”


    Dustin groaned, and to my surprise, he walked over to a kitchen cabinet. He pulled out a bottle of honey and let it drip onto his dick. “There,” he said after he’d drizzled the sticky substance along the length of his shaft. 


    “Still fucking gross,” I complained.


    “Suck it or get out,” he said as he walked back over. 


    I kneeled there in front of him for a few seconds, then looked at him and said, “You can’t tell anyone about this. Not ever.”


    “Your secret is safe with me. Especially since we’ll both be sharing many secrets in the days to come.”


    As I pondered what that could mean, I parted my lips, and put them around the tip of Dustin’s cock. I kept my tongue back though. I wanted to delay that as long as possible. Dustin, however, did not want to wait. I felt a hand grip the back of my soft, blonde hair. A second later, he shoved me down on his cock. Sweat, precum and honey all rushed onto my taste buds, but I barely sensed them as my airway was constricted and I began to choke. His hand let go and I pulled off him sputtering. 


    “Dude, do not do that!”


    “I don’t have time for you to wade into dick sucking waters, so I gave you a push. You’re welcome.”


    He was such a jerk. He was right though. Other than not breathing, it hadn’t been terrible as I thought. Thanks to the honey, his dick tasted sweet. The smell was still there, but it was amazing how you could get used to a smell. I ran my tongue up and down his dick, getting all the honey. He began to moan. I wasn’t great at giving Kyle blowjobs, but he always liked it when I applied more pressure with my mouth. I wanted this to be over with as soon as possible so I could check on Kyle, so I tightened the seal on his shaft with my lips. At the same time, I started moaning like a bitch in heat. I intuited that would make him cum quicker. 


    As soon as I started moaning, I swear he grew another two inches. He didn’t care that I was faking it. For more of a show, I started caressing my boobs. That made me feel a little too good though. Damn it. I wasn’t trying to get turned on, but I knew I was wet. The whole thing was beyond fucked up. 


    I let a hand drop to my crotch and clumsily rubbed the area there that was begging for attention. But then I felt the cock in my mouth twitch. A second later, it began to pulse. I knew what was coming, and I panicked. I tried to jerk back, but Dustin’s hand was behind my head again, urging his cock deeper as his cum filled my mouth and went down my throat. 


    When the last drop was out, he let go and I came off spitting and yelling, “You fucking jerk!”


    He had the nerve to laugh at me. “I think you were liking it there at the end, weren’t you?”


    “The hell I was!” I said defensively.


    “You were moaning like a porn star.”


    “To get you to finish, dummy!”


    “Yeah, is that why you started touching yourself? To get me to cum?”


    “Shut up. I was not touching myself.” I lied.


    “I’ll tell you what. How about I return the favor.”


    “What?” I asked, but then he was picking me up and dumping me on the sofa. “No! Fuck! You don’t have to. No.” I squirmed as he pinned me with his weight. I could’ve fought harder, but I was so turned on right then. A sick part of me wanted to see what he meant by returning the favor. As he spread my legs and revealed my dripping pussy, I had a pretty good idea. 


    He leaned forward, and his tongue began to lick directly on my clit. It felt good. Better than good. He was better at eating pussy than I would have anticipated. I began squirming again, but this time out of pleasure. I began to play with my boobs, rubbing and cupping them first, but then teased my nipples. My whole body was on fire. Everything felt tremendously erotic to me, and my moans filled the tiny apartment. This time though, I wasn’t faking.


     “Fuck, bro!” I exclaimed after my second orgasm. “How’d you learn to eat pussy so good?”


    His face appeared to answer, and I immediately missed the absence of his tongue. I put a hand behind his head to push him back down, but before he was muffled by my pussy, he answered, “Porn!”


    I giggled at this, and then was lost in pleasure. He ate me like a starving man at a buffet. I came again and again and again. He finally relented, and I lay panting on his couch. I felt so good I even complimented him. “That felt fucking amazing. Like, way better than…” I stopped, as I didn’t really have anything else to compare it to.


    He gave me an inquisitive look. “I might…I might have to try it sometime.”


    “That wouldn’t be too gay?” I asked as we both put our clothes back on.


    “Eh, I’m sure we’ll blur the lines on all that real soon.”


    “Well, I’m not doing it again,” I said, but without conviction. I mean, it was definitely a one time thing. But who knew Dustbin had such an amazing tongue. His dick hadn’t looked half bad either. 


    “We’ll see,” Dustin winked.


    Before my mind could wonder further, I said firmly, “Just put me back now.”


    Now fully dressed, I followed him into his room. I watched as he pressed a few buttons, then my body gave a jolt, as a wave of guilt crashed over me as I looked at Kyle. I had forgotten about him when Dustin had…when he had… I couldn’t believe what I’d done to him, and then what I’d let him do to me. As Kyle began to stir on Dustin’s bed, I realized I had just cheated on him. 


    Tears came to my eyes. But I brushed them away. Kyle never had to know. And if Dustin told him, I’d deny it. Kyle knew how much I hated Dustin. He’d totally believe me over him. I forced a smile and said, “Kyle, thank goodness you’re okay. You were out for a while. How do you feel?”



    I truly did not know how to answer that. I had been inside my girlfriend’s body, and not the old fashioned way. I had been forced to do things I never thought I’d do. And a very small part of me, a part that would never tell anyone in a million years, had liked it. 


    “I…I’m good. Uh, what about you?” I watched as my girlfriend’s face went scarlett. She was embarrassed!


    “Uh, yeah. You scared us there for a minute. Dustin and I were really-”


    Dustin cut her off. “Yeah, see how fine he is, Anna. Now give me a moment to talk with him again.”


    I looked at Dustin dumbfounded. He was just carrying on like he hadn’t give me a series of mind blowing orgasms. I still needed to process it. But as I looked back at Anna, I saw I wasn’t the only one that need time to think. 


    “Oh, sure,” Anna said. “Yeah, I’ll just, uh…I’ll leave you to it then.”


    “I thought you wanted to leave?”


    “It’s okay. I’ll just…I’ll just sit here and uh…think about things.”


    She was going to think about the fact that Dustin’s tongue had been lapping at her clit like a man possessed. She wouldn’t say it though. That was crazy to me! This Stealth Control was incredible in how it made the hosts think their actions were their own. I was now a believer, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to be involved. Especially if it meant aligning myself with Dustin. I told him that straight up. 


    “I believe you. But I don’t think I want anything to do with it.” I couldn’t look at him. I’d had his dick in my mouth. It hadn’t been my mouth, but…that didn’t matter. I had been the one in Anna’s body. I could remember how his dick tasted. I could remember how his tongue had parted my…my pussy lips.”


    But Dustin wasn’t having it. “I’m afraid that’s not an option. I got plans for this town, and I need a partner. Someone’s got to man the computer and pull the other person out.”


    The way he said it didn’t sit right with me. I wouldn’t hit him again, but I wasn’t going to let him hijack me or Anna again either. “Not interested.” And before he could argue, I picked up his computer, and threw it on the ground. 


    “Oh what the hell man!” he yelled. 


    “Just be glad I didn’t throw it at your head,” I retorted.


    I managed to look at his face. All I saw there was anger, but I didn’t care. This hadn’t been the quick little stop I’d promised Anna earlier. I got my girlfriend, and walked out. I assumed I wouldn’t be hearing from Dustin anytime soon. As far as I was concerned, we were now even. 


    Anna was quiet as I took her for an early lunch. I took her to a couple of shops afterwards, but then she asked to go home. I was glad, because I was just going through the motions. I kept thinking about how Dustin had used me. How I’d never experienced anything like it. I wonder what Dustin had been planning to do with Stealth Control beyond today. I was sort of glad our little town wouldn’t have to find out. But only sort of. I had thought about how I might have used it. It was silly. It was no longer an option, but I couldn’t stop my imagination from wondering as I headed home. 


    After I graduated, I kept living with my parents. I was saving up money by working at a used car lot, one of the few businesses in town. Eventually, I’d have enough money to get my own place. And maybe after a small eternity, I’d have enough to go somewhere else. Anywhere else. Maybe I’d take Anna with me. Up until today, I’d thought that was a given, but who knows where her head was at now given today’s events.


    As I pulled into my driveway, I saw that my dad’s car wasn’t there. He was probably at work as usual. But I noticed an all too familiar car in its place. It was a clunker that was so broken down it was probably held together by dark magic. The worst thing about it though, was that it belonged to Dustin. If he had come to apologize, that was fine. I still might have to kick his ass first.


    My adrenaline was up as I burst through my front door. “Mom, is Dustin here?”


    “He sure is,” she chirped. “He’s with me in the living room.”


    I would tell Dustin to get out. Then I’d follow him outside. I might punch him again. Maybe more than once. But for sure I’d send him packing. At least, that’s what I thought I’d do before I walked into my living room. 


    The first thing I saw was my mother dressed in her dark blue bikini. I hadn’t seen her wear that in years, not since she took me to the water park for my twelfth birthday. Why the hell was she wearing it in our living room? 


    She had a laptop in her lap and way faster than I’d ever seen her before. Usually she’d poke a key here and a key there. She looked up and smiled at me. “Hey there, son.” She really emphasized the son for some reason. “Your friend stopped by and gave me a bottle of champagne his parents didn’t want. I tried to refuse, but he insisted. Even poured me a glass, which I happily accepted. Then he told me he needed to look at your laptop, and I said okay.”


    My eyes finally took in the other figure in the room. Dustin was passed out on the recliner, the silver halo over his head. As I understood what was happening, a wave of nausea rolled over me. Somehow, even though I’d smashed his computer, Dustin was controlling my mother. My mother who was in a bikini. Dustin had taken control of my mother and then put on her old bikini, which meant he had seen her naked. I was going to have to do more than punch him. But I couldn’t yet. He was in my mother. I finally found words, and they were mostly questions.


    “How? I broke your computer! How are you in my mother right now? Why my mother? You’re going to pay for this!”


    “Careful, son,” my mother said as she put the laptop on the coffee table and spun it around for me to see the screen. “Your stupidity is showing. I told you, not that you were paying attention, that Stealth Control is available on the dark web. It’s open to anyone who knows where to look, and on any computer that can access the internet. So I came over to here to permanently borrow your laptop since you wrecked my computer. And also to convince you to help me out.”


    “But…my mom? Why mom mom?” I finally got out.


    “Because if I wasn’t inside of her right, you’d probably have kicked my ass and thrown me out. That about right, Kyle?”


    I nodded slowly. He was correct. He was in charge at the moment. But the second he was out…


    My mother sighed. “Look, I’m not going to stay in her. I just really need you to listen, and then I’ll go. I’m sorry for coming on so strong at my place. I got a little frustrated at not being able to convince you, then a lot frustrated, then just pissed off. I went too far. I know that now.”


    “You put me in my girlfriend and then fucked my face!”


    “Again, very sorry. I won’t be so rough next time. You did seem to enjoy the part after that if I recall.”


    I didn’t acknowledge that I had, because I wasn’t moving on from the sight in front of me. “You put my mom in a bikini!”


    I watched as he looked down at his cleavage, and then back up and me sheepishly. “Yeah, well, you only live once. Anyway, I thought I was doing you this big favor by showing you all this.”


    “My mom’s body!”


    “No! Stealth Control!”


    I was still angry. But my imagination started whirring in the background. I hadn’t destroyed it. Stealth Control was still there, was still capable of taking over anyone that got a dose of those neuro thingies. “Why me?”


    My mother looked at me like I was born yesterday, but only for a moment, then her face softened. “Kyle, has this town treated you well?” she asked gently.

    “Uh, sort of, I mean…”


    “No, no they haven’t. You were going to get a football scholarship, get out of this town, really make something of yourself. But as soon as you got hurt in that sports injury at the beginning of your senior year, all those opportunities vanished. I watched as this town turned their back on you. Everyone liked you as long as you could throw a ball. But once you couldn’t, they treated you like me. Like a leper, an outcast. Did you forget?”


    I hadn’t. I got dealt a bum hand, and went from hero to zero in a matter of days. “I haven’t. But can’t do nothing about it.”


    Dustin used my Mom’s body to lean forward and smile. As he did, her boobs sagged forward. I tried not to think about my mom’s boobs as he continued. 


    “Listen, Kyle. With Stealth Control, we can run this town.”


    I hated to admit it, but I was curious. “How?”


    “By taking over all those people that treated us like dirt. We give them a bottle of water spiked with neuro-receivers. And then whenever we need to, we take control of them and make them do whatever we want. Don’t you see? This is a short cut to money, power, and sex. This town stops feeling like a place we’re trapped in, and becomes our own little kingdom. Everything will go your way again. And you’ll be able to sleep with anyone that catches your eye, just like when you were the star quarterback.”


    The idea of money and power intrigued me. So did having more dating options than Anna, but I wasn’t going to tell Dustin that. “What…what would you need me for?”


    “This is really a two man operation. First, we’ve got to get  the neuro-receivers into as many residents as possible.”


    “Like, everyone?” I interrupted.


    “Everyone 18 and older.”


    “Even your parents?” I asked pointedly.


    “Ew, no, dude. They’re my parents, and it’s not like I live with them anymore.”


    I glared at him.


    “Right. Fair point,” he said apologetically. “But my parents aren’t really a good resource. They don’t have any money, and unless you wanted to fuck my mom…”


    I didn’t. I wished I did, because if I wanted to see her naked, I’d at least be able to get even with Dustin for being inside my mom. But his mom had a trainwreck of a body, and was not someone I’d ever fantasize about. I gestured with my finger that he should keep going.


    “Anyways, once enough key people have the neuro-transmitters in them, we stash these throughout the town.” My mom held up a small yellow device that looked like a pencil, but had a red light on one end that flashed every few seconds. “This is a transmitter, and it extends the signal. With enough of these in the right places, we can take over anyone we want, whenever we want, for as long as we want.”


    “And nobody else knows about this?”


    “I mean, it’s on the dark web. It’s out there. I’m sure there are people that are already using it in the cities, but no one around here is smart enough to figure this all out, “he said while using my mom’s arms to indicate our town. “It’ll be only you and me that benefit from it. Once we take over enough people, and the right people, this place becomes our paradise.”


    I wasn’t entirely sure who he meant by the right people. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. But I knew two things. I wanted to be on the side that got to be in control. And I really wanted Dustin to get out of my mom. “What would I need to do?”


    “Obviously a lot of leg work at first. Getting the neuro-receivers into everyone. Placing the transmitters. That’s phase one. Phase two is I start sending you into key people, like ones who work at the bank for starters. We use them to improve our financial situation, and after that, we start having fun.”


    “But, we’ll get found out eventually. Probably go to jail.”


    “No, we won’t,” Dustin said, laughing his nerdy laugh with my mother’s vocal chords. That was probably the most disconcerting thing I’d seen all day, and I’d seen Dustin’s dick up close. “Everyone we control thinks they’re the ones doing it. Right now, your mom thinks she’s having a pleasant conversation with her son while she’s wearing a bikini. She probably doesn’t understand everything we’re talking about, but her mind will make it make sense to her somehow.”


    I thought back to how everything had seemed my idea when Dustin had controlled me and made me go grab Anna’s boobs. And Anna had thought everything I’d done in her body had been her decisions, her choices. If it really worked like that, I couldn’t see any downside. “Okay,” I said. “As long as you get out of my mom in the next thirty seconds.”


    My mom held out her hand for me to shake and said, “Deal!”


    I shook it. I let out a sigh of relief and said, “Man, I thought you were going to try and use my mom to have sex with me.”


    “Hadn’t planned on it,” Dustin winked at me. “Unless that’s something you’re into.”


    “Get the fuck out of her now,” I said as my hand squeezed hers tighter.


    “Ow, fuck, I will, dude. I’ll do it right now.”


    I let go of his hand, and he pulled the laptop back onto his lap. He hit the button and I watched as my mom stiffened for a moment, then relaxed. She looked at me and pointed at the laptop, “I’m glad you and Dustin are working on this project together. I don’t understand a lick of what’s on this screen though.”


    I watched as Dustin sat up out of the corner of my eye. “Uh, what project do you think we’re working on?”


    She looked at Dustin like he’d said something stupid. “You just told me. You’re going to work with key people in our town, and…” she faltered for words. “And the bank is giving you a loan I think…”


    “It’s a lot of complicated stuff,” Dustin said, getting up from the chair. He grabbed the laptop from my mom. “I showed it all to you on the screen there, but I told you it’d be hard to understand.”


    “Yes,” she said with a vacant nod. “It was a little confusing.”


    I asked her the big question. “Mom, why are you wearing a bikini in our living room?”


    She looked down at herself. Then looked back at me and smiled. “It was because of the champagne. I told you about it when you first got here. Dustin brought over some champagne that his parents didn’t want. And I drank some, and it made me feel really warm like alcohol does. And since Dustin took a nap while waiting for you to come home, I decided to shed a few layers and put on this bikini.”


    “A bikini, mom?” I pushed. 


    “Well if it’s making you uncomfortable I’ll go change,” she huffed.


    “Mom, I didn’t mean anything by it.”


    “No, no,” she said, anger in her voice as she got up. “It’s just my house. I would think I could wear what I wanted to in my own home! But I’ve gone and made my son uncomfortable so I guess I”ll just go cover up my hideous, old body.”


    Dustin piped up, “I thought you looked hot, Kyle’s mom!”


    She smiled at him. Actually smiled at the person that made her put the bikini on in the first place. 


    “Thank you, Dustin,” she said, and then walked out of the room to change. 


    I saw Dustin’s eyes track her ass, so I growled, “I could still kill you, you know.”


    “I know. But you won’t. Because I see it in your eyes now. You’re on board.”


    He was right. After seeing my mother’s reaction, how she thought she hadn’t been manipulated at any point, that was enough to assuage any doubt. 



    As our town has a population of just over 1,800 people, it took us less than a month to get all the adults in our town a dose of the neuro-receivers. The first several people were a challenge, because not everyone will drink something handed to them by a geeky loner, or even a former football star. It got significantly easier however, once all the transmitters were placed and we started taking over the few we had dosed up to that point. By becoming other people’s husbands, wives, and neighbors, they’d drink whatever we handed them. 


    Shortly after, phase two was in full swing. I had Kyle man the computer while I used Stealth Control to get us some money. I didn’t bleed the town dry, just took a little here and there, which added up to a lot! 


    When I wasn’t making us money, I was stealthing into the husbands and boyfriends of the most attractive women in our town. In those men’s bodies, it was so easy to coerce their significant other into sleeping with me. I did Kyle’s mom more than once. That woman’s got a high sex drive. When I came on to her as Kyle’s dad that first time, she was like a wild animal. An experienced wild animal, that did things with her mouth and pussy that, well, let’s just say Kyle’s dad is a very lucky man. 


    Of course, I never told Kyle I was fucking his mom. We might have an alliance, but I knew he’d kill me for real over that. It was real easy to fool him though. I told him I was screwing Mrs. Petersen or some such, or making us money. There weren’t names in the Stealth Control code, so he didn’t know, and I wasn’t ever going to teach him how to use the program. Every time Kyle manned it, I had it preset so that all he had to do was press the return button. At the start, that’s all he wanted, money in the bank.


    But after a short time, Kyle felt like he needed a turn at being the sender, especially after he and Anna broke up. I knew this was coming, and I saw it as an opportunity. There were several hotties in our town I hadn’t been able to plow, because they were single. I was sure they wouldn’t be for long, but I didn’t have time to wait around for them to get boyfriends. And I wanted to do more than take over their bodies and see them naked, which, I did do on occasion. But what I really wanted was to stick my dick in them. And that’s where Kyle came in. 


    I sent him into a few husbands and boyfriends first to lull him into a sense of security. I’d pull him back after an hour, and he’d tell me all about fucking a milf that I’d fucked already. He began to look forward to me sending him. So he was excited when I told him I was sending him to a special target a week later. What I did not tell him, however, was that it was a girl. I hadn’t sent Kyle into a female body since Anna. I wasn’t sure how he’d take it, but I really wanted to fuck this person and didn’t want to wait around anymore.


    I’d had this girl in mind when I first discovered Stealth Control online. Her name was Layla. She was cute as hell, and worked at our small food mart. She was a few years older than me, and I’d had a crush on her since forever. Since I’d graduated, I’d got up the nerve to ask her out several times. But even though I was pretty sure she didn’t have a boyfriend, she always said no. I was used to being rejected by girls, but this one stung, because the last time she’d said no, she’d called me by my school’s nickname for me, “Dustbin.”


    So yeah. I had no problem making her mine with a little help from Kyle and Stealth Control. Did I feel bad about using Kyle to make that happen? Maybe a little. Not really though. If anything, he should be thanking me for including him at all. I was the one doing the lion’s share of the work, and he was benefitting tremendously from it. To smooth out any ill feelings though, I would endeavor to make him feel as good as I did when he was inside Anna.


    So that day, Kyle totally thought he was going to bang another hot chick as I put the device over his head. The next thing he knows, he’s in a girls’ body and in the middle of a shift at the food mart. 


    The hilarious thing was that he didn’t leave! I gave 50/50 odds that he’d come running the two blocks to my apartment and accuse me of sending him into the wrong person. But he just stayed there, stocking or working Layla’s register or whatever. He did manage to sneak away though, and call me to find out why I wanted him there. I told him to wait, and that all would be revealed shortly.


    Five minutes later, I strode into the food mart and made a beeline to Kayla’s register. When he saw me come in, he got nervous and asked why I was there in person. I winked, and told him to meet me in the bathroom. I think that’s when he figured it out. He crossed Layla’s arms and told me to go fuck myself.


    I leaned forward and in a hushed whisper, I reminded him of a couple things. Like that I was the only one that could operate Stealth Control. And that shit like this was the whole reason were were doing this in the first place. I let him know that I’d had a crush on the girl he was in for years, but still couldn’t hook up with her since she was single. The only way I’d get to fuck her was if Kyle took one for the team, and if he said no, we might have to reevaluate our partnership.


    He scrunched up her face and tried to look mad at me. He might have been furious, I didn’t know, and didn’t care. He seemed to grasp the importance of the situation he was in though. And a few minutes later, he fell in line, just like I thought he would. 


    I was waiting for him in the small men’s room. It was just a small concrete room with one toilet, a sink, and a mirror, and most importantly, a lock on the door. A minute later, I heard a knock.


    I opened it, and the girl I’d been fantasizing about said, “Okay, I’m on break. Make it quick. I don’t want to get her fired.” 


    Seeing Layla talk to me in the bathroom, and knowing what I was about to do to her body, made my dick rock solid. I pulled up her black, polyester work shirt so I could see her small boobs. She sighed as she began to unbutton her black pants. She slid them and her panties down. She was shorter than me, and I was able to lift her up and put her ass on the sink. I didn’t waste time, and thrust into her right away. To my surprise, she was wet and ready.


    I pulled out of her, and explored her down there with a finger. I slid it up and down for a few seconds. She wouldn’t look at me, but I held my glistening finger up where she could see it and asked, “What’s up with this, Kyle?”


    “Please do not say my name right now?” was his only reply.


    “I just want to know why you're so wet, is all? I asked. Kayla’s face turned a pretty shade of pink, right before I rammed my full length back into her pussy.


    “Fuck,” she moaned. “I don’t know. This body was horny the minute I got here, and it’s only gotten worse. Even though I couldn’t see myself, I realized pretty quick you’d put me into Layla at the food mart. At first I thought you’d sent me to the wrong person, or that you wanted me to take lottery tickets or cash from the till. But the second you showed up here, I knew what was coming.”


    “Oh, I’ll be coming all right,” I quipped. But amazingly, Kyle beat me to it. The hot little bod he found himself in began to quiver and quake after I’d been pumping Layla’s tight pussy for just a few minutes. Kyle couldn’t be quiet about it either. Layla’s voice began making these slutty squeals, and begged me to go deeper. And then I heard someone bang on the door and ask what was going on, which was pretty fucking stupid because by the sound alone it should have been obvious. 


    After Layla came, she began rocking her hips back and forth on the edge of the sink. She gave me a real sultry look, then leaned forward and put her lips on mind. That took me by surprise, but Kyle wasn’t done, because a second later, Layla’s tongue forced its way into my mouth. I began pumping her even faster. This was amazing. I was fucking Layla. This was incredible. Not quite as good as Kyle’s mom, which was more of a surprise to me, but still pretty freaking fantastic.


    She broke off the kiss, and our eyes met. She said, “You know, I always wanted to get fucked in here. I’m glad it was by you, Dustin.”


    I knew it was just Kyle messing with me, trying to get me to cum. And it worked. I erupted inside of her. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deeper as I coated her insides.


    Reality set in pretty quick, as someone was still pounding on the fucking door. I pulled my pants up, and Kyle made Layla’s uniform as presentable as he could. I told Kyle I’d get him out of Layla second I got back to the apartment. I unlocked the restroom door, and one of our town’s nosiest residents greeted me. Her name was Sheri Egret, and she looked pleased as punch to be witnessing such salacious gossip as a public hook up in the food mart. She glanced past me and saw Layla, then she started to berate us both. I just left and let Kyle deal with the aftermath. I also made it a point to confirm that Sheri had been dosed with nero-receivers. Not because I wanted to have sex with her, but because if she wanted gossip, I’d make her the center of it. 


    When I pulled Kyle back ten minutes later, I was amazed to hear that Layla wasn’t going to get fired. Sheri had tattled to the manager about our hook up, and publicly, the manager had promised repercussions. But once Sheri left, the manager said what Layla did on her break was her business. I found out later that Layla and the manager had been fuck buddies at one point in time, so the manager pretty much let her get away with whatever.


    I went into the food mart the next day to check on Layla’s thoughts on our bathroom tryst. I wanted to see how she’d justified what had happened while under Stealth Control. She gave me an appraising look when I got there, like, really looked me over. She didn’t say anything, so I figured what the hell, and asked her out again. She still said no! However, she also said she wouldn’t mind meeting me in the bathroom again in the future. When I pressed her what she meant, she told me that for a supposed loser, I was a pretty good lay. She said she was glad she’d given me a chance.


    That made Kyle’s behavior worth it. Yes, he had been absent with me about ambushing him into sex as a woman. I thought it was interesting that he didn’t seem near as angry as when I put him into Anna. Regardless, I told him I’d make it up to him. I wasn’t sure why I needed to, especially since he seemed to enjoy getting fucked as a girl. 


    That’s probably why I did what I did next, because I wanted to experience sex as a woman for myself. So the next day, I showed up at Kyle’s house, stealthed as Anna. Kyle was surprised to see his ex there, and I didn’t let on that it was actually me. His parents doted on me in Anna’s body, and couldn’t stop fussing about how glad they were that I’d visited.They invited me to stay for dinner. I spent most of the meal trying not to stare at Kyle’s mom’s tits. 


    After dessert, Kyle took me upstairs and was all, I miss you, and thinking maybe we should get back together, and other bullshit. I laughed and finally let him in on the charade.


    He started to get angry, like, angrier than I’d ever seen. But then I took Anna’s clothes off and said he could do whatever he wanted to her body, as long as I didn’t have to kiss him. He wasn’t angry after that. Well, he fucked me like he was angry, but I didn’t mind. It was so weird being a chick and having a dick shoved into me. But other than having to see Kyle’s face or his junk, it wasn’t bad. It was actually really good. I liked getting groped. And the feeling of Kyle’s eyes roaming all over Anna’s body, and how much he got off onto it, wow. I think he really liked her.


    He came all too quick though, and so I had him finger fuck me to climax. He started to protest, but I told him I’d go find someone else to make me cum in Anna’s body, and then he obliged me. After that, I told him he should thank me, because he got to experience sex with an ex. I ordered him to go to my apartment, and press the waiting enter key. I was hoping he’d take his time, but I was back in my body less than an hour later.


    The next day, I busied myself by taking over Sheri Egret. I didn’t stay long, just long enough to mow her lawn in the nude. It caused quite a stir. A lot of pictures and videos were taken by curious and horny neighbors before a visit from the county sheriff’s department put a stop to it. That was fine, because I’d finished the lawn. 


    For quite awhile, the whole town was our playground. We did what we wanted, when we wanted, and who we wanted. Right up until the day it all ended.


    I had slept in, and got woken up by Kyle knocking on my door. I let him in, and he smiled and clapped me on the back like we were best friends. Over the last few weeks, he’d become a real team player. He didn’t argue or complain anymore if I sent him into a girl I wanted to fuck.


    He asked to speak with me in my room. I thought that was weird, but whatever. I went to sit in my computer chair, but he chuckled and told me to have a seat on my bed. Again, I obliged, wondering what he thought he was going to do on my computer. I watched in astonishment as his fingers became a blur on my keyboard. I asked him what the hell he was doing, but he didn’t respond. When I tried to stop him, he shoved me hard onto the floor. That was the moment I knew something was wrong. 


    When he was done typing, he turned to me, still with that damned smile, and apologized. “Sorry about that, Dustin. Couldn’t have you interrupting me while I was locking you out though.”


    “Locking me out? What are you talking about?”


    “First, let me thank you by saying-”


    He stopped as we both heard the door to my apartment open. I heard several voices in my living room.


    “Who the fuck is in my-”


    “You’ll find out soon enough,” Kyle said smoothly. “But first let me say, thank you so much, from all of us, for the fantastic job you’ve done here in this little town. Very few people showed as much initiative as you. We’d hoped to take over some residences here and there throughout the country, but a whole town! This is really special. It creates a whole bunch of new options.”


    I was getting very worried. Kyle never sounded this smart. And he couldn’t type that fast to save his life. “Tell me what’s going on!” I demanded.


    Kyle grinned and spread out his arms. “Isn’t it obvious? I helped get Stealth Control into the wild, well, me and a team of very talented hackers. And we kept tabs on the people who were smart enough to use it, first through with a back hack into your devices. But eventually, something a little more intimate.”


    I gulped.


    “Did you think you were the one always in control since you began your little town takeover? Ha! My colleagues and I spent so much time in you both, helping you along as you made this a perfect little black market stealth site.”


    I couldn’t believe it. I’d been the puppet on a string this whole time. “Buy why? There’s a whole resort for this sort of thing?”


    He laughed. “That’s run by people I used to work with. They’re doing okay, but they have all these rules and regulations, and all the money gets filtered up the ladder. That won’t be the case here in your town. There will be almost no restrictions. The gloves come off so to speak. Anyone that pays us will get to come here, and use the residents however they please, as long as it’s not in a way that draws undue attention to police or government.”


    “You can’t do this!”


    “Come now. You’re smart enough to realize that it’s already done. And all because of you! Please know, we want to acknowledge that. You really did great! So, on behalf of me and my team, we’re willing to offer you something very special.”


    “No! This is my town! I’m in charge here! I call the shots! Find your own town!”


    Kyle gave me a sympathetic look. “Dustin, are you sure? There’s something amazing on the other side of that door. If you’re willing to just let go and let us do our thing, I think you’ll find-”


    “Fuck you!” I shouted. I’d worked too hard to let someone else just take this from me. The first chance I got, I was getting on a computer and finding a way to kick them all out. They couldn’t do this. They didn’t have the right! I was the one who-


    Kyle shouted through the door, “We’re going with Plan B!”


    “What the hell’s plan B?” I asked, but a second later, a shiver ran through my body. I stood up. I might as well see who the hell was in my living room. “Let’s do this,” I said to Kyle.


    Kyle opened the door and said, “After you.”


    My eyes bulged as I surveyed the inhabitants of my living room. Twelve of the hottest women in our town were there, all at once, and very naked. 


    “Hi, Dustin!” they said at once.


    And then it was on. They swarmed me and practically ripped the clothes from my body. I helped out where I could, and then I became completely enveloped in soft flesh. Boobs were shoved in my face. Multiple tongues found my dick. My hands were grabbed and I was allowed to paw anywhere and everywhere my hearts desired. I was more turned on than I’d ever been.


    Repeatedly the horny mob got me to the brink of climax, then backed off. One of them would stroke me gently and let me watch as the rest of them made out together. Kyle got in on the action and was thrusting his dick in a new hole every twenty seconds. 


    “This guy’s going to burst eventually,” I said. “Is she almost here?”


    I assumed there were even more girls, which was why I had asked. 


    Kyle checked his phone between thrusts and said, “Yeah, she’s pulling up now.”


    A minute later, my mother came through the door. My mom was not an ugly woman, but she wasn’t going to win any beauty pageants either. Years of smoking, drinking, and who knows what else had stolen her good looks. And right then her face was covered in makeup that made her look like a two bit whore.


    Kyle stopped fucking and started filming on his phone. “Hey! Look who it is, Dustin! It’s your mom! You ready to fuck your mom?”


    I wanted to say no, but I was so horny, and my lust compelled me to yell, “Get over here, Mom!”


    She marched right over, shedding her clothes as she came. She bent over in front of me, and I impaled her loose pussy with my cock. 


    As Kyle’s phone kept recording, she yelled, “Fuck me Dustin! Fuck your mother! That’s right! Treat me like the whore that I am! I love it! I love my son’s dick! Tell the world how much you love fucking your own mom, Dustin!”


    A part of me wondered in that moment as my dick slid in and out of my mom’s wet hole, was I really the one in control? I felt like I was. Everything had been my idea, right? It was my idea to keep fucking my mom in that moment. 


    But that illusion was shatters as Kyle came in for a closeup and said seriously, “It didn’t have to be this way, Dustin. If you had just played ball, you could have fucked the other girls as a thank you, and we’d have left your mother out of it. Too bad, I guess.”


    While he was talking, I came. I came inside my mom, and it felt great. 


    Then Kyle said, “I’ll send you a copy of the video tomorrow. If you remove even one of the transmitters, or do anything to remotely piss us off, me leaking the video online won’t be the worst of your problems.” Then he turned to the naked, writhing females still going at it in every free space of my kitchen and living room. “Pack it up horndogs! You can finish this orgy at Kyle’s house! I’m sure my ‘mom and dad’ want in on the action too!”


    It’s been a week since that happened. I’m scared to leave the house. I question whether any of my decisions and actions are my own. I know not to try and stop them. I’m sure by now, they’ve got enough information and blackmail on me and the residents of this town to ruin us all.


    The end.

No more chapters.

RT101 ∙ 20 September 2022

Really enjoyed this story! Definitely wouldn't mind more

VexenFox ∙ 21 September 2022

That's a heeeeectic ending Kripto! Great story, loved the initial progression to depravity, and the sequence with Kyle in Layla's body was great to imagine. Dustin's viscerally disgusting apartment though? Not so much!

JJ97TSF ∙ 25 September 2022

I love unaware possession like this! Would love to see more!

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