Parasite Zero

Story created by GaylynneQT ∙ 11 September 2023

Zoe had a wonderful life! That was until everything just went wrong. No relationship, no job, and most of her stuff got stolen. Zoe finds herself the Queen of a host of mind-controlling parasites. And she figures it's about time that she takes her life back and more.

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  • Parasite Zero: Chapter 4

    Chapter written by GaylynneQT ∙ 10 January 2024

    Zoe begins to expand her empire as she learns more about the powers that she now wields

  • Zoe had an odd dream. She was standing atop a pile of bodies. Not dead bodies, but living ones willingly becoming human furniture for her. Below her were people bowing to her; a sea of purple irises. She could hear their praises of her, practically singing and rejoicing at her magnificence and grace. There were more people than Zoe was able to count at a first glance, but the population easily filled up several football stadiums. And across Zoe’s face, a wide smile drew. With the Power of the Legion, all of this and more could be made possible. This was the life that she deserved. This was the life she would work for. This was the life that she would claim.

    Zoe awoke to the sun beaming in through the windows into her eyes. She groaned as she sat up, trying to regain her bearings. The unfamiliar environment reminded her that she was in Cassandra’s apartment. She looked down at her naked form, causing the memories of last night to replay in her head. Her thighs squeezed together in delight thinking about the throes of passion she had with Cassandra. Then, her thoughts went to Cassandra; specifically where she had gotten off to. Zoe was the only one in the bed. She got out of bed, grabbed a robe from the closet, and headed out into the living room area.

    “Ah, you’re finally awake, my queen.” Cassandra was sitting on the couch, dressed up in a nice white cardigan with black pants as she scrolled on her phone with one hand and held a cup of coffee in the other. The glaze in the eyes made it clear that right now, Thaddeus was primarily in control. “I was wondering if you were just going to continue sleeping. Had I known you’d be awake now, I would have prepared you food.”

    “Sorry,” Zoe said as she sat down on the couch, “Normally I’d get up earlier for my job, but I guess I don’t have to do that anymore.” She gave a huge huff before leaning back on the couch. “Right, I’m unemployed. It hadn’t really sunk in for me.”

    “Well, moping doesn’t suit you, my queen,” Cassandra said as she sipped her coffee. “If you need money, just ask me or Steven. You’re my queen after all, so what is mine is yours.”

    “Wait, for real?” Zoe asked, turning to Cassandra. “Just, whatever I want or need?”

    “Well, as much as I can do,” Cassandra said. “Steven’s the one with the money after all. You’d have to talk with him.”

    “Right,” Zoe said as she looked around. “He didn’t come here last night, did he? Where’s he at?”

    “Traveling for work,” Cassandra said. “He does this fairly often, so don’t be expecting him to come around here too often.”

    “Well, let me know when he does,” Zoe said, feeling a bit of relief that she didn’t have to deal with him yet. “So, we kinda got things rushed through last night. Would you be able to tell me more about you? You the parasite, I mean.”

    “Ah, you wish to know more about the Legion of Thaviothes,” Cassandra said. “Well, simply ask and I will answer you.”

    “Alright,” Zoe said as she thought about the questions. As someone who was a scientist up until yesterday, her mind raced with thoughts. “Okay, first question. What all can you do now that you’re, uh, inside of Cassandra?”

    “I can obey your commands,” Cassandra said with a simple shrug. “I can access all the memories and information Cassandra had in her brain.”

    “Okay, what else?” Zoe said, excited to learn more.

    “I can communicate and share things with you at a long range through a means of telepathy,” Cassandra said as if she were just talking about the weather. “And that’s the extent of what I am capable of doing. As a drone, I cannot even produce more of the Legion to infect others.”

    “Wow, that’s… a lot less than what I was expecting,” Zoe said, a little dejected. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, taking over someone’s whole mind and everything is certainly impressive, but I was hoping there would be a little more.”

    “Well, remember, I am but a mere drone to you, my queen,” Cassandra said, spreading her legs a little as if to represent how subservient she was. “That means you are free to utilize me however you wish. If you wish to use my senses, then so be it.”

    “Wait, what do you mean by ‘use your senses?’” Zoe asked, tilting her head.

    “As our queen, since we are a hive mind, you are able to connect your mind to ours. You are able to see through our eyes, feel through our skin, hear through our ears, and so on and so forth. You may even control us as you see fit.”

    Zoe blinked in surprise. A part of her seemed to understand it perfectly; the other part of her just couldn’t even begin to understand it. Being able to feel other people’s senses, and control them directly just conflicted yet intrigued her scientific mind. But, she was also the current host for a parasite hive mind, so anything was possible.

    “Okay, how do I do it?”

    “I do not know the full mechanics of it, but you simply focus on the one that you wish to sense through,” Cassandra explained as best as she could.

    Zoe took a deep breath and focused on Cassandra Blaike. In an instant, it was as if she could feel herself connected to her; or at least to the parasite buried within her skull. Then, in the next moment, she blinked, but it wasn’t her eyelids. She was staring at her own body, slumped back against the couch as if she was merely asleep. She looked down, staring at Cassandra’s cardigan and massive tits.

    “Holy fuck,” she said, quickly covering her mouth as she heard Cassandra’s voice come out of her mouth. Well, it wasn’t really her mouth. “Thaddeus? Cassandra? Are you still there?”

    We are here,” Zoe heard inside her mind. “Since you have taken over, we are simply waiting and watching, observing and feeling.”

    “So, you can feel everything I’m doing?” Zoe asked as she moved Cassandra’s arms around before groping Cassandra’s tits. A rush of pleasure jolted through her, causing her to shiver. It was certainly different than touching her own breasts, a bit more sensitive.

    That’s right. If you so wish, we can take control of movements and actions. You will then be the passenger observing and feeling everything.”

    “That’s so weird,” Zoe said as she felt Cassandra's body, from her cheeks down to her thighs, giving them a little squish. “What about my body? What happens to it?”

    With no mind controlling it, it simply lies dormant. You can feel everything that still happens to it.”

    Zoe reached out and touched her hand. A strange sensation shivered through her body as she felt Cassandra’s hand touch her own, yet at the same time, feeling her own hand through Cassandra.

    If I may give a recommendation, my queen, I would advise appointing a drone to keep watch and protect your body. From the memories I have acquired, humans have a tendency to be frail, and I do not wish to lose you, my queen.”

    “I guess that will be the next thing I do,” Zoe said. “Now, how do I get back to my body? Is it just as simple as-?” As Zoe thought about her body and returning it to, she snapped back into body, shaking awake. “Well, that answers that.”

    “In time, things will be easier for you to do,” Cassandra said with a smile. “For now, you may take things at whatever pace you desire, my queen.”

    “Yeah,” Zoe said as she flexed her fingers, making sure she was back in her own body and readjusting to the feeling of being herself. As she regained her senses, she felt her stomach rumble. “Oh man, I definitely need something to eat. I ended up skipping dinner last night.”

    “If you wish, I can make you food,” Cassandra said as she gestured to the kitchen.

    Zoe was about to take up Cassandra on her offer, but then a bit of a smile came to her. “You know, I think that your queen wants to expand her empire a little. Let’s head out and get some food, and find us a new person to add to the Legion.”

    “As you wish, my queen.” Cassandra gave a small bow to Zoe. 

    Zoe chuckled a little and headed into Cassandra’s room, facing the closet. “Well, if what’s hers is mine, then I guess this is my closet as well.” She opened up the closet doors to a large walk-in closet filled with outfits, shoes, and accessories. “Yeah, that figures.” She sorted through the clothes, trying to find something that would fit her. In the end, she picked out a light blue dress with a floral pattern to it. It was made with a cotton-polyester blend, so it felt very comfortable on her. She put on a white shawl around her shoulders for a bit of extra warmth and finished off with some white and gold flats. Zoe picked up a nice tan purse and strutted out into the living room.

    “Looking very gorgeous, my queen,” Cassandra said with a little clap.

    “Thank you, Cassandra,” Zoe said as she walked over and planted a firm kiss on Cassandra’s lips. “Now then, let’s get going.”

    “Of course,” Cassandra said as the two of them headed to Cassandra’s car. Zoe made sure to double check that the apartment door was locked. Cassandra got into the driver’s seat while Zoe sat in the passenger seat. “So, where to, my queen?”

    Zoe pondered for a bit for what she was in the mood for. She didn’t want to do a drive-through because that wouldn’t be a good amount of time to claim someone. Something that had enough public presence that she could find someone, but also not too populated that she’d be caught. That meant that her favorite mall food court was out. It was also too early in the day for lunch, so those options were closed. Left with few choices, Zoe decided on a small sitdown restaurant called Powder’s.

    It wasn’t too busy, thankfully. Zoe had come here quite a few times and always enjoyed their food. The wait staff was decent; nothing really to write home about, but also not something to really complain about either. They kept the place running well, which was always a solid plus. It also wasn’t too far away from the apartment complex, so Zoe and Cassandra got there in a short amount of time. They exited the car and walked up to the waiting area.

    “Hi!” said the hostess, smiling at the two of them. “Welcome to Powder’s! How can I help you two?”

    “Table for two, please,” Zoe said.

    “Not a problem,” the hostess said. She looked over a small diagram on her stand. “Alright, you can follow me.” She led the two of them over to a small booth and placed down menus. “Your server will be with you shortly.” Zoe nodded and the two of them sat down, facing each other.

    “What about her? She seems like a suitable drone,” Cassandra said as she turned, clearly looking at the hostess’s ass.

    “I would, but there’s too many people around right now. If she screamed, it would cause a huge scene,” Zoe said as she looked over the menu. It was probably because she hadn’t eaten, but she certainly felt hungrier than usual. “Are there any more, I dunno, stealthy ways to get someone infected?”

    “Well, we can integrate ourselves into a host within just a few seconds after direct contact with their skin,” Cassandra said as she looked over her menu. “It could be from the skull or the foot, the Legion works incredibly fast to take over a host. We cannot unfortunately make ourselves any smaller. And from what I have gathered, it is difficult to not notice an inch-long creature on you.”

    “This is going to be harder than I thought,” Zoe said as she leaned over and looked at the hostess. She was certainly hot, easily in her early twenties. Zoe also hadn’t seen her before, so she must be new. “Still, it’s gonna be so worth it if I can get her.”

    “If you can come up with a plan,” Cassandra said, setting down her menu, “I will do whatever you need me to do, my queen.”

    “Okay, listen,” Zoe said, putting her menu down in a bit of a huff, “it’s fine for you to call me that when it’s just us, but when we’re out in public, you gotta call me Zoe. Okay? Consider it an official decree from your queen.”

    Cassandra blinked a little before nodding and smiling. “Yes, Zoe.”

    “Good, much better,” Zoe said with a little sigh of relief.

    “Good morning, ladies.” Approaching the table was a blond man in a Powder’s uniform. He was even younger than the hostess; Zoe estimated that he was probably around 19 to 20. He was certainly good looking by Zoe’s standards, reminding her of a younger Stanley. And Zoe could tell that he was clearly eyeing up the two of them. “I’m Luke. I’ll be your waiter. Can I get you two started with something to drink?”

    “I’ll have a sweet tea,” Zoe said.

    “Water with a lemon slice, if you would,” Cassandra said.

    “Great. I’ll get right on that,” Luke said, writing that down on his notepad. “Have you decided what you want, or do you need more time?”

    “I know what I want. What about you, Cassandra?” Zoe asked. Cassandra nodded to confirm that she knew what she wanted as well. “Great, then I will have the Big Belly Breakfast.”

    “And I shall have the Ham and Egg Cheese sandwich with extra onions, please,” Cassandra said, handing the menus over to Luke.

    “Great! We’ll get right on it,” Luke said, taking the menus. He gave another glance downwards at their chests before heading off.

    “Oh my gosh, he was totally checking us out,” Zoe said with a chuckle.

    “Of course, Zoe. How could he not?” Cassandra said with a little flick of her hair. “It’s both you, Zoe, and the wonderful Cassandra Blaike sitting at a booth. It would be insulting if he wasn’t checking us out.” There was a bit more of Cassandra peeking through. Zoe wondered if this was because they were in public.

    “You know, that gives me an idea,” Zoe said, smiling. “When he comes back, gesture for him to come closer. Then, kiss him. As you do, I’ll slip a Legion onto him. The kiss should muffle any screams.”

    “I like how you think, Zoe,” Cassandra said. 

    Cassandra tugged down her cardigan a little to reveal more of her cleavage. Zoe, meanwhile, coughed a little. There was the odd feeling in the back of her throat from last night when she coughed up Thaddeus. From the shock of everything, she didn’t pay too much attention to it, but it felt like an itch in the back of her throat. Zoe could feel the new Legion crawl into the back of her mouth. She reached and plucked the new Legion from her mouth. The strange leech-like parasite hung from her fingers, but she clenched her fist around it before anyone might have seen it.

    It didn’t take long for Luke to return, carrying the two glasses. “Alright, one sweet tea and one water with a lemon slice.” He set the glasses down, making sure to bend down to get a nice eyeful of cleavages.

    “Oh, one thing,” Cassandra said as she beckoned with her finger. 

    Luke bent down, curious as to what was going on. With a swift motion, Cassandra pulled Luke in for a kiss, locking her lips with his. Zoe quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching them. Seeing no one paying attention, she put the new Legion onto Luke’s neck. It promptly bit down onto his neck and burrowed in, causing Luke to squirm. But, Cassandra held him firm, muffling any sounds he made. Just like with Cassandra, it only took a few seconds for Luke to stop flailing. Zoe watched as his shimmered to the same purple as Cassandra’s. An odd sensation flowed over Zoe as she could feel herself become connected to the new mind. Cassandra let go of Luke and he stood right up, adjusting himself.

    Luke bowed slightly to Zoe. “It is done, Zoe. Luke Derian, at your service.” He smiled warmly at her.

    “Wow, that was quick,” Zoe said, still part of her not believing that that just happened. “So, Luke Derian, huh?”

    “Yes,” Luke said. “I am at your command, Zoe.”

    Zoe looked around, giving Luke a little signal to quiet down. “Alright, I don’t want to draw attention to you or us. Continue about your day as usual and if I need you, I’ll contact you.” Luke nodded and headed off into a different part of the restaurant. Zoe took a huge sigh as she slumped back into her booth seat. “I can’t believe it. It’s really just as simple as that.”

    “Indeed it is, Zoe,” Cassandra said as she took a sip of her water. “That is the power that the Queen of the Legion of Thaviothes carries.”

    “You know, I haven’t gotten a chance to really ask about you,” Zoe said, sipping a bit of her tea. “About the Legion of Thaviothes, I mean.”

    “Well, I would be happy to tell you everything, but,” Cassandra said as she turned her head to the influx of customers, “I feel that this would not be the wisest place to do so.”

    Zoe gave a little sigh. “You’re right. We can talk about it another time” She dragged her finger around the rim of her glass before chuckling a little. “Well, now that we have ourselves our inside man, I think that it’s about time we get that sexy hostess added to our ranks.”

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