Part Swap - The Party - Mia & Elise

Story created by VexenFox ∙ 11 September 2023

Sam throws a house party to show off a nice device he's gotten access too. It's a kind of laser sword, which let's you cut off any body part and keep control of it! But be careful, if you cut something off, somebody else might just pick it up and claim it as their own. In this story, Mia finds gets her hands cut off and replaced with those of the unattractive host. Elise, meanwhile, cuts off her head and sneaks away for some self-experimentation, but somebody else puts their head on her body at the worst possible time...

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  • Part Swap - The Party - Detours

    Chapter written by Magna Cum Laude ∙ 10 February 2023

    After breaking away from the festivities at Sam Smegly's party, part swappers Henry and Clyde get up close and personal with one another. But things take a bit of a turn when Henry determines that he wants to keep Elise's body after all...

  • This is a sequel to the previous chapter I wrote (and VexenFox's work more broadly) that you can read here.


    The shutting of the door, followed by Clyde putting the lock into place, caused an eruption of butterflies in Henry's stomach as he stood there in the center of the bedroom. He'd been caught up in the moment before, sure, with the jock in the living room; it was quite another thing to be alone with him in an out of the way part of Sam Smegly's house ready to lose his virginity. Suddenly, he became quite self-conscious of his own stunning body in a way that he hadn't before. Elise Landry was the sort of woman who turned heads and everyone Henry knew, no matter if they were a man or woman, dreamt of being able to get with her. It was the reason he was wearing her now, as a matter of fact. Now that he was Elise, or mostly her, he understood what the college senior must've felt like every day as Clyde's hungry gaze met his when he turned around.

    "So... uh, how do you want to do this?" Henry asked nervously, gesturing toward the bed on the opposite wall. Truth be told, he didn't know Clyde that well. They'd sat next to each other at orientation freshman year since they were both from out of state but hadn't talked much sense; he'd naturally drifted toward the fraternity he'd been hoping to join while Henry had fallen in with the video game club. Clyde's reputation didn't seem to be a bad guy, but (absurdly) he hoped that he was the sort who'd wear a condom when it came down to getting dirty.

    "Ladies first, right?" Clyde said with a wink as he stood above him, glancing down at him with a smirk. Without giving Henry a chance to respond, he found himself being scooped up into Bruce's formerly massive arms as he strode over to the mattress, dropping him unceremoniously onto it and Henry felt every part of him shake again as he bounced on it.

    The lights had been kept off at Henry's request, the only thing illuminating him being the random strobing ones in the front yard of the mansion occasionally hitting the windowpane. In a way, he almost hoped that the shadows would let him blend in better with their surroundings. Funny as he'd been made to feel inheriting another woman's affection a part of him really didn't want to have to deal with getting asked how being dicked down felt by everyone who disliked him - and he had to admit that that was an uncomfortable amount of people at the party. Instinctively, he pushed his knees together, and looked at Clyde uncertainly.

    "This... this isn't going to leave this room, right?"

    "Dude," Clyde replied, running a hand through his red hair. "This whole thing is weird as hell, but you want to punch your v-card and I want to say I tapped Elise. Can't even get mad at us for this, you know? It's not like we wouldn't be doing anything they wouldn't together on the reg."

    His heart was beating incredibly fast, as if it were going to slam its way out of Henry's ribcage, but after a moment's hesitation he fell backwards onto the soft sheets.

    "Guess so."

    Biting his lower lip, he looked at his fellow body swapping adventurer. Henry had had zero interest in men before he'd done what he had, but he had to admit that being so close to Clyde a second ago in his arms had been nice. He'd been so weak, frail, in comparison that to be in a grip that powerful had been... pleasant. More than pleasant, especially when he'd gotten a noseful of Bruce's cologne. Warmth began to spread throughout him at the thought of how close they were going to be again with one another, Clyde pounding away at him, letting himself be engulfed by pleasure. Without another word, Henry let himself relax as much as he was able to against the comfortable fabric beneath him, gripping it in his palms as he parted his legs.

    "There's the spirit, man. Just enjoy it."

     Not wasting another minute, Clyde lowered himself onto his knees, palms pressed against either side of Henry’s thighs. Henry squeezed his eyes shut, not daring to open them as he felt Clyde’s breath against his box and tried to do as the other man suggested. Despite what he was about to do he really hoped that Ethel would be down for some muff diving of her own later. He had no idea of if she swung that way, but his boldness at being among the first people to experiment with the weird sword made him hope it would count for something. Her TikTok likes were filled to the brim with all kinds of insane challenges from what he’d seen of her profile. Plus, alcohol never hurt-

    Henry’s thoughts scattered as he felt an experimental lick from down below. Just like before with Elise, it felt good, but unlike the whore he’d left behind on the living room floor he knew that at least things would continue going his way. Another lap made an involuntary squeak tumble its way out of him, and for a moment he felt annoyed at the odd androgyny of his partially shared voice box; if he had one complaint so far it was that he wanted his full vocal cords back. Sounding like a kid whose balls hadn’t dropped was humiliating enough, alien as that concept would be to his new body.

    A further probe by Clyde, though, once again destroyed any semblance of rational thought in his mind. He’d gone deeper than he’d been a moment ago, if only just. Air was sucked into his lungs as he felt the offending organ sliding around and making itself familiar with Henry’s nether region. Rapidly, he could feel himself begin to get wetter, both with Clyde’s help along with his own body beginning to respond to the activity.

    “Eliseesh tasteth gud,” he barely heard Clyde mumble through a mouthful of Henry’s beautiful folds. His fingers began to work themselves against the sheets beneath him, clasping and unclasping against his makeshift support.

    “Don’t skimp out. I better feel some fingers, Clyde.”

    Before now, sex had been something only theoretical for Henry. Sure, he’d gotten the mandatory classes like everyone else did in school and The Talk from his parents but the fact that he could directly experience multiple orgasms was something he’d been cognizant of ever since he’d made the decision to snatch Elise’s form up. A laugh came from below him, causing Henry to have to awkwardly push himself up with his elbows to glare down at his lover, his eyes narrowing.

    “I’m serious.”

    A moment later, he obliged, and an electrical current shot its way down Henry’s spine like a lightning bolt as he felt the solid digit begin to push itself inward. He had to admit that he didn’t know before how he’d feel about being penetrated, but now it felt right, as if Clyde had suddenly uncovered some hidden, primal truth that had been unknown to him before tonight. Slowly but surely, he felt it slide into him, his walls beginning to clench around it to help it stay in place… but just as soon as the tingling began, it ended, as he felt the frat bro withdraw it to the entrance.

    “What the h-!” Henry started before yelping as it pushed in, this time much further than it had been a moment ago and this time, Clyde decided to wriggle his finger. Henry’s back involuntarily arched itself, the dark nipples on his heaving breasts turning to diamonds as his widened eyes could only gaze at his paramour in shock and awe.

    “How’s that, then?”

    All Henry could think of was a bonfire as his ‘boyfriend’ tended to him, plunging in and out of his pussy with increasing rapidity. It had begun to burn slowly, the barest of embers coming together in his abdomen before, but now it felt like there was an all-consuming heat that touched every atom within him.

    In and out.

    In and out.

    The scent of his own arousal greeted his nostrils and that simply made the experience even better as he lay there being finger fucked. This was so much better than jerking off; simply no comparison, as far as he was concerned. Pleasure was all around him, quite literally in him, and he was sure that he couldn’t escape from its embrace even if he’d wanted to. But if he thought he was in heaven before then that all changed the moment that Clyde met it.

    “Jesus Christ!”

    “You mean this?” Clyde replied with a smirk, eyes shimmering with mirth as he prodded it again. Henry felt his eyes roll into the back of his head, jaw hanging open, as he soaked in the experience of having his clit played with once more. He didn’t care how loud he’d been just a minute ago, his previous attempt at indiscretion forgotten. The entire neighborhood could know what they were up to for all he cared now.

    “Dude, I’m barely doing anything and you’re acting like I’m railing ya against the backboard or something. You’re a total lightweight.”

    No words answered the teasing. This was all too much. So long as Clyde kept on doing what he was doing then he could put him down as much as he liked. Lazily, his lover’s finger moved towards one of his tits, and he felt him tease it, pinching and pulling, eliciting a whine from Henry.

    “You’re good at this, Clyde,” he admitted, fighting against the urge to let out another. “Hope you’ve been told that before.”

    “Sure, but never by a guy,” the jock shrugged, moving on to the next mound as he repeated his technique. Henry was about to give a snarky comment of his own about how he hadn’t even bothered to declare “no homo,” but the words died as Bruce’s borrowed fingers worked their magic, pressing against his sensitive core. The shudder that passed through him was as good as the first handful, he noted, and far superior to the diminishing returns of the first few spurts he’d managed in his private sessions with his left hand in the past.

    A sudden withdrawal of the sensation that had until now been the center of his whole world almost caused him to blurt out in anger, wanting to demand answers from Clyde as to why he thought it was okay to stop doing what he was doing, but a moment later he felt him make contact once more with his needing cunt. Unlike before, where things had been nice and slow, this was far different; he was swirling his tongue like his life depended on it, his lips kissing Henry’s lips. He felt his breath practically leave him, and it took everything in his power to bring his knees to either side of Clyde’s head, locking him into place so that he couldn’t possibly escape his current mission. Henry’s shaking hands played with his hair, running through it as he felt something stir within him.

    This was different somehow. Bigger. Better. The sensation that was quickly gathering steam was nothing like the situation with Elise eating her old body out. No, that had been nothing but a quick way to test drive things. Short, but sweet. What was slowly filling Henry’s head was nearly indescribable. God, it was going to feel so good once he finally-

    Unggghhhh,” Henry blurted out, grinding himself again and again to Clyde’s dutiful mouth. He felt himself lay limp against the sheets now, his prior writhing suddenly beyond him, and his legs slackened. Euphoria lovingly caressed him just as much as Clyde had been doing only a few seconds before, every limb feeling like they’d turned to jelly. He barely even registered Clyde wipe himself against his sleeve, standing up once more, as he stood there laughing.

    “So, I didn’t do so bad, yeah?”

    Frankly, Henry didn’t know how long he sat there in the afterglow, but as soon as he was able, he weakly looked up at him as he nodded back.

    “Glad ya enjoyed yourself. Man, Elise was as good as I knew she was gonna be. Now, then…”

    Without waiting for the rest of the sentence, Henry exposed himself. At this point he didn’t even care if they used protection or not.

    “Hahaha! Oh, man, Henry. Didn’t know ya’d have it that bad for me, but if that’s the case then maybe you’ll be up for this.”

    A frown crossed Henry’s features, confusion written all over his face, as he cleared his throat and eventually found his voice.

    “Yeah? What was it you had in mind?”

    “Well, I figure since you had your fun, you might be willing to let me have mine.”

    “Pretty sure I just opened the gate to pound town, didn’t I?”

    “C’mon, ‘babe.’ That’s not what I’m talkin’ about.”

    A hand traveled its way down to the front of Bruce’s shorts, Clyde patting the outline only a few inches beneath. Henry felt his eyes widen and his stomach churn slightly at the unspoken request.

    “You’re… you’re not gonna ask me to do that, are you?”

    “Hey now, I got up close and personal with you just a moment ago!”

    “But that’s…” Henry paused, finding the strength to sit up from his position on the mattress. “…not the same. I’m a guy, that’s another guy’s dick.”

    “Yeah, and once we get horizontal, we’re gonna be face to face or I’ll be rearranging your guts. Don’t see how this is any different.”

    Much as Henry hated to admit it, Clyde had a point there, and the more he considered the request the more conflicted he felt. They’d already crossed a barrier earlier and this was just one more before they got to the final hurdle together; plus, Elise’s and Bruce’s residual feelings were helping push the two of them across the finish line. Still, the thought of taking whatever was in Clyde’s pants now into his mouth, or even between his boobs, made him feel a bit queasy. Spunk ending up in him or all over him weren’t particularly appealing options, but he had to admit that it would be unfair if he didn’t return the favor. Henry knew full well that he, and his original body, wasn’t a looker by any stretch of the imagination.

    “I guess,” Henry said quietly at last. “Just let me spit, okay?”

    “Done deal,” Clyde said, and even with his eyes shut as he gulped to steel his nerves, Henry could feel the smile in his voice. The sound of a descending zipper only made him purse his lips as he scooted closer to bring himself eye level with his current objective. He tried not to look away as he watched Bruce’s dick pop through the fly of his boxers, and especially didn’t try to think about how it was going to be inside of him in an even more intimate way than they were about to engage in later.

    Tentatively, Henry reached one of his hands forward, and he tried not to consider just how small he felt in comparison to the member in front of him. Seconds later, he contacted Clyde’s warm stolen flesh, and he slowly, but awkwardly adjusted his grip, desperately hoping he wouldn’t get a hand cramp in the middle of things. He began to work his lover, halfheartedly moving his shaft up and down.

    Penises were weird to look at, Henry realized, especially on the receiving angle. It was a length of warm, solid muscle and skin that had begun to balloon to an even larger size as he began to play with it and it was almost funny how Clyde’s sack began to descend, almost drooping, as he continued his ministrations. If he hadn’t had one himself in the not-too-distant past, it almost felt like looking at some indescribable alien organ. Experimentally, once he felt he’d properly adjusted his earthy brown fingers against the paleness before him, Henry quickened his pace and the man above him sucking in his breath at the measure only made him commit to it further.

    ‘Sooner you can get this over with, the sooner you can have him take care of you,’ Henry tried to reason with himself, but the cracking of Bruce’s curled toes underneath his knees didn’t do much to help make him feel any braver.

    “I better feel some tongue, Henry. Hope this isn’t just going to be a hand job.”

    “Be patient,” Henry said with a roll of his eyes.

    He reached behind Clyde, straining his other arm upwards as he continued pumping, and used his free hand to begin shimmying the khakis. It took only a moment before them to begin slipping, and both had to briefly pause to readjust after they made their current activity impossible, but once they had collapsed into a useless puddle around Bruce’s ankles there was nothing keeping Henry from his prey. Eyes closed as he tried to calm himself, his chest rising and falling in an increasingly rapid rate before Henry decided to throw all caution to the wind. If he kept finding excuses not to do what he’d been tasked with then the experience was going to remain completely miserable for him. Henry’s mouth opened as wide as he could force it, and suddenly he could feel Clyde’s massive hands on either side of his head, guiding him toward the destination, and at last he made contact.

    The salty taste of precum was the first thing that dominated Henry’s senses before he could take stock of just how large Bruce was. His eyes began to water, awkwardly trying to move around the rock-hard length that had suddenly made an appearance, and a pathetic mewl barely eked its way up from his throat. Slackening his lower jaw, he let Clyde fall out slightly, panting.

    ‘How the hell did Elise deal with this all the time?’ Henry thought to himself. It felt like he was barely hanging on to things as he pushed his lips back down on pink head, letting it slide along his tongue, but stopping just before it hit his uvula. The sensation of Clyde’s shifting foreskin wasn’t a bad one but felt incredibly bizarre as Henry began to move his head back and forth.

    “Ooooh, shit,” Clyde hissed, and Henry looked up at him through a mouthful of cock. Yeah, he was glad that Elise’s body was helping him out, that was for sure. Henry never dreamed when he woke up this morning, he’d be sucking a dick let alone, and this he kind of hated to admit, enjoying it. It was easy enough to do, that was for certain. His neck might get tired, but simply letting it go back and forth, and occasionally managing to gulp down the leaking jizz wasn’t all that bad. He’d heard before that guys could taste gross, so he was at least glad enough that Bruce bothered to keep a healthy diet.

    Moving back to Clyde’s new tip, Henry decided to change things up, if for no other reason than to help keep himself interested. Opening himself up further, he let the penis rest on his bottom lip, proceeding to slowly engulf it once more, letting it meet his teeth. Luckily, his worst-case scenario of accidentally biting down didn’t come to pass, and instead he satisfactorily (and felt kind of weirded out) that Clyde stroked his hair at the sudden change.

    “H-holy shit, you’re… you’re great at this. Better than some of the chicks I’ve been with, Henry.”

    Unsure whether to take the compliment, Henry filed it away for shit talking purposes later, and let one of his now unoccupied hands begin to grope forward. Seconds later, he found what he was looking for, and Elise’s stolen hands began to fondle Clyde’s balls. If he’d been doing well before then he was certain that Clyde was his bitch now because his groan of pleasure was loud enough that he almost thought someone might barge in to see what was going on. In conjunction, Henry began to quicken his movement, pushing back and forth in time as he squeezed the nuts he was holding ever so gently. Perhaps he could’ve delivered an even greater coup de grace than he seemed to be heading for, but he wasn’t sure he was ready or even wanted to get close enough to a dude’s taint tonight to suck on them.

    “Henry, I’m gonna… gonna…”

    The bodynapper’s partner in crime didn’t have to tell him twice. Henry pulled back as he began to feel Clyde twitch not a moment too soon as he held the offending genitalia in his hand, letting spurt after spurt of white splatter against him, letting it ooze down in between the valley of his tits, and contrasting sharply against his blackness. Henry tried not to roll his eyes at the slowly shrinking thing before him and looked up at Clyde expectantly.

    “That better not be all you’ve got, pal.”

    It took a moment for Clyde to return to reality, but eventually he reopened his eyes, and stared down at Henry in wonder.

    “Where the hell have you been all my life?”

    There was that strange sensation in Henry’s stomach again at the praise, but not knowing how to respond, he simply patted the bed next to him invitingly. Without hesitation Clyde sat beside him as they each tried to steady their breaths. He had to admit that, as eager as he’d been to try what sex felt like while he was mostly a woman, now that he was close to the consummating act it was almost frightening. It wasn’t that he was afraid of penetration so much as Henry wondered what it would say about it him if he enjoyed it. Would Ethel be okay with it? Could he and Clyde ever look at one another in the eye after tonight? Out of all the things he’d hoped to experience tonight, existential questions weren’t among them.

    “Bruce doesn’t have anything for this. I checked earlier,” Clyde finally said at last.

    “Figures. Word on the street was he was going to pop the question to Elise sometime this year.”

    “That kinda leaves our options limited.”

    Without bothering to deliberate further, Henry drew his legs back onto the bed, and rotated himself 360 degrees towards the wall.

    “Look for lube first. I’ll do anal, but I sure as hell am not letting you go in dry, Clyde.”

    Not needing to be asked twice, Clyde got up, and moved over to the nightstand next to the bed. Sam Smegly was unlikely to be some secret sexual dynamo, but the room they’d found looked suspiciously like his parents’ if the expensive looking drawers and jewelry on a mirror near the window were any indication. Assuming they had any luck…

    “Ah-ha,” the other man said triumphantly. Henry turned to look over at Clyde holding a bottle filled with thick, viscous looking liquid not unlike what he’d been plastered with not that long ago. Tossing the lid aside, Clyde scooped up a bunch, and began to slather it against his manhood. Another stirring between his loins let Henry know that even if he was on edge his body certainly wasn’t.

    Unceremoniously, Clyde walked over to the bed, and got onto it, causing the springs underneath Henry to creak in protest at the added weight. Trying to mentally prepare himself for what was to come, he felt large, powerful hands grip wrap themselves on either side of his hips. A moment later, there was something impossibly large and hard making itself known against his back entrance and all he could do was give an audible gulp in response. He wound the sheets underneath him between his fingers for comfort.

    “Lemme know if this is too fast, or it hurts too much.”

    Without waiting for a response, Henry felt Clyde enter him, the slight pressure he felt moments ago giving way to something that was much more painful. Tears involuntarily began to well in Henry’s eyes as his breath quickened, feeling Clyde’s horrifically slow pace creep ever forward. Part of him had hoped that Bruce and Elise would’ve already tried this, saving him at least part of his current suffering, but it seemed like fate wouldn’t be kind to him twice tonight.

    “Goddamn, Elise is tight,” Clyde said approvingly somewhere above him.

    At some point Clyde pulled back, Henry assuming he finally put his hilt in all the way a moment ago, and he was briefly filled with the sensation of a sudden emptiness inside his depths when the pressure returned a few seconds later. The lube, contrary to his hope that it would be his savior, only did so much; it could help ease in the foreign object but it couldn’t take away the soreness or the nerves they’d activated.





    Clyde rode him, and with each withdrawal and reentry, he sped up. Henry could truly appreciate now the smallness of Elise’s comparatively tiny form as he took Bruce’s dick, his entire body shaking as he clung to surface beneath him for dear life. The rhythmic sound of flesh meeting flesh being his only soundtrack other than the impassioned grunts from the frat boy behind him. At some point, he’d stopped hurting; the repeated friction was almost pleasurable now. Plus, he had to admit that the sensation of Clyde’s balls repeatedly slapping against him was kind of hot, not that he was ever going to admit that aloud.

    “You enjoying yourself down there?” Clyde asked conversationally and Henry could only bring himself to mumble out something that could be construed as agreement.

    “Let’s take it up a notch, then.”

    Before he could even ask him what he was going to do, Henry felt one of Bruce’s hands meet his ass. It wasn’t too hard, but it was done with enough force that he could hear it, and there was the barest hint of a sting to accompany it. But Elise’s body sure enjoyed it, and he could feel the sheets beneath him growing damp as his desire began to leak down his thighs. It was certainly surreal, that was for certain, just how much a slave he was proving to someone else’s old thoughts and habits. Another smack refocused his attention, the rippling being something he felt move all throughout his rear.

    That wasn’t all that Clyde had in store for him either. It wasn’t just the speed he was applying that had changed, it was also how forceful his thrusts were becoming. A firm hand now pressed itself down on Henry’s back, pushing him further into the soft surface underneath, surprisingly gentle all things considered. It contrasted greatly with how with each penetration into Henry’s and Elise’s virgin asshole seemed to desire ever-greater access to him.

    “You’re doing great, Henry,” Clyde said with warm approval, but Henry could barely hear him at this point. There were so much other stimuli to focus on; the smell of sweat and sex filling the room, the physical roughhousing he was undergoing, how good it was beginning to feel in spite of everything. His mouth briefly opened for a moment to give a weak thanks, but that turned out to be a mistake. Henry was not quiet; instead, he was loud, and a scream came forth instead.

    Though he couldn’t see him, Henry could sense the grin that had split across Clyde’s face, and a moment later, he felt the enormous body of Bruce begin to push itself down upon on all sides. Even if he wanted to escape, and he most certainly didn’t, he couldn’t hope to now. The crushing weight kept him trapped and the primal workout he’d been receiving moments ago was something far more intimate. It was slow, steady, almost loving.

    “Can I cum in you or do you want me to pull out?” Clyde whispered in his ear.

    “…Inside is fine,” Henry said after a moment’s hesitation and realizing he’d been asked a question.

    Though it didn’t last as long as it felt, Henry could feel time slipping away from him, even as Clyde became slower and slower. A satisfied sigh was all the confirmation he needed to know that the other man was at his limit and a few seconds later he felt the sensation of Bruce’s dick rapidly pulsing before a glorious warmth filled Henry and the satisfied sigh Clyde let out as he rested his head on Henry’s. Not to be outdone, the quivering desire he’d been having to deal with finally burst forth as well, staining the Smeglys’ mattress.

    “Thanks, man,” Clyde said after the few moments it took him to recover, the loud, wet pop of his slowly shrinking member suddenly leaving a void behind. “Never would’ve been able to do that without you. Literally, even. Pretty sure Smegly’s old man and old woman have a shower in here so you can scrub down…”

    But Henry wasn’t paying attention to Clyde, not now. He was lost in thought. Everything he’d experienced since he’d arrived in this room had been nearly beyond words to describe; Henry had loved every moment of it. The thought of having to go to Elise eventually at the end of the party, sheepishly let her take back control, and hope that she didn’t seek to humiliate him too badly wasn’t how things should end. With how she acted around campus, hell, how she’d been at the party, she didn’t deserve what she possessed. Henry needed her – needed her body. Their mismatched colors and tones didn’t matter to him now, nor did anything else. So long as he had her stunning assets, her vivacious curves, he knew that his life on campus was going to change for the better. Clyde was proof enough that with enough motivation he could change minds towards his way of thinking.

    “Yeah,” Henry replied finally, brought out of his reverie by an uncertain Clyde shaking his shoulder gently. “I’ll try not to take too long. Wouldn’t want to miss anything, y’know?”

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Magna Cum Laude Author ∙ 10 February 2023

Here's what's effectively part two of my commission. I hope people like it! P.S. VexenFox, would love it if Henry gets to be a karma Houdini and keep Elise's body (and maybe manage to fix his voice so he sounds properly like himself). I'm a fan of unwilling swaps and a sucker for the "nerd gets to take over the hot chick" trope. :)

VexenFox ∙ 13 February 2023

Haha, perhaps. I miiiight write a follow on at some point, but I'll have to find a way to twist it in that direction!

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