(E)merging Possibilities

Story created by jibaky ∙ 11 September 2023

Frank wasn’t one to believe in fairy tales, but when he accidentaly found a magic necklace that grants him possession powers, he'll be sure to use it to try and get with the hottest girl in his college, even if he has to take over a few people to do it.

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  • (E)merging Possibilities

    Chapter written by jibaky ∙ 19 April 2023

    Frank wasn’t one to believe in fairy tales, but when he accidentaly found a magic necklace that grants him possession powers, he'll be sure to use it to try and get with the hottest girl in his college, even if he has to take over a few people to do it.

  • Frank wasn’t one to believe in fairy tales, indeed, as a physics major, he would consider himself to be a firm believer of science. That, of course, didn’t stop him from opening up the weird package that came for him in the mail, claiming to be a magic necklace, and then trying it out first thing in the morning.


    It was a neat little thing, silver, with some sort of deep blue gem embedded on a silver amulet, quite pretty really, so Frank wore it without any reservation, it was his after all. The manual claimed that while wearing the necklace, he could possess the body of anyone he so desired by just walking into them, which was completely impossible according to the laws of thermodynamics, since matter couldn’t just disappear out of nowhere-


    “What’s that you got there?” Asked Trent, Frank’s housemate, startling him.


    “Jesus Christ, Trent! Walk more quietly next time, will you?”


    Trent was a very good foil to Frank. The soccer player was sporty and social, compared to the gloomy and awkward Frank, who due to spending all time he could on the inside, was also very pale, instead of the healthy tan Trent was so proud to show off. Most people that knew them found their relationship very unusual, given how different they were from each other, but they didn’t know that Trent used to protect Frank from bullies in high school, which made the friendship solid.


    “Sorry man, i’m just not used to seeing you awake this early, and that intrigued by something that isn’t a picture of Blair”


    “Haha, very funny. I just got this weird necklace from the mail, it claims to be magical, but it still looks good enough that I think I'll either keep it, or pawn it off for some cash”.


    “Well, you do you, buddy, I’m going to make us some breakfast, and heads-up, Monica is coming around in ten”.


    “Right, I’ll get ready before she shows up”.


    With that, Frank returned to his room, and left the manual on top of his desk. He took a quick bath and threw on some clothes as fast as he could, since Trent’s girlfriend was their ride to campus, and she really hated being made to wait. By the time he was ready, she had just parked on the driveway, so he took the manual, and went down.


    “Morning honey, morning Frank”.


    “Hey there, baby girl”, said Trent, turning his head around to give her a kiss.


    “Get a room, you two”, muttered Frank as he came downstairs. “Morning Monica, how are you today?”.


    “Well, i really woke up feeling great today, i don’t know what’s that about, but i’m not complaining”, said the brown skinned woman, while sitting down on the table to eat the plate with eggs and toast her boyfriend had made.


    “Thats great, Mons! You’ve been really stressed about your exam results lately, good to know that you’re feeling better”, said Trent, who after finishing his own plate, went to sit on the table.


    What neither person noticed was that it was the same chair that Frank was going to sit on. Frank was distracted by the manual, and Trent was distracted with Monica, so both ended up sitting on the same spot. Were it any other day, it would’ve just been a funny mistake, both parties would stand up, and each one would sit on a different chair. But today, Frank was wearing a necklace that just so happened to be magic, so Frank ended up slipping inside of Trent’s body.


    That's weird, was the first thing in Frank’s head when he noticed something strange had happened. He looked around and didn’t find Trent, which was indeed weird, since he knew he had heard him a few moments before.


    “Honey, are you okay?”, asked Monica when she noticed him looking around.


    “What? Why’d you call me that, baby g-”, stopped Frank when he noticed what he’d called her. “Excuse me for a bit”, he said, going to the bathroom. When he got inside, he locked the door, and immediately went to the mirror, and what he saw shocked him.


    Instead of the pale face and curly hair he’d usually expect to see in the mirror, what he saw was a tanned face, with a buzzcut. He took off his shirt, a half and half mix of his own black shirt with Trent’s white one, and saw that he now had the sculpted physique of a member of a sports team. That wasn’t to say that he was completely Trent, he still had a face that looked a lot more like his own than his host, and he was a good 12 centimeters taller than Trent used to be, much closer to his usual height. Before he could explore his new self more, he heard a knock on the door.


    “Trent, honey, are you alright?”


    “Hum, yeah, all good, why?”, he asked, worried about how to deal with this insane situation.


    “You were weird on the table, and then you came running to the bathroom, even though you were fine just before, could you open the door, i’m worried?”


    “Yeah, yeah, okay”, he said, while wearing his shirt again, and quickly unlocking the door, which was immediately opened by his now girlfriend, who hugged him.


    “Hey there, how are you feeling? Did you eat anything weird?”


    “Not really, i didn’t actually eat breakfast yet”, said Frank, not used to being hugged by such a pretty girl and not freezing up from nerves.


    “Well, I think it’s better if you stay here today then, you can afford to miss one day of class, so don’t worry, okay?”, she says before going for a kiss, which froze Frank on the spot.


    He feels a rush coursing through his new body. Frank had never kissed a woman, so he was very surprised to see Monica’s classic latina features this close, and then feeling her soft lips, and the way her breath mingled with his. She broke the kiss “well, I gotta go, but I'll be back later to check in on you, okay?”.


    “Uuh, yeah, okay, have fun at school, baby girl.” said the stunned man, as he watched her leave the house, get in her car, and leave for her classes.


    He spent a few minutes just outside his bathroom, just gathering his thoughts, until he came to a conclusion. The necklace IS magical. When he looked down, he noticed that the necklace was now golden, with a deep red gem in the amulet, so he went to look for the instructions, so he could find out how this thing worked, cause as much as he really enjoyed kissing Monica, he sure as hell wasn't going to take over the life of his best friend just like that.


    He took the manual, and started reading it again, paying much more attention this time. After 20 minutes, he had finally finished it, and sighed contently, it was reversible after all. He went to the kitchen and touched the stone on the amulet, while trying to walk forward. Immediately he noticed the change that came from going back to normal. where once there was one person in the kitchen, there were now two. He also noticed that a new plate with food appeared on the table, though he supposed that it would be closer to say that it had reappeared.


    “Hey, are you okay man?”, asked Frank.


    “Yeah, thanks for worrying for me, Frank, i’m just feeling my head hurt a little. I'll go lay down for a while, if Monica comes again, could you please let her in?”


    “Sure thing, man, have a nice rest.” he said, as he watched his friend leave to his room. “Well, well. I was a magic necklace after all. Gotta make some notes.” muttered Frank before going to his room as well



    After spending the rest of the morning possessing the sleeping Trent a few more times for sake of science, and making notes based on both his experience with the necklace, and from the instructions manual, he came to at least two conclusions.

    1. By wearing the necklace, the user may enter the body of anyone they so desire, which will merge their bodies, but leave the wearer in control.
    2. While he, as the user of the necklace, possesses other people’s bodies, he has access to at least some of their mental faculties and capacities, like how he was able to react normally to both the hug and the kiss he had with Monica as Trent, and the universe bends so that while he’s someone else, they have always been the same person, like how his plate of breakfast also merged into Trent’s, and then unmerged after he left his body.

    He had some other ideas about how the necklace worked, but he hadn’t tried it out yet, but he was about to change that.

    After getting ready for a day out, Frank left his house and went to the one place he knew he’d be able to do as many experiments as he wished, with as much privacy as he needed, the school library. His university’s library had three levels that were accessible to the public, the ground, where there were bookshelves and tables for anyone looking for books to read on, the first floor, was much like the one below it, but it had the more advanced books, so it was used mainly by students of the college, when studying for tests, and the first underground level, where people could use sound proof rooms to hold group studies, and not bother the other readers. Frank’s target was the first underground level, one where he’d have privacy, and people that wouldn't be bothered for a while


    His first test was a stealth test, according to the manual, as long as he was touching the blue gem, people would find it harder to notice him, which should make it easier to possess someone that's part of a group, he had tried to test this in the bus, on the way to the library, but most people there where already likely to actively ignore him. 


    So, with his fingers on the gem on his neck, he slowly walked through the halls of closed doors of the underground level, while checking which rooms had people, and which were empty. The first thing he noticed was that no one reacted to him opening the door, when he bothered to be cautious, they’d only get up to close it once he left, but if he opened it forcefully, they would notice him and ask him to not do that, which meant that the amulet had a limited effect to hide him, which was still very high, but would probably not help him to enter the office of a famous CEO to possess them.


    The next thing he tested was possessing a woman. Up to this point he’d only possessed Trent a few times, for testing purposes, of course, so he was curious about what would happen if he tried to possess someone from a different sex. He had found a door with a sole occupant, a very curvaceous woman, who seemed to be studying for a history test. He entered silently, while holding the amulet, and after making sure the door was locked, he jumped inside her.


    The few times he possessed Trent on purpose, he noticed that it felt way different from the almost seamless experience of the first time it happened by accident. Actively entering another person felt warm, and he could feel his members slowly slotting themselves on the corresponding members of his victim. Possessing a woman, on the other hand, felt like his body was on fire, but not the bad kind of fire. He had never felt this sensitive in his life. Fitting his arms and legs in, who he now knew to be named Amanda, went just like it did with Trent, but when his dick got to her lower parts, and his chest got to her breasts, he immediately had an overcharge of feelings, that he didn't really know how to deal with. Once he stuck his head on hers, he closed the books on the table and took off his shirt and pants.


    The sight of her covered chest and pussy were like water for a thirsty man, and he immediately started to grope her boobs, marveling about how soft and sensitive they felt. Eventually he took off her bra, and took his right hand from her boobs to explore her new pussy. Since Frank currently has all of Amanda’s muscle memories, the first thing she does down there is to go straight to her clit, which was not something she was ready for. The good thing is that the shock of pleasure managed to take her out of the erotic fugue.


    Now calmer, the new Amanda took inventory of her situation, and put on the clothes she took off. By accessing her memories, Frank could tell that a few things were different, first, she was, once again, quite a bit taller than she used to be, but still shorter than Frank, likewise, her breasts had grown a bit, making her bra a little constrictive. Her new face was a nice mix between Amanda’s and Frank’s, but her hair had remained Amanda’s long blonde straight hair.


    Needing more data, Frank promptly left Amanda’s body, and as he left the room, noticed that she was panting, and started to touch herself. Frank took over the bodies of two other women, but noticed that none had the same initial effect as Amanda. He also tested possessing someone, while inside another person. The results of stacked possession were mixed, he noticed that by compounding more women, he’d gain boobs and ass mass faster then he’d get height, and that by stacking men, he’d get more dick. By maintaining a balance, he could try and keep those radical changes from happening as fast, but he’d need to pick very carefully every host of the stack, since depending on how feminine or masculine the person is, one woman could take 3 men to keep balanced. He also noticed that when stacking hosts, he could pick which characteristics from each host would appear on him.


    By the time he came back home, it was already night. He arrived just as Monica was leaving the house.


    “Hey Monica, how is Trent doing?”.


    “Hey Frank, he appears to be feeling well right now, which i’m glad, but i’m still worried that it happened so suddenly, and with no apparent reason”.


    “Don’t worry all that much, Trent is a strong guy, it would take a lot to keep him down for long”.


    “I suppose you’re right, anyways, i gotta go, see you later Frank”.


    “See ya”, said Frank, seriously considering possessing his best friend’s girlfriend, but managing to stop himself.”Come on now, Frank, that’d be a dick move”.


    The next day started normally, Frank went down to have breakfast with Trent and Monica, and went with them to his classes. He and Trent lost a day of classes, but hopefully they didn’t lose anything too important. Frank was trying hard to not use the necklace, since he was keeping it for a very specific reason.


    A reason that had just entered the room. Blair Baxter was everything Frank could dream of. She was tall, brunette, had a bombshell body that would make many supermodels cry with envy, and most of all, she was as smart as possible, without being labeled an actual genius, her grades were exemplary. She was by far, the most coveted woman of the entire college. There was only one problem, no one actually knew how to get her to pay attention to them. From the most popular athletes, to the geekest of nerds, no one that had managed to scrounge courage to ask her out had managed such a feat, from either side of the sex fence. As far as anyone knew, she was unattainable. Anyone, but Frank. He had learned that with enough focus, and the correct stimuli, he could read anything inside of his host’s head, especially something as simple as sexual preferences.


    Which is why he is currently sneaking around after Blair left the classroom. The stealth function of the necklace was a god send, he thought, as he noticed where they were currently going to.


    For many reasons, the woman’s bathroom was an almost sacred place, as far as most men knew, and if he were to be found inside it, specially together with the school’s madonna, Frank is sure that he’d be crucified by the entire campus. Which is why as soon as Blair enters a stall, Frank quickly enters behind her, and when she notices him, he jumps right inside of her. Blair is confused for a moment, as she is sure she just saw a man jump inside her torso, but it all goes away, as her body becomes taller, and her mind turns into a case for Frank’s brain to fit inside, and control as he wishes.


    Possessing his crush felt as good as he thought it would, but Frank was here for a reason. He was currently a man on a mission, and he would complete it, if it was the last thing he ever did. She quickly undressed, and started to touch herself. All of his experimentation the last afternoon proved that the first thing to come to him was the muscle memory of the host, which meant that as his own libido for her own new body overwhelmed it, Blair’s hands knew exactly where to go to extract the most pleasure possible.


    First her hands went to her soft breasts, gently caressing them, before suddenly twisting her nipples. Frank was shocked that despite her outward appearance, Blair was actually a very kinky person. Next she started teasing her own pussy, but only until she had enough natural lubrication for fingers to be able to easily enter her asshole. By the time she could fit 4 fingers of her left hand inside her ass, her right hand left her nipples, and started to directly stimulate her clitoris, which was making her pleasure grow on a crescendo, until she finally came, almost like she had fireworks shooting out from the inside. Together with the apex of pleasure, came some of her memories, which was what Frank was after all along.


    Blair was a girl with a very high class upbringing, which made her repressed in many ways. She only started to experiment with her own body after she started college, but she still found it very difficult to express herself sexually in healthy ways. The somewhat extreme masturbation sessions were less to do with her liking sudden peaks of pain and pleasure duality, and more with being afraid of what would happen if she got found indulging in her deepest fantasies. And that was what Frank was after the whole afternoon. And how could anyone ever think, that what would be needed to take the heart of the most sought after girl in the whole campus, would be a very fit, yet voluptuous latina.


    After he recovered from the orgasm, Frank left Blair to deal with cleaning herself, and went home. Now that he knew what he needed, he could finally start planning on how to get his hands on Blair.


    Frank spent the rest of the week trying out new bodies, both male and female. In the span of a week he went from someone that hadn't even kissed a girl, to someone that had had sex with the most varied sort of people, from being one of the most invisible students on campus, to being football stars, cheerleaders and such. It was intoxicating. He also took his time studying which students would be the best to compose the most perfect muse for Blair. He was certain that he could merge with enough people that he, or at the time, she, he guessed, would be irresistible for her, and no one would be able to do anything to stop him, since the world would bend itself for him, and him alone.


    The very start of the next week was when he decided to start his hunt. The first target was Frank. He loved his friend like a brother, but by taking into himself a very fit man, it’d make it easier to find the other women he needed to turn himself into a proper buxom latina later. He had just come downstairs for breakfast when Frank pounced. Frank loved the feeling of sinking inside his friend, all the while sticking himself deep into his mind. When he came to, the new Trent held a very unusual smile he knew that soon Monica would be knocking, which was very good indeed.

    After he finished breakfast, he heard the knock.


    “Come in!” exclaimed him, excited by the perverse prospect of making his friend possess his own girlfriend


    “Morning, honey. How’re you doing today?”, said Monica, entering the kitchen.


    “Just finishing breakfast, sit down, I’ll be right there”


    With that, he finished setting the eggs and toast on both plates, and laid them on the table. But before he sat, he helped himself to his new girlfriend’s mouth, only he didn't stop at the kiss. He sank right in, face first into Monica’s flesh, and took it for himself. Surprisingly, Monica had really big breasts, which were usually hidden under the large sweaters she always wore, but what she added more than anything else to Blair’s dream woman, was the fact that while she was the only latino girl he knew, she probably knew others.


    “Damm, these are nice!”, he said while pawing at his new breasts and his plush derrière.


    He was still not used to all the new moving parts that come with being a woman, but he knew that he had her motor skills, so he wouldn’t need to worry about walking in heels, or with his new center of gravity. He stood up, and went straight to his new car, stopping only at a mirror near the house entrance, to check if his makeup was alright after having another face shoved through it. With three parts in the merge, he was now taller than he was as himself, though he had plans to fix the increased height making his ass and boobs look smaller than on Monica’s slighter frame. He never noticed, but Monica had beautiful almond shaped brown eyes, which almost made him feel guilty for stealing the lives of his friends, but he knew that it was for a good purpose.


    He got to the car, and spent a few moments searching where his next target would be. Frank had gotten better at looking for specific information in his host’s brain, he didn’t even need the spikes of pleasure to dislodge them a bit anymore. Great, Angelica, Monica’s roommate, and his next target should be returning from the gym very soon.


    Returning to his new house was weird. He had never actually been there, but Trent had, and Monica lived here, so he had second and third degrees familiarity with it. While he and Frank lived in Trent's late grandparents’ old house, Monica and Angelica lived in a two bedroom apartment. It was very neat and tidy compared to his usual home, but he guessed that it didn’t really matter, soon, all the people living in both houses would be him, so he could decide to live in either of them, whenever he wanted to. He arrived a few minutes before his target, so he turned on the TV and waited in the living room.


    “Monica! I wasn’t expecting to see you here by now!”, said Angelica after opening the door, holding her gym duffel bag. Angelica was what could be described as an amazon. She was 5 foot 9, and had a delicious set of muscles, paired with large breasts and wide hips. Frank knew that he’d absolutely need her to become a part of him for Blair to give him a chance. “Weren’t you going to go to class early today?”


    “Yeah, but something came up, so I decided to stay at home, and wait for my bestie.”


    “Awwn, love you too girl. I’d hug you, but I'm disgusting right now, so I'll be right back.” and she went to take a bath.


    It was all going according to plan, Monica knew that Angelica would turn on the shower a couple of minutes before actually entering it, and at that point, the dorr would still be unlocked, meaning he’d have the perfect chance to take her over.


    He walked to the bathroom door and opened it.


    Angelica looked even better naked. Her abs, hips and toned thighs, together with her round nipples were still glistening a bit of sweat, it was like seeing a gold skinned angel.


    “Dios mio! Monica, what are you doing here? Get out, now! I'm about to take a shower”.


    “Come on Angie, didn’t you say you wanted to give me a hug, come here!”, he said before lounging at her


    As far as Angelica knew, one moment she was startled by her friend, the next, the same friend was diving into her belly. After she was completely inside, she noticed that she was suddenly clothed with Monica’s entirely too tight outfit, which really became a problem as she noticed that she started expanding. The first thing that burst were the shoes, Monica’s closed off heels definitely weren’t made to take Angelica’s bigger feet, even less so the even bigger ones she got as she started growing, then her jeans shorts ripped on the ass and thighs, followed by the shirt ripping right from the middle of the chest. She stopped growing in seconds, but the most dramatic change was mental. After she stopped growing, Angelica realized that she was actually Frank. She was filled with glee at her plan having worked. Now that she was as perfect as she thought she could get, she decided that she would take Angelica’s name and identity for good, and it was as if a switch had activated in her mind. She noticed how she had started thinking about herself as a woman, which had never happened before, so she supposed that she had done something extremely right.


    The sight that graced her eyes when she looked in the bathroom mirror was nothing short of breathtaking. She was now 6 foot, Trent’s and her muscles combined into a muscular goddess, who even had an hourglass figure. She noticed the ripped clothes, and flexed her muscles to see them ripping even more, before taking off those tatters. She was really sad about the shoes, she really liked them, but thought that it was inevitable. Every time Frank had possessed anyone else, everyone involved were wearing clothes, so they merged together, meaning that whenever they ended up growing, there was still cloth to compensate for the bigger size, unlike, who had Angelica been naked. She finally entered the shower to wash away the grime from the gym session she had been on before returning home, and took advantage of it to explore every inch of her new shape


    When she woke up, Blair wasn't expecting anything different from any other listless day. Sure, she had that sudden need to enjoy herself in the restroom last week, but that was a one time thing. Usually, she would never risk being seen by anyone, it could tarnish her reputation, and she couldn’t have that happening. Which is why, when Angelica entered the classroom, it felt like she got a punch to the stomach.


    It was amazing, she wondered how she never noticed her before. It was as she had always been blind, and finally could see that divinity walked amongst them. She had never seen anyone that hot in real life, and she thought that with full understanding that almost the whole college openly lusted for her. This was it, she made a decision, screw the Baxter’s reputation. She absolutely need-


    “Hey there Blair.”, a goddess said to her.


    “H-hey, Angelica, h-how’re you doing today.” she answered, before noticing that she had never felt quite that nervous before, especially as she noticed Angelica lowering herself to speak close to her ears.


    “All the better now that you’re here, I've been thinking, what would a girl need to do, to be shoulder deep in your thighs?”


    “!!!!!!!!” Blair really wasn't expecting that. Most people that tried hitting on her did it after spending a long time trying to gather courage, they thought she was way too out of their league, and the rest were complete assholes about it, so it was the first time anyone had been this honest and direct with her. For a girl this hot, this was the cherry on the top.


    “Well, I'm free tonight, do you want to go anywhere?”


    “Oh, sugar, then get ready, cause I will rock. Your. World.”, she said, leaving to her seat, before stopping, looking at her and saying:


    “Ah, I'm going to have to be Frank with you, you can just call me Angie, Angelica is too formal for anyone that looks like you, sugar.”


    And so they went on.

No more chapters.

Eb18 ∙ 19 April 2023

Hey jibaky. Firstly I want to thank you for taking on the story. It's always exciting to see a different authors take and the style the use to deliver a particular story. The story, though more straightforward and simple, is still very creative, very fun to read and hot. Also most importantly, it delivers on what has been requested, to a satisfactory manner, though not spare of some minor and major criticisms. Minor - I thought the story could do with a touch of extra polish in its presentation and also could have benefited from the addition of some flair or quirkness that was present in flashes. Minor - Certain sections of the story also delved a bit too deeply into exposition which at times, severely undercutting the storytelling aspect of the story. Its makes sense that the reader needs to understand the mechanics of what's unfolding and how, but this could have been done by introducing these things a lot more subtly and gradually. As the expression goes its better to show than to tell. Major - the pacing bordered on being a bit too fast but was saved by the overall execution of the story being very good. But again, I would encourage you to slow things down for future stories and really spend time building things up. Major - I thought the ending was also rather disappointingly abrupt when things appeared to be transitioning too the next part. I hope this is only indication of good things to come from this particular story in terms of an additional part or future installment describing the interaction between Blair and the MC. Certainly Frank hasn't won over Blair yet, though its hinted at and I would still like to see how things unfold. I am only one of the main benefactors of this story so I hope all parties are satisfied with the length and overall result considering the investment. But yeah excellent job. I'm happy.

Eb18 ∙ 19 April 2023

Oh yeah, last thing because I like to be as comprehensive as possible, lol. The one thing that appears to have been completely glossed over from the original commission is the description of the party. Again the ending was very abrupt so I hope this can be a feature in a future installment. Also, Frank didn't technically fully win over of Blair yet. So pleassse put me out of misery and consider doing another part?

jibaky Author ∙ 20 April 2023

Hey, thank you for the kind words, and for the criticism. This is actually the first erotic story i've ever written, and the first time i've written a story in english, so it's good seeing that there are parts of it that you liked. that probably explains some of the problems you talked about. A few things i can say bout the ending, i'm going to be honest with you, I was so worried about making the story make sense, and to comply with what i remembered in the request that i honestly forgot about the party setting, which is why i made it a normal classroom meeting, next time i write anything like this, i'll probably keep the request open on the side, so i can reference it, and not forget about anything, and on the topic of blair and the new angelica's interaction, i was really scared of writing that. I don't have any idea about how women go about flirting with each other, so i chose to not write it for a bit. I might come back to it eventually, maybe have angelica possess some other people for seduction experience, while trying to make her relationship with blair work beyond the ken of just having wild sex, since the way i wrote blair, even after rebelling enough against her upbringing to admit that she enjoys looking and touching other women, she would still find it difficult to actually begin a serious thing with one. These are all things i'd realy rather do when i have more experience writing, since as you said, i do have a hard time with not being overly expositive and too direct, its what put me off of getting any of the good ideas i've seen in this site, thinking i wouldnt do it justice, though i also suppose that not doing anything would probably not help me with that. I will come back to it, since i really liked the setting that was commissioned, but not for at least one or two months, since i'm getting to the exams part of college, so i'll have less time to just laze around and write porn

Eb18 ∙ 20 April 2023

Hey no problem. For English not being your main language and this being your first story this is about a million times better than anything I could have written. I'm sure with even more practice you will be somebody who is seasoned in no time. What's crazy is that I was sure I've seen you put out something before but then I realised it's because I've seen you regularly comment on a different platform. Good taste btw. But yeah I wish you good luck with school and hope to see more from you soon. If you don't mind I would like to hit you up and chat with you some more.

Jkelley ∙ 28 April 2023

Cool premise, and nice character building. Woulda been cool to get more descriptions on the process of take overs, and to make the character less OP since it feels like franks on god mode atm haha. Thanks for writing!

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