A Hive Mind Stole My Family!

Story created by GaylynneQT ∙ 11 September 2023

Peter and his family were having the ideal vacation, away from the hustle and bustle. However, that wouldn't last long as an alien interrupts their time and takes over his father and his sister! Now, with his mother, the two of them have to manage having an alien taking over half of their family as they try to figure out a solution while hiding the truth from any nosy neighbors.

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  • A Hive Mind Stole My Family!

    Chapter written by GaylynneQT ∙ 21 April 2023

    Peter and his family were having the ideal vacation, away from the hustle and bustle. However, that wouldn't last long as an alien interrupts their time and takes over his father and his sister! Now, with his mother, the two of them have to manage having an alien taking over half of their family as they try to figure out a solution while hiding the truth from any nosy neighbors.

  • Peter Shale woke up, thinking nothing of the strange feeling that was lingering in the air. He stretched as he shook off the remnants of last night’s wet dream.

    “Damn, that was a good one,” he said to himself as he stripped off his boxers and slipped into a fresh pair. “Getting to double team Stacy and Isabelle in a hot tub. Gonna definitely save that for the future spank bank.”

    Peter grabbed his phone, checking out all the notifications from last night. Most of which were snapchats from his friends hanging out at different parties, banging different chicks. He responded to a few of them, wishing that he could have been there with them. But, sadly, he had to be here at home as his family was preparing for their annual excursion.

    Though, he couldn’t really complain. After all, he was getting to visit the beaches of Catalahara for free. A weekend of bright sun, warm weather, and all the hotties in bikinis. Now it would be his friends who would be jealous of him. A few of them had sent him messages wishing him good luck and to have fun on his vacation.

    “Peter! Are you awake yet?”

    “Yeah! I’m coming down soon!” Peter shouted down, responding to his mother that had called out to him. He hopped out of bed and threw on the clothes that he had set aside for today. Just a simple blue T-shirt and jeans, totally fine for the trip to the beach. He combed his hair up, admiring himself in the mirror. “This year, you’re gonna break your record of 4.” He clicked his tongue at himself and applied some cologne.

    Standing at a solid 6’ 2”, he was certainly glad that he was out of his awkward short phase from middle school. Now a 19 year old strapping sophomore in college, he was definitely one to catch the wandering eyes of the ladies. Not that he could blame them; with his toned natural physique, chiseled chin, and deep brown eyes, all it would take was the right look and suave lines to make a lady swoon. And then, once they saw what he was packing at 6 inches, well, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out what happened later that night.

    Yeah, Peter didn’t really have much to complain about with his life. His parents were very well off, with his mother working as a teacher for the local community college and his father working an office job, so money wasn’t ever really an issue for them. His grades weren’t the best, but they were decent enough to keep getting by. And of course, he had game, living the full college experience with parties, ladies, and fun.

    Having finished admiring himself in the mirror, he left his room and headed quickly to the bathroom. He opened up the door and was about to take a whizz when something, or rather someone, stopped him.

    “Peter! What the fuck!? Knock jackass!”

    Standing there in just a bathrobe was none other than his older sister, Brooke.

    Now if Peter was, as he liked to compare himself to, a blue ribbon at the state fair, then Brooke was the winning dish from nationals. Standing at a modest 5’ 6”, she blew Peter’s toned body out of the water with her athletic build. Long blonde hair with pink highlights that she would often dye, gorgeous green eyes, and a killer rack of abs, with most of her body fat going to her D cups, most women would kill for a body like hers. A natural born track star from birth, she held practically every track and field record at their old high school and had the physique to back it up and then some. Not only was she more toned than Peter, but her grades were practically perfect, which she owed to her method of studying while exercising. However, she wasn’t the greatest at being social, preferring to focus more on her studies and exercise, though she did have a few close friends.

    Truth be told, if she wasn’t her sister, Peter would be all over a girl like that. She had the body and the brains. However, Brooke had a tendency to remind Peter that not all that glittered was golden.

    “Get the fuck out!” Brooke shouted as she pushed Peter out of the bathroom.

    “Hey, I need to use the bathroom!” Peter complained as Brooke shoved him.

    “Go use the other one. I was here first!” With that, Brooke locked the door.

    Peter grumbled, but reluctantly made his way downstairs. Before he could make it to the bathroom, another voice stopped him.

    “Come on. It’s vacation time. Can’t you two get along for just a few days?”

    This time, it was his father, Hector, stepping out of the master bedroom. Peter was practically a spitting image of his father when he was younger. Hector stood at a respectable 6’ 4”, just a couple inches over Peter. His wavy brown hair fell down along the sides of his head, accenting his beard that was neatly trimmed as always, accented by his brown eyes. Hector was more muscular than Peter, which he owed to the days of being a surfer before he settled down. His physique always made it a little hilarious when the man who looked like the pinnacle of a surfer dude went to work wearing a suit and tie. But, today wasn’t a suit day; today was a day for a black T-shirt and brown shorts.

    “Sorry Dad,” Peter said, not wanting to get an earful. “We’ll get alone. I promise.”

    “You two better,” Hector said as he patted Peter on the shoulder. “Remember, we’re leaving soon, so don’t take too long.” With that, he made his way to the kitchen.

    Peter quickly headed to the bathroom, relieving himself. Finished, he headed to the kitchen at the same time that Brooke made her way downstairs, dressed in a purple tank top and white booty shorts. The two of them headed into the kitchen, and were immediately assaulted by the smells of freshly cooked bacon and flapjacks.

    “Now, be sure to eat well. The less stops we have to make for food, the sooner we reach the beaches.”

    Handing out the plates of breakfast was Peter’s mother, Veronica. If Peter was the younger version of Hector, then Brooke was the younger version of Veronica. Standing at a surprising 5’ 10”, she had quite the height difference between herself and Brooke than Hector and Peter. She often wore her light blonde hair up in a ponytail to help keep it out of her face. Today, she was wearing a brown top with a bit of a deep U cut to it to accent her E cups and a long green skirt, which fit snugly against her body to show off her hips.

    “Don’t have to tell me twice,” Hector said with a hearty laugh as Peter and Brooke took their seats at the table. “Nice perfume, dear.” Hector said as Veronica handed him a plate.

    “Oh, thanks. Thought I’d try something new today,” Veronica said as she handed out plates to Peter and Brooke.

    The four of them ate until they were stuffed, cleaned up, and then piled into the car. Hector took up the driver seat, with Veronica in the passenger seat. Peter sat behind Veronica while Brooke was behind Hector. The drive wasn’t too boring, as Peter mostly passed the time by watching videos on his phone. Occasionally, he would hear Brooke adjust herself in her seat as she read her books or hearing his parents flirt back and forth, but he kept focus on his phone. Before long, the view of the beach house appeared on the horizon. Within minutes, they were unpacked and settled in as the sun shone high in the sky.

    “Ah, hello Catalahara Beach!” Peter said as he stepped out onto the back porch, basking in the warm sun and the breeze. “How I have missed you.”

    “You know, it’s better to get out there than just to stare at it, right?” Brooke said as she came up next to him, wearing a blue bikini that left little to the imagination. She adjusted her sunglasses and headed out through the backyard towards the path that led to the beach. Shortly following behind Brooke was Veronica and Hector, both of whom were wearing their swimsuits and carrying beach towels.

    “You gonna get dressed and come along?” Hector asked, his arm around Veronica’s waist.

    “Since you’re the last one to leave, be sure to bring along the cooler and the beach bag that’s on the table,” Veronica said as she and Hector headed to the beach.

    “Alright, I will,” Peter grumbled as he headed back inside the house. “Not sure why they couldn’t have gotten it,” he muttered to himself. Peter headed to his room and quickly got undressed. He went into his suitcase and slipped on a pair of swimming trunks. Then, he walked around the house, finding the cooler and the beach bag in the kitchen. He slung the bag over his shoulder and dragged the cooler down the path to the beach.

    What greeted him was the gorgeous sight of Catalahara Beach and all the beachgoers, enjoying the warm weather and splayed out on display, soaking up the sunlight. Peter could see his family down by the water; Hector already had some chairs set up with Brooke sitting in one of them while Veronica had her feet in the water. Peter wheeled the cooler down and sat it next to the chairs and plopped the bag down onto the sand.

    “Time to enjoy this vacation!” Peter said loudly. He was about to head into the water when he felt his father’s hand on his shoulder.

    “Not so fast,” Hector said as he picked up the bottle of sunscreen and tossed it to Peter. “Be sure to cover up. We don’t need some sunburn to ruin our vacation and you burn faster than a paper bag..”

    “Yeah yeah, I know,” Peter said as he squirted out some into his hand. Of course he couldn’t get the genes from his father that made him resistant to sunburns. But, no, only Brooke got those, leaving Peter with his mother’s genes that made them need to use sunscreen far more. He applied it to his face and chest, rubbing it on his arms and legs. But, when it came to reaching his back, his arms weren’t flexible enough to reach everywhere to cover it. Try as he might, there were definitely spots that his hands couldn’t get to.

    “Do you need some help?” Veronica asked as she walked up to Peter. “I forgot to apply some sunscreen myself.” Without waiting for a response, Veronica squeezed some sunscreen onto her palms. She moved behind Peter and started to press her hands along his back.

    Peter shuddered at the coldness of the sunscreen, juxtaposed to the awkward warmth that his face was feeling and it wasn’t from the sun. 

    “No! Not again!” Peter thought to himself as he tried to stay still. “Think of anything else!”

    Sure, he had taken a few glances here and there, but with how Veronica enjoyed showing off her body, it wasn’t unusual. But, she was his own mother! He had to push the thoughts out of his mind. Unfortunately, it only got filled with memories of his friends commenting about how sexy Veronica was. There were countless beach babes available for him to charm and here he was stuck with these thoughts.

    “And done,” Veronica said.

    “Great thanks!” Peter shouted as he bolted from where he was to the water’s edge.

    “Oh, have fun!” Veronica said. She turned over to Hector, who gave her a wink as he squeezed sunscreen onto his hands.

    The moment Peter’s feet hit the water, all the worries and stresses he had built up in his body instantly faded away. He sighed in relief as he waded into the blue waters, slowly heading in deeper and deeper until he was chest deep in and just floated in the water. The sky above had a few clouds, which provided passing shade now and then.

    “Yeah, this is the life,” Peter said as he closed his eyes and began to unwind.

    The day slipped past as the Shale family enjoyed the first day on the beach. Occasionally, Peter’s efforts of relaxing were drawn away by a bikini-clad lady, or his family calling him in for something. Sometimes it was food, but most of the time, it was so he and Veronica could reapply their sunscreen.

    Before long, the sun had long set and most of the other beachgoers had headed back to their homes, but not the Shale family. Instead, against the backdrop of the moonlit night, there was a lone campfire that they were all gathered around.

    “So, is there anything exciting that either of you are hoping to do this vacation?” Veronica asked as she looked over to Peter and Brooke.

    “I’m content to just enjoy the nice time that we have here,” Brooke said as she flipped to the next page of her book.

    “Are you just gonna read the whole time?” Peter sneered at Brooke, to which she just rolled her eyes.

    “Well, I know that I heard that Demitri can get us a good price on a set of jetski rides,” Hector said as he leaned forward, tossing another log onto the fire. “How does that sound to you kids?”

    “I think that sounds totally awesome!” Peter said, pumping his fists into the air.

    “That’s my boy!” Hector said, high fiving him.

    “I can’t say that I ever had the chance. I’d love the opportunity, Dad,” Brooke said as she smiled, thinking about getting to ride the waves.

    “Well, I’ll be happy to watch from the docks,” Veronica said, leaning up against Hector’s arm.

    “Oh, nonsense. You can join me and sit on the back, holding on tight,” Hector said, a bit of a purr in his voice as he pulled Veronica in tighter.

    “Well if you insist, my dear,” Veronica said with a light chuckle. She looked up to the sky, admiring the twinkling lights above. “Are they all so beautiful? The stars?”

    “Yeah, they sure are pretty. Can’t get views like this back home,” Hector said as he gestured out to the ocean and the moon above.

    “Hey,” Peter said as he pointed up to the sky. “Is that a shooting star?”

    The four of them all looked to where Peter was pointing, observing a glowing light burning up in the atmosphere.

    “Oh, I wish that times like these could last forever,” Veronica said as she looked at the star.

    “I wish the same thing,” Hector said as he looked up.

    “I wish to get that award that I’ve been trying for,” Brooke said, closing her eyes.

    “Well I wish that-” Peter tilted his head as he looked up at the burning light. “Wait, is it getting larger?”

    The Shale family looked closely at the light. “Wait,” Brooke said as she squinted. “It’s not getting larger. It’s just getting closer! And it’s coming towards us!”

    The four of them scrambled to move out of the way of the incoming light, but the sand proved to be a slippery surface compared to solid ground. Veronica fell almost immediately as she twisted around to run back towards the house. Hector was able to dig his heels in, but turned back to go protect Veronica. Brooke started to run to the side to get out of the way while Peter could only try to duck out of the way, leaping from his seat. But, despite their best efforts, it was too late.

    The burning light crashed down into the sand with a mighty force, whipping the sand up in a furious frenzy as the light caved in the ground and creating a crater. The light exploded around in a brilliant light, then fizzled out into small glowing orange embers that gently dissipated into the air.

    “Hector! Peter! Brooke!”

    Peter could vaguely hear his mother calling out to him. He struggled to open up his eyes, everything swirling around in a daze. His head was ringing from the impact as he tried to focus on what just happened. He forced himself up and off the sand, staggering towards where he heard his mother’s voice.

    “I’m over here!” Peter shouted. He walked forward a little more, confused about where exactly he was going. With fire having been taken out by the impact, he had lost all landmarks he could easily focus on. “Whoa!” Peter fell face forward as he tripped over Brooke, who was laying on the sand, so he must have stumbled somehow in her direction. “Brooke, are you alright?” She groaned in response, but didn’t open her eyes. Mustering up his strength, Peter lifted Brooke up and slung her arm over his shoulder.

    “Peter! Where are you?” Veronica called out.

    “I’m over here!” Peter said as his eyes started to refocus. He dragged Brooke over to Veronica, who was struggling to lift up Hector.

    “Here, help me with your father,” Veronica said as Peter set Brooke down. With the two of them, they were able to lift up Hector. Peter held Hector as Veronica went and picked up Brooke. “Come on, back to the house!” Veronica went ahead, bringing Brooke, with Peter following shortly behind.

    The two of them brought Brooke and Hector to the house, locking the door behind them. Peter set Hector on the chair in the living room while Veronica laid Brooke onto the couch.

    “What the hell was that?” Peter exclaimed as he looked out the backdoor towards the beach. “Was that an asteroid strike? Or a satellite crash?”

    “I don’t know,” Veronica said as she rapidly looked over Hector and Brooke. “Peter, are you hurt at all?”

    “Just a little shaken up,” Peter said as he checked himself for anything. Thankfully, nothing felt painful and he couldn’t see any scratches or marks. “How are you, Mom?”

    “Physically, I’m fine,” Veronica said. “I’m just worried about Hector and Brooke.”

    As if on cue, Hector and Brooke stirred awake, causing Veronica to yelp back in surprise. Hector and Brooke looked around, trying to get their bearings. They turned and looked over at Peter and Veronica. Peter and Veronica, meanwhile, stared at them, wide-eyed in fear.

    Hector and Brooke both stared with glowing orange eyes, as brilliant as a flame. They looked down at themselves, giving confusing looks. They turned to each other and said something in a language that wasn’t human, conversing back and forth. They closed their eyes and massaged their temples simultaneously. Then, Brooke opened her eyes and turned to Peter, speaking in a strange tone.

    “You, where am I?” Brooke asked.

    “Brooke?” Peter asked cautiously as he looked at his sister. “It’s okay. Uh, you’re at home. Well, not home, but the beach house.”

    “Beach house?” Hector asked as he looked around. “Is this Ixa 15?”

    “Is this what?” Veronica asked, very confused. “Uh, dear, we’re at Catalahara Beach.” She turned to Peter. “I think they may have hit their head.”

    “No, this body shows no signs of having been injured in the process,” Brooke said as she looked over herself.

    “This body?” Peter squinted his eyes. “What the hell is going on?”

    Hector stroked his chin as he rubbed his temple. “Ah, more lexicon comes in.” He opened his eyes and frowned. “Ugh, the coordinates were off. I thought I had seen the signal.”

    “Signal?” Peter asked.

    “Yes. The rapid flickering of lights to signify that this was Ixa 15. But, based on these memories, it would seem that this is not the right planet,” Brooke said.

    “Rapid flickering? Planet?” Peter asked, though he started to piece together everything. “Wait, are you…”

    “This should have been far easier.” Brooke walked over, getting up near Peter’s face. “I am recalling that you were near the impact site.” She ran her finger along Peter’s body and rubbed it between her fingers. “The particles spread to you, but you were unaffected. Curious.”

    “You’re an alien!” Peter shouted, causing Veronica to hug tightly to Peter’s arm.

    “Aliens! But, those aren’t real!” Veronica shivered as she looked at Brooke and Hector.

    “Ugh, don’t shout,” Brooke and Hector said as they held their heads. “I am still adjusting to how these bodies process sound.”

    “Who… What are you?” Peter asked, staring at what used to be his sister and his father.

    Hector and Brooke both stood side by side and bowed in perfect synchronous action. They both spoke at the same in perfect unison. “I am Krasid, a traveler from Zorben 18, on my way to Ixa 15. But, it would seem that I mistook a signal from here as the sign for Ixa 15.”

    “Wait, which of you is Kas, uh, Kar, uh, Krasid?” Peter stammered.

    “Both of us,” Hector and Brooke said. “Well, technically, we are one, shared now across two. Still, you both were at the impact site. How were you unaffected?” Brooke leaned in close to Peter, sniffing him, and then sniffing Veronica. “Ugh, what is that foul stench upon you both? It permeates you strongly. It has a metallic scent to it.” Brooke sniffed her arms and scowled. “It’s on these bodies as well, but not nearly as potent.”

    “What?” Peter asked, confused. He racked his brain, trying to figure out what it could possibly be. “Metallic and only strongly on us? Wait, could it be sunscreen?”

    “Based on the knowledge from this one,” Brooke said, “I believe that is the case.” She closed her eyes. “Ugh, yes. This one had memorized that the main ingredient is titanium dioxide. Ugh, horrible tasting stuff.”

    “So, our sunscreen protected us from you?” Peter asked, looking around frantically for any possible remaining bottles around.

    “Yes, that’s correct,” Hector said with a frown. “Ugh, figures that this planet would have such an awful substance.” Hector sighed and looked at the two of them. “I can tell that you two are very shaken up by this. So, allow me to give you some reassurance.” Brooke joined in, her and Hector matching in perfect unison. “I mean you all no harm. I simply wish to make my way to my destination. If you can help me, then I’ll be on my way, no problem.”

    “Give us back my husband and daughter!” Veronica shouted from behind the two of them, having slipped away while Krasid was focused on Peter. She sprayed Hector and Brooke with spray-on sunscreen, but the two of them just coughed and wiped it away.

    “That stuff only stops the bonding attempt,” Hector said as he flicked off the lotion. “Once we’re already in a host, it won’t do anything.”

    “Are… you going to take over Peter and I now?” Veronica said as she stepped back in fear.

    “No,” Brooke said with a sigh. “Once a bonding attempt has failed, it won’t work again with that host.” She crossed her arms. “Meaning, no, I won’t be able to bond you two.”

    “Well, unbond with them!” Peter shouted. “Give them back!”

    Hector sighed and Brooke turned to Peter, speaking to him. “I can’t do that. Once the bonding process has taken effect, separating without the proper materials would cause irreparable damage to the host.” Peter and Veronica both gulped. “And, no idea if your planet has such materials.” Brooke and Hector huffed, emitting a soft cloud of orange lights towards Peter and Veronica. “Now, let’s just calm down.”

    Peter and Veronica both felt themselves starting to calm down a little bit. While this was a terrifying situation for them, it would seem that Krasid didn’t want to hurt anyone.

    “What will happen to them when you are unbonded if we did it properly?” Peter asked.

    “They’ll be unharmed,” Brooke said. “They are still in here, but, more like they are sleeping.” She bowed to Peter as Hector bowed to Veronica. “I swear, that if you help me unbond and get on my way, then I shall return them completely unharmed to you. I will also make sure no harm comes to either of you two.” Brooke and Hector extended their hands. “The memories say that you humans do this gesture to symbolize an agreement. Do we have an agreement?”

    Peter looked over at Veronica, unsure of what to do. Krasid seemed genuine in what they were saying, and as of right now, it didn’t seem like they had a choice. Veronica looked back to Peter and nodded, coming to the same conclusion he did.

    “Okay, we have an agreement,” Peter said as he shook Brooke’s hand.

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ghg.22 ∙ 07 May 2023

Love the story so far, is there a part 2?

GaylynneQT Author ∙ 14 May 2023

Working on it ;3

ghg.22 ∙ 04 June 2023

Any timeframe on the next release?

RT101 ∙ 17 June 2023

Interesting story!

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