The Curse Of Spooky Island

Story created by LonesomeTaco ∙ 11 September 2023

A demon wearing the form of a young college student arrives at the residence of his host with a sinister purpose. 

Will he succeed in passing himself off as the student and complete his objective or will her friends suspect something and attempt to thwart the demon? 

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  • The Curse Of Spooky Island - Chapter 1

    Chapter written by LonesomeTaco ∙ 15 February 2023

    A demon wearing the form of a young college student arrives at the residence of his host with a sinister purpose. 

    Will he succeed in passing himself off as the student and complete his objective or will her friends suspect something and attempt to thwart the demon? 

  • Andras opened the door to his new living space to find the roommate of his host body not inside. Which was a blessing as it would give him the opportunity to acquaint himself with the space before having to speak to the girl. According to the information pack that Idsalis put together. his host body, Lena, lived with a girl named Sarah. It said they have been friends for a very long time so he had to be the most careful around her. Even though it was a slim chance anyone would guess what was happening on the island, he couldn’t raise any questions about the island lest its secrets get exposed.

    He crossed the threshold into the room and set Lena’s luggage down next to her bed. The room was quite full, the floor plan was a standard rectangle with two beds in either corner of the far wall. A single window sat in the very center of the same wall with a desk underneath and a nightstand on either side of it occupied the space between it and the bed.

    The rest of the room was filled with other furniture like dressers, a wardrobe, some shelves decorated with various collectibles and books and finally a full length mirror leaned up against the wall. He moved over to the dresser on the side of Lenas bed and rifled through it finding mostly clothes and underwear in the draws but the top draw contained mostly school books but most importantly, Lenas Laptop. Closing the drawer and taking the laptop over to the desk he set it down and opened it up.

    This would give him some much needed insight into his host, as the Idsalis was only able to gather basic information in the time he had when putting together the packet for his mission. Thankfully the laptop's password also had a fingerprint option so he wouldn’t need to contact Idsalis for help and just like that he was in.

    He was greeted to a large mess of icons and programs that he had difficulty making heads or tails of. He had been given basic computer training in his time preparing but was only able to learn so much before his host was scheduled to depart. Walking, talking and socializing took priority so he found it quite confusing navigating using the trackpad. He opened and closed files that looked interesting, starting with Photos.

    The screen now showed a collection of pictures mostly featuring his host body. A petite girl with dyed red hair in a flannel shirt and jeans standing next to a statue smiling. Another photo featured his host body smiling with another girl he recognised as Sarah. Sarah was a girl with a similar build to Lena, if a little taller, who had long blonde hair and glasses. He recognised some other friends and family members in the photographs as well but for now he closed the folder and opened another labeled School.

    Inside was a set of neatly organized folders and among them he found the important one, Animation. The neatness that was present in the previous folder was NOT matched by the innards of this one. It was a complete mess of files of pictures, videos and notes. Andras had 4 days until his first Animation class, the rest of the classes he could simply not go to but his objective would be found in that one class so he was instructed to take this time to prepare for it.

    It was easier said than done though as he guessed he would need at least a basic knowledge on the subject as to not raise suspicions when there. Just as he was about to start rifling through the files his door opened, he flicked his head quickly to be met with Sarah who was dressed only in a towel carrying an opaque bag of small objects. Their eyes met before Sarah immediately closed the distance between them and hugged him while still in his chair. It took him a second to react but he awkwardly put his arms around the girl and completed the social greeting known as a hug.

    “Oh I missed you so much! It was such a shame I couldn’t come along but I couldn’t afford to take the time off. You have to tell me all about it!” She eagerly said

    “Ah I uh… missed you too! The island was great, lots of dancing and parties.” He awkwardly replied as they broke off the hug.

    She eyed him funnily, “But you hate dancing! You said you were just going to try and find some secluded spots on the beach to unwind.”

    Andras broke eye contact briefly as he racked his brain for a response, “Ah yeah I know I s-said that but the island seems to have a unique effect on you. Before I knew it I felt like a changed woman.”

    He eyed her as Sarah briefly processed his response, “Yeah you definitely seem a little different, I can’t quite place my finger on it though.”

    This wasn’t the response he was hoping for but he managed to say, “I am pretty tired so it might just be your imagination.”

    Sarah shrugged her shoulders at that, “Yeah maybe, either way I'll have to try this island out for myself when I get the chance.” Seemingly done with her enquiry she moved over to her dresser and dropped her towel to rummage through her draws. It was only after a few seconds did she notice Andras staring at her, “You like what you see?” she said teasingly. Andras quickly turned back around, admonishing himself for acting that way.

    “Sorry I got lost in thought.” he mumbled, pretending to get engrossed in his computer. “Ooookay weirdo, anyway you better get to the shower before it gets too late. I love you but during that hug I could tell it’s been a while.” She said behind Andras.

    “Ok, I’ll uh grab my things.” he said getting up rifling through the draws briefly before producing a change of clothes and some soap. He hastily exited the room before his new roommate could become any more suspicious of his behavior. Thanks to his studies of the floor plan on his way here he knew where to find the communal bathroom at the end of the hall.

    Luckily the space was empty so he could clean his host in private, pulling the curtain across one of the booths as he entered it he quickly stripped his host body of its clothing. As the underwear fell to the floor he briefly paused at the sight of his bare breasts. Andras had thoroughly explored his new anatomy on the island in his spare time but he was in human territory now, he couldn’t afford to indulge himself and potentially attract attention.

    He had cleaned himself once before on the Island by doing what he had learnt. Turning on the water he waited until the temperature had adjusted to the sensitive skin of his stolen body. He couldn’t help but release a light groan at the sensation flooding his senses from the hot water washing over him. There was a soap pump located just above the handles so after squirting some into his hands he carefully lathered it over his skin.

    He couldn't help but linger on the more sensitive parts of his body. A mind numbing sensation washed over him upon reaching the space in between his legs. Another light moan escaped his lips but his activities were interrupted by the sounds of approaching footsteps and chatter. Andras cursed himself for getting distracted as he turned the water off and listened.

    “Yeah I don't know if I’ll go to Amy’s tomorrow, I’ve got a lot of homework to catch up on.” Andras heard a female voice say.

    “Come on Amber, don't be like that! You can finish that anyday, it will be fun.” Andras listened to the pair of girls chat as they entered the stall. Amber was in the file too, he was trying to picture what it had said about her and what she looked like but wasn’t coming up with much. He decided for the moment his best plan was to try and slip out unnoticed as he silently slipped into the fresh clothes he had haphazardly plucked from the drawer.

    “You always say that Bianca, yet you are barely passing your own classes! You’re the last person I should be listening to.” Her point was accentuated by the sound of a curtain being pulled across and promptly followed by a second one.

    This was his chance, he slipped out of his stall and crept past the pair just as they turned on their water. “I’ll have you know I got a 78% on my l-” was all he heard of Bianca's delayed retort as he scurried down the hallway and into his room.

    He opened his door steadily to find Sarah sound asleep despite being gone for only a short while. Andras decided it was best for him to follow suit, and promptly slid himself into the empty bed. Finding himself thinking on how he is going to pass himself off at the girl who owned this body, he fell asleep pondering that very question.

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