Bros before h***

Story created by ellaguru ∙ 11 September 2023

Two nerds get revenge on their bullies by taking over their bodies with mind control powers.

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  • Bros before h***

    Chapter written by ellaguru ∙ 21 April 2023

    Two nerds get revenge on their bullies by taking over their bodies with mind control powers.

  • “What the fuck is this supposed to be, you little shits?!” an angry female voice hissed. Milo’s and Rayleigh’s day was about to get worse as they got pushed hard against the metal doors of their lockers. The two 18 year old high school seniors had hoped that their final school year might see an uptick to their popularity, but the two scrawny nerds still had trouble getting along with anyone besides each other. They had an especially troubling “relationship” with two of their classmates: Jenna and Bianca.

    They, in stark contrast to Milo and Rayleigh, were two of the most popular girls in the school. And of course, they were as beautiful as they were popular. The reason for their popularity, besides their superb looks, was that they were the star athletes of their high school, which not only gave them amazing physiques but also incredible strength. At least so it seemed to Milo and Rayleigh, as they stood no chance against them with their thin arms. And even if they would defend themselves, the jocks would just kick their asses in retaliation, making this a lose-lose situation for them. Although both of the girls were only a little taller than the boys, it still felt to Milo and Rayleigh as if they were towering over them. They had been using that fact for years to bully and abuse Milo and Rayleigh.

    But this side of their personalities was only known to Milo and Rayleigh. Jenna and Bianca used their good looks to hide behind a facade. You see, they were not just intimidating. They were also intimidatingly beautiful. For everyone else they put on an act, pretending to be these sweet, innocent girls, who you could not help but be smitten by. But in reality they were conniving and cruel clout-chasers, always trying to be on top of everyone else, while simultaneously pretending to be humble.

    Jenna was a tall caucasian girl with piercing blue eyes. Her fair complexion was contrasted by her long, dark brown hair. Her overall slender and well-trained physique was crowned with large, perky breasts. Despite her ample blessings, she was a formidable gymnast, which made her body incredibly flexible.

    Next to her stood her best friend and partner in crime: Bianca. She was in every way Jenna’s complement. As an African-American she, of course, had dark skin, which made Jenna sometimes look almost ghostly pale by comparison. Unlike Jenna, who wore her hair straight, Bianca had curly black hair that she would usually tame by putting it in a ponytail, just as she was doing now. And even though Bianca was not as well-endowed as the top-heavy Jenna, she made up for it with a big butt and her strong thighs, which came in handy, as she was part of the school’s soccer team, where she scored goal after goal for her team, leading them to an easy victory almost every game.

    While Jenna was more dominant and hands-on when it was time to bully their victims, Bianca was still no less intimidating in her supporting role. Just a look from her could send shivers down your spine.

    “This is gonna tank my GPA! You better make up for this on the next assignment or else you gonna pay for this!” Jenna threatened. Milo and Rayleigh had been quite busy lately, which was the reason why they had not been able to properly do Jenna’s and Bianca’s homework. The girls had forced them to do their assignment for them since middle school. The two boys were left standing there in fear, as the two beauties walked off and into the arms of their jock boyfriends. Despite their height, both girls had to stand on their toes to reach their boyfriends’ lips.

    “Are these twerps bothering you?” one of the jocks asked pointing to Milo and Rayleigh. “No, not at all. They’re just helping us out with our homework. Be nice to them, pleeease?” Jenna said as she smiled at him and gave him another peck on the lips. Towards their boyfriends they acted all sweet, but as soon as they turned their heads, Jenna and Bianca stared daggers at Milo and Rayleigh. Then they pulled their boyfriends away and left.

    “Fuck this!” Milo said while kicking his locker in frustration. “Aren’t we supposed to be stronger than them? Aren’t we supposed to be men? I mean, look at us. For how long is that supposed to go on?”

    “I know dude!” Rayleigh agreed. “If only we could make them pay for all the things they’ve done to us. I for sure would love to rub it in their phony faces while they can only stand there and do nothing about it.”

    Their curses were interrupted by the bell ringing. “Anyway,” Rayleigh said, “let’s go to class. We don’t wanna be late. It’s enough that Jenna and Bianca are kicking our asses. There is no need for the teacher to join in.”

    After another long and tiring day at school, Rayleigh threw his backpack onto his bed in frustration, when he heard his mother shout, “Rayleigh!” “What?!” Rayleigh shouted back. “Come down here at once!” He defiantly dragged his feet down the stairs as he knew he would get an ear full from his mother, which he was in no mood for, since he had already been put down by two women just this morning.

    “How often have I told you to put your dirty dishes in the dish washer?” his mother scolded him. “Yes, mooom …”, he sighed in frustration. “I don’t ask you to do much around the house. You should be able to do at least this much work.” In his mind Rayleigh snapped back, “If it’s so easy, why don’t you just shut up and put away the dirty dishes yourself?” Suddenly his mother, as if a jolt shot through her body, jerked into a perfectly upright position and then started wordlessly putting the dirty dishes into the dish washer.

    Rayleigh just watched her silently, not understanding what was happening. When she was done he mumbled, “thanks, I guess …,” and quickly walked away, as he didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth. His mother was too confused about what had just happend that she let her son take off without another word.

    Rayleigh turned around a corner and then stopped. His heart was beating wildly in his chest. “What the hell just happened?” Rayleigh thought. “Could it be …? There is no way … But it couldn’t be just a coincidence! I’ve got to make sure this wasn’t a fluke.” He peeked around the corner and back into the kitchen. His mother was still there, cleaning up some stuff with her back turned towards him. “Stop what you’re doing and stand on one leg,” he commanded in his mind. Immediately his mother stopped what she was doing and started balancing on one leg. “What am I doing?” was all she could mutter in confusion. “Show four fingers behind your back. No two!” His mother quickly shot her arm behind her back and raised four of her fingers, then immediately put down two of them. “Why am I doing this?” his mother wondered aloud.

    “No shot, is this for real? I wonder how far I can take this.” Rayleigh thought almost audibly. Then he gave his mother another command. “Mom, turn around and stand still. When I walk back into the kitchen you will neither see nor hear me. I will be totally invisible to you.” His mother turned around as commanded and stood stiff like a statue. Rayleigh took this as his sign to walk back into the kitchen. He stood in front of her and waved his hand an inch from her face, but she did not react at all. In fact, she didn’t even blink. “Wow, this is so cool,” he said with amazement.

    Then a strange idea popped into his mind. “Mom, I want your mind to be completely blank, like if you were hypnotized.” With that his mother’s posture became less rigid and the expression on her face became vacant. “Now, when I snap my fingers I want you to become as aroused as you’ve never have been before in you life.” Rayleigh paused for a moment, just to build some anticipation and tension for himself, and then—snap!

    From one moment to the next his mother turned from a blank canvas into a depraved animal. Her face contorted with pleasure and her nipples stiffened, visibly poking through the fabric of her shirt. Then she started moaning deeply and pressed her thighs together. “Oh my god! Oooohhh!” she roared.

    While he watched his mother being ravaged by ecstasy, glee started spreading on Rayleigh’s face as he felt a feeling of power flooding his body and mind. “Stop!” he exlaimed—and so she did. “When I leave the kitchen you will be back to your normal self and forget everything that happened since you called me downstairs.” He walked out and stopped right around the corner, just as before, so he could watch what was about to unfold next.

    “What happened? Where did the dirty dishes go?” Rayleigh’s mother said startled with confusion. To her it felt as if she had experienced a jump cut in real life. One second she was about to call her son down to put away the dishes, the next they seemed to have vanished. On top of that her legs felt wobly. She put a hand to her forhead and feelt some of the residual heat from her indecent acts just moments prior. “I think I don’t feel so good. Maybe I need to lie down.”

    As she moved to leave the kitchen, Rayleigh quietly fled up the stairs and back into his bedroom before his mother could discover him, and maybe suspect something. Inside his room he pressed one ear against the door to listen for his mother’s footsteps. After she had safely passed by his room, he quietly cracked open the door a tiny bit and peeked outside. He just barely caught his mother entering his parent’s bedroom and closing the door behind her.

    “Wow! This is amazing! I have mind control powers!” Rayleigh could not help but say aloud. “All the things that I’ll be able to do now! Wait, what can I do? Maybe I should try this out some more. I need to figure out what I can and what I can’t do. I guess I need to draw up some kind of plan with stuff that I wanna try out. But who to test this on?” He thought for a few seconds and then snapped his fingers. “Damn! Too bad no one else is around, who I could use as a guinea pig. And I don’t wanna wait around ’til tomorrow. This stuff is too good to pass on. I guess mom will have to do.”

    Rayleigh was giddy with excitement. He could not hold back and wanted to go all out immediately. He wondered if was able to have ultimate control over someone else: to project his mind onto them. For that he laid down on his bed, closed his eyes, and concentrated really hard. He imagined his mind streaming towards his mother in her bedroom. Then he felt a pull and his entire being seemed to shoot forward at great speed. This feeling stopped as quickly as it began, as he seemed to halt abruptly.

    When Rayleigh opened his eyes, he at first felt a little disoriented. After blinking a few times his vision came back in focus and he could see two big lumps protruding in front of him. He cautiously prodded one with his fingers, which confirmed to him that they were real. He gave both of them an appreciative squeeze.

    “Oh my! What is going on?” he could hear his mother’s voice say in his head. This surprised him and snapped him back into reality. As he looked up and around he saw that he was in his parent’s bedroom, sitting on their bed. But besides him there was no one there.

    Rayeleigh looked down again to take a closer look at his stolen body. His hands now looked more feminine but also older and a bit wrinkly. He roamed them all over his new proportions. Every inch of it screamed that he was not a scrawny nerd boy anymore, but a full-bodied woman. “Stop it, me! What are you doing?” his mother’s voice pleaded as she seemed unable to control her own hands. But her son ignored her. He enjoyed this feeling of power way too much.

    After satisfying his immediate curiosity, he got up and walked towards his mother’s full-length mirror. With every step he could feel the jiggling of the new weight on his chest and around his hips. When he reached the mirror and finally got a full view of himself, his jaw dropped in astonishment. Instead of seeing himself he saw his mother with her mouth wide open and an expression of shock on her face.

    “I can’t believe this worked! This is so rad!” Rayleigh whispered in his mother’s voice. He rubbed his stolen hands all over his mother’s face, as if to make sure that he was not wearing a mask that was to come off any second. Then he twisted her body to inspect her plump rear in the mirror. This contorted pose in a weird way made his mother look like a girl posing for her Instagram feed. “Dammit! What is happening? Why can’t I control my own body!” his mother’s voice cried in desperation.

    Rayleigh then resumed a more upright posture and started lightly brushing down his mother’s body, as if to remove some creases in her outfit and make her look more prim and proper. Then, without a warning, he launched into a tirade. Anger and scorn now clouded his mother’s otherwise soft features. He pointed her index finger in the air and wagged it wildly.

    “Rayleigh, didn’t I tell you to clean your room! Rayleigh, why isn’t your laundry done, yet? Rayleigh, clean the kitchen! Rayleigh, do this! Rayleigh, do that! Rayleigh, how often have I told you? Rayleigh, I forbid you!” His scolding of himself seemed to go on forever when, suddenly, his little role-playing made Rayleigh explode with laughter, which caused his mother’s boobs to shake according to its rhythm.

    “As much as I enjoy this,” Rayleigh thought to himself while wiping away a tear of joy, “I think I better leave. I don’t want to torture mom too much.” With that he closed his eyes and concentrated again. He again felt the same pull and the same acceleration as earlier. When he snapped back into his own body on his own bed, a sinister grin formed on his face. “This is going to be good!”

    Milo was walking through the school’s hallways alone. He was on his way back to class from his trip to the bathroom. Somehow he had not seen Rayleigh all day long. He would not even reply to his text messages.

    Suddenly, he was pushed from behind. The surprise left him no time to brace himself for the impact as he hit the floor hard. His elbow was bruised and a little bit of blood ran down his nose. He groaned in pain as he turned on his back trying to get up. But then he discovered the reason for his fall: Jenna and Bianca were standing over him, towering, casting their tall shadows on him. Their legs looked like giant marble pillars. For Milo, their height difference now seemed insurmountable from all the way down there. But this perspective also allowed him to almost see up their skirts. Did he catch a glint of their underwear?

    “What did I tell you, you little scum?” Jenna angrily spat at him. “This assignment was even worse than the last one,” she said in a threatening tone. “I thought I made myself perfectly clear. If you don’t wanna listen, you’re gonna have to feel … pain, that is!”

    And with that, Jenna lifted her leg and slammed her foot down on Milo’s scrotum with full force. He winced in agony. But even through all his pain and humiliation, he somehow still felt a tingle of arousal building inbetween his legs. His member began to stiffen.

    Jenna felt Milo’s hardness growing underneath her sneaker. “Oh my god! Is this turning you on?” Jenna laughed with disgust. “Ew, what a pervert!” Bianca chimed in. Jenna kept her foot on his genitalia, pressing further down to rub in the pain. “Yeah, you like that? Who told you you’re allowed to enjoy this, you disgusting freak?”

    With anger, Jenna kept repeatedly stepping on his groin. As he groaned, the feelings inside Milo kept rising and rising, growing ever more intense. Then suddenly, a large stain formed on his pants, as the mixture of pleasure and pain caused him to ejaculate and a moan to escape his lips. When she realized what had happened, Jenna said, “Ew, now you’ve even ruined my shoes,” and began wiping them on his shirt.

    Suddenly they were interrupted by the ringing of the bell. Quickly, as the crowds were pouring into the hallways, Jenna pulled Milo to his feet. Then, to make sure that everyone could hear her, Jenna said loudly, “I think you’re really nice, Milo, and an awesome person. Thank you for confessing your feelings for me, but unfortunately, I can’t reciprocate them. You see, I already have a boyfriend. But I hope we can still be friends.”

    Then Jenna smiled at him and gave him a big hug in front of everybody. To everyone else this looked like one of her sweet acts of kindness. But, what no one but Milo could hear, was what she whispered in his ear. “Don’t think you’re done here. This is far from over.”

    As Jenna released Milo from her hug, the huge stain on his pants became visible to everyone around them. The students in the crowd started giggling and laughing, one after the other. Some of them even pointed their fingers at him. “Did he wet himself?” someone shouted. “What a loser!” “Guys, don’t be mean to him!” Jenna said to the crowd, pretending to defend him. “This can happen to anyone. It’s a little accident, nothing to be ashamed of!” Her boyfriend, who had wittnesed everything, walked up to them and said, “Jenna, you’re way too nice to him. Don’t go near that loser or his dorkiness will rub off on you.” “I’m sorry, Milo. I have to go. See you next time,” Jenna said as her boyfriend pulled her away, with Bianca following suit.

    Milo could not hold it in any longer. Tears of hurt and humiliation started to stream down his face uncontrollably. He was ashamed of himself, ashamed for never standing up to his bullies, but most of all, ashamed for getting aroused by his humiliation. Milo started to run away, trying to escape everyone’s looks. He just wanted to hide forever, somewhere where no one could find him, so that he would never have to show his face in public again.

    On his way out of the school he ran past Rayleigh. “Hey Milo,” Rayleigh tried to greet him, but Milo didn’t seem to hear him and just kept running. “What’s going on?” Rayleigh called after him.

    Milo was lying on his bed, crying. Today had been just too much. He thought about running away and leaving everything behind when someone knocked on his door. “Hey Milo,” Rayleigh said, “it’s me, open up!” “What do you want?” “I heard about what happened and I wanna see if you’re okay. Come on, let me in!”

    Milo slowly got up and unlocked his door. He wiped away his tears and said, “Man, where were you this morning, I could have used some help!” “I’m sorry,” Rayleigh said, “but I couldn’t help it. Something important came up.” “Yeah? How important could it be?” “Very important! Actually, very important to you, too. And it’s just the thing to help you—us—out of our current situation. I know a way how we can get revenge on those two bitches.” “Yeah? How?” “I know it sounds crazy and you won’t believe me, but … I’ve just found out that I got mind control powers.”

    “Oh shut up!” Milo said not believing a single word. “You know, if you didn’t wanna help you didn’t have to come over. But making fun of me is just mean!” he said. “No, I swear! It’s actually real!” Rayleigh tried to counter. “Here, let me show you.”

    Suddenly, Milo stuck his hands to his sides and started flapping his arms like a bird. Then he started strutting around the room, cocking his head back and forth with every step. Next, his torso jerked forward and he started bumping his nose into the ground. As a final flourish he even started clucking like chicken. “Ahahaha! Man, you look so ridiculous. If you could see yourself!” Rayleigh said with laughter. After about a minute of that, Rayleigh released his grip over his friend.

    Finally operating under his own free will again, Milo said with some fear in his voice, “Ok, ok. I guess you weren’t lying after all. This power is incredible, … but also frightening. What else can you do?” A mischievous grin spread across Rayleigh’s face. “I can do this.” And all of a sudden, Milo felt himself being catapulted out of his body and rapidly flinging off into nowhere.

    When he opened his eyes again, Milo found himself inside his sister’s room. She was two years older than him and a college student. Currently she was staying over during her semester break. Milo wondered what had happened and how he got here. But his thoughts were interrupted by his sister saying, “What the hell? Why can’t I move” He could not seem to locate where his sister’s voice came from. It seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere, all at once. On top of that, he noticed that he was unable to move, as well. Panic started to set in.

    Then, without his command, his head started turning and looked around his sister’s room until his eyes abruptly stopped as they had fixated on her mirror. Again, without him doing anything, his body just got up all on its own and started walking directly across the room. With every step he felt something heavy bouncing on his chest.

    When he finally arrived in front of the mirror he almost fainted from what he discovered: instead of his own reflection he saw his sister’s. Even worse, he realized, he was trapped inside her body!

    “What is going on?” he heard his sister’s voice say in fear. But the strangest thing was, even though she said that, her lips had not moved at all. Instead, now her mouth said, “Oh, wow! Look at you!”. And with that his eyes started scanning his sister’s body from head to toe multiple times until they finally stopped and rested on her chest.

    Then his head automatically swiveled down. One of his hands was pulling his shirt forward and he was forced took a peek at his sister’s generous cleavage. Then his hands reached up and gently squeezed the ample mounds protruding from his chest. Looking up again he had to stand there and, against his will, watch his sister grope her own breasts while she had a lecherous expression plastered across her face. Then, without a warning, she flung off her shirt to reveal her perky breasts.

    “Eeeeehh! Stop it, stop it, stop it!” Milo’s sister cried inside his head. “I guess this is enough of a show for today,” his sister’s body said while giving her own butt a little squeeze. “See you soon!” she added with a wink of an eye. And with that, Milo felt the same pull and acceleration as before.

    Back in his own body, Milo was breathing heavily. When he started to catch his breath, he looked over to Rayleigh who asked him with a smile on his face, “So? What do you think?” “What the fuck!” Milo yelled as he punched Rayleigh “Hey, calm down, calm down,” Rayleigh said, “I was just playing around.” “This wasn’t fun! I could hear her voice! She didn’t like even one second of it, and neither did I. How am I gonna explain this to her?” Milo freaked out. “Don’t worry,” Rayleigh tried to pacify him, “I made sure to make her forget everything that happened. She won’t remember a thing.”

    Rayleigh went on to explain every little detail of how he discovered his powers, what he was able to do, and the plan he had worked out to get back at Jenna and Bianca using his mind control powers. As it turned out, this was the reason why he had been missing from school this morning. “Trust me, this is going to be awesome!” Rayleigh finished. “I don’t know,” Milo said reluctantly, “I’m not so sure.”

    “And when I thought that wimp couldn’t get any more pathetic, he actually went ahead and creamed his pants! Hahaha, what a disgusting loser!” Bianca laughed hard. She and Jenna gloated at their victim’s humiliation as they were having a sleepover at Jenna’s place. They were already wearing their pajamas as they were about to go to bed. “I know,” Jenna added. “But I think I’m gonna throw away my shoes. I don’t want this pervert’s gunk anywhere near me. Too bad, I actually really liked those shoes. Welp, I’ll just gonna have to make daddy buy me a new pair. But not before I make that puny nerd pay!”

    As their laughter at the misery of others slowly started to die down, Jenna noticed something bizarre. Bianca’s smile, which just a moment ago had been full of glee, was now turning sinister. “Why are you making that face?” she wanted to ask, but somehow those words never left her lips. “Wait! Why can’t I say anything? And why is Bianca smiling? Helloooo? Bianca, help!” Jenna tried to communicate to her friend, but it was in vain.

    “Aaaand, we’re in!” Bianca said. “I’m still not so sure about this,” Jenna heard her own voice say. “Relax,” Bianca retorted, “just try to enjoy this. You’ll see. Before you’ll notice, you’ll come to like it. Trust me.” Then, Bianca started patting down her own breasts and took a peek inside her shirt. “Oooh, look what we have here. What a shame. Unfortunately they’re not as big as the ones I had before. And they are certainly not as big as your current ones!” Bianca said while pointing with her eyes at Jenna’s chest.

    Jenna watched her head look down in response. Her enormous mounds took up almost her entire field of view. Her petite hands reached up to cup and weigh them. “They’re heavy!” her voice said. Her fingers then tried to clench into fists, but they were hindered by the soft tissue that was now compressed almost painfully. A small moan escaped her mouth. “They’re sensitive, too!” “Whoever or whatever is doing this to me, stop it immediately or you’re gonna regret this! You’re making me look like pervert,” Jenna tried to threaten the intruder inside her own head. “Bianca! Do something! Help me!”

    Meanwhile in Bianca’s head, the situation did not look any better. “Jenna, stop squeezing your boobs and help me out. My body is acting weird,” Bianca’s inner voice said as she was forced to perv on her friend groping herself. “Why aren’t you answering me! Helloooo? Can you hear me?” “Sorry, Bianca, but Jenna won’t hear you”, Bianca heard her own mouth say. “You see, you’re not in control anymore. Not of others, and certainly not of yourself.” “What the hell are you talking about?” “This is a sweet little thing called ‘revenge.’ Revenge for all the evil things you’ve done!” Bianca heard herself say. “I never did anything!” “Are you sure? ’cause there are two boys in your class who would beg to differ” “What? You mean those losers? Whatever we did, they deserved it!” “We didn’t deserve nothing! But you deserve everything that’s coming to you. You controlled our lives for the last few years, and now we’re going to control your bodies, until you’ll be begging for mercy.”

    “So we’re being controlled? Then who is inside my body!” Jenna asked. “T-T-This is Milo,” he said, making her voice sound uncharacteristically timid. “Aaaww, hello no! My body is being controlled by this disgusting freak? Things just can’t get any worse! Now, listen here you little bitch, you get out of my body this instant or you’ll wish I was back to crushing your junk!” “Ray,” Milo said in Jenna’s voice, “I think she’s relly pissed now. Maybe we should reconsider this.” “Don’t worry,” Rayleigh said using Bianca’s body, “we’re in full control. Those are just empty threats.”

    “Anyway,” he continued, “let’s gather a little–what do you girls call it in your profession?—ah yes: blackmail! I’m sure, soon you two little birds will be singing a different tune, as soon as you realize that your reputation is at stake.”

    In the meantime Milo tried to get acquainted with navigating his new body. When he tried to stand up, he at first had trouble sorting out his balance, since he did not have enough time yet to get used to his new center of gravity. He almost fell over, but was able to catch to himself in time by placing his hands on the ground. If someone had walked in on them in this moment, they would have thought that Jenna was trying to immitate some four-legged animal. Both her hands and feet were firmly planted on the ground and with her legs entirely straight, her butt proudly pointed towards the ceiling.

    “Wow. Her body is really flexible.” Milo said with amazement. “Look, I can touch my toes!” “That’s because she’s a gymnast,” Rayleigh reminded him. “Oh, right. I almost forgot. Mmmmhhh … I wonder if can …” With that, Milo stood back upright and then slowly started bending over backwards. “Haha, look at me. I’m like some girl from a horror movie,” he said laughing in Jenna’s voice while contorting her body into all sorts of strange shapes.

    Next, he wanted to try doing splits. For that he stood back up again and then slowly slid his legs apart, one forward, one backward. As his step increased and increased, his pelvis automatically inched closer and closer to the ground. Finally, he plopped down on the floor with the full lengths of Jenna’s legs touching the ground. “Amazing, this doesn’t even hurt. Not one bit!”

    “So, ‘Jenna’,” Rayleigh interrupted his antics with a wink, “why don’t you show us what else you can do?” “Ok, I guess, …” Rayleigh then got out Bianca’s phone and started recording, while Milo got up and started fumbling with the buttons on Jenna’s pajamas. “Uh, sorry …, this might take a while,” Milo said blushing with nervousness. With the way the red was highlighted by her pale skin and how her blue eyes flitted around nervously, Milo made Jenna almost look like an innocent school girl right before her first recital.

    “Finally!” Milo whispered as he managed to open the last button. The opening of Jenna’s now-unbuttoned shirt provided a small window revealing both the creamy skin of her taut belly and how her big, teenage breasts gently touched each other even without a bra.

    “Wait, what do you plan on doing? You don’t … No! Don’t! Pleeease, stop it! Anything but that!” Jenna cried in her own head, but Milo just ignored her. Then he took a deep breath to prepare himself for what he was about to do. Milo started awkwardly moving Jenna’s hips to an imaginary beat while slowly sliding her shirt off her dainty shoulders, down the smooth skin of her arms, and finally letting it drop to the ground.

    There they were: the biggest—and first—pair of boobs the two boys had ever seen in real life. Jenna’s boobs. They were marvellous, full and perky. They looked like ripe fruit garnished by two rosy nipples. The rough movements of Jenna’s hips made them bounce up and down, hypnotizing anyone who dared to gaze upon them.

    At the same time, Milo made all sorts of awkward expressions with Jenna’s face, trying desperately to make her look sexy. He even ruffled up Jenna’s hair to make her look more raunchy, but instead it looked like a mess and only added to his overall inept performance. “L-look at me, I’m J-jenna,” he said unconvincingly, “I might act all innocent around everyone else, but … um … in truth I’m a total slut.” “Nooooo! Stop it!” Jenna pleaded in desperation. “You make me look like such a loser!”

    “Haha, what are you doing?” Rayleigh laughed. “You look like a total dork. Loosen up. You’re way too stiff! Here, you hold the camera. I’ll show you how it’s done!” Rayleigh said. He got up, handed Milo the phone, and then took his place.

    “Please, you don’t have to do this! I’ve learned my lesson. We’ll leave you alone from now on, I promise!” Bianca pleaded meekly. “Ha, fat chance!” Rayleigh said internally. “You had plenty of chance to stop over the years, but you just continued on. Now it’s payback time, baby.” His confidence all fired up, he started dancing with much more bravado than Milo had shown before him.

    Next, he flung off Bianca’s shirt in one swift motion, presenting her rather modest chest. “Well,” he said mockingly, “I think we all know that ‘my’ strengths have always laid elsewhere, don’t we?” With that he faced away from the camera and started wiggling Bianca’s enormous butt, which made her pajama pants slowly slide down her hips, revealing inch by inch her big, dark buns.

    As soon as Bianca’s pants hit the floor, Rayleigh started slapping her butt, sending ripples through her giant cheeks. “Look at ‘my’ ass!” he exclaimed. “Isn’t it amazing?” Then he bent Bianca’s body forward and started twerking as hard he could, providing quite the show for the camera. “Please, no. This is humiliating.” Bianca whimpered. “I’m not like that!”

    “See ‘Jenna’? That’s how it’s done. You gotta be proud of what your mama gave you!” Rayleigh said in a mock imitation of Bianca. If she were still in control of her own body, then tears would now start rolling down her face. “Hi, I’m Bianca, the star of the soccer team. When these cheek’s ain’t busy scoring goals, they be clapping for the team.” At this point Rayleigh was reveling in the control he was exerting over his former bullies.

    Then, as a final act of humiliation, he strode over to Milo. He took the phone off of him and held it up high, angling it in such a way that both girls were in full view. Next, he put his other hand on the back of Jenna’s head, and then lunged in, kissing his friend deeply.

    At first, Milo was caught by surprise. But then, for a moment, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of the girl’s soft lips meshing with each other and Jenna’s breast pressing against Bianca’s.

    “No, no, no, noooo!” Jenna and Bianca cried in unison. “If anyone sees this, we’re done. Pleeeease don’t do this! We beg of you! We regret what we did. We’re deeply sorry. We won’t come near you ever again. We’re also gonna make up for all that we did to you, we swear.”

    Their cries snapped Milo out of their sensual entanglement. He broke off the kiss and gently pushed Rayleigh away from himself. “Ray, I think this is enough. They seem to have learned their lesson. Let’s just stop and leave. We probably have enough material to keep them in line.” “But why?” Rayleigh protested. “We’re having so much fun. Come on!” “No, I mean it,” Milo said, asserting himself for the first time in his life. “I also told you that I didn’t wanna do it in the first place. Yeah, I want to get revenge, too, but not like this!”

    “Fine,” Rayleigh pouted. “But I think you’ll be changing your mind real soon about this, Jenna,” “What do you mean, Bianca?” Milo said. “And stop calling me ‘Jenna’.” A grin started spreading across Bianca’s face. “Wait, why did I call you ‘Bianca’?” Milo asked. “Because that’s my name, silly,” Rayleigh replied. “I’m Bianca and you’re Jenna.” “No, I'm not Jenna,” Milo exlaimed, “I’m Jenna! Wait … Aargh, stop it!” His heart started beating faster and fear started to settle in. “Are you doing this to me, Bianca?”

    Milo felt a jolt run through his stolen body. He suddenly could not move anymore. “Wait, Bianca! Stop it. Please don’t do this!” Milo said, trapped in someone else’s head. He felt Jenna’s lips move all by themselves. “Bianca, I haven’t been honest with you,” Jenna’s body said. “Ever since we’ve met, I’ve had a crush on you. I was ashamed of my feelings. You know, a girl liking a girl. I know, we live in more progressive times now. But still, what would people think? Also, I was afraid that you might hate me if I told you how I really felt. I’m still afraid. But, I can’t hide it any longer. Not anymore. Bianca, I love you!”

    There was a moment of silece. “Please don’t hate me,” ‘Jenna’ pleaded quietly. “Aaaw, sweety,” Rayleigh said in Bianca’s voice, enjoying the act he made them put on. “Of course I don’t hate you. You’re my best friend in the whole world. But now we can be more than friends. The truth is, I also liked you from the beginning. I’ve always looked forward to our sleepovers, where it’s just the two of us, all alone. And I’ve always enjoyed the way you smell each time we hugged, and feeling your warm body press against mine. Also, I’ve always secretly peeked at you when we were changing before P.E. and then thought of you when I masturbated at home. I’m just so happy that the truth is out now. Thanks to you I don’t feel ashamed anymore to admit it: I love you, too, Jenna.”

    By now, Jenna’s body was a mere puppet, dancing to the pull of her master’s will. It was completely empty, devoid of any free will. Her only purpose now was to act out her role in Rayleigh’s play. Rayleigh used his powers to force tears of happiness to stream down Jenna’s face, which was glowing with joy. Then the two ‘girls’ embraced each other. “Does that mean, I’m your girlfriend now?” ‘Jenna’ asked while trying to wipe away the tears. “Of course it does!” ‘Bianca’ said while gently poking Jenna’s nose with her finger. “Now let me show what real girlfriends do.” “No, Bianca, I don’t want this. Don’t make me do this. This isn’t right,” Milo tried to say, but no one could hear him.

    Then Jenna’s and Bianca’s bodies started to slowly and tenderly kiss each other. At first their lips only grazed each other reluctantly, quivering with a little nervousness. But with every soft touch, they grew more and more confident. Soon they were not just kissing anymore, but ravaging each other like animals, their moans muffled by each other’s lips and their hands wildy roaming all over each other’s bodies and through their hair. Milo could not help but feel the arousal of Jenna’s body slowly spill over into his mind.

    Rayleigh placed Bianca’s chocolaty hands on Jenna’s enormous, milk-colored breasts while Jenna’s delicate hands explored the vastness of Bianca’s mighty butt. Then they stopped their kissing to give themselves a chance to catch their breath. They intensly stared into each other’s eyes. ‘Bianca’ into Jenna’s baby blue eyes and ‘Jenna’ into Bianca’s dark hazel eyes. A cheeky grin started to spread across each of their faces.

    Rayeleigh took Jenna’s hand and led her over to her bed. He sat down on the edge of the bed and gently pulled Jenna’s body onto Bianca’s lap. He slowly glid his hands along Jenna’s waist, drinking in her contours. Now on eye-level with her chest, he was completely entranced by her breasts. “Shake ’em for me,” he whispered. Against her will, Jenna’s body started shaking her boobs, causing her hefty orbs to swing from side to side. At the same time, Rayleigh started inching Bianca’s face closer and closer towards Jenna’s chest until he was nestling inbetween her soft globes, surrounded on both sides with warm flesh. Then he lifted up his stolen hands, placed them on either side of her mounds, and began pressing and squeezing them, really rubbing in feeling of their softness and making Jenna moan with pleasure.

    After a small pause Rayleigh motioned Jenna’s body to get off and gently, with his hand, guided her head down inbetween his legs. Without an explicit prompt, ‘Jenna’ started softly kissing Bianca’s waiting slit. Jenna’s upper lips brushed ever so lightly against Bianca’s lower lips, as if she was teasing her. Then she started to slowly trace the tip of her tongue up and down Bianca’s opening, making it quiver with pleasure. Rayleigh started moaning in Bianca’s sultry voice as arousal welled up inside his stolen body.

    ‘Jenna’ then entered Bianca with her tongue and started deeply kissing her nether regions and feasting on her sweet juices. The pleasure inside Bianca’s body started rising and rising until, finally, a wave of orgams swept over Bianca’s body. “Oh, gooood!” ‘Bianca’ groaned. ‘Her’ meaty thighs clamped down abruptly on Jenna’s head, trapping her as if she was caught in a vice. The shaking of ‘her’ legs made Jenna’s head vibrate.

    Rayleigh started to slowly come down from his high, breaving heavily. Basking in its afterglow, he gently caressed Jenna’s head. “Wooow … That was amaaaaazing!” he exlaimed. “You’ve done well, ‘Jenna’. I think it’s only fair that I repay you. How about a little appetizer?” He then took one of Bianca’s feet and placed it right in front of her face, nudging her lips with her big toe. “I think you like that, don’t you? Yeah, I know you like that.” The tone of Bianca’s voice started to turn domineering.

    “Ew, don’t make me do this. This is disgusting!” the real Jenna thought. Milo on the other hand seemed strangely aroused by this. What he didn’t realize was that Rayleigh had weakend his grip on him quite a while ago. He had subconciously been going along with Rayleigh’s act, dutifuly playing his part. Without any further force from Rayleigh he started licking Bianca’s feet, up and down their entire sole and sucking vigorously sucking on her toes.

    “Goood,” Rayleigh cooed. “Now get up, slut!” With that Milo bolted upwards and stood erect like a soldier. Then Rayleigh got up off the bed and stood in front of Milo. He reached out with both of Bianca’s hands and squeezed Jenna’s breasts hard, as if he wanted to squeeze juice out of lemons. “Ow!” Milo winced in pain. Jenna’s nipples became stiff with arousal.

    Milo was still in turmoil about the morality of all of this, but he could no longer deny that it was exciting him. Then—slap, slap, slap! Jenna’s breasts jiggled widly with each hit that Rayleigh brought down on them. The pain reverberated throughout Jenna’s boobs and fuelled Milo’s rising pleasure as Bianca’s hands left increasingly redder marks on them. Rayleigh then gently rolled Jenna’s nipples inbetween his fingers. And without warning, he suddenly twisted them with a tremendous amount of force, nearly drawing blood and eliciting a cry of pain and pleasure from Milo, as an orgasm washed over him that almost made Jenna’s knees buckle under the strain.

    Rayleigh then drew a finger across Jenna’s wet slit, which made Milo shudder. He played with a string of Jenna’s juices inbetween his fingers and said, “I see someone’s been enjoying their punishment.” Milo did not dare to speak as his wildest fantasies were coming true right in this moment. All he could muster was a muffled, “mmmmhh,” while he nodded. Both Milo and Rayleigh increasingly enjoyed Rayleigh’s power trip, though for different reasons.

    “Who told you you’re allowed to enjoy this, you disgusting freak?” Rayleigh said in a threatening tone. “I guess I’ll have to teach you!” With that, he forcefully threw Milo onto Jenna’s bed. He then took a deep breath before Bianca’s hands started raining down pain on Jenna’s ass. The intense spanking caused the heat inside of Milo to flare up again. “Yeees, harder! Harder!” Milo cried.

    But before he was able to peak a second time, Rayleigh flipped over Jenna’s body onto her back. Then he grabbed the back of Jenna’s head and this time slammed it down into her own privates. He kept it there with brute force. Even though Jenna’s body was very flexible, this forced position still caused Milo considerable pain. Jenna’s breasts squished uncomfortably into her ribcage and thereby constricted her lungs. “Who told you you could talk back, you little slut?” ‘Bianca’ shouted. “Now, eat up or your mistress is gonna show you what real pain is!”

    As commanded, Milo started licking Jenna’s slit, taking in her unfamiliar yet delicious taste. As his tongue explored the depths of his stolen hole, the pleasure in his body kept rising and rising. However, at the same time, his oxygen supply started to run low, as he could hardly breathe in this position. Knowing that he had only a limited amount of time, Milo drasticly increased his fervor in lapping up Jenna’s sweet juices, hoping to free himself before he passed out. In a race between hitting orgasm and suffocation, his stolen lips became slicker and slicker while his vision steadily darkenend.

    But finally, in a last ditch effort, he managed to send himself over the edge and hit another orgasm before he could pass out in Jenna’s body. Rayleigh took the shaking of Jenna’s legs as a sign and pulled up her head, making Milo gasp for much needed air. “Goood girl,” Rayleigh commended ‘Jenna’ in a soothing voice while caressing her head. Milo panted heavily. “You we’re right,” he said with a deeply content smile spreading across his stolen face. “This is fun.”

No more chapters.

Eb18 ∙ 21 April 2023

Hey ellaguru. I just wanted to say that sometimes I think we are so lucky to have so many authors that are so kind and talented that write stories for us on the site. I'm going to try be a lot shorter with my comments because I'm sure you wouldn't want to read one of more long winded rambles. My review in three words of this story could surmised as 'Just simply brilliant'. You weaved the more expository moments with the storytelling aspect of the story quite nicely without making things too apparent or obvious. Also you really leaned more into the mind control aspect things which really tickled my fancy. Overall, with the deviousness, and kinkiness of the sex scenes, which I must say, whew, very very steamy, I thought you absolutely nailed this. You gained a fan in me. I hope you keep writing and would be happy to see more from you. Side note - If I had to give a super super minor critique it would be that the grammar and spelling in some places was a bit off but it didn't really impact from a fantastic reading experience. So for anybody that stumbles upon this, I would recommend giving this story a shot if you like the tags above.

Eb18 ∙ 21 May 2023

Hey @ellaguru if you are interested in possibly doing another story for me in the future, could you please contact me through the contact information on my profile. I would love to commission something from you directly. So please consider it.

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