The Penis Lottery: Camping

Story created by redactedthegreat ∙ 11 September 2023

In a world where everyone is born female and sex is determined by a childhood lottery, two best friends are seperated to develop differently. Now that they've graduated, they decide to reunite for a camping trip together. They had both dreamed of becoming men, but only one of them saw the dream come true.

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  • The Penis Lottery: Camping

    Chapter written by redactedthegreat ∙ 11 April 2023

    In a world where everyone is born female and sex is determined by a childhood lottery, two best friends are seperated to develop differently. Now that they've graduated, they decide to reunite for a camping trip together. They had both dreamed of becoming men, but only one of them saw the dream come true.

  • In this world everyone is born a girl. Sex is determined by a lottery at the end of grade school. I had a winning ticket, but on the same day as the drawing I started my period, invalidating me for the injection.

    After graduation I went on a camping trip with my best friend Alex, who took my place in the lottery and recently completed male development. It's our first time together since the day of the drawing.

    Watching Alex chop the wood for our fire, I was struck by the gulf that had grown between our bodies. As girls we had looked like sisters, we could share clothes even though I was a couple inches taller. Now he towered over me, his muscles rippling with each swing of the axe.

    My body had grown larger too, but not like his. I'd gained a few inches of height, but most of my development had gone to my hips, my breasts, and my reproductive system.

    I'd suffered through over a hundred periods since that first awful experience, but I still hated it every single time. All I could think about now was how it should have been me getting the injection, going to boy school, chopping the wood, never worrying about a monthly cycle.

    Alex paused and looked in my direction. I wondered if he knew what was going through my mind. "Do you want a turn?" He asked, offering me the axe and wiping his brow.

    "Uh, sure." I said, cautiously stepping up to the stump we'd been using as a chopping block. Alex balanced a round of wood on the stump and backed away. I struggled to lift the axe over my head.

    "Whoa, careful." Alex chided me, stepping up and guiding my hands. "Here, hold it near the head until you're ready to swing. It's safer this way."

    "I'm holding it the same way you were." I said defensively. I'd been watching him carefully.

    "I'm a lot stronger than you are now, it's dangerous to swing an axe around beyond your control." He said it like such a simple safety tip, but it felt like a fist to my ego. I had to learn how to chop wood like a girl because I wasn't strong enough to be like Alex; he won the lottery, now he can swing an axe like a man, and pee where he wants, and pick me up like a child.

    What did my body do while he was gaining these abilities? A layer of fat to make me fun to touch, a pair of breasts to make me fun to look at, a menstrual cycle to make me fertile and horny, an arousal response that makes me easy to penetrate; it felt like every change I'd gone through was just a reward for Alex's now manly body to enjoy.

    “Are you alright?” He asked. I realized I’d been making a bit of a sour face.

    “I’m fine.” I said, trying to believe it. “Just psyching myself up to smash this log apart.” I brought the axe down and felt it thunk deep into the wood. There was even a splintering sound, but it didn’t quite split. I tried to pull the axe out but it was stuck.

    “Lift the whole thing up and slam it down.” Alex suggested. I tried, but I could hardly lift the axe and the wood it was stuck in at all.

    “Let me help.” Alex offered, taking the handle and easily lifting it to head-level and slamming it back onto the stump. The log split apart with a satisfying crack.

    “Thanks.” I said, but internally I was fuming. It felt so unfair. I tried not to let it bother me too much, but it lingered on my mind. I struggled to find anything to say as we set up the tent and roasted dinner together.

    We sat around the fire until the sun fully set, our faces lit by the flickering flames. Alex must have seen me shiver, because he moved over to sit next to me and put an arm over my shoulder. His body felt so warm against mine. Was additional body heat another advantage I’d missed out on?

    “We should probably go to bed soon.” Alex said. I felt an annoying little flutter in my heart.

    We had been avoiding romantic subjects entirely, but now that we were about to share a tent for the night, I was uncomfortably aware of the ambiguity. Would Alex try something? Would I want him to? I couldn’t make up my mind, but I thought up a lot of ways I didn’t want it to go.

    “Maybe we could watch the fire a little longer?” I suggested. Why did I feel so uncertain suggesting things to Alex? It almost felt like I was asking for approval from a teacher. I was a couple months older than him, but being side by side now almost made me feel like a child.

    “Sure.” He said, squeezing me closer. “Probably good to make sure the fire goes out.” He poked at it for a while, I watched the embers fly up into the night. I felt so little next to Alex, but it felt good. I was warm, and his body was so firm holding on to mine. I didn’t know what to say, so we just watched the fire together in silence.

    “Ready for bed?” He asked as the flames died out. I felt the pit again in my stomach. All this stalling and I was still just as unsure as before.

    “Sure.” I said, attempting to sound cheerful. I helped him pack up a bit and get the sleeping bags laid out. We brushed our teeth and spit into the coals to help put it out.

    There was still a faint glow, so Alex unzipped his pants and pulled out his thing. I’d see them before in pictures, but this was my first time seeing one in real life. It was almost pitch black outside, only the faint light of the stars and moon aided the nothing-glow of the remaining embers, but I still got a sense of its size. It almost seemed unreal the way it just stuck out of him, so long and chubby, like a fat sausage.

    He held it in his fingers and aimed at the remains of the fire. I heard more than saw the stream shoot from his dick onto the embers in a sizzling splash. With a few popping hisses the fire was out.

    I was thankful for the darkness, because I was sure my face had turned bright red. I couldn’t stand how Alex was showing off his body. It made me hate the twist of fate that had given him my winning ticket, I hated it more than when I got my period. But at the same time it was very possibly the hottest thing I had ever witnessed. I felt a tingle between my legs that was only getting louder. I just saw Alex’s penis, and he’d just used it to put out the fire in a way I could never dream of.

    “Sorry, I had to go.” Alex said a bit sheepishly. I’m sure he could tell I was stunned, but I hoped he didn’t know the depths of it.

    “It’s fine.” I said, trying to play it cool. “Saves water, right?” I added with an awkward chuckle. I felt like such a dork. My brain was still fixated on the thing that had just happened with the fire and the penis.

    In the tent all I could think about was the sexual tension between us. I could feel my body had already made up its mind. I wanted to say something, just to get it out in the open, but I couldn’t think of anything. I just paced awkwardly around the tent, pretending to get ready for bed, but too nervous to take off my clothes.

    “Do you want to sleep together?” Alex asked. I felt my face get even redder. What a blunt question. I opened my mouth to reply but no words came out.

    “I understand if you don’t, but I think it could be fun.” He added in response to my hesitation. “I haven’t seen a developed woman yet. I’d like you to be my first.” He added.

    I felt a gross feeling come over me. A developed woman, that’s what I was to him now. He wanted me to be his first of how many? Was he really using our friendship as an in for sexual experience with a woman?

    Though I could use sexual experience too, and Alex’s body was making me feel things I wanted to keep feeling. I looked at his dark outline in the tent, trying to read his invisible expression for a moment.

    “Could we turn on a light?” I asked, still feeling tongue tied about the entire sexual situation.

    “Of course.” He replied, hanging a dim lantern from the ceiling of the tent. I felt even more nervous in the light, but I also felt more excited. Alex already had his shirt off, and the vision of his nude torso was doing a lot to silence my doubts. His front was so flat and wide, with rippling muscles along his stomach. His body hair was everywhere, a particularly thick line of it ran from his navel into his pants, like a furry path to his penis.

    “Yes.” I said at last.

    “Hmm?” Alex seemed a bit confused. The way he’d been watching me look at him filled me with an excited nervousness.

    “Yes, I want to sleep together.” I clarified, beginning to take off my own shirt.

    Now it was Alex’s turn for his face to turn red. I was still in my bra, but I could see his eyes roving hungrily over my chest and middle. A noticeable bulge was forming in the front of his pants.

    I took off my own pants and watched the bulge swell as he saw the noticeable flatness of my panties. The way his eyes were glued to my crotch made me a little uncomfortable, I felt an urge to cover myself with my hands.

    “Nothing you haven’t seen before, right?” I said with another awkward chuckle.

    “It’s different now.” Alex said, eyes still roving my body, but frequently stopping to rest between my legs. “I didn’t realize how little you’d changed since we were girls.”

    Hearing him say that felt like a knife, but it also made the horny tingling jump up into a new gear. “I’ve developed.” I said defensively, posturing to highlight my assets.

    “Well sure, but…” He gestured at the front of my panties. “Your crotch still looks like a child’s.”

    I felt a new surge of hot embarrassment. “What are you talking about? You haven’t even seen it.”

    “I can see how flat it is.” He countered. “I mean, do you even get hard?”

    “Sort of.” I said meekly. It didn’t really feel right to call it ‘hard’, but I could feel it now as strongly as ever. The needy buzzing feeling in my clit before I had to touch it.

    “Would you be willing to try and get hard for me? I’m just so curious.” His face was turning red with a horny embarrassment, but I was fighting to resist the urge to run straight out of the tent. How could I tell him I was already as aroused as I’d ever been in my life?

    “I could do something sexy for you, I’m not sure what turns you on.” He had seemed so confident all night, but now I was seeing glimpses of my childhood friend in his awkward courting. His innocent intrigue only made the truth harder to share.

    “Are you ‘hard’ now?” He asked. I reached a breaking point, I couldn’t stand his eyes on my crotch for another second, and it felt like if something didn’t touch my clit soon it was going to explode. My hand darted over my panties, holding my hot mound. I couldn’t help giving it a little pressure.

    Glancing down at myself made me feel a bit ridiculous, my fingers pressing flat into my underwear only made it more obvious; I’d grown larger, but in so many ways I was the same girl he’d known before the lotto.

    My vulva had developed, but it was a linear trajectory from childhood, Alex’s genitals had developed in entirely new ways. How could I blame him for assuming I’d had my own metamorphosis?

    I was pulled out of my thought spiral by the sound of Alex laughing. I had to look at him for a moment to understand what was going on. He must have seen my confusion because then he explained himself.

    “You already are, aren’t you? Oh wow, I’m so sorry.” He couldn’t help chuckling a little more. “It’s just, I thought your clit would swell up or something. I don’t know. I feel so embarrassed. They don’t teach us about things like this in boy school, this is why I need your help. I’m clueless!”

    He was so focused on his own sexual goals he didn’t even realize the effect his words were having on me. I moved my hand in tiny circles, hardly noticeable in the dim of the tent, and stared at my friend, tilting my head back to look up into his eyes.

    That should be me scraping the top of the tent with my head, towering over little Alexa, teasing her until she was touching herself infront of me. I should have grown a sexy sausage firehose, she should be the one who only developed puffier labia and a monthly nightmare.

    “Sorry for laughing at you.” Alex apologized. I couldn’t help but forgive him, it was an honest reaction. I just hated how real it felt to me. “Is it okay if I take off my pants? They’re getting uncomfortable,” He asked, reaching into the front to adjust himself.

    Seeing the way his bulge moved in his jeans made my fingers rub faster. His thing was so big. I could feel the hot nothing of my clit under my hand, I felt like I was melting in the presence of his superior phallus, my panties becoming damp.

    I realized I hadn’t answered his question. “Oh, uh, sure.” I said. I saw him notice my hand between my legs, the motion becoming too obvious to hide. I froze like a deer caught in headlights, but I knew he’d seen enough to know what I’d been doing. The urge to run from the tent once again reasserted itself in my mind.

    Alex unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor. His underwear was tented around the pole of his cock. It was firmly pointing straight out and up from his body. It looked so much bigger now than it had soft. It almost resembled a toddler’s arm, sticking straight out towards me.

    He stepped out of his pants as he approached. I felt the hairs stand up on my neck as he loomed over me. There was hardly a foot of space between us anymore. The outline of his cock was only a couple inches from my skin. I was so aroused it was making my pussy twitch.

    Without warning he grabbed the wrist of the hand between my legs and pulled it away, placing it on his shoulder. I could feel the muscles of his shoulder flex and bend like taught cables as he leaned closer to my ear.

    “I’m going to take off your bra now.” Alex said, before reaching around behind me. I just stood there and let him do it. Wishing desperately I had the courage to put my hand back where it was sorely missed.

    He had to look over my shoulder at the clasp, but he managed to take it off quickly. He took it off me gently, admiring my breasts as they were freed. The relief of being braless was eclipsed by the shame and excitement of watching Alex’s face as he saw a real woman’s breasts for the first time.

    “Oh.” He said, his eyes had become huge. “Wow.” He seemed at a loss for words. I was feeling more and more uncomfortable. I thought he’d like them, but the way his eyes were roaming my chest was getting unnerving. It was like he was devouring every feature.

    “I think I understand what you mean now, you do get hard.” He said, pointing at one of my nipples. The cool air in the tent had made them start to crinkle up the moment he took off my bra.

    Hearing him say that made me want to die. I wasn’t even sure if he was being sarcastic, he said it so genuinely. He even had a point, my nipples were one thing that had matured drastically over puberty, and each one poking off my chest in the cool night air easily dwarfed my little clit.

    I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just playfully punched Alex in the arm, but it was like hitting the flank of a workhorse. His body had become so firm and unyielding.

    “Remember when we used to play-fight?” Alex asked, getting a mischievous look in his eyes.

    “That was a long time ago.” We had tussled together a lot as girls, but never in anger.

    “You won every time.” He reminded me, I couldn’t help feeling a little glow of pride in that fact. He might be bigger and taller after the injection, but when we were both girls I was undefeated. “I want a rematch.” He added.

    I stared at him quizzically, what would that prove? There was no contest between us now. Alex gave me a playful punch like I had done to him, moving slow and gently, but it still made me stumble off balance. He was just so much larger than me now.

    “Come on, give me your best shot.” He said, patting his chest aggressively. I didn’t really see the point in fighting like children, but he was being insistent, and I kinda did feel like hitting him again.

    I leaned back and slugged him right in the chest. I felt my hand thump into his muscled sternum with no discernible effect.

    Alex retaliated by gently slapping at me. I gave him a funny look, what was he doing? I punched him again, really putting my weight into it this time, slamming my fist right into his bicep, but he hardly budged. It actually hurt my wrist a little. Alex just softly slapped at me again.

    "You aren't even trying!" I said. I couldn't believe he was fighting me with such little effort. It was insulting.

    "I don't want to hurt you more than you're hurting me." He said with a note of arrogance.

    "Yeah right, I'm hitting you harder than that. You wanted a fight, show me what you can do." I said, throwing a little kick at his thigh that actually made him stumble a bit.

    Alex shrugged his shoulders and gave me a shove. For a moment my feet left the floor of the tent. I flew onto the bedroll and bounced, stunned at what had just taken place. My soft body jiggled with the violence of the throw. I felt a deep yearning inside to know what it was like for him, to be so large and powerful.

    He came to stand over me, looking down at my mostly-nude body. "See why I need to go easy on you?" He asked me with a cocky grin.

    I swung my leg to kick Alex in the balls, but he grabbed my ankle with his hand and used the leverage to flip me over. He held me in place by my shoulders. I tried to raise an arm to push off the mattress, but he grabbed me by the wrist and pinned it in place over my head.

    I rolled to get my other arm out from under my stomach, but he snared that one as well, twisting it to pin it behind me. I was being pressed into the mattress by the small of my back while my other arm was trapped in the wrist he was using for support.

    I felt Alex's knee press down between my thighs, dividing my legs. I could feel the cool air of the tent against my panties. I struggled with all my limbs, but could only flail helplessly.

    He leaned over me, shifting his weight onto my body. I could feel his breath on my neck, it was hot and heavy with moisture. "Do you give up?" He asked me in a cooly casual voice.

    I couldn't bring myself to surrender so easily. I flailed again, pushing against the bed with my legs, but it only pushed my butt into his thigh. I felt a flash of embarrassment squishing against him fruitlessly.

    Alex applied a little pressure with his hips, pressing back against my ass. "Oh yeah, you developed quite nicely here too. I certainly would have remembered a butt like this when we were girls." He said, giving it another playful nudge.

    He leaned in by my neck again and spoke softly in my ear with a rumbling tone.  "I can feel the heat of your pussy on my leg, and I'm not even touching you." My face blushed bright red. I could feel he was right, being pinned by his larger stronger body had lit a fire in me.

    "Okay, okay, I give up." I said, trying again to push him off me. Alex let go of my wrists and backed away, allowing me to stand.

    I turned to look at Alex and again felt my eyes drawn to the erection tenting his underwear. I had to force my gaze back up to his face.

    "Would you mind taking off your panties?" Alex asked me. I had to hesitate for a moment to consider it. Did he just want to look at me, or was he planning on asking for more? In a playful act of compliance I just did it; he'd defeated me, this could be his reward: one sexy favor.

    I stepped out of my embarrassingly damp underwear and tossed them in the corner. I faced Alex and widened my stance a bit, tilting my hips to give him a good look at exactly how little had changed down there.

    "It's so pink!" He said. I shifted my stance, suddenly hyper aware of my arousal. "It's like your whole pussy is blushing." He gushed. I felt my face flush in response. "Can I touch it?"

    "Um, if you want." I wasn't really sure how to feel, but the idea excited me.

    Alex walked around behind me and wrapped his arms around my middle. He traced his fingers down from my navel all the way over my mound and finally onto my pussy.

    "This feels familiar." He said. His chin was over my shoulder. I could feel his breath on the back of my ear, his voice rumbled at a gentle volume. His entire body was pressed against mine. "I used to touch my clit like this." He added, dipping a finger between my lips. I arched my back and leaned against him, reveling in the stimulation.

    "I didn't get this wet, and I didn't cum, but it still felt good." He said, continuing to play with my clit in rapid little circles.

    "Mmm Hmm." I groaned, attempting to listen, but getting swept up in the touching.

    "It's so little, so different; I used to have a clit like yours, but-" He pressed the bulge of his erection into my backside. "My clit grew up, it's a big boy now."

    At that point I whimpered. I'm not proud of it, but that's the sound that came out of my mouth. The feelings of loss, of helplessness, of utter orgasmic bliss, they washed away my ego as I crumpled in Alex's arms.

    He was the man, he had the cock, I was the girl he was making cum. His finger swished and swished around my clit until my legs were about to give out from the pleasure.

    The next thing I knew my legs did give out. Alex held me up as my strength left me, his fingers working it into a full body experience. I moaned in my girly voice while waves of pleasure washed over me.

    As soon as I could stand, I took a few shaky steps and turned back around to face Alex. His dick was hard as ever, there was even a wet spot of precum on his boxers.

    “That was quick, the guys from school made it sound like it would take forever.” Alex said. It made me wonder if becoming a boy had made him less intelligent. How did he expect that to make me feel? “I guess I’ve got a gift.” He bragged, taking credit for my orgasm.

    “It’s not that big of a deal.” I said, hoping he’d drop it.

    “Yeah right, you couldn’t make me cum that fast.” He said, grabbing his cock through his underwear and giving it a squeeze.

    I could tell what he was doing, but I was so horny I didn’t care. I wanted to see his penis in the light, I wanted to feel it, I even wanted to taste it.

    “Bet I could.” I told him flirtatiously. His face immediately blushed as I called his bluff. I played up my confidence in the situation as I sank to my knees and pulled his underwear down.

    His cock sprung free and nearly hit me in the face. It looked so huge up close. I reached out and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. It felt so hot and firm in my hand. A fresh need was blooming between my legs. As interested as I’d been in pictures of dicks, it was nothing compared to the real thing. It was filling me with an electric excitement.

    I looked up at Alex, trying to read his expression. My mouth was watering at the idea of sucking on his cock, but I wanted to make sure the mood was right. He was looking down with eager anticipation, a wide smile on his face. I looked him in the eye as I kissed the tip of his dick.

    I loved how he felt against my lips, I kissed again more deeply, wrapping my lips around his glans. I could see Alex was enjoying it, which spurred me on to try more. I opened my mouth wide and tried to take him as deep as I could. The way he filled my mouth was incredible, but I had to stop a bit early to keep from gagging.

    I couldn’t help thinking how this monster growing out of him had started as a clit just like mine. Now it was large enough to choke me with. While my mouth is full with his member, Alex starts a one-sided conversation with me.

    “Did you know it was a leap year?” He asked me out of the blue.

    “Hmm?” I hum on his cock, still determined to get him off faster.

    “The year of the lottery. It was a leap year.” He clarified. I felt my heart skip a beat, why was he talking about that now, while I had his dick in my mouth? “If it had happened in a regular year, the lottery would have been a day earlier, a day before your period.” He explained.

    I was starting to see where he was going with this, but I didn’t know why. It was working to fan my arousal back into a tempest. The combination of his cock on my tongue and the thing he was saying sent my fingers trembling back to my clit.

    “You would be the one who got the injection instead of me. That dick you’re choking down wouldn’t exist, instead it would be you who could pee out the fire, you would be the one getting your dick sucked.”

    The way he was talking made it hard to focus on the blowjob. More and more of my attention was directed between my legs as I feverishly rubbed at my wounded pride, at the sticky little button slick with his saliva that ached to grow big and hard like the cock in my mouth.

    “Oh fuck, you would love it.” He groaned. “This feels so incredible, your mouth is better than anything I could imagine.” I could feel his dick getting harder, tensing. Hearing his pleasure set my fingers rubbing even faster, and made my mouth drool. I could taste the salty wetness of his precum leaking onto my tongue.

    I could feel he was getting close, I was too. I sucked on his dick with passion, attempting to coax the cum out of him. Just as we were nearing the end I felt his hand press against my forehead.

    “Time’s up.” He said, sliding his dick out of my mouth. I tried to get it back in my mouth, but the hand on my head was too strong. I glared up at him in frustration.

    “Come on!” I pouted, stealthily removing my fingers from my womanhood. My pussy was aching for more stimulation, but I knew Alex would grab my hand again if he caught me.

    There was a touch-hungry tingle building all over. I wanted to make him cum, I wanted to witness a man’s body experiencing the sort of pleasure I’d imagined so many times. I wanted to hold his cock and feel his fluid, my body craved it.

    Alex must have seen the lust in my expression, because he rapidly switched gears from teasing me. His hand moved from my forehead to my chin, forcing me to look up at him past his cock.

    “If you’d have me, I would love to take you to bed now.” He said with an odd formality, blushing slightly from his own excitement and nerves.

    I looked up from my kneeling position at his feet, eyes roaming the naked, muscular, hairy body of my friend. The taste of his cock still lingering in my mouth. All I could do was nod my head. I wanted my first time to be with the man I could have been, the winning ticket I was denied. I wanted him to make me feel every inch of the difference that had grown between us.

    Alex took my hand and helped me up, then swept me off my feet into a princess carry. I felt my heart thump in my chest. We were naked and I was in his arms. My stomach churned with excitement, fear, and awe; the muscles of his arms were so firm under my body, holding me against his hairy chest.

    I saw him looking down at me in his arms with a pure wonder that melted my heart. He leaned his head close to mine and spoke to me softly in his deep voice.

    "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." He told me simply. I felt the blood rush to my face.

    "You're just saying that because I'm naked." I deflected, suddenly very aware of my own nudity.

    "I'm serious." He said. "I always had a bit of a crush on you when we were girls, but the way you've grown since... It makes my heart race."

    I felt my blood pound with a moment of excited shame. The development of every female feature had felt like a further surrender of my childhood dreams. I had hated my hips widening, the tender growth of my breasts, watching my reflection become less and less androgynous. But those same features attracted Alex to me.

    He knelt to lay me gently on the bed then laid down beside me. His hands were still on me, roving my skin with a firm appreciation. "Do you mind if I touch your breasts?" He asked as his hands drew close.

    "Please do." I replied, feeling a little of my anxiety melt into anticipation. His hands explored my chest, cupping my boobs and squishing them softly. He paid extra attention to my nipples, giving a gentle caress that became a soft squeeze between his thumb and finger.

    "Wow, they're so perfect." He said in wonder, entirely absorbed in my chest. It filled me with a sense of pride, but also a feeling of shame; my body did this for him, those boobs had given me nothing but trouble, but for Alex they were perfect.

    He rolled on top of me and continued to play with my breasts. I felt his breath again on my neck as he leaned down to give me a kiss there. A tingle shot through me at the touch of his lips. He gave my other nipple a little squeeze as he kissed me again under my ear.

    I turned my head towards his and looked him in the eyes. Alex leaned in and kissed me on the lips, holding the kiss with a passionate depth. I felt myself melt for him, and his body pressed harder into me. I felt that glorious cock pressed flat against my mound. I wrapped my legs around his, holding his body against mine.

    Alex pushed himself off the bed a little, lifting off me as we broke our kiss. He tilted his hips to line the tip of his cock up with my vagina. I felt a scared little flutter at the anticipation of what was to come, but I also felt achingly hungry for it.

    He dragged the head of his dick along my slit until it was pushing nicely against my wet opening. I lifted my hips a bit, pulling aginst him with my legs for leverage. I wanted it pressed there harder, pushed inside.

    With a little pressure from his hips Alex made my desire come true. His cock slipped into me, stretching me almost to the point of pain. I'd never felt something so large penetrate me, it made me gasp in shock, but it also felt incredible.

    He worked his way deeper, thrusting in and out to coat his cock in my juices. I rocked my hips in time with his thrusts, pulling him deeper with every push until his pelvis was bumping against mine while he fucked me.

    Once his cock was fully inside, Alex began to fucking me harder. His whole body flexed and strained as he pumped his cock again and again into my receptive body, and every time my body cried out with a tingle of joy. This, this is what I'd been craving, please just keep going. It felt so right.

    "I used to feel guilty." Alex grunted, his breath coming quick from his efforts. "For taking your ticket. I knew how badly you wanted-" He catches his breath for a few thrusts. "How badly you wanted a penis."

    "Uh huh." I moaned, feeling his cock fill me completely. Being reminded of that youthful yearning while every pounding thrust reminded me of my dicklessness sent shivers through my entire body.

    "We both did." He continued. "We'd stuff our underwear and call each other boys." He was bringing back memories I had been trying to forget, because they were so painful, because I missed my friend; but now we were together again, now his underwear was stuffed with his own thick cock.

    "But I'm done feeling guilty." He kept talking, speeding up the pace of his thrusts. "I'm going to earn that injection. I'm going to pay you back. I'm going to make sure you enjoy this cock every bit as much as I do." I could tell he was getting close, but he was holding himself back from orgasm. He kept thrusting at that steady rapid pace. I felt myself rushing to the precipice of a new kind of climax.

    "Oooh." I cried out, gripping onto him with my legs as I reached orgasm. I felt him cum too, but my awareness of it was quickly swept away by a tidal wave of pure bliss. It was unlike anything I'd felt before in my life. I felt it with my entire body, and it rolled on and on.

    I gasped and flexed under his relentless pounding. A tingling rapture had taken hold of my body and it was flowing through every inch of me. I wanted to feel this way forever. Gradually I felt him softening, my vagina still twitching around its new best friend.

    Alex slipped himself out of me and pulled my body into a warm embrace. Despite the heat of our lovemaking, the cold of the tent and our lack of clothes had left parts of us chilly, so I was more than happy to cuddle against him as he pulled the blankets over us.

    "That was incredible." Alex sighed contentedly.

    I wiggled against his hard body with glee. "Mm hmm."

    "I think you'd make a wonderful mom." He added dreamily.

    I just lay there in his arms, but internally my mind was reeling from the potential ramifications of what we'd just done.

No more chapters.
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