The Possession Ring

Story created by Haxxare ∙ 11 September 2023

Matt stumbles upon a ring that lets him possess people.

Heavily inspired by the story The Possession Spell, but nerfed so the one with the power isn't in absolute control of everything.

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  • The Possession Ring - Part 9 (Alternative)

    Chapter written by JJ97TSF ∙ 15 December 2021

    Matt, Alison, Alan, and Mira are back, and now have the upper hand on Rachel. Despite her best efforts, our four protagonists are now in control of both her body and the ring, and they intend to ruin her so thoroughly that she'll never come back. Contains spitroasting, pee play, bukkake, and a rather extreme revenge. Written by JJ97TSF- please leave feedback! :) 

  • With the ring back in our hands, we made it back to the apartment that Alan and I shared. I was still wearing Rachel’s skinny jeans and the dark blue sleeveless crop top that I had put on her earlier, and still enduring the hateful glares Mira sent my way. I mean, I could understand why she was so upset- Rachel did violate her body pretty thoroughly after all- but I was still in here! Regardless, as soon as we entered I put Rachel’s purse on the counter, then stripped naked in our living room as the others prepared for what happened next. Mira took Rachel’s phone out of her purse, used my face to bypass the Face ID, then set it up on a tripod. We were all ready for revenge, and I sat down on the bed while waiting for Alison and Alan to return from Alan’s room. A minute or so later, they re-entered the living room, and I dutifully got on all fours on our couch as Alison with a strap-on and Alan prepared to spitroast me.


    I wouldn’t consider myself a particularly vengeful person, but I didn’t feel too guilty as I felt a “cock” in my ass slam into me, throwing my face further down another cock that was currently in my mouth. In fact, I did my best to grind and throw up peace signs at a phone camera currently filming me getting spitroasted. 


    She had sent us pictures of her in Mira’s body, sucking some guy’s cock and getting plowed by what we assumed to be the same guy. It was humiliating, infuriating, but now I- we- had the chance to exact revenge, on top of deleting those photos. Alan pulled out behind me and I felt his hot seed splash against my ass. In front of me, Alison pulled her strap-on out of my mouth and began to relieve herself onto my hair. All of this happened while I used Rachel’s face to look into the camera, appearing as if I was enjoying this incredibly degrading experience. Personally, I wasn’t enjoying the physical sensation of being covered in various bodily fluids, but the sheer thrill of revenge helped me power through and wear a rather enthusiastic grin on Rachel’s now defiled face. Eventually, Mira had enough of her little porno, however, and I was given permission to clean up Rachel's body as the other three cleaned themselves up as well.


    While in the shower, I did the bare minimum, really only focusing on making sure the ring didn’t slip off my finger as I brought Rachel’s body back to a presentable state. Once finished, I pulled an oversized t-shirt and gym shorts from my drawer, threw them on Rachel’s body haphazardly, and went out to meet the other three in the living room, where they were currently strategizing on how to further punish Rachel and ensure she didn’t come back for revenge. Mira’s face immediately turned into a grimace as she looked at me. 


    “Ew. If she knew she was wearing your clothes, she would be way too happy. Take them off and put the other clothes back on.” I considered arguing with her for a moment, as the skinny jeans and crop top were a bit of a tight squeeze- but decided against it. She was the one that suffered the most from Rachel’s possessions, after all. As I slipped back into the clothes I took from Rachel’s closet earlier, I heard the others talk about what they wanted to do with her. 


    I imagine our conversation sounded similar to what happens in the writing rooms for porn producers. Trash her place. Have her fuck a few homeless guys. Make her wet herself in public and then hop out. I brought up something I thought Mira would do- leaving her naked, halfway across the country in a motel- and we all agreed on that as a “parting gift” for her. But that alone wasn’t enough, we thought. Maybe we could have her work as a camgirl? Bringing her to a comic convention to fuck the ugliest guys we could find was an idea we all agreed we could enjoy. Using her money to pay for our expenses- both essential and luxury- was also one we came to a unanimous agreement on. Mira suggested getting a ridiculous boobjob- and Alison agreed- but I (and Alan) shut that down. I thought it would be perhaps too harsh, and Alan agreed. Moving on. Maybe having her fuck her friends? A quick scroll through her contacts list on her phone revealed quite a few guys, and it was quite easy to tell that most of them wanted to fuck her. We all agreed on that, and continued on. Posting really slutty pictures to her social media was one we also agreed on doing- and started on right then and there. I took a picture of myself miming Rachel holding on a cock and sucking it, and posted it on all of her socials for everyone to see. The conversation on how to absolutely ruin her continued long for a couple hours, and I found myself falling asleep, giddy for the day to come. Taping the ring to my finger so it wouldn’t become dislodged during sleep, I bid the others goodnight. 


    As I woke up in the morning, it took me a moment to realize that I was in Rachel’s body. While I was now somewhat used to the feeling of waking up in Mira’s body, the sight of Rachel’s copper hair covering my vision, along with her tanned skin brushing her hair out of my face was a sensation I was not used to. Either way, I hopped out of my bed and into the living room, where Mira was sleeping. Normally, we’d sleep together, but Mira declined last night- “too weird” seeing Rachel’s face next to her in bed. Understandable, I guess. She was already awake, texting on her phone when I waved her over, and we both sat down at the desk in my room together. Pulling out her credit card, we cleared out both of our wishlists. Fancy, designer clothes and shoes for her. Makeup and other cosmetics as well. I decided to treat myself to a new, high-end gaming computer, alongside the newest gaming consoles, marked up to a ridiculous price. No need to work for a good deal- it technically wasn’t my money, after all. We must have spent around three thousand or so dollars before the card started getting declined- and neither of us wanted to try and impersonate Rachel to her bank in order to unfreeze it, so we stopped there. We still had her debit card after all, and a glance at her savings account last night revealed a few thousand dollars available to us. 


    As Alison and Alan both woke up and entered the living room, Mira and I left my room to join them for the next act of debauchery on the list. Today, I was going to stay in Rachel’s body and carry out her punishments, and so I dutifully hopped into a car with Alan, Mira, and Alison as we drove over to the seedier part of town, picking up some boba on the way to drink. We arrived at our destination- a homeless encampment, and Mira pulled out my- Rachel’s- phone and started recording. I took that as my cue to start, and I made a beeline for one of the tents. Opening the flap, I saw a homeless man looking at me with wide eyes. He must not have been expecting anybody, certainly not a cute girl intruding on his tent. Luckily for him, I was going to make his day. Sitting down on the disgusting floor littered with trash, I looked him in the eye and gave him a smile. 


    “Hey there mister, would you like to…” I wasn’t quite sure how to put this. “...have some fun with me?” Good enough. Outside, Mira was holding the tent door open with one hand and recording with the phone in the other. The homeless man gave a dumbfounded nod, and I took that as a sign to start. I brought Rachel’s dainty hands, unzipped his jeans, took out his smelly cock, and began a reluctant service.


    The entire affair took longer than any of us had expected, due to the fact that other homeless guys heard the commotion, came in, and joined in on the fun. I must have fucked six or seven guys, all with Mira dutifully videotaping. By the time the orgy was over, Rachel’s once pristine dyed copper hair was streaked with cum, visibly standing out. But her hair wasn’t the only place that was soiled- her crop top was also visibly stained with cum, along with her skinny jean- which had been ripped open by a particularly eager gentleman, leaving a hole exposing her ass for all to see. Speaking of her ass- cum was dripping out of both lower orifices, and I made no effort to clean it up until Mira turned off the phone, giggling at Rachel’s dilapidated state. I borrowed one of the homeless gentlemen’s dirty cargo pants, and giggled myself as I put it on with no panties. I left her skinny jeans with the gentlemen as a “souvenir,” and Mira sent them the video for good measure. Rachel would never be able to show her face around here ever again- although I doubt she came here to begin with. Either way, we got what we came here for- a video of Rachel fucking several homeless men, and so we added the video to a blackmail folder that also contained last night’s spitroast. 


    As kinky as the whole experience was, the feeling of cum dripping out of both my stolen pussy and anus was incredibly uncomfortable, and so we made a quick trip back to Rachel’s house in order to both get myself clean clothes as well as complete another task- trash Rachel’s place. We had brought as many homeless people as could reasonably fit into the car (much to Alan’s displeasure, as he owned it), and brought them up to Rachel’s apartment. Opening the front door with her keys to a few curious yet trusting gentlemen, I spread my arms out and gestured to the apartment as whole. 


    “You can all stay here for the time being! I’m not going to use it, and since you all treated me so well-” I winked as I said that- “I figured you all could use the place better than I can! Feel free to invite any of your friends, too.” And with that, the homeless gentlemen who were just fucking Rachel a few minutes earlier were now settling into Rachel’s home. I, on the other hand, went about showering for a second time in Rachel’s body, again making sure to not accidentally dislodge the ring from my finger. Afterwards, I raided her closet. I took some of the expensive dresses that she had, along with some other clothing that I liked or thought looked incredibly slutty- and decided to ruin the rest of her wardrobe by relieving myself on whatever I didn’t think I would need. 


    With the video for today filmed, and Rachel’s house currently occupied, we began the drive back to me and Alan’s apartment when we were interrupted by something- or rather, someone- that required our immediate attention. Rachel’s phone received a ping from a “Boyfriend <3” inquiring as to her whereabouts and general well-being.


    “Shit!” I had completely forgotten about the boyfriend- the one who had fucked Mira while she was possessed by Rachel. Just the mention of him started getting Mira angry, and I tried my best to calm her down- only to anger her even more as she pushed me away on instinct, before apologizing. She REALLY doesn’t like Rachel- although I can understand why. Meanwhile, Alan and Alison were strategizing, and we spent a good hour deliberating on how to handle the boyfriend. I didn’t particularly want to have sex with him, and nor did anyone else- and there was no telling what he knew about the ring, so impersonating Rachel to get him out of the picture for the short-term was out of the question. That being said, we couldn’t come up with any other solution, besides subduing him and keeping him tied up- which was immediately dismissed due to the potential legal issues that it brought up. We were at our wits end until Alison saved all of us.

    “...Why don’t we just tell him that we’re busy?” Alison said.


    “What?” echoed back Alan.


    “You know, tell him that she- Rachel- is busy ruining Mira’s life. From what we could tell, he’s pretty subservient to her, so if we tell him to stay put- just for the period that we’re ruining Rachel- he might do just that. We’ll have to put the social media stuff on hold, though.” 


    I, along with Alan, was quite skeptical of her plan- but eventually we decided to follow through due to lack of a better one. And so out went a text from Rachel’s phone to the boyfriend’s phone.


    “Busy fucking up Mira. Check back in a couple of days and I’ll show you some of the fun and let you have another turn ;)” 


    It physically revolted me having to type that, but what was even more revolting was the idea of actually being under Rachel’s control. Luckily for us, we didn’t have to wait too long before we received an “Ok” from the boyfriend.


    With that assurance, we were okay to continue ruining her life- we just had to do it out of sight of the boyfriend, and on a much quicker timeline. Gone was the convention plan. I quickly took down the blowjob photo from her social media as well. Instead, we rented a minivan, and packed up for an impromptu road-trip. It was time to say goodbye to Rachel, for good. 


    It took a few hours, but we were on the road and heading towards our destination at a good pace. Mira had chosen the city in which she wanted to “dump” Rachel, and instead of a motel- we decided to give her a grand finale. I purposefully overate in her body while wearing her fanciest dress, a fitted dress with a designer name. White and a little lacy, it showed a bit of cleavage while still remaining tasteful, and had a slit running along the side of it to show off the wearer’s legs. Even I had to admit Rachel looked beautiful in it, which is why all of us enjoyed covering it in grease, food, and condiments from a fast food place on the way to our destination. Rachel looked like an absolute mess, and it got plenty of stares as I exited the car with Mira following a distance behind, heading towards our final destination with Rachel- a nice little outlet mall. Strutting in her body, I made a beeline for the food court. I was already a magnet for people’s attention in my body- and I was an even bigger one when I climbed on top of one of the store’s counters, outside of the view of any store cameras but within the view of anyone in the food court. This was going to be tricky- but I wanted something decisive to ensure that she would never come  back to bother us again. And with that knowledge in mind- I pulled down the top of Rachel’s dress, hard, showing her boobs for everyone to see. A few parents covered their children’s eyes. Quite a few teenagers pulled out their phones to record. But no one came to stop her. The employees just looked on in awe, clearly the highlight of what must have been a mind-numbing shift previously. But I wasn’t done yet. Relaxing her bladder, I let go and made her wet herself right there on the counter. It sucked for the employees that had to clean it up, but it had to be done. Now, Rachel was not only a pervert who flashed a food court at a busy mall- but also a pervert that wet herself on purpose in public. With the shame and embarrassment benign too much to bear any longer in her body, and a store manager pulling at me to get down- I pulled off the ring and exited her body. As I entered her ghost form, I got a short glance at her shocked, horrified face as she slowly began to realize the horrible situation she was in- before heading into Mira, taking control of her and walking out of the mall, our group’s coup de grace finally delivered.


    Before we had left Rachel, we put a message on her phone that she would surely see- essentially laying out the blackmail we had on her, and how we could ruin her life even more if she tried to retaliate against us for the punishment we had doled out on her. A plethora of nudes, demeaning and kinky sex videos, and other degrading acts we had her do were listed on her phone, along with a guarantee that said pieces of media would be leaked onto the internet and to her close friends and family if any retaliation occurred. Of course, there was no guarantee that such a safeguard would prevent her from coming back to us with revenge on the mind- but hopefully the disastrous outcome of this last stunt she pulled, and the traumatizing event we had just put her through would successfully deter her from ever coming near us again.


    And with that out of the way, I got back into the minivan as Mira, hopped out of her body, gave everyone an update on how the situation played out- and we all began the drive back home, our need for vengeance now sated by the absolute ruining of Rachel’s life. 


    Original Series by Haxxare on DeviantArt


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