Fish Tails and Dragon Scales

Story created by alex_izeri ∙ 11 September 2023

Vivian visits a 'specialty' whorehouse that promises to deliver her every fantasy--satisfaction guaranteed. She thinks she might be bisexual and is curious to find out, but she's not really expecting to find herself in bed with a mermaid and a dragon. Boy is she in for a surprise!

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  • Fish Tails and Dragon Scales

    Chapter written by alex_izeri ∙ 11 June 2023

    Vivian visits a 'specialty' whorehouse that promises to deliver her every fantasy--satisfaction guaranteed. She thinks she might be bisexual and is curious to find out, but she's not really expecting to find herself in bed with a mermaid and a dragon. Boy is she in for a surprise!

  • It took Vivian three tries to cross the street and two more to make it up the front walk and onto the porch of the old, Victorian-style house. Her hand trembling, she reached out and rang the bell, and very nearly lost her nerve completely. She turned to flee just as the door opened. A tall, dapper gentleman wearing a gray suit with a blue and silver waistcoat stepped out and caught her by the wrist. His hand was warm against her skin, almost hot, his grip like iron. Heart pounding, Vivian looked up at him.

    He was handsome, his features refined and sculpted, his eyes a startling shade of dark blue, but he was almost too perfect, like he couldn’t possibly be real. He wore small, square spectacles and a high, midnight blue top hat, a glossy black feather tucked into the silver silk band and held in place by a sapphire studded hat pin.

    “Good afternoon, my dear,” he said, his voice deep and cultured, but with a hint of an accent that made him sound exotic and lyrical. It sounded familiar, but she couldn’t begin to guess where he might be from. “What brings you to my den of desire?”

    Vivian blushed, her whole body burning as she swallowed hard, her mouth suddenly dry.

    “I want—I mean, my friend told me about this place,” she said. “It is true? That I can have whatever I want?”

    “It is true,” he said, his grip on her wrist melting into a soft caress as he released her. “Please, come inside and we can discuss what I can offer you.”

    Vivian hesitated. Her legs felt numb. She shouldn’t be doing this. She knew this was a bad idea, but the things Gloria had told her...She couldn’t walk away. Instead, she followed the man into the house.

    He led her down a hall into a small sitting room and gestured to an antique-looking high-backed chair with floral upholstery and carved, claw feet.

    “May I offer you something to drink, my dear? Water, or tea perhaps? Maybe something a bit stronger?” He smiled, his teeth even and very white against his brown skin.

    “No, thank you,” she replied, sinking down on the edge of the seat, her hands gripping her knees.

    “Very well. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Maximus, the proprietor of this establishment. I am the one who can bring your most secret and intimate of fantasies to life, who can grant you the darkest desires of your heart. Now, what shall we call you? And it doesn’t have to be your real name, if that will make you more comfortable.”

    “Oh, um...Call me Vivian, I guess,” she said. Gloria had said they were very discreet, and besides, they’d see her name on her credit card when it came time to pay. Which reminded her… “Do you accept credit?”

    “Of a sort,” Maximus said with a crooked grin. “Let’s not worry about that right now. Why don’t you tell me why you’re here. You’re a very pretty woman; surely you have no trouble getting all the sex you want.”

    Vivian blushed again, looking down at the carpet as he sank gracefully into the chair across from her. “I have had a few boyfriends,” she confessed, “and I know...with a couple of them.”

    “My dear Vivian, I certainly do know, but if you can’t even say the words, then this is probably not the right place for you,” Maximus said, making like he was going to stand up again.

    “We fucked,” Vivian blurted out. She breathed a sigh of relief as he relaxed back into the chair and motioned for her to continue. “Anyway, yes, I’ve had sex with guys, but never...a woman. I think I want to—I may be bisexual—but I’m not sure, and I don’t want to just use some random woman in order to find out.”

    “I sympathize, my dear,” Maximus said, “but I run a specialty brothel, and to be frank, there’s nothing special about your request. I can refer you to several quality establishments that can help you discover the truth about your sexuality—”

    “There’s more,” Vivian said. “You see, the reason I think I might be bi is because I have this fantasy about having sex with a mermaid. And a dragon.”

    “Ohhh, now we’re talking,” he said, his eyes lighting up. “Tell me all about them, every last detail.”

    Vivian talked for almost half an hour, describing the creatures and what she wanted them to do to her. She was out of breath and very horny by the time she finished. Maximus sat forward in his chair and adjusted his hat.

    “All right, I think we can work with that. Now, let’s talk payment.”

    Vivian pulled her purse up into her lap and reached for her wallet.

    “That won’t be necessary,” he said, pulling off his hat and releasing a wild tangle of copper curls. He reached inside it and pulled out a rolled up sheet of paper. “This is our standard contract, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction in exchange for a small portion of your soul. Now, normally, I only charge one or two percent for a fantasy, but yours is quite elaborate, so I’m going to have to ask for five percent.” He unrolled the paper and spread it on the small table between them, the surface covered in fine print that was nearly impossible to read.

    “Hang on, did you say you want my soul?”

    “That’s right. Just a tiny piece of it, though.”

    “This is insane,” Vivian said, leaning forward and squinting at the minuscule writing. “What do you want my soul for?”

    “It’s an investment, nothing more,” Maximus said with a disarming smile. “If I had your whole soul, I might be able to do something, but a fraction like that is practically worthless.”

    “Then why do you want it?”

    Maximus shrugged his elegant shoulders. “Why not? It adds to the allure and mystery of my business. Swiping your Mastercard is not nearly as sexy as selling your soul.”

    Vivian licked dry lips. “Where do I sign?”

    “Right here.” Maximus pulled the jeweled hatpin out of the silk band and pointed to a blank space at the bottom of the contract. She reached out to pick up the pen lying on the table and with a flick of his wrist, Maximus stabbed the tip of the hatpin into her finger.

    “Ouch!” she said, jerking back, but it was too late. A large, dark drop of blood dripped onto the paper, hissing and smoking as it crawled across the page, scrawling her name in an elegant script.

    “Thank you very much, my dear,” Maximus said, returning the pin to his hat and the hat to his head. He rolled up the contract and tucked it inside his jacket, then reached out for her hand as he rose to his feet. “Now, if you’ll follow me, your erotic fantasy is about to begin.”

    In a daze, Vivian followed him up a flight of winding stairs to the second floor. She couldn’t stop thinking about her blood on the contract, the way her name had written itself on the paper. If that was a trick, it was a damn good one, but an uneasy weight in the pit of her stomach had her struggling desperately to explain how such a thing could be possible. Was she drugged and hallucinating? She had refused the drink he’d offered. Perhaps she was hypnotized and imagining things. She didn’t remember being put into a trance, but he might have instructed her not to remember. That seemed the most likely explanation, and she clung to it for the sake of her sanity.

    “This is our master suite,” Maximus said, stopping outside an ordinary looking bedroom door. “Within, you will find everything that you desire. Just remember, this is your fantasy, and nothing can harm you. When you are ready, enter and enjoy.” He gave her a small, knowing smile and stepped back from the door.

    As nervous as she was, Vivian could not deny her own curiosity. As far as showmanship went, this place was a ten, and when she reached out and opened the door, she almost believed there would be a mermaid and a dragon waiting on the other side.

    She stepped into the room, at once overwhelmed by the stately beauty of the antique bed and the fine furnishings, and at the same time, disappointed to find it empty. She felt silly for hoping for the impossible and flopped down on the huge bed with a gusty sigh.


    Vivian sat bolt upright, her heart pounding, as something made a loud splashing sound in the adjoining bathroom.

    “Hello?” she called. “Is someone there?”

    A feminine voice giggled and answered, “Why don’t you come and see for yourself?”

    Vivian closed her eyes and took a bracing breath. “It’s not real,” she whispered, then rose from the bed and marched into the bathroom, determined to see through the illusion and not be fooled by Maximus’ cheap tricks. That determination lasted all of three seconds once she stepped through the doorway and feasted her eyes upon the dusky mermaid lounging in the huge, claw-footed bathtub.

    Hair as black as night spilled over bare, golden-brown shoulders, her wet skin gleaming as she draped her arms gracefully over the rim of the bath, the water lapping against her full breasts as her tail swished back and forth. From the waist up, she was the most beautiful woman, and from the hips down, she was a sleek, iridescent fish, her scales and fins shimmering with blue and green and gold.

    “Hello there, human female,” the mermaid said, her dark eyes moving down Vivian’s body. “I am Mariana, Queen of the Depths. And who might you be?”

    “V-Vivian,” she whispered.

    Queen Mariana regarded her for a moment. “Well, Vivian?” she asked finally. “Are you going to attend me or not? I need to be bathed.”

    “Yes, of course, Your Majesty,” Vivian said, snapping out of her daze and deciding to play along. This was much more creative than what she had described to Maximus. Trembling inside, she approached the tub, devouring every inch of supple flesh and gauzy fin. Grasping the soap, she leaned over the tub, dipped her hands into the warm water, and began to wash the mermaid’s arm.


    Vivian gasped as a flick of that powerful tail drenched her from head to toe. Shocked, she stood dripping on the tile floor, not sure what to do.

    “I’m sorry, did I get you wet?” the Queen asked. “Better take those off so they can dry.”

    Suddenly self-conscious, Vivian turned her back to the tub and began to remove her clothes. She stripped down to her bra and panties, then turned back, fighting the urge to cover herself with her hands. She knew she was in shape and not bad to look at, but compared to the mermaid, she was just a dowdy old frump with too much belly and not enough boobs.

    “Oh, my, what lovely legs you have,” Queen Mariana said, leaning on the edge of the tub to get a closer look.

    “Really?” Vivian said, looking down. Her thighs were too thick, her knees knobby, and she had faded scars on one shin from a bicycle accident in college.

    “Oh, yes. Come here so I may touch them.”

    Vivian stepped closer as the mermaid reached out, trailing slender fingers over Vivian’s skin, sending a flash of hot desire through Vivian’s body. She wanted to feel those elegant hands all over her, and she shivered as soft fingertips slid up her inner thigh and brushed against the silky material of her panties.

    “Why, these are wet, too,” Queen Mariana said, hooking her fingers into the lace waistband and pulling Vivian’s panties down. “You are dripping wet and shivering, my dear. Come into the tub with me and warm up.”

    Vivian needed no second invitation. Sitting on the edge, she swung her legs over, intending to sit down by the mermaid’s tail, where there was plenty of room in the over-sized tub, but Queen Mariana had other ideas. Grabbing Vivian by the hips, she pulled her into the water, on top of herself, until Vivian was kneeling astride that supple fish tail, the smooth, slippery scales pressed against her inner thighs.

    “We don’t want this to get wet, either,” the Queen said, unfastening Vivian’s bra and sliding it off her shoulders. Vivian watched it sail through the air and land on the tiled floor. “That’s much better, isn’t it? Such nice tits should not be covered and restrained. They should be worshiped and enjoyed.” Vivian gasped as warm, soft hands cupped her breasts, kneading the firm flesh and teasing her nipples into hard points.

    Suddenly, the Queen stopped. “What’s wrong? Don’t you think my tits are nice enough to be worshiped, too?”

    “Forgive me, Your Majesty,” Vivian said, pressing her hands to the wet, warm skin. Hesitantly at first, she caressed the firm mounds, but as Queen Mariana moaned and arched her body into Vivian’s hands, her confidence increased. She teased the mermaid’s dark nipples, rolling the pebbled flesh between her finger and thumb. “Please, my Queen,” she asked breathlessly, “may I kiss you?”

    In answer, Queen Mariana raised her head and captured Vivian’s lips in a hungry kiss. Vivian’s head spun, her body burning with desire. It was everything she had imagined, and more, the sensation of being touched by a female hand both foreign and exciting, as well as familiar and comforting.

    Tongues tangling, Vivian closed her eyes, moaning as that soft hand left her breast, sliding down wet skin to tug and tease Vivian’s neatly trimmed curls. She gasped as the mermaid stroked her pussy, rubbing against her sensitive mound before slipping two fingers between her swollen lips and tracing a slow circle around her throbbing clit.

    Panting, Vivian rocked her hips, the water sloshing all around them and splashing out onto the floor as she ground against Queen Mariana’s hand. Pulling back, the mermaid laughed.

    “Perhaps we should move this someplace dryer, before we flood the entire house.”

    “Can you do that?” Vivian asked, breathless as she continued to stroke the Queen’s perfect breasts. “Leave the water, I mean?”

    “Of course,” she replied. “When dry, my fins become legs, although not nearly as shapely as yours.” Beneath the water, she caressed one of Vivian’s thighs, her hand creeping around to grip and knead her firm ass.

    “Mmm, I should probably find some towels, then,” Vivian moaned, reluctant to leave the tub.

    “I saw some in the bedroom, on the dresser.”

    Still, Vivian didn’t move. The water was warm and Queen Mariana’s skin was so soft. After a moment, the mermaid leaned close and whispered in Vivian’s ear.

    “Once I have legs, I’ll let you taste my pussy.”

    Vivian shot out of the water and scrambled over the edge of the tub so fast her wet feet nearly went sliding out from under her. The mermaid laughed, a lilting, musical sound, as Vivian ran stark-naked from the room, the chill air raising goosebumps along her bare body. She rushed toward the dresser, where a tall stack of fluffy towels waited, but stopped dead as something long and dark and sinuous slithered across the floor in front of her.

    Heart pounding, she turned toward the bed, and came face to face with a huge, red-brown dragon draped across the mattress. Orange eyes flickering like live coals stared back at her from a deep-set skull covered in scales and spikes and twisting horns. The beast had a long neck and tail, and a muscular body in between, with a pair of large, leathery wings folded against its back.

    “There you are,” the dragon said, small curls of smoke rising up from its nostrils. “You know, it’s not wise to keep a dragon waiting. It doesn’t take long to go from horny to hungry.” A long black tongue slid out of the dragon’s mouth, the forked tip flicking in the air.

    “I-I’m sorry,” Vivian stammered. “I didn’t know you were waiting. I was with Queen Mariana—”

    The dragon snorted, singeing the bedspread as flames erupted from its nostrils. “That overgrown trout is no queen! Where is she? I’ll turn her into sushi.” It started to get up, the bed frame creaking and groaning beneath its weight.

    “I think she left already,” Vivian said, stepping away from the bathroom door. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

    “I didn’t give it,” the dragon said sulkily as it lay back down. “I am Fyre, Terror of the Skies, Devourer of Souls, the flame that burns forever.”

    Behind her, in the bathroom, Vivian thought she heard a soft splash and what sounded like someone muttering, “Oh, brother,” but she couldn’t be sure.

    “I’m very humbled to meet you,” she said. “Forgive me, but are you a male dragon, or a female?”

    “Can’t you tell?” Fyre said with another snort. “Of course you can’t. Humans are such ignorant, blind little creatures. I am female, as you could plainly tell if you bothered to look.” She rolled onto her side and raised her hind leg, exposing her scaled underbelly. Down between her legs, at the base of her tail, there was a slight bulge, the glossy scales creased and dimpled, forming a slit in her armored hide.

    “Oh, of course,” Vivian said. “I see now. How silly of me.”

    “Good, now what that’s cleared up, don’t just stand there,” Fyre said. “Come here.”

    Cautiously, Vivian moved closer, stepping over the end of the snake-like tail. She stopped at the corner of the bed. “What would you like me to do?”

    With a flick of her powerful tail, Fyre sent Vivian sprawling on her face upon the bed.

    “I would like you to to do as I say the first time,” the dragon said testily. “I said come here.”

    Wary of the tail, Vivian crawled onto the bed beside the dragon.

    “Now, rub your hand along my cloaca.”

    Vivian reached out, her fingers hovering over the slit in the dragon’s scales. “Here?”

    “Yes, there. Rub hard. Ohhh, just like that.”

    The scales were smooth and warm and softer than Vivian had imagined, more like flexible plastic, giving as she pressed against the dragon’s slit. Thick, clear fluid welled up, slicking her fingers, as the slight bulge began to swell. Vivian gasped, pulling her hand back, as the scales gaped open, revealing slick, pink flesh within. It looked a lot like a human pussy, only about three times bigger.

    “What is this?” Vivian asked, hesitantly rubbing a large nub of dark flesh that hardened at her touch.

    “What do you think it is?” Fyre replied, her voice tight. “Quit asking stupid questions and just suck on it.”

    “Oh, right,” Vivian said, her cheeks heating up as she blushed. She’d been so fascinated by the dragon, she’d forgotten she was naked in bed with the creature. On her hands and knees, she leaned in, pressing her face against that slick slit and wrapping her lips around the dragon’s giant clit. It nearly filled her moth, hot and throbbing against her tongue, the taste sweet. She sucked, flicking her tongue against it, and was gratified to hear Fyre moan.

    “That’s it, just like that,” the dragon gasped. “Now, fuck me. Use your hand.”

    Vivian lifted her head, licking the sweetness from her lips as she slid her fingers into the dragon’s slit, finding her tight tunnel and pushing inside. Walls of muscle gripped her hand, squeezing and contracting, trying to pull her deeper. She shoved, sinking her arm into the dragon’s vagina. Beneath her, Fyre shuddered with pleasure.

    This is so fucking hot, she thought, bending her head and devouring Fyre’s clit once more.

    “Oh, yes! Fuck yes!” Fyre exclaimed. “You wicked girl. Let’s see how you like it.”

    Before Vivian could decide what the dragon meant by that, she felt something slick and solid slide between her thighs and rub against her hot nether lips. She glanced back as Fyre pressed her scaled nose against Vivian’s ass, her long, muscular tongue lapping at Vivian’s pussy.

    Moaning low in her throat, Vivian spread her legs wider and tried to concentrate on what she was doing, her tongue teasing that giant bundle of nerves and licking up the sweet, slippery fluid that flowed like nectar. Fyre licked harder, plunging between her lips and assaulting her clit until she was shaking, her hips jerking as she flew toward the precipice of orgasm.

    Suddenly, the dragon pulled back, leaving her pussy cold and aching. Vivian raised her head to see what was going on, just as that wicked forked tongue thrust between her lips and deep into her tight tunnel. Vivian cried out, her body stretched and filled by that solid rod of muscle, as big as any cock she’d known. But unlike a cock, hammering blindly into her, Fyre’s tongue writhed and curled and sought out the places that made her shudder and twitch and scream as the orgasm thundered through her.

    “Who is making all the noise out here?” asked a familiar voice, and Vivian raised her head, pulling her hand out of the dragon’s passage as Queen Mariana strode out of the bathroom on a pair of slender legs that flashed and shimmered, covered in blue, green, and gold scales up to her narrow waist. Even out of the water, her bare breasts defied gravity. “You!” the mermaid said, pointing at the dragon. “What are you doing with my human, you inflated lizard?”

    Fyre withdrew her tongue from Vivian’s pussy, making her shudder and moan.

    Your human?” the dragon said, black smoke curling up from her nostrils. “This one is mine! Go back to your pond before I fry you to a crisp and serve you with chips!” She spat a burst of flame into the room, leaving soot-marks on the ceiling.

    “You just try it,” the Queen said. “I’ll have your scaly hide for boots!”

    “Ladies, please!” Vivian said, before things could get ugly. “This is my fantasy and I’ll have no more fighting.”

    “Fine,” the mermaid said, crossing her arms over her breasts, “then tell this overgrown reptile to get lost.”

    “Better yet,” said Fyre, “tell that screeching catfish to take a swim!”

    Vivian looked back and forth between the two, utterly torn. This wasn’t part of her fantasy. She shouldn’t have to choose.

    “Well?” Queen Mariana demanded. “Which one of us do you want to stay?”

    “Both of you?” Vivian said in a small voice.

    The dragon cocked her head to look down at Vivian. “Are you asking, or telling?”

    “Um...telling. I want both of you.”

    Queen Mariana let her lips quirk into a small smile. “Good choice, human. I had a feeling you’d be fun to play with. Now, get away from that overweight alligator’s flabby snatch and come see what royal twat tastes like.”

    “Royal!” Fyre roared with laughter, rattling the windows in their casings. “You’re about as royal as the dump I took last week. Your father was an eel and your mother whored herself down on the docks to any sailor with a quarter.”

    The mermaid gasped, her lovely face lined with sorrow at the dragon’s cruel words, and she turned away, covering her face with her hands.

    “Now look what you did,” Vivian said, climbing off the bed and rushing to Queen Mariana’s side. She put her arm around the mermaid’s shaking shoulders. “Don’t cry, Your Highness. I don’t care what she says, you are a Queen to me.”

    Queen Mariana quickly dried her tears, leaving her just as lovely as before.

    “That’s kind of you to say, but it would be even more convincing if you were on your knees.”

    “Yes, my Queen,” Vivian said, sinking down in front of the mermaid, her scale-covered pussy right in front of Vivian’s face. She had a faint odor of fish and brine, like the sea, but not unpleasant. Leaning forward, Vivian used her fingers to part the scaly folds and reveal the soft, pink pearl within.

    “Oh, my! Oh, yes!” Queen Mariana gasped as Vivian devoured her pussy, licking and sucking on her salty clit until it was hard and throbbing against her tongue. “Stop, stop!” the mermaid said suddenly, her hand pushing against Vivian’s shoulder. “My knees feel like they’re about to buckle. I need to lie down.”

    She staggered and Vivian jumped up, leading her over to the bed, but instead of lying upon it, she pushed Vivian down onto her back and climbed on top of her, her knees next to Vivian’s shoulders and her gaping pussy inches above her face. Vivian gasped as the mermaid slid her hand between Vivian’s thighs, coaxing her legs apart. Knees bent and heels dug into the mattress, Vivian fought the urge to rock her hips as Queen Mariana rubbed against her wet mound, nimble fingers parting her lips and a wicked tongue delving inside to tease Vivian’s aching clit.

    Wrapping her arms around Queen Mariana’s slender hips, Vivian lifted her head and began to feast on the mermaid’s juicy snatch once more, their moans and slurps filling the room.

    “I see you forgot about me,” Fyre said sullenly. “Maybe this will remind you.”

    Vivian cried out, her body bucking as the dragon’s long tongue thrust between her legs once more, plunging deep into her womb, filling her passage with hot, hard muscle. She clenched around it, quaking with pleasure so intense it stole her breath.

    Not to be outdone, apparently, Queen Mariana flicked her tongue against Vivian’s clit until she was shaking, an orgasm like a freight train barreling through her. She cried out, hips jerking as she came, wave after wave of ecstasy rolling through her until she thought she was going to pass out. She tried to twist away from the industrious tongues, to close her legs and protect her shuddering body, but the mermaid held her down, the dragon’s head between her thighs.

    “Please,” Vivian gasped. “No more, please!”

    But they weren’t listening, or if they heard her, they didn’t care. Queen Mariana swirled her tongue around Vivian’s clit, sucking hard on the throbbing nub, and Fyre’s tongue plunged into her quaking, clenching passage like a piston of flesh, the wicked forked tip ticking deep inside of her. Vivian squirmed beneath their relentless assault, her hands clutching at the bed as they drove her toward the edge of another thunderous orgasm.

    “Oh fuck!” she shouted. “Ohfuckohfuckohfuck!” She screamed, hips bucking and toes curling as the hurricane within her made landfall. She squeezed her eyes shut and held on for dear life, riding each wild wave that crashed over her, tossing her on a sea of ecstasy.

    When the storm finally subsided, Vivian lay gasping, muscles twitching as echoes of her orgasm shuddered through her. She opened her eyes, shocked to discover that she was alone. Well, almost.

    “So, my dear, did you enjoy yourself?” Maximus leaned over the bed, grinning down at Vivian. She bit back a scream as she scrambled off the bed, trying to cover herself as she looked around for her clothes before remembering that she’d left them in the bathroom.

    “Relax, I have no interest in your body,” Maximus said, grabbing one of the large bath towels off the dresser and tossing it to her. “I’m only interested in one thing—are you satisfied with your encounter?”

    Vivian wrapped the towel around herself, her inner thighs slippery, her pussy still throbbing with the aftershocks. Was she satisfied? She’d never cum so hard in her life. She opened her mouth to answer, but quickly closed it again.

    “What if I’m not?” she asked.

    He gave her a crooked, leering grin. “Satisfaction is guaranteed. I’d be forced to call your companions back in here to finish the job.”

    Vivian shuddered, her pussy clenching. “Yes, I’m completely satisfied,” she said. She wasn’t sure she could survive another round with the two of them.

    “Great to hear, my dear,” Maximus said, clapping his hands together. “That completes our contract and transfers ownership of five percent of your soul to me.”

    Vivian took a step back, one hand pressed over her heart. “Is it going to hurt when you take it?”

    Maximus laughed. “Oh, you sweet girl. Of course not. I’m not taking anything from you. Like I said, you can think of it as an investment. If I owned five percent of a business, I wouldn’t carve out a hunk of their office, now would I? Bricks and carpet and wiring? What use would that be?”

    “Okay, but—”

    “Listen, I hate to rush you,” he said, glancing at the watch on his wrist, “but I need to have this room cleaned before anyone can use it, so if you can get your things, that would be appreciated.”

    “Oh, right! Sorry,” Vivian said, hurrying into the bathroom. “I’m just wondering how you can run a business if you don’t actually get anything for your services.” She lifted her bra and panties out of a puddle, her nose wrinkling at the thought of putting them back on.

    “My employees are fairly compensated and well-treated,” Maximus said from the doorway. “You didn’t hear either of them complaining, did you?”

    “Well, no...”

    “Then you let me worry about my bottom line,” Maximus said with a charming smile. He looked different, somehow, but Vivian couldn’t say how. She pulled on her jeans and shirt, which were damp, but wearable, wrung the water out of her underwear, and stuffed them into her purse. Slipping into her shoes, she headed for the door.

    “Thanks, this was...unbelievable,” she said as she passed Maximus.

    “Did it help?” he asked. “Are you secure in your sexuality now?”

    She paused and glanced back. “I think so. Thank you.”

    “Well, if you ever need to do more research, you know where to find me. It might be a good idea to take a ride on a male dragon before you make up your mind. More data points and all that.” He looked over the top of his spectacles and winked at her, and she realized what was different. He had the golden eyes of a goat.

    “Um...thanks, but I don’t think so,” she said, and she left, her slick pussy reminding her with every step that her fantasy had been anything but a fantasy. Before she even made it to her car, she found herself wondering what a dragon cock would look like, feel like, taste like, how big would it be, filling and stretching her pussy, and how would it feel to have a dragon cum inside of her? As she started her car, she sighed, acknowledging that Maximus had won this round. She would most definitely be back.

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alex_izeri Author ∙ 11 June 2023

Inspired by TekoPenn's idea posted over on Discord.

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