The Possession Ring

Story created by Haxxare ∙ 11 September 2023

Matt stumbles upon a ring that lets him possess people.

Heavily inspired by the story The Possession Spell, but nerfed so the one with the power isn't in absolute control of everything.

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  • The Possession Ring - Part 11 (Jarred's Path: Exploring Mira's Body)

    Chapter written by TicImagine ∙ 15 September 2023

    Rachel and Jarred planned to have their revenge on Mira and her friends by humiliating her. After Jarred has possess Mira's body and leave to her house, he decided to have his own fun by checking out his new 'body'. Her friends didn't know that she has been possessed by him. With this opportunity Jarred is will check every inch of her body even if it's putting his fingers inside her pussy.

  • It was night and everyone is sleeping peacefully except for a certain women in her room. Jarred who possessed Mira's body is enjoying himself as she rubbing her pussy and fingering her ass while watching some porn videos.
    Jarred/Mira continued to enjoy herself, rubbing and fingering her pussy and ass. She was getting wetter and wetter, her pussy juices flowing. She started to moan and pant, her body getting hotter and hotter. She reached down and inserted two fingers into her pussy, thrusting them in and out. She increased the pace, her breathing coming in short gasps. Suddenly she felt her body tighten, her toes curl as she came, her juices flowing over her fingers. She lay there for a moment, panting, before getting up and looking at herself on the mirror, talking to herself as Jarred mocking her that she got her body possessed by him.
    "Now who is the slut now Mira? Who is fingering her own pussy now?" Jarred in Mira's body tease her body as she fingering herself while standing in front of the mirror.
    "Hah, I show you how I can do that and this body is mine. Because in the end of this, you will be mine Mira." Jarred in Mira's body was talking to himself in front of the mirror then wink and transfer to bed.
    Suddenly, Jarred/Mira heard her phone ringing. She looked at her phone and it was Rachel. Jarred/Mira answer the call as she rubbing her pussy.
    "Hi sweetie," Jarred in Mira's voice answered.
    "Hey sweetie~ what are you doing?" Rachel in Mira's voice ask.
    "What am I doing?" Mira asked playfully as she finger fucked her pussy as she cums. Jarred/Mira let out her tongue as she was bless in pleasure.
    "Well, your voice, your tongue..." Rachel trailed off.
    "Oh, it is nothing really. Just masturbating," Mira said giggling and playing with her nipples, which gave Jarred some ideas. She grabbed a hand and put them on one of her nipples, playing with it. Then placed the other hand on her other nipple as well.
    "Yea, sounds like you been masturbating!" Rachel laughed.
    "It's AMAZING!! I have been masturbate for 2 hours!!" Jarred/Mira said.
    "Sounds like more than just amazing...oh please do tell." Rachel said horny.
    " would I possibly talk about it?!?!" Mira said with fake indignation.
    "Seriously sweetie, go ahead...satisfy yourself, tell me all about it. You can describe it better." Rachel insisted.
    Mira thought long, then sighed. "Ok ok ok, yes I masturbate daily usually 2x a day if possible and I try to fantasize about fucking Mira in the pussy!! However I can't just unpossess her because she will wake up. So I just going to masturbate all i wanted."
    "Wow, alright, sounds kinky! Ok so what are your favorite things to imagine while stimulating your clit?" Rachel asked, her words coming rapidly.
    Jarred/Mira begin to think as she rubbing her pussy.
    "I always imagined Mira getting fucked by those large thick dicks...even imagining Mira sucking another woman's cock, taking it in both hands and giving you nasty blow jobs, mmmm.. I guess an idea was fucking the girls. Oh this thinking just make me want to CUM NOW!!"
    Jarred/Mira was beginning to pant, her body trembling as she fucked her hand faster, glancing back at Mira's breast as they began to move around while she continuing to watch her tits in the mirror.
    Then it happened. Her entire body shook from massive orgasm shaking her from head to toe. Gurgles sounded and caused cum to spray out of her cunt as her knees buckled, vibrators still having their hold on her pussy as she fall forward to land on her bed, laying between her legs covered with her juices.
    Mira rolled onto her side and lay there, panting, trying not to shiver. Moments passed, and moments longer after the next orgasm, Jarred sat up in her bed.
    "That was fun really. And we will get to have more fun tomorrow Rachel." Jarred/Mira said as said to Rachel on the phone.
    "Oh we will be darling. See you tomorrow~" Rachel said kissing the mouthpiece goodbye.
    "See you later~" Jarred said bye to her also as she hung up.
    "Now where was I? Oh yes, I guess a few orgasms will be good before we go to the bed~" Jarred/Mira said as she grab the two vibrators again.
    "Shall we?" Jarred/Mira said.
    "Oh yes, Mira. Please do."
    Jarred/Mira smile as she press a button on the vibrators which make them vibrating again. She then grab one vibrator in her hand and insert it into her ass.
    "Ohhh, that feels good. I love how my ass feeling in your hands~"
    Jarred/Mira moan as she thrust the vibrator in and out of her ass. She then took the other vibrator and place it in her pussy.
    "Ohhh, that feels good too." Jarred/Mira moan as she thrust the vibrator in and out of her pussy.
    She then begin to thrust the vibrator in and out of her pussy faster and faster. She then took the other vibrator and thrust it in and out of her ass faster and faster.
    Suddenly, Jarred/Mira body tensed up as she reach another orgasm. Her pussy juices and her ass juices begin to flow out of her as she scream in pleasure.
    "Ohhh, that feels good. I love how my juices flowing out of me~"
    Jarred/Mira moan as she reach another orgasm. She then take the vibrators out of her and lay on the bed, panting and sweating.
    "That was good~"
    Jarred/Mira said as she reach for the remote to turn off the vibrators.
    "Can't wait to have fun tomorrow, just you wait Mira~" Jarred/Mira said as she went to sleeping naked.
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