A Dark and Stormy Night

Story created by NightOwl005 ∙ 11 September 2023

Every few years a storm will pass over Bright City, a storm containing the spirits of the dead who would use this opportunity to enjoy what it feels to be alive again.

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  • A Dark and Stormy Night

    Chapter written by NightOwl005 ∙ 03 April 2022

    Every few years a storm will pass over Bright City, a storm containing the spirits of the dead who would use this opportunity to enjoy what it feels to be alive again.

  • Bright City rarely experienced heavy winds at nighttime, such events happening only rarely on stormy nights. It was because of this that the people of the city took cover inside their homes as a storm was brewing in the night sky. But they didn’t know the meaning behind this particular storm, as the spirits of the dead floated across the winds of the approaching tempest.

    As the wind began to pick up the spirits of the dead were getting excited. Two spirits in particular, a man and a woman, waited on the edge of the wind’s breath. The time had come.

                It’s been a while, hasn’t it Rebecca? Samuel asked his wife.

                Five years. Rebecca replied, getting closer to her husband, I was beginning to think we wouldn’t have another chance.

                Indeed. Samuel replied, But now that we have the chance… which one do you want?

                Rebecca turned her attention to the apartments. Around them, the storm was bringing the dead back for one night and everyone was determined to make the most out of the one night they would have in who knew how long.

                She saw the dead flying into rooms, possessing whoever was inside for their own ends. Already she saw the spirit of a dead man possessing a woman around college age and stripping off her clothes so that he can… enjoy her.

                Rebecca felt a twinge of jealously at that, but when she saw the woman lived alone most of her jealously slipped away. Some of it returned when the dead man removed the college girl’s bra. There was no way a girl her age should have those kinds of breasts!

                Honey, Samuel warned, we’re running out of options here.

                Rebecca snapped out of it and wrapped herself tighter around her husband. Sorry honey, she told him, just got lost in my thoughts is all.

                Rebecca looked through the windows of the apartment building. Most of the good couples were already taken, several of which had already gotten to business. Rebecca was beginning to worry she was taking too long when she looked through a window and saw a young man and woman. Both college age and both untaken. It helped that they were good looking as well.

                Rebecca smiled and pointed her finger at the couple, There. She told Samuel.

                Samuel brought his hands around her, the tips of his fingers lightly touching her breasts. Rebecca would have shivered if she was still able to feel anything.

                Remember our promise. Samuel whispered, Let’s go.

                The two spirits flew upon the wind and into the bodies of the unsuspecting couple in the apartment. The two students gasped as the ghosts entered them, Rebecca felt warmth flow into her as she asserted herself into the body of the young man, and Samuel into the body of the woman. There was some resistance, some shock, and then blackness as Rebecca slowly gained control of her new, temporary body.

                The darkness receded and Rebecca opened her eyes to find herself in the land of the living again. She felt her heart beating, blood flowing, and could feel the world around her once more. She looked down at the hands of her body and wiggled them, feeling not only life but also strength. She ran those hands across her body. Clean shaven face, short blonde hair, so far, she was liking what she had even if her body was a little lanky.

                “Well?” asked a husky, feminine voice, “How do I look?”

                Rebecca stopped the process of exploring her temporary body to look at the body Samuel had possessed. The woman was tall (though shorter than Rebecca’s body), with big boobs (which made Rebecca a little jealous), and auburn hair which went down to her shoulders, drawing attention to those sparkling blue eyes. A name echoed in her head, one that this body knew quite well. Katie. The name of the woman whose body Samuel currently occupied, just as the name of Rebecaa’s body was Steven.

                Rebecca stared at Samuel wordlessly for a second as she felt blood flow between her legs. Her breathing increased when she felt her penis straining against the fabric of the pants Steven’s body was wearing. It seems the spine wasn’t the only thing exceptionally long about this body. She stood upright and enjoyed the feeling of her member pulsing with every beat of Steven’s heart.

                A smile formed on Katie’s body. Rebecca recognized it as the same mischievous smile Samuel gave her when they were still alive. Samuel’s hands flew to the breasts of his borrowed body as he slowly walked towards her. “Come on, babe.” He whispered in Katie’s deep voice. “Let’s have some fun.”

                Those slender hands went to her chest and took off the shirt Steven’s body was wearing, exposing a skinny abdomen. Before Samuel could continue, Rebecca took advantage of her stronger male body and ripped off Katie’s top, exposing Katie’s breasts and watching as they bounced up and down before falling to resting position. “Well that wasn’t very polite.” Samuel commented.

                Rebecca grinned, “It makes things easier for me.” Before bringing her hands to her husband’s breasts.

                They were firm and warm in her large, rough hands. Not only that but judging by Samuel’s low whimpers they were also sensitive. Ignoring her own pang of jealously, Rebecca delighted in the feeling of Sammuel slipping her pants slipping off her body. There was some pain as her dick was forced down, but that pain quickly turned to pleasure when it snapped upwards, and was parallel to the floor, pointing to Samuel. Outside, the rain started and fell hard, nearly but was nearly drowned out by the howling winds.

                Rebecca gasped and involuntarily squeezed the boobs in her hands as she felt warm slender hands wrapping around her penis. It was her turn to whimper as those fingers, guided by the skill and experience of Samuel, worked their way across her shaft and pulled back her foreskin to expose her head, “I wonder how long you can last?” he asked, lightly flicking her penis head with his fingers.

                “Longer than you.” Rebecca replied as she undid the shorts Samuel was wearing and moved closer to embrace him. She delighted in feeling how hard his heart was beating against her chest, rivaling the thunder outside. Samuel hugged tighter, pulling Rebecca closer to enjoy the feeling of his breasts against her body. She could only hope he enjoyed her cock resting against his stomach right now. Already she could feel pressure stirring inside.

                The two looked into each other’s eyes and neither hesitated as they went in for a kiss. Those slender hands ran along her body. Rebecca shivered as she felt those warm hands run along her shoulder blades, down her back, before admiring the ass of the body she had hijacked. She jumped as she received a firm squeeze on the butt and felt precum building on the head of her stolen penis.

                Rebecca growled in ecstasy and moved to return the favor. With her fingers, Rebecca traced down Katie’s spine, before cupping that ass in her hands. Rebecca stared at her husband’s eyes in victory when she squeezed as hard as she could. Sammuel broke the kiss and took a few steps back gasping for air, his hands resting on those perfect boobs. “We picked really good ones, didn’t we?” Rebecca asked, seeing her chance.

    She lifted Samuel and threw him on the couch. He landed, his mouth a wide smile as Rebecca rushed over him, the pressure in her penis was quickly building and needed to be released. Thankfully for the both of them, neither body was a virgin and while Samuel grunted in pain as Rebecca’s penis slid inside him, that pain in his eyes quickly subsided as ecstasy took over. “Fuck me.” He whispered in that lovely husky voice.

    Rebecca had inhabited male bodies in the past, and while this one wasn’t the hottest either she or Samuel possessed, this one did have the most impressive cock. There was also, Rebecca noticed, a natural attraction. She grinned as she leaned down to kiss her husband, “This body is very attracted to yours.”

    Sammuel leaned closer, causing Rebecca’s dick to slide further into him, “And mine really wants to get laid right now,” he whispered, “so let’s do it.” They kissed, their tongues exploring each other’s mouth as Rebecca brought her hand to the right boob of Katie’s body. Her husband’s vagina reacted immediately, and Katie broke the kiss to let out a gasp as ecstasy began to take over.

    They quickly fell into a rhythm, their hips thrusting against each other as Rebecca felt the pressure inside of her continue to grow. She gritted her teeth in an effort to hold it in, something that only made the feeling more intense. “what’s wrong, babe?” Katie’s body teased through clenched teeth, "Am I too much for you?”

    “No!” Rebecca lied, Steven’s body moving almost of its own will, “You won’t get the best of me!”

    There must have been something, a sign that she was lying because Samuel grinned. Rebecca knew right away that he saw her weakness and was going to turn the tables. She was not, however, expecting how he did it.

     Rebecca let out a cry as Samuel threw himself from the couch, causing both of them to end up on the floor, except this time Samuel was on top. Those blue eyes were wide and wild, and Rebecca whimpered in pleasure when she felt those expert hands tracing against the outline of her chest.

    Steven’s body admired the way Katie’s breasts bounced, as well as the way her stomach moved each thrust. Rebecca clenched her teeth as she felt the semen building inside of her, forcing its way through her shaft. She stared at Katie’s blue eyes and saw the emotions swirling inside Sammuel. They were both so close.

    “I’m cumming!” Rebecca moaned.

    “Hah!” Sammuel moaned, but his victory was short lived as he came immediately after.

    Rebecca let out a sigh as the pressure escaped her penis at the same time Samuel’s juices splashed against her face. She licked that landed on her lips and reveled the taste in her mouth.

    They panted as their bodies began to recover. Samuel slid off Rebecca’s deflating cock and laid down naked on the floor next to her. Despite her recent ejaculation, Steven’s body still admired Katie’s body as it laid down next to her. “I love you.” Rebecca said, turning to face Sammuel.

    “I love you too.” Sammuel replied, turning over and embracing his wife in a hug.

    Rebecca held him tight, enjoying the warmth and feeling of their naked bodies against each other. Outside, the storm was slowing down, going from a downpour to a light drizzle. “It’s time.” She said.

    The two spirits slipped out of their stolen bodies. The world became numb again as Rebecca lost the senses of the living. She embraced her husband as they looked down at the naked college students laying on the floor before them.

    They’ll certainly be very confused when they wake up. Rebecca said.

    Katie will be upset that her top got ruined. Samuel replied.

    Why? Rebecca asked, leaning closer to Samuel, It was ugly.

    Samuel gave his wife a small, yet passionate kiss, I thought it was cute.

    Rebecca rolled her eyes, And that’s why I never let you pick out my clothes when we were still alive.

    Just like that the storm was gone and with it, the dead. Any poor souls who missed the passing storm were destroyed when the sun rose and the living again began to assert themselves. Rebecca and Samuel would pass the time wondering when the next storm would come.


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