Body Rentals - Elle Gets Controlled

Story created by VexenFox ∙ 11 September 2023

Elle's friend Sarah has gotten ahold of a prototype device which allows one person to take control of another, seeing and feeling the world from another body. Told from the perspective of Elle, in this chapter Sarah takes control of her body and plays around in her room.

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  • Body Rentals - The Hidden Story

    Chapter written by NightOwl005 ∙ 16 April 2022

    The story of what Ben got up to while in Elle's body.

  • I

    My heart was pounding in my chest as I picked up the helmet from my sister’s room. I was confused at first when I came in yesterday to see her fondling herself like that, but then I saw Sarah on the bed with this helmet on. I’ve heard of these before but never have I thought that Elle would be interested in this kind of thing.

    I looked at my sister’s sleeping form as I held the helmet in my hands. It was almost 10:00am and yet Elle was still asleep while mom and Stacy were out running errands and wouldn’t be back until dinner. Elle may have been my older sister, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have thoughts about her before, I would also be lying if I said I wasn’t curious what it would be to be a girl even if it wasn’t Sarah.

                Elle stirred and I quickly left her room to the privacy of my own. I sat down on my bed, the helmet clutched in my hands. I was breathing heavily as I considered what I was about to do. Yes, she was my sister, but at the same time I was really curious as to how this would work out. My clock on the side of my bed beeped, it was 10:00am and I could hear movement from Elle’s bedroom as she woke up.

                I took a breath when I placed the helmet on my head. There was tingling sensation, followed by my body going numb. Briefly, darkness filled my vision.

                I gasped as Elle’s room came around me. I glanced around, not able to believe what was happening. Elle’s boobs dominated my sight when I looked down and I couldn’t help but poke at them through her shirt and bra. They were less soft than I would thought they would be.

                I giggled, bouncing on Elle’s toes before groaning when I felt a soreness in her back. “Forgot to turn off the pain.” I muttered, feeling some slight disconnect at hearing Elle’s voice instead of my own. Still, it was interesting to know that women with big boobs did experience back pain. I felt little bad for some anime women when I realized that.

                I looked up from Elle’s breasts and noticed the mirror standing against her wall. I smiled as I walked closer to it. I stopped when I felt a tingling sensation between my legs.

                I looked down, past Elle’s chest, and knew immediately where it was coming from and what it meant. Hesitantly, I placed Elle’s hand over her crotch and gasped when I felt a surge of electricity run through me. The sensation was hampered somewhat by that annoying ache in Elle’s back.

                I gritted my teeth and stood up straight before the mirror. I then woke up back in my room and reached around to find the switch that controlled pain. After disabling it, I laid back again and retook control of my confused sister.

                I woke up to her holding her phone with her thumb hovering over the option to call Sarah. I smiled, “Nice try sis.” Before tossing her phone aside. While meeting with Sarah could be fun, right now I think I wanted to have some time with Elle, you know as her brother.

                I walked around her room, her body felt much lighter than my own and now that I disabled the pain, I enjoyed the feeling of those breasts of hers bouncing up and down. I shivered as I felt things get wet between my legs again.

                I grinned at the mirror; the thought already present in my mind. “Time to fuck myself I guess.”

                I sat down in front of the mirror; my legs spread. While Elle didn’t have the most beautiful legs, every boy I knew still thought they were nice. I wasn’t too big of a fan that Elle kept her nails plain, I’d have to change that later.

                The wetness in Elle’s pussy grew as I reached down and pulled off her panties. I was slightly disgusted at the sight of her pubic hair, but right now it didn’t seem so important. Just something else I would have to change later.

                I felt the panties in between my fingers, my pussy tingling with anticipation. I had sniffed her panties before, hers and Stacy’s, but they were already cleaned by the time I got the chance. This is the first time I got to sniff one while they were being worn.

                I brought the forbidden treasure to my nose and took a deep sniff. It smelled nice and got this body even more aroused than it already was. I dropped the panties and smirked at the mirror, “You know Elle? I always thought we could get closer.” I whispered as I slipped two fingers into her pussy.

                The pleasure came instantly, and I involuntarily sucked in a sharp breath and let out a loud moan. I’m not sure if this was better than wanking with my dick, but I can say that it was very different than doing so.

                I stared at myself as I masturbated in Elle’s body. Seeing my sister making those lewd faces in the mirror, and the emotions that built up in me. I didn’t last long as Elle’s body soon came, the juices splashing against the mirror. I crawled over and licked them from the mirror, they tasted sweet.

                I smiled, knowing that Elle would have killed me if she knew what I just did. Thankfully, one of my friends had told me about the option to turn off her memory while I was in control. I should thank Tyler would telling me that.

                Leaving her panties behind, I left Elle’s room and wandered into my own to find my body still passed out on my bed. I took a step back when I saw the tent that had formed in my pants.

                I’m not sure if that was one of my body’s normal erections it got while asleep, or if my body somehow sensed my experience while in Elle’s body and reacted accordingly. I stepped towards my body and was delighted at the arousal Elle’s pussy was getting. Hesitantly, I reached out and prodded at my penis through my pants. It jumped to Elle’s touch and was straining against my pants. I laughed, “Time to really fuck myself!”

                I unzipped my pants and pulled both them and my underwear off. My penis springing forth from my body, pointing directly at Elle’s face, inviting. I always wanted a blowjob.

                My penis filled Elle’s mouth and I could feel how warm it was. It had a salty kind of taste that grew stronger as I sucked it. My body didn’t give a reaction, understandable all things considering, but it was strange sucking off someone who didn’t move. Already, I could taste a little precum. With her left hand, I began rubbing Elle’s vagina in time with every bob of her head against my dick.

                I grabbed my own testicles with Elle’s hand and began massaging them. Although I wasn’t in my body my testicles still reacted and shrank while I felt my dick twitch in Elle’s mouth as I continued sucking myself.

                There was no warning when my dick gave in and semen came bursting forth, filling my mouth immediately with their salty taste. I released my own cock and moaned softly as Elle’s body had another orgasm.

                I collapsed against my bed and watched as my own dick deflated before my eyes. While it was interesting giving a blowjob, I think I would have more fun being on the receiving end of one in the future. Oh well, I though putting my pants and underwear back on my body, something for another time.

                But now it was time to do what I came in here to do. My own phone was still charging by my bed, and I grabbed it and texted the group chat my friends were in, telling them to come around noon to see something interesting.

                Matt texted back almost immediately. What should we bring?

                I thought for a second. Mom and Stacy were out getting things for dinner and shopping for winter clothes. They wouldn’t be back until well after noon, but I think I wanted to keep Elle’s body for myself for a while.

                I pondered a moment before typing, Just have Tyler drive you guys by my house in his van. You won’t be sorry. ;)

                Tyler replied. Fine. But it better be worth it, otherwise you’re paying for gas.

                I grinned. He had no idea. Don’t worry, I replied, it will be. ;)

                Kevin, always the slowest to respond, buzzed in right as I was about to put my phone down. K. was his simple response.

                I smiled as I kissed my sleeping form on the lips (probably would have been more satisfying receiving than giving) before heading back to Elle’s room.

                I still had about thirty minutes before Tyler and the others got here so I decided to have a little fun. Elle didn’t have a password on her phone, using a fingerprint identifier instead. While that stopped me before, since I was in her body, I had her fingerprint and so much more.

                The phone opened and I turned it to camera. I elected to put her pants and panties back on for effect. Elle was really going to freak when she saw this.

                I pressed record on the camera.

    I smiled, “Hiiii.” I said in a voice I knew would upset Elle. “Want to see what I’ve been up to?”

    I waved to the camera, feeling silly. “I’ve been having sooo much fun as you.” I said, still exaggerating Elle’s voice to be way more girly, “But I thought I’d make this video, so you get to enjoy some of it too! Isn’t that sooo nice of me?”

    Arousal began building between my legs, and the tips of Elle’s toes were beginning to feel tingly with anticipation. “I love this girly body of yours, Elle. It’s amazing what you can get away with when you have a face like this.”

    That last part was a bit of lie, at the moment at least. After letting her watch this, I was going to find out what I could get away with using Elle’s face.

    I looked down, staring at my sister’s tits. While they looked and felt great, discounting the back pain, they were a nightmare when I tried to pull off her shirt. I actually heard it rip slightly when I pulled it over my head. Oh well, maybe I can use Elle’s face to get away with getting a new shirt.

    But the shirt was for later. Right now, the only thing that mattered to me were those boobs of her. Kept in place nicely by her bra. I wanted to take it off, but you know, it might be interesting to know how boobs felt like both with and without a bra.

    I grabbed them in my hands and gave them a squeeze. They were hard, but sensitive. I let out a soft moan as I began rubbing my hands over Elle’s bra and in between the valley of her breasts. The wetness in my legs was growing more intense as I did that.

    Now that I felt boobs with a bra it was time to see how they felt without one. The only problem now was getting her bra off. I tried to find the clip at the back, and while I felt where it was, I was at a loss for how to get it off. No matter, I’ll just take off the bra like I did the shirt then.

    I grabbed it from beneath Elle’s breasts and pulled up. I had the pain blocked, but I still felt the bra catch on one of her now hard nipples. Oh well, that’s Elle’s problem for when she wakes up, not mine.

    “Oooweee!” I declared when I finally removed that wretched thing from Elle’s body. I tossed it to the side as the moisture between my legs was growing stronger. I glanced down, something needed to be done about that. I reached into her pants, into her underwear, and wiggled her fingers around in there. I grunted, trying to hold back from cumming again as waves of arousal shot through me when Elle’s hands grazed against her vagina. I smiled as I retracted her hand before putting those fingers in her mouth and enjoying the taste of her vagina.

    That was when another thought came to me. Elle had always said I was a little too old to be playing with legos, that I was immature for my age. Well, if she thought I was immature, than I guess she’ll see what that means.

    Her finger was still wet when I shoved it into her ear and gave her a wet willy. Again, I felt no pain, but it was certainly interesting to feel pressure and cold dampness in her ear with nothing else. Next, was something I knew would really disgust Elle. I stuck her finger in her nose before pulling out a decent size glob of… well you know.

    I smiled at the camera in what I hoped was an evil way before shoving it into her mouth. I regretted the decision immediately. For whatever reason, I thought turning off pain would turn off the taste of that awful thing in my mouth, but it didn’t. I tried not to wince or show any discomfort as I swallowed the thing. Gross, I could still feel it as it slid down Elle’s throat.

    I needed to get that awful taste out of my mouth, and what better way to do it than getting naked. I slipped off Elle’s pants before pulling off her underwear. While I had gone without panties earlier, it felt nice feeling Elle’s privates exposed to the air again.

    I grinned as I waved them infront of the camera, “Lookie here!” I said, “I’ve got your panties, Elle! Or are they my panties?”

    Oh man was she going to be pissed.

    I raised those panties to my face and took another deep sniff of them. Relishing in the newfound scent that came from her body cumming earlier. “Mmmmm,” I said, exaggerating the sound, “feels even better in your body.” I said before raising an eyebrow. Despite myself, I couldn’t help but laugh, Elle couldn’t even do that!

    “This is sooo great! I can make you do anything! I wish I could see your face when you watch this. I bet it would look something like…” I started making faces at the camera. Elle’s face was surprisingly flexible, at least I’ve never seen her make faces so exaggerated like the ones I was forcing her to make.

    I pulled her mouth back in a frown, her eyes wide. I laughed and changed her face so her mouth was a wide O but her eyes were squinted in disgust. The last face was one I’ve seen around, with her tongue sticking out and her eyes staring upwards at the ceiling. If you know what this, you know. I crossed her eyes and pulled at her eyelids. That must’ve been slightly uncomfortable for Elle, but I felt nothing.

    You know? I wonder if Elle ever knew what her vagina looked like? I grabbed her phone and moved it downwards. I think she deserves to see how great her privates were, even if they needed a shave.

    I tapped her foot on the floor, enjoying the feeling of it against her bare feet. “Hmmm,” I thought, “what to do, what to do?”

    In the reflection of her phone, I saw her window. My heart was beating fast as I realized that Tyler and the others would be here in a few minutes.

    “I kind of feel like going for a walk.” I said, putting my hands on my hips, “I better exercise your body while I’m borrowing it, right? Wouldn’t want you getting fat!”



    I ran to her window, completely ignoring her pile of discarded clothes on the floor. I set down the phone, trying to get a good angle for it before opening her window and hopping out. I landed on the grass and was shocked at how great it felt against Elle’s feet.

    The wind, while slightly cold, also felt nice against this naked body. I could feel her nipples harden from the cold. I looked around, most of the houses around were dark despite the time, but I did see some lights. I didn’t, however, see anyone looking through those windows. Maybe I should give them something to stare at.

    I started skipping, spreading those legs wide with every step I took a few times I felt a rock poke at me, but it was nothing more than a vague awareness. There was also the fact that her boobs bounced with every step. I didn’t want to think about the pain I would’ve felt had I not turned that off, but those big bouncing boobs were even better than her bare feet against the grass. It also, I noticed, attracted the attention of some of our neighbors. I saw the face of one of the neighbor’s kids at the window, his curious expression soon turning wide eyed in a mixture of fear and surprise.

     I smiled at him before rolling forward on the lawn. Trying to roll over anyway. Her boobs were too heavy, and I landed directly on her face. So glad the pain was gone. But now that I was one the ground maybe some push-ups would be nice.

    I tried, but Elle wasn’t well known for her athletic abilities. I barely managed to get halfway before I collapsed and was out of breath. Pain might have been disabled but I could feel her exhaustion. “YOU’RE SO WEAK!” I shouted, “I KNEW GIRLS WERE WEAK, BUT WOW!”

    Some more of the neighbors were watching Elle’s body now. Some were children, some adults who watched with shocked expressions. Elle’s problem not mine.

    That was when I heard a low rumbling, followed by the sound of wheels against the street. That would be Tyler. I grinned as I stood up and began stretching before the street, allowing the world to see my sister’s naked form.

    The van slowed as it drove by. I saw Kevin and Matt stare at me from the side windows, mouths open. The van nearly halted when Tyler turned to see “me”. I grinned and waved, turning around, and bending down so they could get a good view of Elle’s ass.

    Distantly, I heard Matt say, “Well that is interesting.” Followed by several clicks and a few flashes of one of their phones.

    Then the van drove off.

    Well, that was one debt paid.

    I turned to the houses where I saw several people still watching me. I grinned as I gave each of them a deep bow and wiggled Elle’s boobs slightly before heading inside.

    “That was fun!” I declared, closing the door behind me. “The neighbors had a good show too, isn’t that nice?”

    Elle’s body was aroused. All the people staring really made it excited. I wonder how many are thinking about her now. I didn’t have to put much thought as to what Tyler and the others would be doing once they reached Matt’s house.

    I collapsed on the couch. Elle’s heartrate falling. Absently, one hand went to her breast and began playing with the nipple that was caught on the bra while the other went to her vagina. I moaned as I played with Elle’s pussy. Thinking of all those people staring at me – well not me but you know – like that really got me going. I didn’t last long, and Elle’s juices came flowing out of me.

    I stretched out on the couch. Elle’s body was warm despite the cool air outside. Her mouth felt dry too, I needed something to cool down. I got up and went to the freezer and retrieved an ice cream cone. I told Elle I didn’t want to get fat while in her body and you know what? I think that workout deserves a good ice cream.

    The treat felt nice and cool against’s Elle’s belly. I shivered as the cool shocked this body, sending tingles from her shoulders down to her toes. I dragged the cone down her grass-stained body and in between her legs. I took in a breath before driving it into her vagina.

    “Ahh!” I moaned, closing her legs on reflex “Ooh! Ah!”

    That was cold!

    I took the ice cream from her vagina and began licking it. It didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would and her pussy began quivering as it slowly recovered from the shock I gave it. The cone began melting in my hand, some of it falling off and landing on those lovely thighs of hers. The last bit of the ice cream had melted to the point where it slid into the cone.

    “Oh no you don’t.” I muttered, turning the cone over and grabbing the last clump of melted ice cream.

    I made my way back to the couch and inserted the ice cream into her vaginal opening. “AAAHHHH!” I yelped as I forced it into Elle’s body.

    Involuntarily, her legs closed together, and her free hand went to her vagina, covering it as though it would do anything against the cold. I moaned as it melted inside of her and felt it slip out in liquid form, some of it making its way between her butt cheeks.

    I lay there panting as the coldness receded. I thought about masturbating in her body again, before thinking about letting her wake up like this. How would she react to waking up like this?

    I made my way to her room and found her phone right where I left it on the window. Crap! It was still recording! Oh well, I thought as I turned it around, might be best if Elle didn’t know what just happened.

    “Well, that was a fun workout!” I said, grinning, “So fun I feel like I actually earned all that ice cream afterwards. Hope it doesn’t make you feel sick!” For effect I patted her belly, even though barely any of the ice cream was eaten.

    I thought back to how if she was able to see her body and decided to give her the sight of her body. I brought the phone down to her body where it rested on her vagina, I could still feel some of the ice cream there and between her butt cheeks. “Thought I’d have some fun with it too.” I said, bringing the phone back up and winking at it.

    I raised her eyebrow just to annoy her and said, “There’s a lot about your body I think you don’t know, because you never had the balls to try.” I flicked her wounded nipple again just for the heck of it, make her more aroused when she got up. “But I’m going to have some more fun without you now. Be good, and maybe I won’t make you do anything too bad. Hehe!”

    After that I cut the connection and woke up in my own bed in my own room. With my own tent in my pants again.

    I went over to the wall and listened as Elle regained consciousness and began playing the recording I left her. As quietly as I could, I pulled out my penis and began jerking off as I listened to the recording of myself in my sister’s body. I came around the time I was doing yoga in the front lawn and waited for Elle to finish watching the recording before putting the helmet back on.

    I was back in her room, staring at the now finished video I left her. “Oh, you thought that was it? No… you’re mine until dinner.”

    Then I made her black out.


    I decided now was the perfect time to go shopping to get Elle some new clothes, something I always thought she needed. Before that, I decided to go to the restroom and shave off the hair on her legs and vagina. The legs were a simple enough (if time consuming) process, but her vagina was another thing. I struggled with the razor, enjoying the motion of it against Elle’s body, but I still had to be careful. True, I couldn’t feel pain, but I wasn’t a sadist to give my sister a cut on her vagina.

    Once that was done, I colored her nails using Stacy’s kit that she kept in the bathroom. I did her toenails first and definitely put too much black in them. The fingernails on the other hand, I did quite well.

    In the end, as I admired my handiwork in the bathroom mirror, I decided I did a good job and went to the store in Elle’s car. Of course, I didn’t bother with her panties and bra (didn’t help that I don’t know how to put the wretched thing on) and chose a light yellow shirt that revealed a decent amount of her cleavage.

    I got down and headed immediately for the women’s clothing section, bending over as I looked at the various options laid out before me.

    “Elle?” an older female voice asked.

    I turned to see Ms. Miller standing there. I smiled as I remembered seeing her face looking at Elle’s body through the window. She looked at me, her eyes trailing from Elle’s face to her boobs. She let out a gasp and took a step back when he noticed this body wasn’t wearing a bra.

    “Hiya Ms. Smith!” I said, holding out Elle’s hand, “How’s it going?”

    Her face twisted, eyes shifting to the various clothing around me, reluctantly she grabbed my hand. “It’s going well.”

    I shook her hand vigorously, causing Elle’s breasts to jiggle slightly. Ms. Smith’s face turned a deep color of red. Guess I owed Kevin twenty dollars; he was right that Ms. Smith was a lesbian.

    “That was quite a show you put on earlier.” She said, taking back her hand.

    I smiled as I bent over, giving her access to see Elle’s boobs as they hung from her body. “Well?” I asked, “What did you think?”

    Ms. Smith coughed into her hand, “I gotta go!” she said, swiftly turning around and running in the opposite direction.

    I laughed as I saw a very sexy and short denim skirt that I knew Elle would look good in. I also picked out some heels and a revealing tank top. I headed for the changing rooms and was taken aback by the teen boy they had looking over the place. His eyes widened when he saw me walking towards him.

    “Any room open?” I asked.

    Mouth slightly open, he handed me a key, “Room five.” He said breathlessly.

    “Thank you very much!” I said, swiping the key from him.

    Once inside I stripped off Elle’s clothing and stared at her through the mirror. She was looking better now that her body hair was gone. Absently, I ran a hand down where her pubic hair used to be and smiled at how smooth it was.

    Sadly, I couldn’t have my usual amount of fun here, but I thought back to the boy outside the door and realized there was some other fun that could be had.

    I put on her new change of clothes and walked outside. Earlier, the boy merely looked at this body with an open mouth, now his eyes looked like they were ready to pop from his sockets.

    I laughed as I bent down and whispered in what I hoped was seductive, “What do you think?”

    He swallowed, “Looks… looks… great.” Came the breathless reply.

    I laughed as I went back inside to change her clothes and brought them to the cashier. It was a slow day today and I was the one in line as the cashier, a middle-aged balding man, entered in the items.

    “That’ll be eighty dollars.” He said.

    I smiled. It wasn’t my money I was burning, but I wanted to see if I could somehow lower the price. I leaned against the counter, my finger bringing down my shirt. “Is that right?” I asked.

    The cashier took a step back. “Ma’am,” he said, “it costs eighter dollars.”

    I wiggled my chest at him and stuck out my tongue, “Really?” I whispered, “You’re going to charge me that much?”

    He hesitated, his eyes staring at Elle’s cleavage, “Seventy.”

    Slowly, I wiggled Elle’s waist and continued to stare at him. I almost laughed at how red in the face he was getting and how clearly uncomfortable he was. “Sixty.”

    My right hand went to my breast and began messaging it. As I wasn’t wearing a bra, there was a lot of freedom to the movement that both he and I were able to appreciate. Slowly, quietly, I began moaning.

    “Fifty!” he nearly yelled, “No less!”

    I smirked; it was a done deal.


    I changed in the car, giving any lucky passerby a glance at a naked body. Sadly, I was bit preoccupied with the tank top to see if anyone was staring. It was 3:00pm when I turned on the car, mom and Stacy should be back by now.

    I called mom.

    “Hello?” came her reply.

    “Hi mom.”

    She sounded annoyed over the phone, “Elle where the hell are you?” she asked, “The house is a mess and your sister and I need help with dinner.”

    “Sorry mom.” I replied, “I was doing some shopping.”

    “Well, you should have done that later!” she replied, “Come home, dinner’s almost ready.

    I grinned as I started Elle’s car.


    The door was unlocked and both mom and Stacy turned to stare at me as I marched in wearing the new clothes I had gotten Elle.

    “Elle what are you wearing?” my mother demanded.

    “Something to get me laid, of course.” I said, laughing at my mother’s shocked expression.

    “Looks like something a boy thinks a girl would dress.” Stacy said.

    “So it looks good?” I asked.

    “No!” Stacy replied, “You wouldn’t see anyone else wearing that.”

    “Because no one else is as sexy as me!” I declared.

    Mom’s face was priceless, but Stacy looked like she was beginning to suspect something. That was when I remembered that she too knew some things about this Body Rentals stuff. Couldn’t have her spilling the beans about anything yet.

    “Hey Stacy,” I said getting closer to her, “Did I ever tell you how much I loved you?”

    Her eyes darted around the room, I could see the gears turning in her head, “What are you talking about?”

    I attacked.

    I went for her waist, my fingers flying across her body. She let out a yelp that quickly turned into laughter as I forced her to the floor with me falling on top of her. Blessedly, for me, I managed to land on her tits and decided to have some more fun by running my hands over them.

    “Oh!” Stacy cried out, “Elle what are you doing?!”

    “Elle! No!” mom shouted.

    I felt her hands grab me by my side and struggled as she forced me to a standing position. I managed to wiggle free and decided it might be best to leave Elle to deal with this situation alone. But… not before causing some more trouble.

    On the table, mom had already set up some of the food, including a bowl of mashed potatoes that now had Elle’s hand in it. Have fun Elle, I thought, returning to my body.


    I had mom and Stacy when I opened my eyes. I giggled as I hid the helmet in my cupboard where hopefully no one would notice. I thought for a bit on what to do when I grabbed my phone and started typing in the group chat.

    So? What did you think? I asked.

    Matt replied instantly, Did you blackmail her or something!?

    Before I could finish typing a reply, Tyler sent a message, I wish I got to see more.

    No I didn’t blackmail her. I sent, That was me in her body.

    There was a moment of silence before Tyler typed, Body Rentals? I didn’t think Elle would be interested in that.

    It’s not hers, but it’s still connected to her. I replied, Anyway, I was wondering if you guys can come to school early tomorrow for…reasons.

    Fun reasons? Matt asked.

    I smiled, already trying to figure what Elle should wear. Yes. Fun reasons.

    I always wondered if Kevin purposely responds last. K. was all he wrote.

    I grinned as I placed down my phone before my door burst open and Elle stood in my door frame. I jumped out of reflex before noticing my cupboard door was hanging slightly ajar. Hopefully Elle didn’t see me glance at it.

    “What are you doing in here?” I demanded.

    “Mum sent me up to get you for dinner.” Elle replied. I would’ve slapped myself if Elle wasn’t there. I was just downstairs (well my conscious anyway) I saw that dinner was almost ready! “What were you doing in there?” she asked, pointing to my cupboard.

    I swallowed. Crap, she did see.

    “None of your business!” I told her, “Tell her I’ll be right down.”

    I hoped that would make Elle turn away. She was never really interested in what I found interesting, thinking of me as just some immature kid in a highschoolers body. For a moment, she looked like she was about to leave when I noticed her eyes widening. Fuck me.

    “Show me what’s in the cupboard!” she demanded, trying to push past me.

    “No way!” I yelled, trying to block her.

    It’s funny. I felt so weak in her body earlier and I even felt how exhausted Elle’s body was when I was done with it. Somehow, somehow, she managed to push me back, causing me to fall on my bed while she opened the door to my cupboard.

    There was silence for a few seconds as I saw Elle’s cute face turn red with anger. “You fucking bastard!” she screamed, turning towards me, “How could you do that to me?!”

    I glanced away, trying to figure out a way out of this. “Oh, err, well… you know Elle. It was a lot of fun.” I smirked at her, “You do have a pretty rockin’ body.”

    That did it. She bared her teeth and charged at me. Or tried to. She wasn’t familiar with high heels (don’t ask how I knew how to walk in those) and stumbled when she got close to me. She tried to grab me as she fell, but I managed to dodge out of the way.

    “Hey, hey, take it easy Elle!” I chastised her, “Don’t chip a nail – I spent a lot of time getting those right today!”

    She growled as she pushed up from the floor and lunged at me. She moved faster than I expected and had me pinned down and started punching me. I’ve received a good few of Elle’s punches in my lifetime and these were nowhere near as strong as she could punch, seems the exhaustion was starting to get to her.

    There was a benefit to this. Despite the pain, there was cute girl on top of me wearing revealing clothing. So revealing, in fact, that I was able to admire those boobs of hers as they bounced right in front of my face. I smiled, not just to piss her off, not just because I had a good show, but also because Elle was so focused on punching me, she didn’t realize the helmet was right within my arms reach.

    I reached up quickly, expecting Elle to realize what was going on. For whatever reason she ducked her head as though she was expecting me to grab her. What an idiot! Like I would damage the beautiful face I was about to wear.

    I grabbed the helmet and pulled it towards me. Elle opened her eyes and realized what was happening. I grinned as I slid the helmet over my head and that was when Elle moved her hands and began squeezing my neck. My grin soon became clenched teeth as I felt my airways closing and saw the world beginning to darken around the edges of my vision.

    Elle was so preoccupied in trying to kill me in that moment that I don’t think she noticed my penis poking at her through my pants. Seems I was learning new things about myself as well. Thankfully, I managed to slip the helmet over my head and felt the transference take place.

    I let go of my own neck and wiggled Elle’s fingers. They were surprisingly strong, looks like I would need to take back my comment on girls being so weak. “Oh, you’re going to regret that!” I said, squeezing Elle’s neck with her fingers.

    Might not have been my best idea. The pain was disabled, of course, but I could still feel her body struggling to stop from strangling itself. Darkness began to cover the corners of Elle’s vision as I released my hold on my sister’s throat.

    “I have complete control of you.” I said, trying to sound calm despite the burning in Elle’s body that came from nearly suffocating her. “I don’t think you get it, Elle, I can make you do absolutely anything. – say absolutely anything!” I chuckled before loudly proclaiming, “I’m a stupid girl, and I’m really ugly and I pick my nose and eat it!”

    To prove a point, I brought her finger up and poked herself in the eye. There was pressure against the eye, but no pain. I also felt no compulsion to blink as I drew Elle’s finger to her eye. I wonder how painful that felt for her.

    Speaking of feeling.

    I reached down and pulled the thong further up, letting it stretch towards Elle’s ass. I clenched her vagina as the waves of pleasure coursed through this body. “And now, I’m going to go have dinner. See you in a minute!”


    I absent mindedly chewed on Elle’s thumbnail as I walked down the stairs, thinking about what I should do. Already, I had discarded her shoes in my room and was still planning when I came downstairs and saw that neither mom nor Stacy were there. I turned to the living room and saw that the bathroom light was on, someone must’ve been in there. Outside, I heard a muffled voice and saw mom and the phone. Maybe she was talking to the police about locating dad.

    Oh well, all this meant was that I had free reign of the area. I looked at the table and saw the bowl of mashed potatoes still sitting there from early. I grabbed a fistful and shoved them down both sides of Elle’s bra. I shivered as the coolness squished against her breasts, along with the new feeling of crampness that came from this. I stripped off her shirt, it only got in the way, and besides she wouldn’t be needing it right now.

    I tossed it to the side as I climbed on the table, grabbing one of the chicken legs and dipping it in the mashed potatoes in Elle’s bra. I brought it to my mouth and took a bite. Delicious.

    Next to go was the skirt, which I laughed when I saw it landed in the potato bowl. Wait, if the chicken tasted good in between her boobs, how would it taste coming from her underwear?

    I giggled as I slipped off Elle’s thong and used it to scoop up some of the potato before stuffing the whole thing, thong, and all, into her mouth. It was also delicious.

    I spat out the thong, once again landing in the bowl, and continued dancing on the table when I heard the toilet flushing from the restroom. Stacy was almost done. I glanced out the window and saw mom still talking on the phone, she looked like she was almost screaming now.

    In what I thought was a sexy way, I removed Elle’s bra and tossed it by the stairs when I heard the door to the restroom open soon followed by mom reentering the house. Naked, I took my seat by the table amongst Elle’s discarded clothing and allowed her to regain control for a bit.


    I laughed as I heard shouting from downstairs. “Who’s immature now Sis?” I whispered, continuing to laugh.

    I looked down at the helmet. “You really shouldn’t have attacked me sis, just saying.” I said as I placed it back on.

    Through Elle’s eyes, I saw mom and Stacy looking at me like I was crazy, which to be fair, they probably did think Elle lost her marbles.

    “Elle!” mom demanded, “Did something happen?”

    I grinned at her, “I just soo want to get fucked right now, mummy!” I moaned.

    Mom’s face looked as though I slapped her, Stacy wasn’t much better. “Excuse me young lady?”

    I climbed on the table, my hand going to Elle’s vagina. I began moaning as I stuck two fingers in there. “I just reeaaallllyyyy neeeeedddd iiiitttt muuuummm.” I moaned.

    “Get down from there!” mum screamed. “What’s wrong with you?”

    I looked at Stacy and saw her slowly coming to the realization. I winked at her, causing her eyes to widen. Let’s let Elle dwell on this for a second.


    I took off the helmet and took a few deep breaths as my own heart was racing. Am I really doing this? I held up the helmet to my eyes, and thought about how much trouble I could Elle in. The corners of my mouth twisted upwards as I slipped the helmet back over my head. No turning back now.


    Mum looked to have fled during the time Elle took over. Stacy was just standing there, staring.

    “Ben?” she asked.

    I climbed down from the table and moved towards my oldest sister. “I was wondering when you would find out.” I said, taking her hand in mine.

    She leaned back, trying to break away, but she wasn’t as strong as Elle, even if her body was exhausted. I pulled her close, our breasts pushing against each other.

    “We shouldn’t be doing this!” Stacy said, “This is wrong on so many levels!”

    “That’s why I want to do it.” I whispered, “Besides, I know how much this body turns you on.”

    Her face went scarlet and I saw her glance down at Elle’s breasts as they pushed against her body.

    She was breathless, confused. That was why I went for the first move and leaned forward to kiss her. This seemed to snap Stacy out of whatever trance she was in as I felt her hands exploring Elle’s body. I jumped as I felt her grip tighten on Elle’s ass.

    I broke the kiss, “You,” I breathed, her fingers still inside this body, “are so much better at that than me.”

    Her other hand went around Elle’s opening and now it was her turn to pull me closer. “I’m familiar with how they work.” She giggled.

    I whimpered as I felt her hands exploring further, my own hands trailed awkwardly against her body as she looked at me, a devilish grin on her face, and leaned down to suck on my nipple.

    “Ahh!” I moaned, jumping a little.

    Stacy pushed me towards Elle’s empty chair and sat me down, her tongue going from Elle’s breasts to her pussy. Before, I thought I experienced pleasure with just Elle’s hands and whatever else was around the house, but now I came almost immediately when I felt Stacy’s tongue licking Elle’s pussy.

    Her juices shot out, splashing Stacy as she pulled away. Now it was my turn to sit there, dazed, as Stacy began putting clothes back on Elle’s body. She only managed the skirt before I raised a hand, telling her to stop.

    “I love you.” I panted, struggling to get Elle’s body to its feet.

    “I love you too.” Stacy replied, drawing in for a kiss.


    I had to break connection to recover for a moment. Besides, I thought it would be nice of me to let Elle experience kissing someone for once before rebuilding the connection and jumping back in.

    “Sorry about that.” I said, winking at her.

    Stacy laughed, “How long have you been controlling her?”

    “Since this morning,” I replied, my hands going to Stacy’s waist. “Why?”

    “Curious.” She replied, “As to what kind of trouble a little kid would get into wearing a body like that.”

    I struggled not to growl. I am not a little kid!

    Stacy raised an eyebrow in a similar way I did in Elle’s body earlier. “Did I strike a nerve, little boy?” the way she whispered little boy made emotions run wild inside me.

    Thumbs hooked around her pants, I pulled down hard. Stacy didn’t blink, didn’t yelp, when I pulled down her pants and panties.

    She came closer to me, her mouth inches from mine. “I think I did.”

    She pulled in for the kiss, catching me off guard. Her hand pulling my head hard towards her and, involuntarily, Elle’s body twitched when her tongue was invading my mouth. I was surprised, which was why I initially resisted, until I realized what was happening and began exploring Stacy’s mouth with Elle’s tongue. She tasted like chicken.

    She broke the kiss and started laughing. “You sure you never kissed before, Ben?” she asked, “That was great!”

    I licked Elle’s lips; I could still taste Stacy on them. “You really think so?” I asked.

    Stacy nodded, pulling off her own shirt and bra. While Stacy wasn’t as blessed as Elle in the breast department, my eyes still widened when I saw those glorious tits being pulled free of their elastic prison and stared as they bounced briefly before falling into their natural resting position.

    “But are you good with anything else?” she asked.

    I smiled. I couldn’t believe this was happening! “Do you want to find out?” I asked.

    Her hand went to one Elle’s boobs, fingers gently teasing the damaged nipple. I shivered, Elle’s fingers and toes curling almost of their own will as waves of electricity passed through this body. Stacy stared at me with those dark eyes of hers, “How does this feel, little boy?”

    I was about to protest the nickname when her hand closed around Elle’s nipple, pulling it towards her. I threw my head back and moaned just as Stacy slid her fingers to Elle’s opening. I fought to regain composure, my mind at war with arousal. In the confusion, I managed to grab at Stacy’s boobs. She grunted as I gripped them roughly.

    “Who’s the little boy now?” I asked between moans.

    “Hah!” Stacy groaned, “You call that pleasure?”

    Her hand left Elle’s pussy and a moment later I cried out as something thick and cold began running down Elle’s body. “Ah!” I cried as it slipped between Elle’s breasts.

    “Ooh!” I continued as it crawled its way down Elle’s belly.

    I looked down to see Stacy was holding the cup of Gravy her and mom got. She gave me an evil grin, “Still a little boy.” She said.

    I ignored her as I reached for Elle’s breasts. Stacy was right in that this felt good, but in pouring the gravy she forgot to make sure it got everywhere. I was in the middle of spreading the gravy on Elle’s breast when I felt a coldness entering her vagina. That shocked me to the point where I briefly returned to my body before quickly returning to Elle’s.

    “What happened?” Stacy asked, staring at the gravy dripping from in between my legs.

    My hand went to Elle’s pussy, much to Stacy’s delight. “Cold.” I replied, “Startled me is all.”

    Stacy was distracted. Good.

    It was my turn.

    I grabbed her and pushed her on the floor, my mouth aiming for her nipples. She yelped and struggled as she fell. “No, you don’t!” she yelled, managing to twist to the point where I was the one on the floor.

    She stared at me, eyes wide with fury and arousal, “Listen here, buster!” she growled, moving closer towards me. I let out a whimper of fear as I felt Elle’s vagina tighten in anticipation. “I’m the one who’s on top, got it!”

    I whimpered. I showed fear, but I didn’t give her what she wanted.

    She leaned down closer, her tits right by my mouth. Did she even notice?

    “I said, do you got it?” she growled by Elle’s ear in a sensual voice.

    I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of an answer. I shot my head up, my mouth closing on her nipple. Above she, she gasped, and one of her fingers twitched at the chip located on Elle’s neck. She must have knocked it out or something because my vision went blurry for a second and I was having trouble controlling Elle’s body. In fact, I was meeting with some resistance as though Elle was the one in control.

    Thankfully, whatever Stacy did to the chip was reversed when her hand brushed Elle’s neck and put the chip back in place.

    “Ah!” she cried, my tongue twirling around her nipple. “Ah! Ben! That’s really--!”

    My fingers went to her pussy and Stacy grunted, arching her back as I slipped them in. Her vagina closed in around my finger, seemingly pushing it further in.

    “Argh!” she groaned.

    “Still on top?” I asked, taking her nipple from my mouth.

    She tried to stop me from pushing her backwards, but she was distracted by… other things to put up much of a fight. She landed on her bag, her tits wobbling before coming to a rest. All the while, my finger never left her vagina.

    “Looks like I’m the one on top now.” I said.

    “Hgn!” was her reply as I shoved another of Elle’s finger down her privates.

    My free hand snaked up from her waist. Dancing lightly under her boobs before seeking their way to her nipples. Stacy had shown me something earlier that I wanted to get on her. I was so focused on dominating her that I didn’t feel her own hand making its way down my body until I felt something stretching Elle’s pussy.

    Dear god, was she shoving her whole fist inside!?!

    She rose and tackled me, the both of became a confused mess on the floor as we sought to fulfill each other’s needs. My free hand cupped her ass while hers went to Elle’s neck, cupping right over the chip. She was on top now and was grinding our pussies against each other. We both growled and breathed through clenched teeth, I was aware of her fingernails digging into Elle’s body and, just for this one instance, I wouldn’t have minded if I left the pain receptor on.

    I reached forward and kissed her just as the pressure inside Elle’s body gave and the two of us came together.





    We laid there naked on the floor, Stacy happily sucking her fingers free of Elle’s juices. I lay on my side hugging her, pulling her close to me and admiring how her chest rose and fell with every breath she took.

    “Hmm?” she asked, looking back at me.

    “Still a little boy?” I asked.

    She sucked her middle dry before replying, “No, not anymore. Can’t really say that after what we’ve been through.”

    I laughed.

    Outside, things were beginning to get dark. Around this time, I would have made my way to the roof to watch the sunset, but right now. Well, I’ve certainly done worse things as of late.

    I got up, stretched, and still naked, began to make my way outside.

    “Where are you going?” Stacy asked, getting up after me.

    “To the roof,” I replied, looking back, “Sunsets coming, and I don’t want to miss it.”

    “You can’t go out there naked!” she hissed, “Someone might see!”

    I turned and walked towards her, a smile on my lips, “It’ll be fine,” I told her, “won’t be anything they hadn’t already seen.”

    Stacy’s eyes darted as she worked out what I just said. When she came to the realization, her mouth fell. “You let them--!”

    I waved my hand, “Yes, and trust me, it’s really not that bad. Wanna see?”

    She hesitated.

    I took her hand in Elle’s and squeezed hard. “Please.”

    She gave in, “Alright.”

    I smiled, “Good. Now please help me drag my body outside as well.”


    My body was heavy (maybe girls are weak after all), but we managed to drag it to the base of the tree before I started climbing. I had been barefoot before when climbing the pine tree, better grip and all, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t painful with all the times I scraped myself doing it.

    The wind was cold tonight. While earlier, the helmet dulled the pain to a vague sensation, it was now so cold that the helmet had completely deactivated it to the point where I felt nothing. The only reason I knew how cold it was the goosebumps all along Elle’s body and how hard her nipples were. Those things could cut diamonds!

    I stopped when I was right by the edge of the roof. Normally, in my body, I would’ve made the jump no problem, but there was always a sense of fear that I might miss. And I’ve been learning recently that Elle’s body is not like my own.

    I looked down to see Stacy, naked, holding onto my body for warmth. “I’m gonna jump!” I told her.

    “Don’t!” she cried, “You’ll slip!”

    I looked back at the house, there was a better point by the corner. I maneuvered Elle’s body over. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have been able to do this in my body as I was too heavy (I’m not fat, boys are just heavier than girls), but Elle’s body was lighter, and I felt confident that she would have been able to do it.

    Some of that confidence slipped away when I heard the wood groaning underneath the weight.

    “I’m gonna jump!” I declared.


    I jumped.

    Elle’s feet touched the rough tiles of our roof and I started clapping.

    “Ben!?” Stacy yelled from down below, “Did you make it?”

    I broke the connection and opened my eyes in my body, feeling Stacy’s glorious breasts pressed against my back. “I told you I could climb it.” I said smugly.

    “You shouldn’t have,” she chastised me, “you almost slipped off going around that corner.”

    “Go get the ladder!” Elle screamed, terrified of heights, “Get me down!”

    “Okay,” I replied turning to whisper to Stacy, “wish me luck I got to get our sister off of the roof.”


    Mom never came back, even when the sunset was an hour past. Stacy tried texting her, but to no avail. Stacy refused to help me put my body back inside, and since I wasn’t keen to carry myself up those stairs I settled by slipping my body on the couch where I was having fun earlier.

    I sighed and looked down on Elle’s body. It was dirty, still covered in grass stains, and I could still feel the gravy, and some of the dried ice cream. I turned pleadingly to Stacy, “Hey sis,” I began, “can you help me take a shower?”

    While she was more than willing to be with Elle’s naked body again, she said she was too tired for sex. I was frustrated, but she compromised by giving me a very thorough cleaning in the clean, both with and without a washcloth.

    “Hey Ben,” she asked, cleaning around Elle’s boobs, “are you going to sleep in there?”

    “Yeah,” I replied, letting Stacy do her work, “Tyler said it should be fine.”

    Stacy moved her way downwards, “Alright… hey,” she hesitated, “do you want to… sleep together?”

    I smiled as I leaned over and kissed her, “I would love that.”

    We finished with our shower and after Stacy finished drying off she reached for her night clothes, “Could we … not do that?” I asked.

    Stacy turned to me.

    My eyes ran over Stacy’s body, “I just want to look at you more is all.” I admitted.

    Stacy laughed, “Alright, but only if you do the same.”

    “Did you really think I would do anything different?” I asked.

    She helped me pick out some clothes to wear tomorrow, while she was against the clothes I had bought earlier, she relented and gave me some socks and one of Elle’s old bras to go with it. We slept in her room, naked under the covers, hugging each other as tightly as we could. She promised to help me transport my body to school early in her car where Tyler, Matt, and Kevin were waiting for us.

    The next day came, and my friends were waiting at school early, just like I asked them to. They were shocked when Stacy got out of the car with Elle’s body but when they found out she was just there to help transport my body did they lend a hand and brought my body to the back of the school.

    Stacy left after that, “You boys have fun!” she said, winking at us.

    “Did—did you guys-?” Tyler began.

    “Multiple times.” I said.

    “Wow.” Matt breathed, looking up and down Elle’s body.

    I shrugged, and posed right in front of them, a broad smile on my sister’s face. “Which one of you will make the first move?”

    Kevin was one who acted first, going straight to grabbing Elle’s breasts.

    I gasped as I felt him roughly squeezing them, “Hey!”

    Matt acted next, his hands reaching around Elle’s waist. “Guys!” I breathed. They were a lot more aggressive than I thought they would be.

    I was vaguely aware of Tyler behind me and had to stifle a scream when I felt his hands grab Elle’s ass. “Firm,” he said, beginning to kneed them through the skirt. “Matt, cover the mouth, Kevin ignore the boobs and go for vagina.”

    They followed Tyler’s orders and Elle’s body soon came. My moans were enough to tell them I was done. Tyler, however, wasn’t. While Kevin and Matt backed off, Tyler took advantage of his position by Elle’s ass to pull off the thong I had her wearing.

    I gasped as Tyler maneuvered Elle’s leg to allow him to bring the thong to his nose where he took a deep breath. “Nice. Kevin, Matt, you want to go?”

    Matt reached for the thong as Tyler turned to me, “So…” he began, “where did you get the helmet?”

    “I think it’s Elle’s friend Sarah’s.” I replied, casually taking off my cardigan. “Elle forgot to take it off so… I decided to take advantage, you know?”

    Tyler nodded as Matt passed Elle’s underwear to Kevin who began twisting it nervously in his hand.

    “So, what have you been doing?” Matt asked as I took off Elle’s shirt.

    “Finding out what’s it like to be a girl,” I replied, undoing Elle’s bra and drawing eyes to her boobs – Matt couldn’t help himself and began fondling Elle’s body as I continued to explain, “It’s been… uh… a real – ah – real learning… experience. Ah!”

    I waved away Matt’s hand as I removed Elle’s boots. I knew Matt had a thing for feet and sat back against the wall and allowed him to strip off Elle’s long socks. His hand wavered slightly, before grabbing the top of Elle’s sock and pulling down. His breathing got harder as the sock went from Elle’s knee to her ankle. I thought he would continue the slow motion, but after fixing himself he quickly ripped the sock off Elle’s foot.

    “Aw, man.” He said.

    I tilted my head, crossing my legs and briefly    flashing him, “What’s wrong?”

    “I thought Elle kept her toes plain!”

    “Does it matter?” Tyler asked, rolling his eyes.

    Matt sighed, “They’re still her feet I suppose.”

    I thought he would focus on the other foot, instead he began licking the underside of Elle’s foot. I took in a sharp breath and nearly pulled away from surprise. His tongue felt cold and slightly uncomfortable against Elle’s sole, but I allowed him to continue.

    “Hold still.” He mumbled, sticking his tongue in between Elle’s toes.

    “Nrrgh!” I groaned, as Tyler came to my side, and grabbing me by the shoulder to keep me from moving.

    To my surprise, I felt some slight leakage coming from Elle’s pussy.

    “Argh!” Matt said, when I used my other foot to brush against his pants.

    Hey, it was only fair that he got some of this too, right?

    “No, stop!” Matt said, struggling to unbuckle his pants.

    I couldn’t believe what I saw when he pulled down his pants, exposing his underwear. There, hidden and struggling to rip free from those boxers, was one of the biggest dongs I’ve ever seen.

    He laid down, his schlong pointing to the sky. “Take off your other sock and do it.” He demanded.

    Kevin was the one who pulled off the other sock as I brought Elle’s feet against his cock. Matt jumped when her feet touched him and I could see a damp spot forming at the topmost part of his boxers. “Do it.” Matt said, voice cracking.

    This wasn’t something I had done before, and the fact that I was doing it through his boxers was something else. A few times Matt grunted in pain as I brought his dick back towards his legs before it snapped back skyward.

    “Oh God!” he panted.

    He was close.

    “Oh! Ah! Yes!” his breathing was becoming erratic, “Elle! Please! Do me more!”

    I knew the guy had a thing for my sister, but it was weird hearing him shout those things.

    His arch backed and I saw his dick twitch as he came, his boxers now wet from his orgasm.

    “Had fun?” I asked, pulling Elle’s socks back on.

    “Yeah,” he replied, putting his pants back on. “What are you doing?”

    I put Elle’s clothes back on. “First period is going to start.

    Kevin, Elle’s thong still on his head, asked, “Are you seriously going to learn?”

    “Hell no!” I replied, “You can keep the thong, Kev, I’m going to find Elle’s friend Jess.”

    “The lesbian?” Tyler asked.

    I rolled my eyes, “No.” I said, drawing it out, “the other Jess – yes Jess the lesbian.”

    Tyler took a step back, hands held up in mock surrender. “Alright, go ahead.”

    “Actually, I was wondering if you could stay and watch my body?”

    “Fine.” Tyler replied, “But I want a turn in there too.”


    I found Jess heading for first period. “Jess!” I called, waving to get her attention.

    Jess turned and smiled. I noticed she admired Elle’s body as I walked over to her, pausing on her legs and arms. “Hey Elle, what’s going-”

    I cut her off by giving her a kiss on the lips. The other students stopped and looked at us, several gasping. Jess tried to break off at first, but gave in, her hand trailing along Elle’s back.

    Fuck that.

    Aggressively, I wrapped my hands around Jess’ waist, causing her to jump, before reaching and gripping her butt. Around me, I heard students running off, either to report what they had seen or hurrying to class. I think I heard one guy screaming.

    Jess broke free from my kiss. “Elle what’s gotten into you?” she asked.

    I brought a finger to her lips, “Shhh…” I whispered. “Just let it happen.”

    “No.” Jess replied.

    I felt her hand going to my skirt.

    “You let this happen.”

    Her fingers trailed outside the skirt. She smiled when she realized I was wearing no panties. “Let’s take this elsewhere.” She said, guiding me the lady’s restroom, the class bell already ringing.


    She closed the door and blocked it with a trash can. “Hit me.” She said, beginning to take off her shirt.

    “What?” I asked.

    She looked up, her expression a mixture of desperation and arousal, “Hit me!” she said, her bra falling off.

    I gently tapped her on the cheek.

    She growled and shoved me against the wall. In that moment, it didn’t matter that I wasn’t able to feel pain, I still whimpered in fear as I stared at those intense eyes of hers. “Elle.” She began, her voice eerily level, “Please listen to me. Hit. Me.”

    I hit her harder on the side of her face. Her head was thrown slightly to the side from the force, and to my surprise, Jess started giggling. “That’s more like it, Elle.”

    She shoved her lips against mine and was far more aggressive that anyone else had been when she kissed me. Out of instinct, I brought my hands up and pushed her away, hard.

    She brushed her hair out of her face when she regained her balance, “That’s it Elle.” She panted, her face flushed, “Just. Like. That.”

    She tackled me, throwing me back against the wall. Her hands attacked Elle’s body. I couldn’t feel any pain – although I don’t think Jess wanted to cause Elle pain – but I could still feel her hands roughly grabbing at Elle’s thighs and stomach.

    “You know I was always envious of this body of yours.” She said, her face close to mine, “Why no one else was interested in you, I’d never figured out.”

    I groaned as Jess’ fingers found Elle’s pussy. Elle knew Matt had feeling for her but was disgusted by him. Me and my friends knew Jess was a lesbian, but I never figured out if Elle knew, and if she did if she knew Jess also had feelings for her. Maybe it was best she didn’t find out.

    “Hit m-“

    Jess groaned when my fist connected with her abdomen.

    She grinned, “That’s… it. Elle.”

    She leaned against me, her fingers focusing on mine, well Elle’s. I could practically see her trembling with anticipation, her arms shaking as they propped her up against the wall. Glancing down, I saw how she positioned her legs, and I noticed her shaking her thighs together. Jess had her fun, now it was time I called the shots. I brought Elle’s knee up and Jess yelped when it connected with her privates through her pants. “Wait!” she gasped.

    I started bouncing my knee on her, feeling the dampness even through her jeans.

    Her face made a funny expression, one where her eyes stared upwards, and her mouth was wide open. A single moan escaped her mouth, like a wolf howling at the moon. She drew in quick breaths and fought to get off Elle’s knee. 

    “Where did you learn to fuck like that?” Jess asked.

    I shrugged, “I’ve been around.”

    Jess giggled, “I never took you for that kind of girl.”


    I followed Jess from the restroom as the bell rang and people began to fill the halls. Jess leaned in for a kiss, one much less aggressive than what we had in the restroom. I was enjoying it when Tyler took the helmet off my head, and I opened my eyes to find myself outside school.

    “Dude, what the heck!” I protested.

    “It’s almost second period,” he replied, “let me have a turn.”

    “But I wasn’t done!” I said.

    He tilted his head before pointing at my crotch, “Looks like you were ‘done’ a few times ago.”

    I glanced down at my crotch and yelped when I saw the wetness even through my jeans.

    “What happened in there?” Tyler asked.

    I rubbed my forehead, “I don’t want to talk about it, man.”

    Tyler gave me a confused look before shrugging and putting the helmet on. It had only been a few minutes when I saw someone coming towards us. My heart sank when I saw it was the Ryan, the school bully.

    He crossed his arms, “What are you doing here?” he demanded.

    “Leaving.” I said, getting up and reaching for the helmet.

    Tyler woke up, “Dude, what the heck, I was just in the middle of—” he cut off when he realized Ryan was standing there.

    I held the helmet in my hands, “We’re going.” I told him.

    Ryan yanked the helmet from my hands, “Is this a body rental helmet?” he asked.

    I gulped.

    Ryan glanced at me and started laughing. “Oh my God!” he said, “You losers actually managed to--!”

                “Give that back!” I demanded, “That’s my sister!”

    If anything, he laughed harder, “Jugface?” he asked, the helmet still in his hands, “In that case I really have to do this.:

    Tyler lunged at him, but Ryan swiftly dodged and kicked him in the stomach. Tyler fell to the ground, dry heaving.

    “I’ll be going now.” Ryan said, “Gonna go have some fun.”

    I watched, helpless, as the bully ran off with the power to possess Elle’s body.


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