Christmas At St Clare’s Magical School For Girls

Story created by VexenFox ∙ 11 September 2023

A device that lets one person possess another arrives at the high school! In the dorm room after dark, the girl’s take turns experimenting with it. In this chapter, Sophie takes over Olivia and shows off her body! The girls decide to play a game with the flute, making bets about what they could do in each other's bodies, but things might get just a little bit out of hand!

embarrassment voluntary blackout ftf pov body swap memory loss humiliation body control possession casual college slice of life black out

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  • Christmas At St Clare’s Magical School For Girls #2

    Chapter written by VexenFox ∙ 27 July 2023

    A continuation of St Clare's, in which Ava and Olivia take advantage of the possession flute in their own peculiar ways.

  • Ava, still possessing Charlotte, led the way out of the dining hall and up the winding staircase to the second floor where her own body was awkwardly slumped against a wall. We trotted up to it.

    “It’s lucky nobody found you here, they’d probably think you’d died or something” I said, nudging Ava’s unconscious body with my foot. Ava laughed. 

    “Or imagine if we came back and it wasn’t here anymore!”

    She pulled the flute out of Charlotte’s robes and blew herself back into her own body. Charlotte’s body wobbled slightly and looked confused, and then frowned.

    “Dammit Ava!” said Charlotte as she regained control. She tugged at her skirt.

    “Well I had to get us back here somehow, now didn’t I?” grunted Ava from the ground. She rubbed her back tenderly as she climbed to her feet. “Remind me not to to leave my body on the ground like that again though, gees”

    We began walking off to evocation class.

    “It’s not fair we still need to go to class when everybody else is off on holidays” I grumbled “Remedial my arse.”

    “I’m sooooo tired,” complained Charlotte, ignoring me. “What the hell did you and Liv get up to last night?”

    Ava smirked. “Can’t speak much for Olivia, actually. She was in and out most of the night.”

    “She left the common room in MY body!?”

    “Oh yes”, Ava’s smirk grew wider, “She was having a real swell time.”

    “But why do I feel so sore?”

    “Who knows? She could have been doing anything out there.” Ava said mischievously, tapping a finger to her lips. “Although, she did put that body through its paces when the wrestling began…” 


    Ava just winked, and I couldn’t tell how much she was just trolling us. I rubbed my own sore muscles. Whatever my body had gotten up to last night, I was sure paying for it today.

    Ava pushed open the door to class and found a seat in the back corner while Charlotte huffed a little and went to sit with her other friends. Olivia was sitting in her usual spot, but she blushed and avoided my gaze when we walked in. I hoped she wasn’t too upset by Ava’s antics this morning. Meanwhile, Evelyn was just looking out the window dreamily.

    As soon as I found a seat near Ava and pulled out my books, Professor Recktem began distributing …

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Peenpin ∙ 07 August 2023

Hey, I really enjoyed this and I cant wait for the next part :))

VexenFox Author ∙ 08 August 2023

Oh, thanks! Definitely intend to continue it at some point!

RT101 ∙ 09 October 2023

Thanks for the chapter! Really enjoyed this story so far.