Rent A Vampire

Story created by Eccho25 ∙ 11 September 2023

Yeah. A romantic vampire story because that's never been done before. But this time, no one here is perfect. The sex isn't the best and the humanity's still there. Sometimes there's less than desireable qualities in females that take away from the act. Minute men do exist (No, this isn't projection at all. Shut up.). But the important thing is to remember those factors shouldn't be the end all be all when it comes to the enjoyability for sex. At least in my eyes. Think what you want. Enjoy.

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  • Rent A Vampire

    Chapter written by Eccho25 ∙ 30 April 2023

    Yeah. A romantic vampire story because that's never been done before. But this time, no one here is perfect. The sex isn't the best and the humanity's still there. Sometimes there's less than desireable qualities in females that take away from the act. Minute men do exist (No, this isn't projection at all. Shut up.). But the important thing is to remember those factors shouldn't be the end all be all when it comes to the enjoyability for sex. At least in my eyes. Think what you want. Enjoy.

  • Beatrice sits on her throne, basking in the spoils of her riches. Every foe that she’s come up against has been vanquished and devoured without much effort. She has the highest bounty on her head. She’s easily the most powerful vampire the world has ever known. Her prestige is unmatched. She’s unstoppable. No one can compete with her. That is, until today.


    Her relaxation is cut short as she hears someone kick her doors open. She places down her wine glass, staring daggers at the culprit. She then grins as she notices it to be the well known bounty hunter, Ulrich Fleece: slayer of all beasts, natural or unnatural. Conqueror of those tormenting the innocent. Obtainer of the last stand in every battle he has ever been a part of. Or in Beatrice’s eyes, all except one.


    “You have a lot of nerve,” she starts with a light chuckle, “Only a fool would dare intrude so suddenly and so rudely.”


    Ulrich doesn’t say anything. He just cracks his neck, staring down the ferocious vampire before him.


    “Hmm, a man of few words. That’s understandable. Talk is cheap. Well, since you’re a man of action, I wouldn’t want to keep you waiting any longer. I grow famished, anyhow. Have at you, knave!”


    She stands up from her throne, taking off her robe, revealing her battle gear: blood red drawstring shorts with a black outline and a black bra with a red outline. But just as she manages her arms through her sleeves and gets in her battle stance, Ulrich just presents to her a piece of paper. This completely takes Beatrice off guard. Confused, she says,


    “What’s that?”


    “Come over here and read it,” Ulrich says, confidently.


    Confused even more, Beatrice teleports over to him, looking at the paper more clearly. After just reading the first word, she immediately turns white as a ghost.


    “N-no,” she says, petrified as she snatches the paper from his hands, “No, you can’t be serious. This has to be some kind of joke or prank! You have to be messing with me!”


    “Nope,” Ulrich says, retaining his confidence, “It’s all legitimate. I’m now legally the proud owner of the deed to this mansion.”


    “Wh-what kind of bounty hunter are you?! No self respecting warrior would choose this path over battle!”


    “Yeah, and look where that got them. Plus, something tells me that you weren’t exactly hasty with their deaths. Now, since I’m kinda in a time crunch and don’t wanna die, I figured this way would be more effective. Wouldn’t you agree? I mean, it hasn’t even been half a minute yet. This has to be some kind of record.”


    “Curse you.”


    “Yeah, yeah. Love you, too. Now, look, I wanna get this over and done with as soon as possible. So if you wanna keep your mansion, you’re gonna do something for me.”


    “And why in the Devil would I ever even entertain the idea of doing anything you say?”


    “Because no house also means no treasures and lowered status. It’s all mine now. Meaning, it’ll only be a matter of time before you’re considered fodder. A joke. No more fear, no more power. Just a sad shallow shell of your former self as your relevancy fades and you wallow away in redundancy. Now, do you want that? I don’t think so.”


    Beatrice snarls at his words. He’s right. Both the law and natural order are completely on his side. She has no other option than to do his bidding. The thought of falling victim to such a disgraceful method is infuriating. But the thought of losing everything she’s worked so hard to obtain is heart shattering.


    “What do you want?” she concedes, folding her arms,


    “Good girl,” Ulrich responds, basking in his victory as Beatrice glares at him, “Now, I’ve got a buddy of mine who’s not really feeling the best. Lady troubles, ya know?”


    This catches Beatrice’s attention. The thought of getting involved in someone’s love life shakes her to her core. But as to not garner suspicion, she buries her disdain of the concept, saying,


    “So you want me to be his little girlfriend?”


    “Oh, goodness, no. I’m not evil. What kind of sadistic bastard do you take me for? No, I just want you to spend the day with him and cheer him up a bit. Don’t care how. Just do whatever you feel is best.”


    “You can’t be serious.”


    “You’ve got a sheet of paper in your hands that says I am.”


    “You’re pathetic.”


    “And you’re at my mercy. So what does that make you?”


    Beatrice drops the deed, palming her face in agitation, saying,


    “Why would you even go through all this trouble just to cheer up your bitch of a friend?”


    “Because if I had to do it, I’d ring his neck,” Ulrich replies, “You don’t know how right you are about him being a bitch. He’s quite moody. So...just be mindful of that. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to technically vanquish you so you can no longer call yourself undefeated.”


    “I don’t believe this.”


    “Well, I do. to be you, I guess. Anyways, here’s his shirt so you can smell him.”


    He presents her with his shirt, offering it to her. She grimaces at him with disgust and confusion, saying,




    “Don’t you track people by scent?” he questions,


    “No, you racist! My kind just needs the name of the target to track them down.”


    “Well, excuse me, princess. They don’t tell you everything about every type of vampire. His name’s Zeldrich Narris.”


    “Really? You have a friend with a name that stupid?”


    “Listen, you just pick your friends. Not their upbringing.”




    Beatrice closes her eyes, getting down on her knees and placing her hands in her lap, concentrating on her target.


    “Wow,” Ulrich taunts, “If that’s your method, he’s gonna feel better in no time.”


    Beatrice flips him off as she tries even harder to focus. After moments of thinking about him, he vaguely appears in her mind, lying on his bed. Normally, she’d want to wait for the image to become more clear for precision, but since she wants to get this done as quickly as she possibly can, she couldn’t care less about that. With the image fresh in her mind, she stands back up, looking directly into Ulrich’s eyes, saying,


    “Mark my words, you filthy worm, I will make you pay dearly for this.”


    “Looking forward to it, honey.”


    She snarls at him, wanting to kill him right here and now. But she decides against it as her need for her mansion and status far outweigh her want for him to be dead. So she returns her focus to Zeldrich, taking a breath before teleporting to him. She appears before him with her back turned, hearing him scream in terror and shock, just like she expected.


    “Alright, alright, shut up,” she commands, turning around, “I’m not here to kill you. Yet. I just ne- OH MY G-...WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!?!”


    She averts her eyes after seeing him in his underwear. With confusion and fear completely cast aside by the question, Zeldrich says,


    “Wait, what the hell kind of question is that? You’re the one who teleported in someone’s house. It’s your own fault if you see something undesirable.”


    “Ugh! What is it with you humans and being so revolting? Just make yourself more presentable so we can get this over with.”


    “First, I’m revolting, yet you’re showing up to someone else’s home unannounced. Yeah, that makes sense. Secondly, this is still my house and you’re an uninvited guest. I’m entitled to let it all hang out if I really wanted to. And lastly, what are you talking about?”


    “Don’t act dumb. Your dumbass friend, Ulrich, is holding my belongings hostage because he wants me to help you because you’re acting like a pussy after being broken up with. So let me make you feel better so I can get my stuff back or else.”


    ‘Ulrich?’ he thinks to himself, ‘What is he talking about? I haven’t been in a relationship in years. I think I’m over it by-...ooooh. So this is what my gift is. I’m gonna have to buy him the entire damn pub for this.’


    He changes his demeanor, trying to make himself seem more upset, saying,


    “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m-...I’m fine.”


    “Don’t give me that,” Beatrice snaps, “Just feel better already so we can be done with this.”


    “You don’t get it. There’s an entire process to it. You wouldn’t understand.”


    Beatrice doesn’t respond. She grits her teeth, glaring at him as she remembers her past experience. But she can’t show weakness. She has to cast aside her emotions so she can preserve her reputation. She gradually composes herself, trying to look as compassionate as she possibly can...barely able to really pull it off.


    “Alright, I’m sorry,” she starts with a mix of false remorse and strained anger, “What does this ‘process’ entail?”


    “Well, for starters, you need to know why we broke up so you can come up with a suitable solution for my grieving,” Zeldrich answers, barely able to contain his excitement as he formulates his plan.


    Beatrice sighs, seeing where this is going from a mile away. But her status is hanging in the balance.


    “Why did you both split up?” she questions, feigning investment in his situation,


    “Hmm-...on second thought, it’s too embarrassing. Forget I said an-”


    Beatrice grabs his right shoulder, tightening her grip on the bone as an indicator of her dwindling patience. A loud pop echoes throughout the room with Zeldrich’s silenced squeals in agony following behind.


    “Why. Did. You. Break. Up?” Beatrice questions again, this time with blatant irritation in her tone as she continues wearing her disingenuous assuring smile.


    “OkokokI’msorryI’llspilljustletgoIthinkyoubrokeit!” Zeldrich pleads with terror in his voice.


    Beatrice holds her grip for a few more seconds to get her point across before finally letting go of his shattered shoulder. Zeldrich clasps his injured shoulder, trying his damnedest to compose himself.


    “Jeez, you’re such a drama queen,” he says as red mist exits his mouth, targeting his shoulder, “Alright, the reason we broke up is because...I’m terrible in bed.”


    Beatrice is caught off guard. This is the complete opposite of what she was expecting. She thought he was just gonna go on and on about how he was a sex master and how she got intimidated and just decided to dump him. She didn’t think that he’d share something so personal. So embarrassing. So...relatable.


    “Oh,” she says with genuine sympathy in her tone, “I’m-...I’m sorry.”


    “I told you it was embarrassing,” he says before blowing away the red mist and rolling his arm to break in his newly repaired shoulder, “But that’s what happened. She just couldn’t accept that I’m a minute man. I’ve got up to two or three rounds in me in total and if I’m lucky, I’m done before the dust from teleportation completely disperses.”


    Beatrice doesn’t say a word. Her mask is completely gone. Her want for preserving her image is cast aside. She can’t even bring herself to pretend to laugh at his misery to save face. This is hitting too close to home for her. She’s...hurt. But Zeldrich doesn’t pick up on this at all. He’s set his plan into motion and he’s in the presence of the sexiest vampire he’s ever laid eyes on, and she isn’t pounding him to a pulp or demeaning him after telling her his story. He just needs to seal the deal.


    “So yeah,” he continues, leaning back on his hands, “That’s my heartbreaking story. Got any remedies cookin’ up in that beautiful mind to help me out?”


    Silence. Beatrice is too enthralled with her own situation to even consider helping Zeldrich anymore. Finally picking up on her distress, Zeldrich decides to at least lighten the mood with a light joke.


    “That many, huh? You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you? Never would’ve pegged you to be that knowledgeable on this subject. You’re clearly someone who couldn’t care less about sex.”


    He lightly chuckles, hoping at the very least to get a smirk in return. Nothing. If anything, her reaction is considerably worse. Her face is flushed and she grabs her left arm, refusing to look in his direction. Zeldrich finally starts piecing it together.


    “You’ve...never had sex, have you?” he questions.


    Beatrice remains quiet, too ashamed to answer the question. It’s already bad enough that she’s having the fact that she’s still a virgin thrown in her face, but the reason that that fact remains true just stings even more.


    “Oh, wow,” Zeldrich says, bewildered, “I-...Wow. That’s just-...Look, there’s no shame in it. I just thought that since you’ know-...I mean, I’m not the only one who thinks so, bu-”


    “It’s not by choice,” Beatrice interrupts, stopping him in his tracks, “At least, not fully.”


    “What’s that su-”


    “This is about fixing your sorrows. My business is my business.”


    Now Zeldrich’s curiosity is piqued. He needs to hear this.


    “Well,” he starts, “Another step in my healing is the helper letting the victim know that they know how they feel. So since you clearly have an idea of how I feel, I need to hear how.”


    Beatrice groans in frustration from the stipulation. She thought she’d take this story to the grave along with the bastard who made her feel this way. But here she is. She folds her arms, saying,


    “Fine. I’ll tell you. This kind of goes without saying, but if you laugh, you die. Am I clear?”


    “Crystal,” Zeldrich replies,


    “Alright. Some time ago, I was at the mercy of someone who put me in a lust spell to make it easier to vanquish me. Of course, he decided to have his way with me first before killing me. He wanted me to pleasure him, but because of my inexperience, he couldn’t exactly enjoy himself. So he changed his mind and thought pleasuring me first would suffice. But soon after stimulating me with his tongue, he...he voiced his disapproval of the sounds of my moans. After being ridiculed for my...‘annoying ass voice’, my rage overpowered the spell and that fucker was no more. So to spare myself further embarrassment, my sacred garden remains intact. So there. Now you know my story. Are you satisfied?”


    Zeldrich can’t believe what he’s just heard. No wonder she’s so cruel and ruthless with her opponents. No one deserves to be treated like that. Especially during their first time. And judging from the brief, yet noticeable cracks in her voice as she was sharing, it clearly still bothers her to this day. Before he can say anything, though, Beatrice stops him in his tracks.


    “Save your breath. I’m not seeking pity from you. I just need you to repair your wounded heart already so I can go home. So what’s the next step with this process?”


    As she says that, she makes an attempt to discreetly wipe a tear from her eye with her shoulder. Zeldrich, seeing her pain, feels terrible for her. He just wishes he could help her in some way. Or at least give her a hug without her ripping his spine out through his palm. Then he gets an idea that might result in both of those being an outcome.


    “Ok,” he starts, “I might have a method for you to help me.”


    “What is it?” Beatrice questions,


    “Before I say anything, I just need you to hear me out and trust me, ok?”


    “That’s never a good sign.”


    “No, no, just listen. I promise. This has a good chance of helping me, alright?”


    Beatrice sighs in a foreboding manner, saying,


    “Fine. Just tell me.”


    “Ok, just take a seat on this bed.”


    Beatrice raises an eyebrow in suspicion as Zeldrich pats a spot on his bed. She reluctantly obeys him, sitting down on his bed.


    “Ok, now what?” she questions impatiently,


    “Alright,” Zeldrich says with hesitation, “Now, close your eyes.”


    Beatrice immediately raises her hand in pursuit of Zeldrich’s neck, but as a surprise to them both, he intercepts it, holding it in place.


    “Listen, listen,” he continues, “Just do what I say and you can have your stuff back. Trust me.”


    She snarls before snatching her hand away and closing her eyes.


    “One wrong move and I will slash every corner of your body,” she warns,


    “Duly noted,” Zeldrich responds.


    She does as instructed, shutting her eyes as he positions himself behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders and gently rubbing them. Though her guard is still at an all time high, Beatrice decides to relax her shoulders for less uncomfortable friction from his touch. Taking notice of Beatrice relaxing herself, Zeldrich brings his thumbs to the back of her neck, lightly applying pressure to it as he continues massaging her shoulders.


    Bit by bit, second by second, Beatrice’s guard is being chipped away as Zeldrich puts his educated hands to work, stimulating her shoulders and neck. Admittedly, she’s starting to enjoy herself a little. She’ll be damned if she expresses it out loud, but internally, she likes his touch. 


    Zeldrich then decides to be slightly more ambitious. Continuing his massage, he gathers up the courage to lean into Beatrice’s right ear and gently blow on it. The sudden unexpected sensation of his cool breath entering her ear along with the fabulous massage she’s receiving proves to be too much for Beatrice as she lightly gasps in response to Zeldrich’s actions. She immediately catches herself, going back to that heart shattering moment as those cruel words ring in her head again.


    “That was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard,” she hears Zeldrich whisper in her ear.


    Beatrice is astounded. Her voice was actually...complimented. But she can’t just let him think that he’s won her over. She still has an image to maintain.


    “What, am I supposed to melt in your hands for whispering bold faced lies in my ear, you cretin?” she says in a cold tone,


    “Fine. Don’t believe me. I always thought it was better to show instead of tell, anyways.”


    He then makes another bold move by taking Beatrice’s ear lobe in his mouth and gently sucking on it as he continues massaging her shoulders and neck. This time, though, Beatrice is more aware and alert of herself. She refuses to allow Zeldrich to garner another sound out of her. No matter how good his hands and mouth make her feel.


    But her declaration begins to tarnish as Zeldrich moves from her ear lobe down to the side of her neck, kissing and sucking on it as he maneuvers his hands from her shoulders to her hips. She sighs in pleasure, trying to keep herself from giving in so easily. But then Zeldrich starts sucking a little harder on her neck and her attempt to resist his advances instantly start to crumble. She brings her hands to the mattress, gripping onto the sheets as she tries her damnedest to not give any reaction whatsoever.


    Zeldrich is absolutely loving this. Her trying her best to hide her enjoyment is so cute to him. He just wishes he could break her barrier to tie it all together. And after a moment of plotting, he might have thought of just the way to do it.


    “You seem to be enjoying yourself,” he whispers,


    “N-no I’m not. Shut up,” Beatrice lies,


    “You sure? Cause if I remember correctly, the deal was that if I made one wrong move, you’d shred every part of my body. Well, here I am, unshredded. So by that logic, it’s pretty safe to assume you like it when I talk to you like this.”


    He kisses her neck, causing her to tighten her grip on his sheets.


    “You like when I kiss you like this.”


    He guides his hands all over her flat stomach, earning more sounds of enjoyment from her.


    “And you like when I touch you like this.”


    Beatrice doesn’t say anything. Both from not having a retort to his claims, which are one hundred percent correct, and not wanting to risk another sound escaping her mouth. But he’s so tender with her that she can’t help but to love his advances. Her self restraint is only getting her so far. It’s only a matter of time before she completely cracks.


    Zeldrich’s motivation to keep going is only growing. Right now, the most powerful being to set foot on land is melting by just his touch. And her hymn-like noises of approval are just heaven to the ears. How anyone could be so dumb as to insult her for it is baffling to him. But at the same time, he can’t help but to be grateful for it. He gets to be the first to please her and show her the sweet savory feelings of lust.


    By this point, all caution is tossed into the wind for Zeldrich. The regard for his own safety is barely given any thought anymore. All he wants right now is for Beatrice to feel good. So if it comes at the cost of his life, then so be it. He couldn’t care less.


    He plants a light kiss on her cheek, trailing his way forward before finally making contact with her lips. Beatrice is taken aback by his bold move. Under any other circumstance, she would’ve reduced him to dust. But by this point, his touches, his words, and most of all, his comforting aura has completely set her at ease. This kiss just serves as concrete evidence that she needs for his genuinity. And it's quite welcome evidence.


    She turns her head to meet him, reciprocating the kiss as she places her hands on top of his. She finally concedes to his advances, whimpering as he continues gliding his hand up and down her skin. With each ascension, he grows closer and closer to her bra. Right as his hands make contact with the piece of cloth, Beatrice squeezes his hands, giving him the green light to remove it. Not needing a second invitation, Zeldrich follows her subliminal message. He grabs onto her bra, unclasping it from the front and exposing her d-cup breasts.


    Beatrice moans as Zeldrich brings his hands to her chest, pulling her closer to him as he grabs and kneads her breasts. She's in pure bliss. No one's ever touched her like this before. Never did she think that anybody would be willing to. She always felt envious of other terrorizing acquaintances voicing their escapades and she’d never have anything to add. But now that finally changes. Because judging from their stories, this situation is completely different. Everyone else just had a fling; just someone to screw around with for a few minutes. And here she is, being with someone who actually cares about how she feels. She gets to enjoy this to the fullest. Something that everybody else apparently can't say. 


    Beatrice shifts herself around to straddle Zeldrich, caressing his face with her hands as she continues the kiss. He then guides them down onto the bed, embracing her as they enjoy each other’s feel. She's so surprisingly soft. The contrast of her typical savage and ruthless demeanor to her pale, silky, supple frame are night and day. It just makes the fact that she's relinquished herself to him even more satisfying.


    Zeldrich shifts their positions, pinning her down to the bed as he climbs on top of her before breaking the kiss and trailing down to her neck, collarbone, and finally stopping at her chest. He latches his mouth onto her right breast and brings a hand to her left, lightly massaging it. Beatrice closes her eyes and tilts her head back, melting from his attention to her breasts. His mouth feels phenomenal on her. She never wants him to stop.


    She brings a hand to the back of his head, giving him more encouragement as she strokes his hair. Zeldrich then sets his focus on her nipple, dragging his tongue over it. The sensations Beatrice is experiencing right now are otherworldly. She feels like she's been transported to heaven. Zeldrich then decides to elevate her experience even more, bringing his free hand to her lower half, teasing her right above her waistband before finally inserting two of his fingers inside of her shorts.


    The feeling of his fingers nearing her sex briefly sends her mind in a blind panic as the familiar sensation brings her back to that horrible moment. But then she feels the magic of his fingers rubbing across her slit. Her mind is then set at ease as his delicate touch calms her down. That is until she feels him descend downwards. As he moves down, kissing her stomach, navel, and abdomen, her anxiety skyrockets. The familiarity of the feeling of someone nearing her crotch causes her to panic again.


    Before Zeldrich can manage his fingers under her waistband to pull off her shorts, she instinctively pushes him away from her. He looks up at her and her face says it all. She’s scared. She doesn’t want that experience again. She doesn’t even wanna risk reliving it being a possibility. The hurt, humiliation, and anger she felt back then resurface as she’s internally hearing those words over and over and over again.


    But her mental turmoil is put to a halt as Zeldrich plants a deep kiss on her lips, snapping her out of her thoughts. He then breaks the kiss, looking directly into her amber eyes before saying,


    “Just relax, ok?”


    She takes in the assurance of his words, calming down as her doubts are pushed to the side. After all, he’s been hearing her noises of adoration the entire time and he clearly doesn’t have a problem with it. Bearing that fact in mind, she hesitantly nods her head. He gives her one last peck on the lips before returning his attention back to her lower half. He hooks his fingers under her shorts and pulls them down her legs, completely exposing her bare body.


    She can’t help but be embarrassed at her current position. She’s never been completely naked in front of anyone before. Even with that one adventurer, who only took off her shorts. It feels weird. Weirder still is the fact that Zeldrich can’t stop staring at her. She’s so gorgeous.


    “Y-you just gonna sit there and stare at me all night?” she questions, blushing from embarrassment.


    Zeldrich takes the hint and leans down to her lower half, spreading her legs apart. He then kisses her right inner thigh, slowly moving closer and closer to her center with each kiss. The feeling of his lips nearing her sensitive area is driving Beatrice insane. He’s so close to it, but it’s as if he’s actively avoiding it.


    After moments of teasing, Zeldrich decides to finally put her anticipation to an end. He finally brings his mouth onto her waiting slit, earning a sharp gasp from the needy vampire as he starts dragging his tongue along her folds. Beatrice closes her eyes, basking in the utopia that Zeldrich’s magical mouth is bringing her through.


    Zeldrich hooks his arms under her thighs as he savors the alluring taste of Beatrice’s pussy. She’s so surprisingly sweet. Her taste is damn near addicting. He could taste her forever. And he just might if he gets to hear her lovely moans.


    He then brings his tongue to the entrance of her pussy and slides it in and out of her, earning louder sounds of the blissful pleasure that he loves so much. Beatrice arches her back, bringing her hand to his hair and gripping it as she rolls her hips for more friction. She’s actually enjoying herself. Someone’s bringing her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams without villainizing her. She’s finally...happy. All thanks to Zeldrich.


    After minutes of enchanting sensations coursing through her body from Zeldrich’s actions, Beatrice eventually feels an awesome overwhelming sensation of pleasure building. She never thought she’d ever experience it before. She grips tighter on Zeldrich’s hair and wraps her legs around his head. Then her limit is breached. She squeezes her eyes shut as she reaches her orgasm, practically screaming in pure delight as she coats Zeldrich’s tongue with her essence.


    Beatrice feels reborn. She’s been enlightened to pleasures beyond her imagination. To think that someone was actually willing to aid her in realizing it all. Someone’s actually brought it upon themselves to make her happy. It’s unbelievable.


    After riding out her orgasm, she relaxes her legs and releases his hair. Zeldrich climbs her body, embracing her in a deep kiss. Beatrice accepts the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck as he takes off his briefs, sliding them down his legs.


    During their kiss, Beatrice feels his erect member in between them. As moments pass of feeling it on her wet slit, her desire for it grows as with each slight movement made during the kiss causes it to rub against her. She was always curious about this portion during sex. Though, she knows that since this is her first time doing so, it's going to hurt. But she doesn't care. If penetrative sex feels as good as others say it does, she has to experience it for herself.


    “Put it inside,” she says after breaking the kiss, “I want to feel it inside me.”


    Of course, Zeldrich has no objections to this. But just to ensure that this is truly what she wants, he says,


    “Are you sure?”


    Beatrice nods her head, making it abundantly clear that there's no doubt in her mind that this is what she craves. getting the message, Zeldrich leans up before positioning himself at her entrance. Beatrice looks on, bracing herself as he prepares to insert himself inside of her.


    “Now, just so you know,” he says, “Since this is your first time, it's going to sting a little. So if you need me to stop, don't hesitate. Just say the word and I will.”


    Again, Beatrice nods her head, showing she understands completely. After receiving confirmation, he continues on with his actions, pushing against her entrance as she grips onto the bed sheet again. After a couple of attempts, he manages to slide the tip of his member inside of her. Before he makes any more movements though, he notices the look of overwhelming panic on her face. So wanting this to be as pleasurable as possible, he brings his hands on top of hers before intertwining each other's fingers, causing them to hold hands.


    Beatrice's attention is now solely on Zeldich as she feels him hold her hands. The fact that he’s going to such lengths to make this as enjoyable as he possibly can makes her so glad that he chose her of all people to do this with. Seeing the worry and panic leave her face, Zeldrich decides to advance further. He pushes more and more of himself inside of her, stretching out her tight virgin hole with each inch.


    Beatrice winces as he penetrates her, lightly hissing as she feels her previously virgin body adjust to his intrusion. Now, she definitely feels a bit of pain. It’s probably the equivalent of a flick, but overall, it's not that bad. From how others described it, she was expecting it to be way worse. It's almost a let down. 


    Before long, Zeldrich manages all 6 ½ inches of his member inside of Beatrice, loving the warmth of her tight wet cunt. He focuses on Beatrice's reaction, seeing no traces of discomfort anywhere.


    “Do it,” Beatrice says in a wanting tone.


    Zeldrich happily obliges, Slowly moving his hips back and forth. They both moan as his cock slides in and out of her pussy. She tightens her grasp on his hands as the pleasure from his member penetrating her surges throughout her entire body. Wanting to hear more of her sounds of enjoyment, Zeldrich speeds up his pace.


    “You’re so sexy,” Zeldrich says, looking into his partner’s stunning eyes, “You have the sexiest voice. Yeah, that’s it. Moan for me.”


    All of this is straight out of Zeldrich’s dreams. He’s actually pleasing a powerful being like Beatrice. Her hypnotic sounds while being stimulated, her wetness, her beautiful face, he can’t help but to take it all in. She’s so beautiful. Everything about her is so sexy. He just wants to admire her forever.


    But sadly, his admiration comes to an end as he feels his orgasm building. He tries prolonging it just a little more, but it’s too late. He buries his face in her chest, moaning as he empties his essence deep inside of Beatrice. But he can’t find it in himself to enjoy it. His curse just prevented her from enjoying herself further. He can’t imagine the thoughts of pure disdain running through her head.


    But he couldn’t be more wrong. If anything, Beatrice is glad that this happened. Not only because she’s heard that when this happens, it typically means that the man simply couldn’t help himself from admiring the woman’s alluring charms, but also, it gives her the opportunity to make him feel better about his performance issues. And judging from his look of self loathing, he absolutely needs it.


    Without saying a word, Beatrice changes their positions, pinning him to the bed as she mounts him. This takes Zeldrich completely off guard. He expected her to chew him out for ruining her fun. But before he can voice his confusion, she brings a finger to his lips, shushing him before saying,


    “You helped me, so let me help you.”


    She then brings her hands behind her, balancing herself as she moves herself up and down his length and gasping from the wondrous combination of his shaft along with the satisfying feeling of his warm creamy cum inside of her. Zedrich grabs onto her hips, guiding her along his shaft as he basks in the softness of her curves.


    “Yes, touch me wherever you want,” Beatrice encourages, riding him faster, “Enjoy this moment, mortal. Savor the feel of my skin. Bask in the sensations of penetrating my nether regions. Empty your seed to your heart’s content. Because this pleasure is all yours. All of it is for you. I am yours to toy with however you see fit. Touch me. Feel me. Hear me.”


    She rolls her hips, elevating the pleasure for Zeldrich as he maneuvers his hands from her hips to her chest. This is the greatest day of Zeldrich’s life. It’s a dream come true and he never wants to wake up.


    He thrusts his hips, pushing himself further inside of Beatrice as she rides his cock, garnering more sounds of approval in response. She then leans down, stopping inches away from his face. He snakes his hands from her succulent breasts to her rounded hind, locking passionate eye contact with her as he continues his thrusts.


    As they continue staring into each other’s eyes, a faint mutual feeling is apparent to both of them. It’s barely noticeable, but it’s still there. There’s a sense of adoration for the other. The fact that both looked beyond each other’s faults and are genuinely enjoying the shared embrace awakened something. It’s almost as if nothing and no one exists except for them. And they like it.


    But before those feelings are explored any further, Zeldrich feels himself reaching orgasm for the second time. And despite what’s been said and declared prior, he can’t help but to feel guilty that Beatrice has yet to reach her second orgasm. Seeing his look of guilt, she caresses his face, saying,


    “I want it. Fill me with your essence. Breed my pussy with your seed. Zeldrich.”


    After hearing that, his mind is instantly set at ease. And with his tranquil mindset, he does as instructed, shooting his fluids deep inside of her for the second time. He’s then completely caught off guard as Beatrice sinks her fangs into his neck. Normally, this would send an overwhelming sense of dread throughout Zeldrich’s body. But right now, he couldn’t care less about it. It still stings, but he has a feeling that the intent has no malous in the slightest.


    Both partners are completely spent. All they can manage to do is lie on the bed as they catch their breath. They can’t move. They can’t think. They can barely see. But most notable of all, they don’t care. Neither would be doing any of it even if they could. The mutual embrace and touch is arguably better than the various sensations from the act that they just indulged in.


    That goes double for Beatrice. For the majority of her life, she only knew fear and anguish. All who had her image in mind wouldn’t dare enter her path and those foolish enough to do so would meet an unfortunate end. And she was very content with that being the case before today. But Zeldrich has shown her the joys of so much more. Empathy, vulnerability, tranquility, all of the things that she saw as weakness. And here she is, experiencing it first hand and being happy. She likes it. She likes him. She likes him a lot.


    “Ahem, alright,” Beatrice starts after regaining her stamina with a spell and leaning up from Zeldrich’s chest, “Well, it’s safe to say that your heart’s been mended, correct?”


    “Uh...what?” Zeldrich questions,


    “Your lady issues. Surely, your heart’s at peace by now.”


    “Umm-...oh. Oh! Oh, right. Yeah. Completely over it. Thanks a bunch. I feel so much better.”


    “Great. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”


    As she grabs her clothing and puts them on, Zeldrich suddenly remembers the nagging pain in his neck.


    “Wait a second,” he says, grabbing her attention, “What’s gonna happen with this bite.”


    Beatrice sighs before saying in a sarcastic tone,


    “What do you think is gonna happen?”


    “Am I gonna tur-”


    “Finish that racist assumption and I’ll turn you inside out and leave you to the buzzards!”


    Zeldrich immediately shuts his trap.


    “My kind uses a lot of energy when we teleport, so by the time we get to where we wanna go, we lose about half of our strength, depending on the distance. Which is why your shoulder was only shattered instead of being ripped off. When we bite someone, that process is a lot less harsh with no energy being spared when we teleport to them.”


    “So when you bite someone, it’s guaranteed that you’re gonna see them again?”


    “Don’t read too much into it. I only did it to ensure my point gets across.”


    “What point?”


    Beatrice levitates Zeldrich and swiftly brings him close to her, saying in a harsh tone,


    “If a single soul catches an inkling of anything that was said, done, or even insinuated here, I will nail you to rusted steel and watch with a gratuitous amount of joy as I resurrect your fallen family members and torture them. And I’ll know. My kind shares everything seen, heard, and said from our victims. Get it?!”


    “Got it.”


    “Good. Now, I’m gonna get my stuff back.”


    She drops him on his hands and knees before getting on her knees and placing her hands in her lap. Once she does, she focuses on Ulrich, who’s playing with her gold and creating sculptures with them. She growls before standing back up and preparing to depart.

    “Oh, and eat more iron,” she says to Zeldrich, “Not only does it make your blood more bearable, but it’s good for you.”


    And with that, she pats his head before disappearing without a trace, leaving Zeldrich grinning ear to ear as he lies down on his floor. He doesn’t need a special bond to know that her reasoning was complete bologna. He knows better than to spill personal information like that. Plus, if anyone were to find out that he mated with a monster like her, he’d be considered an abomination and executed before she can have her turn. Not that it would stop her, of course. She definitely has a more selfish reason for wanting to return.


    Regardless of the reason, he definitely plans on carrying himself differently. If he’s to expect a guest that suddenly at inopportune times, he’d might as well make his place of residence more presentable.

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