Trying Something New

Story created by Kripto ∙ 11 September 2023

A bodyhopper husband and wife decide to spice up their sex life by possessing a mother and son.


ftf mtf possession feet ftm son incest daughter bodyhopper mother sister roleplay brother MTM kinky armpits daddy

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  • Trying Something New: Chapter 2

    Chapter written by Kripto ∙ 30 November 2022

    Peter and Christine meet old friends, then meet their children, a pair of fraternal twin who are on a college break. The married body hopping couple decide to expand their sexual escapades by spending the rest of the week possessing the twins. Christine adds a twist, and they both explore their hosts' kinks.

  • It was a crisp fall day when Christine Henderson arrived home from work. She was later than usual, but for good reason. She had been catching up with a friend she hadn’t seen in a very long time. And they had made plans to get together and catch up, and drag their husbands along with them. Christine knew her husband, Peter, would not like this change of plans at all. It disrupted their nightly routine of the past couple months of fucking each other silly. 


    Despite the fact that they were an old married couple, they were enjoying a resurgence in their sex life. This was made easier by the fact that they were also body hoppers, and were exploring new kinks they had long shunned. In this case, they were regularly hopping the bodies of a mother and son that lived across the street from them. 


    Peter hadn’t been able to get enough of their neighbors. The taboo nature of using their bodies to satiate their desires had not grown stale. Usually they’d have grown bored, but that had not been the case. 


    Every day, as soon as they both got home from work, they would shed their clothes and become an ethereal mist. They’d float across the street, and take over the mother and son that lived there. Then they would act perfectly normal. The mother would talk about her work at a bank downtown. The son would talk about his college classes he’d attended that day. But during a meal or an activity, there would be subtle flirting that would turn into not so subtle flirting. Eventually clothes would be removed, or sometimes torn off. And before the night was over, the mother and son would have engaged in hot, hot incest. 


    Night after night after night this was their pattern. And when Christine walked into her kitchen that day, she saw that her husband was already in mist form, ready to go. 


    “Peter, I’m sorry,” Christine sighed. “There’s been a change of plans tonight. We’ve got a dinner date.”


    Christine watched as the mist swayed back and forth.


    “It couldn’t be helped,” she said. “I ran into Diane Shiplee today at lunch. You remember the Shiplees?” 


    She knew darn well he did. They used to be their dearest friends. Still, he handled this news about as well as …

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jibaky ∙ 10 April 2023

huh, i'm pretty sure that i commented on this when it first came out

jibaky ∙ 10 April 2023

anyways, i'll just do it again. I won't pretend that i feel about this new chapter the same as i did when it came out, but i'll nonetheless try and express it to the best of my abilities. As always, I love Kripto's writing, the interactions between the main completely abusing the lives and identities of the mounts is great, and i love how this time, they got to some fun as the opposite gender. Really, the way that peter was so reluctant to hop Ally, just to end up having the time of his life in her body is quite characteristic of the writer, and something that i really enjoy. Outside of the tfs part, just like in the first chapter, the couple have some fun exploring the mount's fetishes, which i really like, and wish more writers of the genre would do. Overall, this is is what i expected when i first commissioned this sequel, and i really wish that i had the money back when this came out to commission another chapter, but the world spins, and life doesnt care about such things

jibaky ∙ 10 April 2023

the only minor gripe i have is that the armpit stuff only happened right when Christine first possessed Aiden, and at the last part of the vacation they took as the siblings, which is fair, i imagine its not easy to write about a fetish that you don't have, and the fact that it was as well written as it was is quite impressive, and consistent to the way it was done in the first chapter with the foot fetish