A prologue to my body hopping chronicles

Story created by JJ97TSF ∙ 11 September 2023

Hi! This little short story details my first possession experience - a cute college graduate named Olivia. In it, I tell you what I manage to do during my first of many trips controlling her, as well as plan out my future possession targets. I hope you enjoy, and please, let me know in the comments who I should possess next from the options at the end! 

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  • A prologue to my body hopping chronicles

    Chapter written by JJ97TSF ∙ 10 March 2023

    Hi! This little short story details my first possession experience - a cute college graduate named Olivia. In it, I tell you what I manage to do during my first of many trips controlling her, as well as plan out my future possession targets. I hope you enjoy, and please, let me know in the comments who I should possess next from the options at the end! 

  • Let it be known that I tried my best to find other ways of possessing people. I tried to learn astral projection- no luck. Magic spells on the internet only made me look like an idiot- and let's not talk about the time my roommate walked in on me trying. I even dropped an obscene amount of money on a "possession potion" from some shady, occult website. All that did was land me in the hospital. Thankfully, it wasn't anything life-threatening, so I was able to be vague. I think the staff just assumed I had a bad reaction to some food or some drug. Either way, the only way that potion was going to allow me to possess people was if it made me shit out my soul or killed me, and neither happened. 


    Obviously, I had exhausted all other routes of actually possessing someone, so I ended up trying to find a way to possess someone over the internet. VR possession, while interesting, wasn't really feasible- much to my dismay after spending six years to learn as much about the fields of consciousness and technology as possible. 


    Thankfully, however, what I did find was an interesting line of research that eventually led to me being able to possess people another way- social media. I'm sure a philosopher could come up with several insightful critiques and thoughts on social media being the way in which I possessed and took control of someone else's body, but what you need to know was this-


    If someone owned a social media account, I could possess them. Obviously, those without would be outside of my reach, but thankfully most of my potential hosts did have at least one account, somewhere.


    As for what happened when I possessed them- well, it was rather rudimentary. Their consciousness essentially "went to sleep" while I was in control, similar to dreaming. I'm sure I could tinker with what happens to those I possess- but I was so eager to possess someone that I decided that was functional enough. 


    However, actually being able to possess someone wasn't something I wanted to do lightly. At the moment, I could get the software I designed to allow me to possess someone for an hour, at most. And I wasn't entirely sure if my induced sleeping would hold up while possessing my target. In order for me to not end up "blowing my cover," so to speak, that meant that I had to go outside of people I knew as targets to possess. And I really, really wanted to possess my friends. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a lot of women I found attractive, some of which shared my hobbies of basketball or video games. And as much as I loved the idea of possessing one of them, and perhaps turning them into my personal harem, or my perfect girlfriend, I didn't want to risk ruining my relationship with them until I was absolutely sure that I would be successful. So, I enlisted the help of other possession fetishists on the internet. They thought that I was just roleplaying with them, but thankfully, some of them were bold enough to give out the social media accounts of some of the targets of our shared fantasies. This, along with previous roleplays that I had done with other partners, thankfully gave me a wide range of people to choose from. Different countries, ethnicities, races, with differing levels of education, wealth, qand hobbies to match. I was certainly spoiled for choice, but yet I decided to possess a girl that one of my roleplaying partners and I had discussed at length. 


    She was in the same country- really close by, actually, so I could access my original body if things went really wrong. She was wealthy, so if I wanted to buy anything I could just use her money to get it. But most importantly- she was smoking hot. A wealthy, educated Latina woman, Olivia lived in Los Angeles, with a nice job and the entire world ahead of her. 


    Target decided, I loaded up my program and pulled up her Instagram account. After checking, and double checking that I had everything set up correctly- I pressed the button. 


    Now this sensation was one I was expecting- not the agony of a thousand suns that my stomach was subjected to by that fraudulent potion- instead, I felt a pulling sensation, and then…


    Olivia. There wasn't any period in-between that sensation and me suddenly finding myself as Olivia. And would you look at that- she's on her phone, lying on the couch! Or rather, I was.


    Ignoring my most base instincts to instantly strip and masturbate like a monkey, I instantly stood up to try and survey my surroundings… only to fall flat on my face. Ouch. Well, at least I had anticipated this. The code that I had written didn't really have anything to naturally access my host body's memories or skills- muscle memory and general movement included. And so what should have been something as simple as standing up ended up with me facedown on the ground. And it's not as if my senses weren't synced, either. I didn’t have full control of her body, but I certainly felt every mistake that I made while trying to move her body. It took an embarrassing amount of time to even get myself upright- much less standing, but eventually, I managed to stand- and then walk, and after about half an hour, I managed to look somewhat normal while walking as in her body, barefoot. Just don’t ask me to run, or anything too complicated. I was definitely going to have to use the data from this “trip” to streamline this process next time. 


    Gingerly walking around Olivia’s completely foreign house, I started going up and down her hallway, opening doors to find a bathroom. The first door revealed a rather messy room, with men’s clothing. That must be her brother’s room. It smelled a bit- I knew he did sports, and now I could confirm it with both my eyes and nose. Ew. I closed that door after a grimace, and then moved onto the next. This room, in stark contrast, was quite neat. A large, king sized bed for two people, along with a couple of dressers, and plenty of family photos. Yeah, this was their parents’ room. A further look inside revealed a bathroom connected to the bedroom- and a rather nice one, at that. As much as my curiosity wanted me to explore it, however, I only had about thirty more minutes in this body, due to the timer I set beforehand to automatically eject myself from this body, as a safety precaution. 


    And so I found myself opening the last two doors on this floor- the first was another bathroom. Not really much of note, here. Two sinks, and it looked like Olivia shared this bathroom with her brother. Good to know, I guess. Of more interest was the final door- a clean room, with a desk, laptop, full-body mirror, college merchandise, and dresser. About expected for the room of a young 20-something, but it was Olivia’s room. And right now, I was Olivia. I couldn't stop a grin from spreading across my stolen face. Masturbating was probably out of the question- I wouldn't want Olivia to wake up with her fingers jammed in her pussy when she was just on the couch a moment ago- but I could indulge some other desires. She was wearing what most would call loungewear: a tank top with no bra (much to my delight and slight discomfort), and some leggings that looked fashionable and practical for a workout. The clothes clung to her figure perfectly, and I found myself logging into a dummy account that I had prepared ahead of time to start taking pictures. It was selfie time! One of Olivia smiling. Another of her frowning. One with her tongue out. One blowing a kiss. And then the rest of her body. Pics of her ass. Some of her tits. Full-body selfies showing off the cute little outfit she put on. And then… taking the outfit off. A picture of me smiling with her breasts exposed. A selfie with me spreading her pussy lips open for the camera. Then came the videos. Slowly, sensually, stripping for the camera. Dirty talk, making her vocalize all of my dirtiest fantasies in the bedroom- and outside of it. Fake confessions of devious, unbelievably perverted actions. 


    As much fun as I was having, though, the one hour mark was coming soon, and so I saved the photos and videos to the dummy account, and deleted them off her phone. I threw her clothes back on, and went back to the couch, lying down in the same space I had taken over. With any luck, she'd just think she had lost track of time while browsing on her phone. Hopefully. Watching as the time ticked by, I felt a familiar pulling sensation, and then…


    Me. Yep, home sweet home- and I wasn't dead. I removed some of the wires and other equipment I had attached to me for the procedure to work, and stood up. 


    And then I yelled. I had really did it! Holy shit, I had managed to possess someone! And as far as I could tell, she was asleep the whole time! Obviously, I had some things to fix, and improvements to make, but the most important part was confirmed- I, a somewhat lonely 28 year old with a Master's Degree in computer science, a love for basketball and video games, and an almost insane, hidden obsession with possession, bodyswapping, and all other sorts of TSF tropes- had successfully possessed someone. As elated as I was with my success, another part of me was already planning on who to hop next. I wanted to possess someone that I knew this time, and a few options popped to mind. 


    Tina, my Vietnamese high school crush, with a degree in Computer Science and a top-tier job at a tech company, who didn't reciprocate my feelings at all. 


    Jane, a Chinese-American girl, this time from my university. A marketing major, she worked for a video game company and was a big advocate for women's rights. I never really talked to her, but I definitely lusted after her. 


    And finally, Andrea. A white girl, also with a computer science degree, who I had taken quite a few classes with and developed a massive crush on. She worked at the same company as Jane, and was part of the same women's rights advocacy group as Jane. 


    Options in mind, I wondered who my next trip would be as…


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Magna Cum Laude ∙ 26 March 2023

Jane's got my vote. Love race/ethnicity swaps.

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