*Change Team*

Story created by Eccho25 ∙ 11 September 2023

A story involving the #1 fantasy of every heterosexual male who has ever touched the gournds of the Earth coming to frutition: obtaining boobs on their person.

mtf body swap first person pov incest humor spanking dirty talk kinda gay?

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  • *Change Team*

    Chapter written by Eccho25 ∙ 02 November 2022

    A story involving the #1 fantasy of every heterosexual male who has ever touched the gournds of the Earth coming to frutition: obtaining boobs on their person.

  • God, I’ve missed this. This is all that I’ve wanted for so long; a stress-free day, spending time with the people that I don’t hate. No books, no meaningless words, no packets, no slides, no worries. Just being in the front yard, tossin’ the ol’ pigskin around with my pop and lil’ bro. I hate how I just took moments like this for granted. Times like these were always the best.


    “Yo, Chad, how many 1’s and 0’s would it take to simulate yourself a girlfriend?” dad jokes, tossing the football to Jason,


    “About as many as it would take to shield everyone from the glare of your bald head,” I joke back, earning a laugh from everyone,


    “Joke all ya want. I still got your mother, didn’t I? How do you think I got with her?”


    “A bad dare and terrible luck with drawing straws?”


    “Alright, smartass, that ‘Bad dare and straw drawing’ got ya here.”


    “And I’m forever grateful for mom’s friends.”


    We share another laugh as Jason passes the ball to me. I toss it to dad and he says,


    “Alright, poindexter, let’s see if your reflexes are as quick as your mouth. Go long.”


    I do as instructed, running back as he draws back for the throw. Once I’m far enough, he throws his signature “Perfect Spiral” directly towards me. I keep my eyes right on the ball, being sure that my momentum matches it perfectly. Then, unsurprisingly, it lands directly into my perfect hands. And I waste no time. I charge right back at him, aiming for the street lamp right behind him.


    Jason then charges at me, stepping in the way between me and my goal. Big mistake, little man. We charge closer and closer and closer to each other, neither of us having a shred of a thought of retreating in mind. Once he’s close enough to me, I side-step past him, continuing my pursuit to the lamp. Easy.


    Now comes the real challenge. Not only is that trick not gonna work on dad, something I’ve learned the hard way, but because of his size, barging through him isn’t really a viable option either. Plus, with Jason hot on my tail, even if I were able to at least lock up with him, he’s gonna ensure that that won’t last long. So I’ve only got one option.


    I run at dad with everything I’ve got. He gets in his stance, planting his feet to the ground. I narrow my eyes. He pulls up his shorts. I look behind me to see Jason closing the already narrow gap between us. Wait for it...Wait for it...Now!


    I toss the ball over dad’s head, taking him off guard as he turns his attention to it. Perfect. I dive, tuck, and roll through his legs, getting past him before catching the ball, hearing the collision between dad and Jason behind me as I merrily skip to the street lamp, claiming my victory.


    “YEAH!!!” I celebrate in satirized typical sportsman fashion, spiking the ball on the ground, “YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME!!! NO ONE CAN TOUCH ME!!! I’M THE GREATEST!!! I”M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!! THIS IS WHAT I DO!!! TOO EASY!!! TAKE ME OUT THE GAME, CO-”


    My glory is interrupted with a high pitched scream. It sounds like it’s coming from behind me. And it’s getting louder. I turn to see the source of the ear piercing noise, but before I can even get them in my peripheral vision, I feel someone tackle my side, latching onto me as they continue their scream. I laugh in response to the spear, instantly recognizing who the culprit is upon seeing her short black hair.


    “What’s up, Courtney?” I say through my laugh, wrapping my arm around her little body,


    “Why didn’t you tell me you came back, you big meanie?!” she says, still doing her best to replicate the jaws of life,


    “Why did you decide to go swimming today of all days?”


    “Because I have friends. Ever hear of ‘em?”


    “Oh, trust me, I’ve heard all about you and your friends.”


    “That’s not what I meant, you jerk.”


    “I’m not hearing any denial.”


    She pouts before blushing and turning away from me. She’s so goddamn adorable.


    “You’re so mean to me,” she whines,


    “Only because I love you,” I reply, kissing her on the forehead,


    “Daaaad, Chad’s bullying meeee.”


    She jokingly runs over to dad, acting like a bratty toddler. As she does, she unknowingly gives me the perfect view of her taut little ass in her bikini bottoms. That along with the little peep I was able to catch of her tits through her loose top causes me to envision her without her two piece. Fuck, what I’d give to really show her how much I’ve missed her. Probably the only girl I can think of that’ll make me lose my challenge. She’s just too damn cute.


    “That sound good to you, Chad?” I hear dad say, snapping me out of my thoughts,


    “U-uh-...wha- huh?” I ask, not hearing the question,


    “I was just saying that since Jason’s game is in 15 minutes and since you don’t like going, you could just stay here if you want.”


    “And I’m staying, too,” Courtney adds on, aiding my choice, “15 minutes is not enough time for me to get ready.”


    “U-uh, yeah...Yeah. Sounds good.”


    “Alright,” dad says, “Go tell your mother we’re in the car and we’ll see ya in a couple hours. Let’s go, Jason! Let’s give ‘em hell!!!”


    “Yeah!” Jason reciprocates, “We’re gonna give ‘em hell!!!”


    They continue their rampage of pep as Courtney and I head inside. We both head upstairs, going our separate ways as she heads to the bathroom and I head to mom and dad’s room. I knock on the door before hearing mom say,


    “I know. I’ll be down in a moment.”

    Well, that takes care of that. I head to my room, shutting the door before going to my bed and collapsing on it. God, I’ve missed this fluffy bed. So soft and comfy. Always got the job done when I had to sleep. I bet it has its other uses, too. Especially if I had my “Friends” here to help me figure out those other uses. My mind wanders as I imagine all the girls I’ve been with in my time in college. Rina, Lana, Dominique, Mandy, Janet, Celeste, now that was a good time, Ginger, India, Lani, Sam, Harmony, Courtney...Courtney?


    My mind sets on the image of Courtney and her bikini that did more for the mind than her body. She was practically naked right in front of me. How is it that the sexiest girl I know shares my DNA? How’s that fair? I almost wanna get in that shower and share some of it back with her. Fuck, that’d be so hot. Having her pinned against the chamber, shoving my cock deep inside of her little pussy, that’d really be something.


    The thought of taking my own little sister makes me harder with each second I spend on it. Her adorable face, her sexy little moans, her soft little pussy wrapped tightly around me as she desperately begs for more, I can practically see and hear all of that happening. Just thinking about it is making me test the limit of my pants. I take them off along with my boxers to get at least some comfort.


    But while the issue of comfort is dealt with, there’s still the issue of having Courtney being all I can think about right now. I just want her to straddle me and ride me like she’s never ridden anyone before. Just having that tight little pussy sliding up and down her big brother’s cock. Up...and down...up...and down. I can practically feel her little pussy right now. Wait a minute.


    I look down to see my right hand mimicking the rhythm that I’ve created. Shit. So much for my challenge. That’s two and a half months down the drain. But fuck it. I’ve already gone this far. There’s no turning back now. It’s only fitting that the person who makes me break my streak is the person I wanna fuck the most.


    So I continue my actions, sliding my hand up and down my shaft, envisioning Courtney riding it instead. I close my eyes, lightly groaning as I speed up my pace, gripping harder on my cock.


    “Yeah,” I groan, “Just like that, Courtney. Ride your big brother’s dick. Say my name.”


    “Oh, Chad,” she moans, speeding up her pace,


    “Louder, baby.”


    “Chad~! Chad~!”


    “That’s right, baby. Call out to your big brother.”


    “Big brother! Big brother!”


    This sends an intense jolt all throughout my body. God, that’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard her say.


    “Say it again,” I groan, feeling myself getting closer and closer, “Say that again for your big brother.”


    She giggles before leaning down to my ear, whispering,


    “Please fill up my pussy with your cum, big brother.”


    This sends me over the edge. I let out a loud groan, shooting ropes of my cum from my dick. As oceans and oceans of built up cum leave my body, my body just goes limp. I don’t even care about the mess. I just feel...so...gooood.


    I close my eyes for a moment, taking in the warmth and sensations of all the dopamine and serotonin. But after a few moments of basking in the goodness of the brain chemicals, it just slowly fades. What’s going on? That wasn’t nearly enough time for it to subside. What happened? Wait, this doesn’t even feel like my bed anymore. And am I wrapped in a towel?


    I open my eyes, looking around. This-...this isn’t even my room anymore...Why am I in Courtney’s room? How’d I get in Courtney’s room? What the hell? I look down to see myself wrapped in a towel. Where’d this even come from? I was just in my shirt. And why do I feel refreshed instead of relaxed?


    I unwrap myself from the towel and open it up. And what I discover before me almost makes me scream. My-...I don-...I’m-...I’m a girl now...YEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! Oh my God, this is the greatest day of my life! I’ve got tits! I’ve got a pussy! I’ve got feminine charms! I’ve got-...Courtney’s...face.


    I observe myself in the mirror. There’s no mistaking it. Her hair, her face, her size, it’s all here...I-...I switched bodies with my sister...I must’ve died and gone to actual heaven. There’s no other explanation. This is my own personal heaven. And I absolutely love it.


    “No way this is real,” I say, taken aback as I hear Courtney’s voice escape my lips.


    I instinctively cover my mouth, lightly squealing from excitement. I’ve finally gotten what I’ve always dreamed of. I’m so happy. Wait, if I’m here, then does that mean-...


    I step out of the room and make my way over to...my room? I slowly turn the doorknob and open the door. What I see before me shakes me to my core. Is that...is that me? Did I actually die like this? What kind of pathetic loser am I?


    But just as soon as I have that thought, it’s tossed out the window after hearing myself lightly snoring. Well, that can’t be right. I’m still alive? And I’m in Courtney’s body. Perfect. Still gotta deal with the stress of wondering what the hell I got on finals.


    Then it hits me. That smell. It’s so pungent. I swear I know it. I survey the room for the source, tracking it near my unconscious body. As I inch closer to myself, I finally remember. It’s...my cum. Oh, God, it’s everywhere. Guess that’s the consequence of depriving myself for so long and choosing to do it in bed with no type of protective measures whatsoever.


    Something’s a bit different about it, though. The smell...It smells so...good. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed the smell of my own essence before. Well, on second thought, I am a girl. So by default, everything about me is amazing. Even my cum. So by that logic...What if I just so happened to...taste it? I mean, what kind of little sister would I be if I just left my big brother with all this mess to clean all by himself?


    So, in the spirit of being a good little sister, I climb onto the bed, crawling up to my seemingly lifeless body, taking in more of the smell of my fluids. With each moment that passes, my want for it grows that much more. I want it so fucking bad.


    And I go for it. I lean in closer to my exposed, divine, cum coated lower half, sticking out my tongue as I prepare for the taste of a lifetime. Soon enough, I make direct contact with my own shaft, immediately sending the interesting flavors to my brain. Holy hell, that is the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted.


    I drag my tongue along my dick, cleaning my sperm from it. It’s so tasty. No wonder girls are so obsessed with it. And I swear that with every lick, it feels like I’m actually having her lick me. And I want more of it.


    As I continue my licks, I feel my cock twitching and getting harder and harder with each lick. Ooo. Looks like good ol’ little sister has another job to do. Well, if no one else is gonna do it, it might as well be me.


    I bring a hand to my shaft, immediately trying to adjust to the difference between using Courtney’s hand and my own. Hers are so much smaller and warmer. Also, the mutual feeling of me and my body is more apparent now. It feels infinitely better than any time I’ve done it. And no other girl even compares to hers.


    After enjoying the feeling for a bit, I start sliding my hand up and down my shaft. Fuck, that feels incredible. I can’t believe it. I’ve actually got my little sister on my dick. And it feels otherworldly. I just wish I could see the look on her face as I thrust it inside of her tight little throat.


    I wrap my lips around the head of my dick, gently sucking on it as I slightly speed up the pace of my strokes. I then maneuver my free hand to the lower half of my body, spreading my legs and bringing a finger to my little pussy. Another dream of mine realized. I drag my finger along my slit, feeling my own wetness as I continue working my own shaft.


    This is pure bliss. Every sensation is doubled for me. This is beyond anything that I’ve ever experienced before. I never want this to end.


    I decide to elevate the pleasure by taking more of my cock inside of my mouth, slowly descending as I keep my hand wrapped around the remaining portion of my shaft. Once I make it about halfway down, I start bobbing my head up and down my length, moaning as I continue rubbing my delicate little pussy. I’m getting so turned on right now. With the feeling of Courtney’s tight, dripping, little pussy, her lips wrapped around my cock as I poke the back of her tight throat, her little moans, and the fact that she probably has no idea that any of this is going on, all of it is driving me insane. I’m living out all of my fantasies and not a single soul has to know.


    I speed up my bobbing, rubbing, and stroking, garnering more moans from myself as my want for more increases with each action. Then the ever-growing curiosity seeps in. How good would it feel to have both organs being stimulated? Would one feel better than the other? If so, which one? Would I be able to tell the difference? Would I even care? Chances are the last question is the most important and the answer might be no, but I just gotta know now. The curiosity of it all is eating me alive.


    After a few more moments of sucking and rubbing, I slow down my movements on both actions before popping myself out of my mouth. I then straddle myself, leaning back on my hands as I grind my pussy on my cock. I try figuring out which part of me feels better, but as I continue my self-teasing, I find myself leaning towards not caring. It feels too fucking good to focus. And it’s not even inside me yet.


    I lean down on my chest, feeling the firmness of my own chest. It’s so comfy. I then lift my hips, positioning my entrance above my awaiting dick below me. Ok, moment of truth. I lower my hips, using the slickness of my saliva and wetness from my pussy as lube. After a few attempts to slide it inside, I finally manage to push the tip in. Once it’s inside, I start pushing it deeper inside of myself. But as I lower myself on my cock, a sudden pain jolts throughout my whole body, making me stop my advances.


    Is-...is she really a...virgin? Am I really gonna take my little sister’s virginity? Holy shit, I’m actually the luckiest being to ever exist. This day couldn’t possibly get better.


    I take a moment to adjust to my size, wrapping my arms around my neck. Once the pain subsides, I start steadily lowering myself even more down my cock, eventually reaching the base. Once I fit all of myself inside, I start waving my hips back and forth, moaning as I reach deeper and deeper.


    And just like that, my adorable little sister is no longer a virgin. Her pussy is now mine. She’s now mine. Mine to do whatever I want with. And she doesn’t have a clue what’s happening. It’s the perfect crime.


    Once I’ve adjusted to my size, I start rising and lowering myself up and down my length, sliding my wet, little, previously virgin pussy up and down my long, hard, delicious cock. I moan in response to the combined sensations, answering the burning question. Turns out I was right. I can’t tell which one feels better. And frankly, I don’t give a single damn. It feels so fucking goood. Faster. I need to go faster.


    I speed up my pace, moaning louder as I ride my own dick with my little sister’s pussy. And I love it. I love it so fucking much. I love the sound of her moans. I love how tight she feels. I love how big I feel. I’m so fucking full. This is without question the best sex I’ve ever had. Thank God for little sisters. I then get an idea on how to do the impossible and make this that much better than it already is. I pull myself into my ear, whispering,


    “Yeah. You like that, don’t you, pervert? You like the feeling of your little sister’s wet little pussy? Oh, God, you’re so naughty. Such a naughty, naughty big brother, getting hard from his sister pleasuring him. Who knew that the most amazing, sexiest, coolest, bestest big brother would be so lewd? Well, show me, big brother. Show your little sister how lewd you really are.”


    I pick up my pace even more, moaning louder as I tighten my grip on my neck. I then look at my own unconscious face, admiring how perfectly flawless it is. Just looking at it makes me just wanna...wanna...Oh, I need to. I pull myself in for a deep kiss, speeding up my pace as fast as I possibly can. I love this so damn perfect. I can feel how soft her lips are. I can taste them. I love her so goddamn much.


    It doesn’t take long for me to feel my orgasm approaching on both ends. Not wanting to get too risky, I bring a hand to my pussy, rubbing it as fast as I can before moaning out,


    “Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum! Watch me cum for you, big brother! Watch me! Watch me cum all over your perfect cock! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”


    I let out one last loud moan before tilting my head back, letting it all out. My body spasms as I release my cum all over my shaft, burying myself in my chest as I ride out my orgasm. After a few moments of the greatest mix of feelings a human could have, I bring my hips to a complete stop, catching my breath.


    Before I can completely collect my bearings and fully digest what just happened, I feel my eyes getting heavier and heavier. And before I know it, I’m asleep. But just as soon as it happened, I instantly wake up, opening my eyes and catching my lost breath. I then look around the room, wiping my eyes as the memories of my dream start flooding back in my mind. Wow, that was nice.


    Not long after scanning the room, I feel something on my chest. I look down to see Courtney lying on me, sleeping soundly. Wait, wait, wait...that was real? None of that was my subconscious? That was actually reality? Oh, shit. Oh, God. Oh my God! I just fucked my sister. Oh, God, I just fucked my sister. Will she remember what happened? Will she even know? I guess only time will tell. But in the meantime, if she doesn’t remember, it probably wouldn’t be good if she woke up like this.


    So I discreetly wrap my arms around her naked unconscious body before lifting her up and carrying her out of my room. As I make my way to hers, I feel her arms and legs tighten around me as she lightly moans. That’s when I realize that I’m still inside of her, still pent up from not releasing. And she’s still out cold. Perfect for repaying older brother for everything he’s done.


    After stepping inside of her room, I lay her down on her bed as carefully as possible. Once she settles on her bed, I bring my hands on either side of her, pushing her leg apart with my knee, giving me better access. I then start slowly thrusting in and out of her little pussy, trying not to make too much noise or movements.


    Courtney starts lightly moaning from my actions as I continue my steady thrusts. It’s almost unbelievable how damn cute she is. Everything she does is just making this so much better.


    For better balance, I bring my right hand to her dd-cup chest, gently kneading it as I steadily pick up my pace. She arches her back, most likely stretching. Now, normally, I’d stop in my tracks at the slightest movement she made. But I’m gradually starting to not care. I think I’m starting to catch on to what’s happening here. And if I’m right, I don’t think it’ll matter if she wakes up or not. Especially since I’m so close right now.


    After moments of savoring the feeling of Courtney’s soft lower lips wrapped around me, I feel myself getting closer to my limit. So I pull out of her and make my way to her face, pointing my dick right at it and jerking myself. Yeah, just lay there while your big brother paints your face. I’m gonna mark you as mine. All mine.


    Moments pass of me stroking my cock before I let out a loud groan and shoot rope after rope of my sperm on my little sister’s face, getting it on her eyelids, cheeks, and lips. After finishing, I take a seat on a nearby chair, admiring the scene that I created. I’m also a bit shocked that that much came out. I mean, it’s not as much as before, but still a lot. Still paying the price I guess.


    But before I can dwell on it further, my eyes get heavy again. And before I know it, I’m knocked out. Then, almost like clockwork, I wake up, lying on the bed, feeling a weird, sticky, alluring substance on my face. I swallow some that’s in my mouth before scooping some off of my face and licking it off my hand. Just what I thought.


    The next day approaches and I head over to Roman’s house. I have to tell him about this. It would be a sin not to. Not only because not telling anyone about this would probably make me explode, but I’m pretty sure that we agreed that if anything like this happened to either of us, the first thing we’d do would be to tell each other. Now, while it was most definitely an elementary school pact and it’s most definitely been broken seeing that it’s not the first thing I did, I guess I'm still obligated to go through with telling him about it. He’s like my other brother who won’t judge me if I tell him everything about my new...Power? Blessing? Miracle? Whatever the hell this is. It’s sure as hell not a curse. There’s legitimately no downside to this.


    I pull up in Roman’s driveway, parking my car before stepping out and heading over to his door. I kock on the door, using the super awesome knock that we created. But not even halfway through the knock, the door jerks open, revealing Katelyn, rubbing her head in annoyance. Oh, goody.


    “What the fuck is your problem?” she says in a groggy tone,


    “Well, excuse me for being chipper on this fine morning,” I retort,


    “Oh, spare me. You just wanted to be an annoying shitsack. You do realize people have things to do? Nobody wants to hear your dumbass knocking this early.”


    “It’s 11:36, you clearly just woke up, and you’re in short shorts and a tank top. Who are you fooling?”


    “Ugh. You’re such a pain. Can’t wait until school starts again for you so that you’re out of my hair.”

    “Oh, you mean you can’t wait until Roman and I go back to school, while you’re stuck trying to find somewhere else to live?”


    “Go fuck yourself.”


    Before I can say anything else, she slams the door right in my face before stomping off. Unbeknownst to the dumb broad, she forgot to lock the door. So I politely let myself in, closing the door before making my way upstairs to Roman’s room. Once I’m right by his door, I hear something all too familiar. Something that anyone living with a guy past his teens would instantly recognize. The sweet wholesome sound of a woman walking on hot coal, while playing paddleball.


    Deciding to be the most considerate best friend ever, I remove my ear from the door, step away, and then turn the doorknob, pushing the door open, calmly saying,




    He shrieks before tossing his phone from his lap all the way across the room and covering himself with his blanket. I laugh hysterically from his reaction, hearing him groan in agitation. He makes himself presentable before retrieving his phone.


    “Oh, thanks, dickhead,” he pouts, “I’ve always wanted a crack in my screen.”


    I calm down from my laughing fit before saying,


    “Hey, no one told you to Tom Brady your phone. You made that decision all by your lonesome.”


    “Don’t blame my reflexes on me. I’m still getting used to having my own place.”


    “With your bitchy older sister, might I add?”


    “Hey, she might be a bitch, but that’s just surface level. You haven’t gotten to know her like I have. Deep down, she’s a sweet, loving, caring, selfless-”


    “Sexy bimbo who’s willing to do any and everything and film it and sucks at hiding the files, giving access to her scummy brother who spanks it to her.”


    “...I mean, when you say it like that, it sounds perverted.”


    “You mind telling me how you’d put it?”


    “...What do you want, Chad?”


    I chuckle before shutting the door and walking to the other side of the room to ensure that I’m not heard, barely able to contain my excitement.


    “Ok,” I start in a whisper, “I want you to listen to me and listen carefully without judging me.”


    “I will make no such promises,” he replies,


    “Whatever. I don’t care. Cause I’m gonna tell you something, then I’m gonna prove it.”


    “Alright, just tell me what it is already. You’re starting to scare me. Do you have a rare bowel infection or something?”


    “Nope. Gross, but nope. I just so happened to come across the greatest superpower of all time.”


    “Burping your ABC’s?”


    “What? No.”


    “Jogging backwards upstairs?”




    “Pronouncing wichchcher sauce?”

    “I’m just gonna tell you.”


    “That would save some time. Thank you.”


    “Ok, to keep it brief...I can switch bodies.”


    His look of anticipation switches into a look of discontempt.


    “See? Right now you don’t believe me,” I say,


    “Yeah, that’s a pretty weird way to advertise Michael’s weed,” he says,




    “I get it. It was good weed. Should’ve taken your word for it. Now I’m stuck without it. Just let me have some already since you’re just gonna be a douche about it.”


    "Ok, first of all, that’s not even true. His weed sucked ass. And our friendship means too much for me to have you go anywhere NEAR that garbage. And secondly, I can actually prove it.”


    “Well, thank you for your consideration. Maybe this’ll teach you to trust my intuition next time. And just for that, I’ll bite. Go ahead. Show me. Float about to another vessel. You have my attention.”


    “Oh-...uh...see, um...here’s the thing-”


    “Oh, what’s wrong? I’m waiting. Go ahead and ‘swap bodies’.”


    Ok, he’s lucky we’re friends. Otherwise, I’d have just dropped my pants and did it right in front of him and made him suck my unconscious dick for being such a douche. But I’m a good friend, so I won’t do that.


    “Alright, look,” I start, “The way it works is a bit-...in a word, unorthodox. So I’m gonna go to the bathroom for a bit.”


    “Sure,” he says, sarcastically, “Do what you need to do, ya poltergeist.”


    This is gonna be so satisfying. I step inside of his bathroom and shut the door, tearing some tissues away from the roll and sliding my pants and briefs to my knees. I then take a breath, shutting my eyes and letting my mind wander.


    I soon start remembering that time Katelyn pissed Jason off and he threw countless water balloons at her, drenching her already tight white shirt. The image of her see-through state resurfaces in my mind, turning me on as I envision the distinct sight of her perfect D-cup tits. I bring my hand to my shaft, wrapping my fingers around it and gently stroking it up and down with the alluring picture displaying so vivid in my head.


    My mind then starts envisioning my hand being her mouth sliding up and down the length of my cock as she looks up at me. Fuck, the thought of that dumb broad being my little bitch is really turning me on. Just sitting there while I fuck her slutty little throat, looking me in the eyes, helpless to do anything.


    I speed up my pace, letting out light groans as I imagine the scenario. Eventually, I feel myself getting closer to my orgasm. I squeeze myself harder and stroke faster, simulating it as Katelyn sucking harder and faster. I stroke myself for a few more moments before letting out one final groan, releasing my sperm into the tissues that I set aside. After collecting my essence with the tissues and cleaning up the results, I toss away the tissues and pull up my pants, stepping out of the bathroom.


    “Ok,” I say with haste in my tone as I feel myself losing feeling in my body, “I’m gonna pass out and in a few minutes, I’m gonna be...at...your-...”


    Too late. I collapse on his bed, losing consciousness. Then, I wake up in another bed with a bag of Ruffles between my legs and a PS4 controller in my hands. I look at the screen in front of me, looking at the horrible entity known as The Last Of Us 2. Of course she would be the type to play this garbage.


    I close the game, doing her poor, poor console a favor and deleting the absolute monstrosity that it was unfairly being forced to run and stand up from the bed, walking up to a mirror. Sure enough, I am now in possession of Katelyn the Joyful bitch. Time to make Roman eat his words.


    I step out of the room and walk over to Roman’s, slightly lowering the neck of my shirt, exposing my chest even more. I then do the same to my shorts, sliding them just above my crotch. After making my adjustments, I turn the doorknob and walk right into his room, once again surprising him.


    “Oh, it’s just you,” he replies, “What do you want? And why can’t you ever knock?”


    “Oh, gee, little bro,” I say, bringing a finger to my lips and swaying my hips, feigning innocence, “You’re right. That’s not a good thing for me to do, is it? I’m sorry. You wanna punish me for being so inconsiderate?”


    His jaw just drops. He’s utterly speechless. He doesn’t even know what to think. He’s just sitting there, staring at me. Just like I thought he would be. Serves you right, you bastard.


    “Wh-what’s going on with you?” he says, ogling at my body and the alterations I’ve made with my clothes,


    I giggle before standing in front of him, saying in a ditsy tone,


    “I’ve just been thinking about the way I’ve been treating you and your super awesome, intimidatingly smart, funny, cool, and outlandishly handsome friend, Chad all this time. I’m such a stupid fucking bitch who just mooches off of you. Surely, you can find it in your heart to forgive me for being so dumb. Ooor~”


    I bring my hands to his shoulders, flipping my hair as I straddle his lap, continuing with a sultry tone,


    “Maybe you can come up with a way for me to repay you for all of it.”


    He stutters, tripping over his words, making me giggle. I then feel something growing in between us. I giggle before slowly grinding my hips on his clothed growing shaft.


    “Ooo,” I start as I feel him pressing against me, “Looks like you have an idea as to how I’m supposed to apologize. You want me to show you how sorry I am, little brother?”


    He, again, tries uttering something, but shock and my intimidation are preventing anything from coming out. So, using my context clues, I deduce that he’s trying to say “Yes”. Now, being the caring big sister I am, I decide to accommodate his subliminal demands. I chuckle before planting a kiss on his nose and maneuvering on the floor in front of him. I then bring a hand to his covered dick, gently rubbing it.


    “Mmm,” I moan, looking him in the eyes, “So hard for me already. Does big sister’s apology excite you that much? Hmm?”


    I grab the hem of his shorts, slowly pulling them down, freeing his cock from its restraints.


    “Wow,” I say with a giggle as I grab onto it and slowly stroke it, “Such a big boy. You’re my big little bro, aren’t you? And you’ve just been keeping this away from me this entire time? You meanie. But I guess it’s only fair. Up until now, I haven’t really been deserving of it, have I? Well, what about now? Do I deserve your long, hard, warm little brother cock now?”


    I lightly tighten my grip on him, earning a light moan as he closes his eyes. I giggle at his reaction before saying,


    “Ooo, you like that, don’t you? You like how big sis is stroking your dick? Am I making you feel good? You’re such a pervert."


    All he can do is moan from my actions. I giggle at the faces he’s making as I continue my slow strokes, lightly breathing on the tip of his dick as pre-cum starts leaking out of it. After moments of my slow and steady strokes, I lean forward, sticking my tongue out and licking up his pre-cum. It’s surprisingly really good. Please let this be because I’m in a girl’s body.


    I then wrap my lips around his head, lightly sucking on the head of his dick as I continue jerking it. He moans even more from my advances, encouraging me to keep going. I start bobbing my head up and down, taking more and more of him in my mouth with each descent. I look him in the eyes as I suck him off and he’s in absolute bliss. Gotcha, you bastard.


    Minutes pass of me sucking him off and while this is fun, it could be better. And I know just how to make it better. I bring both of my hands to his wrists, bringing his hands to my hair and forcing my head to the base of his cock. Getting my subliminal hint, he entangles his fingers in my hair, moving my head up and down his length as he thrusts in and out of my mouth.


    Fuck, this feels so good. I love how it’s just poking the back of my throat. And his moans are just making this sweeter along with the fact that his thrusts are getting rougher and faster. I knew he was a huge pervert for her, but I never would’ve known it was this bad.


    But this isn’t enough for him. He wants more. He pulls me off of him by my hair, looking at me with lust in his eyes as I take in new air in my lungs. He then pushes me on the floor. Right as I land on my back, he spreads my legs apart, sticking his finger in the right leg of my shorts through the other. He then pushes them to the side, exposing my wet little pussy to him.


    “Oh, wow,” I start, “Well, someone’s impatient. You really are a disgusting perv for me, hu- aaaagn~”


    He interrupts me by sliding himself inside of me. He then wraps his hand around my throat, slowly thrusting in and out of me, saying in a low demanding tone,


    “Shut up. I’ve waited so fucking long for this momoent. Your body is finally mine, you fucking cock tease. Now, shut your whore mouth and take it.”


    He speeds up his thrusts, tightening his grip on my neck. I, in turn, give him what he wants and keep my mouth shut, moaning as he ravages me. He’s being so rough with me and I love it. If he keeps this up, Katelyn’s gonna be feeling it for weeks...Hm. Now, that’s an idea. I give him a smug smirk, saying,


    “Is that all you got, you little twerp?”


    “What did I say?” he replies assertively,


    “What, you expect me to listen to anything you have to say with you fingering me like this? I thought you wanted to fuck me, little bro.”


    He pulls out of me, turning me over to my stomach and pulling my shorts down my legs. My legs are then forced apart as I hear him say in a harsh tone,


    "Say that again."


    I snicker before saying,


    "I said I thou-"


    I'm interrupted with the sound of a smack echoing throughout the room with a harsh sting radiating from my ass. I moan in response to his slap, pleased that my plan's working.


    "Let me make this clear to you," he says, rubbing my ass, "Right now, you're my bitch. So you don't say a fucking thing unless I tell you to."


    "Ooo, such a big man," I patronize, "It's gonna take mo-"


    He gives me another smack, stopping me in my tracks.


    "Keep it up," he warns, "The more you disobey, the worse this will be."


    "Oh, I'm so sca-"




    "You think I'm just go-"




    "If that's the hardest you can hit, the-"


    Smack. Smack. Smack.


    He starts spanking me so much, I'm losing count. Not to mention his hits are getting harder and harder. I can't lie, it's starting to really hurt. And that's exactly what I want. After a few more moments of relentless licks, he finally stops. My butt is no doubt a deep shade of red at this point. It hurts like hell. But it's not gonna be my problem for long.


    "You got anything else to say?" he asks, rubbing my sore ass.


    To give the illusion that I've been tamed, I start to say something else, but stop mid word.


    "That's what I thought. Now, you're gonna be an obedient little slut for your brother, aren't you?"


    "Yes, sir," I comply,


    "Good girl. Now, lift up that little ass for your brother."


    "Yes, sir."


    I do as instructed, lifting my hips and presenting my ass to him. I feel him rubbing it before positioning himself to the entrance of my pussy, exciting me. After teasing me for a bit, he finally pushes himself back in, grabbing my hips and thrusting in and out of me. I moan in response to his thrusts, bending over further so he'll reach deeper inside of me.


    He tightens his grip on my hips, thrusting harder and reaching deeper. It feels so good. I never want this to stop. He's hitting just the perfect spot. It's driving me crazy.


    I then feel his hand grab onto my hair, yanking on it as he picks up his pace. I moan louder from his increasing roughness with me. He then wraps his hand in my hair, saying,


    "Say my name. Say my fucking name."


    "R-Roman," I moan out, following his demand.


    He slaps my ass, making me gasp.


    "Louder," he says sternly,


    "Roman!" I yell,


    "Yeah, that's right. Call out to your little brother like the dumb little cock hungry slut you are."


    He gives me another slap on the ass and pulls my hair, prompting me to yell his name even louder. Everything is so overwhelming right now: his spanks, his pulling of my hair, his thrusts, his demanding voice, the sound of Katelyn being so submissive, it's all just perfect. They're doing things to me that I never thought possible.


    I start feeling myself nearing my limit with each thrust. Something tells me this is gonna be one of the greatest orgasms I'll ever experience. And judging from Roman's increased thrusts and growing moans, it's safe to assume that he's not too far behind. He then takes me completely off guard and slides his thumb inside of my ass, sliding it in and out of my anus, matching his thrusts. This sends immeasurable pleasure all throughout my body. It's like he knows just the right buttons to press for her. What a thoughtful little brother.


    "R-Roman," I call out, "I-...I'm gonna cum. Please make me cum. I wanna coat that delicious cock with my fluids. Please let me. I'll let you cum inside me if you do. That's right. I'll let you fill up my little pussy with your warm, sticky, tasty cum. You get to claim me as yours. No one else's. Do it, little brother. Shoot your load deep inside of me. Claim me. Breed me."


    Within a few minutes, he accepts my offer, thrusting deep inside of me and letting out a loud moan before shooting his essence inside of my awaiting pussy. I, in turn, coat his cock with my essence, moaning along with him. He thrusts a little more, ensuring that I get every little drop as we ride out our orgasms.


    He then slides out of me as I lie on the floor, catching my breath. I then feel my consciousness slipping away from me as he starts rubbing my back.


    "I love you so much," he says in between breaths.


    I just snicker at his comment before giving in to unconsciousness. And right as I do, I wake up on his bed, hearing his exhausted breaths as I sit up.


    "Well, congratulations," I say, startling him again, "You're now gay."


    "CHAD?!" he exclaims, "WHAT THE FUCK?!"


    "Isn't it obvious? What, you really think that she would have a change of heart that quickly? Don't tell me I made you delude yourself that much."


    "Wh-what?! N-no. No."


    "Yes. It was me, Barry. I swapped bodies with your sister and made you fuck her. All to prove you wrong. Don't you ever doubt me again, dickhead."


    "This doesn't even make any sense! This can't be real. How di- I mean, when di- what the hell?!"


    "Don't know, and frankly, I couldn't care less. I just found out last night. Courtney was the first to experience my power. In more ways than one if ya know what I mean."


    "That's insane. I guess you weren't lying when you said you got the best superpower ever."


    "Roman, it's me. Do I ever lie?"


    He gives me an unamused look.


    "Always focusing on the past," I say, folding my arms,


    "Whatever," he replies, "So...how does it work? What do you do?"


    "Basically, whenever I wanna change into someone else, I just need to think about them really hard and cum. Then I go to sleep a few seconds after and poof: new body."


    "Sick. Hey, wait a minute, where do you get off calling me scummy for beating it to Katelyn, when you fucked yourself with Courtney's body?"


    "What is it with you and focusing on the past all the time?"


    He punches my arm as we share a laugh. He then stands up, pulling his pants up and looking down at Katelyn.


    "So is she gonna-...like...remember any of this?" he asks,


    "She shouldn't," I answer, "I spent most of last night having fun with Courtney and when I saw her this morning, she was just as clingy to me as when I got back. No mention of something weird happening, nothing about her body feeling weird, none of that."


    "Uh huh. Interesting. So you've got a power that allows you to jump into someone else's body, you do whatever you want, you jump back to yours, and you just get to live without consequences like it never even happened?"


    "That's the gist of it, yeah."


    And just as I suspected, he gets a sinister look on his face. This is why I wanted to tell him and him alone. Great minds think alike.


    "So do you have to personally know the person or just know what they look like?" he asks, grabbing his phone and unlocking it,


    "Haven't really tested that far, but I guess now's a greater time to do so than ever," I reply,


    "I'll take it. Cause I don't know if you remember who this is, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be opposed to testing your ability out on her."


    He shows me his phone screen, revealing a girl sitting at a lunch table, laughing with a group of people. Wait a minute, blonde hair, ripped jeans, ugly shirt, green eyes, that's Linda. She made Courtney's freshman year a living hell with all those rumors she spread. That fucking bitch.


    "Does that face mean that you recognize this lovely lady?" Roman questions,


    "I've seen her around a bit," I answer, "She's not bad looking. Not bad looking at all."


    "Wanna pay her a little visit? According to her, she likes taking afternoon walks around Garrison Park."


    "Sounds like a plan. It's always nice to catch up with old friends."

No more chapters.

Eccho25 Author ∙ 02 November 2022

And what on God's green Earth are you doing here? You see the month, you degenerate. You were supposed to be A Chad, not be LIKE Chad. Shameful.

lonedynasty ∙ 03 November 2022

Thanks for writing this! You made the main character into such a menace from the jump, wasted no time abusing his power lol Chad skipped masturbation and went straight to oral/sex. Very spicy I respect it. Would love to see a part 2. Nice to see your take on the story upvoted!

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