Time Turned & Polyjuiced

Story created by Kripto ∙ 11 September 2023

A wizard gets invited to a wild night of debauchery with access to time travel and magical transformations.

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  • Time Turned & Polyjuiced

    Chapter written by Kripto ∙ 04 February 2023

    A wizard gets invited to a wild night of debauchery with access to time travel and magical transformations.

  • Drynn Finestra had never thought about what would happen if he didn’t pass his wizard exams. It wasn’t something that was discussed much in the wizarding world. And as Drynn was from a lineage of skilled magic users, his family hadn’t discussed it at all. So it was with deep shame and regret that Drynn found out the hard way what happened when he bombed every exam during his seventh and final year at Hogwarts. 


    He learned the wizarding world really only offered two legal choices. He could live as a squib, allowed to perform minimalist magic. This would effectively crush his dream of ever opening his own potions shop. Or he could go to Mastiffus Dungus, a last resort two year wizarding school for overaged wizards who had washed out of their local magical schools.


    Drynn had never heard of the place. It was just so unusual for someone to fail as spectacularly as he had. It had been his own fault. He had chased after a girl named Mara. They’d dated for two years. And then a week before the exams that would determine their magical careers, she’d dumped him. That hadn’t been the part that was his fault. He’d known it was probably coming. She’d been acting distant. Had said they wanted different things. 


    But even with these warning bells, when the hammer fell, Drynn had taken the break up hard. After wallowing in self pity for two days, he experimented with making a potion that would erase the memory of their relationship. He wanted the heartache to vanish, along with the memories of all their time spent together. He finished it the day before the exam, and downed it in one gulp. 


    He waited. And waited. But the memory of his ex girlfriend did not fade. It seemed that the potion had been a complete dud. But the next day, Drynn found that something from his memory had been erased. As he took each final, he found that almost the entirety of the lessons he’d learned that seventh year had vanished. Every spell, every fact, every new thing he’d learned over the past several months, it simply wasn’t there. The examiners were very disappointed that he couldn’t perform a single piece of advanced magic that he needed to pass. And he’d been too embarrassed to tell them, or his family, or anyone, why it had happened. 


    The effects of the potion were thankfully temporary. Drynn found the memories oozed into his brain slowly at first, and then as a flood, in the span of a few days. But the damage had been done. And now he had the choice of giving up on his dreams, or facing the shame of going to what was essentially a high school for over aged wizards where everyone is eighteen or older. Given those choices, there was really only one to make. 


    So that following September, an eighteen year old Drynn found himself taking a portkey to Mastiffus Dungus. He could apparate. He’d passed that exam halfway through his seventh year, but it had been revoked after failing. So he had to use a portkey to magically transport him to what turned out to be a very dilapidated looking castle.


    He briefly wondered if he was in the right place, but there was a small sign, stuck in some mud and tilted at an angle, that let him know there was no mistake. As he walked through a silent and gloomy courtyard, he remembered years past, where he got to ride a train to school. And then cross a lake, or ride in a carriage. Those times had been so magical. As he walked up the dilapidated steps, that all felt like a distant dream. 


    He endured a brief orientation with twenty other fellow dropouts, most of whom he did not recognize. That wasn’t a surprise, as there were several other known magical schools. Good to know all their failures got shipped to the same place.


    Amazingly, Drynn recognized one person right away. A former classmate by the name of Bastion Perch. Even thought they’d been in the same grade, Bastion was several inches taller. He had a massive frame, a chiseled jaw, and could probably benchpress the old gameskeeper. They hadn’t been close friends. They’d run in different houses. That being said, they’d shared a lot of joint classes together over the years. But the way that Bastion’s face lit up when he saw Drynn at orientation made it seem like they were long lost brothers reuniting after a long time apart. 


    Drynn hadn’t known Bastion had failed his exams, which gave him a little comfort that he hadn’t been the only one in his class that didn’t make it. And then he recognized two others, also from different houses. They were both girls. The cute red head was from Hufflepuff. He thought her name was Nitz. And he was pretty sure the stunning blonde was from Ravenclaw. They were supposed to be so clever, but she hadn’t graduated Hogwarts either. 


    Drynn and Bastion ended up with rooms across from each other in the boy’s dormitory, which solidified their friendship. They helped each other unpack and swapped stories of their old alma mater. As they headed off to the cafeteria, they complained at length at how demeaning it was that even though they were all now eighteen, the sleeping areas were still split up by gender. 


    There was no magical dining experience. No house elves that made meals magically appear at their table. They found they had to wait in line, with trays, for food to be slopped onto their plates. Like muggles. 


    They were contemplating where to take their unappetizing looking meal, when Bastion caught the eye of one of their other two former classmates. They had locked eyes for a second in recognition, and then the former Ravenclaw had looked away quickly. That was like an engraved invitation to Bastion, and he hustled over to their table, with Drynn in tow. 


    Bastion didn’t ask if the two empty seats were taken. He just sat down with his tray, mumbled a greeting, and then began shoveling food into his mouth. The Ravenclaw girl’s lip curled in disgust, but the other one gave a soft laugh and said, “Well, nice to see being in this dump hasn’t curbed your appetite Bastion.”


    “Uh, hey,” Drynn said. “I’m-”


    “Drynn Finestra,” the Ravenclaw girl said sharply. “We went to the same school for seven years. It would be stupid if we didn’t know each other’s names by now.”


    “Y-yeah, right,” Drynn said as he suddenly became very interested in his food.


    The Ravenclaw girl’s eyes narrowed. “Don’t tell me you’re one of those idiots who only ever bothered to know the people in your own house.”


    “Give him a break, Persephone,” the other girl said with an eye roll. “He only had eyes for his girlfriend all last year, remember? It’s understandable that he forgot about the rest of us.” As she stabbed something that resembled a potato on her tray, she asked, “Whatever happened to you and Mara? She was such a pretty girl, Drynn. Are the two of you getting married after you get out of this place of lower learning?”


    As Drynn’s face fell even further down, Persephone sneered. “I take it you didn’t hear, Nitz. Our boy got dumped a few days before finals. Is that why you’re here? A broken heart made you go stupid?”


    Drynn’s head snapped up to glare at Persephone. The problem was, he didn’t have anything to say. That’s exactly what had happened. 


    Bastion interjected with a mouth half full of food. “Hey, leave my guy alone. We’re all here because we fucked up in some form or another. Everyone knows I partied a little too hard seventh year, and my exams showed it. Nitz, I know that…”


    “I’ll answer for myself, dear Bastion,” the red haired girl said sweetly. “My written exams were fine, but I, well, I overcompensated on three of the practical exams.”


    “Which ones?” Drynn asked. 


    “Defense against the dark arts, Charms, and Potions. I knew what I needed to know. Had the wand work down cold, knew the words to say, and had memorized as much of the potions book that I could. But then I choked when I had my dark arts duel.”


    “I heard that guy spent a week in the hospital,” Bastion laughed.


    “It wasn’t funny,” Persephone argued.


    “Then I went and got my wand signs mixed up during Charms and my partner, well…”


    “I heard that girl spent a week in the hospital,” Bastion said as seriously as he could, but a smile cracked his mouth at the end.


    “And then my potion-”


    “Thank goodness the professor had an antidote handy,” Persephone interrupted.


    “Wouldn’t have needed a hospital,” Bastion nodded. “Would have needed an auror, because that would have been murder.”


    Nitz slapped Bastion’s arm playfully. “Oh, shut up. Everyone lived. The only downside is that, well, I’m here now.”


    “So, why are you here?” Drynn asked Persephone coldly. “I thought all you Ravenclaw bunch were supposed to be smart?” The pretty blonde leaned towards Drynn with a scowl, and he tried not to stare at her exposed cleavage. 


    “Well sorry to disappoint you.”


    “So what happened?” Drynn pressed.


    “How about we just leave it at none of your business.”


    They both stared at each other, as both decided they didn’t care for the other very much. 


    Then Bastion blurted out, “She got caught cheating.”


    Now it was Persephone’s turn to go red. “That’s not true!”


    “That’s not what I heard,” Bastion said in a sing song voice. 


    “Fuck you!”


    “Hey, hey,” Nitz said holding up a hand to both of them. “It doesn’t matter. We’re all here now. Wouldn’t it be better if we got through the next two years as friends?”


    Persephone looked at Bastion like she wanted to shoot a killing curse right between his eyes. Then she glanced at Drynn, and her eyes did not soften. Then she looked at Nitz, and then exhaled sharply from her nose. “I…I suppose you’re right. It would be good to have allies in this hellhole. Especially to ensure we all pass our exams at the end of this.”


    “Allies, sure,” Drynn nodded and held out a hand to Persephone. “But not friends.”


    For the first time, the hint of a smile appeared at the corners of Persephone’s mouth. She accepted his hand and shook it, then did the same with Bastion’s outstretched hand. “But not friends,” she agreed. 


    By the end of the week, they were thick as thieves. And by the end of a month, Drynn didn’t know how he’d ever gotten by without them. It was good they had each other, because their comradery helped them through what turned about to be immensely frustrating classes. For the most part, they weren’t difficult. That was part of why they were so frustrating. They were often treated like second or third years, going over subjects that they had learned as children. But here it was again, being taught to them like they were simpletons. Drynn at first thought his intellect had advanced significantly during their first few homework assignments and quizzes. Then he realized the subject matter was just stuff he’d learned forever ago. 


    Most of the teachers were dull and acted like they wanted to be there less than the students. But not all of them. There were a couple of standouts that made for an enjoyable class. There was Professor Galstik who was charismatic and very handsome. And he really seemed to enjoy teaching at Dungus. He was also just a few years older than they were, and seemed to easily connect with his students. All of this caused him to be very popular among the ladies of the school. 


    An equally popular teacher, especially the young men, was Professor Sindla. She was a very curvy, formerly famous witch, who had modeled in her early twenties for various advertisements in the Daily Prophet. Many a young wizard had clipped her out of the paper and stuck her to their walls to watch her sell some product or another in a tight, revealing outfit that accentuated her bust line. 


    As a teacher in her mid forties, she no longer wore such scandalous clothing, at least not in front of her students. But she still had an amazing figure. Young men were always asking her for extra tutoring or volunteering to help her clean up after a spell went awry. A brave few even asked her out, but to Drynn’s knowledge, any and all advances had been firmly declined. 


    Drynn got to know several other students, but not as many as Bastion. He seemed to want to get to know everyone, especially the women. He thoroughly enjoyed chatting up the witches from other countries. Nothing got lost in translation because Persephone bewitched a bracelet for him so he could understand and be understood by every foreign language spoken at Dungus. He used it to great effect. By the second month, he had slept with at several of the prettiest students. His real quarry, Professor Sindla, seemed out of his reach though, at least until he found out about Drynn’s proficiency in potion making. 


    “What!” he exclaimed as he was sitting on Drynn’s bed. He had been trying to transfigure Drynn’s pillow into an iguana, but could only manage turning it into a salamander. “You can make any potion?”


    Drynn smiled at his friend. “I didn’t say any potion. I said I could make a lot of them.”


    As Drynn’s pillow turned salamander crawled onto Bastion’s leg, he asked excitedly, “Can you…can you make polyjuice potion?”


    Drynn laughed. “I can, yes. I did it once before in my sixth year. But it is difficult. And I’m not just talking about getting all the ingredients. It’s also something you have to get special permission for after what happened at Hogwarts.”


    “Are you talking about when the guy spent that year as another guy before trying to kill the chosen guy?”


    “Yeah, that’d be what I’m talking about. It can still be made, but in limited quantities, and only for household use.”


    Bastion smirked. “What kind of household use?”


    Drynn flushed. “I mean, probably like, you know, bedroom stuff.”


    “Bedroom stuff! Ha! Look at you man! You’re too embarrassed to even say it. People use it to fuck their partners while looking like other people they want to fuck.”


    “I’m, yeah, I’m sure that’s probably it.”


    “So you can make it, but you never used it like that?”


    “You mean for sex?”


    Bastion looked at him in disbelief. “Yeah, for sex. You…you have had sex before, right?”


    Before he could say a lie, Drynn’s hesitation gave him away, and Bastion’s eyes went wide.


    “You mean to tell me you’re a virgin! I thought you and Mara were all hot and heavy?”


    “We did stuff, sure. But, well, she never let me go all the way. Look, can we not make a big deal out of this?”


    “You’re right, you’re right,” Bastion said nodding enthusiastically. “But do you know how many of the chicks here would bang you if they knew that you’ve never popped your cherry? So many. I could set it up tonight. Just say the word and-”


    “I’m good. Thanks.”


    Bastion went still, and looked like he was thinking harder than usual. “So, could I ask you a favor though?”


    “What’s that?”


    “Could you like, make me some polyjuice potion?”


    “It could get us kicked out of here, Bastion.”


    “No one’s going to know, man. I’ll get you everything you need. You just have to make it, and that’ll be that.”


    Even though Bastion cajoled and begged, Drynn still refused. The next day however, the conversation got brought to their lunch table. 


    “Hey Persephone, if you could fuck anyone you wanted, who would it be?” Bastion asked.


    “I can fuck anyone I want, meathead,” Persephone smirked. “Look at me. I’m hot as fuck. My brains are just the icing on the cake.”


    “Not everyone,” Bastion said, pointing towards Professor Gastlik who was chatting up a table of girls nearby. They were hanging on every word he said. 


    Persephone gave a wistful sigh. “Only because he’s decent enough to not fuck his students.”


    “But what if you could anyway.”


    “Oh I’d definitely take him for a whirl. I bet he’s got monster under those robes.”


    Nitz giggled. “Like a basilisk?”


    “Or maybe a phoenix.”


    Drynn looked confused. “A phoenix?”


    Persephone winked at him. “Yeah. You think he’s done for, but then he’s able to go another round.”


    “That’s the dream,” Nitz sighed. 


    “They make spells for that, don’t they?” Bastion asked.


    “They make lots of stuff for that, Bastion,” Nitz said helpfully. “Potions mostly. But what brought on this whole sexually charged line of conversation. Are you hitting a slump with the ladies?”


    Bastion looked offended by the very idea. “Absolutely not. I just wanted to know what you thought. The both of you. Just what you would do if you could have sex with someone that seemed out of your reach?”


    Drynn found he was having trouble looking at Nitz or Perspephone in the eyes during this whole conversation. But when Bastion finally posed the question to them, he looked up for a moment to see what Nitz would say. To his surprise, she was looking right at him. The second their eyes met, she glanced away and met Bastion’s gaze. 


    “Haven’t given it much thought,” she answered. 


    “But there is someone you’d  let under those short skirts you wear all the time?”


    Nitz rolled her eyes. “Get to whatever point you’re trying to make right now, Bastion.”


    Bastion looked back and forth between the girls a few times, letting the suspense build. Then he leaned forward, and motioned for them to do the same. Their faces were very close to the middle of the table when Bastion whispered, “Our boy here can make polyjuice potion.”


    “What!” Persephone shrieked. 


    “Neat!” Nitz said in wonder. “That’s supposed to be pretty advanced stuff.”


    “Yeah, and like, illegal,” Persephone objected in a much quieter tone.


    “It’s not technically illegal,” Bastion corrected. “I checked. It’s very frowned upon, and might get you probation or a fine if they catch you misusing it, but not illegal.”


    “Well it’s close enough.”


    Bastion smiled at her, then took something out of his pocket. He held it up to the others, who stared at it curiously. It was a hair. He placed it in the middle of the table, and looked at Persephone. “Want to know who that hair belongs to?”


    “Why would I-”


    “It’s Gasltik’s. The teacher you and all your friends have been drooling over since the start of term.”


    No one said anything. They just stared at it. What Bastion was suggesting was starting to sink in. 


    “It was easy enough to get,” he continued. “People leave hairs all over the place. This one was on his desk. It could transform me into a perfect copy of him. Just one hair, dropped into a complicated brew that Drynn happens to know how to make, and we can look like anyone we want.” With a flourish, he gestured towards the whole of the school and emphasized again, “Anyone.”


    That kind of idea is dangerous, because it burrows under the surface and puts down roots. Their little group couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was there when they were trying to study. It kept them up at night. It was one of the first things they thought about in the morning. The magical ability to look like someone else. To feel what it was like to be in their skin. Or to have access to the unattainable. For Bastion and the girls, fantasies and scenarios began to run on loop in their minds.


    The only one seemingly immune to the idea, was Drynn. Much to his friends’ dismay, he didn’t want any part of it. He made it very clear that he wasn’t looking for love in this place. A failed relationship had landed him here, and he wasn’t going to let it happen again. Bastion tried to let him know he wasn’t talking about love, but it was still too close for Drynn. 


    The girls both said they understood, and Nitz backed off. Way off actually. For a time, they only saw her at meals. She said she needed to focus on her arithmancy assignments, which were still proving a challenge for her the second time around. 


    Persephone, however, did not back off. If anything, she pushed harder, even offering him a hefty amount of galleons. The answer had still been no. Bastion assured him that he didn’t have to drink any of the potion. And he promised to do as much of the prep work as possible, even helping to brew the potion once all of the ingredients were gathered. That had made Drynn laugh. He’d seen his friend make a potion once. They’d had to evacuate the school that day. 


    Despite Drynn’s refusal, Bastion started placing the ingredients for polyuice outside his friend’s door. Drynn would sigh every time he saw another ingredient show up. He surprised himself by not throwing any of it away, but reluctantly took them all into his room. It didn’t mean he was going to make it. It was just easier to take it inside instead of arguing about it. When Persephone started helping gather the supplies, Drynn became worried, because in a matter of days, all the materials were there, and they both began trying to persuade him with renewed vigor. Drynn’s resolve was weakening, but he didn’t want the trouble the potion might bring.


    Then one afternoon, Nitz approached Drynn at the end of the day’s classes. She was very excited. They’d all just passed their disapparation exam. This meant that their right to disapparate had been reinstated, at least locally. They could now officially disapparate anywhere in the boundaries of the school and in select, discreet areas of the nearby town. This was a big deal to all of them. It was another step towards being seen as competent witches and wizards.


    Nitz said they should celebrate by disapparating for a trip to the local muggle coffee shop. But she didn’t ask their friend group, just Drynn. Drynn naturally looked around the common room to ask if Bastion or Persephone wanted to celebrate with them as well. Oddly, they were already together nearby, staring at him. The second he saw them, they both looked away, and before he could say anything to them, they both disapparated from the room.


    Despite what his examiners and most of the teachers in this school thought, Drynn wasn’t stupid. Based on his friends’ reaction, he smelled a set up. He turned back to Nitz, about to ask her if this was meant to be a date, but she had a pitifully cute expression plastered on her face. The kind that said, please say yes or I’ll die. Drynn sighed and decided not to ask. If there was any doubt, he’d assure anyone who’d asked that they had just wanted to disapparate somewhere, anywhere, and happened to be together. The fact that Nitz was generally fun to be around and had an ability to silence Drynn with her cuteness would not get brought up.


    The pair appeared in a vacant square that had enchantments on it that made muggles not see it properly, especially if someone just seemingly materialized out of thin air. From their it was a hundred yards to a quaint little coffee shop. They walked in and placed their order, and Drynn insisted on paying. The problem was he still hadn’t figured out muggle money. Apparently, he hadn’t brought near enough. He thought the paper money was worth more, but it turned out some of the papers were worth more than others. Nitz assured him it was okay and handed the cashier a piece of rectangular plastic. Drynn was amazed as the pretty barista behind the counter took it as if it were the most normal thing, and that seemed to do it. But she didn’t keep the thing, she gave it back to Nitz. Drynn had so many questions.


    As soon as they were out of earshot at a table with their drinks, Drynn asked, “So, you just show them that card thingie, and they give you whatever you want? But they don’t keep it? They give it back to you?”


    “I don’t fully understand it either,” Nitz said. “Persephone gave it to me the other day and said it had plenty of muggle money on it. She said I just needed to present it to whoever takes the money, and that should be that. It worked just like she said it would! We don’t give muggles enough credit sometimes.”


    “No, no I suppose not. So…have you gotten caught up with your arithmancy?”


    Nitz’s face reddened. “Not really. I hate that subject so much, and I worry that I might fail again.”


    Drynn smiled at her sympathetically. “How can I help, Nitz? You want me to tutor you or-”


    She scrunched up her face and blurted out quietly, “I’d like you to make the polyjuice potion!” She saw that he was about to protest, so she hurriedly added. “I’m just so stressed out right now, and when I think about what we could use that potion for…” Nitz’s face reddened.


    “Yeah, yeah,” Drynn said dryly. “You could sex away your troubles by banging one of Dungus’s hottest students. Or teachers.”


    Nitz looked at him intently for a moment, then bit her lip as she looked away shyly. “I…I wouldn’t need to use the potion if I thought the person was at all interested in me.”


    “How could they not be? You’re great Nitz. And don’t let this go to your head, but you’re pretty cute.”


    Nitz sat up straighter at that and beamed at him. She started to reach across the table for his hand, but he became distracted by someone yelling outside at the far end of the cafe. Drynn thought he saw movement through the large glass window, but couldn’t make out any particular face or what was going on. 


    He refocused on Nitz and continued casually, “If I weren’t still trying to put my shattered heart together after last year, I might have made a move on you myself.”


    Nitz’s hand froze a hair’s breath from the hand that held Drynn’s coffee. Drynn did notice this, and saw her hand slowly retreat back to her side of the table. He also noticed her whole countenance change. She looked sad, or hurt. Had he said something offensive?


    “That’s sweet of you to say, Drynn,” she said quietly. She began fumbling with something in her bag. “I just, look, if you’re still worrying about getting in trouble with the whole polyjuice thing, I’d be willing to lend you one of my family’s magical artifacts to help you out.”


    That piqued Drynn’s curiosity. “A magical family heirloom! Cool! I’d love to see it.”


    Nitz looked around to make sure no one was paying attention to them, she pulled on a chain that she always wore around her neck. Drynn had never seen what was attached to it, but as it came out of her shirt, he saw that it was a small golden hourglass. She gently put it on the table in front of her.


    Drynn knew what it was immediately, and wrapped his hands around hers to hide the object from view. He spoke in a hushed voice. “Nitz! That’s a time turner. How do you have a time turner? The Ministry of Magic destroyed all of them.”


    Nitz was looking at Drynn’s hands. Drynn’s hands that were on hers. She made no move to pull away. “They destroyed all that belonged to the Ministry. This one has belonged to my family for centuries.”


    “But…aren’t they illegal to own now?”


    Nitz giggled, and glanced down at their conjoined hands. “More like highly discouraged. Sort of like polyjuice potion. Would you like to try it out?”


    Nitz had no idea how much Drynn wanted to try it out. He had wished he’d had one a thousand times over the last year. He wanted to undo so much. He took his fingers, and gently pulled Nitz’s hands apart to peek at the time turner. He’d heard about the dangers of time travel with these things, but he would have gladly faced them to undo so many regrets. He never thought he’d get a chance to see one, and now he was being offered the chance to use one. 


    “I would love to try it out,” he whispered. “That is, if you think we can do it safely. When should we…”


    Before he could finish, Nitz had taken one more quick look around, then leaned forward and gestured for him to do the same. When he did, she looped the chain around his head, connecting them.


    Drynn began to panic. “You’re not going to do it right here are you?”


    But his question was answered a second later, as Nitz gave the little golden device a turn. Drynn felt very odd, like he was sitting on a broom that was going very fast, but also very backwards. He also felt like his stomach had left his body. And then the table felt solid again, and the seat didn’t feel like it was moving underneath him anymore. Their drinks had vanished, and the barista was focused on taking the orders of a woman that had just appeared. 


    “C’mon. Out the back. This way!” Nitz said excitedly as she pulled him from the table. They went out the other door at the end of the shop, and Nitz pointed at the window and told him, “Okay, now look.”


    Drynn was at a loss. “What? Did we…are we back in time? What am I looking for?”


    Nitz looked at her watch. “Shush. Just give it a second or two, and…there. Look who’s coming through the door.”


    Drynn watched as identical copies of himself and Nitz walked into the coffee shop. He watched as they placed their orders, and watched the other version of himself fumble with muggle money. “This is so weird.”


    “But cool, right?” Nitz asked hopefully.


    “Oh, so cool!” Drynn agreed. “Can we go say hi?”


    Nitz shook her head. “No, because you don’t know I have this yet. Something could go terribly wrong, like you could accidentally kill yourself. I’d be fine, because I know I have this. I’ve interacted with myself loads of times.”


    “Really? What have you gotten up to with yourself?”


    Nitz went red and began to stammer, “Nothing, just…stuff. Just like, helping organize my room or doing homework.”


    “You’re joking!” Drynn said with a twinkle in his eye. “If you actually used it for homework, we wouldn’t be here.”


    “I always, uh, mean to help myself with homework, but I often get…distracted.”


    Drynn cocked his head and looked at her. “You distracted yourself from doing your homework? How did…” As he noticed her face get even redder, and how she couldn’t meet his eyes, he finally got it. “No way! You used time travel to get yourself off?”


    “Shut up,” she hissed. “It’s…it’s just like a form of masturbating, just with more hands. And a mouth that know exactly where to…” She sighed wistfully, then shook her head. “Let’s just drop it, okay.”


    Drynn did not want to drop it. If anything, he wanted every detail imaginable. But this was not the time to ask. Because he had just traveled back in time, and it was awesome. “I don’t think I’d kill myself. I think I’d be fine,” he argued.


    “You really can’t know for sure. It’s very possible you’d try to attack yourself, or create a whole paradox of some sort.”


    “And nobody wants that,” said a familiar voice behind them. 


    “What the-” Drynn yelled. And then he was being pushed away from the window by identical copies of himself and Nitz. 


    “Careful,” the copy of Drynn said. “You almost saw yourself in the window there.”


    Drynn’s mouth fell open. It had been his future self he had heard earlier at the table. “This is so cool! But when did-”


    “You really wanted to say hi to yourself,” future Nitz said with a smile and an eye roll.


    “Of course he did,” Nitz agreed.


    “When?” Drynn asked. 


    “In the future, dummy,” future Drynn laughed. “Right after this conversation.”


    “I…is it always this confusing?” Drynn asked. 


    “You get used to it,” future Nitz said. 


    “Has Nitz told you any more details about her hookups with herself?” Drynn asked. 


    Future Drynn smiled, but before he could reply, two very red faced Nitz’s exclaimed, “We never should have told you that!”


    Then future Nitz looked at her watch and said, “Oh, we need to get out of this area. You’ll be time traveling soon.”


    “Right, thanks!” Nitz said, as she put the chain over Drynn again. 


    “Wait, so is this…is this when we time travel again?”


    “Stop asking so many questions and just go with it,” future Drynn said. 


    “Yeah, you don’t have time. You’ve got some polyjuice potion to make,” future Nitz grinned.


    Future Drynn nodded slowly and said, “I suppose I do.” A second later, he and future Nitz disapparated out of sight. 


    “You ready?” Ntiz asked.


    “This is so bizarre,” Drynn said


    “Welcome to time travel,” she grinned.


    “And you’ll just…you’ll just let me borrow this thing?”


    “Yes,” she said.


    “If I make you guys a batch of polyjuice?”


    “That’s the deal.”


    “Only if I get to say hi to myself.”


    Nitz laughed as she gave the device a little turn. 


    As time rewound around them, he saw a blur of the events that just happened. The sound was warped and backwards, but as it slowed, he heard a voice, Nitz’s voice, say, “It’s very possible you’d try to attack yourself, or create a whole paradox of some sort.”


    Drynn cut her off by saying, “And nobody wants that.” He remembered what came next. Even as he heard his past self yell, he looked into the coffee shop, and sure enough, his past past self was about to look their way. He shoved himself out of view. And then he had a very familiar conversation before he eventually said, “I suppose I do.” And then he and Nitz turned, and vanished on the spot. 


    They reappeared in their common room. Drynn was overwhelmed, but also very excited to see what he could get up to with the time turner. As Nitz took it off discreetly and handed it to him, he asked, “But wait? Isn’t there a future version of us here now? The you and I that disapparated here earlier?”


    “It doesn’t work like that?” Nitz giggled, and then she lowered her voice and said in an attempt of an American southern drawl, “Time is a flat circle.”


    Drynn laughed, but then said, “But…but I still don’t-”


    “Don’t try and understand it, Drynn. Just have fun with it. Now get to making that polyjuice.”


    Drynn nodded, and went to his room. He had a potion to brew.


    With all the ingredients already assembled, brewing the potion itself took him just over 24 hours. It might have taken him longer if he had been allowed to make any mistakes. Three times his future self had appeared and let him know he was about to stir the cauldron’s contents the wrong way, or that an ingredient had to be brewed for 18 hours, not 17, or that he’d cut an ingredient he was supposed to mash. He’d corrected the problem he was about to make, then gone back to warn his past self, and then watched his past self correct the problem, and then go back and warn his past self. A flat circle indeed. 


    At last near the end of the next day, the potion turned the proper consistency of mud and a dark greenish color. Drynn did not tell his friends that it was finished. He planned on letting them know in the morning that he had been successful. Then they could spend the rest of the day figuring out how to use it. He knew that wouldn’t be hard for Bastion. Along with the ingredients, he had been collecting hairs from various students, and teachers, all of which were in a suitcase he’d left in Drynn’s room, along with several vials ready to hold a small amount of potion. Bastion probably had an order and set list of fantasies to act out. When it came to hooking up, Bastion was very organized.


    Drynn was thankful that no one else knew that he had a large batch of polyjuice potion, and he wanted to keep it that way until he could give it to his friends. The dark green sludge bubbled slowly. It looked perfect. It smelled nasty, just as it should. He hoped it made his friends happy. He also hoped that Nitz would let him keep the time turner for a good long while. 


    A part of him wondered if he should…if he should test the polyjuice potion, to make sure that it worked properly. But no, that hadn’t been his intention. He was doing it for his friends. His friends and temporary time turner privileges. He didn’t want to get in trouble. Besides, who would he turn into? He put the idea out of his head, finished his homework, and went to bed early. 


    Knock knock.


    The sound on the door was slight, but enough to rouse Drynn from his sleep. Then he heard the sound of something sliding under his door. He sat up quickly and reached for his wand on his night stand.


    “Lumos,” he whispered. His room was bathed in light. He looked at the floor, and there was a piece of parchment at the foot of his door. He picked it up. If he had been fully awake, he might have noticed the handwriting was very familiar to him. It read:


    “You are invited to a polyjuice party tonight at the space of specification. Bring the time turner. Go now.”


    Drynn’s head reeled. This had to be from Nitz. No way had she told the others about the time turner. He leapt up and raced to his door. He peered up and down the hallway. No one was there. He retreated to his room and shut the door. As he put on a fresh set of robes, he wondered what this was all about? Nitz was the only other person who knew about the time turner. But what if someone else had seen him use it? What if it wasn’t a secret? He’d always been so careful, except when they had been at the coffee shop. And how was there a polyjuice party tonight when it was still in his cauldron on the floor? He double checked. Yes, it was still there. Had someone else made a batch? And now they were just inviting everyone in the school? That didn’t make any sense! What did make sense was that somehow, somebody knew more than they should. He needed to find out what was going on, and make sure that he and his friends didn’t get expelled.


    Drynn’s feet carried him quickly to the space of specification. It was what they called the room at Dungus that was sort of a catch all for whatever a student needed. If you needed to relax, the room created bean bags, hammocks, scented candles and soothing music. If you needed to have a dance party, it lined itself with speakers and a stage. It was whatever you needed. Supposedly Hogwarts had its own version, but Drynn had never been to it, because you apparently had to walk up and down a certain way and say some password or something that Drynn had never learned. 


    He could have saved himself some time by disapparating directly into the space of specification, but he was trying to catch a glimpse of whomever might have left that note. Plus, he didn’t want to magically appear into what might be an attempt to blackmail or expel him. 


    He passed empty corridor after empty corridor. Climbed several vacant staircases. He heard and saw no one, until he got to the sixth floor. The space of specification was at the end of the hallway from the last set of stairs. He passed a set of men’s and women’s toilets midway to the room, and thought he heard hushed voices. He hesitated. It was coming from the women’s. As he tried to make out what they were saying. It sounded like a disagreement. But then they stopped talking suddenly. Immediately after, he heard the telltale pop of two people disapparating. 


    As the bathroom would no doubt be empty, he carried on stealthily towards the space of specification. He double checked his surroundings. He was alone. It was quiet, but he could already hear noises coming from inside the room. He pressed his ear against the door and listened hard for anything that should give him pause. What he heard was the sound of passion.


    He heard moans and grunts. Panting and cooing. And a plethora of dirty talk from what seemed like a room full of people just going at it. Maybe this was the real deal. Maybe this was an actual invite from some other student who had made their own batch of polyjuice potion.


    Drynn tried to open the door quietly to take a peek of what his ears told him was a full blown orgy. But the door creaked loudly, and suddenly all those sounds stopped. A voice called out, “Get in here Drynn!”


    They were expecting him. Was he the last to arrive? How did they know he’d come? All the questions stopped as the inhabitants of the room came into view. There were several men and women, all of whom Drynn knew, most very well. They seemed to be the most attractive students at Dungus, both girls and guys. But it wasn’t just students. He saw the muscular figure of Professor Gastlik, and the seductive body of Professor Sindla. His eyes kept bouncing rapidly around as he saw more than one version of Bastion, Persephone, and Nitz in the room. But what stood out more than anything else, was that every single person in the room didn’t have a stitch of clothes on. And everyone was in the middle of fucking or being fucked.


    There was silence for a few beats as Drynn took all this in. Then as if on cue, everyone in the room cried, “Hi Drynn!” And then they went back to fucking each other as if Drynn walking in on all of them in a state of sexual frenzy was just the most normal thing in the world.


    Drynn wanted answers, but his body was signaling that it might want more than that. The sight of so much flesh gave him a throbbing erection, but he wasn’t the type to just shuck off his clothes and jump in. He briefly thought about running, and even took a step back. As soon as he did however, Professor Sindla called to him from the middle of the room. She was on all fours on the floor, and was was being fucked from behind by Bastion nice and slow. 


    “Come over here, young man,” the voluptuous teacher commanded. She sounded like she always did while she was calling on a student to answer a question. The difference was that she was getting the full length of Bastion’s cock plunged into her pussy every few seconds, which caused her big tits to sway hypnotically. 


    Drynn couldn’t help but stare at them as he drew closer. The professor must have noticed, because she snapped, “My eyes are up here, Mr. Finestra.”


    His eyes quickly found hers, and he saw Bastion stifle a laugh in his peripheral vision. “That’s a good boy,” she moaned, looking intently at Drynn as Bastion slammed into her. “I know how much all the males here love staring at my tits. And now that they’re here completely exposed and right in front of you, swaying back and forth while your friend fucks me from behind, I must say I’m impressed by your level of self…Oh! Nope. Your eyes are back on my tits again. Back up here, Mr. Finestra. There we are. Look at me while I’m speaking to you. You have some questions you’d like to ask, am I right?”


    Drynn swallowed hard. It was taking a lot of willpower not to look down at her jiggling boobs. He couldn’t help but wonder if he’d get to-


    “Ask your questions and I might let you suck on them,” she purred.


    Drynn’s eyes went wide at the prospect. He let a question tumble out of his mouth. “Is that really you, Professor Sindla?”


    She gave a laugh that turned into a moan before she answered. “You’re not allowed to ask who anyone really is at a polyjuice party.” When Drynn gave her a puzzled look, she pulled away from Bastion. She stood up in front of Drynn and brought her mouth to his. She parted his lips with her long, sensuous tongue, and his hands instinctively began to explore her body. She broke off the kiss and pulled his hands to her breasts. “No, I’m not really the professor, Drynn. But does that matter? I look exactly like her. I feel like her. I taste like her.”


    She made a sweeping gesture at the writhing bodies around her. “None of these people are their actual selves, that’s the whole point. Everyone can toss their inhibitions aside and enjoy the bodies of their crushes, their fantasies. And by the way you're groping me, I bet you’ve had a crush on me, haven’t you Mr. Finestra?”


    “I…yes.” Drynn stammered.

    “Yes, Ma’am,” the professor corrected.


    “Yes, Ma’am,” Drynn repeated. “So, who sent me the invitation?”


    “All will be revealed in due time. But there is a bit of a clock on this potion, and before it runs out, I think there’s someone you’d like to meet.”


    She gently spun him around, and Drynn’s heart sped up at the vision before him. It was his ex-girlfriend Mara. How could Mara be here? She was naked. Her curly brown hair fell to her shoulders. Her smile was the same he remembered. At one time he would have walked across hot coals for that smile. And now she was here. But it wasn’t her. How could it be her? She’d graduated Hogwarts and moved on with her life and was probably dating some successful wizard who’d had common sense enough not to flunk all his final exams. 


    “Hey, hey, it’s okay,” Mara whispered as she gently stepped forward and took his hand. “I know you miss me. I know I broke your heart. I know there’s a million things you’d like to say to me, or would like to undo, or redo in our relationship. You can say anything to me right now. You can do anything to me right now. I’m here to give you the closure you need to move on.”


    Drynn heard the words but was having trouble processing them. She was so close. And she looked so good. He wasn’t aware, but his breathing had become shallow and loud as his eyes drifted over her. He’d loved her for more than her body, but her body was also a treasure in and of itself. The thought of being able to say, or do anything to her right now was overwhelming. He didn’t know where to start, where to begin. 


    So Mara, or the person that looked exactly like her, took the lead. She led him to the far corner of the room where an empty bed sat, almost as if it had been reserved specifically for them. Unbeknownst to Drynn, almost every eye watched as they went. By the time they arrived at the bed, they had all looked away and refocused on their own partner, or partners as was the case. 


    Mara began to undress him quickly, and in seconds Drynn was as naked as everyone else in the room. He tried to cover his erection, but she gently moved his hands away and let her fingers slide up and down his shaft with one hand. Then she lay back on the bed, and spread her legs for him. She brought her hands up to fondle her boobs, pushing them together for him. She continued to squeeze them with one hand, while the other went to her face, where a finger slid into her mouth. It went in and out a few times, before it quickly dropped to her pussy lips, which parted for her fingers. She began to pant and lick her lips. She saw how enthralled Drynn was at every little thing she did. She had his undivided attention. It was like they were the only ones in the room. 


    “Please fuck me, Drynn,” she moaned. “I need your cock inside of me. Please. Please give it to me. You can touch me anywhere you want. Fuck me however you’d like. Just give me your big, throbbing cock.”


    Drynn lowered himself to her. He was about to lose his virginity, at an orgy, at school. He could live with that. He tried to enter her, but he couldn’t quite find her entrance. 


    She smiled at him. “Let me help.” Her hands encircled him, and guided him to where he needed to be.


    He felt her warmth and wetness as she slid him up and down her pussy lips. Then he gave a small, tentative thrust with his hips, and he felt her tightness as his dick went into her. His breath caught, and for a moment time stood still.


    “That’s it, Drynn. You’re inside of me. And it feels amazing. Please, go deeper.”


    And go deeper he did. Balls deep in fact. And then he pulled out a little, and then pushed back in. It felt amazing. Why had he waited so long? Sex was great! He was having sex! With Mara. Something he’d dreamt about doing with her every day when they were married. But she’d dumped him. She’d dumped him and they would never be married and…. His hips began to slow as an unexpected wave of sorrow hit him. 


    “Hey, no,” Mara panted. “Don’t slow down. Keep fucking me. Keep fucking me and know that if I had really, truly been in love with you, I would have stayed. But I wasn’t the one for you, and you know it. We grew apart that last few months together. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. The spark just left.  I know you loved me, oh! Oh yeah! Yeah. Good. Right there. You loved me, but we weren’t meant to be. And it hurts so much because I was your first love. I need you to let me go. But first I need you to-”


    Drynn felt the explosion build from within as his balls tightened. Then his dick began to pulse and he let out a long groan. As soon as he did, the whole room burst into applause, cheers and whistles. 


    He smiled sheepishly at them, then looked down at his ex and asked a question guys have been asking since forever after their first time. “Was that okay?”


    “It was lovely, Drynn,” Mara said as she pulled him into a hug. “You lasted about as long as I expected. But don’t worry, next time you’ll last a little longer.”


    Drynn pushed himself up so he could look at her. “Next time?” 


    She wiggled out from under him and sat up. Then she bent over and picked up Nitz’s time turner he still wore. “You’ve got this, remember?”


    Drynn’s eyes went wide. “You want me to relive this? But how would that even work?”


    “Why don’t you disapparate to the men’s bathroom down the hall and find out.”


    “What? What’s in the men’s…” he stopped as he noticed Mara’s skin begin to ripple. He almost panicked, but then remembered that it was just the polyjuice beginning to wear off. He looked around. 


    Everyone had finished fucking and were standing, and all of their skin was rippling. People’s hair was shortening everywhere and changing color. Professor Sindla’s large breasts were deflating rapidly. Professor Gastlik’s abs began to look more like a single ab. And they were all looking at him and smiling. It was a pained smile. The transformational effects of polyjuice were not a painless process, but clearly all the people in the room were pleased with themselves, or, pleased with him for some reason. 


    He looked over to Mara, but she hardly looked like herself anymore. Her boobs had also shrunk, and had she gotten taller?


    “Go now Drynn!” she ordered. But her voice was deeper, less feminine.


    Drynn shook his head. “But I want to see who you all really are.”


    As her hair became darker and shortened into her scalp, she said in a masculine voice, “Right, I forgot. You don’t go of your own accord the first time?” With a quick motion, she reached out and gave his time turner a turn. 


    Right before the room began to spin, Drynn said, “Wait, are you actually a dude?”


    And then he was in a dark and empty room. It was the same room, just a different time. The polyjuice party hadn’t started yet. But he could do it all again. He’d get to fuck Mara, again. As he looked down at his spent penis, he hoped he could. He was sure once she was in front of him he’d be able to rise to the occasion. But…if he knew she was actually a guy, would that affect his ability to do it with her.


    Instead of dwelling on that, he disapparated to the men’s bathroom down the hall as he had been instructed. It was also empty. And then suddenly it wasn’t. He watched a person who looked exactly like himself appear directly in front of him. The second he did, Drynn heard pops from the direction of the other closed stalls around him. 


    Drynn was glad it was himself he was looking at, because he was still very much naked. His clothes were on the floor in the other room in the future. Then he wondered if this was actually him he was looking at, or… “Hey, are you…are you me? Or someone that drank-”


    “Shh, no time, here,” his doppleganger said as he popped open a familiar looking briefcase full of vials of dark greenish polyjuice.


    “Hey, that’s Bastion’s case,” Drynn exclaimed.


    “You don’t miss a trick, do you,” the other Drynn smirked. “Now pick one and drink up.”




    “Polyjuice party, idiot. If you want to go back in that room, it’ll be as someone else. Now pick!”


    Drynn thought he was beginning to understand. He hadn’t seen another version of himself in that room, so of course he would come back as someone else. That prospect excited him, and he felt his dick stir. He reached for a vial in the middle, only for his other self to smack his hand.


    “Not that one,” his twin laughed. “Pick another one.”


    Drynn laughed back. “Fuck you. I want that one.”


    “You’re not ready for that one. Maybe next time.”


    Drynn looked at the vial that he supposedly wasn’t ready for. “Well fine then.” And he grabbed a different one. He gave it a swirl, popped the cork, and downed the nasty liquid. It tasted truly awful. As soon as he had swallowed it all, he felt like he was going to be sick. And then his body began to change. He felt like his skin and bones were stretching as he grew a few inches. He looked in the mirror and watched his black hair shrink to a tight crew cut and turn blonde. He knew who he was becoming.

    “I’m Bastion!” he exclaimed, already in the deeper voice of his friend. 


    “That you are!” the other Drynn chuckled. “And I believe you have a date with a hot teacher.”


    Drynn’s new chiseled jaw dropped. “No way! Am I the Bastion that got to fuck Professor Sindla?”


    “You sure will be.”


    “And…and you know this because…because you’re a future version of myself?”


    The other Drynn smiled. “Who else would I be?”


    “I suppose you’re right.” 


    “If you want to go again after this, disapparate into one of the stalls here and drink the potion that’s there.”


    “How many times do I do this?”


    “That’s up to you.”


    “But…you know, don’t you?”


    The other Drynn sighed. “I forgot how much I like to ask questions.”


    “And what about my…” Drynn said as he nodded down at his deflated cock. 


    “Oh right, thanks for reminding me.” The other Drynn took out a vial filled with blue liquid from the pocket of his robes and held it out to Drynn. “Drink this and…”


    Drynn snatched it and unstopped the cork. “I know what it does. I made it last week for Bastion so he could keep up with the demands of his social life.”


    “Didn’t need it though, did he. Good thing, cause you will. Now get going. You’re going to have a good time, and maybe learn something about yourself. You can trust me. I wouldn’t lie to myself.”


    “I would hope not.”


    “Go. You should be in there already.”


    “Right!” Drynn said enthusiastically.


    “Be sure to give those big titties a squeeze for me!” the other Drynn smiled.


    There was a brief sound of muffled laughter all around him, and then several pops. 


    “Sure will!” Drynn said. He disappeared a moment later.


    He reappeared back in the space of specification. It was no longer empty. There were several people now, and everyone was still naked, but nobody was fucking. Yet. Drynn noticed Professor Sindla, and they locked eyes with each other. She looked like she was waiting for him specifically. Drynn made a beeline to her in the center of the room, and she gave him a predatory smile. 


    “Well hello, Bastion,” she said. “I hear you’ve been wanting to get your hands on my voluptuous body for some time now.”


    Drynn paused. “Uh, is that okay?”


    As an answer to his question, she turned around, and got on all fours on the floor. Then she lifted her ass in the air and presented it to him. Drynn sank to his knees and gripped the sides of her hips. He tried to insert himself into her, but didn’t quite know the mechanics, which was very frustrating. His dick was fully reinflated, and he could feel the heat of her wet slit, but he couldn’t quite enter her. After a couple of tries, she rolled over for him and said, “I forgot, you’re not very experienced yet. Why don’t you try this way first? Get that dick wet, and put your mouth on these forbidden titties.”


    Drynn pounced on her, and on the first attempt, he found her pussy entrance. It all felt so different this time around. He did have a different dick, but it was also Sindla’s pussy. It was gripping him. And she was looking at him like he was a meal she couldn’t wait to devour. 


    “Don’t forget my big tits, Bastion,” she said firmly. “You’re always looking at them in class. Get your mouth on them.”


    Drynn obeyed. First he buried his head between them. He’d fantasized about being buried between her cleavage, and now it was a reality. Then he licked from the middle of her chest to her right boob, and stopped at the nipple. He swirled his tongue around it and sucked. Then repeated the process on the left breast. All while her pussy pulsed around his hard cock. 


    “That’s right,” she said encouragingly. “They’re quite the mouthful, aren’t they. Ooh, and has your dick gotten even harder while sucking on them. I think it has. You’re so big inside me. So big. This is the best dick so far. Even better than Gastlik’s.”


    “What? Have you…”


    She pushed him off before he could finish the question, and spun around. “Mount me, Bastion.”




    “You’ll be able to do it this time. I know you will. And you’ll like how my pussy feels even better in this position. It’ll feel so tight. You’ll love it.” When nothing happened, she looked over her shoulder and said, “It’s okay. You can trust me.”


    A weird sense of deja vu passed through Drynn as he heard those words. But it didn’t last, because Sindla’s hot ass had hypnotized him as she began to sway it back and forth, side to side. He put his hands on her hips again, and she raised her ass higher for him. He was determined to do it right this time. He took his cock in a firm grip. It really was much bigger than his own. He edged it forward, poking blindly at first, but then felt hot wetness encircle the tip. He pushed ahead a little more, and he heard her moan. She pushed back into him in turn, and he was suddenly deep in paradise. She had been right. It was tighter. He pulled out a little, then went back in.


    “That’s it,” she said in a ragged voice. “Just like that. Do your hot professor doggystyle. I’m your bitch now. Fuck me hard from behind.”


    And then the door creaked. And someone in the room yelled, “Get in here Drynn!”


    The door opened, and Drynn saw the strangest thing that anyone can see while fucking a polyjuiced version of their hot teacher in the middle of a magical orgy. Drynn watched as his past self peered into the room, open mouthed. Drynn smiled, as he knew exactly the thoughts that had been rolling through his head in that moment. He knew what was coming next, and after a few beats, he joined in with a bunch of other voices that cried out, “Hi Drynn!” 


    He thought this was hilarious now. He knew that he’d soon be in front of himself as he fucked Sindla, and he made sure to go nice and slow. He brought his dick almost all the way out of her, then shoved it all the way back in hard. Then slowly brought it out again, and found a nice rythym. Every time he slammed into her, her big titties swung back and forth in front of her. Drynn remembered seeing them from a different angle last time, and liking it a lot. There was about to be a conversation between past Drynn and Sindla, all while he was fucking her from behind. This was now officially the best night of his life. 


    Drynn kept pumping while he heard Sindla say loudly and firmly, “Come over here, young man.”


    He loved her authoritative teacher voice. She was so fucking sexy. He never wanted this to end. 


    “My eyes are up here Mr. Finestra.”


    Drynn stifled a laugh. He much preferred being on this side of the conversation. The side with his dick in Sindla’s pussy.


    “That’s a good boy,” she moaned. “I know how much all the males here love staring at my tits. And now that they’re here completely exposed and right in front of you, swaying back and forth while your friend fucks me from behind, I must say I’m impressed by your level of self…Oh! Nope. Your eyes are back on my tits again. Back up here, Mr. Finestra. There we are. Look at me while I’m speaking to you. You have some questions you’d like to ask, am I right?”


    Drynn couldn’t see her tits right then. But he could sure see her perfect ass.


    “Ask your questions and I might let you suck on them,” Professor Sindla purred.


    “Is that really you, Professor Sindla?” Drynn’s past self asked.


    Sindla laughed, and as she did, Drynn felt the vibrations up and down his cock. He pushed into her as deep as he could, and the laugh turned into a moan. 


    “You’re not allowed to ask who anyone really is at a polyjuice party.” And then she moved forward, and let Drynn’s hard cock fall out of her. 


    Damn. Drynn had forgotten about that part. He watched though, silently, as Sindla stood up and kissed his past self. He watched as past Drynn began to explore and grope her body. He put a hand on his cock and stroked himself. 


    “No, I’m not really the professor, Drynn. But does that matter? I look exactly like her. I feel like her. I taste like her. None of these people are their actual selves, that’s the whole point. Everyone can toss their inhibitions aside and enjoy the bodies of their crushes, their fantasies. By the way you're groping me, I bet you’ve had a crush on me, haven’t you Mr. Finestra?”


    Drynn realized he was becoming jealous watching his other self grope those big tits that had been in his mouth minutes ago. He wanted to get back to fucking her. 


    “I…yes.” past Drynn stammered.

    “Yes, Ma’am,” the professor corrected.


    “Yes, Ma’am,” past Drynn repeated. “So, who sent me the invitation?”


    “All will be revealed in due time. But there is a bit of a clock on this potion, and before it runs out, I think there’s someone you’d like to meet.”


    As past Drynn turned, Drynn saw her again. He hadn’t noticed her this second time either. She had been leaning against the wall near the door, apart from the orgy. She had been waiting for him. Drynn felt a brief pang of hurt in his heart, and then Sindla was in front of him again.


    “Lay down on the floor, young man,” she ordered him. 


    He did, and watched as she positioned herself over his dick. Then she slowly, half inch by half inch, sunk down on top of his member. When he was all the way in, she lowered her tits towards his face, and told him, “Suck.”


    His mouth opened, and he greedily attacked her boobs with his tongue and mouth. As soon as he did, she used her hips to bounce and gyrate atop him. He didn’t last very long after that. He felt the pressure build. He felt her pussy squeeze him. He heard her cry out in ecstacy and her body quiver. And then he was cumming. And cumming. And everything was amazing. 


    Sindla collapsed on top of him and asked, “Are you going to go again?”


    “I…you know about the time turner? Were you the one who-”


    “If you do, you should disapparate into the women’s bathroom this time.”


    “But I thought I was supposed to go back to the-”


    “Just trust me. You’ll love it.”


    Suddenly Drynn’s skin began to ripple. Sindla’s was as well. To his dismay, her boobs were rapidly deflating. He looked over at his past self, who had finished having sex for the first time. He smiled at the thought. And then he watched as Mara, or the person who sort of looked like Mara, turned Past Drynn’s time turner for him. He heard his past self say, “Wait. Are you a dude?” right before he disappeared. 


    He looked at Sindla with a smirk. But she wasn’t there. She had disapparated. He thought about what she’d told him. The girl’s bathroom. It wouldn’t hurt to check. He almost used the time turner, but then remembered to disapparate first. A second later, he found himself in the girl’s bathroom. There was no one there, but he thought he heard movement from one of the stalls. Since he didn’t want to be caught naked in the middle of a girls’ bathroom, he used his time turner.


    The room spun, and then he felt the ground solid underneath him. He heard movement still from the stalls, but got distracted when a clothed version of himself appeared in front of him. He opened the briefcase full of vials and pointed at the one Drynn had tried to take earlier. The other him said, “Hey, I see you made it to the girls bathroom. Still want to try that other vial?”

    To be continued...


    Author's note:

    What a great idea for a story. I really like writing this one, and have already started the next chapter. I'm working backwards from the ending, so it will hopefully flow together nicely.

    Please consider becoming one of my supporters here at outfoxstories. It helps keep me writing!

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VexenFox ∙ 05 February 2023

Love this story! Can't wait for the continuation -- it stopped riiiiiight as it was about to get exciting. Talk about a cliff hanger, hahahaha.

Magna Cum Laude ∙ 05 February 2023

Pretty easy to guess where this is all headed, but it was great nonetheless. Really wonder how Drynn got his hands on Mara's hair, but I guess we'll find that out. Can't wait to see where you take this next; almost took this one myself, but I'm glad you did instead.

RT101 Supporter ∙ 13 February 2023

Really enjoyed this one!

Eb18 ∙ 19 July 2023

This story has no business being as good as it is. Time travel stories can sometimes be needlessly overcomplicated, which can make them dull, but once the concept got introduced and the fun started in the story, things just got better and better. Simply brilliant, no other words to describe it. I'm looking forward to the next part.

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