Family Mix-Up

Story created by Kripto ∙ 11 September 2023

Jeff randomly swaps bodies with his father one day. Then his mother the next. Then his older sister. And nobody seems worried about it but him!

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  • Family Mix-Up

    Chapter written by Kripto ∙ 10 October 2022

    Jeff randomly swaps bodies with his father one day. Then his mother the next. Then his older sister. And nobody seems worried about it but him!

  • Jeff Cobble was thankful to finally be home. It had been a long, strange day. But as he turned the doorknob and stepped inside, he felt all the stress and anxiety leave him. It was almost dinner time, and what he felt now more than anything else was hungry. He just wanted to microwave some leftovers and crash on the living room couch. 


    Normally, that wouldn’t have been an option. His parents were sticklers about always eating the evening meal at the dinner table with the whole family, or at least, the family that still lived at home. But his mom and dad were on an anniversary cruise and wouldn’t be back until sometime next week. Until then, it was just him and his oldest sister, Abby. 


    Jeff had three older siblings. The oldest was his brother, Andrew, who was seen as the golden child. He had become the successful one, with a lucrative job, trophy wife, large home, and lots of expensive toys. 


    Abby was born a year after Andrew. She had been the smart one, and had been on track to be just as successful as Andrew, if not more so. But she had been swept up in a torrid love affair that led to an ill advised marriage. To no one’s surprise, it ended in divorce, and Abby found herself adrift without any educational or job prospects. Her life had stalled, and her parents had allowed her to see refuge back at home until she could get back on her feet. 


    Jeff’s other sister, Jenny, was still in college, and having the time of her life. She still had two years to go, but she was making the most of them. She loved to party, which her sorority did plenty of. 


    That left Jeff, who was seen by everyone as the baby of the family, a fact they reminded him of constantly. He had recently turned eighteen and wanted to be seen as an adult, but knew it was unlikely to ever happen. He was a senior in high school, and everything was currently going his way. He got good grades, was popular, had a part time job, and best of all, had a smoking hot redhead named Heather for a girlfriend. In his social circle, he was seen as the man, envied by classmates and peers. But at home, he was the baby, the runt, the one who got told what to do whenever an older sibling was around. 


    Jeff pulled out leftover meatloaf and stuck it in the microwave. He heard his sister call from somewhere in their house, “Is that you brat?”


    Brat was Abby’s affectionate nickname for him. She said it was because their parents let Jeff get away with anything and everything. Jeff disagreed, he’d gotten in trouble plenty with them, but that wouldn’t ever stop Abby from calling him that. 


    “It’s me!” Jeff yelled back. “Just got home. You want me to microwave you anything?”


    He heard a muffled response as his sister moved through the house. It was a big house. It had to be to hold all six of them. It wasn’t a mansion, and they had to double up if they all came home for holidays or special occasions, but it suited their needs. Instead of asking her to repeat herself, Jeff waited, assuming she was making her way to the kitchen. 


    A few seconds later, his 23 year old sister walked in. Jeff tried not to judge as he took in her appearance. She was still wearing her pajamas, the ones she had worn the day before, and possibly the day before that. Her hair was disheveled, and she looked tired, even though she had probably been in bed all day with a bottle of wine. Before he could stop himself, the words were out of his mouth. “Another productive day of moping I see.”


    Abby punched her baby brother in the arm. Hard. “Shut up! I don’t need you kicking me while I’m down.”


    “Ow! Hey, sorry. I’m just saying you’ve got to get back out there and live your life. Get a job. Go out on a date. There’s plenty of fish in the sea and you should have no problem landing one.”


    “Why do you say that?”


    “You know why. You’re super talented and…”


    His sister arched her eyebrow. “And?”


    He vaguely gestured at her buxom hourglass figure that was mostly hidden behind baggy pajamas.


    “Are you saying I’m pretty?”


    Jeff blanched. “I said no such thing. What I am saying is that you won’t look like this forever, so best make the most of it.” He sniffed the air between them and noted, “But you might want to shower. I can smell you from here, and that stench lowers your chances significantly.”


    She swiped at him again, but this time he dodged. The microwave began beeping, and Abby opened the door and grabbed the plate of warmed meatloaf. “Thanks for making me food, brat.”


    “Those are my leftovers!”


    “I asked you to make me something,” she argued. 




    “When I was coming to the kitchen!”


    “I couldn’t hear you,” he protested. He tried to grab the plate, but she retreated. “That’s the last of the meatloaf! Give it!”


    “You’ll just have to eat the rest of the casserole then, brat, cause you’re not getting this. It’s the price for my silence.”


    “What silence?”


    Abby gave her brother a sly grin. “About your little sleep over last night.”


    Jeff’s mouth fell open, and his face went red. His girlfriend, Heather, had pretended to go home last night, but then had snuck into his room and stayed until morning. 


    “How did you…”


    Abby laughed. “Are you kidding me? You don’t sleep in a soundproof room, dummy. I could hear your girlfriend’s moans all through the house. For a little brat, you must be doing something right.”


    “I’m bigger than you are!”


    “And I can still put you in a headlock you can’t get out of,” Abby warned with a smile.


    And that was the last that Jeff saw of the meatloaf. As he scanned the fridge for more leftovers, he appreciated the normal interaction he and his sister still had. That was something. He would have liked to tell her about his crazy day. He should tell someone. He texted Heather to see if she could spend the night again. He assumed by his sister’s chill response that he could get by with another sleepover with his girlfriend. But then he thought about how his sister had heard them have sex. That was so embarrassing. Why did Abby have to tell him that? 


    His phone dinged. His girlfriend reminded him that she was studying tonight, and told him that he should be doing the same. They had a big test tomorrow, and she was right, he should be studying. It was his worst subject. The test was like a quarter of his grade or something. But he absolutely would have preferred to get laid. Try as he might, he could not change her mind, but she did promise to come over first thing in the morning. That was something at least. Maybe she’d give him a morning bj. And since he was wishing, why not a million dollars too. 


    He could call up a friend to come over, but he was tired, and he really should get some studying done. First though, he plopped down with the rest of the casserole and turned on the television. He absent mindedly shoveled the food into his mouth while watching a movie that wasn’t that great. When he was done eating, he reclined on the sofa, and scanned his textbook for twenty minutes. That was the most studying he could manage, and then he resumed the movie. When it ended, he started another one, but only got halfway through before he was fast asleep.


    A few time zones away on a large cruise ship, Jeff’s parents were very much awake. Ned and Vickie Cobble were happily celebrating twenty five years of marriage on a cruise that catered to their every whim. Even though they were both in their late forties, they were still up for everything, and mostly in shape enough to do it. Victoria was anyway, Ned had developed more of a dad bod in recent years. But that didn’t stop them both from snorkeling, parasailing, dancing, and taking in the sights at every port they stopped at. Neither stressed about their careers, and just got lost in each other for the last several days. They didn’t even miss the kids. 


    They also made plenty of time for sex. That was supposed to be a given on an anniversary. But their pace had taken its toll on Jeff’s libido. He couldn’t keep up with his wife, which was ironic, because he had been the one with the high sex drive most of their marriage. But that particular night, Ned had another reason to not be in the mood. Around the time Jeff was falling asleep, Ned was overindulging at the buffet. They took in a show the cruise offered, and by the time they got back to their room, Ned was ready for unconsciousness.


    His wife, however, was ready for lovin’. While Ned plopped onto the bed, his wife put on her most risque lingerie she had worn so far. She liked to keep getting racier every day just to keep her husband on his toes. She was worried she might wear him out though. Something about the ocean air made her sexually insatiable. 


    When she came back into the room, Ned was fast asleep. She tried to wake him up, but to no avail. She sighed. As she snuggled in next to him, she vowed to start the next morning off with a bang. In so many ways for their family, it did. 


    The sun was just making its appearance when Ned stirred. The first thing that he noticed was that the boat had stopped. He could not feel the thrum of the engine he had become accustomed to. They must have made an unexpected stop. But he couldn’t hear the waves splashing against the boat either. 


    His half lidded eyes shot wide open as his mind fully awakened. His wife wasn’t next to him. He wasn’t even on a bed. He was reclining on a sofa. It was a familiar sofa, in a familiar room. These weren’t the clothes he had gone to bed in. He sat up and looked all around. There was no doubt about it. He was not on the boat. He was in his house. Was he dreaming? It all felt so real. He pinched himself. He growled at the pain, but his voice sounded off. 


    Ned stood up. That’s when he noticed something else. He had morning wood. That was a rarity these days. He used to get them every day when he was younger. Now that he thought about it, he felt younger. He felt great. He didn’t feel any aches and pains from sleeping on the couch. He felt like he was, like he was…


    He caught his reflection in the television screen. His figure was warped, but it didn’t look like him. It looked like… Ned walked quickly to the downstairs bathroom and turned on the light. To his credit, when he saw his body in the mirror, he didn’t scream, or make any sound for that matter. All he could do was stand and stare at the sight of his youngest son’s body, staring back at him with a dumbfounded expression on his face. 


    Ned was a rational thinker, but all reason escaped him. The only person that might have an answer was his son, who presumably would be in his body. Problem with that was, his body was on a boat in the middle of nowhere with a cell phone that had spotty reception, but was turned off at the moment anyway. He would find a way to contact them. In the meantime, he would remain calm. No sense getting worked up. Not yet anyway. 


    Ned caught a whiff of his son’s body. It didn’t stink per se, but he could definitely use a shower. He turned the water on and got undressed. He caught his reflection in the mirror again, and thought how good it was to be a young person. His son’s body had definition and sculpted abs, something that Ned lost after the first two years of marriage. Ned also couldn’t help but notice the monster between his legs. Was it bigger than his? When had that happened? His son was certainly a man now. 


    As he stepped into the falling water, he realized how good everything felt. This was the body of an eighteen year old. As the soap glided over his sensitive skin, he felt an erection begin. He put a hand on it, and an electric pulse shot through him. It was a familiar sensation, but stronger and more persistent than he was accustomed to. He usually needed the help of a pill to maintain an erection, and his wife was always right there to help him with it. But at this moment, he had a hard, natural cock, that needed no help, only release. 


    Ned hadn’t masturbated in a long time. He assumed it was like riding a bike. But he shouldn’t. It wasn’t his cock. As he gripped the shaft tightly and experienced a pleasurable jolt, he questioned this fact. It certainly felt like his cock. If he could touch it and feel it, didn’t that make it his? Wasn’t possession nine tenths the law or some philosophical bullshit. He was walking a mile in another’s shoes, and one that was in the prime of life. If he didn’t jerk off, it would be doing the universe a disservice.


    Having thusly rationalized his deviant behavior, he began to vigorously stroke himself. Everything happened quicker than his own body. The pleasure came faster, and felt his balls tighten in less than a minute. And then there it was. His spunk shot out like a rocket, covering the shower wall and curtain. He chuckled at how intense it had been, and finished showering.


    Ned first went to his room to get dressed, but was quickly reminded that his clothes were too big for his son’s frame. He went to Jeff’s room, and shook his head at the selection of clothes. It was shirts with names of bands he didn’t know, or pop culture things he knew even less of. 


    He was getting dressed when the doorbell rang. He wondered who it could be? He then wondered if he should be the one to get it. His daughter Abby was here. Maybe she should be the one to answer given his current circumstance. 


    When the doorbell rang again, he heard his daughter’s voice screech from her room, “Answer the door, brat!”


    He narrowed his eyes. He was not a brat. He was her father, and he had a mind to go and set her straight. He was glad they could be there for her during this tumultuous time in her life, but he was still her father and would be treated accordingly. 


    As the bell rang again, he realized that in this body, that was only partially true. Ned was both her dad, and her little brother. He sighed and headed for the door. When he opened it, he saw Jeff’s girlfriend, Heather, standing there with a sly smile on her face. 


    “I know I’m early,” the cute redhead said. “But I did promise you a reward if you were a good boy and studied.”


    Ned didn’t know what Heather was talking about, and Jeff’s face must have show this, because Heather asked, “Were you a good boy?”


    Ned knew the answer to that question. “Yes.”


    She beamed at him, and thankfully had no follow up questions. She squeezed by him and grabbed his hand. He barely managed to get the door shut as she began pulling him quickly towards Jeff’s room. 


    As soon as they got there, she pushed him onto Jeff’s bed and said quietly but firmly, “Get your pants off.”


    “Excuse me?”


    “It’s going to be hard to reward you if I can’t see your cock.”


    Ned understood now. Jeff’s girlfriend wanted to give him a blowjob. He instantly regretted jerking off in the shower 10 minutes ago. If he had known this was a possibility, he would have waited. There was no way he’d be able to perform now. 


    But as Heather pulled her shirt over her head, and unsnapped her bra, he felt his dick pulse. As his eyes took in Heather’s large, freckled breasts, his dick leapt. And by the time he had yanked his jeans and underwear off, his dick was at the starting line, ready to race. 


    Heather’s mouth was on Jeff’s large member a heartbeat after that. There was no foreplay. She had come there to suck dick, and it was clearly not her first rodeo. She started moaning, and playing with his balls. She looked Ned right in the eyes as her tongue swirled about the shaft, and right then, Ned knew his son had found a winner. When she deep throated him, he wanted Jeff to propose marriage to her as soon as possible.


    She was a gift cocksucker. Maybe a prodigy. He hadn’t thought he’d be able to achieve an erection so soon after cumming, even with a much younger body. But here he was, on the verge of another climax. His wife hadn’t sucked him like this in years. Heather’s mouth was so wet. Her tongue was all over. He could feel the tip of his dick hitting the back of her throat. He squeezed her hair, indicating that he was about to blow his load. 


    Heather’s mouth came off immediately, but she kept stroking him with her hand. “Cum on my tits!” she pleaded. 


    Ned would pay for the ring himself at that point. He started to ask if she was sure, but it was too late. 


    As his first shot landed, Heather stroked even faster and said, “That’s right, Jeff! Paint my big tits with your cum! I know you like that! They’re all yours baby! Cum on them!”


    Ned was surprised by how much spunk his son could still manage. By the time he was done, cum was sliding down both of Heather’s breasts, and in one case, dripping off a nipple. 


    Heather unceremoniously grabbed one of Jeff’s shirts on the floor and wiped herself off. “That was pretty hot. Now remember, if you get an A on the test, I’ll let you fuck me again tonight.”


    As Heather ushered them off to school, Ned hoped he excelled at whatever subject this test was on. 


    Around the time Ned was taking Jeff’s very important test, Jeff was waking up on a cruise ship. His mind was foggy, but his body felt good. Really good. He felt a weight on his midsection, and hot, wet pressure on his dick. Heather had snuck into his house and was fucking him. This was amazing. She was the best girlfriend. 


    Jeff opened his eyes and got the shock of his life. His mother was on top of him. She was wearing a red see thru bra and was grinding him for all he was worth.


    As he started to struggle, she looked down at him. “I’m sorry I didn’t wake you up before climbing on top of you this morning, darling. You were just so hard, and I wanted to feel you in me.”


    “Mom! Stop! It’s me! Your son!”


    Her face looked shocked, but also intrigued. “That’s pretty kinky, but I’m down.”  Instead of stopping, she leaned down and pushed her boobs into Jeff’s face. “Did you miss mommy’s boobies? Would you like to suck on her titties?”


    “No, I-” but then he couldn’t talk without getting a mouthful of boob. What made it worse was that his dick didn’t find his mother’s boobs repulsive at all. He felt his dick get harder. So, apparently, did his mom.


    “Yeah, you like that don’t you! You like momma’s titties! Well get a good mouthful while I, I…Oh Ned! Oh fuck! Momma’s cumming!”


    All Jeff could do was hold on as his mother began to slam her pussy up and down on him frantically for several seconds. Then she shook all over, then looked at him expectantly while she slowly rolled her hips. She was about to ask if he got his, when she felt his hot seed pump inside her. “That’s it, son. Fill Mommy up. Get it all out.”


    When she saw his body relaxed and felt his dick begin to soften, she rolled off of him. “Well, that was different. We’ve never done mother son roleplay before. I’ll admit, it was pretty hot.”


    After a few seconds of silence, Jeff managed a meek, “Mom, it’s really me, Jeff. I don’t know how you got here, but…”


    She turned towards him. “What are you talking about, Ned?”


    “You think I’m Dad?” Jeff asked. 


    She laughed and shook her head at him, thinking he was still teasing her. She got up to go get a towel. While she did, Jeff took in his surroundings. He was in a small room. A bed, a television, two chairs, a dresser, he could hear water. He was on the cruise with his parents. He looked down at himself. His belly had gotten bigger overnight. His body felt achy. He rushed into his bathroom, almost stopping as he saw his mom peeing into the toilet. At that point he figured it didn’t matter as he’d just seen a whole lot more. He looked into the bathroom mirror, and almost passed out as he saw his dad looking back at him. 


    An hour later at Jeff’s school, the principal came over the intercom. “Jeff Cobble. Please come to the principal’s office.”


    The students tittered and jested as Jeff left the room. He got lost twice on the way through the halls, but eventually found the office. The principal pointed to the phone on his desk and said, “It’s your father, Jeff. He said it was urgent.”


    Ned tried not to smile as he picked up the receiver. “Uh, what’s up, Dad?”


    “Do you have any idea what is happening right now?”


    “Not sure what you mean?”


    “I mean the fact that when I woke up this morning, I wasn’t me! I was you! And I’ve been horribly traumatized because Mom is here and she thinks I’m still you and she wants to…she wants to…”


    “Oh, I know what she wants to do. Good luck with that. If there’s nothing else, I’ve got to be getting back to class.”


    “Are you nuts! You went to school today! I had a test!”


    “Don’t worry about the test. I aced it.”


    “You…you did?”


    “Oh yeah. Your girlfriend gave me the right motivation.”


    Jeff thought his borrowed heart might give out at that news. “Did she…did Heather show up at the house this morning?”


    “That she did. She’s a real special girl, Je-Dad. Anyways, have fun on your anniversary-”


    “No, Dad! We’ve got to do something about this! We’ve got to-”


    “I love you too. See you in a few days.” And Ned hung up the phone. His poor son. Stuck on a cruise in his body with his nympho mother. Oh well, he had his own problems. Math problems. Specifically the problem of figuring out how many condoms he’d need for tonight with Heather.


    On the ship, Jeff could only stare at the phone. His dad was going to have sex with his girlfriend. He’d had sex with his own mother, and now his dad was going to fuck his girlfriend. Might have already fucked her. And he was stuck on this ship with his horny mother that thought he was trying to roleplay with her. What the fuck was he going to do?


    “Will that be all sir?” the ship’s concierge asked patiently. 


    “Oh, uh, could I use this again in an hour?” 


    “Of course sir, but the rate will be the same.”


    “Yeah, yeah. It’s my dad’s credit card, so that’s fine by me.”


    “Your father, sir?”


    “Um, right. Nevermind.”


    An hour later, Jeff placed his second call. School was out by then, and he hoped his girlfriend would pick up. She did. 


    “Hello, Mr. Cobble,” his girlfriend chirped. 


    Jeff’s heart sank as he repeated, “Mr. Cobble?”


    “Yes, Jeffrey told me you might be calling.”


    “Did he.”


    “Yes. He said you were playing some weird game where you pretended to swap bodies. Is that why you’re calling?”


    Jeff couldn’t believe how sneaky his dad was. “Heather, it’s true. It’s really me!”


    She giggled. “But you don’t sound like you.”


    “But it is me! You have to believe me! Remember that time I took you to the carnival and got you that bear. It took my whole wad of cash. But when I gave it to you, you told me how much you lived it, and you…uh, well that was the first night you let me cum on your tits.”


    “Oh, so that’s a regular thing you kids do, is it?” Jeff heard his voice say. His dad had taken the phone away from Heather! “I thought maybe this morning was special.”


    “Dad! Give the phone back to Heather!”


    “I don’t think so. Especially since this call can’t be cheap. So run on back to mom, and just focus on you two having a great anniversary.”


    The click was deafening to Jeff. His father was going to fuck his girlfriend, and he wasn’t going to be able to stop him. As he walked back to his cabin, he thought about why this might be happening. What event had occurred that had allowed him to swap bodies with his own father? 


    As walked into his room, his mother greeted him. “So, what should we do tonight? There’s a magic show this evening. But we could also just stay in and-”


    “Mom, no.”


    “Every time you call me Mom I just want to shove my tits in your face and-”


    Mom! Stop. Listen to me, please. I just got off the phone with Dad. He’s in my body. He’s going to fuck my girlfriend.”


    Jeff hated saying it out loud. But he was startled by his mother’s expression. She didn’t look frightened. She looked…even hornier. “Mom, I’m Jeff. Dad and I somehow swapped bodies. He went to school as me today. He is pretending to be me, and Heather has no idea. What can we do?”


    To Jeff’s dismay, his mother was already removing her clothes. “Is that what you want? Do you want me to pretend to be Jeff’s girlfriend? I don’t mind that, especially if you keep calling me Mommy.”


    “Oh, Mom! No!” Jeff exclaimed, and then retreated from the room. 


    As Jeff avoided his mom for the rest of the day, Ned was fucking Heather every hour, on the hour. In the bathroom of a restaurant, at the back of a movie theater, in the car, and then finally, back at Ned’s house. 


    Heather didn’t know what had come over her boyfriend, but she really, really liked it. He was so confident. So sure of himself. He was giving her pleasure in ways she’d never experienced, and he was insatiable. Everytime she turned around, he was hard again. Everytime he looked at her like she was the only girl in the world and he was so lucky to have her. So everytime, she gave herself to him.


    When they got to Jeff’s house, Heather was even louder than the night before. She knew Jeff’s sister would be able to hear. She didn’t care. 


    Abby cared. It was her brother after all. But good for him for being able to give his girl the O. It must be nice. Her ex husband almost never did. And here her little brother was handing it out two nights in a row. She thought shaming him earlier might have made them quieter though. Oh well. Young love and all that. 


    When Jeff finally came back to her cabin to go to sleep, his mother had drifted off to sleep. He was glad he would not have to rebuff her further. He hoped beyond hope that maybe, just maybe, when he woke up, he’d be back in his house, and this would all be over. 


    He was right on one count, but not both. 


    When Jeff woke up that second morning, he too, noticed that the sounds and feeling of being at sea had disappeared. He was also in a bed alone. This was all very encouraging, yet something still felt off. He didn’t recognize the room he was in. Well, that wasn’t true. It was familiar, but it wasn’t the cabin on the ship, nor was it his bedroom at home. He dimly saw the shape of a lamp, and pulled the switch.


    As light bathed the room, he saw his hand. It was smaller, smoother, and most importantly, not his. He looked down at his body, and almost passed out again. He had tits. He threw the covers off and saw to his horror, that he was now in the body of his oldest sister, Abby.


    He rushed from the room and ran to his. At least now he could confront his father. He threw open his door, and there, just as he’d suspected, were the naked forms of his own body and his girlfriend. 


    “Dad!” he shouted. “Wake up! I’m back, but now I’m Abby!”


    Brief, sleepy pandemonium ensued, as Ned tried to quell his son in the body of his daughter, while at the same time, ushering out Jeff’s girlfriend so she didn’t have to be a part of the circus that their lives had become. 


    Ned kissed Heather on the cheek at the front door. Heather mumbled, “Your family is so weird. It’s a good thing you’re hot.”


    Ned just smiled at her as the front door closed, and went to make dinner for him and his son in the kitchen. He raised his eyebrows as he walked in on his son with Abby’s shirt pulled up over her boobs. Jeff was lifting and dropping his new boobs over and over again.


    “Why don’t you put your sister’s boobs away there, son,” Ned admonished.


    Abby’s face went beet red, and Jeff did as his dad said. But as soon as his boobs were covered, he went off. “Don’t shame me for looking at boobs! I’ve never had boobs before and it’s, it’s…well, wouldn’t you do the same thing if you were me?”


    “That I would,” Ned agreed as he started preparing bacon and eggs. “Have you checked out the downstairs yet?”


    “Dad, it’s…it’s Abby.”


    “Hey, like you said. You’ve never had boobs before, and you’ve never had a vagina either. And right now they belong to you, same as this body belongs to me.”


    “I can’t believe you fucked my girlfriend!”


    “Jeff, let’s look at the facts. We swapped bodies. No one’s going to believe that. And we can’t fix it, can we? Do you know something I don’t? Like how this came to be.”


    Jeff slowly shook Abby’s head back and forth. 


    “Well then what are you whining about? We just have to make the best of an extraordinary situation. It’ll either right itself, or we’ll learn to live with it.”


    “That’s easy for you to say! You got like, what, 20 years younger. And you get to sleep with my girlfriend!”


    “Some of us do have it easier than others. How’s your mom by the way?”


    Abby’s face went red again. “Oh, she’s great. I had to avoid her all day yesterday.”


    “Why’d you do that?”


    “Because she thought I was role playing or something whenever I called her mom and she wanted to…you know.”


    “Your mom’s been on fire lately, that’s for sure. I couldn’t keep up with her without the help of modern medicine.”


    “Dad. Ew. Stop. Gross.”


    “So no idea why this happened though. An ancient curse, magic spell, we both said the same thing at the same time, a wish, an enchanted artifact, you disturbed one of the old gods, a mad scientist experimented on you, aliens got bored, someone at your school developed a body swapping device capable of swapping at great distances, the alignment of the planets coincided with our exact physical locations on earth and-”


    “No! None of those things happened. And that is an awful lot of theories you have about what could cause a body swap.”


    “I used to read a lot of erotic stories. You’d be amazed at some of the stuff people come up with for body swaps. Pretty far out stuff sometimes. The worst is when they never explain it at all, which I think is just lazy writing.”


    Ned and Jeff look directly into the eyes of the readers, but just for a second.


    “Regardless of whatever happened,” Ned continued, “we just have to ride it out and hope the universe fixes it.”


    “But I am a girl!” Jeff pouted. “And worse yet, that girl’s my sister!”


    “Jeff, don’t be ashamed. It’s your body right now. If you want to go to your room, er, your sister’s room that is, and use one of her dildos to-”


    “Please stop talking!”


    “You’re right,” Ned said as he scraped eggs onto plates. “I’ve got to eat and get to school. Wouldn’t want your grades to slip.”


    “You’re enjoying this far too much.”


    “Your mom probably has some better dildos than your sister if you really want to get crazy.”


    “Dad!” Jeff screeched as he fled the room.


    “It’s just a suggestion,” Ned called after him. “I mean, it’ll just be you in the house. All day!”


    Jeff would spend most of it wondering why his parents were so much more perverted than he would ever be. And he’d spend the rest of it trying to keep from touching various parts of his female body, and hoping that tomorrow this nightmare would be over and he’d be in his own body again tomorrow.


    When Abby woke up a few hours later, her experience was much like her brother’s the previous day. She slowly came to the conclusion that she was somehow on her parents’ anniversary cruise. But what she noticed quickly, was that she had a dick between her legs. And it was hard. 


    She gripped it. It felt nice in her larger hand, and hot to her cold fingers. She squeezed it lightly, and it gave a reflexive jump, which sent a little shiver through her body. She pulled it towards her stomach, her much harrier, and larger stomach. She was taking in all these differences, but the dick, having a dick, completely captivated her. She fondled and stared at it for a couple minutes before finally noticing there was another person in bed with her. Upon closer inspection, she saw that it was her mom.


    She shook her mom awake, but before she could ask any questions, her mom said, “Are you ready to get fucked now?”


    Abby’s mouth went dry at the question. She was the one that was supposed to be asking questions. And so far, the only thing that was answering was her dick, which hardened even more. And then she watched in silent fascination, as her mom winked at her, then lowered her mouth towards her new cock. Abby was in heaven as warm and wet collided up and down her shaft. It was amazing. No wonder her ex had always pressured her for blowjobs.


    But she wanted more. She had questions, sure. But she had a cock! If it felt like this in a mouth, what did it feel like in a pussy? She needed that answer, for science! So as soon as her mother came up for air, she gently pushed her down, and got on top of her. 


    “Oh yeah, put it in me!” her mother demanded. 


    This was weird. This whole thing was weird. But all Abby could think about right then, was that she had a cock, and it felt great, and she’d think about weird later. Her mother helped guide her cock into her pussy, and it did feel even better than her mouth. She wiggled her hips, letting her dick rub against her mom’s vagina. That felt okay, but she was missing something. She pulled it out a little, and then pushed back in, and that was it. She began doing that over and over again. Slow at first, then faster and faster. She felt pressure and pleasure building in her groin. It was so easy to feel good. The pleasure was right there for the taking. Abby quickened her pace. 


    Her mother encouraged her on by saying, “You can call me Mommy again if you want to.”


    There was that weird again. But her new dick didn’t seem to mind. Her new dick kind of liked that, so why the hell not. “Okay Mommy. Thank you for letting your little girl fuck your pussy.”


    Her mother looked at her like she’d grown a third arm instead of a penis. It didn’t slow down Abby’s rhythm though. Nothing could break her focus. Pleasure was the only thing that mattered. Her dick in her mother’s warm, wet hole was the epicenter of her world. And then suddenly the intense, glorious pressure could no longer be contained. And she was cumming. And cumming. Her mother let out a moan, and started shaking beneath her. Her mother was cumming too. 


    Abby had never felt anything so singularly intense. And then she was sleepy. So sleepy. And so she closed her eyes, and woke up thirty minutes later, still on a boat, still with a cock, and that’s when she knew for certain that she wasn’t dreaming.


    For Abby, the body swap couldn't have been better. She was on a cruise with her mom. That definitely beat moping around her childhood home getting day drunk. She didn’t love that she was in her dad’s body, but fucking as a guy had been pretty great. She briefly wondered if she should keep her predicament a secret, but this was too huge! And if she couldn’t tell her mom, who could she tell? She just hoped her mother wouldn’t get too grossed out. 


    As they sat across each other enjoying a beautiful breakfast spread, Abby began with, “Mom, I know this is going to come as a shock to you, but-”


    “Let me guess, you swapped bodies with one of our daughters?” Vicky smirked.


    “What? How did you know?”


    “Well you spent all day yesterday trying to convince me you were our son, Jeff. And when you called yourself a little girl earlier, I just figured, oh, okay. My husband is pretending to be Jenny.”


    “Abby. I’m Abby. Why would you just assume Jenny? And this happened yesterday too?”


    “I’ll give you points for commitment,” Vickie laughed. “You’ve even got some of her mannerisms down. But we should probably just keep this kind of role playing in the bedroom, shouldn’t we? I must say, it’s very imaginative. Wouldn’t have expected it from you. I don’t hate it though.”


    Abby wanted to ask again why Jenny and not her, but she just nodded along. This had happened before. Yesterday in fact, to Jeff.. Did that mean her father was in Jeff’s body yesterday? He never said anything? Would she have believed him? Would she have been any help to him whatsoever with the amount of alcohol she kept in her system these days? 


    She knew the answer to both questions was no. She wouldn’t have believed him, and there was nothing she could have done about it if she had. Exactly like there wasn’t anything she could do about it now. She was on this cruise, in her dad’s body, and it might only last a day. So why not make the most of it. 


    “So what do you want to do today?” Vickie asked.


    Abby clapped her hands together excitedly. “Everything!”


    While Abby began having the time of her life on a cruise ship, Jeff had taken up his sister’s hobby of day drinking. He figured this body was of age, and the alcohol helped dull his senses. He needed that today of all days. He didn’t want to feel what it was like in a woman’s body, especially his sister’s! First his dad, now this! Why was the universe fucking with him? 


    His dad came home late in his body, and Jeff was there on the couch to greet him. “Where have you been young man?” Jeff asked with slurred speech.


    “Oh buddy,” Ned asked, concerned. “How long have you been hitting the sauce?”


    “Don’t lecture me, Dad!” Jeff said heatedly as he tried to stand. He got halfway, then fell back onto the couch. “I’m older than you right now. Why are you getting home so late? Where’s Heather? Did you guys have any more of the sex?”


    Ned came over to help Jeff up. It was much easier in his lighter frame. “Why don’t we just get you up to bed?”


    “Why don’t you answer me?” Jeff asked as he allowed his father to get him on his shaky feet. “Did you make the sex? Did the sex happen with my girlfriend? Did you girlfriend my sex Dad!”


    “I would have thought your sister’s body would have built up more of a tolerance to alcohol by now. What did you eat today, champ?”


    “Eat? I ate breakfast. You made breakfast. Then I found the booze. I drank it so I wouldn’t touch my sister’s titties.”


    Ned rolled Jeff’s eyes. “You haven’t had anything since breakfast. Well, that would explain it.”


    Jeff swayed in his father’s arms as they got to the foot of the stairs. “Abby does have a nice body. Boobs are weird though from this angle. Look at them.” He lifted up Abby’s pajama top so that her boobs were on display. “Look at these girl boobs. They’re just bags of fat. And they belong to my sister. Isn’t that gross? Why do we want to touch them all the time?”


    Ned pulled down Abby’s top and said, “Because we’re guys, son. But hey, maybe you won’t have them tomorrow. Maybe you’ll be…maybe you’ll be back in this body…”


    Even as he said it, Ned hoped that wasn’t the case. His son tumbled into Abby’s bed and was out like a light. Ned then retrieved Heather from his car, and they came in and made the sex, but just in case, he sent her home right after.


    The first to wake that next morning was Vickie. She had a pounding headache and an upset stomach. She felt hungover, which didn’t make a lot of sense. She had drank a little last night, and might have drank more, but her husband had taken her straight to bed and fucked her good and proper. 


    She reached over to him to see if he’d get her some medicine and a glass of water, but he wasn’t there. And then she took in the room. She wasn’t in the cabin. She was in…she was in Abby’s room! How did she get here? Had she slipped into a coma somehow and they’d brought her back home while she was under? But that still wouldn’t explain why she was in Abby’s room. What was going on?


    She got up and stumbled in the dark. She got to the light switch and flipped it on. The first thing she saw was Abby’s figure reflected in her daughter’s vanity. She held up her hand. Abby’s reflection did the same. She held up her other hand. The reflection mirrored her movements. And then she understood. Her husband hadn’t been roleplaying. He had been serious! Her children had been in her husband’s bodies the last two days…and she’d fucked them! 


    Well, Jeff hadn’t really. He’d done nothing but avoid her. But Abby, wow. She had been on fire last night. Her daughter really knew how to please a lady, probably because she was a lady. She had so many questions. She knew who might have some answers, but first some water and medicine. 


    After peeing and procuring what she needed, she headed to Jeff’s room. Jeff was snoring softly. She flicked on his light and asked tentatively, “Son?”


    He stirred slightly in his bed, but didn’t say anything. She asked again, louder this time, “Son? Is that you?”


    Jeff’s body suddenly sat up, and looked at her curiously. “Did you just call me son? Does that mean…”


    “I’m actually your mother,” Vickie said. She was surprised when Jeff began to laugh.


    “No, you’re not!” he exclaimed. “You’re my wife!”


    Ned got dressed and began to explain everything that had happened during the last two days. As they sat down to a healthy breakfast that Saturday morning, Vickie told what she had experienced on the ship with who she thought was her husband. They were both open and honest about everything. They could be, because they were husband and wife, who happened to be in the bodies of their son and daughter. 


    Ned gave all the details about his sexual escapades with Heather. And Vickie talked about fucking their kids with his body. It was so strange, yet had in no way been terrible. And now they were together. They were in younger bodies. They both felt great, especially now that Vickie’s hangover had faded. And hearing what each of them had been up to had got them both excited in more ways than one. 


    Their hands had intertwined at the breakfast table while they’d been talking. And when Ned leaned forward to kiss his daughter’s face, Vickie matched his movements. They kissed passionately for several seconds before Ned broke it off. 


    “So, even though we’re not on the boat anymore, that doesn’t mean our anniversary trip is over…”


    Vickie winked at him. “What did you have in mind?”


    He picked his daughter up in Jeff’s strong arms and carried her upstairs. “I think we’ll figure something out.”


    They did figure something out. Twice that morning. 


    A little while later, Jeff was awoken by someone shaking him going, “Mom, Mom, wake up. I’m still here in Dad’s body! Let’s have sex again!”


    That was his father’s voice. He was back on the ship. With his father. Who was shaking him and calling him…Mom.


    “No. No!” he said briskly. But he didn’t hear his voice. He heard his mother's voice coming from his vocal chords. “You have got to be kidding me!” he yelled. 


    “Mom, what’s wrong?”


    Jeff looked over and saw his father, naked and ready to go. His hand was stroking his cock, which was at full mast, and he was eyeing Jeff expectantly. “Do not touch me with that thing! Why are you calling me Mom? Abby? Is that you?”


    “Jeff?” Abby asked. 


    “If you’ll excuse me,” Jeff said getting up in his mother’s body. “I’m going to go jump into the ocean.” His mother’s body moved differently than Abby’s. It felt older. Certain parts of him hurt. His breasts were saggier. He was still a woman. Everything sucked. 


    “Stop complaining, brat. This will probably be over tomorrow. We might as well make the most of it.” She tugged at his arm, trying to pull him back onto the bed.


    Jeff jerked away. “Please don’t touch me while you have that thing between your legs.”


    “Come on! We’re married! We can make each other feel good!”


    “We are not married!” Jeff argued as he found his mother’s clothes and began struggling to put them on. “We are brother and sister trapped in our own parents’ bodies!”


    “So? It’s temporary, right? It’s been happening the last couple of days. We’ll probably be back to normal by Monday.”


    “That’s pretty fucking optimistic, don’t you think? And haven’t you even asked why it’s happening to begin with?”


    “It seems to revolve around you,” Abby observed. “But as to the why? Who cares. This is amazing. Let’s not waste it. Come to bed.”


    “Absolutely fucking not. I respected your body yesterday when I was in it. Well, I got drunk and respected it. And I’m sure our parents are not going to…” Jeff stopped mid sentence and thought about that. His dad had been fucking Heather like crazy. Abby had thought he was their mother and had asked to have sex again, which meant they had both done it. His whole family was a bunch of perverts! “They’re going to fuck each other in our bodies, aren’t they?”


    Abby smiled and nodded. “I mean, they are married. And now they’re in our younger, hotter bodies.”


    Jeff nodded as if this made perfect sense, then said, “I’m going to go throw up now.”


    While Jeff was having another bad day, Ned called Heather and asked if she wanted to come over. It was late afternoon when she arrived. She wore a tight teal dress that made her red hair pop.


    It was the first thing Vickie noticed when she opened the door to let in her son’s girlfriend. “Wow, you look amazing, dear.”


    “You’re one to talk,” Heather said in surprise. Heather had seen Abby around Jeff’s house several times since she’d moved back home, but she always looked like a trainwreck. She wasn’t wearing anything fancy just then. Just black leggings and a low cut, white tshirt. But she looked, well, put together. She had on a bit of makeup and great hair. And she exuded the confidence of a woman that was going out for a night on the town. 


    For that reason, Heather asked as they strode into the living room, “Are you going out tonight?”


    “No,” Vickie said sweetly. “I thought I’d stay here and chaperone you lovebirds.”


    “Oh, great,” Heather said with thinly veiled disappointment. “So, where’s Jeff?”


    “He’s in the kitchen cooking us a five star meal. Can’t you smell it?”


    Something did smell great. But since when could her boyfriend cook? She went to the kitchen, and thankfully Abby didn’t tag along. She saw Jeff wearing an apron, which was adorable, and he looked like he knew what he was doing as he seasoned something in a pan. 


    “Uh, hey, Jeff,” Heather started. “Did you know your sister plans on hanging out with us tonight?”


    Jeff spun around with a spatula in his hand. He used it to point at the words on his apron that read, ‘kiss the cook.’ Then he cleared his throat and waited.


    “Oh, sorry,” Heather giggled, and went over and gave him a peck on the cheek. 


    As she withdrew, Jeff cleared his throat again, shook his head, and pointed emphatically to his apron. 


    Heather ignored him as she figured her news was more urgent. “We won’t be able to do much more than that with your sister around!” she hissed.


    “Won’t be able to do what?” Abby asked innocently as she came into the kitchen. 


    Heather turned redder than her hair, but Jeff saved her by saying, “Food’s ready. You can have some. But you have to pay the toll.”


    “The toll?” Heather asked. 


    “But of course,” Abby purred. And then she picked up a plate from the counter, went over to Jeff, and locked lips with him. 


    It was a long kiss. A sensual kiss. A kiss that Heather would have put a stop to if it had been some random girl, but…this was Jeff’s sister. What was going on? Why were they kissing like that? And why did Jeff seem cool with it?


    When they broke it off, Jeff winked at Abby, and filled her plate with steak and steamed vegetables. When Heather just stared, Abby motioned to Heather, “Go on, before it gets cold.”


    Heather moved as if on autopilot and picked up a plate. When she held it out to Jeff, he cleared his throat again. She looked at him, still very confused by what she’d seen.


    “You have to pay the toll,” Abby gently reminded her.


    Heather scoffed. She could pay the toll whenever she wanted. She was Jeff’s girlfriend after all. But to put her mouth where Abby’s had just been, it was weird, wasn’t it? And why wasn’t Abby going to the dining room? Why was she just standing there, staring? Was she seeing if she’d just go along with it? Was this a prank? It had to be that! Jeff and his older sister were messing with her. That was a pretty risque prank. But she wouldn’t back down. She’d show them that they couldn’t pull one over on her. She put the plate down, put her hands on the side of Jeff’s face, and kissed him even more passionately than Abby had. 


    When she was finished, Jeff looked shell shocked, then quickly filled her plate. Heather turned to see Abby giving her an approving smile, and then a wink at Jeff. 


    Sometimes siblings were weird, but Heather was hungry enough now not to care. She followed Abby to the dining room, and Jeff joined them a minute later. They ate in relative silence for a few minutes, then Heather felt something brush against the inside of her legs. It was a foot! And it was sliding up and down her bare skin. That might have been normal if Jeff was sitting across from her, but he wasn’t. Abby was!


    Heather looked at her and mouthed, “What the hell?” to the older girl. 


    In response, Abby just blew her a kiss, and took another bite of vegetables. 


    As Abby’s foot made no sign of retreating, Heather looked at Jeff and said, “You know what, Jeff, this was really great, but I think I think I’d like some dessert now. Can we go get ice cream?”


    “Or you could stay here and have something just as sweet,” Abby offered suggestively as her foot climbed higher and higher. 


    “Would you like to stay here and have something sweet with us, Heather?” Jeff asked with a charming smile.


    Heather scooted back from the table, letting Abby’s foot fall to the floor. She looked at her boyfriend questioningly. “Okay guys? What is going on? First that kiss. Now your sister is making a pass at me under the table? You guys are fucking with me, right?”


    “Oh, we’d like to fuck with you alright,” Abby cooed.


    “If that’s something you’d be into,” Jeff added.


    “But…but, you’re brother and sister!” Heather argued.


    “Not today,” Jeff smiled. “Today is sort of a cheat day. Tomorrow might be too, who knows?”


    “I don’t understand what that means,” Heather said.


    “It means,” Abby said, “That I’m fine with you fucking my hus- sorry, ‘your’ boyfriend today, as long as I can be there to help.”


    Heather was temporarily at a loss for words at the offer. She’d never been invited to a three way before. That’s what this was, right? Yeah, it would be. She’d be fucking Jeff, and Abby would be there, and she’d be ‘helping,’ which meant she’d be participating. So yeah, that’d be a three way. She thought she’d have to wait until college for one of those. She looked at Jeff to see his thoughts on the matter.


    “My sister and I have talked it over,” Jeff explained. “As you know, she’s recovering from a failed marriage, and she’s looking to get back in the saddle again. I think this will help her out.”


    “Having sex with her brother?”


    “No, no!” Jeff said with feigned shock. “With both of us! And as I said, this is a cheat day.”


    “What does that mean though!”


    “It means I’m your boyfriend, so it’s not cheating. And Vickie- I mean, Abby, is my sister, so…”


    “That doesn’t make any sense!”


    Abby pulled her white shirt over her head. It had been obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra before. And now it was really obvious. “So, you want me just to fuck Jeff without you?” she challenged.


    “What!” Heather balked.


    But before she could protest further, Abby stood up and put her tits in Jeff’s face. Jeff didn’t shrink back, but began kissing and fondling his sister’s boobs. 


    “In or out?” Abby asked. 


    Heather narrowed her eyes at Abby. She didn’t know what these two perverts were playing at, but whatever it was, she wasn’t going to lose. In a quick, fluid movement, she pulled her dress up over her head. In another second, her bra was falling off. She moved to the other side of her boyfriend, her slightly smaller tits on display for him. He turned to her, and put his mouth on them. Heather arched a brow in Abby’s direction as if to say, ‘you’ll have to do better than that, cause he likes mine better.’


    But after a few seconds of kissing Heather’s boobs, Jeff stood, looked at both women and said, “It’s a shame. I guess the rest of this food is going to get cold.” And then he bolted from the room. 


    Abby squealed with glee and chased after him. 


    Heather wondered what was possessing them, but followed after. But they weren’t headed towards Jeff’s room. They were heading to the master bedroom. The one that belonged to Jeff’s parents. By the time she got there, Jeff was already shedding clothes, and Abby had lost the black leggings. 


    The siblings climbed into bed as Heather watched, and as if to prove that they were completely serious, Abby got on all fours, and Jeff expertly mounted her from behind. 


    Heather gasped. Her boyfriend was fucking another woman right in front of her. How dare he! And how dare he look so good doing it! Heather shed her panties and got beside Jeff and started kissing him. Then she got on all fours and stuck her ass right next to Abby’s. She briefly thought how funny it was that she had worried about Abby from hearing them the other night. Maybe that’s what set this off. Maybe hearing her get fucked had turned Abby on, and she was so desperately horny that she’d asked Jeff to help her out.


    Her thoughts were interrupted by a firm smack on her ass from Jeff. “Hey!” she protested. But then his hands were bracing her hips, and now he was shoving into her. She was even wetter than she thought, because he slid all the way in. It felt so good. She looked beside her, and there was Abby. She was smiling at her. And then her mouth was right there. And they were kissing. She was kissing a girl. A girl that was her boyfriend’s sister, while her boyfriend was fucking her from behind. It was not how she thought the night was going to go, but she wasn’t complaining. 


    After doing them both doggystyle for a few minutes, they changed positions. Well, Heather did anyway. Abby stayed on all fours getting plowed by her brother, while Heather positioned her pussy in front of Abby for the older woman to lick. That lasted a few minutes. Then they switched. Then they switched to missionary, so Abby could sit on Heather’s face. Jeff blew his load 20 minutes in. He watched the two women go at it for another 10, and then tagged back in. 


    Heather had never felt so sexy. Jeff and Abby were touching her everywhere. Kissing her everywhere. She got off again and again and again, and she was louder than ever. Everytime she came, it just made the siblings go even harder. There seemed to be no end to their stamina. It was like they wanted to fuck all night!


    Ned loved being young again. Vickie did too. And they especially loved sharing the hot redhead in bed. It was the best anniversary they’d ever had.


    At some point before Jeff, Abby, Ned and Vickie fell asleep that night, they all wondered if they’d be back to normal the next day. If anything could be normal again. 


    Jeff was pretty sure it wouldn’t be when he woke up in a sorority house the next day. With a different pair of tits that looked all too familiar.

    To be continued?


    Author's note:

    What a fun idea for a commission. If people like this, I'd be down to right another chapter.

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