Making The Grade

Story created by Hellexia ∙ 11 September 2023

Bailey and Ayden, a college-aged couple, discover that Ayden has a power in the middle of a post-coitus massage. In short, Ayden can enter someone through an orifice and "wear" them, essentially possessing them, turning them into a sort of skinsuit as he does. Being an anal aficionado, Ayden prefers the obvious entry point. What follows is Ayden using his powers on others, such as their petite neighbor, the obnoxious TA that's ruining Bailey's GPA, and eventually culminating in Bailey's professor. Of course, the couple has plenty of sex along the way.

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  • Making The Grade

    Chapter written by Hellexia ∙ 30 June 2023

    Bailey and Ayden, a college-aged couple, discover that Ayden has a power in the middle of a post-coitus massage. In short, Ayden can enter someone through an orifice and "wear" them, essentially possessing them, turning them into a sort of skinsuit as he does. Being an anal aficionado, Ayden prefers the obvious entry point. What follows is Ayden using his powers on others, such as their petite neighbor, the obnoxious TA that's ruining Bailey's GPA, and eventually culminating in Bailey's professor. Of course, the couple has plenty of sex along the way.

  • Discovery


    "I-I mean, SERIOUSLY?! LOOK!" Bailey shouted, pointing at her phone screen. "Who LOSES credit for being early to class?!"

    "...Wow." Ayden sighed, caressing Bailey's thigh as he pretended to stare at his girlfriend's phone. "Not to be that guy, but... why not just show up like, on time instead?"

    "You REALLY think Kim's not gonna find something else to find wrong?! God, you know that test last week? Gave me a FORTY because 'blank ink is in poor taste' AFTER last time! Can't use a pencil, can't use a pen, lemme guess, I gotta prick my fucking finger and write with blood?!" Bailey shouted, her face red from her frustration. "I cannot WAIT to be done with this shit!"

    "...Want me to talk to your professor or... something?" Ayden asked, gulping as Bailey snapped her head towards him.

    "Babe, I..." Bailey started, her tone harsh. Upon seeing her boyfriend's face, however, she paused, took a deep breath, and tried to relax. Slightly. "Look, I just..." Bailey sighed, averting her eyes. "Kim'll start rumors the second you close the door behind you. Doesn't matter if it's her, the professor... the janitor, honestly."


    "Ayden. You really want a rumor to start about you... doing something to some poor, defenseless, helpless woman behind closed doors?" Bailey sighed, rolling her eyes as Ayden's expression didn't change in the slightest. "She'll say you raped her. Or both of them, knowing her."

    "Oh." Ayden mumbled, biting his upper lip. "Yeah, that's... not great."

    "No shit." Bailey sighed, flopping her head back on the pillow. Covering her gray eyes with her forearm, she finally noticed her boyfriend's hand. "Babe, what are you doing?"

    "...Rubbing your thigh."

    "Not in the mood."

    "Maybe Kim-" Ayden started, immediately stopping when Bailey's glare peeked out from beneath her forearm. "Joking. Joking. Babe, I'm joking." Ayden insisted, a single bead of sweat rolling down his forehead. "C'mon, it's been a few days..."


    "Pleeeeease? Babe, I-"

    "I JUST got off my period." Bailey grumbled, sighing as Ayden started running his lips up her arm, showering it in short, little kisses. "Fine. I... I guess I did kinda appreciate those massages..."

    "And you said Massage 1001 was a stupid class!" Ayden snickered, snaking his hand between Bailey's soft thighs. "Prof said they helped with cramps and... WHAT did you say after the first 'demonstration' on you?"

    "...They did." Bailey admitted, blindly reaching over to her nightstand with one arm as Ayden's lips ran up her other. As Ayden's fingers brushed against her entrance, Bailey flinched slightly, shooting Ayden a look as she grasped the golden square sitting atop the nightstand. As she brought it over, Bailey glanced over and double-checked the nightstand, sighing as she did. "Last one."

    "Last... oh. I'll buy more tomorrow." Ayden muttered, his dick twitching as Bailey expertly tore open the golden wrapper with her teeth. The twitching intensified as Bailey immediately popped the latex treasure into her mouth. "Babe, I LOVE when-"

    "Mmmng mn!" Bailey mumbled, sliding down the bed. Rolling atop Ayden, Bailey couldn't stop the cloud of arousal from making her head spin, the scent of her man's rod activating her neurons. As she brought her head down, latex in mouth, Ayden couldn't stop himself from running his tongue over Bailey's opening, his eyes locked on to her twitching exit nearby. Bailey had to breathe through her nose, resisting every urge to moan, as her tongue coiled around the ribbed latex she was forcing around Ayden's shaft. Finally, after getting it "good enough", Bailey raised her head, just as Ayden's tongue darted, deeply licking the wrong hole. Entirely on purpose, of course. "Ah... AYDEN!" Bailey moaned, her body jittery.

    "You KNOW I can't help myself around this!" Ayden laughed, molding Bailey's pale cheeks with glee, making sure to "accidentally" slip a finger or two in her recently licked exit. Bailey, despite the rough moans she was unconsciously emitting, puffed up her cheeks and pulled her lower half away, earning a whine from Ayden. Soon enough though, Bailey was lowering herself on Ayden's erect member, her satisfied face looking down at Ayden.

    "Mmm... Ayden..." Bailey murmured, her pussy throbbing as it became the sheath for Ayden's manly blade. A shiver ran up her body, forcing her hands to ever so slightly grip the chest they rested on. Her face became flush as she started, unconsciously, bobbing her hips up and down, Ayden's firm grip on her glorious ass assisting her movements. Sweat started forming on her face, her eyes closing shut and fluttering. As she started getting comfortable in her groove, however, Ayden switched things up, roughly fingering Bailey's anus as he started furiously thrusting upwards. "HHNNG?!" Bailey grunted, her body tensing up as her teeth dug into her bottom lip.

    As much as Ayden wanted to make a snarky comment, he couldn't muster more than a moan, his back arching as he slammed into his limit. His eyes rolling back into his head, Ayden's dick strained against its latex container, filling it with a thick, roapy load. Bailey, at her own limit, fell onto Ayden's chest, panting and murmuring anything but words as Ayden's member twitched inside her.

    "Babe..." Ayden finally managed to pant, spurred on by a kiss on the neck. "That was amazing..."

    "Mmm..." Bailey murmured, her heart racing as she basked in the skinship she was experiencing.

    "...That was the last condom, right?"


    "Any chance-"



    "No, Ayden."

    "I'll give you a massage."

    "...Fine. Just... gimme a sec." Bailey sighed, shuddering as she slid her hips up and to the side. As Ayden started rubbing her ass, Bailey let out another sigh, kissing his neck and half-heartedly sucking. "Massage first." Bailey demanded, earning a quiet grunt from Ayden. "No oil this time."

    "Alright. Only 'cause I love you." Ayden sighed, his hands rising to the back of Bailey's head and slowing rubbing it. Ayden continued, for more than a few minutes, enjoying Bailey's proximity as well. Eventually though, after a long kiss, Bailey rested her head on her arms, an eager grin on her face as Ayden sat on the back of her knees, rubbing his hands together, eager to get the massage over with and get to the main event.

    "OooooOoooOOOOO..." Bailey moaned, her hips rising from the bed as Ayden firmly pressed his hands against her shoulders. "R-Right THEEErrrrrre..."

    "Jeez, Kim's making you stress that much?" Ayden sighed, firmly rubbing and forcing his knuckles down, his still-erect cock twitching whenever Bailey would moan or squeak cutely. As he reached the base of Bailey's spine, however, Ayden had to blink. Repeatedly. "...The fuck?" Ayden whispered, gulping as his fingers seemed to... sink into Bailey. Instead of the expected resistance, being skin and all, it... it felt like it was closer to pudding. But whenever Ayden would sharply pull his hand back, the little "divots" on Bailey's body would snap back into place, as if nothing had happened.

    "Ayden?" Bailey asked, her face flush.

    "Y-Yeah?" Ayden stammered, unsure if he was hallucinations.

    "Don't stop, it... it feels fucking incredible. Whatever you're doing differently, don't... don't stop." Bailey mumbled, biting down on her forearm to suppress a moan as Ayden touched her lower back once more.

    "...G-Good. It's... it's a new tech." Ayden lied, continuing the massage despite the oddity. However much he tried, however, he could truly get his mind off it. Bailey's back, shoulders, arms, legs, thighs, even the bottom of her foot, they all... had the oddity. And Bailey, if her moans and occasional sashaying of her hips, begging for attention in her throbbing womanhood, were any indication, this massage was magical in more than one way. "Babe, there's... there's a finale to this." Ayden mumbled, his eyes wide as he stretched and pulled on Bailey's ass, watching it stretch and snap into place as if it was made of bungee cord.

    "Huh? Oh, okay..." Bailey murmured, her mind hazy from the supernatural pleasure Ayden was showering her with.

    Gulping, Ayden pushed a finger into Bailey's anus. Immediately, he realized that this too was affected. Tight. Hot. That's how it should've been. But it wasn't. There was a shocking lack of resistance instead. And... something akin to suction? Not physically, but... mentally? Spiritually? Ayden wasn't sure how to label it, but listened regardless. A second finger. A third. An entire hand. Bailey displayed no new response, no indication of awareness other than some loud panting. Up the elbow. Ayden was appalled. Not only for Bailey's non-response, but... her biology. Ayden was, by no means, a biology expert. But... there was nothing. Something that was confirmed when Ayden's shoulder stretched inside. Instead of the organs or something Ayden expected, there was nothing. Curiosity overtaking him, Ayden thrust his other hand in as well, spreading Bailey's rear exit open as wide as he could, watching the odd, elastic properties he hoped for.

    Bailey didn't react.

    Ayden sincerely thought about stopping. Or making a joke about shining a light in, going spelunking or something along those lines. But... that odd pulling sensation overtook him, crushing any resistance he had prior. He dove in, earning a series of confused grunts and moans as his shoulders slipped inside. Ayden was in complete darkness, surging forward relentlessly, the thought that he'd somehow taken LSD an ever-present one. As his last toe slipped inside, Ayden felt an odd urge. An urge he immediately listened to.

    Outside, Bailey was undergoing her own confusion. She felt ecstatic, her entire body tingling from a combination of orgasm and... something else she couldn't quite place. Stranger than that, however, was the sounds her stomach was making. Churning, groaning, even quiet squeaks. Yet... Bailey didn't feel like questioning it, some odd urge compelling her to relax. To make her not care as a lump surged down her arm, flexing and stretching the flesh around it. To not question it as three other lumps did the same to her other arm, her two legs. To do nothing but smile as a bulge, more defined and larger than the rest, writhed up her neck, making her cough and sputter. To not question where Ayden went as her mind went dark.

    Ayden blinked several times, blinded by the sudden light. He smacked his lips together, scrunching his face up at the... odd sensations caressing his body. Ayden was at a loss for words, frankly. One moment he was forcing himself into some sort of suit, the next he's... laying in bed, face-down? Then, it hit him. Ayden shot up, his eyes wide. He reached up to the blonde strands of hair in front of his eyes. He stared at his hands, mouth agape at their foreign, yet intimately familiar form. Unlocking Bailey's phone, with her fingerprint, sent his head spinning. The result when he turned the camera on earned a scream. A scream that was high pitched, in a voice that wasn't his own...


    Exploration and Explanation


    "I..." Ayden murmured, prodding the face staring back at him in the mirror, the gray he expected replaced by a familiar blue that would normally greet him. He was completely, utterly lost for words. To say that Bailey's... odd body during the massage still weighed heavily on his mind would be an understatement. What followed, him entering her ass and... suddenly being her was enough for Ayden's mind to race. To jump at every possible, conceivable or not, explanation. LSD in the water supply. A dream. Even the chance that he'd, somehow, died and was reincarnated inside Bailey. Anything, something had to be an answer.

    "This... it can't be real." Ayden whispered, shaking his head as he left the bathroom. Alas, it didn't matter how hard he pinched himself, how fast the flurry of self-inflicted slaps on his face were, nor how much he tried to deny it. He was, most definitely, Bailey. And somehow, despite how frequent Ayden mumbled to the contrary, it was real.

    "I... I'm Bailey. I..." Ayden mumbled, the gears of his mind turning. Standing at the foot of the bed, Ayden finally looked down. "...It's fine, right?" Ayden asked himself, bringing his hands to his chest and gently rubbing them. A quiet moan, one that made Ayden look around, confirming to himself that he'd actually made it, snuck out of his mouth as he brushed against his nipple. "Holy... are all women like this, or is Bailey..." Ayden mumbled, a certain object catching his eye. "Fuck. Am I... actually considering this?"

    Ayden, slightly sick to his stomach, grasped the recently used condom with the tips of his pointer finger and thumb. The fluid inside, still warm to the touch, made him doubt himself once more. Yet... his mouth couldn't stop watering. They'd had the conversation tens of times. Bailey always swallowed, always insisted that it was delicious. Always teasing, playfully, that Ayden's claims that he'd "fucking never" tried it himself was a complete lie. Which... it was, of course.

    Clenching his eyes shut, Ayden dipped his tongue in. The second his tastebuds submerged, his eyes shot open, a hand shooting up to his mouth. Despite salivating, Ayden walked over and threw the condom into the garbage can. He'd never admit it, for obvious reasons, but... Bailey, her tastebuds at least, absolutely adored it. Adored it enough that Ayden's hands were trembling, fighting to cling to his self-control as a warm, tingly sensation spread through his body.

    Ayden didn't even realize what he was doing until his thumb graced his clit. Immediately, Ayden yelped, glancing down at his hand, his fingers coated in a thin layer of Bailey's juices. Ayden, his breath short and sharp, couldn't not bring said fingers to his lips, moaning and murmuring from the sweet, acrid taste. Unable to help himself, Ayden fell to the bed, savoring Bailey's taste with one hand as his other dove down below. The mattress shook and squeaked as Ayden's hips moved on their own, humping the fingers penetrating him. Moans became louder, the words Ayden attempted to say became less and less clear. Thoughts became less clear, more frenzied, more depraved in nature. Toes curled, teeth biting the sheets as Ayden let out a squeal, just as a thought popped into his head.

    Ayden couldn't articulate his thoughts, simply panting and quietly groaning as he shut his eyes. He had to wonder why he didn't think of it sooner, simply doing the opposite of what he'd done in the first place. With a bit of focus, he felt his senses snap away, suddenly... dark again. Bailey's voice, sighing and whimpering, was omnipresent, surrounding him from every angle. Panicking, Ayden pulled his arms and legs out of the invisible "suit", every instinct telling him it was a bad idea. A mistake. Ayden simply buried them, swimming through the abyss until he hit a wall. A wall with a bit of light filtering through it. Frantically, Ayden raced for it, forcing himself as Bailey's sounds, still present, became louder, more excited, more exhilarated.

    Ayden gasped, blinking repeatedly as his head emerged, Bailey's cheeks spread apart to let him through. His heart raced, pounding louder and louder, as he forced himself out more and more, only slowing down when his hips got stuck. He tried going slowly, Bailey's shrill moans raising more than a little concern. But... Ayden quickly became impatient. Whispering "like a bandage" to himself, he placed both hands on the mattress and, with every ounce of his strength, pushed himself out with a "PLOP" that reverberated through the bedroom.

    Ayden quickly shot up, making sure Bailey was seemingly fine, yet unconscious, her ass raised up in the air. Only then did he look down at himself, flexing his fingers and toes. He was... oddly clean. It was a relief, of course, but raised further questions in Ayden's mind. Shouldn't he be... in need of a shower? Especially if, somehow, he forced his entire body inside Bailey's asshole and then back out again? That "concern" could wait, however.

    "What am I doing?!" Ayden shouted, shaking his head. "I'm not the one who..." He trailed off, gently shaking Bailey. "Babe? Babe? BABE?!"

    "...Nnnng." Bailey grunted, a frown forming on her sleeping face.

    "Thank... NO, WE GOTTA TALK!" Ayden shouted, shaking Bailey much more firmly. Yet, Bailey did little more than groan and grunt, her eyelids practically stapled shut. "Fine. Just... sorry. FIRE! FIRE! BAILEY-" Ayden screamed, shaking Bailey with all his might.

    "W-What?!" Bailey shouted, raising her head. Her eyes wide, she managed to get up and to the door before Ayden grasped her wrist and stopped her. "AYDEN?! YOU SAID-"

    "Looklooklook, I know I lied, I know I... practically gave you a heart attack. But..." Ayden paused, gulping as Bailey caught her breath. "You wouldn't wake up and... what happened is absolutely fucking crazy."

    "...What are you talking about? I..." Bailey trailed off, scrunching up her face. "...I passed out in the middle of the massage. And... there's no fire? Thank God."

    "You don't... Bailey, I... your ass?"

    "Did you... while I slept?" Bailey asked, blushing as she grasped her ass. "Babe, that's... don't do that..."

    "What? No, I... I like, crawled inside you!" Ayden shouted, earning an understandably confused, skeptical look from Bailey. "I was like, in your body and I fingered myself and-"

    "Stop. Repeat that. Slowly." Bailey sighed, raising her hand to her forehead. Yet, as she did, she noticed something. Skeptically, she sniffed her fingers, her eyes widening from the familiar scent. Not to mention, of course, the wetness between her legs, reaching her thighs. A recent wetness, spread further out than the wetness from the sex she remembered. "Ayden, you're... serious?"

    "One hundred... hold on." Ayden mumbled, staring down at the wrist he'd latched onto. Bailey, confused, followed his gaze, gasping at the sight of her wrist caving in. All without any sense of pain. "S-See?"

    "Ayden... this... is this you, or is this me?" Bailey whispered, gulping as she tried to pull away from Ayden's grasp, failing as, like bubblegum, her arm simply stretched out instead. A scream started to form in the back of her throat, dying back down as Ayden released her, her skin snapping back into place the second he did.

    "I... I have no fucking idea." Ayden admitted, pinching himself in a pointless attempt to wake up from the non-existent dream.

    "...I have a test subject in mind to find out." Bailey muttered, her lips quivering into a grin as she walked over to her phone and quickly typed up a text to a certain someone...


    Using A Test Subject


    "I thought you were gonna suggest Kim!" Ayden hissed, crossing his arms as Bailey leaned on the doorbell. "Babe, seriously. Why..." Ayden asked yet again, quieting down as the door creaked open. He slowly exchanged a look with Bailey, pouting as his girlfriend all but dragged him inside. Rubbing the back of his neck, Ayden cleared his throat. "...Harper."

    "...Ayden." Harper grunted, crossing her arms as she glared at Ayden. "Bailey said you had something for me?"

    "...Yeah." Ayden grunted, rolling his eyes.

    "And?" Bailey hissed, elbowing Ayden in the chest. Not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to send the message, loud and clear.

    "...Look, my bad for the... party thing." Ayden sighed, scratching his chin as he silently wished he really could forget that night. "Bailey keeps saying I'm... really good at massages, so..."

    "He really is. And I'll be here, making sure he doesn't... you know Ayden." Bailey explained, handing Harper a few odd bits of mail. "Haven't opened anything, obviously. They uh... still haven't figured out the difference between '13' and '31', huh?" Bailey attempted to joke, forcing out a laugh.

    "Whatever." Harper sighed, signaling to the pair to close the door. "How naked do I have to be for this... apology massage?"

    "Uh... like... bra and shorts?" Bailey answered, unsure until Ayden shrugged and nodded. "Yeah. Like I said, I'd-"

    "Let's get it over with." Harper sighed, tossing off her crop top nonchalantly, her small breasts shielded by a rather lacy white bra. Without another word, her jean shorts dropped as well, a matching white, lacy pair of panties on display. "Lay on my stomach, right?" Harper asked, flopping down on the couch nearby, her flat ass doing almost nothing for Ayden.

    "Babe, I seriously don't wanna be in her!" Ayden hissed quietly. "If we do this with Kim, I can fix your grade, ruin her reputation, shit like that! Harper's-" Ayden protested, stopped by Bailey's finger up to his lips.

    "Worst case, you give her a massage. Best case, we know it's you, not me. Now do it." Bailey insisted quietly, replacing her finger with her own lips for a quick peck.

    Ayden, knowing it was pointless to argue, rolled his eyes and stumbled over to the couch. Exchanging a quick look with Bailey, he slowly sat down on the back of Harper's knees, earning a grunt. However... the groin-kick he expected never arrived. Somewhat relieved, Ayden brought the palms of his hands down on the back of Harper's neck. Gently at first, using his "worthless credit's" techniques on Harper. A mixture of relief and concern washed over him at first. Until he reached the shoulders.

    "Holy... you're not bAAd at this..." Harper moaned, biting her lip to suppress a moan as the rhythmic rubbing and pushing started to feel... oddly amazing. "Bit lower..." She ordered, shuddering as Ayden's hands worked their magic at the center of her back. Closing her eyes, Harper's hips started to rock, the soft fabric of her panties containing a sudden spike in heat.

    "It's you." Bailey whispered, eyes wide as Ayden seemed to pull and stretch at Harper's skin, all without the redhead seemingly noticing. "Hey, Harper?!"


    "Enjoying it?"

    "Mmmhmm." Harper murmured, burying her head in the couch cushion as a climax started to build. She wanted to force Ayden off, to start screaming questions. To demand to know if this was some elaborate plan of his to see her orgasm. Yet... there was a gnawing sensation in the back of her head, urging her to let it continue.

    "Do it. The way you did me." Bailey hissed, pulling Harper's panties to the side, an action Harper didn't seem to question, let alone mind. "Gotta make sure. All of it."

    "F-Fine." Ayden hissed, sliding his hands down to Harper's boyish ass. It, in his mind, wasn't even worth rubbing. Instead, with a desire to get it over with, Ayden buried both hands inside. The entire world seemed to slow down, falling deathly silent for a moment. Yet... Harper didn't protest. She simply started humping the couch, her eyes crossed as drool leaked forth from her curved lips.

    "Was... I like this?" Bailey asked quietly. Ayden answered with a nod as he plunged deeper with ease, only stopping at his shoulders to take a deep breath. Did he need to? He was unsure, but wanted to play it safe. With one last look at Bailey, with his own eyes at least, Ayden slammed his head inside. Bailey could only watch, completely captivated as Ayden effortlessly slid inside, even giggling to herself as the final toe made a "PLOP" sound upon disappearing inside. Harper, letting out a gravely moan, suddenly shook and trembled, inadvertently causing Bailey to jump as Ayden's outfit suddenly shot out of his entrance point, wrinkled but otherwise no worse for wear.

    Bailey, intrigued more than ever, found herself following an odd, baseball-sized lump suddenly appear at the base of Harper's spine. It seemed to roam this way and that before arriving at the nape of her neck, pausing for a moment before four, smaller lumps shot out, racing down Harper's arms and legs. Harper's feet and hands flexed a few times, just as she let out a loud, deep moan, the "main" lump shooting upwards into her neck.

    Ayden blinked a few times, shuddering as he did. He felt... amazing, really. His... new organ was throbbing, begging for attention. Yet, he ignored it, forcing himself to sit up, meeting a gleeful Bailey as he did. As he opened his mouth, Bailey suddenly grabbed his chin, gasping as she looked into his eyes.

    "Whoa... Ayden, that's you, isn't it?" Bailey whispered, captivated by her boyfriend's eye color steadily "polluting" Harper's bright green with his blue color. "Your eyes, they're..."

    "Wheb..." Ayden started, waiting for Bailey to release his chin before trying again. "When I was in you, your eyes were blue. Is that..."

    "Yeah. It's like... someone's putting little pipettes of blue dye in." Bailey explained, nodding as Ayden stood up on shaky legs. Instinctively, she caught him, her heart racing as he looked up at her. "A-At boob level, huh?" Bailey attempted to joke, blushing as Ayden did.

    "Can I leave her body now? I don't like being this short or..." Ayden began, trailing off as he heard the drumming of Bailey's beating heart. Like that "pulling" sensation from earlier, Ayden felt something deep inside himself. He couldn't explain it, but he needed to listen to it.

    Bailey let out a disappointed sigh as Ayden pushed himself off of her. Almost immediately, however, disappointment turned to intrigue as he yanked off the panties he was now wearing. Intrigue turned to... startled arousal, if anything, as Ayden started to rub and massage his new slit, turning it into that strange, elastic form. Quickly, the startled arousal became excited arousal as Ayden forced two fingers and a thumb inside himself, letting out a loud, girly moan as he pulled. And pulled. Until finally, with a satisfied groan, the two testicles dropped, resting at the base of a throbbing cock. Yet, Ayden didn't stop, bringing his hand to his throat and rubbing it furiously, clearing his throat all the while.

    "La la... testing... THERE we go!" Ayden shouted, his own voice emerging from Harper's mouth. "It seems-"

    "You can make parts of your body appear on whoever you're in." Bailey finished, oddly aroused by the whole situation. "You think... you can enter someone inside someone else? Or..."

    "Babe?" Ayden asked, blushing as he wrapped his arms around Bailey's waist, burying his face in her bust. Groaning, he started thrusting, the jean fabric covering Bailey's thighs feeling far better than it should have...


    Enjoying The Test Subject


    "A-Ayden! What's up with you?! Stop do-" Bailey managed to protest, gasping as something hot spurted onto the thighs of her jeans. She didn't have to look down to confirm what it was, the loud, familiar moan from between her chest doing the job well enough. "...My jeans, Ayden..."

    "You're right... take them off." Ayden sighed, his cock still throbbing, standing at attention on his stolen body. "It feels AMAZING, Bailey, you don't even know..."

    "...My jeans?"

    "Mmmm... no." Ayden moaned, his hips thrusting once again. "Babe, just..." He paused, shuddering as he, reluctantly took a step back from Bailey. Gesturing to his stolen groin, he rocked his hips, his cock rubbing against his stolen snatch as he did. "Fuuuuuck, this..."

    "You feel both?" Bailey asked, unable to hide a grin as Ayden weakly nodded. "Ayden... you know..." Bailey chuckled, covering her mouth as a thought popped into her head. "R-Really taking 'go fuck yourself' to a whole new level, eh?" She asked, suppressing a giggle as Ayden glared at her with Harper's cute face. "C'mon, that's funny! Don't-" Bailey began, bursting out into all out laughter as Ayden struggled to reach behind him and unclasp Harper's arguably unnecessary bra.

    "Quit it! How do..." Ayden grumbled, sighing as Bailey approached, spun him around, and effortlessly took care of it. "Why can't she just get those ones that buckle in the front like yours?!" Ayden shouted. "SERIOUSLY, like, it's easier for me, easier for AHN?!" Ayden moaned suddenly, blushing as he realized the little, frequent flicks Bailey was giving his nipples. "S-Stop..."

    "Nope. You're WAAAY too cute like this!" Bailey cooed, nibbling on Ayden's ear as she continued to toy with his stolen body from behind. Hearing the chorus of his moans, accompanied by his frequent head twitches in his attempts to escape, only urged Bailey onward. Slowly, making sure to caress every inch of Ayden on the way down, Bailey's hand reached the small thighs he was clenching shut. "Let me in." Bailey ordered, her voice making every hair on Ayden's body rise. Noticing he was distracted, Bailey went for it. At the base of his cock, Bailey rubbed and fingered its gateway to the open air, letting out a moan herself at the thought of her boyfriend getting wet and hard. "Put your dick back in, Ayden. I'll find a nice, big monster to cram inside you. Doesn't that sound-"

    "N-No!" Ayden shouted, forcing Bailey off. Panting, he took a few stomping steps away, before turning back at Bailey, his cum still wet on her jeans. "I-I really don't want to do that..."

    "...Alright." Bailey sighed, an apologetic look forming on her face as she grasped the bottom of her shirt and tossed it off. "Took things a bit too far?" She asked, a slight grin appearing on her lips as the briskly took off her jeans, kicking off her panties as well. "Harper doesn't share her apartment, right?" Bailey asked as her bra fell to the floor, adding to the pile of clothes. "...Ayden, you're staring."

    "'Course I am!" Ayden shouted, crossing his arms and stomping into Harper's bedroom. With a huff, he flopped down on the bed, quickly joined by Bailey. Although attempting to appear upset, Ayden couldn't help a smile as Bailey put her head between his thighs, eagerly licking the head of his cock. Accidentally letting out a moan, Ayden reached up, stretching and massaging his throat until his voice shifted back up to Harper's rather than his own mid-moan.

    "Aww... I liked hearing you moan like that..." Bailey grumbled, pausing her mouth treatment for a moment. "Oh well." She sighed, gobbling up Ayden's cock, her body heating up as his tip rubbed against the back of her throat. Ayden, in his stolen body's voice, let out a shrill moan as his hand rubbed the back of Bailey's head, gently forcing it down more and more. Just as Ayden was starting to climb towards climax, however, Bailey suddenly stopped, popping her head up. "Babe? Why'd you-"

    "Weird to hear 'Harper' call me that... whatever. I... I think you'll like something better..." Bailey assured, glancing at Ayden's member, slick with her saliva. Ayden's confusion quickly shifted to excitement as Bailey, locking eyes with her boyfriend, sat down on his cock, earning a shudder and a gasp as it sunk deep into her asshole. As Bailey prepared to make some comment, Ayden thrusted up, turning her thoughts into a booming moan that resonated with Ayden's. Ayden was forced to grip the sheets, his eyes rolling back into his head as he jackhammered upwards, the sensations of "his" pussy getting fucked by his cock, his cock fucking "his" pussy, and Bailey's perfect asshole mixing together, crushing any modicum of self-control Ayden claimed to have. Any coherent or intelligent thought crumbled away, his stolen mouth spewing out anything but English between the moans growing in volume.

    Bailey, although better off than her boyfriend, wasn't hugely more coherent. Something about seeing Ayden reduced to Harper was so... enthralling. Nevermind that the normally monotone, apathetic, almost robotic Harper was moaning, screaming, acting like a hound in heat around Bailey. The constant mental pleasure only served to further spike its physical counterpart, something that a rough pounding was doing in spades. Every single time it seemed that Ayden was done, spent in the midst of yet another thick, creamy load, he'd start thrusting again. Harder, faster, more wild in its movements. Neither was sure how long they spent like that, too exhausted to even check a clock or a phone once Bailey, drenched in sweat, flopped down beside Ayden, both panting and groaning, as exhaustion blanketed their minds...


    Plotting Some Revenge


    Ayden awoke, completely and utterly confused for a few moments. Bailey lying beside him was completely normal, yet... he wasn't in their apartment's bedroom. His body was wrong too, a moment of panic smacking him as he looked down. But, after a few moments, everything flooded back. With his heart still racing, he snuggled up next to Bailey, closing his eyes as her scent filled his nostrils.

    "...You should probably be the little spoon like that, huh?" Bailey murmured, a familiar poke in butt replying to her. "Yesterday was... really nice."

    "Mmmhmm." Ayden murmured, kissing the back of Bailey's neck as he nestled his shaft between Bailey's cheeks. "Still would've preferred anyone BUT Harper..."



    "Harper like, hates you. What's up with that?"

    "Don't be mad." Ayden mumbled in his stolen voice. "So... I didn't know she was a she. And there was that party last semester and... got a bit tipsy. Did a 'haha cup check' on her and... kinda kept searching for the cup for longer than I should've."

    "Wait, was that-"

    "Yeaaaaaah. I couldn't exactly tell you the truth about my black eye." Ayden sighed. "And if I told campus security, I'd be the one with charges. So... 'I walked into a door'. Sorry for lying."

    "...It's fine." Bailey whispered, a grin forming on her face. "Annnnnnd, I've got a perfect idea for an apology..."



    "Ow! It's... like a perma-wedgie! How do you even wear-"

    "It's not a bikini that'll slip off! Right, HARPER?" Bailey grunted, slamming her locker shut and shooting a look at her boyfriend. Despite appearances, her heart was fluttering, "Harper" in the middle-school one piece that still fit her small, cute body. Continually, she had to convince herself that she was downright sexy in her one piece, even if her chest felt like it'd burst out of the tight confines of the suit at any moment. "Keep your dick inside, I don't want to see a bulge!" Bailey hissed, her lips trembling as she leaned down to scold Ayden face-to-face.

    "Why are you so nervous? Kim'll be in the pool, it's a simple-"

    "We still have NO idea if you can... enter someone when you're already in someone, for starters. Second... stop breaking character, HARPER. Third..." Bailey paused, clearing her throat as she flicked Ayden's nipples through his borrowed suit. "You might drown."

    "I know how to swim, ba-aaaaailey." Ayden said, correcting himself mid-word.

    "Your... buoyancy is different than you're used to." Bailey sighed, covering her mouth to hide her smile. "I'd really rather not give you CPR, you know." She completely lied, already imagining "accidentally" slipping her tongue in.

    "...Fair point. But, you know, we could've tested the first and third thing BEFORE we came here." Ayden rebuffed, rolling his eyes. "And even if it DOES work, there's still a few issues. Like-"

    "Like others? Harper, no one swims in the campus rec center this early on Saturdays. Except for Kim, obviously. And you'll go underwater, shoot right on up, easy peezy. I'd say go for whichever hole you'd prefer, but-"

    "No, that's not the issue. One: I can't keep my eyes open underwater. Two: Harper and you both were... kinda distracted when I entered you two. Kim won't be able to swim or float or anything."

    "...Right." Bailey mumbled, stroking her chin. "Harper, can you... make your... opening stretchy while inside? Without making your dick appear or your voice change, I mean."

    "Huh? I..." Ayden trailed off, reaching his stolen hands down to his flat rear. Furrowing his brow, he started gently massaging, nodding as he felt Harper's sub-par flesh begin to change to that stretchy, strange form. "Yeah. Why?"

    "Okay. Okay. What IF instead of entering Kim, you make her enter Harper?" Bailey asked, jutting out her jaw as her mind raced. "Just stretch yourself out, sit on her face when she rests at the edge of the pool. That'd work, right?"

    "...What then? Wouldn't Kim be in control of Harper? How is that-"

    "No, no. I..." Bailey sighed, rubbing the front of her teeth with her tongue. "I don't have first-hand experience from your side, but... can you enter Kim after you pull her inside Harper? Or do you like... melt or something?"

    "It's... I swim for a bit in this black, forever void. And then I get this urge to 'suit up' and... then I'm Harper. Or you." Ayden explained. "You're saying that... Kim might be in that void, I enter her, go into a SECOND void, and... Bailey I sound like a fucking lunatic."

    "Worth a shot, right?" Bailey asked, shrugging as she headed towards the locker room exit and out to the pool...


    Rolling With Bailey's Plan


    Ayden exchanged a long look with Bailey as he approached the edge of the pool, his heart racing faster and faster with each step. Kim said something, only the snarky tone penetrating deep enough for Ayden to hear. His hands, in an attempt at stealth, pinched and pulled at and around the bottom of his swimsuit, pretending to constantly adjust it as Ayden prepared his stolen body to accommodate Kim's inside it. Then, after what felt like an eternity to Ayden, he looked down, gulping at Kim's wet, panting body as she leaned on the concrete edge of the pool, everything below her armpits submerged in the water.

    Kim was completely clueless about what awaited her, raising an eyebrow as "Harper's" arms suddenly went limp. A condescending comment formed in the back of her throat, aimed at the outdated school swimsuit in front of her. Instead, a loud, piercing scream emerged, brought about by two manly hands rocketing out of "Harper's" slit, pushing the swimsuit out of the way as "Harper" squatted down, panting heavily. Kim could only manage another scream, her body refusing to respond to any of her commands, as the two hands grasped her head and pulled.

    Absolute darkness filled Kim's senses as the last remnants of her body entered inside. Her swimsuit and goggles fell out, landing in the pool as Harper's body slumped backwards, convulsing as a lump raced down from her head. Bailey raced over, equal parts ecstatic about hearing Kim's scream and concerned, unsure if it would actually work.

    Kim, in an endless void, tried screaming. Yet no sound emerged. Her limbs finally seemed to respond, managing to guide her a few previous feet before something touched her. Something that grasped her wrists, holding her in place. Something that grinned as it forced an erect object up her ass, making her desperately try to swim away. Kim tried to force it off, to get away. It was all to no avail, the object suddenly growing larger and faster as it sped inside her further, bringing about an unwanted, tear-filled orgasm. Kim's heart practically stopped as she felt it. Her hands were free, yet... that something was inside her. Burrowing around, a massive lump racing under her skin. Her arms stopped responding, her hands darting up to her chest as her toes flexed. Her mouth bulged for a moment, her mind still struggling to comprehend anything at all as it shut off.

    Harper's eyes shot open suddenly, the natural bright green flickering between a deep brown and a blue as they focused on Bailey's face. Bailey could only watch, her heart pounding, as Harper sat up and looked around, seemingly lost for a few moments. Bailey assumed the worst. Until, of course, "Harper" stared at Bailey's chest for just a bit too long.

    "Ayden?" Bailey whispered, still not entirely sure. "Did it work? Are-"

    "Uh-huh." Ayden answered, frowning as he flexed his fingers. "It's... weird. Like, I have a tiny bit of 'input delay', if that makes sense."

    "Well... it's you, controlling Kim, controlling Harper. Makes sense. I guess." Bailey muttered, brushing some blonde hair from her face as Ayden fidgeted on the floor, something obviously wrong. "Ayden? What's..." Bailey began, pausing as Ayden looked into her eyes, making Bailey's heart skip a beat. The needy look in his eyes told her everything she needed to know.

    Ayden let out a flurry of squeaks and moans, his hips bucking as Bailey's hand darted down between his legs, his stolen folds gripping on her fingers with every movement Bailey did. Bailey couldn't stop herself, forcing Ayden to fall silent, muffled by her lips, as she danced her tongue around Ayden's stolen mouth. Ayden's small, dainty hands needed to grip something, anything, finding nothing but the hard concrete below. As Bailey came up for air, Ayden could do little more than pant, drool running down his face as he spasmed and twitched in Bailey's grasp. Tears started to form in Ayden's eyes as he grit his teeth, his heart fluttering as Bailey let him wrap his arms around her neck, loudly screaming as his toes curled, a fountain erupting between his thighs.

    "...Is Harper like that, or is that all you as a woman?" Bailey whispered, shuddering as Ayden started kissing and sucking on her neck. "Ayden..."

    "Kim. Pulled inside. Entered Kim Too. Needed that." Ayden panted, blushing as Bailey removed her fingers, accompanied by a wet "SCHLICK" sound. He felt his heart race as Bailey shifted her hands under his butt and neck, scooping him up with ease. "P-Put me-"

    "Nope. You're tiny, cute, and weigh nothing. Somehow..." Bailey whispered, furrowing her brow. "Babe, Harper's what... 4'8", hundred pounds?"

    "I... maybe?"

    "Kim's... ignore her height, her boobs probably weigh as much as Harper. And... I'm not calling you fat, but..." Bailey murmured, pursing her lips together as she reentered the locker room. "If we add your weight and Kim's weight to Harper's... I'd be struggling to carry you."

    "...So... Kim and I aren't part of the equation?"

    "Yeah. I think." Bailey sighed, grunting as she guided Ayden down to a bench. Again, her heart fluttered at the sight. "Harper", sitting there, pressing her thighs together, looking far more meek than she would normally, under Ayden's control. "Goddammit Ayden... you're awakening something in me..."

    "Huh?" Ayden murmured, gulping as Bailey sat down beside him.

    "L-Look, you've got your ass fetish, I..." She paused, blushing as she turned and stared at Ayden. "...I fucking love you being this... meek girl. You're... so fucking cute and I..." She paused, covering her mouth and lowering her gaze. "The things I want to do to you, Ayden..."

    "But I don't want to be in Harper, she-"

    "Just a bit longer. Please. I wanna keep carrying you around! I want YOU to be the little spoon! I..." Bailey trailed off, her mind running wild. "...I want to make you moan my name until you can't speak anymore." Bailey finished, gulping as Ayden blushed and turned his head away. "Ayden."

    "W-What?" Ayden asked, not turning back to look at Bailey.

    "...You think you can 'improve' Harper's body? Like... add some of Kim?"

    "...Dunno." Ayden mumbled, his hands rising up to his chest. A quiet squeak snuck out as he brushed against his stolen body's erect nipples, the sweaty swimsuit doing nothing to hide the little protrusions. Closing his eyes, Ayden tried to ignore the rising urge to cum yet again, rubbing his almost non-existent breasts through the suit. The moment he felt the "gummy" feeling on the skin, Ayden pulled, letting out a loud moan as the top of the suit tore, bits of material scattering across the locker room floor.

    "W-Wow..." Bailey gasped, a warm feeling spreading through her body as "Harper" attempted to conceal her new, massive bust with her tiny hands. Bailey couldn't help herself, reaching out to touch them, confirming that they weren't fake. Ayden responded to her touch with a quiet moan, blushing as Bailey quickly pulled her hand away. "Sorry, I... hard to believe."

    "Babe?" Ayden squeaked, standing up all of a sudden. "I... remember when you bitched about that test?" He asked, his quivering lips turning into a grin...


    Playing The Part, Plotting Again


    "I guess I've just been a bit overwhelmed lately... thanks." "Kim" sighed, her blue eyes glistening with crocodile tears. "I've really got to write it down, don't I?"

    "Yeah, well... just don't let it happen again." The kind custodian sighed, rubbing the back of his head. "A student is one thing, a TA forgetting their combo is... irresponsible." He sighed, his eyes stuck on "Kim's" chest, barely contained within her swimsuit.

    "I know..." "Kim" pouted, gripping the top of her suit and pulling it away, "accidentally" giving the custodian a full look at her bare chest. "But it means soooo much to me..." "Kim" moaned, rubbing her thighs together.

    "W-Well, if you need anything Kim, just..." The custodian gulped, turning his entire body away to hide his erection. "I-I could even let you in an hour early for your swim, if..."

    "That would mean THE WORLD to me!" "Kim" giggled, wrapping her arms around the custodian, making sure to rub her ample chest against his back. She made sure to breathe on the back of his neck, making sure every single hair rose, before sucking on the back of his ear. "Call me." "Kim" whispered, unable to suppress a chuckle as the custodian nodded and took off, eager to "handle" the tightness in his pants.

    "You're not a bad actor." Bailey sighed, rolling her eyes as "Kim" retrieved her belongings from her locker. "Although I hate your face."

    "Rude." Ayden replied, pressing both hands to his stolen face and rubbing it, shifting it to back to Harper's. "This-" Ayden started, repeating the process with his throat. "-Better?" He finished, having changed Harper's voice back to its natural one.

    "Hair." Bailey grunted, pointing at Ayden's scalp.

    "Ah, right." Ayden chuckled, rubbing and stretching his scalp, quickly replacing Kim's long, black hair with Harper's shorter, messier red. "There." He said, taking off Kim's swimsuit. "Now I'm a tall, sexy Harper. Happy?"

    "...Kinda preferred you all short and cute."

    "Yeah, well, I didn't. And we've got Kim's clothes here, not Harper's. So... get over it." Ayden grunted, quickly throwing on Kim's prior outfit, consisting of nothing more than a sports bra and some spats shorts. After quickly unlocking Kim's nearby phone, he handed it to Bailey and slipped on Kim's shoes.

    "Shit." Bailey hissed, leaning back against the lockers as she flipped through Kim's phone.

    "What? She not logged in?"

    "No, she is. She just doesn't have access to grades. Professor Carole does."


    "Yeah. Looks like Kim goes in, puts in the grades first, and then Carole adjusts and tweaks them. Meaning we're screwed for past assignments." Bailey sighed, her eyebrow twitching. "Ugh. Kim's got a schedule for fucking everything in here!" She complained, puffing up her cheeks as Ayden stood back up, testing his sneakers. "God... can't you put Harper's boobs instead?"

    "No, Kim's top won't-"


    "Can't. It's either mine, Harper's, or Kim's." Ayden explained, feeling slightly nervous at Bailey's glare. "Is it really a problem?"

    "Of COURSE it is! My boyfriend's b-bigger than me!" Bailey stuttered, concealing her sweater-clad chest.

    "Oh. Well... you're bigger where it matters." Ayden assured, pointing to Bailey's ass with a stupid grin on his face. Bailey, equal parts embarrassed and flattered, turned her back. Ayden, of course, accepted the "invite", cupping Bailey's sweatpants-clad cheeks in his hands and resting his chin on her shoulder. "Hey..." Ayden whispered, kissing Bailey's ear. "Really want Kim's boobs? I'll pull you in anytime..."

    "...Can't do stuff with you then."

    "R-Right." Ayden stammered, a warm, pleasant feeling spreading through his stolen bodies. "Um..."

    "What?" Bailey asked, raising an eyebrow.

    "What if I pull you in and... 'suit you up', but then leave?" Ayden asked, getting Bailey to bring a hand to her chin and rub it. "I could probably 'massage' you... Harper's body, I mean, and customize it. You could be you, but... Kim's boobs. Harper's hair? Whatever you want." Ayden said, clearing his throat. "But uh... definitely keeping this." He mumbled, intensifying his ass groping and earning a sigh from Bailey.

    "...Let's try it." Bailey muttered, an idea popping into her head. "Wait, Professor Carole..."

    "What about..." Ayden began to ask, it suddenly clicking. "That... that's a way to change your grade."

    "Yeah." Bailey agreed, nodding her head. "Shower stall? Pull me in there?" She asked, getting a few rapid pecks on her ear for an answer...


    Bringing Bailey "Into The Fold"


    "Why'd we have to come in here?" Ayden whispered, slightly disappointed to be stripping already. "You said-"

    "I said no one would be swimming when we first got here. No idea when someone might show up NOW!" Bailey hissed, peeking out from the shower curtain. "Worst case, they think we're really enjoying the shower."

    "...Sure. So, the plan-"

    "You pull me in, I 'suit up' inside Kim. Who's inside Harper. Then, you leave, I start messaging Professor Carole, we find her, you go in her, I get an 'A', and... I guess that's it." Bailey sighed, snapping the curtain shut and spinning around to face Ayden. Slightly nervous, she walked over, rubbing her forearm. "So... how's this work? I don't have to strip, right? My clothes..."

    "Yeah, they'll come out when you come in." Ayden answered, caressing Bailey's cheek. As her gray eyes blinked, Ayden planted a kiss on her lips, the two moaning as their tongues intertwined. Almost subconsciously, Ayden forced Bailey's back against the shower wall, humping his hips as Bailey's leg rose, kept upright by Ayden's other hand squeezing and rubbing her rear. "Sure you don't wanna strip now?" Ayden whispered, grinning at how red Bailey's face quickly turned.

    "J-Just pull me in." Bailey croaked, wincing as Ayden's finger found her hole, rubbing and circling it through her sweatpants. "Ayden, stooooop..."

    "Why? Don't you-"

    "I-If I'm doing any... lesbian stuff, I'm... taking the lead." Bailey stammered, gripping Ayden's neck and forcing him back, pushing him against the opposite shower wall. "I-I want a... big guy or a... smaller girl. Got it?" She asked, far more cute than authoritative.

    "I'll give you a big guy then." Ayden whispered, chuckling as his arms suddenly went limp. Bailey raised an eyebrow, attempting to not look turned on and failing miserably. Her attempt completely shattered as two, familiar, muscular hands grabbing the front of her groin, massaging her through the bottom of the swimsuit, and the sweatpants covering that. As Bailey's mouth curled into a hesitant moan, she felt herself pulled, hip-first, towards Ayden. A quick, soft kiss on her forehead was the last thing she felt before, in an instant, everything went dark.

    Bailey was... inquisitive, if anything. Anything she attempted to say wouldn't come out, as if she was muted. It was pitch black, not just in sight, but... every sense. Somehow, she could taste, smell, hear, feel the absence of everything, a complete sensory deprivation. Yet... something was urging her upwards. Higher and higher, she blindly swam, the urge flipping like a switch to another one. She recalled what Ayden had told her, about the 'suiting up' and realized what he meant. Her arms were MEANT to be here. Her legs were MEANT to be here. Her head was MEANT to push upwards.

    Bailey gasped, the sudden brightness making her blink. It was odd. Like she was wearing a latex glove over her entire body. And another one over that. Whenever she'd blink, breathe, move any bit of her body, it'd take... a bit. Not terrible, by any means. Hardly even noticeable, maybe... a millisecond or two more than normal. Enough to he noticeable nonetheless.

    "...Ayden?" Bailey croaked, flinching at the sound of Harper's voice. "That's... weird." Bailey muttered, looking down between her legs. At some point, probably when she was pulled inside, she'd slid down to the floor. "Ayden? You gonna leave? Or... did you already?" Bailey did not receive a reply. Nervousness kicked in, the possibility that something had gone wrong. Horribly wrong. Bailey had no one to call, to contact, to ask for help. Tears started to well up, Bailey made fruitless attempts to go back to the void, her lip began to quiver. "A-Ayden, please..." Bailey whined.

    "Gimme a sec." A familiar voice whispered. Bailey gasped and spun around, trying to find the source, hope building up and crumbling her earlier worry. "Inside. Inside Kim, I mean. I'm uh... actually right behind you in here."

    "Are you trapped?! Ayden, what-"

    "Nah. Just had an idea." Ayden interrupted, Bailey's hands suddenly shooting to her ass, out of her control. Bailey let out an unconscious moan as they started to rub, harder and harder, faster and faster, until her ass, her own ass, suddenly ballooned, expanding and widening. "There we go! I can take control whenever I want!"

    "G-Good. But-" Bailey started, suddenly letting out a moan, her eyes widening as she felt a familiar thickness slam into her from behind. Her hips slammed back and forth, the invisible thrusting forcing her to. Yet... whenever she looked back, there was nothing. And... it didn't feel like there was anything there, exactly.

    "Whoa! I can puppet you!" Ayden shouted inside Bailey, her mouth suddenly forced open, an invisible finger prying her lips apart. Bailey could only moan, her tongue darting and circling around an invisible partner. "Yup. Not leaving!" Ayden declared, making Bailey yelp as he slapped her ass on the inside, squeezing it together as he shot a load. Bailey, oddly aroused by the situation, shook her legs, crossing her eyes from the hot semen shooting inside her actual body, the sensation shared, and multiplied, with Kim's body, and Harper's transformed one, wrapped around that.

    "B-Behave..." Bailey panted, shuddering as Ayden started kissing and sucking on every inch of her body. Resisting the pleasure, Bailey struggled to stand up, opting to, with some minor difficulty, put her sweatpants and Kim's sports bra on, covering it with her own sweater. As Ayden started slamming away at her anus again, Bailey had to lean against the wall, biting down on the back of her hand as she pleasure slammed into her. As she did, however, her other hand was puppeted, changing her face, hair, and throat, forcing "Harper's" moans and whimpers to change to "Kim's", despite Bailey's attempts at protest.

    "Think about it. If you start moaning and cumming in public, Kim'll take the blame. Not Harper's fake, sexy twin, not you." Ayden whispered, shooting another hot load of man magma deep inside Bailey's asshole. "Call Professor Carole. Moan down the mic. Do it."

    Bailey simply nodded, attempting to catch her breath as she grabbed Kim's phone off the floor. "Testing, test... just making sure." Bailey whispered, her voice a perfect match to Kim's. Her eyes hazy, she quickly unlocked the phone with Kim's copied fingerprint, swiping through to the contacts. A scowl formed at "Carole", missing any honorific that Kim would've insisted Bailey use for any and every conversation with the woman. "Double fucking standard..." Bailey grumbled, pressing the call button and bringing the phone up to her ear.

    One ring. A second ring. A skipped heartbeat. The very real possibility she wouldn't pick up setting in. A third ring. The thought that she might not listen to her voicemail. A fourth ring. The possibility that Kim, somehow, knew two Caroles. That 'Professor Carole' was in her contacts, further down than Bailey swiped.

    "...Kim? You're breathing rather heavily." A voice answered, causing Bailey to gasp, having been far too concerned to even hear the click indicating that the call was answered. "Hello? This is Kim, is it not?"

    "Y-Yes! My apologies, I just finished a workout and... I need to discuss the grading of some assignments. In person, preferably." Ayden answered, seizing control to help circumvent Bailey's inability to think at the moment. "Would you be available in your office today? I know it's a Saturday, but..."

    "...No, I'm afraid. I'm working from home today." Carole sighed. "Upstairs in my study. Use your key." She said, hanging up suddenly.

    Bailey and Ayden stood there in silence for a few moments. Thoughts swirled. A first-name basis was least concern. Why, why did Kim have a spare key for Carole's house?! The silence continued as Bailey gathered up the rest of her and Kim's things. Even when leaving, walking on the sidewalk, both remained silent. Ayden remained unmoving, not provoking Bailey on the inside. Bailey simply walked, checking Kim's directions she'd put into her own phone "in case of intoxication, memory loss, or a Samaritan gaining access to this device". Silently, Bailey turned the key to Kim's apartment, tossing everything to the side as she took a deep breath.

    "THEY'RE FUCKING, RIGHT?!" Bailey bellowed, running her fingers through the long, black hair she possessed. "I'M NOT CRAZY, RIGHT?!"

    "I mean... I didn't want to say anything." Ayden muttered. "But it's definitely poss... fridge. Look at the fridge!"

    "Fridge? What are..." Bailey began to ask, falling silent as she stomped over to the little kitchen area. She reached up and cupped her mouth, her gray eyes wide as she scanned over picture after picture, poem after poem, signed notes from Carole, and... conveniently, a written-out set of directions to "Her House". The Her was obvious. Bailey didn't even have to ask, quickly snapping a picture before checking Kim's gallery.

    "'Nothing Suspicious' HAS to be it!" Ayden shouted, puppeting the hand to open the folder. Nothing. Pictures of worksheets, answer keys, nothing suspicious at all. Except... every so often, there was an unlabeled, zipped folder. Ayden clicked without hesitation, proven correct as the selfie of Carole, wearing nothing but a lacy bra, popped up. "They're fucking."

    "Which means... we're fucking." Bailey mumbled with a gulp. "But... I guess... this is blackmail for my grade." She said, a sinister grin forming on her stolen face. With a devious chuckle, Bailey stormed into Kim's room, eying up her wardrobe with a smirk...


    "Visiting" Professor Carole


    "Ayden! Stop!" Bailey hissed, suppressing a moan as, inside, Ayden started fingering her from behind. "Carole-"

    "Gotta make us look a little excited, don't we?" Ayden whispered, taking control over Harper's transformed mouth, and only her mouth, as he toyed with Bailey's clit inside. Ayden had to bite his lip, both inside and out, a gust of wind blowing up Kim's "borrowed" skirt and giving Harper's transformed folds some much-needed cool air. "No panties was a great choice..." Ayden moaned, forcing Bailey to ring the doorbell before "passing the reins" back to her.

    "Don't. Do. That." Bailey hissed, trying to regain her composure as she reached into Kim's stolen purse and grabbing Kim's keys. "She said to let ourselves in, remember?" She hissed, letting out a squeak as she tried jamming in a key. "Ayden! Stop..." She tried to protest, falling forward onto the door as Ayden slammed his dick into her ass. "Mmmng... AYDEN!" Kim shouted, gasping as she managed to unlock the door.

    "Right upstairs, remember?" Ayden whispered, right into Bailey's actual ear as he held Bailey's hips in place, ensuring he could pound her easier. Bailey struggled to stumble inside, closing the door behind her before falling to the floor. Her eyes remained locked on the stairwell, the thrill and fear of being discovered only spiking the pleasure. Biting her lip, Bailey started moving along with Ayden's inside movements, her braless, borrowed breasts swaying and bouncing as she did. The carpet was torn up, clumps of fabric trapped in Bailey's fingertips as Ayden shot his load inside her. "I'll make sure you can't fake it if Carole goes down on us." Ayden promised, grinning inside as Bailey stood up on shaky legs, her nectar running down her upper thighs.

    "My grade comes first." Bailey panted, brushing some sweaty strands of black hair from her eyes. Adjusting her borrowed blouse, Bailey crept up the stairs, more than a little excited at Ayden's promise. Gulping, Bailey reached a door, knocking on it with a mixture of apprehension and excitement.

    "You don't have to knock, you know." A familiar voice answered. Bailey gulped and turned the knob, walking into the room. Carole was sitting at a desk, her usual glasses on, grading some papers. "Was ringing the doorbell your attempt at a joke?" Carole asked, not bothering to look up from her desk.

    "...Yeah." Bailey answered, quietly closing the door behind her. "I wanted to discuss-"

    "What are you wearing?" Carole interrupted, her eyebrows raised. "...I see you neglected a bra today." She sighed, setting her glasses down on her desk. "And... you seem... different."

    "H-How so?"

    "Colored contacts are... rather tacky, for starters. And... your skirt emphasizes your..." Carole paused, making a curved gesture in the air with her hand. "Is this an attempt to seduce me?" She asked, standing up suddenly. As Bailey opened her mouth, unsure of what she would even say, Carole cleared her throat. "Whose grade are you after? Flunking that... idiot with the hair dye?"

    "Um..." Bailey mumbled, finding herself, courtesy of Ayden, unable to move as Carole stepped over, emphasizing her hips with every step. Bailey's heart raced along with her mind as Carole caressed Bailey's chin, forcing her to look up as Carole brought her lips down. As Carole's tongue sunk in, Bailey's eyes widened, shocked at what she felt.

    "Uh... I'm not crazy, right? She has two tongues, right?!" Ayden blurted out inside, sharing the odd sensation along with Bailey. Bailey was lost for words, unable to answer even if she could, doing little more than blink as Carole abruptly pulled back, a sly grin on her beautiful face.

    "Wh-What was that?" Bailey murmured, completely forgetting that she should've known in the heat of the moment.

    "Playing dumb, are we? Ah... I'll humor you." Carole cooed, sticking her bright red tongue out, showing that, at the end of it, it was split. Further still, Carole moved each side independently, letting out a quiet giggle at "Kim's" bewildered face. "Kim, I... used to be a... rebel, shall we say. And you, my little assistant... you kindle those rebellious embers still in me."

    "The tongue? That-"

    "A piercing. One that... didn't heal correctly. And..." Carole paused, deeply inhaling through her nose. "A former... lover of mine rather liked it like this." She whispered, bringing in her lips for another sensual, yet odd, kiss. This time, however, Ayden gripped Bailey's actual tongue with his fingers, forcing Bailey to reciprocate Carole's kiss. "...Kim." Carole whispered, coming up for air.

    "Y-Yes?" Bailey stammered, gulping as Carole caressed her face once more.

    "Who are you? Really?" Carole asked, an oddly sweet smile on her face. "We both know you're not Kim."


    "The real Kim would've walked right on in, sitting on my desk, begging for attention, commenting on my penmanship. Nevermind your appearance." Carole whispered, licking her lips as she took a deep, long inhale of Bailey's hair. "You smell... far too sweet as well. Her secret twin, perhaps?"

    "And if I'm not Kim?" Bailey asked, flinching as Carole took another deep sniff of Bailey's hair and neck. "I know you and Kim have a relationship, I know about your tongue, I..."

    "You think anyone will believe you? Dear, I don't let my hair down in public." Carole whispered, making Bailey tremble as she licked her ear, sticking her odd split tongue inside. "This image I've built up, over decades, won't crumble so easily."

    "Are you sure about that?" Ayden asked, taking control for a moment. "I think you'll do whatever we want." He said, two hands suddenly shooting out of Kim's skirt and grabbing Carole's thigh. Carole managed to get out a confused grunt before getting pulled inside, disappearing with a "PLOP", her clothes falling into a pile on the floor as Bailey felt her senses get yanked away.

    Carole was at a loss, floating in the void. Yet... fascination was the predominant emotion. Not fear, not terror, not confusion. Her emotion only increased as a pair appeared out of nowhere, "swimming" over to her. She recognized one, a certain student Kim had a grudge for. The other... Carole had no idea. A handsome man, yet to Carole, that was it. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Carole didn't resist when the male member of the duo swam behind her, stroking and rubbing her rear entrance. It felt wonderful, of course, yet Carole had a complaint. If she could've voiced it, she would've asked for a pen and a pad of paper to record her observations. Her fascination increased, massively, as she felt her anus expand rapidly, the man holding it open. A flurry of questions formed inside her as... Bailey, yes, that was her name, swam inside her extended opening. Carole expected pain, yet couldn't help grinning, the sensation rivaling no other in pleasure. When... Bailey's hips finally squeezed through, Carole's eyes crossed, her pussy throbbing with glee as the man plugged her hole with his shaft. Floating in the void, Carole's body convulsed and shook, the pumping of the man's cock stopping, replaced by a fervent pulsing. Carole could feel her mind slipping away as it erupted inside her, any thoughts replaced by the dark surrounding her.

    Bailey's eyes shot open, moaning and shaking as something sped down her body. Her hips bucked as it slid out. Yet... it didn't appear. Bailey was confused for a moment, realizing what was happening as it sped down yet again. She managed to catch a glimpse of a lump racing down her stomach, forcing her to loudly moan as it reached her groin. Her eyes crossed, her back arching as her anus was pushed apart, a speeding bullet in the shape of Ayden launching out, forcing an earthquake of an orgasm on Bailey's stolen body.

    "Ahhh... good to be me again!" Ayden chuckled, helping Bailey up from the writhing mass she was on the floor. Bailey was panting, a needy look in her eye, her mouth salivating as she locked onto her boyfriend's twitching member. "Bailey... we gotta change your grade, remember?" Ayden teased, walking over to Carole's desk, leaving Bailey alone, her body craving his. "Let's see, her laptop-"

    "Ayden... please." Bailey croaked, her body quivering. "Don't leave me like this..."

    "Guess we aren't in no rush..." Ayden sighed, feigning disappointment as he returned to his needy, horny girlfriend. As she puckered her lips for a kiss, Ayden grasped her tongue with his lips. Gently, he "massaged" her tongue with his mouth, focusing on it. Bailey was amazed as it changed, the end splitting in two after a few moments. "Hold on, few more things." Ayden whispered, letting Bailey squirm her new tongue around in the air. Refusing to explain, he brought his hands to her face, roughly massaging that, her throat, and her scalp. "THERE we go!" Ayden exclaimed, admiring his handiwork.

    "What did..." Bailey started, relieved, at least, to hear her own voice. Yet... there was red hair drifting down across her face. "Ayden, what-"

    "Thought you'd look hot as a redhead. Your face and voice is all yours." Ayden explained, letting out a grunt as he hooked his hands under Bailey's legs and scooped her up. Bailey's heart started to race, burying her face into Ayden's bare shoulder, letting him carry her into the bedroom across the hall. She couldn't help but feel excited as Ayden practically threw her onto the bed, mounting her without bothering to tear off her stolen clothes. "We'll change your grade... tomorrow. 'Cause you're not going anywhere until we're done."

    "O-Okay." Bailey stammered, her chest tightening as Ayden slid his hand up her thigh, rubbing it with his thumb. As Ayden planted a kiss on her lips, she shut her eyes, a satisfied grin forming as his other hand grasped hers, locking his fingers with hers. Bailey attempted to use her new, borrowed tongue, yet found herself unable to focus as Ayden pressed his tip against her wet, trembling opening. A moan escaped through her nose, her feet flinching, as Ayden slowly thrust inside, her insides gripping his shaft tight enough to almost hurt.

    "Fuck. No condom." Ayden whispered suddenly, starting to pull out. As he did, however, a pair of legs pulled him back in, Bailey taking a deep breath as he did. "Bailey, I-"

    "Harper's problem, not mine." Bailey whispered, a sinister grin breaking out on her face.

    "...Fair enough." Ayden sighed, slamming his cock, full-force, into Bailey. As she opened her mouth to moan, Ayden sealed it with his lips, prodding and caressing her tongue with his. Ayden's hand, the one not locked with Bailey's, slid upwards, under Kim's stolen blouse, handling her bouncing, modified breasts as he continued slamming against her depths. Bailey, unable to control herself, took her other arm and coiled it around Ayden's neck, desperate to hold him as close as possible, her legs helping the process. "Babe!" Ayden shouted suddenly, his cock twitching and throbbing. "Y-You sure?!"

    "Mmmhmm!" Bailey murmured, intensifying her hold as she forced her tongue back into Ayden's mouth. As his cock hardened, the tip rubbing against her cervix, Bailey bit down on his lip, unable to stop her toes from curling, her back from arching, as he shot his load, all but guaranteeing Harper's future pregnancy.

    "...Babe... that was amazing..." Ayden panted, slumping down, his softening cock still twitching inside Bailey's stolen, transformed body.

    "My... grade... can... probably... wait..." Bailey panted, her body still on a post-orgasm high. "One... more?"

    "...Bailey... wait. Does Carole live alone?" Ayden asked, positive he just heard a car pull into the driveway...

No more chapters.

Eb18 ∙ 01 July 2023

I was pleasantly surprised by how great this story came out. The focus of the prompt was more on highlighting the concept than the actual premise. So it's really nice to see the story come into its own in a unique, very imaginative way. Definitely a 'skinsuit style' type of possession story. So, if it's something anybody is interested in then they should check out the story.

RT101 ∙ 09 October 2023

Thanks for the chapter! Really enjoyed this story

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