Parasite Zero

Story created by GaylynneQT ∙ 11 September 2023

Zoe had a wonderful life! That was until everything just went wrong. No relationship, no job, and most of her stuff got stolen. Zoe finds herself the Queen of a host of mind-controlling parasites. And she figures it's about time that she takes her life back and more.

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  • Parasite Zero: Chapter 2

    Chapter written by GaylynneQT ∙ 27 August 2023

    Zoe starts to come to terms to her new role as Queen. And her first act as queen is to find a host for her parasite, and she has just the target in mind.

  • “Alright,” Zoe said as she sat down on her bed, staring at the newly spawned parasite that she named Thaddeus. “How exactly does all of this work?”

    “Well, it’s very simple, my queen,” Thaddeus said.

    “Please,” Zoe said as she rubbed the bridge of her nose. “Just Zoe is fine for now. Maybe in due time, I’ll be more comfortable with being called a queen.” She sighed and laid down. “Sorry, this is just a lot to take in all at once.”

    “Of course, my queen Zoe,” Thaddeus said. Zoe huffed, but at least the name was a compromise. “I will answer any questions that you have that I am capable of answering.”

    Zoe huffed a little before turning over to Thaddeus. “So, let’s start simple. Well, as simple as I can, I guess. Are there just a bunch of you living inside of me right now? Am I in any danger?”

    Thaddeus shook its head. “Never, Zoe. We would never risk the lives of our queen.” Thaddeus hopped onto Zoe and crawled over across her collarbone. Zoe shivered a little at the odd sensation. “See, we currently reside dormant in a little sack inside of you. It’s somewhere between your heart and your throat. At your will and command, you can summon and spit up one of us. At most, it would be wise to spit up only five at a time so we have time to recover and regrow more.”

    “So, I just kind of focus and cough up more of you?” As Zoe said that, she became more aware of the lump in her neck. If she focused more on it, it felt like she was ready to cough up something she had accidentally swallowed. “Yeah, I guess so. How long can you all live outside of me?”

    “Around an hour,” Thaddeus said.


    “Then, if we do not have a host to burrow into and integrate ourselves, we die. Shrivel up into nothing but nutrients to whatever happens to come across and consume us.”

    Zoe quickly rushed over to her phone and looked at the time. It had been about half an hour since she got her bearings and coughed up Thaddeus.

    “We gotta get you into a host soon!” Zoe quickly put on her shoes and scooped up Thaddeus. She rushed out of her apartment and locked the door before looking around. After a few seconds, she just continued to stand there.

    “Zoe, is everything alright? You are simply standing around,” Thaddeus said.

    “Uh, well, I was in such a rush to get you a host that, well, I didn’t exactly think of who to make into the host. It’s like the middle of the night, so I don’t even know anyone who I could have you take over,” Zoe said sheepishly, hoping that her standing around would give her some ideas.

    “Well, any host will do. But, I will be limited as to what I can do in that body based on the body. For example, you found us in a bear. Bears cannot speak verbally to humans and use human speech, so I would be unable to speak with you,” Thaddeus explained.

    “So, if I want to talk with you, then…”

    “Correct, you would need to put me in another human.”

    Zoe gave a little pause. On the one hand, taking over someone else? I mean, sure, she wanted to take back her life. But was that worth crossing the line? Completely taking someone else’s life that they had built up? But at the same time, she didn’t want Thaddeus to die. Especially since it seemed to be the only friend she really had right now and the only one to explain what’s going on. Sure, she could probably cough up another one and talk with them, but what if that one wasn’t like Thaddeus?

    As she thought more about it, the more the idea became more appealing to her. After all, the world was such a cruel and mean place. It would be so much better under her rule. Under her control. Zoe smiled wide at the thought.

    Yes, this was the right path. Using the Legion of Thaviothes, she could not only take back her life, but she could fix everything wrong with the world. She could make it how it should be, without injustices like she faced today.

    Suddenly, Zoe’s thoughts were interrupted as a pair of lights flashed in her face briefly. She blinked and looked at the source of the lights. It was Cassandra, one of the older tenants of the apartments and a constant thorn in Zoe’s side. She was always going on and on about the different rules that Zoe was breaking, even if Zoe wasn’t doing anything. Really, she was a pain in everyone’s ass. Cassandra was always so high and mighty because her husband, Steven, was a rich lawyer who would easily sue anyone at the drop of a hat.

    “I just found the perfect host for you,” Zoe said as she started to walk over towards Cassandra, putting her hands and Thaddeus behind her back. “Good evening Cassandra!”

    Cassandra got out of her car and rolled her eyes at Zoe. “Oh great, it’s you. What do you want?” She crossed her arms as she locked her car. “Ugh, you look like shit.”

    “Gee, thanks,” Zoe said, clenching her teeth as she smiled at Cassandra. “You could say that I had a rough day today.”

    “Wonderful. Well, I don’t care and I didn’t ask.” Cassandra moved to the trunk of her car and pulled out a bag of groceries. “Now, if you don’t get out of my way, I’ll get my husband to sue your ass for loitering.”

    “Ah, classic Cassandra with the stick shoved so far up her ass that you can see it when she opens her mouth,” Zoe said, stepping closer and closer to Cassandra.

    “Ex-fucking-scuse me?” Cassandra huffed. “What the hell do you think you’re doing speaking to me like that? I don’t think that I have to remind you that-”

    “Yeah yeah,” Zoe said, now right up at Cassandra’s face, “Steven is a big time lawyer. You’ve only told me and this whole apartment complex a million times.”

    “And it will be a million and one if you don’t shape up. I will not be treated or disrespected this way by some dirty hussy.” She stuck her nose up at Zoe and sneered. “Now, get out of my way. I have more important things to do than waste my time with you.”

    Zoe was practically balling up her fist, ready to slug Cassandra across the jaw; it was only a sudden wiggling of Thaddeus that reminded Zoe what she bothered with Cassandra about. Zoe snickered and grinned as she stepped aside for Cassandra to walk beside her.

    “That’s better,” Cassandra said as she walked past Zoe.

    Once she was no longer looking at Zoe, Zoe raised her fist up to her face. In a hushed whisper, she spoke to Thaddeus. “Okay, how do I do this?”

    “My queen Zoe,” Thaddeus said, “Simply get me into physical contact with the target. I shall take over the rest.”

    “Alright,” Zoe said as she quickly approached Cassandra who was unlocking her door. “I think you need a fucking attitude adjustment.” She dropped Thaddeus onto Cassandra’s shoulder. “And I’m just the queen to do that.”

    “What the fuck!?” Cassandra spun around, her mind whirling at trying to understand what was going on, but it was too late. Thaddeus lunged and bit down into Cassandra’s neck, causing her to scream out. “What the hell did you do, you bitch!?” Cassandra swiftly kicked Zoe in the stomach, knocking her away.

    “How dare you hurt our queen!” Thaddeus said.

    “Who the fuck said that!?” Cassandra said, trying to grab at the strange sensation at her neck.

    “You need to learn your place!” Thaddeus burrowed its way into her neck and disappeared under her skin.

    “AHHHH!!!!” Cassandra screamed out as she felt Thaddeus moving. “It’s… it’s inside me!” She clawed at her neck to no avail to remove the strange creature. “What’s happening?”

    “Kneel before your queen!” Thaddeus said, its voice echoing inside of Cassandra’s head.

    “Q-Queen?” Cassandra said as she felt all her strength leave her legs and fell to her hands and knees. “What… the hell…?” Then, there was a brief shimmer as her eyes changed to a deep purple color, similar but a little duller to Zoe’s. Suddenly, Cassandra crawled over to Zoe and put her head to the ground. “It is done, my queen.”

    Zoe groaned as she slowly stood up, looking down while clutching her stomach where she was kicked. “Cassandra? Or…”

    “It is your servant,” Cassandra said, “the one who you have graciously named Thaddeus. Though, in this host, it would be wisest to refer to me as Cassandra as that is this host’s name.”

    Zoe blinked in surprise. Was it really that fast of a take over? “Stand up and look at me.”

    Cassandra stood up and looked at Zoe, the new purple irises staring blankly back at Zoe. “Yes, my queen Zoe.”

    Zoe waved her hand in front of Cassandra, who did not react to the hand at all. “What happened to the original Cassandra? Is she…?”

    “Dead?” Cassandra finished Zoe’s sentence with a shake of her head. “I have integrated myself and taken over the original one who was in here. Right now, it is all the one you named Thaddeus. At your leisure, you may decide how much of me you desire to be Thaddeus and how much to be the original Cassandra.”

    “Huh,” Zoe said before groaning again as a wave of pain hit her.

    “My queen,” Cassandra said as she rushed over to Zoe. “Please, let me tend to you. It is my failure for not having been able to protect you.”

    “Um, alright,” Zoe said before turning her focus to Cassandra’s apartment. “Let’s get inside quickly before anyone comes here and starts asking questions.” She looked around. It didn’t seem like any of her neighbors had noticed, but she wasn’t about to take any chances.

    “Understood, my queen Zoe.” Cassandra quickly picked up the rest of the groceries while Zoe hurried inside. Zoe locked the door and turned on the lights.

    She had never really seen the inside of Cassandra’s apartment, much less been inside of it. Cassandra had all kinds of expensive furniture that looked very cozy and comfortable. There were various trinkets and art pieces all around, decorating everywhere. The whole place was very neat and clean. This was definitely how a richer woman than Zoe would live.

    “Please, have a seat,” Cassandra said, gently pushing Zoe towards the couch.

    “Uh, thank you,” Zoe said as she sat down. It felt weird to have someone with Cassandra’s body being so nice to her. Cassandra walked back to the kitchen and pulled out an ice pack. She walked over and handed it to Zoe, who placed it on the tender part. “Thank you.”

    Zoe hadn’t noticed it before, mostly because she could never get past Cassandra’s sour attitude, but Cassandra had a very attractive body. She was practically the definition of a trophy wife. The blonde locks cascaded down Cassandra’s body down to her shoulder, ending in soft and bouncy curls. She had fairly pale skin, likely from mostly spending her days inside. Today, she was wearing a light blue pantsuit with a white undershirt. She had on a lovely shade of red lipstick from a brand that was probably way out of Zoe’s price range.

    “So, you’re completely Thaddeus right now?” Zoe asked.

    “Yes,” Cassandra said bowing, “but, after we have taken over a host, I highly recommend referring to us by our host names. It is less likely to draw suspicion.”

    Zoe nodded as Cassandra repeated what she had said outside. “So, you said that I can choose how much of you is Thaddeus and how much is Cassandra. What did you mean by that?”

    “Right now, I only obey you and your commands. I am your loyal servant and drone and act only from you. However, from what I had gathered from both your knowledge and Cassandra’s is that completely controlling someone is rather taxing and time-consuming. So, at your desire, I can act of my own will according to how the host, in this case, Cassandra, would act on her own autonomy. It will also reduce the chances of anyone questioning the unusual behaviors. Of course, that is completely your desire to choose how to change things. Thaddeus is the obedience, but Cassandra is the flavor, so to speak in metaphors.” Cassandra explained things as if it was rehearsed and this was the hundredth time that she had to explain it.

    “But, you’ll still do anything that I say and ask for?” Zoe asked, to which Cassandra nodded.

    “I will perform whatever task you desire to the best of my ability,” Cassandra said, bowing again.

    Zoe pondered to herself, trying to mull over the ideas of it all. “Then, I want you to be about 70% Cassandra and 30% Thaddeus.”

    “As you desire, my queen Zoe,” Cassandra said before closing her eyes. There was a bit of a shudder before she opened them back up again. The eyes were still the same purple hue, but there was more life behind it.

    “How are you feeling Cassandra?” Zoe asked hesitantly. She had just kinda spat out a random number. She had no idea what exactly being 70% Cassandra even meant to someone who had her as a neighbor for years, much less to some alien parasite.

    Cassandra looked around and then rolled her eyes. “I’m fine. Just glad you didn’t mess up my shoes, otherwise you’d be in trouble.”

    “Really?” Zoe asked, groaning a little both from the pain and from the comment. “You’re the one who kicked me. You should be apologizing to me.”

    Cassandra sighed before turning to Zoe. “I’m sorry for kicking you, my queen Zoe.” That must have been the 30% of Thaddeus integrated in.

    “Oh? You still call me your queen, huh?” Zoe said with a bit of a smug smile.

    “Well, duh,” Cassandra said, rolling her eyes again. “You kinda are. Now, if you’re all situated, I need to put away the groceries. I have frozens and I’ll be damned if I let you distract me from them and spoil them.” With that, she huffed and walked to the kitchen, starting to put away the food.

    Zoe looked down at her hands, then placed one over her neck where she felt the rest of the parasites inside of her. She had done it. She had managed to take over Cassandra and turn her from a complete bitch to, well, at least less of a bitch. The previous Cassandra would have kicked Zoe out and then had her husband sue for damages to her shoes.

    “It really worked!” She cheered a little before groaning from the pain. “Damn, she has one hell of a kick.” She sat in silence for a bit before Cassandra returned from putting the groceries away.

    “Alright, well, the groceries are done. Now is there anything else that you need before I get on with my plans for the rest of my night from before this interruption happened?” Cassandra asked, hands on her hips.

    A little naughty idea came across Zoe’s mind. It was time for a little revenge and a little fun. “Actually, yes there is.” Zoe pointed to Cassandra. “Take off your top.”

    Cassandra looked surprised but just rolled her eyes again. “Ugh, seriously? That’s all you wanted?” She reached down and unbuttoned her pantsuit jacket and took it off, folding it nicely before setting it down on the back of the couch. “Alright, am I done here?”

    “Ah ah ah,” Zoe said, waggling a finger. “The undershirt too.”

    Cassandra sighed, but unbuttoned the white undershirt as well, removing it and folding it before placing it with the jacket. Now she was just standing there in her pants and bra.

    “Give me a little show off of you.”

    Cassandra stretched her arms up as she struck different poses, showing off her upper body to Zoe. Zoe got a full eyeful of Cassandra’s DD tits, contained within a black lace bra with a front clasp. Cassandra’s body was fairly slim, likely due to years of dieting and possible surgery, though Zoe couldn’t quite tell. Despite Cassandra’s pale skin, Zoe could see hints of tan lines over her body.

    “Alright, is that good enough for you, my queen Zoe?” Cassandra asked with a little huff.

    “Hmm, nope,” Zoe said as she smiled. “Now I want you to take off your pants and give me a little showing off like you did before.”

    “Fine, if it will get you satisfied.” Cassandra unbuttoned her pants and slipped them right down her legs. Underneath, she was wearing a pair of plain black cotton panties, surprisingly nothing too fancy. Her legs were delightfully toned, not a hint of cellulose or wrinkles anywhere on Cassandra’s body. Her ass was bouncy and definitely looked all natural. For 35, Cassandra had definitely kept her body in pristine condition. Well, mostly. On Cassandra’s left ass cheek was a small tattoo that read “Steven” with a heart.

    “There, are you satisfied now?” Cassandra asked.

    “I guess I am for now,” Zoe said, smiling wide. “Oh, but first,” she said, pulling out her phone. “Pose for me. I wanna take a few pics to remember this night.”

    Cassandra sighed and rubbed her forehead, but she began to start posing. “Yes, my queen Zoe. Hurry up. I want to get a shower and then watch my shows.”

    Zoe snapped a few pictures, making sure to save them. “Alright, now I’m satisfied. You can go get your shower now.”

    “Thanks, my queen Zoe.” Cassandra picked up her clothes and headed into her bedroom.

    Zoe looked over the photos, her smile never leaving her face. “I can’t believe it. I actually have Cassandra completely under my control. I could do whatever I want with her!” She squealed a little to herself. “Oh, I am going to have so much fun with my new toy!” She considered the options that she had about what to do, until one specifically came to her mind.

    “You know what, I think I’m gonna fuck her.”

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ghg.22 ∙ 27 August 2023

Looking forward to the next chapter. How many will there be?

ghg.22 ∙ 27 August 2023

Looking forward to the next chapter. How many will there be?

GaylynneQT Author ∙ 27 August 2023

No idea ghg.22, but I plan to write enough until I feel that Zoe's story has been satisfactorily told. And I'm just getting started

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