Part Swap - The Party - Mia & Elise

Story created by VexenFox ∙ 11 September 2023

Sam throws a house party to show off a nice device he's gotten access too. It's a kind of laser sword, which let's you cut off any body part and keep control of it! But be careful, if you cut something off, somebody else might just pick it up and claim it as their own. In this story, Mia finds gets her hands cut off and replaced with those of the unattractive host. Elise, meanwhile, cuts off her head and sneaks away for some self-experimentation, but somebody else puts their head on her body at the worst possible time...

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  • Part Swap - The Party - Henry & Bruce

    Chapter written by VexenFox ∙ 14 December 2021

    Sam throws a house party to show off a nice device he's gotten access
    too. It's a kind of laser sword, which let's you cut off any body part
    and keep control of it! But be careful, if you cut something off,
    somebody else might just pick it up and claim it as their own. In this
    story, Henry has put his head on top of Elise's tight body and has a great time parading it around the party - naked. A great time that is, until Elise's boyfriend Bruce finds him. Unfortunately for Bruce, it's not a fair fight unless his head is put onto a girls body as well!

  • Fuck yeah! Being a girl is great! And this body is tight. I flexed my bare buttocks and felt my firm thighs jiggle slightly. There is no way I would normally have the confidence to walk around naked, but man, this wasn’t my body.


    I scratched one of my boobs as I strutted past a small group of partygoers. A girl stared at me in shock, her mouth open wide. I smirked at her as I passed -- I actually had to look up at her! I was so damn short now! This body couldn’t have been more than 5 foot 4 in heels. And I wasn’t wearing heels.


    I don’t know why girls don’t strut around naked at parties more! Everybody loves a naked girl! Plus they don’t need to worry about showing off having a small dick or anything like that, it’s all just flat and gorgeous. Speaking off, I gave my new pussy a sneaky little rub as I skipped down some stairs. It was wet and tingly. I quickly dropped my hand as I saw more people staring at me though, I suppose there were limits even to what girls could get away with at parties.


    I made my way down, stepping over people as I walked. It felt so funny to be walking with these tiny black girl feet, with my little toes painted in white nail polish. I felt fit and flexible as I squeezed myself over and around groups of chatting partygoers. I could feel all eyes on me as I passed each group. I liked it that way. For once I could earn stares and gasps as I went along, rather than just being ignored.


    I suppose I would have gotten plenty of gasps if I’d walked around naked in my own body, but it would’ve been much more judgemental and disgusted, I’m sure. Plus who has the confidence to strut around naked in their own body? Especially one like mine -- I knew I could get away with it now though, because this body was fine. I was hooot! Who wouldn’t want to see me naked?


    I was pushing my way through a group of huge guys and really tall girls when I felt somebody grab my bum and help themselves to a squeeze.


    “HEY!” I said, spinning around. “Not cool!”


    Three guys and a girl stared back at me. “What?” one of them said. “What are you doing?”


    “Some arsehole just groped me!”


    “It was probably just somebody brushing past.” one of the guys said. He looked a bit creepy, I bet it was him.


    “For god’s sake put some clothes on.” the girl sighed. She kind of looked a little uppity, out of place at a party like this, where everybody was cool and wild, like me.


    I huffed with my new little lungs and marched away. 


    Two shots later I was standing at the kitchen bar and wobbling. It seemed like my new body couldn’t quite handle it’s booze as well as my old one had -- which made sense, I only weighed about a third as much. I was getting a little cold -- the dark nipples were sticking out like pencil erasers on top of my boobs. My boobs! Hah! That was something I still wasn’t used to. I had this gorgeous fit girl’s body all to myself. I grabbed the boobs in my new small hands and jiggled them about. A voice came from behind me.


    “Damn girl! What happened to your clothes!”


    I spun around. It was a frat boy and his two friends, they towered over me in this form.

    “Oh shit! What the fuck? You’re a guy?”


    “Yeah, but only from the neck up!” I laughed. 


    “Holy smokes man, that’s awesome! Can I have a feel?”


    “Ahhhhh…” I froze. “Nooooo…


    “Why not? It’s not your body!”


    “I-- Well, I can still feel it!” I might be drunk, but I didn’t want some guy feeling me up. At least not while I was attached to this body! Luckily one of the other frat boys had found a mostly full bottle of vodka and clapped his mate on the back with a big meaty hand.


    “Shots lad! Let’s do shots off her body!”


    “Yeah! Lay down on the counter! Does anybody have some salt?”


    That sounded like a much better idea! I jumped up on the kitchen counter, marvelling at how light and agile this new body was. It was also small! I could lay down on the counter with my legs completely stretched out and still fit. Plus, even though I could feel my back and bum getting a bit sticky and gross from all the spilt drinks and food that had accumulated there over the night, I wasn’t the one who was going to have to clean it! I’d take my head off when I got bored of being naked and dump this body on a bed somewhere for somebody else to deal with.


    The guys came over with three shot glasses and a salt shaker. I lay my head back, feeling kind of dizzy, vaguely wondering why I didn’t get a shot glass as well?


    The main frat boy put the glasses down on my belly and chest and poured the drinks. The damn bastard spilt some of the vodka, making me shiver as I felt it drip down into my belly button… and between my legs. I ran between that crack girl’s have above their vagina hole… to have liquid dripping in a place that unnatural was really really strange. I hardly felt the lines of salt shake on me though, so that was something.


    Wait… was he putting the salt on me?


    “Woo! Okay! Ready boys?”


    “Hang on a tick! Let me fix this…”


    Suddenly somebody’s shirt was thrown over my head, covering up my male face but leaving the hot girl’s body exposed.


    “Hey!” I tried to say, sitting up slightly. But one of the guy’s pushed my back down.


    “Don’t move! You’ll spill the shots!”


    “Bottoms up!”


    I felt a commotion on my stomach and chest as three guys tried to pick up the drinks off my body with their mouths. They lent down low, putting their hands all over me. Dammit! This wasn’t fun at all!




    A moment later a tongue licked my midriff, right across my belly button. Another licked my right boob, and a third still caught me just above my new vagina. Eww! Jesus!


    “Hey! Gross! Don’t do that!” My voice sounded kind of high pitched as I squealed. It was still my voice, but was I missing my adams apple or something at the neck level?


    I sat up with a start, almost falling over as I scrambled off the counter and pushed the guys back. Everything spun around me. This body was so damn drunk! And I’d only had two shots myself!

    “What the hell, man!” I shouted up to the lead frat boy.


    “We just did shots off you! What did you think that meant?” he said, seeming genuinely confused.


    I was about to yell at him again, but a shout from behind interrupted me.




    I spun in surprise and found myself staring face to chest with a towering beast of a man. He was red in the face, whether from alcohol or fury I couldn’t tell. And he was glowering at me. I mean really letting me have it with his eyes. 


    “Don’t hurt my body!” came a smaller voice from behind him. It was the black girl! She hadn’t put her head on my body though -- she was being carried in the arms of another girl who looked kind of uncomfortable. I wondered what had happened to my body then? I kinda just assumed she’d take it.


    “I’LL ONLY HIT HIS FUCKING FACE!” screamed the giant dude. Judging by his everything I could tell he meant it. Time to scram.


    “Sorry for the misunderstanding, I’ll just head back to my own body…” I said as I backed away. He wasn’t having any of that though. He grabbed me by the shoulder and raised his fist. That’s not good! I wriggled but couldn’t escape his grasp. This body was so weak! He was so huge!


    “Hol up hol up!” a voice nearby called out.


    My saviour! The frat boy and his friends strode towards up confidently. Lead frat boy squeezed himself between me and the giant, putting an open palm on his chest in a peace making gesture, while his two friends flanked us, ready to jump in.


    “You can’t hit him like that! It’s not fair, he’s a girl!”


    “Yeah, I’m a girl!” I chimed in. 


    “Oh fuck off.” said the giant dude. “It’s a guy and you know it. And he has been fucking around with my girlfriend’s body!”


    “Oh no no no, I’m not saying you can’t have a fight. It just has to be fair!”




    “It’s just not a fair fight right now, you all huge and him all tiny and feminine. We’ve got to even that out, then you can beat the shit out of him all you like.”


    “Yeah!” I said. “Wait, what?”


    “Put him back on his own body first, you mean?”


    “Oooorrrr…” the lead frat boy reached out to the side and one of his bro’s passed him the laser saw. 


    “We put you on a girl’s body as well.”


    “Maybe the same one?”


    I took a swing at the little shit controlling my girlfriend’s body. The fat fuck’s head sat on her neck, mouth open and staring at me in surprise.


    He tried to raise her arms to protect himself. The bastard! Trying to put my girl’s body on the line instead of his bloody face. If I just hit him in the head, her body would be totally fine, unless he managed to get an arm up or something. Elise would kill me if I hurt her little body.


    Luckily the fat guy wasn’t fast enough. Was that because he was a nerd, or because Elise’s body has slow reflexes? Not that it mattered, my fist barely connected -- one of those annoying frat boys pushed me back right as I took the swing.


    That bastard! He shouldn’t be interfering in what doesn’t concern him.


    “Fuck off!” I yelled at the guy trying to hold onto my arm. “What’s fair is that this guy gets what’s coming to him!”


    “Yeah yeah big guy. Hang on a minute.”


    Another guy on my other side. And what was that he was holding? That weird ray sword thing?


    I pushed the frat guy off me with one hand and stomped forward, towering over the neckbeard on my girlfriend’s short body. I growled at him and reached out to grab him by his greasy fucking hair-


    Suddenly the world was spinning. Ugh! Fuck! What was that?! 


    Something bounced off my head, and I felt myself falling. I slammed into the ground with a dizzying spin and grunted.


    “Jesus fuck! What the hell?”


    I was on the ground! Some bastard had hit me from behind! I grunted and tried to get to my knees, but instead I felt my body stumble about and fall.


    Fuck! That cunt had cut my head off!


    “Fuck you!” I shouted from the ground, trying to get my body back on its feet. I was so damn uncoordinated controlling it from this angle. I tried to take a swing at the frat guy with the laser, but missed and knocked a bunch of glasses off the table. I felt them hit my hand as I swung through the air. It didn’t feel like my hand was across the room, it felt like I was hitting something right in front of me.


    “For fucks sake.” I said, holding back my anger. “Help me put my fucking head back on my body or I’ll-”


    I cut off. Everything had suddenly gone numb. I tried to move my arms, fingers, legs- anything! Nothing moved! I couldn’t feel a thing!


    I strained my eyes to try and see my body, just in the corner of my vision. One of the frat boys had put his head on my neck! He was making my body do a stupid little dance while the other one laughed. Fucking hell!


    “Hallo, what do we have here?”


    Someone loomed over me. I felt my world spin at a dizzying speed. Soft hands pressed against my face. Familiar hands. Elise’s hands!


    I stopped spinning and found myself staring at the pimply face of the fat neckbeard -- still on top of Elise’s body.


    He grinned at me in an evil way and I felt myself getting nervous. I desperately tried to move again, but nothing happened, my head wasn’t connected to anything.


    Even though he was on the body of a tiny, weak woman, I was powerless to fight against him.


    Oh fuck.


    I felt the guy wiggle Elise’s fingers against my cheek. It was almost a familiar sensation, they still felt like her hands. Her body even still smelled like her. 


    Holding me in one hand, the neckbeard scraped one of Elise’s fingernails across my cheek. 


    “Look how quickly things change!” he laughed. He pointed a dainty finger at me. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I just want to muck around with you a bit!”


    “Put me down you little shit.”


    “Or what?” he cooed, “You’ll beat me up?”


    He laughed, feeling my face with Elise’s hands. Making her fingers dig into my cheek. Ugh! Fucking bastard!


    “Hol up hol up!”


    It was one of the frat boys. He laid a big meaty hand on the fat kid’s dainty shoulder. My hand! He was wearing my body!


    “This doesn’t seem very fair either, now does it?”


    He reached out and lifted me out of Elise’s hands. My own rough hands were holding my head now, but I couldn’t feel anything through them. My blood turned to ice as I was whisked through the air.


    “A fight!” said the frat boy. He held me high into the air. “Our man here has challenged young Henry to a duel!”


    He pointed one of my own fingers straight at the fat kid, making my body contort about like some kind of gay knight.


    “But this head has no body suitable for battling a fair maiden! Who here will volunteer to be his champion?”


    “Go on Stace!” I heard Elise call. “Go help get my body back!”


    Stacy, who was holding Elise’s head in her arms, shuffled about looking uncomfortable.


    “I dunno Elise, I’m not very good at fighting. Shouldn’t he just give it back without me having to fight him for it?”


    The frat boy cut her off.


    “We have a champion!” he bellowed from above me. He skipped my body over to Stacy and Elise. “You volunteer to be champion?” he asked Stacy.


    “Yes she does!” said Elise, quickly. “Go get him Stace.”


    “Very well!”


    The frat boy grabbed Stacy by the arm and led her reluctantly forward, leaving Elise’s head on the kitchen counter. 


    “I really don’t think this is a good idea.” said Stacy, glancing back at Elise. She eyed the fat kid with Elise’s body, who was busy looking down at his own chest.


    “Don’t worry, young champion, you will not have to fight alone!” bellowed the frat boy. In one flamboyant motion he danced my body about, waving my head side to side, as if showing me off to a crowd. 


    “Consider the fight…”


    He raised my head high in the air. I tried to squirm, dizzy, but of course nothing happened.




    The frat boy slapped my head down onto Stacy’s shoulder. I felt her skin beneath me quickly knit itself around my neck, and then feeling returned to my body.


    “Eek!” Stacy yelped, jumping into the air. And I felt her body move beneath me! I could feel her skinny little legs straighten, and her weak arms jerk briefly into the air. I felt so tiny, so weak!


    I tried to raise my hands to my head, but only the left arm moved. The right arm must still be under Stacy’s control. Fucking hell, how was I meant to fight like this?


    “Whaaaaaat....” whispered Stace from next to me. She gasped as I moved her left hand about in the air, flexing her fingers and inspecting the pale, freckled skin. Disgusting.


    “Stop trying to move!” I told her. “Relax your other arm.”


    Stacy gulped, but obeyed, letting her right arm flop down to her side. I tried again, and found that I could move that arm as well! I raised it into the air and clenched it hard before Stacy reasserted herself and took back control.


    “Fuck.” I said to Stacy, “Looks like we each have control of half of the body. I can only control the other half when you relax.”


    Stacy, dumbfounded, just nodded. Somehow I could feel that movement too.


    “And we both can feel everything, I guess.”


    The fat kid was still standing there, slapping Elise’s boobs side to side on his chest. I growled.


    “Don’t try to do anything, Stacy. I’ll deal with fatso here.”


    I tried to charge at the fat kid, but my right leg -- the one Stacy was in control of -- was slow to respond and we almost toppled to the ground. I punched the counter in frustration.


    “Ouch! Hey!” said Stacy. I felt the pain too -- this tiny hand was not built for punching.


    “Let me control it!” I shouted at her.


    Angry, I tried to walk again and Stacy let up, giving up control of her legs to me. We marched over to the fat kid and I swung at his face.


    And he took the hit, grinning. Fucking girl arms! Then he slapped me back with one of Elise’s hands. It stung.


    I dove on top of him, tackling him to the ground roughly. Our boobs mushed together as we wrestled on the floor, each of us straining and pulling and hitting, but not really doing very much damage. He kicked me in the crotch with one of Elise’s shins. I gasped, but no pain came -- it felt just like getting kicked in the armpit. Unpleasant, but not debilitating.


    I wriggled around and pulled with all my might, straining these little noodle arms, and finally managed to get behind Elise’s body and almost into a good position to choke him from behind. But right as I went to wrap my arms around his neck, Stacy’s right hand suddenly jerked off and began hitting him weakly in the side, doing no damage.


    “Stacy!” I hissed, “What are you doing!”


    “You weren’t winning! Let me have a turn!”


    “I had a plan you fuckwit!”


    I could feel deep within me Stacy trying to control my side of her body as well, but I quashed her attempt as easily as she quashed my attempt to control the right side. We strained internally, fighting with half a body each. The idiot!


    Seeing his opportunity, the fat boy grabbed my arm in both hands and easily peeled it away from his neck. Normally Elise’s body was far too weak to overpower me like that -- even just one arm -- but my Stace’s skinny, pale arms were like toothpicks and my muscles hardly resisted at all.


    He quickly rolled over and sat on my chest, enjoying his fitter body. Stace’s right arm was still wacking him ineffectively on the side, but he just ignored that and grinned down at me, raising a girly fist into the air. I tried to dodge, but Stace pulled the other way at the same time…


    And then there was darkness.




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