The Possession Ring

Story created by Haxxare ∙ 11 September 2023

Matt stumbles upon a ring that lets him possess people.

Heavily inspired by the story The Possession Spell, but nerfed so the one with the power isn't in absolute control of everything.

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  • The Possession Ring - Part 10 (Rachel's Path: Possessing Mira)

    Chapter written by TicImagine ∙ 13 September 2023


    Hi guys! My name's Mira...

    Well ok, technically not. Or is it? I get confused sometimes. See, while you're looking at me and you see Mira, my identity is different. I'm really Jarred. Mira's Matt's girlfriend. So how did I get here, you ask? A couple of days ago, my girlfriend, Rachel found out that Matt and his friends has this magic ring. It lets whoever wears it possess someone. He accidentally passed it to Ashley, and after a day of she playing with the ring, we made a plan. We decided to take revenge on Matt and his friends for being a jerk to us. And also revenge for not letting Rachel as Matt's girlfriend. So let's backtrack to that day, shall we?

  • Flashback...
    Hi guys! My name's Mira...
    Well ok, technically not. Or is it? I get confused sometimes. See, while you're looking at me and you see Mira, my identity is different. I'm really Jarred. Mira's Matt's girlfriend. So how did I get here, you ask? A couple of days ago, my girlfriend, Rachel found out that Matt and his friends has this magic ring. It lets whoever wears it possess someone. He accidentally passed it to Ashley, and after a day of she playing with the ring, we made a plan. We decided to take revenge on Matt and his friends for being a jerk to us. And also revenge for not letting Rachel as Matt's girlfriend. So let's backtrack to that day, shall we?
    Ashley was walking out of class, ring around her neck like usual, when she got stuck in a crowd of other students. Jarred quickly snatch the ring before she realised it. And before she knows, Jarred quickly put the ring and turned into ghost. In the middle of the crowd, Jarred possess her body.
    Jarred, now in Ashley's body, felt a sudden rush of power. He felt her breasts pressing against his chest, and her pussy wet and hot against his thigh. He smiled as he realized he had complete control over her. He could make her do anything he wanted.
    He started by making her walk over to Rachel and giving her a long, deep kiss. Rachel was surprised at first, but then she realized who it was and kissed back eagerly.
    While they were kissing, Jarred reached down and started rubbing Ashley's pussy. She moaned softly as he fingered her, the pleasure building quickly.
    Suddenly, Rachel pulled away and said, "We should go to my room. Our classes will started in one hour."
    Ashley/Jarred nodded eagerly, and they headed off to Rachel's room.
    Once they were there, Rachel wasted no time in getting Ashley out of her clothes.
    Jarred smiled as Rachel started stripping Ashley's clothes off. He loved being in control of her body, and knowing that he could make her do whatever he wanted was a huge turn on.
    He watched eagerly as Rachel started licking Ashley's nipples, making them hard and erect. Ashley moaned softly as Rachel's tongue moved around her breasts, sending shivers of pleasure through her body.
    Jarred could feel Ashley's pussy getting wetter and wetter as Rachel continued to lick and suck on her nipples. Finally, Ashley couldn't take it anymore and she pulled Rachel down, kissing her passionately.
    Their tongues explored each other deeply as they kissed, and soon Rachel was sliding her hand down Ashley's stomach and dipping her fingers into her pussy. Ashley moaned loudly as Rachel started rubbing her clit, the pleasure building quickly.
    Soon Ashley was grinding her hips against Rachel's hand, desperate for release. Rachel smiled as she watched Ashley reach her orgasm.
    "That's feels good. Being women is the best feeling." Ashley said.
    "It really was and don't forget we need our plan remember? I need Matt so bad and only way to do is let you possess him." Rachel said as she touch Ashley/Jarred body.
    "I can possess him but it will be fun if I possess his girlfriend Mira. He has a hot girlfriend after all."
    "That will do, what will you do next? You're going to stay as Ashley?" Rachel asked.
    "No of course not. But I'm going to stay a bit and have some fun." Ashley said.
    "Well that's fun for you and it's time for our classess don't forget to leave her naked in the bathroom." Ashley said as she leaves the room.
    "I will." Jarred/Ashley said as she begins to dress up and went to her classes.
    Jarred/Ashley could feel the excitement building as she walked into her first class of the day. She could feel the eyes of the other students on her, undressing her with their eyes. She knew she looked good in her tight jeans and low cut top, and she loved the attention she was getting.
    She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each step, and by the time she reached her seat she was so turned on she could barely sit still. She crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together, trying to relieve the ache that was building between them.
    The professor continued speaking but Jarred/Ashley found it increasingly difficult to pay attention. All she could think about was stripping out of her clothes and touching herself. She was getting so turned on she was starting to feel lightheaded.
    She started to fantasize about Mira, the girl Matt was dating. She imagined Mira walking into the classroom and catching her masturbating. Mira would be so turned on by the sight of her that she would strip off her own clothes and join her.
    They would touch each other all over, exploring each other's bodies with their hands and mouths. The room would be filled with the sounds of their moans and gasps as they brought each other to orgasm.
    The fantasy was so vivid and realistic that Jarred/Ashley actually started to moan out loud. She was so lost in her fantasy that she didn't even realize that the class had ended and everyone was staring at her.
    She quickly gathered her belongings and went straight to the bathroom. Decided to leave her body, Jarred/Ashley begin to start recording himself masturbate as she lowers her pants.
    "Oh yes Ashley, you're a slut and cum for me..."
    Jarred/Ashley moaned loudly as she touched herself, her fingers slipping deep inside her wet pussy. She could feel her orgasm building, the pleasure so intense it was almost unbearable.
    She cried out as she came, her whole body shuddering with pleasure. She collapsed onto the floor, her legs trembling.
    She lay there for a few moments, trying to catch her breath. She was still so turned on that she wanted to masturbate again but she knew she had to get back to class.
    She got up and quickly washed her hands and face, trying to compose herself. She was still feeling so sexually frustrated that she knew she wouldn't be able to focus in class.
    She decided to skip the rest of her classes for the day and leave her body without pants in the bathroom. Jarred unpossess her body and when she woke up, she found herself sitting on the toilet without wearing pants.
    "What do you mean, you lost the ring?!" Alan exclaimed. "How?"
    "I don't know!" Ashley, red in the face, replied. "I was walking out of class, ring around my neck like usual, when I got stuck in a crowd of other students. Next thing I know, I'm pants-down in the bathrooms, and no ring!"
    "Yeah, but how?" Alan pressed.
    "Well, obviously, someone knew what it did, snuck up on me after class, then took me for a joyride!" Ashley screamed.
    "Oh." Alan said, quieting down. The idea of someone outside our circle using the ring was worrying.
    "Hey guys..." Mira barged in, all cheerful. At least, until she saw everyone else. "Jesus, who died?"
    "Ashley had the ring stolen" Matt said.
    "Oh fuck, that's bad..." Mira replied. Matt nodded. We briefed her on what Ashley had just told us, and started to come up with a plan.
    They didn't know that Rachel and Jarred is hearing their conversation at the door. They decided to let Jarred possess Mira's body when they got the chances.
    "So when we will get started?" Jarred asked excited.
    "We just need to wait after school end and then we're going to trap her in a classroom."
    "And then I'm going to possess her." Jarred said.
    "Yes you will."
    "And the body will be mine soon~" Jarred said.
    Jarred waited patiently for the school day to end. He was eager to get started on his plan to possess Mira's body. Finally, the bell rang and the students started filing out of the classroom.
    Rachel and Mira is heading to an empty classroom with Mira is confused about as she follows her. It seems that the plan works which Rachel told that she wants to talk with her about something.
    "So what something you want to talk about?" Mira said impatiently.
    "You see my boyfriend Jarred found a ring that actually can possess any body when he's wearing it so he thought he would like to possess you." Rachel said as Jarred appears in the classroom and lock the door.
    "What the fuck!! It was you two!! You're the one who stole the ring from Ashley and leave her naked in the bathroom." Mira said as she back off from them.
    "Oh I didn't possess Ashley, but my boyfriend did and let me tell you Mira, he's enjoying every moments of it." Rachel said.
    "You're not gonna away from this, I'm going to tell Matt about this!!" Mira said as she let out her phone to text Matt.
    Rachel made her move, sneaking up behind Mira and grabbing her around the waist.
    "Gotcha!" She exclaimed.
    Mira let out a little yelp of surprise, then quickly composed herself.
    "What are you doing, Rachel?" she asked, feigning innocence.
    "I'm going let my boyfriend possess your body, Mira. He's been waiting for this moment." Rachel said.
    "Just you wait Mira,the body will be mine soon~" Jarred replied, leering at her.
    Mira shivered, feeling a thrill of terror.
    "Okay, Jarred. Do it," Rachel said, her voice trembling slightly.
    Jarred wasted no time, quickly possessing Mira's body.
    Mira felt a sudden jolt as Jarred's spirit entered her body. She could feel his presence inside her, manipulating her limbs and her thoughts. She felt herself becoming aroused, her pussy wetting itself in anticipation.
    "Oh golly, Mira you're hot. Shame that Matt won't be seeing this soon~"
    Jarred wasted no time, making Mira's body strip off its clothes. He had her touch herself, exploring her own body in ways she never had before. She felt herself becoming more and more turned on, her pussy throbbing with desire.
    "Fuck gotta see you naked Mira."
    Finally, Jarred had Mira's body kneel down in front of Rachel. He made her lick Rachel's pussy, teasing and pleasing her with her tongue. Mira could feel herself blushing with humiliation, but she couldn't resist the pleasure that was coursing through her body.
    Eventually, Jarred had Mira's body stand up. He had her turn around, so that Rachel could see her ass. He then made her bend over, presenting her pussy to Rachel.
    "Is she aware?" Rachel asked her.
    "No she's not, I'm in control now shut up and eat my ass."
    Rachel eagerly leaned in, licking and sucking on Mira's ass. She could feel Mira's tight asshole quivering against her tongue, and she knew that she was enjoying it.
    "F-fuck, that feels good," Mira moaned, her voice laced with pleasure.
    Jarred smiled, pleased that he was able to give Mira this pleasure. He continued to control her body, making her grind her ass against Rachel's face. Rachel lapped at Mira's pussy, her tongue slipping inside her and bringing her to orgasm.
    Mira screamed, her entire body shaking with pleasure. She could feel Jarred's presence inside her, but she didn't care. All that mattered was the pleasure that he was giving her. She came hard, her pussy juices flowing freely.
    "Damn, Mira you're good," Jarred said, his voice full of admiration. "I'm gonna have to keep you around."
    "It's weird to see this bitch doing this like a slut." Rachel said with a grin.
    "That's because I'm possessing her body now and she's nit know that we did this." Jarred/Mira said as she fondling her breasts.
    Rachel couldn't help but moan as Mira's hands roamed over her body, touching her in all the right places. She could feel her nipples hardening under Mira's touch, and she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter.
    "Uh, Mira I don't know if this is a good time," Rachel said, her voice laced with desire.
    "Shh, don't worry about it," Mira/Jarred said as she began to kiss Rachel's neck. "Just enjoy it."
    Rachel moaned as Mira's lips made their way down to her breasts. She could feel Mira's tongue swirling around her nipples, teasing them into hard buds. Mira's hand made its way down to Rachel's pussy, and she began to rub her clit in small circles.
    Rachel couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed Mira's head and pushed it down to her pussy. Mira smiled and and began to lick Rachel's pussy. Rachel moaned as Mira's tongue licked and teased her clitoris. Mira's fingers also began to play with Rachel's pussy, thrusting in and out of her.
    Rachel could feel her orgasm building, and she grabbed Mira's head and pushed it harder into her. Mira grinned and redoubled her efforts, and soon Rachel was coming hard, her entire body shuddering in pleasure.
    Mira/Jarred licked and kissed her way back up Rachel's body, and then they kissed, their mouths melding together.
    "That was amazing," Rachel said breathlessly.
    "I know," Mira/Jarred said with a grin. "But we should probably stop before someone catches us."
    Rachel nodded and they quickly got dressed. They then walked out from the school as they high five each other.
    "Do you know where she lives at?" Rachel asked Jarred/Mira.
    "I know. It's all inside her head." Jarred said pointing at her head.
    "All right, don't forget about our plans tomorrow, we're going to humiliated her soon as we started after school." Rachel said.
    "Don't you worry, I will start it today as I will explore these goodies all night." Jarred/Mira said as she groping her breasts. "God that feels good~"
    "Don't sleep late, we're going to have some fun tomorrow." Rachel said before kissing her lips passionately. Jarred/Mira do the same before slapping Rachel's ass in the hug.
    "Bye darling~" Rachel said lovely as she walks away.
    Jarre/Mira wave at her before going to Mira's house and plan about the fun he's going to have today.
    "Sorry Rachel, I'm thinking I'm going to have all my time with this body." Jarred/Mira said as she bouncing her breasts up and down.
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