It's What You Deserve

Story created by Eccho25 ∙ 11 September 2023

Taiga encounters his ex, who harasses him while he's working at his day job. How does he properly deal with such disrespect?

first person pov furry gay erotic Bungo Taiga fanfic

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  • It's What You Deserve

    Chapter written by Eccho25 ∙ 22 April 2023

    Taiga encounters his ex, who harasses him while he's working at his day job. How does he properly deal with such disrespect?

  • Alright, how much time’s left?...Three and a half hours. Sure. Just half an hour passes after five hours of looking away from it. Fan-fucking-tastic. Ok, you know what? Not that bad. That’s 60 minutes three times and then one half. Each of those 60 minutes is just...uh...15? Yeah, 15 minutes 4 times. And 15 minutes is just 3 minutes 5 times. So in all actuality, I’m waiting 3 minutes...70 times and then my shift’s completely over. And I think one of those three minutes passed just thinking about that. So 69 more to go...heh. Oh, the joys of being bored as all hell. At least one good thing came from school. I can now add a bit of flair to counting down the minutes. Totally worth the 7 hours every day for half my life.


    My internal calculations are interrupted by a loud thud on the conveyor belt, shocking me to my core. Once I recover from my jolt, I look in front of me to see the source of the noise. To my dismay, it’s someone I’m quite acquainted with, Mason. Oh, goody. As if my day needed more hell to endure. Whatever. Just need to scan his shit and he’ll leave me alone. As a matter of fact, he might just ignore me completely. He’s looking on his phone.


    “Taiga?” he questions in an exaggerated tone, “Little gayby Taiga? Is that actually you?”




    “Oh my God, I didn’t notice you here. How are you?”


    “Sir, I’d thank you to refrain from calling me that,” I respond, scanning and bagging his things,


    “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to make you all fussy. You want me to find you a guy to give you your pacifier?”


    I ignore his taunting, scanning and bagging faster to get him out of my fucking face.


    “What, this is what counts for customer service around here?” he continues, “You’re not gonna ask how my day’s going, if I found everything to my liking, or even ask if there’s anything you can do to better my experience? I thought you would jump at the opportunity to service your customers.”


    All I can do is sigh and shake my head at his remarks. I reeeeeally need this job, so I just gotta let this slide. Plus, I’m almost done. Just gotta scan and bag these last five items and I’m home free. He’ll be gone and I won’t have any more threats of being fired.


    “Come on, Taiga. Surely, you wanna do everything in your power to brighten my day. What, are you reserving your services for your boss? You saving your special assets for better job opportunities? I bet you are. I bet you like how hard they pull on your little tail while they give you your ‘promotions’. I bet when you heard of the different ‘positions’, you just couldn’t wa-”


    “Ok, your total comes out to be $45.65. Will that be cash or card?” I interrupt, internally begging for all of this to be over.


    He gives me a smug smirk before reaching into his pocket.


    “Still got that temper on ya, huh?” he says, pulling out his wallet, “Honestly, you really need to work on your people skills, Taiga.”


    “$45.65. Will that be cash or card?” I repeat, trying to hurry this along,


    “Chill out, Taigy. I’m just trying to create conver-”


    “Will that be cash or card?”


    He snickers at my growing agitation, taking out his card and handing it to me, saying,


    “Wow, someone’s extra cranky today, huh? Is that it? Is little gay baby Taigy cranky?”


    Don’t get fired. Don’t get fired. Don’t get fired. Don’t get fired. Do not get fired. I take the card out of his hand and scan it. Hm. Declined. Who’da thought?


    “I’m sorry, sir,” I say through the most convincing smile I can conjure up right now, “This card declined.”


    His smug demeanor takes a noticeable shift. At least I can take solace in his embarrassment. He gives a smug scoff before reaching into his wallet again and pulling out another card. I take it and scan it.


    “Declined,” I say, handing him the cards back, “Would you like to pay in cash?”


    Admittedly, I’m starting to enjoy myself a bit. At least I don’t have to hear his stupid “jokes” anymore. Plus, the sight of him slightly panicking because he’s a big strong man who’s at risk of looking like a broke boy in front of someone he was just making fun of is just hilarious. It’s always a beautiful thing when the universe comes in clutch.


    “No, no,” he says, “Just give me a second.”


    He types away at his phone, probably just making it seem he’s settling things with his bank. Now I just wish there was a sea of people behind him just so he can suffer in the anxiety of being rushed. But you can’t have everything, I guess. A guy can dream, though.


    “Ok, here,” he says, handing me the initial card.


    I scan it and once again, it declines. I give him a smug look, saying in my most patronizing tone,

    “I’m sorry, sir. It still declined. Would you like to try cash now?”


    He grimaces before returning to his phone, aggressively tapping on it before bringing it to his ear. Uh oh. Someone’s gonna get a piece of his mind. Hopefully, he’ll be generous with himself. He doesn’t have that much to give. He turns away from me, whispering in the phone,

    “Hey, I’m gonna need you to send like $50.”


    “Just $50?” I hear his dad question through the phone,






    “No, five years after I starve. Yes now.”


    “No need to be aggressive. I’m just making sure. You seemed so sure you had enough. You want me to go in there?”


    “No, I just need you to send the money!


    “Well, what could you possibly be buying for that much anyway?”


    “It doesn’t matter. I just have a bit less than I thought is all.”


    “Well, it matters to me. $50 is a lot of money to just be sending out on a whim.”


    “Like I said, it doesn’t matter. Just send it.


    “Ok, ok. This is just a bit bizarre is all I’m saying...Aaaand sent. There you go.”


    “Thank you. Jeez.”


    “Also, side note, a “please” would’ve been much appreciated. Just something to take for the future.”


    Ok, bye.”


    “Oh, well, bye. I lo-”


    He hangs up the phone, composing himself before saying,


    “Ok, everything should be in order.”


    I roll my eyes before swiping his card again. Sure enough, the payment goes through this time. Thank God. I place the card down on the conveyor belt along with the printed out receipt.


    “There you go, have a nice day,” I say, forcing a smile,


    “That’s it?” he questions in a sarcastic tone, “Come on, Taigy, where’s your hospitality? Can’t I at least get a ‘Goodbye’?”


    “Sir, the transaction is complete. I now ask that you exit the premises unless you would like to make another purchase.”


    “You’re so mean. What about a kiss?”


    “Sir, I don’t take kindly to being harassed. Now, please leave or I will contact security to escort you out of here. And neither of us wants that.”


    “Oh, now, you don’t have to go through such lengths, Taigy. Look, why don’t we just hang out after your shift like we used to? I’ll take you wherever you want, get you whatever you want, maybe we’ll go back to my pla-”


    “Macy,” a thunderous voice says in the distance, causing Mason to turn white as a ghost, “What did we discuss about saying ‘I love you’ at the end of our calls?”


    Mason’s frozen in place as his dad heads in our direction. Oh, sweet, savory, delicious karma, how I adore thee.


    “You know how important it is to me that we end every conversation possible with those three words, Macy. Why’s it so difficult for you to say it?”


    “Ok, ok, I love you,” Mason says with blatant desperation in his voice, “There. I said it. Now would you please quit calling me that so loud?”


    “Oh, now you want proper considerations to be accounted for. I thought I raised you better tha-...Oh...Hello, Taiga.”


    “H-hi, Mr. Klef,” I greet back with a wave, barely able to make eye contact.


    I am now torn on how I feel. On one hand, I’m in the presence of the person whose marriage I accidentally ruined a few months ago because of a dumb drunken kiss that still eats me up to this day. But on the other hand, Mason’s feeling immensely worse about it for obvious reasons. Both him and his bitch mom’s lives have been turned upside down and I’m the reason why. It’s funny how something as minor as homewrecking can be the cause of such a weird mix of emotions.


    “I- uh-...I didn’t know you worked here,” he says,


    “Just started a few weeks ago,” I reply as my heart races trillions of miles a second, “It’s-...part of a bet I have going on with a friend. Winner gets $1,000. I’m here in retail and he’s got food because scissors beat paper.”


    “Hm. That’s...good...I guess...Keep up the good work.”


    “Yeah, yeah, we get it, he’s doing such a good job,” Mason chimes in, “Now, if you’ll excuse us, we were talking about plans for later before you rudely interrupted.”


    “Oh...oh...I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. I should probably-...get going anyways.”


    “Yeah, ok, bye.”


    His dad starts to say something, but stops himself before hesitantly turning around and walking back outside. Once he’s out of sigh, Mason turns his attention back to me, saying,


    “Anyways, like I was saying, we could go back to my place. Maybe catch up, rekindle that flame maybe. I missed you.”


    Is he insane? Not even 15 minutes ago, he was insulting me. Now he’s saying he misses me? I’ll never understand the guys I hook up with. But maybe there is some catching up that needs to be done with someone else. 


    “You know what?” I respond, leaning forward on the counter, “You’re right. What’s life without reconciliation? My shift ends in about 6 hours. You come back at around that time, then I’ll take you up on your offer. Who knows? Maybe one thing leads to another and I’ll let you show how much you missed me.”


    He tries his best to hide his intimidation, failing miserably.


    “Alright, then,” he manages to say, “See you in 6 hours.”

    “Can’t wait.”


    He walks away, trying to look suave, but in reality just looks like he’s just learned what his legs are. Fucking creep. I guess one good thing about dating a dumbass like him is the fact that he never stops to consider things like how the store closes at 9 instead of 12:30. I just wish I could be here to see his stupid ass face.


    But enough about him. His dad is all I’m after, anyway. I could smell his grief a mile away. He’s the only reason I feel bad. He’s such a nice guy. He didn’t deserve that ungrateful fucking cow in the first place. And he damn sure doesn’t deserve the pain of finally getting her out of his life. Maybe I can show him a good example of how much better other options can be.


    Eventually, the egregious hours pass by and I’m finally free from my cell. I’m really wondering if this $1,000 is worth it at this point. I say my goodbyes to my fellow coworkers before stepping outside and sitting on the bench. I then take out my phone and search my contacts for Mason’s dad’s number. After finding it, I call him and wait for him to answer.


    “Hello?” he greets,


    “Uh-...hey,” I reply, remembering that blindly walking into something like this probably isn’t the best idea in the world, “It’’s me.”




    “Y-yeah. I just-...A friend kinda stood me up and I’m kinda...stuck. Do you think you can...give me a ride?”


    “Yeah, sure. No problem at all.”


    “Cool. Thanks. You’re the best.”


    “Alright, see ya in a bit.”


    “Ok, bye.”


    I hang up the phone and put it back in my pocket, waiting for my knight in shining armor to appear and rescue me. After a few minutes of waiting, I finally spot his car driving up to me. Once he’s parked in front of the store, he rolls his window down, saying,


    “You rang?”


    “Maybe,” I reply, opening the door and getting inside,


    “Alright, where do you live?”


    “Um...I was actually thinking that...maybe we could...go to your place. Just”


    “Oh...Uh...Ok. If that’s what you want.”


    He pulls off and drives back to his house. The car is radio silent during the drive. It’s so uncomfortable and awkward. I should probably be thinking about how I’m gonna start this damn conversation, but it’s kinda hard to find an opening statement to “Hey, so how’s the single life treatin’ ya after the 20 years were crushed before your very eyes?”.


    We soon arrive at his apartment before stepping out of his car and heading inside. After shutting the door, he leads me to the living room before we take our seats on his couch. It’s way more rugged than I remember it being. Hopefully, that doesn’t become too much of a problem.


    “Soooo,” I start, trying to get the ball rolling, “How’ve you been holding up?”


    “Oh...You know, about as well as I can. What about you?”


    “Same...Same...Content creation’s really lucrative.”


    “Well, that’s good...That is good.”


    God, this is so awkward. This used to be easy. It’s so weird what a bit of extra information can add and take away.


    “So I couldn’t help but notice Mason with you during your shift,” he says, “What was that about?”


    “Uh...It was a bit of an...awkward reunion,” I reply, trying to mask my agitation, but judging from his look of concern, I’m failing miserably, “His memory’s still as sharp as ever. Still carries around that little nickname that Mrs-...Or...Ms. Felder made for me.”


    “Oh, wow, I’m so sorry.”


    “It’s fine. Demeaning homophobic nicknames never hurt anyone. At least it stopped me from being bored.”


    “You want me to say something to him?”


    “No, like I said, it’s fine. I just look at it as his way of coping with what happened. Plus, he’s a momma’s boy, so it’s kind of a given that he’d mimic everything about her.”


    He snickers before saying,


    “Yeah, that boy does have a bit of an obsession with miming that woman, doesn’t he?”


    “Exactly. Thankfully, you know better than to do something that dangerous.”


    “What do you mean?”


    “I meant every word of what I said, you know.”


    He goes silent. All he can do is look at me with guilt as he remembers my words that night his wife caught us.


    “She didn’t deserve you,” I continue, “She had the best man anyone could ever ask for and she took him for granted. She only took notice when someone else realized your value. Someone that blind has no right leading someone as sweet, passionate, smart, funny, handsome, and tender as you. Mason might not realize that, but it’s good to know that you do.”


    “T-Taiga, you ca-”


    I bring a finger to his lips, shushing him before straddling his lap and looking directly into his beautiful emerald green eyes, saying,


    “She’s not here anymore. She told you loud and clear how much she cared about you by leaving you. If she’s gonna show you nothing but disrespect for that long and end it like that, why show her any kind of respect now that she’s gone? Especially when someone willing to treat you how you deserve to be treated is right here sitting on your lap.”


    He stares back into my eyes, taking everything I’m saying into consideration. He then gives me a grin before bringing a hand to my hair, lightly petting me and scratching my ear, making me pur.


    “You know what?” he says, “You’re right. She didn’t appreciate anything I did for her. There was always a problem. Nothing I did was good enough for her. I missed out on outings, birthdays, and other events for her. And that’s the thanks I get. Well, since I was apparently such a burden, it’s just one less thing for her to worry about so we both can move on. And now’s as good a time as any to move on, right?”


    “I couldn’t agree more.”


    And now we find ourselves in the same exact position we were in last time. I’m on his lap, he’s stroking my hair, and I’m getting so lost in his eyes. Just one more thing to make it identical. I lean closer to him, dimming my eyes as I wrap my arms around his neck. He brings his hands to my waist, closing his eyes, too as our lips connect with each other.


    Fuck, I’ve been wanting to do this with this man for so long. I couldn’t stop thinking about it ever since it happened. And this time’s even better. His lips are softer than I remember. His touch is more comforting than last time. This feels infinitely better now that I really get to enjoy it this time. And judging from a certain hardening object in between us, I’m not the only one who thinks so.


    I would be lying if I said I didn’t let that cross my mind, too the last time we did this. We probably would’ve if that bitch didn’t interrupt. But she’s not here anymore, is she? No, she isn’t. Which means we can go as far as we want with no one telling us we can’t. And I’m gonna start by doing this.


    I lightly roll my hips, grinding myself against his hardening cock. I crack my eyes open just a bit to see his reaction. I’m greeted with such an adorable bashful expression from him before he pulls away from the kiss. He starts to say something, but again, I bring a finger to his lips, stopping him in his tracks. I then lean in to his neck, giving it a light kiss before whispering,


    “You don’t have to say anything.”


    I give his neck a small lick, trailing my tongue from his neck to his chest.


    “You don’t even have to do anything if you don’t want to.”


    I get off of his lap and onto my knees right in front of him.


    “Just let me take care of everything.”


    I unbutton and unzip his pants before pulling them to his thighs and grabbing onto the hem of his briefs.


    “I’m gonna give you the happiness that you rightfully deserve. You’re such a sweet man, Mr. Klef. It’s about time someone finally acknowledged that in a way that truly matters.”


    I pull down his briefs, exposing his hardened, beautiful, 6 inch cock. I then wrap my hand around it, slowly stroking it as I look into his pleasure-filled eyes, earning light moans from my actions. Fuck, he smells so good. And his voice is so sexy. I wanna hear more.


    Wasting no time, I lean down and open my mouth before taking his delicious cock inside as far as it can possibly go. I manage around half of his length before bobbing my head up and down his length. He moans in response to my mouth, stroking my hair as I continue worshiping his perfect, big, tender, warm, hypnotizing, intoxicating cock. It tastes so fucking good. And his pre-cum is just elevating the flavor.


    I should’ve done this the first time. I could’ve had this wonderful cock to myself for months. Fuck what that fucking skank had to say about it. I could’ve savored his alluring tangy taste, basked in his glorious musk, and melted in the hymn-like sounds of his pleasured moans as he pets me for being his good boy. But I have the opportunity now. And I’m gonna enjoy every nanosecond of this.


    I wrap my hands around the remaining half of his cock, jerking it as I continue sucking it. He moans louder, tightening his grip on my hair.


    “Fuck, your mouth feels so fucking good,” he moans, “I can’t believe we’re waiting until now to do this. Yeah, that’s it. Use your tongue. Yeah, good boy.”


    Those two words...Those two goddamn words...Oh, God, I need him to say them again. But not like this. No. I want to show him exactly how much of a good boy I am. I gradually stop my stroking and bobbing before pulling his cock out of my mouth, already longing for its taste the millisecond it leaves my taste buds. But with what I have planned, the taste just might pale in comparison. I reach into my pocket, reaching for the true star of tonight’s show before I hear him say in a coy tone,


    “Whatcha got there?”


    I giggle in response before saying,


    “Oh, just something that’ll really cement me as being a good boy for you.”


    And with that, I present to him, the handy dandy bottle of anal lube I definitely purchased from the store I currently work at with actual real money that was used as the totally real transaction that took place. After one glance at the bottle of heaven in my hands, his smirk grows as I open it.


    “And how long have you been planning on this, you naughty boy?” he questions,


    “Ever since I saw the sexiest man ever sculpted head into my place of work and bless my eyes with his presence again,” I reply, pouring a generous amount of lube on his dick and coating it by slowly stroking it, “You know me. I’m not much of a planner. I’m more of a here and now kinda guy. So with our little...reunion, I figured you’d be open to a bit of fun.”


    “Woah, you’re quite the risk taker, huh? What if I refused.”


    “Well, I’d never let this go to waste. And I have my ways when it comes to persuasion. So if you didn’t come to your senses, you’d have quite the video being sent to you to show you what you’d be missing out on.”


    He’s completely speechless. Is he really that turned on from the thought of what a naughty boy I’d be willing to be for him? He then answers my internal question as I feel his dick twitching in my hand as I stroke it.


    “Oh, what’s wrong, Mr. Klef?” I taunt in a patronizing tone, bringing my hand to his tip and rubbing it, “Cat got your tongue? You thinking about that naughty, naughty video that would’ve been in your possession if this went any other way? It would’ve been something, huh? Watching this little cat boy bouncing up...and down...and up...and down on his toy for your viewing pleasure.”


    He looks like he’s gonna blow just from my hand and voice alone. He’s so cute like this. But as cute as this is, I don’t want a single drop of him being wasted anywhere else but inside of me. So I let go of his cock and stand up, taking off my khaki pants, polo shirt, and underwear, saying,


    “Well, good thing you don’t have to imagine that happening, huh? You get to watch your naughty boy do it in person. Isn’t that so much better?”


    He’s still speechless. Can this man be any more irresistible? I straddle him again, spreading my ass open with one hand and lining his cock up with my other. He helps me by guiding my hips as I lower myself onto him. I soon feel him pushing against my entrance. And after a few attempts, I manage to slide his tip inside. I shudder from the intrusion before grabbing onto his shoulders as he guides me down his shaft. My grip tightens on his shirt as I bury my face in his chest, adjusting to his size. He’s stretching me so much. Mason’s never felt this big. That apple just fell all the way down to hell, apparently.


    After sliding his entire length inside of me, I take a moment to adjust to his size. But in the process, I take notice of the fact that my claws have extended. I open my eyes, fearing the worst before being relieved that nothing was damaged...Accept his shirt. I retract my claws, feeling absolutely terrible as I look at the holes before saying,


    “Oh, wow, I’m so sorry.”


    He gives me an assuring smile before replying with,


    “It’s fine. Not like I’m gonna be needing it right now.”


    He then pulls his shirt over his head and tosses it aside, blessing me with the sight of his Godlike body. Fuck, he looks so yummy. I bring my hands to his perfect toned chest as I slowly roll my hips. He brings a hand to my waist and the other to my right thigh, looking me in my eyes as if internally asking me if I’m ready. I nod my head, giving him the green light to take me as his. He accepts my invitation, gripping onto my body and carefully guiding me up and down his shaft.


    We both moan as he slides in and out of my ass. After moments of careful movements, the pain gradually subsides, leaving me with immense pleasure. I start riding him on my own, moving a little faster than he’s been moving. He’s reaching deeper inside of me. He feels so fucking good.


    This is my utopia. Everything about him is just perfect. His looks, his smell, his taste, the sound of his moans, and the feeling of his cock inside of me. He’s the full package. And he’s all mine. Just for me. And I’m his. I want him to say it. I want him to claim me.


    “Tell me I’m your good boy,” I beg, bringing my hands to his face, “Please, say it. I need to hear it. I want you to submit my place as yours. Say I’m your good boy.”


    He leans in, getting inches away from my face, saying,


    “You’re my good boy, Taiga. You’re such a good boy.”


    Music to my fucking ears. I ride him even harder, moaning even more before planting my lips on his. He reciprocates the kiss, maneuvering his hand from myhip to my ass. His touch is so addictive. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how much I love when he touches me. No one’s ever made me feel like he does.


    He breaks the kiss and latches onto my neck, making me moan even louder. I tilt my head back, giving him better access. I then feel him pulling onto my tail, driving me insane. It’s like he knows all of my weaknesses. I can feel my limit building with every passing second and his actions are just speeding up the process. I don’t know how much more I can take.


    “You’re so sexy,” he says in between kisses, “I love when you moan for me. I wanna hear more. Moan for me, sexy boy.”


    I do as I’m told, moaning even more for him. I love being his thrall. His smile grows as I obey his command. I then notice his moans getting as loud as mine. He’s about to cum, too.


    “Yeah, that’s it,” I encourage, “Cum inside of me. Breed me. Pump me full of your cum. I wanna feel it. I need to feel it. Yes. Yes! YES!!! FUCK!!!”


    We both moan, embracing each other as we both reach orgasm. He fills me to the brim with his warm, sticky, creamy sperm and I empty mine in between our stomachs. He strokes my hair, scratching my ears as we ride out our orgasms. I wanna stay like this forever. I could die happy right now in his loving arms.


    “So how do you feel knowing you’re gonna be a kitten daddy?” I joke, earning a chuckle from him,


    “Looking forward to it. Good thing I have you for practice in the meantime.”


    I playfully smack his cinder block of a shoulder before saying,


    “Shut up. I’m a full grown cat, you meanie. I wipe my own ass.”


    “Oh, well, forgive me, Mr. Maturity. How could I be so mistaken? You’re clearly the picture perfect definition of what an adult is.”


    “And don’t you forget it. Now hold me tighter. I wanna take a nap and your hugs are better than blankies.”


    He laughs before tightening his embrace as he continues petting me, providing me with the most comfort I’ve ever had as I bury my face in his chest. The room is now radio silent with the exception of my purring from the comfort. I couldn’t be happier. But then I hear the sound of my phone buzzing from my pants. The ultimate mood killer.


    “Who’s that?” Mr. Klef asks,


    “Doesn’t matter,” I answer, “For all they know, I’m sleeping right now, so answering shouldn’t be that much of a priority right now.”


    “Can’t argue with that.”


    But that is a good question, though. Who the fuck would be calling me right now? Brad didn’t seem to need anything when he closed up shop. The other coworkers don’t call. They text in the group chat to make sure their message is seen by everyone. I don’t think any friends would be calling at this hour. So whomst?


    Who all has my number that would be so desp-...Ooooh. Mason. I forgot all about him. He must be at the store now, wondering where I am now that he finally saw the schedule of the store. Man, am I gonna have quite the explanation for him tomorrow.

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