The Curse Of Spooky Island

Story created by LonesomeTaco ∙ 11 September 2023

A demon wearing the form of a young college student arrives at the residence of his host with a sinister purpose. 

Will he succeed in passing himself off as the student and complete his objective or will her friends suspect something and attempt to thwart the demon? 

possession female possession impersonation life theft

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  • The Curse Of Spooky Island - Chapter 2

    Chapter written by LonesomeTaco ∙ 16 February 2023

    Andras further explores the life of his stolen body, officially meeting more people and trying new things. 

  • Andras woke up with a ray of sunlight on his face, instinctively he flinched and raised his hands to shield himself from it. It took a few seconds for his freshly woken mind to realize his skin wasn’t sizzling and burning. Opening his eyes he was greeted by the sight of his host body, he still hadn’t quite gotten used to being inside of a human body and continued to instinctively fear the sun.

    Relaxing he spared a glance at Sarah’s bed to find it neatly made and her nowhere to be found. Must have gone to class he thought to himself, it was a stroke of good luck that Lena’s roommate had not been there to witness any more strange behavior. After last night It would become increasingly difficult to explain away his actions since he could no longer use the excuse of being tired.

    He rolled out of bed and plopped himself back down at the desk with Lena’s laptop on it. He needed to learn more about the animation course his host was taking. He might still have 3 days until the next class but he had no idea how much he would have to know about the subject in order to pass as Lena so it was a good idea to obtain as much knowledge as possible.

    Before he could get too deep into his studies, his stomach grumbled. An unpleasant reminder that his body needed to eat, something Andras had initially thought would be an arduous task when being taught about human anatomy but when he was able to taste food for himself he found the task extremely enjoyable, when he remembered to do it. What comes after is rather annoying though, his very first trip to the bathroom was rather confusing and messy but he was able to get the gist of it after a short while.

    Standing up from the desk he moved over to the drawer he had rummaged through the night before and settled on a plain black shirt and a pair of pants he thinks humans refer to as jeans. After stripping the clothes he had slept in, he caught a glimpse of his scantily clad body in the full length mirror. He had seen his new body quite a few times now but everytime it still amazed him. The body he had been given was quite an attractive one, …

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