Parasite Zero

Story created by GaylynneQT ∙ 11 September 2023

Zoe had a wonderful life! That was until everything just went wrong. No relationship, no job, and most of her stuff got stolen. Zoe finds herself the Queen of a host of mind-controlling parasites. And she figures it's about time that she takes her life back and more.

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  • Parasite Zero: Chapter 3

    Chapter written by GaylynneQT ∙ 05 September 2023

    Zoe's first victim to the Legion is none other than the bane of the apartment complex, Cassandra. Time for Zoe to have her sweet, delicious revenge

  •     The sound of running water filled the apartment as Cassandra started to heat up the water for her shower. From where Zoe was at, she could hear Cassandra grumbling and groaning about the other tenants of the complex. Slowly, Zoe made her way from the living room to the bedroom where Cassandra was.

        Cassandra turned around and yelled a bit in surprise, still just in her bra and panties. “What the hell do you think you’re doing in here, my queen Zoe? This is my room! Get out!”

        Zoe wagged her finger in response. “Now, I don’t think that’s any way to treat your queen. So, I have decided to change that. From now on, this is also my room as well. Got that?”

        There was a brief pause where it seemed like Cassandra was processing things before she snapped back to reality. “Well it may still be your room as well, but I’m using it right now before I get a shower. Now give me some damn privacy.”

        Zoe shook her head. “That won’t do at all. So, Cassandra, you don’t need any privacy from me.” Zoe moved over to the bed and sat down. It was so much softer than her own bed, she practically fell asleep from just touching it. She took a deep breath and refocused on her goal. “In fact, you’re really enjoying me watching you.”

        The shift in Cassandra’s tone and mode was immediately apparent as Cassanda’s tension all but melted. Her legs squeezed together a bit as she nervously looked away from Zoe. “You’re right, my queen Zoe. It feels really good to know that my queen is watching me. But, I still need to get ready for a shower.”

        “Oh, I’m not going to stop you from getting a shower at all,” Zoe said, a smile drawing across her face. “But, your queen does want to watch you strip the rest of your clothing off. And give me a show of it.”

        Cassandra nodded as she strutted over to Zoe, flicking her blonde hair back over her shoulder. Her hips swayed side to side as she approached. When she got right up to Zoe, Cassandra put her hands on her knees and bent forward. Then, she walked a little forward, just enough so that when she moved more upright and dragged her hands upward, her chest was inches away from Zoe’s blushing face. She reached her hands behind her back, her waist and hips gently gyrating, as she wiggled her tits for Zoe. Then, she snaked one hand around to the front of her neck, tracing a finger down from her collarbone to between her cleavage. With a single quick motion, she flicked her finger and undid her bra, exposing her bare tits right for Zoe. Her nipples were very erect with a beautiful light pink color, practically begging for Zoe to touch and suck on them. Before Zoe could even reach forward, Cassandra leaned back, her arms behind her so that the bra simply slipped off of her.

        Cassandra reached her foot up and softly pushed Zoe back onto the bed. Cassandra crawled over Zoe, like a hungry panther stalking its prey. Zoe gulped, wondering where Cassandra learned moves like this. Wherever she learned it, Zoe was certainly enjoying it. Cassandra crawled forward, getting her stomach into Zoe’s face before leaning up in a cowgirl position. Slowly, she worked her finger around the waistband of her panties before reaching to the sides. She leaned forward into a facesitting position, giving Zoe a perfect view as the panties started to come off. Zoe was practically assaulted by the scent of Cassandra’s sex, tantalizing her more and more. Then, Cassandra leaned back upright before swiftly kicking her leg over Zoe’s head, making her horizontal to Zoe and giving her now a view of her ass, panties down to her knees. Another swift kick and Cassandra slipped her leg out of her panties, leaving them only on one leg. She swiveled so she was practically straddling Zoe again, though she hovered above Zoe’s skin just barely not touching anything anywhere. Cassandra shook the leg with the panties, allowing the panties to fall to her ankle. As a final move, Cassandra kicked her leg up, tossing the panties into the air. She leaned back and caught them in her mouth with ease. Cassandra leaned forward, dropping the panties right next to Zoe’s head before leaning in close.

        “Was that a good show for you, my queen Zoe?” Cassandra asked, practically purring in Zoe’s ear. 
    Zoe didn’t need to even touch to feel how wet she was. She could hardly believe that she had just gotten a nearly professional strip show from someone who just an hour ago was the nightmare of the apartment complex. She gulped and then nodded, unable to find her voice.

        “Good,” Cassandra said as she got off Zoe and back onto the ground. “Now, if there’s nothing else, I want to get my shower.”

        It was taking every ounce of willpower for Zoe to not say “Forget the shower and fuck me right now. “ Zoe shook her head. “No, you’re fine to get a shower, Cassandra.” Cassandra nodded and headed into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. “Wait!” Zoe called out, quickly sitting up, “Leave the bathroom door unlocked.” There was a brief pause before the door clicked again.

        Zoe heard Cassandra stepping into the shower. Zoe flopped back down onto the bed, panting heavily as she processed everything that just happened. “Holy shit,” she said as she stared up at the ceiling. “So, this is the power of the Legion?” Cassandra hadn’t even touched her, and yet at the same time, Zoe felt as if Cassandra had given her a single touch, she would have exploded in pleasure. 

        Zoe took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The scent of Cassandra’s panties were all that she could smell. There was a brief flash of purple in Zoe’s eyes, though she couldn’t tell. As the scent filled her nostrils, her body started to get warmer. Her clothing felt tight on her body, almost constrictive. Her breath became heavier and heavier. Zoe gripped the sheets of Cassandra’s bed as she tried to push through the feeling, but it was no use. Her mind was stuck on the incredible show that Cassandra just put on for her. Zoe wanted more. Sure, she had already decided that she wanted to fuck Cassandra, but it was now ever stronger. It was more intense, almost carnal desiring. It was overwhelming and all she could think about. And why was she waiting? She was the queen.

        Zoe staggered to her feet, rapidly stripping her shirt off and tossing it aside. She didn’t even bother to unclasp her bra, just quickly slipped her arms under the straps and pulled it off her. She dropped her pants and her panties, kicking them aside. Finally, she slipped off her shoes and socks. Zoe opened up the door of the bathroom and walked inside.

        “My queen Zoe!” Cassandra said, turning in surprise. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

        “Shhhh,” Zoe said as she stepped into the shower with Cassandra. Cassandra’s shower was one of those where the head was removable from the top, positioned right now at Cassandra’s front. There was a dreamy, almost dazed look in her eyes as the thought of Cassandra’s warm and wet body was the only thing that mattered. “I know how much you want this.”

        Zoe pressed her body against Cassandra’s, her chest pressing up against Cassandra’s. Cassandra swallowed nervously, a bit of a push and pull going on in her mind. The water cascaded down the two of them, soaking between their bodies.

        “Your queen also needs to be clean, so, I want you to bathe your queen.” Zoe reached over to the side and grabbed some shampoo and put it in her own hands. “I can do my hair, but,” Zoe said as she put body wash onto Cassandra’s breasts, “I want you to wash my body using your tits.”

        “Yes, my queen Zoe.” 

    Cassandra rubbed her breasts together, making them nice and soapy. Since Zoe was facing her, Cassandra began by rubbing her breasts onto Zoe’s tits. Zoe shuddered in delight as she felt the softness of Cassandra across her body. Cassandra moved to Zoe’s arms, sticking them between her breasts for a soapy titjob. She massaged her tits up and down, making sure that the soap got all around Zoe’s arms. Once that was finished, she rubbed her breasts against Zoe’s stomach, which was a little harder since Zoe kept tensing up from the sensation. But, she managed to get it done. She hovered and was about to wash Zoe’s crotch, but Zoe stopped her.

    “Wait,” Zoe said, putting her hand on Cassandra’s head. “Save that for last.”

    “Yes, my queen Zoe.”

    Cassandra moved to washing Zoe’s legs, scrubbing as best as she could with her breasts. She needed to reapply some more soap, but after a bit more, she managed to clean Zoe’s legs.

    “Alright, turn around now, my queen Zoe, so I can do your back,” Cassandra said, holding her soapy tits. 

    Zoe turned around, shuddering a little as soon as Cassandra pressed her chest against Zoe’s back. She scrubbed up and down, making sure not to miss any spots at all. Zoe shivered in delight as Cassandra moved down to washing her ass, her nipples poking playfully at her cheeks. Then, Cassandra finished up with the back of Zoe’s legs.

    Once that was finished, it was onto the final area, Zoe’s crotch. Zoe spun around so that Cassandra could get to her while Zoe finished rinsing the shampoo out of her hair. Cassandra awkwardly tried her best to rub her breasts onto Zoe’s crotch, but the angles just didn’t work well for either of them. Still, with what little bit Cassandra could manage, Zoe tingled in delight as Cassandra’s erect nipples brushed against her sensitive spots.

    “There, done, my queen Zoe,” Cassandra said as she stood up. “Now can I get back to my shower?”

    To which Zoe responded by pushing Cassandra up against the side of the shower, her right hand holding Cassandra’s hands up above her head while her left hand reached down and gripped onto Cassandra’s hips.

    “What the hell do you think you’re doing, my queen Zoe?” Cassandra asked as she tried to squirm free, but she wasn’t able to.

    “What am I doing? I’m going to do you and you’re going to do me,” Zoe said as she leaned in and kissed along Cassandra’s neck.

    “You’re goddamn insane if you think that I’m gonna do you,” Cassandra said, still trying to wiggle free.

    “Oh, but Cassandra,” Zoe said as she looked into Cassandra’s eyes. There was a flash again of purple shimmering in Zoe’s eyes. “You want this so badly, don’t you?”

    Cassandra’s lips quivered a little into a smile as she stared back into Zoe’s vivid purple irises. “Y-Yes, my queen Zoe.” She stopped squirming and relaxed. “You just always had to be such a fucking tease.”

    “Is that why you seemed to pick on me more than anyone else in the complex?” Zoe asked, getting right up in Cassandra’s face.

    Zoe could feel Cassandra’s breath on her lips as they were practically an inch off of each other. “Every time that I talked with you, my heart raced and my body felt warm.” Cassandra’s gaze moved around, looking down at Zoe’s body.

    “And now, here I am, naked with you, alone,” Zoe said. “So, show me just how badly you want me.”

    As soon as the words left Zoe’s lips, they were swiftly taken by Cassandra kissing her on the lips despite her being pinned by Zoe. She swirled her tongue around Zoe’s lips, savoring the flavor as the water continued to run down them. This time when Cassandra wiggled her hands free, Zoe allowed her. Cassandra grabbed onto Zoe’s hips, pulling her in tighter and squeezing firmly onto her ass. Zoe rested her hands on Cassandra’s shoulders before allowing her hands to simply explore where they wanted to. All of Cassandra’s skin was incredibly smooth and obviously very well kept. Zoe hadn’t noticed it before as she was too focused on the strip show, but Cassandra had shaved herself to a small landing strip at her crotch. 

    Cassandra moved her lips down from Zoe’s mouth down to her neck, kissing along her collarbone line. Her hands continued to knead Zoe’s ass like dough in firm, yet gentle circles. Zoe could feel herself getting wetter and wetter than she had ever been before, and it wasn’t just because of the shower water. Cassandra moved down even more, her face now nestled right between Zoe’s cleavage, sending a rush of pleasure through Zoe.
    While Cassandra was clearly enjoying herself, Zoe was a bit conflicted. On the one hand, she was the queen and should be taking control and lead of the situation. And on the other hand, she was really pleased with the direction that Cassandra was leading the two of them. Stanley was the dom when it came to sex with them, but he never made her feel like this in the slightest. Right now, with Cassandra, she felt seen. She felt wanted. She felt desired.

    Zoe reached over, turning the faucet handle off. She mustered up the strength and willpower to pull Cassandra off her. “Let’s take this to the bedroom,” she said, breathless.

    Cassandra looked at her and nodded. “Yes, my queen Zoe.” She stepped out of the shower first, grabbing a towel and drying herself off. Zoe clenched her legs as she watched the towel work itself around Cassandra, getting to every inch of her. For the first time in her life, she felt envious of a piece of cloth. “Well, don’t just stand there,” Cassandra said as she handed Zoe a towel. “Hurry up.”

    Zoe took the towel and quickly dried herself off. Though, the more that she dried herself off, the wetter and wetter she was getting. She was about to have sex with Cassandra and her heart was racing. Or maybe that was a bit of buzzing from the Legion. Either way, the feeling filled her up and it felt amazing.

    Zoe walked into the bedroom to see Cassandra already laying on the bed, towel cast aside over an ironing board. Cassandra had her legs spread wide and was beckoning for Zoe with a curl of her finger. Zoe didn’t need to be told twice as she dropped the towel next to Cassandra’s and walked over to the bed. As soon as Zoe got into reach, Cassandra pulled her in for a kiss and dragged her onto the bed.

    This time, it was much more passionate and needy. Cassandra went straight in for using tongue, pushing it into Zoe’s lips. Zoe happily opened up her mouth, inviting Cassandra’s tongue in as she put her own inside of Cassandra’s. The two of them held each other as their tongues swirled around each other. Since Zoe was on top of Cassandra, Cassandra grabbed Zoe’s ass while Zoe reached down and put her hands on Cassandra’s breasts. While they were soft feeling them all over when Cassandra gave her a cleaning, it was far different getting to just grab a handful of them and just play with them. However, as Cassandra squeezed Zoe’s ass cheeks, a thought came to Zoe.

    Zoe broke their kiss as she leaned back and looked down at Cassandra. She reached back and grabbed Cassandra’s wrists. Cassandra gave Zoe a confused look as Zoe brought their hands between them. Zoe held up her hands, bringing attention specifically to Cassandra’s left hand.

    “I want you to take off that ring of yours,” Zoe said as she gently kissed Cassandra’s fingers. “Tonight, you’re not the married wife of Steven. No, tonight, you’re my lover and only mine.”

    Cassandra’s eyes shimmered a little with excitement. She pulled the ring off her finger and set it aside on the nightstand. “Yes, my queen Zoe. I’m all yours tonight.” She pulled Zoe in for another kiss, gently biting her lower lip.

    Zoe smiled, seeing this side of Cassandra that she hadn’t before. A side of her that she really liked. A touch of Cassandra’s hand on her ass again sent a shiver up her spine.

    “You really like my ass, huh?” Zoe said with a chuckle.

    “Well, I can’t help that your fat ass is just right there and begging to be touched,” Cassandra said as she rolled her eyes.

    “Then, I better let you touch,” Zoe said. As much as she wanted to keep making out with Cassandra, there were a different pair of lips that needed much attention right now. All the warming up in the shower was plenty, now it was time for the main event. She turned around, sitting onto Cassandra’s face. “Eat my pussy,” she said, reaching down to Cassandra’s pussy. “If you do good, I’ll give you some pleasure to-”

    Zoe didn’t even get to finish her sentence as she felt Cassandra’s tongue run along her pussy. It was with such feverish intensity that Zoe practically collapsed forward from the slightest sensation. It felt like Zoe’s pussy was a fresh scoop of ice cream and Cassandra was working it like it was 100 degrees out.

    “Oh fuck!” Zoe exclaimed as her body shivered with pleasure. She may have pre-gamed in the shower a bit too much and was practically already on the verge of orgasm. She wanted to give in and just orgasm, but at the same time, she wasn’t about to let the night go this quick. “I guess you do deserve a good reward for pleasing your queen.” 

    Zoe put her head between Cassandra’s legs and started to work her tongue on Cassandra’s clit. Cassandra’s body reacted immediately by shaking and shivering. She also gripped tighter onto Zoe’s ass cheeks. Cassandra spread apart Zoe’s cheeks so that she could go even deeper into Zoe’s crotch.

    “Fuck, you’re good,” Zoe said, panting as she tried to keep pace.

    “Of course I’m good. I’m Cassandra Blaike. I’m great at everything,” Cassandra said, muffled by Zoe’s muff. The vibrations of Cassandra’s voice rippled through Zoe’s body in pleasure.

    As of right now, Zoe couldn’t compete with Cassandra’s tongue, so she had no choice but to use more. She stuck two fingers into Cassandra’s pussy, which made Cassandra buck in pleasure.

    “You like that?” Zoe asked, wiggling her hips a little bit as she felt Cassandra’s tongue swirling in circles around her pussy. Cassandra gave a muffled sound of affirmation and nodded her head, which only made Zoe shiver more in pleasure.

    Zoe worked her fingers in and out of Cassandra’s pussy, trying to keep focused, but it was an uphill battle that Zoe was quickly losing. Everything was bringing her pleasure unlike anything she had experienced before. From the sounds of Cassandra’s pussy as her fingers went in and out to the incredible work of Cassandra’s tongue, Zoe was practically ready to explode.

    Zoe lifted her head and turned back to Cassandra. “How close are you?”

    Cassandra pulled her tongue away, panting heavily. “My queen Zoe, I will orgasm when you tell me to. Everything you do feels, just, so amazing. I don’t want you to stop.”

    Zoe wiggled her fingers inside of Cassandra, causing Cassandra to tense up more from the pleasure. “In that case,” Zoe said as she sat back more upright, grinding her hips onto Cassandra’s face. “Keep going. Don’t you stop until your queen cums. Make your queen cum right on that slutty face of yours!”

    Cassandra gripped one hand tightly onto Zoe’s thighs as she pulled Zoe down onto her face. The other hand reached down to Cassandra’s pussy, frantically fingering herself. Zoe moaned loudly, barely able to contain herself. A bit of a thought came to her mind as she wondered how much of this was Cassandra and how much was Thaddeus when a wave of pleasure pushed those thoughts aside. She could feel every moan Cassandra made as she bucked her hips against Cassandra’s face. Then, Cassandra’s tongue hit just the right spot.

    “OH FUCK!” Zoe’s thighs flexed, holding Cassandra’s face in place. It felt like a wave crashing down over top of her. “I’M CUMMING! CUM FOR ME, CASSANDRA!” As she said that, Cassandra’s body spasmed. The two of them cried out in pure ecstasy as the pleasure tore through them. They bucked and quivered before most of the strength left Zoe’s body.

    Zoe collapsed to the side, panting heavily as her body twitched with the afterglow. With what little strength she had, she crawled on the bed and oriented herself so her head was at the top of the bed. She turned to Cassandra, who pulled her in and kissed her on the lips. While the flavor of Cassandra’s saliva was tantalizing, having it mixed with Zoe’s pussy juice all over Cassandra’s face elevated it even more.

    The combination of the events of today, along with now the sex she just had, compounded at Zoe now. Her eyes felt incredibly heavy and her body wasn’t listen to her at all, having no strength. Her eyes fluttered, barely able to hang on. She stared ahead at Cassandra, letting her face be the last thing that she saw before passing out.

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