Body Rentals - A Gal At Madame Maxine's

Story created by VexenFox ∙ 11 September 2023

Not long after the original 'Body Rentals' series, the body possession device is becoming commonplace! This is the story of two girls working at Madame Maxine's club, where lonely guys can come and enjoy an experience inside the body of a hot woman.

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  • Body Rentals - A Gal At Madame Maxine's - #1

    Chapter written by VexenFox ∙ 14 December 2021

    Not long after the original 'Body Rentals' series, the body possession device is becoming commonplace! This is the story of two girls working at Madame Maxine's club, where lonely guys can come and enjoy an experience inside the body of a hot woman.

  • “Why would I give you a freebie again?”

    “Because I’m really, really into it.”

    “Doesn’t sound like a good reason to me, buddy.”

    My friend Mia was negotiating with a new guy. It was a slow night, so the two of us were sitting with four or five other girls in the lobby of Madame Maxine’s. The four or so girls who’d already been rented were still in their rooms, so it wasn’t exactly kicking off out here.

    When Mia had told me she was working for one of those new Body Brothel’s I wasn’t surprised -- she was always into weird shit. When she managed to convince me to do a trial shift two months later, I was shocked that I went along with it.

    While some people kind of liked having a job where they could just sit back and let somebody move them around, I always had a lot of initiative -- and independence. But when the recent round of layoffs hit, and it was this or McDonalds. Fuck it, I thought.

    The way it worked was us girls would hang out in the lobby, drinking and chatting with clients, or johns as Mia called them. This gave us an opportunity to vet the people who’d have control of our bodies beforehand, and gave the johns an opportunity to see us as real people, rather than just bodies to be worn.

    If john liked the look of you, and you were okay with him (or sometimes, her) jumping into your skin, they’d pay at the desk and disappear into a backroom. Meanwhile, you’d go into another room with a bed, a mirror, and a bunch of other amenities and toys. 

    The john would then take control of your body for 15 minutes. At least.

    There were rules of course. No sex without outsiders was one. Kinda ironic for a brothel, I know. I mean, sure, the clients could masturbate if they wanted, or go back out into the lobby and find another girl to make out with, but no sex, you know? It was supposed to be a classy place, and nobody wants to find their body was used by some lame-ass girlfriend to give a blowjob birthday present for her ugly-ass man.

    All the girls were clean, and the clients would have to make do with just some fondling between us girls. No outsiders allowed.

    They also weren’t allowed to do anything to the body that lasted too much beyond the session. No injuries, obviously. No haircuts. Not even shaving, unless it was cleared beforehand.

    My first night I was so nervous I nearly puked. See, the girl’s get to decide if we want to be awake while we’re controlled, or just black out and wake up afterwards in whatever position the john put us in. Some girls even do their settings so that they think they’re doing everything of their own free will, which sounds fucking nuts to me.

    Anyway, I’ve always chosen the ‘blackout’ option. The idea of somebody controlling my body, making me flirt, making me masturbate, checking out my ass -- nah man, I’m happier just waking up after, $100 richer.

    I know $100 doesn’t sound like much, but man, that’s for 15 minutes work. And there are cameras and people looking after my body, so it’s pretty safe. I’m amazed more people don’t do it, to be honest. Now that I’ve actually gotten in, and seen from the other side what it’s like, it’s like, what was I worried about?

    But, yeah, on my first night I was sitting here all nervous like. I hadn’t really learnt how to chat up the john’s yet, you know? There’s a skill to it. The fast spend or the fast rejection is what you want. You have to charm them quickly, because you’re on the clock. I didn’t know any of that yet, so I was just lounging around, quietly chatting with different guys as they arrived. 

    Eventually, one guy asked if he could rent. (Nowadays I usually ask first because it’s quicker). Anyway, he asked if he could rent, and I was all like “Sure, babe, let’s go.” and inside I’m panicking. This guy is going to control me? He paid at the desk and I hid away in the smallest back room I could.

    I remember looking down at myself and thinking “Holy shit, somebody else is going to have this view in a moment?” I kicked my feet and cupped my boobs, and giggled nervously. It takes a few minutes for them to set up the john in the other room, but all of us girls are already hooked in wirelessly to be rented at any time. Which means I have a few minutes to sit there and panic! I imagined waking up outside, somehow, or to a broken arm, or all manner of things. I stared down at my skimpy dress and wondered what a guy would do if he had this view.

    An instant later I found myself back in the lounge. Naked. And standing on a table.

    Turned out they cut that session off early because the john was ‘Recklessly endangering the worker’s safety’. Funnily enough, that made me feel way more confident about the place, because all he’d been doing is dancing on a coffee table in stripper heels. Nothing I hadn’t done before, haha. But it wasn’t allowed -- he’d been jumping about and shaking my boobs all over. If he’d fallen, I could have been hurt, so they kicked him out of my body, and I got to wake up naked on a table.

    Usually they send them back to the room first.

    My next few rents went pretty smoothly. One was a bodybuilder who came in looking for the “Smallest, weakest girl I ever saw” and he chose me, the bastard. I woke up after that one with every muscle in my body completely wrecked. Turned out he’d rented me for like two hours! And he’d spent most of that time finding out that, yeah, small women can only lift a few kilograms. Maybe he got off on it, I don’t know.

    They didn’t kick him out because ‘all he was doing was exercising’, but fuck, I felt sore for days after. He’d made me do squats, jumping jacks, situps, weightlifting, deadlifts… and apparently was completely amazed when he couldn’t do a pushup. Yeah, fuck off, skinny girls can’t do push ups, okay? He apparently didn’t know that, and my friend Kiera told me he kept trying to, over and over, giggling the whole time. He used my skinny arms to push me up a little bit off the ground and then fall back down onto my boobs. Again and again. Yeah.

    At the opposite end was this big fat guy who wanted to be small and skinny. He picked me too for some reason. I was really nervous beforehand that he’d gorge my body on crap, but he was a pretty friendly guy and literally negotiated how much chocolate and shit he would be allowed to eat in my body. He had a fantasy about eating chocolate off a hot girl, apparently, but was easily embarrassed and didn’t actually want the girl to be there while he did it -- so his plan was to do both roles in my body. Eat chocolate off a hot girl, alone, from inside the hot girl’s body. Hah.

    Anyway, we pissed around for a while chatting about it, and eventually I get him down to just one of those small packets of family chocolates. He protested until I showed him how large the packet was compared to like, my whole head, and he relented, lumbering over to the back room to be hooked up. 

    I took the chocolates to one of the bedrooms and quickly changed out of my good outfit -- this arsehole was going to get chocolate all over me, I didn’t want it ruined. I was rushing to do up my leather body suit when the rent signal hit my brain.

    Instantly, I found myself lying on my back, on the bed, and covered all over in this sticky brown goo. One of my hands was holding a tit, and the other was in my mouth. I could taste the chocolate -- not bad, actually -- and I could feel the john’s leftover arousal pulsing through me. Usually I woke up feeling pretty satisfied (if a bit sore and used) but apparently fatso had spent the whole time on his chocolate fantasy and hadn’t finished masturbating. He’d probably run out of money.

    The cleanup from that was a nightmare. He’d somehow got chocolate all through my hair, in my butt crack, between my toes, all over my face… I felt full and bloated the whole time I cleaned myself up from somebody else's' festivities. And I was still damn horny!

    It’s weird waking up horny. It’s not like when you wake up from sleeping next to a hot guy and in the mood. It’s waaaay more intense than that! It’s like waking up right in the middle of having sex, except that you’re literally in the middle of doing all the movements yourself, and probably pretty close to cumming. 

    I don’t know how to describe it. Imagine the horniest guy you can imagine -- this guy thinks you’re a bloody goddess sent from heaven. Ordinarily he couldn’t get within five miles of a girl as hot as you, and he’d be right -- no way you’d touch him sexually, even if you were getting paid. But now he’s in you -- and there’s no hesitation or embarrassment since he’s alone. No shyness, no being careful or trying to get the other person off or anything. It’s just him, and your body. He’s having the fucking time of his life, moving your arms about, fondling your tits and sticking your fingers in god knows where. He’s just about to have the orgasm of his life…

    Then his allotted time runs out, and you wake up right in the middle of it.

    It’s fucking intense, let me tell you.

    That’s part of what keeps me in this work, I’ll admit. I don’t have to actually let anybody touch me or have sex with me -- it’s all just my body, and man do they get it off. Sometimes guys are a bit too rough for sure -- once I woke up with four of my fingers in my pussy -- but the johns almost always play nice. Madame Maxine’s is a classy place, after all, and they won’t want to be banned.

    Anyway, I was going to tell you about what’s happening with Mia and this guy with a kink for it. He wants a freebie because he says we’ll have such a good time being controlled by him. Yeah, right. I’m getting called over, so I’ll tell you more about it in a moment.


    “He wants a ride in both of us lad.”

    I swaggered over to where Mia and the new guy were negotiating. It was normal -- encouraged, even -- for the john and the gal to chat for a bit beforehand. You want your clients to know what’s okay, and to know you’re a real person in there, not just a hunk of flesh they can ride.

    I mean, you were a hunk of flesh that they got to drive around, but you were a person too.

    “I want you to stay aware for it, too.”

    “This guy reckons he has a fetish for this shit, and that when he’d controlling us all that pent up energy will bubble through.”

    “I can tell you now, it will be the best orgasm you’ve ever had.”

    “I told him you always go the blackout route, though.”

    “How come you want us awake dude?” I asked. I was way more comfortable just jumping ahead in time, not knowing what the guy’s did with my body. Being forced to move about while you were aware would be pretty damn freaky.

    “That’s part of it.” the guy said, “I like to know you’re watching, getting off alongside me.”

    “Most people do this because the *don’t* want their partners to see what they do.” I quipped, but the guy just shrugged.

    “I’ll find another girl if you’re not interested. How often do you get the opportunity to have the orgasm of your life?”

    “Literally every day.” 

    Mia laughed. 

    “I’m happy to stay awake, if that’s what you’re into, but no way you’re getting a freebie for it.”

    “How about you?”

    I hesitated. It had been a slow night, and was kinda curious what it felt like to be controlled. I mean, I’d been controlled dozens of times, but I’d never been awake for it. Would I regret it? Maybe. But I would probably have given it a go at some point anyway, why not with the kink man? If how I felt after waking up was any indication, the feelings were pretty intense even for my regulars.

    “Double rate, bitch.” I said.

    “Fuck, really?”

    “You want me to be awake, you gotta pay for it. You’re not the only one that can negotiate prices.”

    “I’ll just find somebody else then.”

    He didn’t move. I shrugged..

    “Fiiiine.” the guy said. “Let’s do it.”

    He sighed and looked at Mia. “You first.”

    Mia winked at me and strutted into one of the back bedrooms, while the john went over to the counter to pay and be setup in the jump room. Mia was a thicc gal, not much taller than me, but about twice as big. And not fat, either, her waist was trim af. She just had a huge ass, tits, and was built a gymnast. Guy’s liked renting her body when they wanted to turn the feminine assets to the max.

    I waited on the couch while she ducked into the back room. I wondered what it would be like to be awake while controlled? I wouldn’t be able to stop it, you’re kind of committed once you choose the setting. That’s part of what stopped me from trying it before. What if I panicked, and couldn’t even move to get help? What if the guy made me do something gross? Would I really not have any control at all? I knew what having a numb arm or leg felt like, but not being able to move my eyes? Not able to even talk or breathe by myself?

    Fuuuuccck thaaaaat.

    I didn’t have to wait long for Mia to be jumped. Barely two minutes after she ducked into the room, her body swaggered back out under the john’s control. He pumped her hips side to side in an over the top way.

    “Hey gal.” 


    I looked him over lazily. I was used to seeing other girls controlled, of course. They put us out in the lounge not just to flirt with the john’s going in, but also to play with the john’s coming out, if you know what I mean.

    They guy held up Mia’s hands in front of his face and wiggled his fingers. He stared at them with a fascination not uncommon for the johns, but the way he bit her lip… well, he was obviously turned on.

    “Taking it slow?”

    He just nodded dumbly, mesmerised my Mia’s pale fingers in front of him. He waved them this way and that, making her look kinda stupid. He didn’t have her flow, you know, he looked out of place in her body. Like a bad actor on stage for the first time, conscious of every movement to a degree that made it all seem so unnatural. Mia was never like that -- never like that when she was in control of herself anyway. Cool as a cucumber, that one was.

    Eventually he lowered his hands to fondle Mia’s chest through her bra. As soon as he touched the assets he gasped and moaned, and I giggled a bit nervously. What did that feel like for Mia, from the inside? She was awake right now, watching her body fondle itself with apparent ecstasy. She would feel the horniness, for sure. Feel the guy’s arousal making her pussy quiver and pulse… fuck, I’d be having a turn in a minute too.

    I looked down at myself and tried to imagine it. Nothing. I waved my hands in front of me, then squeezed my boobs too, imagining what Mia was feeling.

    Nope, didn’t feel like much. Hmmm.

    I looked back up to find Mia’s face staring at me, horniness screaming right out of it. The guy reached out and grabbed my hand.

    “Let’s go to one of the rooms.”

    I shrugged and let him lead me there. He’d be paying through his nose for a turn inside me in a moment, might as well let him get his money’s worth.

    Once inside though, he just kind of stood around. Overwhelmed maybe? It happens. Definitely horny, he was squeezing Mia’s hands as tight as a nun hiding a vibrator.

    I decided I might as well have some fun.

    “Hey Mia, ya in there?”

    Mia’s face smiled slyly back at me. 

    “I bet you’re hoping we don’t do anything toooooo crazy, ay. Tell you what, if you don’t want to get on all fours, just raise your arm up into the air.”

    The guy controlling Mia’s body giggled at me.

    “It’s easy as!” I said, demonstrating. “All you have to do is raise your arm. Go on, then!”


    “Well, I guess you better get on all fours.”

    Mia’s body fell to it’s elbows and knees, and the guy gasped again. Mia’s tits were big enough that they grazed the floor when he put her body like that, and he was definitely enjoying the feeling.

    “Good girl” I said, and he shuttered again. I slapped him on the ass for good measure.

    I plonked myself down on Mia’s back, riding her like a horse, but facing the other way. Her body shivered again, but I couldn’t tell if it was from arousal, or from the guy’s effort in holding me up with Mia’s skinny little girl arms. Didn’t matter, I supposed.

    I slapped him on the ass again a few times, playing Mia’s ass cheeks like a pair of bongo drums. 

    Alright, so I don’t really know how to do this sort of thing. I’m not a dominatrix, I’m usually asleep when all the sex stuff happens. Bear with me!

    The guy moaned, and then spoke with Mia’s voice.

    “I’ll be controlling you instead in a few minutes.” he said. 

    “I know.”

    “I bet Mia will have a thing or two to say to you.”

    “Oh yeah?” I swung myself around, still sitting on her back. “Let’s give her something to be angry about then, shall we?”

    I slapped Mia’s thigh like a jockey. She laughed and started crawling forward.

    “Mush!” I cried, as Mia’s body chuckled.

    “Oi, oi, okay, enough!” the guy said. “I’ve only got two minutes left in here, and need to make this body orgasm before I switch out.”

    “Sounds like a challenge” I said, standing up. The guy made Mia gaze up at me. He sat on her haunches and began fondling her tits again, one hand snaking down to play with her pussy. He let out a quiet moan.

    “Want me to dance? Cause I ain’t helping you with that.”

    I began bopping my hips side to side.

    The guy slowly began to rub Mia’s pussy, pushing gently between the folds. Her body was quivering already.

    I spun around and waved my ass in front of her face. He gasped and leaned forward, pressing Mia’s face against my ass check. I gasped softly as he stuck her tongue out and gently licked the back of my thigh. Shit, this was turning me on too.

    The guy moaned softly with Mia’s voice as he masturbated in her body. I turned around and began slowly removing my jacket as I danced.

    “What do you want me to do in your body?” he asked, panting.

    I gave him a cheeky smile. “I want you to make me cum.” 

    “Ooooh, that can be arranged.” 

    He licked Mia’s lips.

    “But I’m not just going to make you cum. I’m going to make you beg for it.”

    “Are you now?”

    “I’m going to make you sing out for more. I’m going to make you wriggle and dance and grin and kiss.”

    He was really getting into this shit.

    “I’m going to take control of that smug little face of yours and do whatever I want with it.”

    Oi, smug?!

    “And when I’m done, I’m going to make you get down on the floor and kiss these feet!”

    He wriggled his toes for effect, then grunted with Mia’s cute high pitched voice and his whole body gave a shudder.

    Mia’s face changed suddenly and she feel backwards as her muscles suddenly relaxed for a moment. She was back in control.

    “Holy fuck” she said. “He wasn’t kidding about that. What a bloody trip.”

    I looked down at myself. Any moment now they would rewire the connection and he’d be in control of my body. And for the first time, I’d be awake for it!

    “You bitch!” she said, getting up. “I’m going to make you pay for that.”

    “Oh yeah?” I said. “And what-”

    And then my mouth stopped working.


    The original Body Rentals series can be found here!

No more chapters.

sholt ∙ 18 February 2022

Is there a part 2? If not do you have any plans for one?

VexenFox Author ∙ 15 April 2022

Hey, yes! There isn't a part two yet, but I do intend to write one at some point. :)

redactedthegreat ∙ 05 November 2022

Such a great story! I love the playfulness, and how key facts about the setting are revealed at regular pacing with the protagonist's immediate situation. A part two would be awesome!

VexenFox Author ∙ 07 November 2022

Aha, thank you! I definitely do want to write something at some point, but I'm not getting a lot of time for writing nowadays!

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