Fit For A Queen

Story created by GaylynneQT ∙ 11 September 2023

Olivia hasn't been able to be satisfied by her husband for a while. He's just not big enough for her needs. Maybe Vic, who they find online, can help them out.

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  • Fit For A Queen

    Chapter written by GaylynneQT ∙ 07 March 2023

    Olivia hasn't been able to be satisfied by her husband for a while. He's just not big enough for her needs. Maybe Vic, who they find online, can help them out.

  • “So, how was that for you?” Dan said as he panted and rolled off of Olivia, staring up at the ceiling.

    Olivia rolled her eyes and sighed. She rested her head on her hand as she rolled and faced Dan. “I think we both know how that went. I think I was almost there a few times, but then it didn’t quite reach the peak that I needed.”

    Dan sighed. “Sorry dear,” he said as he turned to face her. “Do you ever-”

    “If you’re about to ask me if I ever regret marrying you again, I swear I’m going to slap you in the face,” Olivia said as she lined her other hand up with his cheek gently. “I love you, Dan.”

    “I love you too, Olivia,” Dan said as he put his hand on her hand and gently sighed. “But, I feel bad that I can’t satisfy you.”

    “I enjoy the ride,” Olivia said. “It’s always a great one.”

    “But it hasn’t been enough for you.” Dan threw off the blanket and gestured to his cock. “I mean, yeah, it’s a nice size, but it’s never big enough to satisfy you.” He turned to Olivia and looked her deep in her eyes. “I want you to be satisfied, no matter what. You always satisfy me.”

    “Dan, you’re talking like you already have an idea,” Olivia said, biting her lower lip a bit in anticipation.

    Dan chuckled. “Okay, I do have something.” He picked up his phone and opened it up. He scrolled until he found this dating app and opened it up. To Olivia’s surprise, there were pictures of other men. “I had an idea. We find you someone to have a one-night stand with.” Olivia frowned a little bit. “Wait, hear me out. We find you someone with a nice and large dick. You’ll meet them at a bar, spend some time with them. If you like them, well, then you bring them back here. You two can have sex on the bed while I watch.”

    “You want to watch?” Olivia asked, surprised. “Won’t that be awkward for you?”

    “Nah,” Dan said as he began to swipe through different options on his phone. “Besides, I kinda find it hot. You won’t even know that I’m here. I’ll be in the chair over there trying not to blow my load too early.”

    “Well, okay,” Olivia said as she scooted closer to Dan. “Only if you’re sure about this.” Her eyes looked over the potential matches as Dan swiped through them.

    “I am.”

    The two of them browsed over different people for several minutes until they found one that really caught their eyes by the name of Vic. The initial picture was that of a very satisfied woman with the captions saying “Want this to be you?” Olivia was the one who clicked on it and the two of them looked through the pictures. They were mostly from the back, showing off the well-toned shoulders and back muscles. A few more pictures showed off the tone of their arms, their legs, and importantly, the crotch that showed something sizable hidden in the pants. Vic even called it the “Pussy Slayer VII.”

    Olivia took the phone and started to message Vic. She started off with a simple “How are you doing?”

    “I hope he answers soon.”

    “Look, there’s no guarantee. I’m sure someone like that gets lots of women fawning over him. Let’s look at other options just in-”

    “Holy shit he answered!”

    VIC: Well hey there, hot stuff. I see you’re in the area.

    OLIVIA: I am! And you’re looking really good yourself too.

    VIC: Yeah? You like what you see?

    OLIVIA: Love it! And I love seeing what you’re packing.

    VIC: Yeah? You want it?

    OLIVIA: I want it so bad. I’m getting wet just thinking about it!

    VIC: What’s the biggest you’ve ever handled?

    OLIVIA: 5 inches. But I want bigger. Why? What are you?

    VIC: 8 inches.

    OLIVIA: I just quivered at the thought.

    OLIVIA: So, I have a bit of a strange proposal for you.

    OLIVIA: Would you want to fuck me while my husband watches?

    VIC: Straight to the point, no fussing about. I like that. Now that sounds like a good time.

    OLIVIA: Meet me at Dynamo’s? 8 work for you?

    VIC: Wear something you won’t mind being on the ground after I take it off you. I’ll be wearing a blue tank with a shark image.

    OLIVIA: I’ve got this great black dress.

    Olivia looked through Dan’s pictures until she found a pic of her in the dress. She sent it over.

    VIC: Love it. I’ll see you then, hot cakes.

    Olivia could hardly contain her excitement. She grabbed Dan’s shoulders in excitement. “Okay, we gotta clean up! We want this place to be good looking for Vic!”




    Dan waited patiently as the clock ticked down. He looked at his phone, trying to estimate how much time remained until Olivia got home. The bar wasn’t that far away; only a half hour drive away from where they lived. He took a deep breath and tried to settle his nerves. On the one hand, he was excited about the prospect of this. It has been 4 years since Olivia had really been able to be sexually fulfilled; Dan himself loved her dearly, but he wasn’t working with the type of equipment that she preferred. She wanted big and long cocks. Ones that could completely fill her pussy up, something that Dan’s five inches weren’t able to satisfy.

    “He’s gonna say yes, right? I mean, he agree.” Dan took a deep breath. “Relax Dan. I mean, who would pass up an opportunity like this?” Dan asked himself. 

    Olivia was everything you could ask for in a woman. Nice and flawless pale skin. Her eyes were a gorgeous shade of blue, which fit well against her blonde hair. As anyone’s eyes would wander down, they would see her curvy figure, with wide hips and very perky DD boobs. She had a bit of a nice ass too, which helped her draw in a few looks. 

    While she stood at a sizable 5’ 8” , she was tall, but not quite as tall as the men she lusted for. She liked them tall and handsome, with an athletic body to boot. That’s one of the many things she loved about Dan. He kept his short brown hair nicely clean cut, along with his short beard. His tall stature, at 6’ 4”, put quite some height between the two of them, which Olivia loved. If only he had a larger cock to be able to fully satisfy Olivia.

    Dan breathed again to try and quell his nerves. Of course Vic was going to say yes to Olivia. After all, Olivia was the one who saw the profile as she was swiping through potential people. He was there as he watched their conversations unfold, and given Vic’s enthusiasm to seeing the little teases of Olivia in the black dress, Dan could only imagine how wild Vic must be getting from seeing Olivia in person.

    As if on cue, a car pulled into the driveway. Dan got up and looked out the window, recognizing Olivia’s car. His heart filled with excitement, much like how his cock was starting to fill with blood. Two figures stepped out of the car, one that Dan instantly recognized as being Olivia. The other figure, who must be Vic, was a bit obscured by the darkness. The two of them looked like they were laughing about something as Olivia pulled Vic to the front door, their voices getting louder and louder.

    “Alright, here we are,” Olivia said cheerfully as she kicked off her high heels by the door.

    Vic walked in, allowing Dan to get a much better look at him. Or rather, her. People’s pictures online were never quite as what they were in real life, and this was the same case. Vic wasn’t even a guy at all! She was definitely a woman, and she looked even better than her pictures. She stood about an inch or two above Dan, added more by her soft pompadour fade. Her darker skin showed years of bathing in the sunlight. Through the stretched fabric of her shark shirt that was clearly a size too small for her, Dan could make out the subtle lines of Vic’s muscles and a few tattoos that peeked out from under the fabric. As his eyes traced down to the skinny jeans, he was surprised to see that Vic was packing something in her pants.

    “So, you’re Dan?” Vic said, pulling Dan out of his observations. She extended a hand out to Dan, which Dan shook. Her grip was firm, yet still gentle in the same way. “Olivia’s been telling me all about you.”

    “Have you now?” Dan said, feeling a strange excitement rush through him. He looked over to Olivia, confused about what was going on. “Uh, Olivia, dear. Are you sure that she’s the right person?” 

    Olivia nodded. “Yes, this is Vic, dear.” She leaned a bit on Vic’s arm. “I was a bit surprised too, but,” she said as she took out her phone. She pulled up Vic’s profile and went to Vic’s bio. There, clear as could be, despite the two of them having missed it before, was it clearly listed that Vic was a woman.

    “Don’t worry. Your wife told me the whole deal.” Vic patted Dan on the shoulder and gave him a thumbs-up. “I’ll make sure this is a night that neither of you forget.”

    “Well,” Olivia said as she began to pull Vic towards the bedroom, “Let’s not keep anyone waiting.” Dan could see the lust in her eyes. He was a little confused as to why Olivia was still so excited, but he followed them up.

    The three of them made their way to the bedroom. At Vic’s request, they remained clothed as they entered the room. Dan made his way over to a chair in the corner and sat down, ready to enjoy the show. His cock was already erect from the anticipation and practically burst out of his pants as he dropped them down to his ankles. He ached to start touching himself, but he didn’t want to blow his load too early.

    Vic pulled Olivia close to her, the two of them feeling the heat radiating off of each other. Vic’s hands grabbed the back of Olivia’s hands as she held her in place to kiss her firmly on the lips. Already, there were soft moans escaping from Olivia’s lips as she felt the passion coming from Vic. A part of her wondered how long Vic was waiting for a night like this. 

    A soft tongue made its way from Vic’s mouth to Olivia’s lips, coating them in a thin layer of saliva. Another moan escaped from Olivia’s mouth, this one more intense, more primal. She gripped onto Vic’s shirt, tugging at it as she clenched her fingers tightly through the fabric. Olivia opened her mouth, allowing Vic’s tongue to explore the inside, guided along by her own tongue.

    After a few moments, Vic broke the kiss. Slowly, she moved herself down, at the same time, lifting Olivia up by the ass. Vic’s mouth nestled in the crook between Olivia’s neck and shoulder, sucking and kissing along her neck. Olivia’s moans turned to panting, matching the hot and heavy breath she felt on her neck. Vic’s hands reached underneath Olivia’s dress, grabbing hold of her panties. She pulled her hands close, dragging the pink floral panties and exposing them to the open air. They were mesh and slightly see-through, leaving only a little to the imagination. With a quick motion, Vic tossed them aside towards Dan and continued to grope Olivia’s ass.

    Slowly, Vic set Olivia down on the ground, and then pushed her down further and further until she was on her knees. From the way that she spread her legs, Dan could see her ass and a bit of her pussy peeking out from under the dress. Olivia panted needily as she came to be eye level with Vic’s package. She reached up and unzipped her pants, letting them fall to her ankles. As it did, Vic’s eight inch purple strap-on fell onto Olivia’s face as she gazed at it with excitement and wonder. Dan’s eyes went wide as he watched in awe and he wondered how often she walked around wearing that.

    Olivia’s lips opened up as her tongue started to lick up and down Vic’s shaft, her hand stroking the other side of Vic’s cock. Even if it wasn’t a real one, there was a tingling rush running through Olivia, some reaction stronger than a real one. It felt so big in her hand, far larger than what Dan had, but still the girth of something she could handle. Her head moved to the tip of Vic’s cock and she swirled her tongue around before opening wider and putting the tip into her mouth. Inch by inch, she bobbed her head up and down on the shaft, getting further and further until she reached her limit of about 5 inches. She couldn’t take any more without gagging, so she used two fingers from her right hand to make up the rest of the distance, lubing up the whole thing with her spit. She reveled in the moans of delight from both Vic, as well as from Dan behind her.

    She knew exactly what Dan could see. She bent a little more forward, showing off her ass more to Dan. She reached her left hand down and began to stroke her clit in small circles. Dan could feel his excitement rising at the show, but also knew that it was only the beginning. There was far more to get through, so he couldn’t blow his load just yet.

    After a few minutes, listening to Olivia gag on Vic’s strap-on and the moans of all three of them, Vic picked Olivia back up to her feet. She laid down on a towel that Olivia had set on the bed earlier and pulled Olivia on top of her. She positioned her to straddle her. Olivia reached down to guide Vic’s strap-on to her pussy. As it slid inside, Olivia gently bite her lip in pleasure and a soft little “Fuck,” escaped from her as she shuddered. The saliva, as well as her natural wetness from excitement and rubbing her clit, made Vic’s strap-on slide right in without issue. She lifted up the hem of her dress so that Dan could see everything, and Vic reached up and pulled her dress down to expose her huge tits. Olivia began to ride Vic’s dick up and down, moaning loudly as she felt all seven inches inside of her when she was all the way down.

    Each thrust she made had a deep passion and desire behind it, as if this was the last time that she could ever have a cock like this. She wanted to make it count and wanted to remember this feeling. She leaned forward, resting her hands on Vic’s pecs. Vic, in response, reached up and grabbed handfuls of Olivia’s tits, fondling them firmly with her hands. 

    After a few more moments, Vic moved Olivia’s hands to her shoulders so that she could get her mouth on Olivia’s nipples. She moaned loudly and bucked from pleasure as Vic sucked on her nipples, rolling them with her tongue. Vic reached down and gripped firmly onto Olivia’s ass, kneading them in her hands, as well as using them as a hold to pull Olivia deeper and harder onto her strap-on.

    Dan’s breath was hotter and heavier than it had been in a long time. There was just something about watching Olivia getting fucked that made his heart race with excitement. He had to even stop stroking a few times so that he could keep enjoying the show. The rapid breaths and deep moans of Olivia echoed in his ears, pushing him closer and closer to the edge of pleasure. But, he had to hold on. He wanted to wait until Olivia was satisfied.

    “Now, show me what you can really do with that thing,” Olivia said in Vic’s ear. She reluctantly got off of her strap-on. As much as she wanted to keep riding it, her legs were getting a little tired. Plus, she wanted to see what Vic would do with the reigns. She laid down, her ass up and her tits down on the towel as she swapped places with Vic. Olivia bit her lip in anticipation. 

    “Oh, just you wait and see,” Vic said as she brought her hand across Olivia’s ass with an audible and satisfying smack. There was a sharp moan from Olivia as it rippled through her. Vic smacked her ass cheeks again and again until they were nice and red. Once she had her fun there, she patted her strap-on down on Olivia’s ass cheeks. There was a little shudder of excitement from Olivia as she felt Vic spread her cheeks apart. Then, she felt the tip of her strap-on poke at her pussy, still dripping wet onto the towel. She whimpered in delight as she gripped the sheet.

    Then, Vic shoved her whole strap-on inside of her. Olivia screamed out in sharp pleasure that turned into a dreamy moan near the end. Vic put her hands over Olivia’s elbows as she moved into a planking position, thrusting her hips back and forth. She held her in place firmly as she repeatedly shoved her whole member in and out of her.

    From the rubbing herself she did earlier to the riding of Vic’s strap-on to now being held and fucked roughly, Olivia was on the verge of climax. She wanted this to last all night, not wanting it to stop. But at the same time, her body craved the sweet pleasure of release. Olivia tried to hold on as best as she could but each thrust of Vic’s full strap-on chipped away at her resistance. It didn’t take that much longer before she gave in; her body tensing up as an orgasm rippled through her. She shuddered in ecstasy as she moaned loudly, the pleasure echoing inside of her with each thrust of Vic’s strap-on. Her breath was frantic as it tried to keep up with the pleasure practically leaking from her.

    Dan, watching Olivia climax, followed shortly after. His sticky cum pooled onto his stomach as he caught his breath, watching Vic continue to fuck Olivia’s tight pussy. He smiled at her and she gave a wide smile in return.

    Vic held Olivia down as she kept thrusting, barely holding on. The feeling of her pussy had been aching for release the entire night as the strap-on thrust back into her as well. The shivering of Olivia from orgasm almost caused her to climax, but she wanted to fuck just a little bit more. She mustered up all her willpower to keep going against the walls of Olivia’s pussy a few more times. However, she couldn’t hold on forever. Vic cried out in pleasure as her body shook in delight. She exhaled and rolled over, laying next to Olivia and panting hard.

    “So, how was that for you?” Vic said.

    “That was amazing,” Dan said as he looked at the two of them. 

    Olivia built up the strength to lift her head and turned to Vic. “I think we both know how that went. That was the peak that I needed and that view on the other side was breathtaking.” She shot Dan a thumbs-up before her body completely went limp onto the bed, fully satisfied. “We need to do this again.”

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