Part Swap - The Party - Mia & Elise

Story created by VexenFox ∙ 11 September 2023

Sam throws a house party to show off a nice device he's gotten access too. It's a kind of laser sword, which let's you cut off any body part and keep control of it! But be careful, if you cut something off, somebody else might just pick it up and claim it as their own. In this story, Mia finds gets her hands cut off and replaced with those of the unattractive host. Elise, meanwhile, cuts off her head and sneaks away for some self-experimentation, but somebody else puts their head on her body at the worst possible time...

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  • Part Swap - The Party - Henry & Clyde

    Chapter written by Magna Cum Laude ∙ 14 January 2023

    In the aftermath of his fight with Bruce and Stacy, Henry hangs out for a bit with the frat boys who inadvertently rescued him. However, not all is as it seems, and it would appear that Sam Smegly's experimental part swapping technology has some unintended side effects going on. But hey: when's that ever gone awry in these kinds of narratives before?

  • Henry looked down at the now unconscious form of Stacy and Bruce with a triumphant smirk plastered all over his face through the valley of his dark brown cleavage, watching the massive red welts of his two knockout blows beginning to spread across their faces. ‘Serves you right for trying to get in the way of all the fun, dick,’ he thought, and mentally spat at the formerly hulking boyfriend of the person he’d bodynapped. He had no real inkling as to why the frat boy had decided to help him like he had, but he had to admit he was thankful for the knuckle dragger’s intervention. It’d certainly put him back in his good graces after the stunt he’d pulled with his friends and their round of shots.

    After a few moments of appreciating in Stacy’s striking form, Henry rolled his shoulders, sucked in a deep breath, and jumped off the pair. Just his luck that he’d come closer to being intimate with two women than he'd ever been before that night and one had completely collapsed while the other was sitting discarded a few feet away from where he was, glaring daggers into him from her lowly vantage point on the floor.

    “Y-you bastard!” Elise’s disembodied head said with a snarl. “When Bruce comes to, I swear to God, you’re going to pay for what you did to him and Stace!”

    “Oh, yeah, I’m sure. How’d that work out for him just a minute ago?” Henry said, rolling his eyes as he sauntered over and stared down at his body’s former owner, arms sitting akimbo on his pronounced hips.

    “When he gets his body back-”

    “That’s a matter of if, isn’t it?” Henry responded acidly, glancing over at the ringleader frat boy doing some more ridiculous poses in front of his friends like some exaggerated superhero, their alcohol-induced euphoria causing them to yuck it up at his antics. One of them had practically fallen onto the other one he was laughing so hard his baseball cap askew.

    Elise’s lip trembled and for a moment Henry thought she was about to cry. Whatever. She’d gotten herself into this mess tonight and he had no interest in helping her to get out of it. Everyone knew she was one of the biggest attention whores on campus; hell, the possibility of her embarrassing herself or doing something salacious was half …

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Magna Cum Laude Author ∙ 14 January 2023

Apologies if this feels... short for the commission price, but I was trying to adhere as closely as I could to the guidelines for this one (frex, between 3000-4000 words). I initially considered including an actual sex scene, but figured I might leave it up to review first before I continued with that; if this gets approved, then I'll write the next segment with Henry on my own before people can continue if they'd like. Was just trying to add on to the preexisting story that VexenFox wrote. Hopefully people enjoy this turn and the introduction of a monkey wrench into the works when you use body parts that aren't your own. :)

VexenFox ∙ 19 January 2023

I liked it! Well written, if missing a bit of action, looking forward to seeing where it goes if you continue it!

Magna Cum Laude Author ∙ 25 January 2023

Yeah, the lack of action is mostly due to me wanting to save that for what's effectively part two. Hopefully it lives up to your expectations!