Swap Chip - Orgasm Stealing

Story created by VexenFox ∙ 11 September 2023

Emma introduces her new girlfriend to a body swap device that she controls. They enjoy a night in together, with Emma making body swaps happen at the most inopportune times. This story is told from the perspective of the partner, who finds herself swapping back and forth between bodies. She suffers at the hands of her former body, being pushed around and tickled, and finding that every time she gets close to an orgasm another swap happens!

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  • Swap Chip - Orgasm Stealing - #1

    Chapter written by VexenFox ∙ 14 December 2021

    Emma introduces her new girlfriend to a body swap device that she controls. They enjoy a night in together, with Emma making body swaps happen at the most inopportune times. This story is told from the perspective of the partner, who finds herself swapping back and forth between bodies. She suffers at the hands of her former body, being pushed around and tickled, and finding that every time she gets close to an orgasm another swap happens!

  • Emma kicked open the door to her apartment and pulled me in impatiently. “My room’s first on the left upstairs, I’ll be right up.” She pushed me up the stairs to her landing, then scurried away.

    “Where are you going?” I called after her, but she didn’t answer, so I shrugged and made my way into her room. I had to admit, tonight was going pretty well. Sure, Emma was a bit pushy, but I didn’t mind having somebody take charge occasionally, and besides - she was hot enough to get away with murder. 

    The girl was fit, small, and busty - like, the kind of body I would choose for myself if I could go out body shopping. Firm butt? Perky, C-Cup boobs? Small hands and feet, and a face that is both cute and demanding? Yes please, here’s your new body, pleasure doing business with you.

    In companision, I was tall and athletic, with a flat chest, big hands, and serious girl-strength. It was pretty useful on the court, and I loved being able to push around the other girls, but I’m really just a big softy. I always worried that I was just a little bit too intimidating, but Emma didn’t even blink. She and I were complete opposites, which helped make tonight the best date I’d been on in years.

    I sat down on Emma’s bed and looked around the room. It was cluttered, messy, and had bits of electronics laying all over the floor. I nudged a circuit board with my foot just as Emma came charging in.

    “Don’t touch that!” she commanded. She was holding two bluish rings, they kind of looked like bottle caps. “Bend down, let me put this on you.”

    I obliged, deciding just to go with it. If she had a thing for earrings, who was I to say no? Emma reached up and pressed the rings into either side of my head, just above my ears. They seemed to snap into place, as if they were magnetically attracted to each other through my head. That actually seemed kinda likely, now that I thought about it.

    “This is a transcranial magnetic stimulator.” Emma explained, seeing my confusion. “I’ve placed it over both your motor and somatosensory cortices, so it can read and write to the neurons in that part of your brain.”

    Okay… that sounded pretty freaky. This thing can write to my brain? I reached up to fiddle with it, but Emma stopped me. “Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe.” she said, pulling out another pair and putting it on herself. “Just don’t move it.”

    “And why are we wearing these?”

    “It’ll make the sex better.”

    She was so matter of fact, I loved it. I could feel my body start to get aroused in anticipation. Emma took her shirt and pants off, then looked over at me expectantly.

    “If you want to have sex with me, you should take your clothes off.”

    It felt kinda like I was being told off by a teacher, but heck, I didn’t need to be told twice. I tore my shirt off, and pulled my jeans down. Then I had to awkwardly bend down and undo my shoes before I could get my pants all the way off. Why was I so bad at this?

    Emma didn’t seem to care, she lay down on the bed and winked at me. “You can go down on me first, then we can swap.” She chuckled at that, for some reason. I appreciated her taking the lead like this, could she tell I was a bit inexperienced?

    I finally escaped my jeans and stood up, wiggling my body in what I imagined was a sexy way. I walked over to the bed and crawled up to her, nervously running my hands over her soft, milky thighs.

    She grabbed my head and shoved it into her crotch.

    Certainly doesn’t mess around, does she?

    I began running my tongue over her clitoris, starting slow. If she was trying to rush things, then I was going to make her wait for it. Emma tasted pleasant -- just another benefit of her perfect damn body -- and I could feel myself getting more and more turned on, as I felt her legs begin to squirm beneath me, and I imagined her perfect, serious face going down on me next.

    I squeezed her legs into my shoulders as I ate her out, licking and kissing and making all sorts of shapes with my tongue. I heard Emma gasp as I stuck a finger in her, and felt her squirming increase. I didn’t know if the rings on my head were doing anything, but it was going well regardless.

    Her legs shook as I increased my pace. She pulled my head harder down into her pussy, my face being pressed hard against her sex. She moaned, then gasped, and I knew she was building up to an orgasm. 

    A few more seconds and she came, hard, against me. She squeezed my head hard between her thighs, as if trying to crush me. Fortunately she was small enough it didn’t hurt. Then she collapsed back, going limp as she basked in the afterglow.

    “Woah, not bad.” Emma grinned down at me, panting slightly. “Okay, lay down on your back. Let’s swap.”

    I maneuvered around, my tall body not quite fitting on Emma’s small bed properly. I propped myself up with pillows, feeling a little awkward.

    Emma got into position between my legs, then smirked, and pressed a button on her phone.

    White light! A loud noise, like static. And then… I was looking at myself.

    What the fuuuuck?

    My body grinned at me. “Surprise!”, it said. I watched as one of my huge-seeming hands reached over, grabbed me by my new long hair, and yanked my face into my own crotch.

    What the fuck was going on? Emma was clearly in my body, her mannerisms were too distinctive for it to be anyone else in there. I could feel her running her - my - hands through my hair in the exact same way she had done five minutes ago, before we’d switched.

    Switched. I gasped, and tried to look down at myself. I was in Emma’s perfect little body! A body that came with a few drawbacks, I realised, as Emma held my face tight against my old body’s vagina. I was so weak in this new body, I couldn’t even wiggle out of her grip. Woah, was my old body really that strong? It felt like pushing against a giant!

    I could still feel her body though, the afterglow of her orgasm still apparent. That was annoying, since I suddenly wasn’t as horny any more. Sure, I knew it would build up again quickly, but a few moments ago I was about one minute of good sex away from a mind-numbing orgasm, now I felt a little bit sore and used.

    I also felt a weird, uncomfortable feeling from my chest, and I adjusted my position. Apparently these new boobs were too big to lay on my stomach for very long without getting squashed. That was odd, I usually slept on my stomach, would I not be able to do that if I ever got a boob job?

    Or if I stayed in this body?

    That thought brought me up short. How had we switched? Would we be able to switch back? I knew about the new Body Rentals units that let somebody control another person’s body, but switching? Is that what Emma had invented with these ring things?

    I reached a dainty hand up to touch the ring Emma had been wearing on her head, but something grabbed my hand in a vice grip and pulled it away. I was helpless to resist, she was so damn strong! I’d never felt this weak and powerless before!

    And I was getting so turned on by it. I’d always wanted to be the petite girl, to be a little dominated. My stature had always meant I was bigger than my (few) previous lovers, and none of them had been strong enough to really throw me around properly. I felt my pussy pulse -- no, not my pussy, it was Emmas. It was… different. Subtly different, but still, I felt myself getting wet, slower than I normally would. Weird.

    I wanted to touch it. I tried as hard as I could to pull my hand back from Emma, but she used my old body’s impressive muscles against me, and easily overpowered my efforts as she pulled my new tiny hand towards her face. 

    “Here’s what I want you to do.”, my old voice croned. She tugged, and shoved my new hand into my old mouth, using my own tongue to lick my small, delicate fingers. I’d always wanted fingers like that.

    Wait! Eww! I didn’t know where these fingers had been! That’s my mouth sucking on them!

    I clenched my toes as I tried again to pull away, by Emma used my other hand to push my face into her crotch once again, and held me there - with my own body. “Lick” she ordered.

    I hesitantly opened my mouth - Emma’s mouth - and gently grazed my own vagina with my tongue. It was prickly, and I wished I’d remembered to shave before the date. It was so weird knowing it was my pussy, and not being able to feel it. I watched it quiver slightly -- I should have been feeling that pleasure. 

    Emma pushed my head down tighter, sucking on my finger hard. I reciprocated, taking my own large clit in my mouth and pushing down on it hard with my new tongue. Emma moaned. Not fair!

    My own tongue felt weird. It was smaller than I was used to, more flexible. Experimentally, I tried flipping it around, making shapes as I went down on my own body. I could do all sorts of things I normally couldn’t, this was insane!

    I must say, I know my body pretty damn well, and it only took a minute before Emma was on the brink of orgasm. I could feel myself building up too, this whole weird situation was a serious turn on, even if I was still annoyed Emma tricked me into going down on her twice in a row.

    Emma gasped loudly with my voice, and I felt my head get squeezed between my old body’s big, athletic thighs -- she sure kept the same mannerisms alright, this is exactly what she did five minutes ago in her own body. Only this time it was way more powerful, she was squeezing my head so tight I could barely breathe.

    Trying not to interrupt my expert ministrations, I pushed against her legs with my free arm. Nothing. I pushed as hard as I could, and Emma just moaned and squeezed tighter. Damn this body was weak! I was going to pass out if I didn’t get a good breath soon, but between my old hand pulling my head down, and my old thighs crushing my damn brain from either side… this would have to be the most erotic, most confusing death ever…

    My body spasmed as Emma enjoyed the orgasm that should have been mine, panting loudly and loosing up her grip on me. She reached down and grabbed me by the shoulders, and with one big heave pulled me up to lie next to her. Nobody had ever been able to move me about like that before… it was a massive turn on.

    “Sorry for not warning you.” my voice said to me, casually. “The transcranial magnetic stimulator is reading all the sensory information from my body and writing it into your brain, and vice versa. Same for motor information. You’re still in here -” she tapped her forehead “-but the signals are being rerouted.”

    “Yeah, I figured.” I squirmed, pretending that I had, indeed, figured. 

    Emma clapped me hard on the shoulder with one of my own big hands. It kinda stung. “Stop squirming! I don’t squirm, it doesn’t look right.”

    “Well heyyy, maybe I’m not trying to imitate you.” I winked at her, running my hands down my new petite body, giggling. “This body, with my brain? I’d say it’s a big improvement, wouldn’t you?” I punched her in the arm playfully.

    “Oh, so that’s the game you want to play, is it?” Emma slowly twisted my face into an evil grin. “I wouldn’t be so confident, I’m about three weight classes above you now mate.”

    “Who needs weight when you’ve got skills?” I got to my knees and turned to face Emma at the end of the bed. Sure, when I used to wrestle I knew my size was a bit of an advantage, but I’d won those matches fair and square -- it wasn’t like somebody with more skill wouldn’t have been able to beat me. 

    Still, my own body did look intimidating as Emma got to her knees and towered over me. 

    “Okay.” she said. “I’m going to enjoy beating myself up.”

    I growled and dove at her, pushing hard with my new little arms. I figured I wouldn’t have much reach in this body, so getting in close and fast was the right move... 

    It wasn’t. I slammed against my old body, but Emma barely budged. I saw her smirk down at me, before she leant forward and simply lay on top of me. She was so heavy! I wasn’t that heavy, was I?

    I squirmed out from under her, pushing hard against my old chest with my weak girly arms. I nearly made it all the way out, but Emma clamped down on my ankles as I tried to get my legs free. Hadn’t she been holding on before?

    “I told you not to squirm.” she said, with an evil little smile. My face seemed strangely different to me, not like I was looking in a mirror at all.

    “You didn’t like me sucking on your finger before, did you?”

    I could see where this was going, and I didn’t like it one bit. 

    “Nooooo...” I said slowly, still wriggling. I strained my thin hairless legs. If I could just get this damn tiny ankle out of her grip!

    “Well then, maybe you’ll like this more?” She stuck out my tongue at me, then slowly lowered her head and licked one of my new feet all the way along the sole.

    “Hey! Hey Hey! Gross! Don’t do that with my tongue!” I wriggled more, my new foot feeling kinda slimy and wet.

    My own face grinned at me. “Oh? It’s my foot, I can do what I want to it right?” 

    “But it’s my mouth!”

    Emma lowered my mouth again and put her lips around my big toe. It felt weird, warm, wet. Like her mouth was huge -- was that just because I had tiny toes?

    I squirmed and wiggled my toes uncomfortably. Emma bit down, hard. Ouch! 

    “I said don’t squirm!”

    I shoved back harder, then quickly reversed direction and pushed my foot further into her mouth. Emma jumped, but held on to the leg she was making my tongue lick. So gross. I managed to get one leg free and kicked her in the arm, a bit harder than I meant to.

    Tingles! And then there was a pain in my arm, and a weird tangy taste in my mouth. Whaaa?

    I was lying on my stomach, and Emma’s big toe was wriggling around in my mouth. Eww! I spit it out and sat up quickly, rubbing my arm where I had been kicked... where I’d kicked myself?

    “Hey, not cool!” I said, looking at Emma. I was suddenly feeling very aroused. I felt my crotch -- it was wet. Emma had left this body horny as hell, and now I was the one feeling it.

    “Don’t blame me, you kicked yourself!” Emma grinned mischievously. 

    “I meant about suddenly having one of your disgusting toes in my mouth.”

    Emma put a hand over her mouth, in mocking shock. So weird to think that a second ago I was the one controlling that hand.

    “Oh, it’s not so bad.” she said. She sidled up to me, reaching her hand around my midriff to pull me closer. I leant in despite myself -- she had left me feeling very horny.

    We kissed gently in our own bodies. I reached for her other arm and brought it up to my chest, enjoying being back in control physically. Still, there was a part of me that wanted to experience being thrown around and physically dominated again. It had been such a new and sexy experience…

    Emma suddenly pushed me away and matter of factly walked over to her dresser, where she pulled out some soft rope with leather cuffs and a vibrating dildo.

    “Hold this!” she ordered, passing me one end of the rope. It was really more like string, actually. It looked pretty flimsy. I gave it a test tug, and noticed I’d pretty easily be able to break it if I pulled hard.

    Emma walked her tiny, perfect body in front of me and turned around. I was transfixed by her tight bum, which she was flexing subconsciously as she swayed in front of me. This girl was legit a goddess.

    “Well?” she said, looking around. “Tie my hands together.”

    I felt myself get more excited. I still hadn’t had an orgasm tonight, but a little bit of light bondage sounded like just the ticket -- especially if Emma was the one getting tied up. I pulled the rope around her small, supple wrists and felt another wave of pleasure through me as I realised -- it was her body getting tied up, not necessarily her.

    “Now my feet.”

    I got down to my knees and ran the string around her legs several times. I could see the nail polish on her toes was a bit chipped where she - I? - had sucked on it. I stood behind her and looked down over Emma's shoulder. I could remember seeing this view from the inside. It felt kind of funny looking down at that chest - those legs - from this angle but not being able to move or feel anything.

    I slipped one of my own arms around her and gave Emma a soft kiss on the neck. Despite herself, she squirmed.

    “Heyyyy, no squirming!” I whispered to her. 

    “It doesn’t count.” Emma declared. “I’m ticklish on my neck. It’s involuntary.”

    “Oh really?” I said, kissing her again. A little nibble. “I’m not ticklish at all. Too bad, right?”

    I reached up and ran my fingers over her neck. She laughed and flinched away, and I went in harder, wiggling my fingers over her neck and shoulders and armpits with both hands.

    “Oh! HAh! Haey- Stoo-”


    “AhhGh! HAah aH ahahahaha! Oh! Ow! AHA” I couldn’t move my hands to protect myself! I squirmed and strained, but was attacked from all sides. I could barely move a muscle! AH! OoH! AHAHAHA!

    The fingers relented. “Not ticklish, are you?”

    I felt so weird. I’d never been ticklish before, and now the lightest touch on my neck was sending me into convulsive fits of laughter. We’d switched again, obviously, and I felt Emma’s body hot and heavy beneath me. I tried to move a hand to feel myself up, but I was tied up tight. That flimsy sting I could easily snap now felt nigh unbreakable. Damn.

    I tried to take a step forward, away from Emma breathing close behind me, but my ankle caught in the rope, and I toppled in my unfamiliar body, my new boobs squashing on the floor painfully.

    “That looked painful.” said Emma, nonchalantly. “How’s my body? I left it pretty horny for you.”

    She was right, I could feel a pulsing energy radiating from her vagina, making me feel heavy and weak. This wasn’t fair! How come she was the one who got to decide when we switched every time!

    I was greeted by the sight of my own bare feet as Emma walked around in front of me. She knelt down and waved the dildo in my face. 

    “I bet you would love for me to use this on you.”

    I nodded weakly, another jolt of pleasure as she slapped my bare arse. That beautiful pert bum I’d been admiring. I flexed it from the inside, just because I could. I bet an orgasm in this body would feel out of this world. I wondered what Emma had in store for me?

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