Ghost Portal

Story created by jibaky ∙ 11 September 2023

Thomas was a science genius, but wasn't all that good at interacting with other people. After inventing a machine that helped him to slip into a different plane of reality, he decided to use his newfound abilites in there to possess his old high school teacher. Will he be able deal with a female body, or will this new power corrupt him?

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  • Ghost Portal

    Chapter written by jibaky ∙ 18 May 2023

    Thomas was a science genius, but wasn't all that good at interacting with other people. After inventing a machine that helped him to slip into a different plane of reality, he decided to use his newfound abilites in there to possess his old high school teacher. Will he be able deal with a female body, or will this new power corrupt him?

  • Arguably, Thomas was what one could describe as a once in a generation genius. Of course, most people wouldn’t, but that was because he was more likely to just laze around and do nothing, than to do anything remotely impressive.

    He had always had trouble focusing, so he often just flitted between different projects which had caught his fancy. He tried to always finish them eventually, at least as proof of concept, but the few people he had in his life were more likely to see them as disjointed masses of wires and metal they spent most time as, than as the miraculous pieces of technology they really were once finished.

    What enabled this, was a little machine that used quantum fluctuations to create pieces and components for anything he needed. He had invented it when he was 14, and all it took to create almost anything he needed was the electricity to power it.

    As far as he knew, Thomas was almost self-sufficient. He could sate any biological need with his machine, and any intellectual need by inventing new things. The one big problem he had was social interaction.

    Thomas was a perfect example of the introverted genius, and had a lot of trouble interacting with other people outside his family, and a few childhood friends who still kept in touch. It was with that in mind that he invented a Plane Displacer.

    While at first glance, a simple modification of his older Teleporter, instead of changing his location on the space axis, the Plane Displacer changed him to a different plane of existence altogether. As far as the normal world knew, while using the machine, Thomas ceased to exist.

    The first time he used it, Thomas was amazed. It looked like a copy of his usual world plane, except the sky was gone, the colors looked glowy, and most textures seemed blurry to his eyes. On the other hand, people looked like they usually did, only with a negative filter applied. He had made sure to jump into a plane just out of sync with his own so he could peep at anyone he wanted undetected, so while he could see and hear anyone, the same couldn’t be said about them.

    He even thought for a while to call the machine a Ghost Portal, but found it to be a little too dramatic.

    He figured that by snooping around, he could study people, and if he learnt enough, he could be as sociable as anyone else! Of course, after a month of experimentation, he came to a very surprising conclusion. Looking at people interacting was not enough to learn how to do it himself, at all!

    Thomas was very dejected. His master plan did not work, so maybe he should start working on something else to take his mind out of his failure. 

    While on the other side, he had quite a few observations. While he could usually interact normally with anything in the normal world, they were harder to do the more people were around him. Lifting a plastic cup was easy while alone, felt like lifting a dumbbell with one person, and was an actual herculean task with more people. Likewise, while he could, with some effort, cross through solid objects, people were solid, and unmovable. The tallest walls couldn’t hold him, but crowds were as good as bunkers.

    All of these little pieces of information painted quite the weird picture. It was almost like Ghost Portal was a much more apt name than he thought, so he decided to put it to the test. He spent a whole week studying and researching anything ghosts could do in fiction, and had started lining up an experimentation map.

    By setting out various tools to collect data in the real world around the town, courtesy of his Teleporter, he knew he could start.

    Thomas was anxious, while he was used to using the machine, this was the first time he would use it to do anything completely new. The thought that he somehow found a way into some sort of Astral Realm was exciting.

    He spent the entire day conducting smaller experiments. The temperature in rooms he was alone in, while in the secondary plane, was a few degrees lower than they were before he entered them, though even one other person was enough to take it back to what it used to be. Whenever he interacted with objects for enough time, either by handling them, or by walking through walls, some weird sort of condensation usually started to happen on the surfaces he touched. Sadly, he did not manage to fly, but did fall noticeably slower than expected.

    It certainly looked like while he was in this other plane, he worked like one would expect of a ghost.

    After returning to the normal world, Thomas collected some of the weird condensation on a few surfaces of his house. He did some tests on them, and came to the conclusion that they weren’t made of anything. It didn’t match any sort of element, or chemical compound he knew. It was something that truly came from the secondary plane, since it did match its unique  background radiation signature.

    Thomas was lucky that the sample observer in his Matter Creator still worked in it, meaning he could generate even more of the curious substance.

    He found that by having canisters of the pale, glowy substance around in the primary plane, his ghostly abilities would be strengthened. Where before he would need to have as few people around as possible to move any object, by hiding a few liters of the glowy liquid in a classroom, he could confidently do a poltergeist impression. He could even fly while holding one such bottle, though he did notice the substance would rapidly evaporate while in the secondary plane, meaning he couldn’t do it for long.

    This all but cemented it. He had somehow found some sort of astral plane, and so, he labeled the weird substance ectoplasm.



    Thomas was having the time of his life. Between all of the miraculous things he had invented, this was by far the most exciting one, he found. With enough ectoplasm, he found he could do almost anything ghosts were supposed to do, meaning he could probably possess other people, so his original purpose for inventing the Plane Displacer could still work out!

    Of course, all that enthusiasm wasn’t enough, he discovered. He could still not find the necessary amount of ectoplasm for people to stop being as hard as steel. Placing canisters in the room didn’t work, and neither did covering himself in it, so he had to be missing something.

    Eventually, he made sure to sneak secret canisters of ectoplasm all around the town. He had spent a good while generating liters and liters of it, and after determining the radius each bottle would still keep empowering him, he used the Teleporter to place them in such a way that he’d always be close enough to at least two canisters. 

    He had gotten a lot of surprises while teleporting them, since not every hiding place was filled with air at the time, some being underground, and at least one sending him back an equivalent volume of dirty water and mud.

    After finishing it he noticed a distinct change in the Astral Plane. Where before he couldn’t see the sky, there was now a slight mist above the town, and instead of looking like a negative colored version of themselves, people now looked more gray-scaled.

    He could now touch them! He had spent a whole afternoon just pushing and tripping people around!

    Still, that didn’t help him with his main objective. He could still not find any way to get himself inside another human being.

    He was mulling that exact problem, as he walked around the town, when he noticed something. He had thoughtlessly walked to a public pool, when he noticed the weird seam in their backs of the people in the water.

    He had never seen anything like it, but he supposed that he had interacted exclusively with clothed people. He walked around the pool, searching for someone sunbathing. After a few minutes, he found the perfect test subject.

    Laying face down, was an older woman, she was wearing a striped bikini bottom, hiding her somewhat large ass, and her top was untied, so as to not mark her skin. Her hair was short, and her face was still beautiful, though clearly getting to her early 50s, and in her back, he could see the seam, in all its glory.

    She seemed to be snoring softly, so Thomas wasn’t afraid to gently touch her back, so he found it intriguing, how even with the seam, by passing his hand across it, her skin felt as smooth as any normal human would. By pressing down though, he could slowly insert his hand into her back, until he felt something warm pushing back. He grabbed it, and pulled.

    After he managed to pull it out completely, he had a baseball sized flaming sphere, and though it radiated a warm orange light, it felt cool to his touch. The woman’s body had completely ceased any motion beyond breathing. Once he let go of it, the sphere floated where he left it, leaving him free to place his hands inside the woman’s back seam.

    At first nothing had happened, but slowly he started to feel something different. The woman had been laying face down, and was resting her head on her arms. The first thing he noticed was a strange weight on the parts of his arms he used to enter her. Then he saw that by moving his fingers, the unconscious woman would mimic his movements. 

    That made Thomas extremely happy, finally he found out how to possess other people. All he needed to do was to extract what seemed to be their souls, and he’d have full reign to use their bodies to his own designs.

    After removing his hands from the woman, he made sure to give her a chaste kiss on the lips as thanks, and before replacing her soul, he decided to do the same to the spirit. But the moment his lips touched its surface, he was overwhelmed by different sensations.

    For a moment, he wasn’t Thomas, boy genius extraordinaire, he was Christina, having a great time in the pool. She had little time to relax these days, what with helping her children to take care of their own children. Today had been a beautiful sunny day, and she wasn’t on babysitting duty, so she had decided to come to the pool, swim around for a while, and once the sun was more subdued, she’d sunbathe for a while.

    Christina was happy she had 5 beautiful grandchildren, but they were a handful, so she couldn’t pass the opportunity to take some time to herse- Immediately Thomas jumped back, letting go of Christina’s soul, scared, from all the alien feelings he felt while it touched his lips.

    He had been her, and could see her memories and deepest desires for a bit. Thomas wasn’t sure what to make of it. He quickly replaced her soul inside the seam, and after checking to see if she was back to normal, he went back to his home.

    This changed everything, he needed to do some more experiments.


    After an entire week testing things out, Thomas was almost sure he knew how this worked. He hadn’t yet possessed anyone fully. He wanted his first time to be special, and he already knew the target.

    His testing let him know that removing someone’s soul was harder, depending on the person’s willpower. Unconscious people were the easier, while conscious headstrong people were the hardest. He surmised that if he wanted to enjoy someone's day he’d have to get there early, before they woke up.

    He had also learnt how to deal with his host’s soul. He could ingest it, to receive all of the person’s memories, thoughts, and abilities. That, by itself, was almost enough to solve his problem, but he really didn’t want to test what would happen if he took a spirit back to the primary world, and any social skills he received from the spirit would go back once he let it go back to its body.

    He had gone back to Christina’s house a few times for testing, having learned where it was from the minute he spent connected with her back at the pool. There, he also found that as long as he took it out first, he could reinsert the spirit, with his arms inside her. She wasn’t really sure why she was fondling herself, but she did nothing to stop herself from doing it, and whenever he relaxed the arm, she could use it as normal. 

    He had hoped it meant that as long as he kept their souls within himself, he could just ride along with the host. Sure, he could probably play their part to an uncanny degree, but that didn’t mean he wanted to do their work, or interact with every person they had to.

    All of that testing culminated in his current location. It was 4 in the morning, and he was currently in the process of breaking into the apartment of one ms. Ashley Black. She had been a young teacher of his, when he was still in high school, and had quite the crush on her. The young physics teacher had been the single most beautiful woman Thomas had seen, and also the smartest one. She was so much better than him at her chosen subjects, that he felt like he was hypnotized whenever he had any discussion together with her. 

    Sadly, though young, she was still 8 years his senior, so she had never seen him as anything other than a particularly gifted student of hers. Ashley had shoulder length hair, and though her breasts weren’t very big, she had an amazing set of hips, and that, coupled with her thin waist, and round derriere was the envy of all the women in the school.

    It had been a warm day, and so she left the window open,that way, the cooler air of the night could enter, and by being high above the ground, no one could use it to enter her room. That, of course, didn’t take into account the 21-year-old almost-ghost boy that could fly somewhat. 

    He got to her room and saw her in all her naked glory. He was seeing things he had desired for so long, that he was almost emotional. The thin blonde woman had a neat pair of small breasts, big enough to fit comfortably in her palms, but not to cause any back pain, and her pussy was framed by a well trimmed landing strip of hair. Once again, he felt hypnotized by this woman, though for different reasons this time.

    After admiring her, he quickly got to work. He gently spun her so she would be on her back. He was glad she wasn’t wearing a top, or any sort of bra, taking it off would be another whole other beast, one that he didn’t want to deal with if he could.

    Her back turned to the sky, Thomas gently ran his fingers over the seam on Ashley’s back, before inserting his whole hand inside, looking for the teacher’s soul. It wasn’t long before he found it, and pulled it free from her body. 

    While Christina’s soul was a gentle orange color, and looked like a little ball of flames, Ashley’s radiated a sharp cyan neon light, and looked almost solid. Thomas was anxious now, Christina’s felt softer, so he had no trouble swallowing it, but this one was hard, and he wasn’t sure he’d be able to get it inside him.

    Still, he brought the bright soul to his lips, and just like his other experiences, the moment he touched it, he was almost overwhelmed by the memories. 

    Ashley was dreading the coming weeks. While still calm, tests and papers that she’d have to grade were right around the corner. It was with that in mind that she was doing her best to fully enjoy herself at home. She was truly lucky that tonight had been a fresh night. She always loved the way that the cold wind contrasted with the warmth of the day this time of the year.

    Still, she couldn’t help but feel somewhat sad at not having any company. She had friends and colleagues, but hadn’t really dated anyone for a while, meaning that beyond small talk during work, and her students, her only opportunities to speak with other people was during the rare occasions that her friends had some kind of break from their workplaces. It was rough having a schedule that was incompatible with anyone she might’ve wanted to hang out with.

    Thomas was surprised, though it was easier] to disconnect himself from them. compared with Christina,  Ashley’s memories and thoughts hit him like a freight truck. He imagined she either had a stronger personality force, or maybe it was because she was younger, but he was worried. It wouldn’t be good for him if he lost himself in her.

    So since he still had some time, he decided to just take her body for a spin. Later, he’d take her soul into himself, and would be her during the day. He gently set the soul inside one of her bedside table’s drawers, and prepared himself.

    There was a certain erotic thrill at becoming someone he had admired for so long. Gone would be the awkward young man, replaced by the young, sexy high school teacher.

    He climbed in her bed, and spread her back seam open. He was lucky he didn’t need to match any body part, just climb inside, otherwise he’d have a lot of trouble, what with her laying on her stomach. 

    First he inserted his feet. The nothing he could feel inside was quickly replaced by the soft bed sheets. He slowly dropped down inside her back, almost like entering a pool, but instead of his body getting used to the cold water, his body was slowly changing into Ashley Black.

    All that was left was his chest, arms and head. It felt weird to have half his body laying down on a bed, and the other straight up, but he was still giddy at feeling his new genitalia. It was certainly different from having a cock.Hungry for the feel of the whole body, he let go of her sides, and dove deep into Ashley’s back.

    Ashley’s eyes opened up. She rolled on the bed, exposing her breasts to the air, the warm flesh quickly getting goosebumps. Likewise, her nipples stood proud and erect, leading her hands to them.

    Thomas wasn’t sure how to feel. Wearing Ashley’s body like that made him feel so sensual, like he had never before. Touching his first pair of breasts was nothing like he ever expected it to be. Ashley’s small breasts were soft and sensitive, like he had two giant marshmallows in his chest, only they were so very much responsive. Just lightly caressing her nipples felt divine.

    He sat down on the edge of the bed, marveling at his new skin. Ashley’s skin was smooth and hairless, and nowhere was that more evident than in her legs. Thomas’ legs were hairy, and pale, but Ashley’s were smooth and toned. He stood up, and went to turn on the lights.

    Thomas had to admit, no matter how hot he thought being his high school crush was, looking at himself in the mirror like this was freaky. Not only was walking around harder, from the different gravity center, and length of their legs, everything felt bigger, and just that bit farther than they were supposed to.

    The discomfort was such that he quickly decided to leave. He figured that doing this with her soul would feel better, so he turned off the light, before laying back down in the bed.

    Leaving was a lot harder than it was to get in. It took 5 long minutes of concentrating for him to feel the seam in his new body’s back, and managing to get his old one from inside it. After he left, he was breathless, and his muscles ached, like he went through the most intense work out of his life.

    He took a few minutes for himself, before recovering Ashley’s soul. After confirming that it was indeed possible to possess another person's body, he was anxious to fully embody Ashley.

    In a fit of courage, Thomas placed Ashley’s soul inside his mouth, and swallowed it at once. Just as he thought, it didn’t go down as smooth as Christine’s, but once it reached his belly, he could already feel the second set of memories inside his head. At once he could now access all of her personality and mannerisms.

    With that, he once again went towards her body. Instead of carefully slipping inside it, like his first time, after spreading the seam open, he just plunged inside, so as to be as fast as possible, and just like that, he blacked out.


    It was 6 in the morning when Ashley’s alarm clock rang. Sleepily she turned it off, before going towards her bathroom for a quick shower. Before leaving her room, her eyes laid on her own body in the mirror. It was strange, like she was unfamiliar with the body she held her entire life.

    “Am I getting fat, or something? Weird…”, mumbled the blonde. Even her voice felt a little different than what she expected

    Still, she had to go to work, so she needed to take a bath. Entering the bathroom, she looked close at her face, checking for anything outside its place. Finding nothing, she turned on the shower, and took a lock of hair, and brought it to her nose. For some reason, beyond the all around weirdness she felt when looking at herself, she couldn’t help but wonder at how good she smelled today. After a quick sniff under her arms, she entered the shower.

    It was as if every time her hands got close to her breasts, ass or pussy, they lingered a little bit more than she usually did. Looking down, she couldn’t help but notice that despite their petite size, her boobs did indeed have a nice shape, immediately beginning to fondle herself.

    “Huuh…” she moaned softly. Her breasts had always been sensitive, but this morning it was like they were on fire.

    Each second she spent grabbing her tits, and gently pinching her nipples, her arousal grew, making the warm water from the shower feel better and better on her skin, and before long, her hands snaked downwards, towards her pussy.

    By how warm her insides felt, she knew that if she wasn’t wet from the shower, she’d be sopping down there. She expertly massaged her outer lips, before going for the true prize. By now, Ashley was so aroused, that just pinching her clit once, she came.

    She tried to hold onto the crashing wave of pleasure for as long as she could, proficiently inserting her fingers into her vagina, pressing on her sweetest spot. Still, it wasn’t long before she finished, and a wave of clarity hit her.

    She quickly finished showering, grabbing her towel, and drying herself. As she went to the sink to brush her teeth, she couldn’t help but notice that any weirdness about her appearance had vanished. Maybe she had been more pent up than she expected?


    Ashley had spent the day as normal as she could. After leaving her home, she went to work. This morning she had a few different physics classes to teach, and during the afternoon she’d be in the teacher’s lounge, planning some tests for her classes. 

    She had always been uncomfortable with how many men, both faculty and students shamelessly looked at her ass, but supposed that it was the occupational hazard of being a young attractive teacher, the next youngest of her colleagues being 8 years older than her. Today though? All she could feel was a weird sense of excitement in knowing that men desired her.

    After she finished her classes, Ashley was at the teacher’s lounge drinking some coffee before going back to work, when in came Clarice Carter. Before Ashley got hired, she had been the youngest teacher in the school, so they got very well together.

    Despite looking very motherly, the taller woman had no kids. Today, her wavy chocolate hair was loosely tied down, keeping with her theme. She liked wearing comfortable clothes, so Despite having an almost amazonian build, it was very well hidden from most people. Apparently she had first started going to the gym to impress a girl she was interested in, and after it ended, she just kept going.

    “Hey Ash, are you done for the day?”

    “Just taking a break, gotta finish some tests for one of my classes. What about you?”

    “Oh, I have a few more classes before I’m done, thankfully it’s a quiet one”, said Clarice, pouring coffee for herself.

    “Oooh, I wish my last class of the day had been one of the nice ones. Were we that bad when we were younger?”

    “Well, I can’t say about you, but I was a little angel”, smirked the older woman.

    “Ah, yes, all of those poor boys that got beaten up by the angry tall girl will surely agree”, jested the blonde.

    “Well, they shouldn’t have picked on me then”, answered Clarice in fake outrage. “Anyways, it was good talking with you today, but I gotta go back to class”, setting her mug on the sink.

    “Hey, do you wanna go for a drink tonight, with me?” suddenly asked Ashley, surprising even herself.

    “Oh? I’m free tonight, yeah, do you have a place in mind?”

    “Ugh, my… house?” said the confused blonde.

    “How forward of you, ms. Black. It’s a date then, see you later”, answered the brunette, before leaving.

    “What the fuck…” said Ashley. She hadn’t been planning on asking Clarice out. She briefly remembered that sense of weirdness she felt that morning. Was she going insane? She hoped not, but it felt like today she wasn’t in full control of herself, which was worrying.

    Still, she had some more work to do, she could get worried after finishing her obligations of the day.


    It was 5 in the afternoon, and Ashley was now going back to her house. She knew that Clarice would only leave the school at 6, so she had enough time to deal with some of her house’s mess. She had bought some beers and wine, since she wasn’t sure what Clarice would want to drink.

    Arriving at her apartment, she placed the beverages in the fridge, before getting changed. Once again, after she got rid of her work clothes, her eyes resisted leaving her bare skin. She had to admit that she was actually pretty hot, her slender upper body thickening well into her hips and ass, and then tapering into her long legs.

    She resisted the urge to play with herself again, she had a house to ready for a guest after all, so she got dressed, and started tidying up.

    She ended up having a whole hour before Clarice arrived. It was already dark outside when the taller woman entered the building, and Ashley really wasn’t expecting what she saw.

    While at school Clarice tended to wear soft or dark colors, often in sweaters and skirts with tights underneath, or larger shirts, tonight she was wearing a simple white shirt and jeans. While intellectually she knew what Clarice’s build actually was underneath her clothes, seeing her ample bosom and wide hips for the first time shocked her a little.

    She was almost hypnotized by the larger woman’s figure, and could feel herself slowly moistening at the sight of those generous globes.

    “Hey. Ash? Ash!” exclaimed the older woman.

    “Oh, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me, please come in”, hurriedly said the blonde.

    All things considered, they had a pleasant evening. Ashley had drunk a few cups of wine, while Clairce kept to the beer. After they finished the dinner Ashley prepared, Clarice couldn’t help but ask.

    “So, what’s your deal? We’ve known each other for a while, and you never striked me as a someone batting for the same team”

    “Well, I don’t think I am? At least not usually, but today has been a very unusual day.”

    “Not that I’m complaining, you’re cute and all, but if you’re trying to use me for any dumb reason you better tell me, cause if I find out you’re bouncing back from a bad break up, and using me for that, I’ll be quite mad.”

    “Ugh, it's not that. I think I'm experimenting? I’ve never been with a woman before, and to be honest, I hadn’t ever planned before today, but something about you today made me think that I should look into it,” sheepishly explained the blonde. “Also, you’re the only lesbian I know, so if anyone could help me explore it’d be you.”

    “Huh, that’s a first for me, I guess. Welp, from how long your eyes have been in my tits, I guess we better start soon, then. Just try not to make this weird later,” said the brunette, sultrily, crawling over her coworker, her hands snaking beneath her clothes.

    Ashley hadn’t been expecting that. Different from her past boyfriends and one night stands, Clarice’s larger hands massaged her breasts very gently. She took off the smaller woman’s clothes, careful not to damage them, and kissed her all the way, from her lips, down her neck, to her nipples, her belly, and finally to her lower lips.

    Clarice didn’t usually go for the girly types, but she could see the appeal. As a teacher, Ashley was quite headstrong, but right now, under her care, she looked so small, like an inexperienced kitten. She couldn’t help but notice that she had a distinctive smell tonight, different from what she usually did at school. 

    Clarice had always been sensitive to those things. Small, almost imperceptible changes on someone’s odor could tell a lot about how they were that day. Most people found it creepy, but having super smelling powers was something she had found useful all her life.

    If she didn’t know better, it was like Ashley’s usual aroma was tinged by something she usually felt from young men, and for some reason, she found that to be intoxicating.

    Her coworker tasted heavenly, she found, when her ministrations got to her pussy. She had quite the cute one, her lips were just the right size, and the way she moaned every time her tongue went inside her depths did things to herself that she wouldn’t dare to speak of.

    Eventually, Ashley had gotten to her climax. The blonde’s legs shut tightly, with the brunette’s head between them, so Clarice made sure to lick as much of the younger woman’s juices as she could.

    Ashley had to give it to Clarice. She knew that today had been quite an unusual day, the whole masturbation session in the morning felt better than any other time she pleasured herself, but her coworker’s oral sex had felt so much better than any other time she had sex that she couldn’t believe it. Still, she had to give back to her, so after letting the larger woman go from her legs, she immediately went on the offensive.

    Clarice’s lips tasted different now than like they did during their first kiss a few moments ago. She supposed that was her own taste in her lover’s mouth. For some reason, that made her so much hungrier for the taller brunette’s body, that she could barely hold herself.

    She pawed at her large breasts forcefully, pushing her down on the couch. She made sure to suckle on her large nipples, licking her skin, tasting her sweat. She was so hot right now. This big and strong woman was letting her manhandle her, as easily she wanted. God, she could almost say she was in love with her body.

    While her skin felt as smooth and soft as Ashley’s, the musculature underneath a nice and plushy layer of fat made her body feel so luscious to the touch, that she almost wanted to press herself into her body, until she could just slip inside and completely merge with her.

    But since that was impossible, she settled for the second best thing, she lowered herself to Clarice’s shaved pussy. She had never seen a vagina from so close, but she had an idea of what to do, so she went to work.

    She inserted her fingers into the other woman’s needy hole, while her lips dedicated themselves to the older woman’s clitoris. She tried to maintain a consistent rhythm between focusing on each part, so she kept going, until her face got sprayed with her co worker's juices.


    A few hours into the night, both tired and thoroughly fucked women slept peacefully. After both had first orgasmed, they moved themselves to Ashley’s room, and there, they kept playing with each other’s body for as long as they could keep awake.

    Surprisingly, Ashley had kept awake for a little longer than Clarice did. She knew that for some reason, she couldn’t afford to sleep before her companion. After she made sure the brunette was asleep, she started concentrating. Just like that, her head hit the pillow, back turned to the ceiling.

    A Seam slowly opened in Ashley’s back, and Thomas crawled out of it as carefully as he could.

    He was tired. Unlike the first time he used Ashley’s body by itself, it wasn’t any sort of physical tiredness, but mental exhaustion. He could barely describe his experience living her life for a day. During some moments, it was like he couldn’t tell where she began and he ended, and during others he was just sitting down, deep inside her mind, making as little noise as he could.

    The sheer pleasure women’s bodies were capable of was something he wasn’t ready to feel when he first woke up today, but it was wonderful. Each tender touch to one of her breasts felt like massaging his penis’ head, and he could barely describe how it felt to have a tongue deep inside her vagina, or her clitoris stimulated. 

    All around, the feeling of embodying such an attractive woman was the best part. He could feel her mind flowing between his own while he was being her, and that was the best part of all. He could have her all for himself during it, in ways that even just keeping her soul inside himself didn’t compare.

    But all good things had to end, and he couldn’t keep stealing someone else’s life like that, so he quickly let go of Ashley’s soul, the small sphere slowly phasing through his belly, and resting in his hands.

    He placed it inside Ashley’s body, somewhat sad to let go of it, and that he couldn’t stay here to see how she’d be after all of that influence he had on her yesterday.

    At least he did, until his eyes settled on the other woman in the room.

    He didn’t really know Clarice, didn’t have a deeper connection with her, like he did with Ashley. But he supposed that it wouldn’t hurt to keep watching them for at least one more day.

    Besides, if he needed to, he could just get her to a bathroom, and leave whenever he wanted to. Yeah, why wouldn’t he enjoy the larger woman.

    And so, with a grin on his face, he slowly reached into the brunette’s back, firmly grasping her soul. He would make sure to keep experimenting.

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Eb18 ∙ 01 June 2023

Very interesting concept. I thought the stealth control style change in perspective was handled well. Neat ending. Not a story without its flaws, with some grammatical wobbles here and there, as well as a bit too much ambiguity in a few places, but still a good story nonetheless that shows lots of improvement from the author.

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