Stealth Control: A Not-So-Average Sort Of Day

Story created by VexenFox ∙ 11 September 2023

The opening couple of scenes for a slice-of-life stealth control story featuring a group of college friends. In this opening, Luna & Alphonse experiment with the technology with each other for the first time, and Luna is quite a bit bolder with it that Alphonse. It is largely ftm, from the male third person perspective.

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  • Stealth Control: A Not-So-Average Sort Of Day Part 1

    Chapter written by VexenFox ∙ 25 July 2023

    The opening couple of scenes for a slice-of-life stealth control story featuring a group of college friends. In this opening, Luna & Alphonse experiment with the technology with each other for the first time, and Luna is quite a bit bolder with it that Alphonse. It is largely ftm, from the male third person perspective.

  • The chilly air of Alphonse's dorm room was cut by the soft humming of a high end laptop, built more for specs than style. Alphonse himself sat hunched over, squinting at the glow of the screen in the darkness. The page he had stumbled upon was unlike anything he’d seen before, its dark background and neon lines carrying an aura of the illicit.

    Or at least, an aura of a programmer who used dark mode, which was always a good sign. 

    It was late - late enough that his roommate Quincy was out on the town, courting danger or a damsel (or both). Alphonse sighed, running a hand through his mousy brown hair as he considered the proposition before him: a chance to buy into the surreal, the impossible.

    Stealth Control Nanobots™

    They were the stuff of whispered rumours and online conspiracy theories. The government had banned the technology long ago, citing concerns over privacy, consent, and potential for abuse. Concerns that were well founded. Even though the tech had never reached the mainstream, and was tightly controlled for government use only, there were still regular stories of leaks. It seemed like every few months some starlet would seem to lose her mind, and go masturbate in public, or dance nude on a balcony.

    Stealth control was always blamed, and tighter controls always followed. Alphonse wondered how many of these cases were real – and how many times a drugged up rock star would just blame their latest bender on stealth control. “It wasn’t me! It was just my body!”

    Still, if they were real… well, basic logic would dictate for every case you heard about, there were probably hundreds of people being controlled in ways that weren’t overt enough to make the news.

    And if that were true, then maybe you *could* just buy a vial of the stuff from a random Russian IP address.

    Alphonse knew he was talking himself into it.

    His mouse hovered over the 'Buy Now' button, his heart pounding. He looked at the reviews again: users swearing up and down that the tech was real, functional, and life-altering. A few death threats to the seller. Someone asking how to exit vim. It seemed legitimate enough…

    A mental image of Luna filled his mind, her dark goth aesthetic barely containing her wild exuberance. What would it be like to *be* her? His pulse quickened at the thought of experiencing her world, of seeing the universe through her eyes. It was such an intimate thought that he felt a pang of guilt immediately. Yet, there was a small part of him that yearned for that intimacy, a desire fueled by a confusing amalgam of curiosity, love, and the heady promise of forbidden… …science.

    Maybe, if he controlled her, he could plant the idea in her mind that they should date… “incept” it, if you will. Alphonse rolled his eyes. 

    His sister Christina's warnings echoed in his mind. "Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should." She would definitely disapprove of his current predicament.

    Just as he was about to close the tab, a notification beeped. A text from Quincy: "Bro, where you at? Rosa and Luna asking for you at the Fox's Den." His heartbeat quickened again. Luna was asking for him?

    The weight of the decision weighed heavy on his heart. He was no womaniser like Quincy, no social butterfly like Rosa. He was Alphonse, the bassist in the band, the nerd in the corner, the one who was always observing, dreaming… not doing. This technology, dangerous and alluring as it was, could be his chance to connect, to understand, to be a part of something bigger.

    "Damn it," he muttered under his breath, his hands trembling as he clicked 'Buy Now'. The screen confirmed his purchase, and the weight seemed to lift a little, replaced with a heady blend of exhilaration and anxiety.

    He hastily shut his laptop, grabbed his bass, and left the dorm room. Tonight, he was going to enjoy his regular life. Tomorrow, he thought, with a mix of excitement and fear, everything could change. He could change. He only hoped that the price wouldn't be too high.


    A week later Alphonse and Luna sat in that same dorm room, staring at a non-descript metal box. It had arrived that morning.

    Alphonse, tall and gangly, was hunched over it. His fingers tapped on the plain surface, a thumb running over the embossed logo of a butterfly - a suitable symbol for a box of Stealth Control Nanobots™, he thought.

    Luna, wearing her habitual black skinny jeans and band tee, watched Alphonse with a barely contained excitement in her emerald eyes. It was a look that Alphonse knew too well, and it always made his heart stumble and his palms dampen. How was it possible that she would even want to hang out with him, when she was so damn cool, and he… well, he wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans. He wondered if she noticed his pulse thundering in his throat, betraying his nervousness.

    "Alphonse, stop stalling," she teased, playfully punching his arm. He winced, more from the contact than any supposed pain, but he allowed a hesitant smile. "I want to see what they look like!"

    He opened up the box with a click. Inside lay rows of vials, each containing a small amount of silvery liquid. They were tiny, barely a few millilitres, and yet they held the power to wrestle control from the mind of one and place it into the hands of another.

    “Huh, smaller than I thought”, said Luna. She picked one up, and he winced at the sacrilege. “Ready to give it a go?”

    A ripple of unease traversed Alphonse's spine as he carefully picked up one of his own. He looked down at Luna and found himself wondering what it would be like to *be* her. Her dainty hands fiddled with the vial impatiently, the pale skin and black painted nails looking ghostly against the silvery vial. Was he really about to have a turn controlling those hands?

    He looked down at himself. Large. Kinda gangly. Not unfit, just, like his limbs didn’t quite sit right. Would she even want a turn controlling him? Would he let her? Immeasurably powerful tiny little robots were about to float across his blood brain barrier, attach themselves to his neurons, and force them to fire in a pattern that matched the one in Luna’s brain – at least, as far as sensation and movement were concerned. 

    He shivered. Then he thought of Luna – lively, unpredictable Luna – wielding that power over him and shivered again, and not just from fear. He could feel a stirring beginning in his pants. That might be an awkward one to explain if Luna took a turn using it on him.

    "Are you sure about this?" he questioned, his voice barely a whisper.

    Luna responded with an impish grin. "You’re not backing out on me, are you! Al, when on earth will we get another chance like this! I want to know what it’s like!" 

    Her eyes sparkled with a dangerous sort of thrill.

    "I-I'm- no! Let’s do it!" Alphonse managed, voice steady despite the tumultuous storm of anxiety brewing within him. 

    Luna raised her vial in the air as if making a toast, then swallowed it in one go. Alphonse hesitated and then drank his as well.

    She looked down at herself. “Okay, I don’t feel any different. What now?”

    Alphonse swallowed, finding his voice again. "It said that the nanobots in the liquid will make their way to our brains and establish a sort of connection with our neurons." He explained, hands slightly shaking as he held up his own, now empty, vial.

    "Once that's done, a small light will flash in our vision, and we'll be able to navigate a basic user interface in our minds. It's like... you know, when you're dreaming, and you're aware that you're dreaming? It's a bit like that. It doesn't intrude on your day-to-day life; it's just there, waiting to be accessed."

    Luna's eyebrows furrowed as she took in his explanation, a tinge of curiosity and apprehension in her eyes. "And then what?"

    "There's an option in the UI," Alphonse continued, gesturing vaguely with his hands, "that lets us select whether to make ourselves 'open' to being controlled by anybody else who's swallowed the nanobots. It's like setting your phone to hotspot. Anyone can connect, provided they have the same kind of nanobots, and are nearby"

    “Wait, anyone?” Luna stared at him, silent for a moment, before a slow smile spread across her face. “I really should have waited before chugging that. Remind me not to leave that setting on! Don’t want me to be taken over by some old perv! Ha!”

    Alphonse blushed and nodded.

    “Oh, wait, wait! Something’s changed! I saw the flash!”

    As she spoke, Alphonse himself saw a brief flash of yellow light pulse in the exact centre of his vision and then fade away. His brain felt different somehow, like there was something else in there with him…

    “Okay! I’m trying the UI!” said Luna excitedly.

    Alphonse watched as Luna closed her eyes. He couldn't help but marvel at her. She was so beautiful! Fierce, fearless… cute. Her eyebrows furrowed in concentration, her lips forming a small 'o' as if she was exercising a muscle that she had never used before.

    A moment later, her eyes sprang open. "I did it!" she announced, grinning wide enough to light up the room. "I set it to 'open', Al!"

    She threw her arms wide. “I’m open!”

    Alphonse nearly choked on his saliva. Did she know what she was doing to him? How turned on he was? His dick throbbed in his pants, and he tried to adjust as subtly as he could. “Don’t be a creep, don’t be a creep.” he thought to himself. “Don’t do it!”

    "A-alright," he stuttered, his fingers nervously entwining together in his lap. He concentrated on his own UI, bringing forth that odd feeling that was layered behind his thoughts. It was a surreal feeling, like reaching out for a dream and finding it solid under your touch.

    Navigating the interface was strange, like trying to control an extra limb that he'd never noticed before. He squinted, a line of concentration forming between his brows as he looked for Luna in his mind's eye. And there she was, a clear node of light, pulsating softly, inviting him in. Open. Ready for him.

    "Are you sure about this, Luna?" he asked, his voice a threadbare whisper.

    "Absolutely!" she replied, the excitement in her voice doing little to calm his racing heart. "Now, come on! Try controlling me!"

    Alphonse took a deep breath, readying himself for the plunge, then reached out to that pulsing light. The world shifted, tilted, and for a moment he was standing on the edge of an abyss, a strange sense of anticipation and terror swirling within him.

    And then, he fell.

    Into her.


    The sensation of falling was like nothing he'd ever experienced before. It wasn't just a jolting sense of weightlessness – it was like he was passing through something, a layer, a boundary that held his own self distinct from Luna's. Like rising up from deep underwater, feeling the changing sensations as the water changed temperature and the light got brighter… and then he landed!

    Alphonse jolted and gasped. He was here! He was inside Luna! His mind stuttered at the realisation, his thoughts becoming a chaotic whirlpool. The interface was still there, a pressure at the edge of his perception, giving him a semblance of stability.

    He heard a soft thud as his own body slumped to the floor across from him. What the hell…

    His floating mind seemed to settle a little bit, the sensations becoming less fuzzy, more distinct. He looked down, Luna's hands were smaller, softer than his. Her nails, painted a deep black, looked stark against the pale complexion of her skin. He clenched and unclenched the delicate fingers, feeling the smoothness of her skin, the fragility of her slender bones beneath.

    He looked around the room. The world seemed sharper, clearer, as if he was seeing through a camera lens. He knew Luna wore glasses for reading, but her natural eyesight seemed to be so much better than his. Colours were brighter, shapes more distinct.

    The strangest feeling, however, was the raw sensation of being in a female body. It was an uncanny mix of familiarity and strangeness. The contours of her body were alien to him, the slight swell of her breasts, the narrowness of her waist, the curve of her hips. It was like he had been handed a new instrument and was expected to play without any practice.

    He glanced down for a second, and caught a glimpse of his new breasts inside his shirt, held by a plain black bra. He jolted his head back up as if burned. 

    Don’t be a creep, don’t be a creep!

    Instead, Alphonse slowly and deliberately lifted his -- Luna's -- hand to his face. Smooth, soft. His fingers traced over the foreign features, feeling the curve of her cheekbones, the button-like softness of her nose, the plumpness of her lips. Her nose felt particularly different. It was smaller and flatter than his own, and, strangely, easier to breathe through. 

    His heart was beating like a war drum in his tiny chest as he slowly lowered his hand again, careful not to touch anything *inappropriate*. That thought brought his mind to the body below him, hidden beneath his clothes. He had tits on his chest. Luna’s tits. A warmth spread through his nether region, and a very strange sensation of a wetness appearing in his underwear. A wetness… He had a vagina! He, Alphonse, could *feel* Luna’s vagina. Involuntarily, he felt it pulse at the thought, a wave of foreign pleasure spreading up through him.

    Oh god, oh god. Could she tell? Surely she could tell. She was supposed to be aware of everything. Oh god, he’d blown it. He’d blown it!

    His breathing increased, his heart pounded. He felt his new face flush, and his fingers began to lightly tingle. He needed to get out! Out out out! Something instinctual kicked in within him and he found himself reaching out with that mental limb, that construct of a UI, and somehow managed to force himself out of the body. He felt like he was swimming upward, through currents and waves pushing him back down, upward and upward towards the light, his body going numb, his senses a dull ringing!

    With a jolt, Alphonse found himself laying on his back. 

    The sudden sensation of returning to his own body was a shock in and of itself, like being thrust into ice-cold water. His senses scrambled to readjust, vertigo swooping through him like a bird of prey. The ceiling spun above him, a hazy whirl of colours before it gradually settled into the familiar sight.

    He blinked, his eyelashes brushing against the lenses of his glasses. His hands, rougher and larger, lay on his stomach. He was back in his body.

    Sitting up, Alphonse drew in a shuddering breath. From across the room, Luna began to laugh, a sound as clear and bright as the sun. "Holy shit, Alphonse! Did you really control me?"

    Her eyes were shining with excitement as she sat up. Her fingers brushed back the hair from her face, her movements noticeably more fluid and familiar than when Alphonse was in charge.

    “Um”, said Alphonse, “Sorry.”

    “Sorry? Al! This is amazing!” she looked down at herself, then she grabbed her boobs through her shirt and jiggled them up and down. “It’s so weird. I felt like I *really* wanted to do this a few moments ago, but couldn’t bring myself to for some reason. Being controlled by this thing is wild!”

    “Oh… um…” Alphonse stammered. “I- uh- I didn’t do anything! I was decent!”

    “Yeah, yeah I know!” said Luna with a laugh. “I was getting so horny though. It must have been really strange for you to feel me getting horny while you were in control. Sorry about that!”

    “Um, yeah, it was odd.” Alphonse said, blushing.

    “Wait! *You* were in control! I didn’t get horny! You did!” Luna cackled like a madman. “Oh my god that’s so much worse. You made me horny!”

    Alphonse buried his head in his hands, but he couldn’t help but smile. Somehow he always assumed Luna would act way more… normal… then she did.

    Luna bounced on the spot, her face ablaze with excitement, her teeth biting at her bottom lip as she examined her own hands. "You know what's crazy? I was fully aware. I knew what I was doing, how I was moving… I felt like I was doing everything myself!" She tilted her head back, eyes wide as they stared at the ceiling in wonderment. "But like, I knew that I wasn’t? I saw you fall back, I knew I was acting unnatural, but it was just… it felt so normal!! Al, this stuff is incredible. If I didn’t know I was going to be controlled, there is *no way* I’d be able to tell."

    Alphonse watched her, his own thoughts a jumble of emotions. Awe, curiosity, apprehension, guilt...

    "Did you... um, did you feel uncomfortable?" he asked tentatively, his gaze dropping to his own lap.

    Luna let out a bark of laughter. "Uncomfortable? No! It was insane! Good insane! Sort of like... you know when you're in a dream, and you're just kind of going along with it because dream logic?"

    Alphonse nodded, an uneasy chuckle escaping his lips. "Yeah, I guess that makes sense..."

    “You made me feel so awkward!” Luna chuckled, a mischievous glint in her eye. “When I was trying not to look at my boobs, I felt like a naughty school girl caught kissing in the locker room. If you wanted to see them that bad, you could have just asked.” she winked at him, and Alphonse felt himself turning a deep red and his previously subsiding erection shot back up. She couldn’t be serious, could she?

    “Anyway! My turn now!”

    “Wait, what?”

    “Yes! I want a turn! It’s only fair - you got to be me.”

    Alphonse cringed. One part of him desperately wanted Luna to experience being him, and he was scared and turned on at the idea of being controlled by his crush. Another part of him was aware of the throbbing erection between his legs, and the fact that Luna would *know*.

    “Hurry up! I can’t see you yet!” Luna called out, her eyes squeezed shut as she navigated the ghostly UI.

    Fuck it. 

    Alphonse reached out with that strange new part of his mind, and found the right settling. A strange sensation went through his body as he flipped it from ‘closed’ to ‘open’. There he was. Totally exposed.

    “Okay, I’m-”

    He stopped talking and looked down at himself. What would it feel like to be controlled? Nearby, Luna’s body slumped to the ground.

    “Wow, you were really excited!” he said to himself as he reached down to adjust his erection. It seemed to grow three times harder as he tried to adjust it, not quite getting the usual knack right. 

    “Do you mind?” he said, and began undoing his belt.

    Some part of him cringed for a moment. He really shouldn’t undress with Luna *right there*. She literally just needed to turn her head a little, and she’d see him exposing himself right in front of her!

    Wait a minute…

    Alphonse tried to say something to Luna, to ask if she had remote accessed his nanobots, but some part of him decided against it. Best not to disturb her. 

    Best… not to disturb her? What the hell?

    He was being controlled, wasn’t he?

    It didn’t feel like it. He stared down at his hands as they worked his belt and buttons. It felt like he was just taking off his pants. But… Luna was passed out, he’d set his nanobots to receive the connection, and they had *literally* just agreed to have her control him.

    Even knowing all of that, Alphonse didn’t believe it in his bones.

    “Wow, these things really are powerful”, he thought.

    He finally got the buckle undone and ripped his pants down, his erect dick catching a bit as he yanked them roughly. He stared at it. Average size, average width. Hard as a nail. It was the most erotic thing he’d seen in his life.

    Hey wait, if he was being controlled by Luna right now, did that mean she was feeling turned on too?

    He reached down to feel it in his hands, gently running his fingers along the length of his shaft, and lightly squeezing the end. It felt amazing.

    Not just feeling turned on too, she was turning *him* on. If Alphonse was being controlled, then this wasn’t really his erection! It was hers!

    He wanted to chuckle at that thought, but decided not to.

    He reached a little lower and cupped his balls, lightly lifting them with his hand and feeling how they responded. He gave them a little slap and felt them jiggle.

    “Hah, that’s not so bad.” he said “I knew guys were exaggerating.”

    He flicked one a little harder and- Argh! 

    A heavy throbbing pain washed over him. The taste of bile appeared in his throat. He doubled over and gasped.

    “Ugh. Okay. Okay. Bad idea.”

    Still, he was hard. The pain gradually subsided as he played more with his erect dick. He wanted so badly to quickly rub one out, but couldn’t seem to bring himself to get into bed or the bathroom to do it the way he usually would.

    Instead, Alphonse reached up to his chest and cupped his pecks through his t-shirt.

    “Heh, these certainly beat boobs”, he said. He tapped one, and tried to make them dance by flexing them, but couldn’t quite manage it properly. Then he grabbed his shirt, dug his fingers in hard, and with as much force as he could muster, tore it open right down the middle.

    “I always wanted to do that!” he laughed. “I guess I owe you a shirt now.”

    Pretty soon his eyes fell upon Luna’s unconscious body, slumped on the ground. He effortlessly picked it up and dumped it on his bed, giggling as he watched her flop around.

    “I’m so light! I never realised how easy that was for you!” he laughed again, pushing Luna’s empty head side to side. “I should be a lot less impressed, but you do have some serious muscles for such a serious geek.”

    He flexed an arm and looked at it approvingly. Meanwhile, his dick still beckoned. 

    He found himself biting his lip.

    “Now”, he said to himself, “I knoooow how you felt when you were me. And how I felt like I was doing everything. And I don’t want to freak you out. But, this is me in here. This is Luna speaking right now.”

    Alphonse tried to force that thought to stay with him. It still didn’t feel like it.

    “And that’s my body lying right there.” he continued, “So, I’m going to just go ahead, and, well…”

    He looked down at his dick again, which had hardened right back up to full mast. Then, Alphonse found himself climbing on top of the bed… over Luna’s vacant face… and…

    Oh, no, he couldn’t do that, could he?

    He lined up his dick and gently pushed it into Luna’s mouth.

    But it was Luna doing this, right? Luna was controlling him now?

    He slowly pushed it inside, passed the teeth, and deep down her throat.

    “Hah. No gag reflex!” he laughed.

    If Luna was controlling him, did that mean she *wanted* to give him a blowjob? Or… did she want to get a blowjob?

    He began thrusting slowly. It felt… very strange. He was extraordinarily horny, and the idea that Luna was making him do this was hot as fuck, but at the same time, the blowjob kind of sucked.

    “I wish I could make my body suck properly!” said Alphonse, frustrated. He readjusted his position, and pushed in deeper. He could feel Luna’s body’s lips pressing right down near the base of his shaft.

    Did Luna have a crush on him? Or did this fall under the category of masturbation?

    He didn’t have long to think about it because soon, far sooner than he was ready, he felt a familiar barrier get crossed, and his load spurted out into Luna’s throat and over her face. The orgasm was a surprisingly disappointing one, all things considered.

    “Gah!” he said. “That can’t be it!”

    He kept thrusting, but his dick quickly became soft and uncomfortably sensitive against Luna’s teeth. He sighed.

    “That was definitely an experience. Thanks Alphonse.”

    He wanted to collapse down onto the bed and fall asleep, but instead he found himself climbing off of Luna. Without bothering to get dressed, he grabbed some tissues and cleaned up her face a bit.

    “Might as well do this before heading back!”

    And with that, he lay down on the floor, still naked below the waist, and-

    “What the hell…” muttered Alphonse. Nearby, Luna pushed herself up, gagging slightly.

    “Ugh, that is not very comfortable on this end.” she coughed. “Do you have any water?”

    “That was… did you really control me?” Alphonse asked.

    “Na-dar. Looking good by the way.” she smirked.

    Alphonse glanced down and then sat up with a start. Apparently he’d- she’d- forgotten to put his pants back on. He quickly covered himself up, blushing.

    “That was the strangest thing that has ever happened in my life.” he said.

    “Maybe third, for me” Luna laughed. “Hey, sorry for really jumping into it, I just… ah, I dunno, you felt the same things right?”

    Alphonse nodded, blushing. “It felt like I was the one doing everything.”

    “I know right!” Luna smiled down at him. “I think we need to bring the others in on this.”


    “Ye-huh. Tomorrow night. I’ve got a game in mind.”

    Luna picked up her bag. 

    “I really need a shower after all of that. I’ll call you later, okay?”

    And with that, she left. Alphonse flopped back down and sighed. What he just unleashed?

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VexenFox Author ∙ 25 July 2023

I know it's a little short and didn't quite cover everything from the commission, but I figured I'd post what I've got, and continue it with a part 2, part 3, and so on in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully that is okay! I also didn't really like the idea in the commission of having something slipped into drinks -- it felt a little too close to reality -- so this story changes that mechanism, with an entirely voluntary opt-in, and the opportunity for surprise stealth control to happen later on.

RT101 ∙ 26 September 2023

Fun story here! Thanks for posting!

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