Truth, Dare, and Derriere!

Story created by GaylynneQT ∙ 11 September 2023

Welcome to America's Sexiest Gameshow! Where your ass and more can win cash as long as you're willing! We got three amazing contestants here to win prizes. So, let's see what challenges we can put them through, what truths they will reveal, and how many times we can make the audience cum! This... is Truth! Dare! And Derriere!

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  • Truth, Dare, and Derriere! Chapter 1

    Chapter written by GaylynneQT ∙ 11 August 2023

    Welcome to America's Sexiest Gameshow! Where your ass and more can win cash as long as you're willing! We got three amazing contestants here to win prizes. So, let's see what challenges we can put them through, what truths they will reveal, and how many times we can make the audience cum! This... is Truth! Dare! And Derriere!

  • “Hello everyone and welcome back to another exciting episode of…Say it with me folks!” The host leaned in closer towards the audience.

    “Truth! Dare! And Derriere!!” The audience roared into a cheer as they clapped for the start of the show.

    “That’s right. This is Truth, Dare, and Derriere, the only game show where we’re legally allowed to show your ass and more on broadcast television!” There were quite a few cheers and whistles from the audience before the host gestured for everyone to settle down. “As usual, I’m your host, Atticus Ghul.”

    Atticus had been the host of Truth, Dare, and Derriere for the past seven years, having taken over after his father, Colbert, retired. Standing at a respectable 6’ 2”, Atticus had the personality, charm, and body to follow in his father’s footsteps. A freshly groomed beard, black hair that transitioned into silver curls, and a tan skin tone; it was no wonder that he quickly made headlines. His choices for Derriere and his charm dazzled audiences and pulled in crowds like no other, even succeeding his father.

    Atticus cleared his throat and adjusted the tie on his suit before continuing on. “We searched the streets to find our set of contestants. So, let’s meet them, shall we?”

    He gestured to his left where there was a set of three stands, each of which were where the contestants would stand behind. Behind those stands were a set of large blue curtains with golden ornate patterns on them. A set of spotlights danced around before settling in the middle of the curtains.

    “Introducing our first contestant! She’s a soccer mom from Boston with two kids fresh off to college! Everyone, give it up for Siobhan Newchester!”

    Coming out of the curtains was a 5’ 6” blonde haired woman, about in her mid-forties, with D cups that had a hefty bounce to them. She had fair skin with freckles to match her complexion. She was wearing a sleek pair of gray sweatpants that hugged her round ass, paired with a white blouse that showed off her curves. Siobhan practically danced her way onto the stage as the crowd cheered for her. She blew kisses to the audience and little winks before making her way to her designated spot on the stage.

    “Isn’t she just lovely folks?” Atticus tapped a set of cards onto his desk and pointed to the curtain. “Our next contestant is working for his Business degree at Spaton University! Everyone, give it up for Charlie Tanner!”

    Next out of the curtains was a young man, easily in his early twenties. He had dark skin, clearly from tanning, and brown hair that was combed back. He strutted out onto the stage, winking and pointing finger guns at the audience. His shirt was a tank top that read “FRAT LIFE” on it and his shorts barely came down to the middle of his thighs. Charlie walked over to Siobhan, pulled down his sunglasses and looked at her.

    “Hey there, foxy mama. What are you doing later? Answer. Could be me.” Charlie flashed a cheesy grin.

    “Hey!” Atticus said, snapping his fingers. “Save it for the game.”

    Charlie shrugged and walked over to his stand, but not before holding his hand up to Siobhan and gestured “Call me,” to which Siobhan blushed a little.

    “Alright, and our final contestant tonight is a bartender at Penny’s Pub in Vegas! Give it up for Raddia Van Pelt!”

    The final contestant out of the curtains was a dark-skinned woman; her black hair half-shaved on the left and down to about her neck. She had a confident swagger to her, unlike the cocky attitude of Charlie. She wore a red T-shirt that had a deep V-neck to it, which showed off her C cups, along with a deeper red jacket. Her jeans hugged against her legs, showing off her toned thighs as she walked to her place at the stand.

    “Welcome contestants! We’re so glad to have you all here!” Atticus said as he quieted down the crowd.

    “So honored to be here!” Siobhan said as she smiled to the cameras.

    “I still can’t believe I got chosen,” Raddia said as she turned to the audience and then to Attticus.

    “Well, you better believe it. You’re here and it’s all real. Both the set and the bodies you’re about to see!” Atticus said, gesturing to the cameras.

    “YEAH!” Charlie said as he hooted. “Gonna get to see some fresh tail tonight!”

    “Well you better be careful,” Atticus said, “That tail we see tonight might be yours.”

    “Bring it on,” Charlie said, “I ain’t afraid of any dares! I’ve seen every episode!”

    “Pfft, you watch this show on your own?” Raddia said, smirking.

    “Nah bro, I watch this with the boys!” Charlie said, pointing at the audience. “Shout out to my homies back in Cincinnati! Whoo whoo!”

    “You’re all raring to go, so let’s jump right into the rule!” Atticus said as he turned in his chair, gesturing to his right.

    Appearing from under a light was a large digital board of 84 squares, arranged in a 7 by 12 grid. On the left were player icons, representing the three contestants. The squares were labeled 1-84 from left to right and top to bottom. Each of them were one of five colors: green, blue, yellow, red, and rainbow. On the right side was a checkered banner labeled “BONUS!”

    “For those who are coming back for another episode, welcome back,” Atticus said, looking at the cameras. “For those of you who are just tuning in for the first time and wondering ‘what the hell is this show and can they really show this much public nudity on live TV?’ The answer is that this is Truth, Dare, and Derriere. And thanks to a legal loophole, if you think we’ve shown you anything naughty, you haven’t seen anything yet.

    “Here’s how the game works. Contestants, you will take turns moving across the board, one square at a time, in whatever path that you choose. When you get to a square, you will decide either Truth or Dare. Answer the question truthfully or do the dare, you get the square and some cash! Fail to do the dare or if our special magic lie detector machine catches you lying, you get punished! Players can move in any direction across the board and can move back onto squares they have already captured. Moving onto a square another player has captured results in you doing the dare that was on that square.

    “Every square has a color. Green squares are the easiest challenges and worth the least amount. Blue ones are harder but worth more. Yellow squares are worth a lot more, but also much harder. Red ones are the hardest challenges and questions, but they are also worth the most. Rainbow ones are where your fellow contestants will challenge you to something.

    “The first player to reach the other side of the board ends the game and moves onto the bonus round. When that happens, everyone gets the cash they’ve earned and the winner gets a chance to win some extra cash. Everyone got it?”

    The three contestants nodded their heads.

    “Excellent! Then, let’s play…”

    “Truth! Dare! And Derriere!” The audience cheered.

    “Now, first up is going to be Siobhan,” Atticus said as he gestured to the board. The first column of squares consisted of 3 green squares, 2 blue squares, 1 yellow, and 1 red. “Pick whichever square you want.”

    Siobhan looked at the different options and pondered them. “Well, let’s start out a little slow. I’ll take Green Number 1, Atticus.” With that, her player icon moved to the Green 1 square.

    “Alright, now, Siobhan, what will it be? Truth or Dare?” Atticus said as he flipped through his cards to find the associated question and dare for that square.

    “I’ll go with a truth,” Siobhan said as the crowd clapped for her choice.

    “Fantastic!” Atticus said as he leaned over his desk. “So, Siobhan, for $20, tell us, who was your first sexual encounter with?”

    “Oh gosh,” Siobhan said with a chuckle. “We’re already starting off like this, are we?”

    “Pfft, that’s so tame!” Charlie said.

    “Oh hush you,” Siobhan said as she stuck her tongue out at Charlie before turning back over to Atticus. “Well, my first sexual encounter was my second ex’s 18th birthday party. He wanted me to give him a blowjob for a gift, so I gave him one.”

    “Come on!” Charlie groaned. “Give us more details than that!”

    “Details! Details! Details!” the audience cheered.

    “Well, you heard them,” Atticus said as he gestured for the audience to quiet down. “Siobhan, if you would please, for an extra $10, give us a more vivid description.”

    “Oh, alright,” Siobhan said, twirling her hair. “So, it was the afternoon of his 18th birthday party. At the time, I was dating Brett, the hottest guy from the drama club. He was having the party at his parent’s house, so there were a bunch of people we knew from school, as well as a few of his family members.

    “I was wearing a very sexy blue dress that I only brought out for special occasions, and my boyfriend at the time’s birthday seemed like a good one. We were mostly in the backyard, people mingling about and everything. There was a glorious cake that his mother had baked while his father was manning the grill.

    “Brett came over to me at some point during the party and whispered into my ear, ‘I wanna show you this awesome gift I got. Come to my bedroom in about half an hour’ At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about. I mean, he loved to collect figurines and such, so I expected that he was gonna show me something like that.

    “I went to meet him after excusing myself from a conversation with his aunt to go to the bathroom and headed into his room.

    “‘Alright Brett. I’m here. What did you wanna show me?’

    “‘Shhh, keep your voice down, Siobhan. And shut the door.’

    “I shut the door quickly and walked over to him.

    “‘Okay, what’s the awesome gift you got?’

    “‘Well, I haven’t gotten it yet.’

    “‘Okay. What is it? Is it being delivered?’

    “‘Yeah, and it just got here.’

    “At that point, he reached down and unzipped his pants, dropping his cock in front of me. I gasped in surprise, but he brushed his hand against my face.

    “‘The awesome gift is the one you’re about to give me. A nice wet blowjob.’

    “At that point, he used his hand to push me down onto my knees, bringing me face to face with his dick that was getting harder and harder by the moment. I was just in awe, staring at this erect 5 inch cock in front of me. Again, this was, like, the first time that I had ever done anything sexual. Of course I had watched porn, but I had never done anything like that. But, he wanted this as a gift and I wasn’t about to disappoint my boyfriend.

    “So, I started by taking it slow. I reached my hand up and gently began to stroke it, feeling his warm shaft in my palm from the base to the tip. At the tip, I stuck out my tongue and slowly swirled it around like I had seen different porn actors do. He let out a gentle moan, so I had a feeling that I was doing something right.

    “Of course, I could only tease him like this for so long. He reached back and put his hands on my head, guiding my mouth to slowly start to take in his cock. It was my first time ever tasting someone’s cock, so I was a little surprised at the taste. But, it felt really nice inside my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft, using my fingers to make a little O shape to stroke the parts that I couldn’t fit inside.

    “He moaned in pleasure, especially loud when I flicked my tongue along his cock, lubing it right up with my spit. I was hungry for it. I wanted more but I didn’t know the best way to do it. And of course, I wanted to give him the best first blowjob. At some point, he stopped letting me move on my own and holding my head in place. He made me drop my fingers and used his hips to thrust in and out of my mouth. I could feel every inch of him inside my mouth, and I couldn’t help but moan in delight.

    “‘Take those tits out. I wanna see them bounce as I fuck your face.’

    “I did as he requested, dropping down my dress to bring out my tits. Just seeing them made his dick twitch. He stopped moving his hips and instead started moving my head. I’m sure it felt different and even better for him, but I really think he just wanted to see my tits bounce. I tightened up my cheeks against the sides of his cock, loving every moment as it slid along inside. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, each thrust sending shivers down my spine as he used me.

    “I must have been doing really good because he wasn’t able to last that long. He started moving my head and his hips at the same time, thrusting in as deep as possible into my mouth. I loved just how rough he was with me, and honestly, I wish he had been rougher. I can take it. And he made sure that I could take it all as he gripped my hair tightly. I felt his cock twitch intensely as he came into my mouth. The taste of sperm mixed with my spit for a delightfully salty flavor. Now, I didn’t want to get any on my dress, otherwise everyone would know what we just did. So, I swallowed. Ah, you never forget your first time swallowing cum, and frankly, after that, I was addicted. Once he finished, he pulled out of my mouth and tucked his dick back into his pants, panting heavily. I put my dress back on properly, covering back up my tits.

    “‘That… was… fucking amazing. Holy shit are you so good at this, Siobhan.’

    “‘Thank you. That was amazing as well. I hope we can do that again soon.’

    “And that’s the story of my first sexual encounter,” Siobhan said, blushing red at the fond memories. “God, I’m wet just remembering that. And Brett, if you’re out there, well, I guess your family and friends know now.”

    “Now THAT’S details!” Charlie said as he hooted. “I am rock hard after that, baby!”

    “As am I,” Atticus said. “That story right there just earned you a solid $30 to start off. Not bad at all.” Siobhan’s score at the front of her stand was updated to show her new winnings. “So, next up is Charlie. Charlie, what are you gonna pick?”

    “Oh, if I’m going in, I’m going all in!” Charlie said, giving the air a thrust. “Atticus, I’m taking Red number 49!”

    “Whoa! Alright! Starting off swinging out of the gates, are we, Charlie?” Atticus chuckled as he picked up the card for number 49 as Charlie’s player token moved to the space. “Now, Truth or Dare?”

    “I ain’t scared of nothing!” Charlie said as he tried to hype up the crowd. “Hit me with a dare!”

    “As you wish!” Atticus said as he looked over at Charlie. He patted onto the desk and coming out from behind the curtain was a cart being wheeled out by one of the stage hands. Sitting on the cart was a 10-inch rubber dildo and a gallon jug of lube. All of the contestants' eyes went wide as their minds processed what the challenge was. Raddia could hardly contain her laughter. “Charlie, for $200, I dare you to take this full, 10-inch dildo, up the ass.”

    Charlie coughed, just to make sure that he heard Atticus right. “Uh, Atticus, buddy, what’s the punishment if I fail or don’t do it?”

    “Oh, you said you’ve seen this show before,” Atticus teased. “You know that we don’t tell you the punishment unless you fail or refuse. So, what will it be? Attempt the dare or take the punishment?”

    “Come on bro! You can do it!” a loud voice came from the crowd.

    “Oh? And who do we have in the crowd today?” Atticus said.

    “That’s my boy Trev! He came to support me!” Charlie said as he hooted back at the crowd, pounding his fist on his chest. “Atticus, I’m doing the dare!”

    “Feel free to use as much lube as you need,” Atticus said, watching intently.

    The crowd cheered as Charlie walked over to it. Charlie looked at the dildo up and down before pouring half of the lube onto the dildo. He stroked it hard, lubing it right up until his hand was practically sliding right off of it. He took a deep breath as he looked at it.

    “Do it for the money, bro,” he said to himself as he dropped his pants and boxers.

    “Oh wow,” Siobhan said as she leaned over to get a better look at Charlie’s package, which was at five inches even while flaccid.

    “Damn. Frat boy is packing,” Raddia said, leaning forward with a smile on her face.

    “Let’s do this!”

    Charlie kicked off his pants and put the dildo on the ground. He took the rest of the lube and ran it down his back, rubbing his ass cheeks together to lube up as best as he could. Charlie positioned his ass over the dildo and squatted down until his ass barely touched the dildo’s tip. Charlie took a deep breath and clenched his teeth.

    The moment the dildo entered his ass, everyone could hear a loud moan come from him. Slowly, he went further down the dildo. His breathing became heavier and his dick got harder and harder.

    “Come on, be a man and take it all!” Raddia shouted, then whistled. “God that’s hot.” She slipped her hand underneath her waistband and began to play with herself.

    Charlie was now three inches into the dildo, grunting as he continued to work his way down.

    “Don’t clench!” Trev shouted from the audience. “Relax your ass!”

    “Bro, I’m trying! It’s like I’m shitting upwards!” Charlie shouted back. He groaned loudly as he went down to five inches, which causes his dick to now be fully hard, standing at a full 7 and a half inches.

    “Halfway there!” Atticus said.

    “I got this!” Charlie said, more trying to convince himself than anyone else. He slid down further on the dildo, now seven inches. “Fuck dude, it’s so big!”

    “That’s what she said!” Raddia said, her hand feverishly working at her crotch.

    “I’m just gonna…” Charlie said, as he took a deep breath. “Go for it!” He let his feet go from under him, causing him to take the remaining three inches up into his ass. Charlie groaned loudly, but he stuck his hands into the air. “I did it!” The crowd cheered wildly as Charlie turned to audience, basking in their adoration.

    “Well done!” Atticus said, clapping his hands. “Charlie, you just took ten inches and came out of that $200 richer!” He pointed and Charlie’s winnings went up to $200.

    Charlie groaned loudly as he lifted himself off the dildo. “Hell yeah dude!” He rubbed his ass, breathing heavily as he went to retrieve his pants.

    “And now, we’re onto you, Raddia,” Atticus said as he turned to the board. “Raddia, what are you picking?”

    “Let’s see,” Raddia said as she mulled over her options. “I’ll take Blue 61, Atticus.”

    “Great choice,” Atticus said as he picked up the card. “Now, truth or dare?”

    “I’ll take a dare,” Raddia said with a confident smile.

    “Sounds good,” Atticus said as he prepared to read the card. “Raddia, since you seemed to have such a fun time playing with yourself, for $50, I dare you to let a random audience member write on your body.”

    “Pfft, is that all?” Raddia said. “I’m taking that dare. Easy money!” She stepped out to the center of the stage. “Go on! I’m your canvas!”

    “Look at her, folks! Already ready and raring to go!” Atticus said. “Now, let’s pick a random audience member.” He brought out two jars of ping-pong balls, one set had letters and the other had numbers. He shuffled his hands through them and pulled out a letter and number. “Seat number D13! Come on down!”

    “Whoo!” Standing up was a man in a business suit. He stepped his way through the clapping audience and made his way down to the stage. By the time that he came down, Raddia had already stripped down to her underwear.

    “Sir, what is your name?” Atticus said.

    “Kevin,” the man said. One of the stage hands approached him with an array of colored body-safe markers.

    “Great name! Well, Kevin, go right ahead. Write as much as you want,” Atticus said, gesturing to Raddia.

    Kevin smiled as he picked up the blue marker. He turned Raddia’s cheeks, writing WH on her right cheeks and RE on her left cheeks so with her mouth, it spelled out WHORE. On her tits, he wrote “Dump your cum here” with arrows between her cleavage in green. On her left arm, he put a tally counter that read “Men serviced” and he put seven tally marks in white. Kevin moved down to her stomach and wrote “Insert dick here” with an arrow pointing to her crotch in red marker. He spun Raddia around and on her back, right above her ass, he wrote “Kevin’s Bitch” in orange. Finally he wrote “SLUT” all over her body in purple.

    “There we go,” Kevin said, satisfied with his work. He handed back the markers to the stage hand and returned to his seat.

    “Well Raddia, give us a twirl. Let’s see the handiwork,” Atticus said.

    “Man, was that all?” Raddia said as she spun around slowly, letting everyone get a good look at her. “I was expecting something more, Kevin.”

    “Well, you did it,” Atticus said, gesturing for Raddia’s winnings to increase by $50. “You can head back to your spot now.” Raddia nodded and picked up her clothes, heading back to her place behind her stand. She didn’t even bother to put back on her clothes.

    “And that, folks, is the end of our first round!” The audience cheered and clapped. “We’re already starting out strong with some wonderful contestants! And we will keep going… after this commercial break!”

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