The Sorceress' Apprentice

Story created by jibaky ∙ 11 September 2023

Theo didn't expect to find himself inside the mind of a new teacher at his school, but he supposed that'd be better than to just be used as fuel for a youth restoring ritual. This new opportunity will finally give him the chance to get himself a life where no one cared about him

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  • The Sorceress' Apprentice

    Chapter written by jibaky ∙ 03 May 2023

    Theo didn't expect to find himself inside the mind of a new teacher at his school, but he supposed that'd be better than to just be used as fuel for a youth restoring ritual. This new opportunity will finally give him the chance to get himself a life where no one cared about him

  • Being tied up inside a creepy basement was not what Theo expected to be doing when he woke up that morning.

    It was really weird for him to be randomly called to the aged Headmistress's office when he arrived at his morning classes, but nothing too out of the boundary of normality.

    Realistically, when she abruptly started cackling like the parody of a stereotypical witch, he should’ve just stood up and left, consequences be damned.

    But now he wasn’t sure if that would’ve helped him.

    Right after she had finished with her deranged laughter, she immediately chanted some random gibberish causing a weight around Theo’s mind to grow as he suddenly felt very sleepy.

    When he came to, he was already tied up with maddeningly itchy ropes, which painfully bit into his wrists and caused his hands to swell. All he could see was a flight of stairs leading to the inside of a classic basement door.

    After what felt like an eternity, he finally heard a sound and saw some light creep in from the door. Amidst his growing dread, Theo started to rethink all the life choices that led him to the basement of a creepy old hag, who was planning on doing God knows what with him.

    If anyone were asked to describe him, most people would say Theo was a creep.

    No one ever saw him do anything bad per se. It was just his loner status, adeptness at going around unseen, and inability to coax any sort of conversation out of him for more than a few minutes at a time that made people wary of him.

    However, the truth was more complicated.

    Although not a scion from old wealth, he was born into a well-off family, though his father was mostly absent from his life, and his mother was nothing more than a self-obsessed trophy wife for him to show off.

    Neither cared much about him. Not even playing at being a problem child ever got any reaction other than disinterest from both. They paid for his schooling and put food on the table. The rest was up to him to figure out.

    Hence, it wasn't surprising that a child raised like this would have problems occurring in his life. Talking with people outside of those he was comfortable with often resulted in him freezing up. So while he could normally interact with teachers and staff, he could never talk to any of his peers or hope to make friends.

    Not being part of any particular group, Theo was easy bully bait, which forced him to develop ways of moving around unnoticed.

    Unfortunately for Theo, all these characteristics made him a prime target for Sabrina’s dark ritual.

    Sabrina was a very old sorceress, who had been using this ritual for a long time.

    Every few decades she would hunt a young male who fit a few core characteristics, which consisted, amongst various other factors, of having the correct blood type and being born at the precise time of the year. She would then sacrifice them to increase her longevity, and add a boost to her powers.

    Still though, the ritual was very finicky, which meant that some of these more defined characteristics would change slightly every few years.

    But Sabrina had been at it for centuries, so she had a few ways to pinpoint the right person. This was the reason she was headmistress of a local preparatory college since having access to files about hundreds of young men made her life a lot easier.

    This year, from all the candidates, Theo was the one most likely never to be missed by anyone important, which is why she called him to her office, using magic to hypnotize him. Then she instructed him, once he had obediently marched himself to her home, to tie himself up in her basement. 

    She could barely wait for her workday to end, so she could go claim his delicious vital energy for herself.

    When the door opened, and he saw his school headmistress coming down into the basement he was currently in, Theo immediately started thrashing in his bindings.

    “Oh, don’t even try, dear. Those ivy ropes were very well enchanted. They are not letting you go easily, not after you so diligently managed to get them to tie you yourself.” said the witch, with sadistic glee in her tone.

    “!!! - ?!?!”

    “He he he, screaming won’t help either. The circle underneath you makes it so anyone inside can’t make a sound. It would undo all my hard work if you screamed and the neighbors called the police on little old me, don’t you agree?”

    Feeling even more defeated than before, Theo noticed the hag messing with some jars on a cupboard he was sure hadn't been there before.

    He didn’t know what was happening, but it couldn’t be good for him, so he did his best to shimmy out of the now-visible circle under him. Or at least he tried, since once he touched the border he got shocked and floated once more to the center.

    “Oh, I wouldn’t do that if I were you, dear. You’re in your last few minutes of life. You really should try not to spend them torturing yourself.” she said, loving to see him thrash even more after hearing about his fate.

    Sabrina finished gathering her reagents, mixing some on a mortar, and using some to paint intricate symbols on her arms, hands, and head.

    She then used magic to float a blade up to her next life source, making a shallow slice on his arm, which made Theo pass out in terror.

    “Pity”, she thought. She liked when her victims would squirm until the very end. It was way more satisfactory to her.

    She took some of the spilt blood and mixed it in her mortar, making something that could be called a magic potion, though it worked more like a binding agent for all of the vital energy that would get released by the boy after the ritual was done.

    She started chanting in old tongues, languages that were forgotten by all but the most studious of all mages. Just like that, the lines of the magic circle were lit in eerie white flames, flames that rapidly engulfed Theo’s unmoving body.

    Were someone to be observing this, they would notice that though he was ablaze, Theo was not burning, since that wasn’t the flames' primary purpose.

    Theo slowly woke up, noticing that he wasn’t dead yet. His short burst of elation was interrupted by the disturbing resonant sounds of the crazed woman above him. He noticed that he was neither bound by the enchanted ropes nor clothed anymore. Still feeling somewhat dazed, he realized that the chorus of her demonic song was rapidly approaching a climax. When it did, he felt unimaginable pain across his body.

    The subsequent scream startled Sabrina. 

    Seeing as he was unconscious, she had unmade the first circle, since not having to account for it would make it easier for her to conduct the ritual.

    This momentary lapse in attention had all of the spectral flames burning a bright pink before she took control once again, returning the flames to their usual pale white. Sabrina chastised herself for her slip-up but rationalized it was nothing she couldn’t fix.

    As the screaming stopped, Sabrina noticed that Theo’s body had started to turn to ashes, which quickly coalesced into a swirling mass that, as the white flames went out, floated to her mouth. She greedily opened it up, taking it all in. As the last specks finished entering her, they started serving their purpose, merging with every cell in her body, giving it more life, so that she would once more return to her physical and magical prime.

    Sabrina could feel all of the energy flaring up inside her. As her body heated up, she could feel her old bones start to ache less, also immediately noticed her skin becoming clearer, younger and more flexible.

    The first significant change in Sabrina was her posture; old age had given her a dreadful hunchback. The bones realigned themselves with sickeningly loud pops and cracks, bringing about reflexive gasps from Sabrina’s lips. But the gasps of pain were replaced by soft moans of pleasure as her spine slowly grew more erect, the feeling when all was said and done transcending to nothing short of heavenly. Similarly, she felt and saw her short grey hair bloom into a silky mane of the darkest black anyone had ever seen. Her hair continued to flow outwards like the waves of the ocean, pooling down her back and slightly around the sides of her thin silhouette. Until it too began to grow, plumping and filling up temptingly to the perkiest of voluptuous proportions. She nearly cried as her beautiful breasts returned to their former glory, while concurrently, her waist shrunk, balanced by her ass, hips and upper thighs flaring out, as the mass in her body appropriately redistributed itself to create a more nubile womanly figure. Even if it was something she did every few decades, Sabrina knew that she would never get tired of feeling her body absorb the mountains of vital energy to return to its most perfect state.

    At the end of the night, instead of the picture of an old hag, short and wrinkly with thin and short grey hair, all there was in the house was the image of a goddess of fertility. Tall, hourglass figure with great pillowy breasts, deep black hair, eyes shining like emeralds and ruby red lips, the Sorceress of Lust, Sabrina, was back.


    Theo thought that he had finally died, which was why he was confused every time he regained consciousness. It was always fleeting. Every time he could feel very intense sensations… about something, even if he wasn’t sure what it was.

    He didn’t know how often he was blinking awake, so to say, nor for how long he kept being in such a state, but he knew for a fact that every time he did, he could gain a greater grasp on his consciousness, and that meant he could be awake for longer.

    Possibly, if he managed to keep himself awake long enough, he could understand what was happening to him.

    The first thing he realized he could latch on to was his perception of taste. After what felt like years of blinking in and out of existence, and slowly gaining more and more ground, he first noticed that his senses were coming back into sharper contrast when he once again processed something distinct and spongy on his taste buds. It was something salty, musky and tangy. It wasn’t anything he had ever tasted before, but he had spent so long without tasting anything that all he could think about was to savor the flavor and sample all he could.

    Sabrina had been very busy these last few months. After inspecting her condition, she concluded that the hiccup in the ritual did not do anything other than get her a fair bit more energy than she was expecting to get. 

    She used magic to create a replica of her old body. Just like that, old lady Sabrina had died of a heart attack while sleeping, and her granddaughter, also named Sabrina had come to town to get her things in order.

    After dealing with every legal problem she could find herself in, by using copious amounts of magic that she could finally use again without fear, she had gone out of her way to seduce as many people of relevance and interest as she could. As a lust sorceress, Sabrina had gotten a boost to her powers for every person that found themselves sexually attracted to her, and could even absorb some life energy by having sex with people. Though it wasn't anywhere close to enough to stave her from ageing for long, it helped prolong her youth and let her do more magic to boot.

    Right now, she was face deep on a student from her class. She had started teaching at her school, at least until she could seduce the whole faculty, which should help her get her old post as Headmistress. One of her shyer female students had been boldly displaying interest in experimenting with the same sex, by not so subtly sending out feelers of interest amongst her classmates to sparse success, despite her pretty face and cute demeanour. However, Sabrina feeling a burgeoning yearning for the girl herself, could no longer sit back ideal as her poor student continually struggled. Who better to help this lovely flower bloom into her newfound sexuality and to teach her the wonders of carnal pleasure than a sex witch?



    As the girl came, juices poured from her pussy, and as the trickle of power slowly entered her magic reserves, she couldn’t help but feel ever more hungry for her taste, which made her try to go even deeper in her search for the girl’s nectar.

    She had noticed that ever since she returned to perfection, every time either she or her partner climaxed, together with the Lust Eating, as she liked to call it, she always felt an even bigger desire to climb the peak again and again. It could be happening for all sorts of reasons. Maybe after all these years without having good sex, she was feeling the need for it a bit more than usual. Perhaps the nature of modern people was different enough from a few decades back, that by consuming their lustful energies, she was feeling some unexpected effects, but it could also be from the mishap in the ritual. It had never happened before. Feasibly, the shocking pink color she had briefly observed during the ritual meant that she was a trace out of alignment with her sexual energies. She hoped this would go back to normal, but it was not like it was anything troubling. She was just a bit hornier, and it’s not like she hadn't been plenty horny already.


    Theo had finally understood what was happening. He was inside Sabrina. He didn’t how, but instead of dying after the ritual, his soul seemed to be sucked in, together with his vital energy.

    He realized this after finally managing to get all senses during the time he was conscious. He could now stay awake for all the time she spent awake, usually awakening a bit after Sabrina woke up, and going to sleep a few hours before she went to sleep. Unless she was absent from some company in bed, he had noticed that during sex he would always be awake.

    He didn’t know that at the time, gathering his senses in his new home would always be easier while Sabrina was having sex. When he first figured out what those tastes he had been processing were, he felt disgusted. While he wasn’t the happiest about licking up random women’s genitals, he especially hated the times he had to feel his mouth servicing a dick, even if that wasn’t his most substantial problem.

    For Theo, his main concern was the fact the first time he had sex, it was as a woman. He strived not to get swept away in the jiggly and bouncy sensations, but the sheer confidence that Sabrina had in her body was almost intoxicating. She was a woman that could and would have sex with anyone she wanted. It was as far from being himself as he could get, and for some reason, despite her using her talents to have sex with men, the mere thought of sex usually got him going.

    Still, he had noticed that his feelings subtly influenced her. It wasn’t anything grand, but he had noticed that she was starting to have a lot more sex with women that would fit what he would have called his type, than with men.

    She had also started watching some shows he had liked watching, and would often grope herself while idle. Overall, she was still very much Sabrina, but with a distinct Theo tint to it, even if she seemed unable to realize, which was perfect for him, as he was terrified of what she could do if she found out that she had an unwelcome tenant in her head.

    It was during the second month after becoming fully cognizant of being inside his school’s old headmistress turned hot young teacher’s head that he finally managed to stay awake after she went to sleep. The first thing that he noticed was that instead of feeling her sleeping body, he found himself floating in a dark void until suddenly it wasn’t dark anymore.

    He was standing inside a white, endless room. The only things inside were himself, and Sabrina. At first, panic came over him, Theo didn’t want to die a second time, but he soon noticed she wasn’t even moving. He slowly circled it, checking for any sudden trap that could snare him. Nothing happened, it seemed to be just a life-sized, Sabrina flesh statue.

    This was why Theo caught himself doing, probably the dumbest thing he could do. When he noticed, his hands were already on the witch’s deliciously round tits. It felt very soft to the touch, his hands felt like they were sinking into a very warm, giant marshmallow. When that seemed not to do anything, he grew bolder, snaking a hand around to her ass, slowly massaging it. He was hugging her now, and he couldn’t help at how warm her body felt, and how good it smelt. It was like the most alluring fragrance of sweat and the sweetest of honeysuckle. 

    As he kept groping his killer’s soft body, he eventually took his hand from her breasts and tried to explore her pussy with it. It was then when suddenly a change happened. The white room suddenly turned dark, and something that looked like a giant screen turned on across from the Sabrina statue. Theo immediately stopped what he was doing and ran behind the statue to hide.

    The first thing he noticed was now he could hear her thoughts more distinctly. He could get a few things from whenever she was having sex with him behind her eyes, but now he could hear clear thoughts. She seemed annoyed from being woken up this late, feeling this horny for no reason. The big screen, which seemed to be her eyes, looking at her ceiling, quickly turned to her breasts. Theo could see hands coming up, slowly beginning to tease herself.

    The statue also moved this time, imitating the movements of the real-life Sabrina. Sudden dawning came to Theo. After spending months outside the recesses of Sabrina’s metaphorical mind, gaining impressions of everything she felt, he was now directly inside her mind.

    As long as he remained here, he could clearly hear her thoughts, and if what he understood was correct, he could even use this to his benefit. As long as he didn’t push his luck, of course, she was still a centuries-old witch, who could most certainly get rid of him if she found out about him. But this was good. Maybe that meant that he didn’t die, after all. Conceivably, he had just gained a different sort of life. One where he could do more than before.

    Of course, none of that ended up mattering right now, since after finishing her masturbation session, Sabrina immediately fell asleep, and this time, so did he.


    It was late afternoon. Sabrina was still in her office, waiting for Britney, one of her students, to come to ask her some questions about some mid-15th century group of scholars, for her history project. At least that’s what she thought would happen.

    Britney was by far, one of the best-looking students on the whole campus, and she would be found dead before she let a chance to tap that go. Sure, she could use magic to get people to instantly fall head-over-heels for her, but where was the fun in that? Besides, whenever lust was a byproduct of magic, she couldn’t eat it, so as long as she managed to do it the old-fashioned way she would.

    That was also the reason she was still a professor, despite doing all in her power to go back to her rightful throne. There were quite a few people in her way, and she knew that if she used magic to force herself to the finish line, it could attract all sorts of bad attention to her little fiefdom.

    She hated how scarily competent witch hunters had become in the last few centuries. It was why she specialized in subtler magic, after all, it was a lot harder to notice you had been hexed when it only influenced you along a certain path, instead of forcing you upon it.

    Theo was enjoying his new place in life. Sure, he couldn’t come and go as he pleased, but it was close to it. Getting deep enough inside Sabrina’s mind that he could access that white space was still very hard to pull off, but he was getting there.

    His current hypothesis was that the trick to forcing himself that deep in her mind was when it would briefly open itself to him completely, during moments of high-intensity eroticism or deep meditative-like relaxation. Only in their apexes could he manage to wedge himself into her consciousness to go back to the white place. Of course, his host being who she was, this usually meant through orgasms, since there was very little experimentation he could get while Sabrina was asleep.

    And so he waited every day, for the Lust Witch would invariably have sex with some random person that caught her fancy, and when she did, he would get his shot at getting in. He still couldn’t enter every time, but he knew that just like his senses, every time he managed to do it, it’d get easier every subsequent time, so all he had to do was have patience. It wasn’t like he had anything else to do.

    This specific catch was someone he was very much looking towards. Though not as gloriously sculpted as his host, Britney was as hot as any non-magic person could get. Her freckled face was adorned with a cute button nose, and eyes that looked like the depths of the Amazon rainforest, all of that crowned by hair the color of the brightest flames. She was a sprinter in the college’s team, which did wonders for her body. It was toned, but not overly so, as her nice, round thighs still had a neat layer of fat around them.

    Before Sabrina finished her ritual, Britney had been the campus goddess. She was both athletic and held very high grades. However, the one thing that seemed mar such a perfect example of womankind, was Britney's pride. As long as she thought of you as below her in anything, if you were lucky, she would only pretend you didn’t exist. If you were unlucky, the words that would come out of her mouth would make even the strongest-willed person cry. She would hold nothing back, as the many men who tried pursuing her romantically had found out.

    One of the things that Theo could be happy about in his life was being invisible enough that Britney didn’t even know he existed. He didn’t know how he’d deal with her turning her attention to him before, but now he wasn’t silly old Theo anymore. He was very eager to have the chance to do the one thing that he was sure he would never manage, to have sex with the school’s princess.

    Sabrina was getting somewhat impatient with the impertinent girl that was making her wait this long, but she was pleasantly surprised to see how Britney looked as she entered the office.

    Her trademarked hair was held high up in a ponytail, while her body was trapped in a tight set of form-fitting spandex running uniform which deliciously exposed her bare arms, legs and belly, each of those holding a light sheen of sweat to them, further enhancing her well-built figure.

    “Excuse me, Professor Dee? I’m sorry for being late, ma’am. Today’s training went for longer than I thought it’d go”

    “Don’t worry about it, hun. I was just about done grading a few papers myself, so no harm done.” said Sabrina, closing the folder, and putting down the pen she was holding. "So, what did you want from me tonight?"

    “I needed to know a few things about some scholar groups during the Renaissance, and I heard that was a part of your main area of research.” said Britney, sitting on the chair across from her teacher.

    “Well, you certainly came to the right person, though I do have to say, that period is filled with its share of wise men", Sabrina deliberately left out how she felt about them, it wouldn’t do to show something this unseemly to someone she was trying to bed. “So I’ll need you to be a bit more specific.”

    “Most people don’t take this seriously, but what I'm looking for is information about occultism research around that time.”

    Sabrina had to say, she was impressed. Seeing a young woman look this dignified while wearing almost nothing, and asking a professor about magic of all things was quite impressive. Were she anyone else, she’d have probably laughed a bit.

    “Well, I can’t say that’s something I've been asked before, but I can certainly look into it and answer all of your questions later.”

    “In that case, I'm going. Thanks for your time, Professor Dee”, said Britney with a smile, content that at least someone had taken her seriously, and already standing up.

    “Would you mind staying for a bit?” asked Sabrina, interrupting the young woman. “It’s not often I see a student being interested in these kinds of things, would you mind answering a few questions of mine before you leave?”

    “Oh, I don’t mind really, it’s just…” She said slightly stammering in the end and then quickly pointing at herself self-consciously, attempting to cover up a sudden welling up of nerves. “I’ve just left practice, so I really need a shower.”

    “No problem, it will be just a few questions, you’ll be home in no time”, said Sabrina, already smirking.


    Theo had to say, watching Sabrina perform was like seeing one of those teppanyaki chefs cook. She was so good at seducing people, that she could probably get people to pay to watch her do it. Granted, he did notice her using magic here and there. He wasn’t sure what the spells did, he couldn’t hear her thoughts very clearly without entering the white place, but he could feel how utterly confident she was that it would work.

    And work it did. In less than fifteen minutes since the girl first stood up to leave, Sabrina had her lying down behind her desk, clothes strewn across the office. Though Theo had done nothing, he was now proud to be the one man that had got himself to explore Britney’s whole body with his tongue, even if he wasn’t the one in control of it. 

    She tasted salty. Theo was grateful that while sweaty, Britney hadn't started to reek yet, so her warm body still smelled like some kind of flora-scented soap and sweat, together with what he imagined to be her natural body scent. Sabrina had licked her from her neck to her mound, so he got the full range of how Britney felt on his tongue, before finally getting to her most precious place.

    Her pussy had puffy lips, with a pink interior, and it was very wet. When Sabrina decided to eat all she could from it, Theo could almost feel nostalgic from it. He had found that every woman tasted different down there, but it usually was close enough that he always remembered how the first thing he could ever sense after waking up inside his killer’s mind, was the taste of someone’s pussy.

    Sabrina was as skilled with women as she was with men, so in less than two minutes Britney had already cum.

    After giving her some moments to catch her breath, Sabrina stood up, lifted her skirt, and tore her pantyhose in the crotch, before shoving it in Britney’s face.

    “Well now, honey. You had your fun, now it’s time for you to give me some fun back. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through it”

    The girl was barely coherent, but she knew she needed to comply with what was asked of her, so she started lapping at the older woman’s pussy with a lot of enthusiasm.

    While he had gotten used to everything Sabrina used her mouth for, he had still not come to terms with having a vagina. Sure it felt very good, yet he couldn’t quite describe how it felt compared to his dick, beyond what he had got from ordinary masturbation before. But he was sure he still wasn’t comfortable with the strangeness of having things entering him, or with how sensitive Sabrina’s clitoris was.

    He did know that with her pussy being stimulated, it was only a matter of time until Sabrina climaxed, and that meant he’d have a shot at entering the white place, so he waited patiently.

    Britney had gotten to a rhythm. She’d stick her tongue deep inside Sabrina a few times, and return to lick directly at her clit. Sabrina was slowly rising to her climax. Britney was a natural at eating pussy, it was her first time, and she didn’t even need much instruction to get her this far. She was glad she had remembered to use those privacy spells. She knew that she was very loud right now, and would go even louder as she got to the apex of the wave she was riding.

    Britney hadn’t ever thought about having sex with another woman, as she looked to be almost trying to enter her teacher’s womb. It certainly felt a lot better than what she expected, compared to the limited experiences with a few men she had thus far, during her college experience. Before, she had always thought of herself as queen, never subjecting herself to any other person's pleasure before her own. But now she fancied the challenge of affectionately reciprocating to the woman who had opened her eyes to far greater avenues of pleasure. From her encounters the one thing Britney remembered liking was ass-play, which was why she swiftly stuck her index finger up Ms Dee's inviting asshole.

    The sudden intrusion was completely unexpected, for both Sabrina and Theo. It had brought about the orgasm before Theo was ready, but as soon as he managed to deal with the acute wave of pleasure he felt, he went to work to invade Sabrina’s mind. He noticed immediately, what felt like a hole in the fabric of her mind. A hole that Theo crawled inside as fast as he could.

    Before he knew it he was there. Even without studying the space, Theo could tell the white place was different from the last time he managed to enter a few days prior. In front of the Sabrina statue, he could see a floating book.

    Theo picked up the book and started reading it. To his eyes, it appeared filled with mostly unintelligible words, but he noticed that a few pages were glowing slightly. As he flicked the pages, he noticed that at least one was clear to him. It was some kind of archaic description of a spell. He could only read the incantation. The diagrams and symbols that detailed what it did were still beyond him, so he didn’t know what it did, but he felt giddy at the thought of being able to use magic.

    His last few forays into The White Room of Sabrina’s mind were very educational. He knew that by touching the statue’s body, he could induce the real Sabrina’s body to feel a few different things. By caressing her sexual parts, she would get horny. By holding her gently, she would calm down. Following this line of reasoning, he also found out that by whispering in the statue’s ear, he could send thoughts directly into her head, and that by screaming them, she’d immediately say out loud whatever he wanted her to. The latter being very dangerous, if he wasn’t careful to prepare her mind for it.

    Theo had kept the book open on the mysterious spell as he went behind Sabrina’s thought form. Carefully he slotted himself against her back, trying his best to make her feel comfortable, before slowly caressing her breasts. Very soon, Sabrina’s real body started to fondle herself, and it was then that Theo began whispering in her mind’s ears.

    Even after such an earth-shattering orgasm, Sabrina was still itching for more. She chose to wait for Britney to make the next move. It was her first time with another woman, after all. So she thought it’d be better to let things proceed at Britney’s rhythm. However, a flash of inspiration suddenly made her want to spice things up. The more she listened to the inner voice in her head, the more the idea began to take hold and shape over desires. “Yes, yes that would be absolutely perfect right now...” Sabrina muttered absentmindedly, biting her plump lips in concentration as she unconsciously rubbed a slick finger between her loins before tasting herself and feeling the start of an unfamiliar tingling below. Sabrina was surprised about how she had never done something like this before. This new spell felt like it came from nowhere, but if it did what she thought it would, it would open entirely new ways of enjoying herself, and others.

    In the meanwhile, Britney was still trying to come to terms with having sex with a teacher. Her bitchy attitude came mostly from people not taking her seriously after they found out about her alternative interests.

    Professor Dee was the first teacher in the history department she had come to about mysticism, and occultism, that had neither laughed at her face, nor behind her back. She had taken her seriously, eager to help explore her passions. It didn’t escape Britney’s notice how the older woman’s eyes had instantly lit up in genuine interest, causing her own enthusiasm to soar when she had quizzed about what had gotten her into such topics.

    She felt like that was the reason she had started feeling slightly excited with every question the teacher asked her, the reason behind her slowly beginning to notice how beautiful, and sensual Sabrina was. Intellectually she knew that, of course. She felt a bit of a load of being the most desired woman on campus leaving her when Ms. Dee had first arrived, but wow, she now felt like she was looking at Aphrodite herself.

    It was unlikely for people to be as beautiful as Sabrina Dee was, but sometimes, it happened by sheer luck or genetics. At least that's what she thought until she heard the older woman mumble a few words, which had the effect of her growing a dick.

    “Huh, this is new…”, said Sabrina, almost hypnotized by her new cock.

    “What the fuck. How are you doing that?”, asked Britney, surprised about the distinct case of something coming from nothing, which by all accounts, should be impossible. Unless…

    “Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag. My name is Sabrina, hun, and I’m a witch, though I have also been called the Sorceress of Lust by a few jealous old men.”

    Theo wasn’t sure about how to feel. He cast his first spell. In a way, it was as if at that moment, he was the wizard, and Sabrina was just a wand, responding to his wish to mold reality as a toy.

    When the dick sprouted in Sabrina’s crotch, he immediately felt a connection to something new. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he noticed that now he could see the enchantment for every spell in Sabrina’s mental grimoire. He didn’t know what they did, or how they worked, but he could cast them, as long as he had the witch’s help.

    He had also noticed something else. Since he had first entered The White Room, he had noticed that despite having his entire body and feeling all the pleasure Sabrina felt, he had never gotten an erection. 

    For the first time in months, Theo had finally felt a response from his dick. Sabrina was also very much interested in her new appendage. While talking with Britney, she shook it a bit and started messing with it, which had the effect of making her blood flow in a direction it never had before. She was fascinated with the slowly growing penis.

    And as it became fully erect, Theo realized that that, was in fact, his dick. He was sure of it, he had, after all, looked at it every day for years. The color, size, and slight bend to the side, made it unquestionably his dick. And as his real dick got hard, his mental dick did too. For the first time in months, he had an erection.

    And since he was cuddling with the Sabrina mind statue, when it became fully hard, his dick got very close to her nether parts. That made him think.

    “What will happen… If I use this to fuck you…” he whispered, closer to Sabrina’s ears than he thought he was.

    Two things appeared to happen simultaneously.

    Firstly, Sabrina stood up and went down on Britney. The girl was simply stunning. She would be a fitting subject for her to lose her new virginity. She was also very much interested in the fact that she could do magic, so she would probably not even need to wipe her mind off this whole thing, as she used to do. She could even turn into her newest apprentice. So, she decided to be as careful as she could, making sure she was properly lubricated, before she stuck herself as deep as she could into her young pussy.

    Mimicking what he saw before him, Theo did the same thing. He went down on the witch’s mental vagina, to make sure it wouldn’t be an uncomfortable state. If it hurt, she would probably involuntarily push him out of the space again and would be very suspicious of the whole scenario. Despite having never actually performed oral sex, Theo had the acquired experience of feeling Sabrina doing it in tens of women, so he did a top-notch job, especially since he got the feedback from her body on where to go for max enjoyment.

    This had the consequence of making Sabrina’s loins feel like they were on fire, which made her stop, deciding Britney was sufficiently wet, before lining up her cock to the girl’s wanting opening.

    “Here I go hun, you will have the honor of taking my virginity, it's not something anyone can say to have done in a long, long time…” said Sabrina, with a sultry expression on her face and eyes hungry with lust, fixed directly on the younger woman.

    “Humm, it’s my pleasure I guess? I can’t say the same, but you’re still one of the first dicks that will have entered me, so it’s something.” responded Britney, feeling hot like this for the first time in her life.

    “Cheeky, but I like that about you.” said Sabrina, immediately sheathing herself deep into Britney, prompting both to moan.

    For poetic justice, Theo had decided to time his penetration with Sabrina’s. Knowing that his dick would be fucking both the number one and the number two women on the whole campus was doing amazing things to his self-esteem. What he didn’t expect to happen when his senses disappeared for a few instants after he entered the witch’s mental self’s vagina.

    When he came to, he was rutting Britney. He was a bit confused, but it felt way too good to stop, so he kept fucking her. He once again explored her body, pawed one breast while he kissed and suckled on the other, noting how after all the sex they had done, she was starting to stink, but it didn’t matter to him right now if anything, the smell made it even hotter.

    Sabrina wasn’t sure what was going on, just as she first entered her student, she felt almost overwhelmed by the feelings in her new dick. Sure, she felt as if it was very familiar, despite it being less than 5 minutes since she got it, but that didn’t stop the novelty, which was being the one fucking someone else.

    Britney’s insides were warm and wet. It almost made it feel like she would melt, starting from her newest appendage. And it made her feel primal pleasure in ways she hadn’t felt in a long time. Everything inside her mind right now was thoroughly fucking this girl. Anything else was moot and not worthy of her attention.

    Theo was having the time of his life. It had been a few months since he last was in the real world, and he never knew how much he missed the feeling of air flowing around his large round creamy brea- Breasts??? He carefully hefted one up to ensure he wasn’t imagining things, before bringing it up to greedily suck on. 

    He was in control of Sabrina’s body. If he stuck his dick inside her pussy, Theo could take over her body, and control it as he wished. This was good. Great actually, which was emphasized by the blood beating through his heart when he firmly clung his now paint-adorned nails into Britney’s ass to gain more purchase to bury his dick further. Her complaints were instantly silenced when the new angle he found allowed him to bring her to new heights of pleasure. But he wanted this ungrateful bitch beneath him to know who was in charge of proceedings causing him to briefly pause his actions and release the nipple from his mouth. 

    "Who's in charge here slut?" Theo said demeaningly through Sabrina. 

    "What you can't be serious? An exasperated Britney expressed as she tried to uselessly buck her hips on Theo’s unflinching penis. 

    Even through a lust-fuelled haze and the bizarre situation she found herself in, Britney still held on to some of the remnants of her pride and Theo was having non of that. Not if he was to enjoy Sabrina’s body to the fullest.

    "I said," Theo growled, as he withdrew his sword to its full hilt before entering her pussy again. "Who's. In. Charge. Slut!!!" After each thrust, he drove himself into her powerfully, causing Britney to arch her back impossibly and wrap her legs around his waist to brace against the onslaught of her twat.

    "Ahnnn. You are Mistress. Ha haa aah. I'm sorry for not knowing my place."

    Britney struggled to get the words out but this made Theo giggle hysterically with the perverse sense of power he exercised. "Yeah, that's right. Say my name slut!" He gave her a quick slap across her firm but doughy buttcheek to shock her into instant cooperation, while he pistoned on with the same unrestrained horny fury.

    "Mistress SabrinA. Sabrina. SAbrinAAaa!" Britney exclaimed, as she climaxed repeatedly, her eyes crossing then rolling into the back of her head, as the pleasure overwhelmed her all senses at once. 

    And that made him all the more glad to be fucking the school’s beauty queen. He was doing it, not Sabrina. Even if she didn’t know that, it was his dick that was making all of this possible. Britney had collapsed but he still wasn’t done. He didn’t know where this staying power was coming from but he still wanted to try one more position with this incredible body while he could.

    "Get up, slut." Theo said, not waiting for her response before flipping her over onto her stomach and getting himself into position.

    Britney was momentarily confused at what her Mistress wanted of her but quickly got the picture when she was given another hard spank on her ass to hurry herself up. Bent submissively on shaky hands and knees, Britney wiggled her bubble butt as enticingly as she could so as not to disappoint her Mistress again.

    Theo sensually stroked himself off, from base to head, with Britney’s pussy fluids, loving the show that was being put on for him, before he lined himself for entry once again. He fucked her doggy style, loving the way Sabrina’s and Britney's breasts jiggled as he pumped himself inside her. He used the redhead's sodden hair as a handle as he picked up pace. Seeing the way Britney’s tongue was lolling out her mouth, Theo could not himself back any longer. With all the willpower he could muster, he tried to hold back the dam. Until he eventually felt the final swelling of his dick that indicated he was about to burst. 

    "Oh fuck, oh fuck. Take it all slut!" Theo roared, shooting off rope after rope of cum before all he knew turned to black.

    Sabrina enjoyed the feelings that came with climaxing with her new dick. Unlike her female orgasms, which were like a crescendo that had an apex that slowly tapered off, cumming with a dick was like a gun. It felt good to use it, but the orgasm came and went like a shot. She wasn’t sure how to feel about the feeling of semen coming out of it, but she supposed she would get used to it eventually.

    As she and Britney calmed down after such an intense orgasm, both started to clothe themselves, preparing to go home for the night. Britney looked slightly abashed, unsure how to proceed, but Sabrina wanted to reassure her new pupil. 

    “Don’t worry hun, it was great, I’ll be sure to contact you about apprenticeship, I’m sure you’ll make for a great witch, in time.” said Sabrina after saying goodbye to the girl.

    “Thanks for the opportunity, ma’am, and thanks for the whole experience, I’d never had sex like that, it was eye-opening” answered Britney.

    Both parted ways, Britney returning to her dormitory, and Sabrina to her new apartment. While driving back, all that Sabrina could think of was how this was probably the big thing that went wrong with the ritual. How lucky, that all it had done was to give her a new tool to use in her sexual encounters. She frankly wished she had committed that mistake earlier.


    While Sabrina slept, Theo was jumping around for joy. He had used her body as his own. Wore like a cheap suit. Sure, when he came he had passed out, but it didn’t matter, cause now he had whole new ways of progression on his Sabrina manipulation plan.

    Could he use magic now? Not like the first time, by making her use his spells, but overriding her control to use magic directly. What differences would sticking his dick inside different holes in her mental body produce?

    There were so many possibilities, but the one major thing he noticed was that he was now always in The White Room. He didn’t have to try and enter here again, he just woke up here. He supposed that meant that this body now recognized him as part of Sabrina enough that he should be here, instead of fighting for the right to influence her this deeply.

    If this were him from the beginning of the year, he’d have kept slowly influencing her from the sides, a whisper here and there, but now he was on a roll! He had taken over her body, she hadn’t even noticed, and he had used it to fuck the hottest girl in school, with his dick, that he had given Sabrina!

    He took the grimoire. Now that he knew he could use magic too, he needed to study it. There could be something in there that could help in his endeavors, but more importantly, there might be something that Sabrina could use to rid herself of him, and if there was, he needed to be ready.

    He already could understand a lot more of the book. Diagrams that meant nothing to him before, now gave him impressions, nothing he could use, but he hoped that it was all going to become clearer with time. After all, right now, time was all he had.


    Sabrina was on a roll. The remaining management of the college was gradually coming under her influence. She felt that she was a bit more reckless in her magic usage, but it’s not like they could do anything against her. She was currently one of the strongest magic users in the world, and she was well hidden, she could afford to be a bit reckless.

    She was enjoying teaching her newest apprentice. Britney was a quick study, and had a lot of aptitude for contract magic, probably due to her prideful and arrogant nature. She wouldn’t be able to teach her all she knew, since Britney was really bad at her particular brand of mind magic, and she wasn’t as good at magic contracts as she wished she was, but she could get her started, and instil in her the right sort of instincts that let witches like herself live long, and prosperous lives. That way, she could go her own way, and learn by experimentation, like every good witch did.

    Likewise, Theo had gone out of his way to also pay as much attention to Britney’s magic lessons as he could. He was improving even faster than she was since he was blessed with a veritable tome of magic knowledge, and he could appreciate all the information Sabrina dissected for Britney’s sake. He also could use her as a crutch to practice magic without fear of failure, all he had to do was whisper for her to use it, feel how it felt to use it, and once he could get the body for himself, he all but knew how to cast the spells himself.

    He also learned a few different things. After first using the penis spell, he found he didn’t need Sabrina to have a dick for him to get erections anymore, so he could experiment with her body without her wondering why she was randomly sprouting a dick.

    He had learned that while he had his dick inside Sabrina’s mental pussy, as he had in her during his first time with Britney, he could control her body, and she would think his actions were done out of her own volition. She would still find it extremely sexually frustrating when he used his control to stir her away from not having sex with particularly handsome members of the football team, or rugged professors who always seemed eager for some action whenever she was around. Meaning that if he acted too out of character too often, he would eventually expose himself. So he at least had to indulge her every once in a while, which to his horror he caught himself feeling more sexually satisfied from those encounters than he would have admitted. It was like a persistent itch, imprinted into the fiber of her body, that he couldn’t reach, no matter how hard he tried. Only after he gave in to what her body was truly craving was the feeling truly ever alleviated.

    But his best discovery was about what happened whenever he forced his dick into the statue’s mouth.

    He had been playing around inside her while she was sleeping. Every night, just before she fell asleep, he would take her over and masturbate before letting her sleep. He found that by using her like that, he would also get some magic knowledge, kinda like osmosis, so he was quite diligent in doing that every night.

    It was just after ending one such session, when Sabrina was becoming drowsy, that he wanted to feel how it would be to have his dick sucked by Sabrina herself. She was a professional cocksucker, so it stood to reason that it’d be better than all the women that she convinced to suck her dick.

    As he entered her mouth, Theo felt a flash inside his mind. It was as if he could see a timeline of events.

    By invading Sabrina’s head, he had found an access point to her memories, and he didn’t like what he had discovered. Sabrina had been around for over eight hundred years, using the same ritual had fallen prey to, in twenty-five other instances. It was mind-boggling for him to know that this woman was keeping herself alive by consuming the life of young men, and had done it to twenty-six of them across the last eight centuries.

    The one bright side according to her memories, suggested most witches didn’t dare practise this kind of magic, since it could attract the attention of dangerous hunters, who were keen to sniff them out and rid the population of any kind of magical threat.

    He learned that as long as the witch was asleep, by focusing enough on any given memory, like a paintbrush on a canvas he could alter them and create a new image. It was a lot easier to do it to her more recent memories than to older ones. He imagined that it was because older memories worked as pillars to what came after them, so to modify them he’d need to change everything above them.

    He now had all the tools he needed to start planning on being his own person again. He couldn’t spend the whole day controlling her body, but he could mess with her mind to mask anything she would've found suspicious, meaning that he could at least now be in control whenever he wanted.


    Three months after first fully possessing the witch, Theo was having the time of his life. While he was her, he could perfectly act as if he truly was her. For once in his life, the mere act of talking to other people was as easy as it was to walk.

    He tried to spend at least an hour each day controlling her, so despite his initial reservations, he was getting used to being a woman. He even actively had sex with a man all on his own once. It wasn’t as bad as he initially thought, though he couldn’t tell if that was because of some sort of cross-contamination between him and Sabrina, or if just by not being constrained by society’s expectations he was slowly freeing himself from its ties.

    Today Sabrina had gone shopping, and it was after she had just tried a new dress that he decided it was his turn on the wheel. He brought his hard pecker to her moist snatch and plugged it in.

    If anyone looked at it from the outside, Sabrina just stopped for a moment and blinked a bit before groping her assets a bit. If anyone asked her, it was a normal occurrence, she would sometimes be just so surprised by how hot she was that she would simply start admiring herself, sometimes with her own hands. But Theo knew that it was him. He was almost like a god while he was Sabrina, which he supposed was pretty much how she felt whenever she was in her younger form.

    It was a few hours after he took over. He was having a lot of fun trying on and buying the most erotic lingerie he could find when he saw her. 

    Vanessa Taiken was by all accounts, a beautiful woman. The 39-year-old woman was blonde, had an enviable tan, and had very big beautiful blue eyes. They were almost enough to distract from her sculptural body, still smaller, but close enough to Sabrina’s that she was surprised to see those kinds of curves on a normie.

    Vanessa had been a model in her youth, and a very successful one at that until she got married and had a kid. She thought the pregnancy would be her end. She didn’t really have any relevant skill beyond being pretty, and her husband only thought of her as a way to satiate himself, so when she first noticed the pregnancy she thought it would be the end of her good life. 

    The only reason she didn’t get rid of it was because unlike she thought it would end when she told her husband, he had instead increased the amount of spending money she had. After it was born, it was as easy to leave it to babysitters and keep living as she had always been. Sometimes she felt a little bad about her son, but she didn’t really care about him. Besides, he got every toy he wanted and studied at the best schools, he ought to be happy with that since she was.

    It was the third day he didn’t return to the house that she finally took notice. She even went to the police and did the papers. It was then that she realized that maybe she wasn’t as good a person as she thought she was. Her only son had gone missing from school, and she wasn’t worried at all. 

    Her husband had been mad about it, but she knew without them both outwardly acknowledging it that he was doing that for the theatre. He was supposed to be angry about it, so he acted that way. Maybe that’s why they got together, two perfectly bad people, using each other for what they needed. It was a pity how their son got caught in the middle of it, but it was out of her control.

    Sabrina began feeling fury the likes she had never felt before for a random passerby. A very hot random passerby, but random still. It took a few minutes of angrily looking at the clueless blonde until she realized who it was. Vanessa Taiken had been her last sacrifice’s mother. She had placed a spell on his parents so they would be more apathetic to losing their child, but she didn’t need to use even close to how much force she thought she would have to.

    And that had been what made Theo that angry. After months of learning Sabrina’s brand of magic, he knew that to create something in someone’s mind was very, very hard to do, even for someone as powerful as the sorceress. That it was as easy as he could see in her memories, meant that to some degree, his parents really did not care for him. 

    He saw that his mother had begun feeling the littlest bit worried before Sabrina hexed her, but it had been easier to snuff it than it was to put out a candle. He knew that it was irrational of him, but knowing that it had not been his fault, that his parents in truth were pieces of shit, did not give him closure. Perhaps it was the Sabrina growing on him, but he was mad. Mad at Sabrina for snuffing out the last bits of love his mother would have felt for him, and mad at his mother for caring that little to begin with.

    Theo grappled with these thoughts in his mind as he approached her. Sabrina wasn’t sure what was going on, but when she started closing in on the ex-model without actually intending to, she felt that something was wrong.

    “Mrs. Taiken?” said Sabrina, sternly.

    “Yes?” answered the younger woman.

    “I’m a teacher at your son’s school, I wanted to express my condolences for your loss.”

    “Condolences?” asked the confused woman.

    “I see. Nevermind then. Excuse me” answered the ever angrier witch.

    Sabrina had begun to leave the store when she suddenly noticed that she wasn’t angry at all anymore. Inside her mind, Theo had left her inviting folds. He was crying in anger, feeling despair like he had never felt in the deepest moments of his short, but troubled youth. It wasn’t fair, he thought. Had it been anyone else, at least it wouldn’t be that easy? What had he done to deserve this? His every thought just fell deeper and deeper into a spiral, until it reached its nadir. 

    Perhaps, All He Suffered, Was To Build Him Into The Man He Was Today.

    If They Were Those Kinds of Shitty People, Maybe It Was Right That He Was Bad Too.

    And then Theo felt like he well and truly died. What remained was Theo-shaped, but distinct enough that it could not be confused with his old self. And after standing up, and wiping away the tears, his first act was to ram his dick as deep inside the mental Sabrina as it could go.

    Sabrina was leaving the shopping mall, trying to use every sort of diagnostics spell she could remember. They were less effective when used on herself, but Britney was still not skilled enough to do it for her, so she would have to do it. 

    She knew that something weird had happened during the ritual, but back then, the diagnostics spell had come out clean, so she didn’t bother following the matter up. Sure, there were some side effects, but nothing that had been too drastic. Which was what made her scared out of her mind when it now came positive. She had a mental infection. The only thing that made sense, based on her most recent actions, was that some sort of echo of that kid’s mind had entered her mind together with his life force.

    But everything was still good. Now that she was aware, it probably couldn’t influence her anymore, so all she needed to do was get to her apartment and set up an extraction circle to get rid of it. She got to her car and entered it, but when she went to start it, she suddenly felt her mind blank. She came, as her ass felt pleasure the likes she had never felt before. And then she was out.

    Theo came to the real world recovering from an orgasm. Using the pussy had never got this reaction, he noticed. He used a quick scrying spell, looking for a vehicle he was very familiar with. Hexing was a very specific way of spell casting. For starters, unlike Sabrina’s usual mind magic, it didn’t work by using magic on the target. The spell was meant to be on something the target would be close to, which would then influence them to act a certain way. Its main advantages were being a lot harder to detect, as magical signatures on inanimate objects were much fainter than on living things, and that it was also easier on the target’s mind.

    Sabrina had hexed his parents, but his mother had also received some direct spellcasting. All Sabrina needed to do was to clear her mind a little bit, before the hex on the house would take care of any inconvenience. He had felt that that specific spell was still in effect, meaning that she would be extra susceptible to any hex she got herself exposed to. This was why Theo cast the strongest hex he could on Vanessa’s car, making sure that instead of going back to her house, she would go to Sabrina’s. And there, she would have the time of her life, or die trying.


    After meeting that woman, Vanessa had been feeling weird, and entering her car had only made it worse. She felt muted, dazed, almost as if she was seeing herself from a distance. Her every action was still her own, but she didn’t know why she did them. She may have not been in a condition to drive, but despite everything, she felt so sure that she needed to go to that place.

    That place… When she got there, she knew for certain that she had never been there, but still, she marched inside the building, calling the elevator, and going up to the 7th floor. Surprisingly unlocked, she entered the 13th apartment, and as its door closed shut, she finally came back to herself, quickly going back to them, but finding them locked tight.

    “Come on, now…” exclaimed the now scared ex-model. This hasn’t been a good day for her. First, some skank gets her to start thinking about the child, then she decides to just walk into a suspicious apartment that somehow locked her up. What else could even go wrong?

    And it was as she thought those classic words, that she first heard the loud snap. Despite every bone in her body telling her how bad an idea it was, she couldn’t help but be intrigued, and exploring deeper into the dark apartment. She looked inside two rooms but found nothing of worth until she got to the third. 

    The smell she felt as she entered was intoxicating like nothing she had ever felt before. I had a soft pink light, and a very big bed, with lots of pillows. It looked so comfy that she barely noticed as she slowly laid down.

    All preparations ready, Theo chose that moment to slowly prowl into the room. He or now it should he say she, Theo thought triumphantly, was previously in one of the magically hidden rooms, making sure all her toys would be ready. Only the best for her old mother, after all. 

    After taking over the reins from Sabrina it only felt natural to completely slip into her character when connected to her being on this even deeper level. 

    “Well, well, well. Look at this pretty little bird that fell into my nest…” drawled the now witch.

    Vanessa, startled at the new figure inside the room with her, immediately started crawling back towards the headboard, and only when she felt nowhere else to go, did she notice what exactly stood in front of her.

    The same woman she had seen in that store, was now in front of her, but unlike a few hours before, she now was wearing tight leather and latex, with high heels, and was holding some kind of stick. 

    “Hello there! I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name back at the store, is this your house?” rambled the nervous woman.

    “Oh, don’t worry about it, darling. After we’re done here, you won’t need to know my name anymore.” promptly said Theo, before casting a spell, directed at the other woman.

    “OoooOOh my GOoood! What the FUCK is happening!” exclaimed the woman, as the flash passed over her, she felt as if her body was burning up. She had never felt pleasure like this. It was as if every inch of cloth that touched her skin was directly stimulating her clitoris. As she started repeatedly cumming, she tried to disrobe herself as fast as possible.

    And then, with another flash, it had stopped, like it had never happened.

    “W-Who the he-, what are you!?” cried Vanessa.

    “Come on, honey, I’m just getting started.” smiled Theo, before slowly climbing up on the bed, atop the smaller woman, and swiftly cracking the riding crop on her ass.


    “Look at me!” demanded Theo, grabbing her old mother’s face and forcing her to look into her eyes, “You are now my pet, you hear? My pet. And you will behave as such.”

    “Please, no, I didn’t do anyth-” *SNAP* “Aahahaugh!” 

    “You gotta catch up faster, hun, everyone knows that pets don’t talk.” laughed the sadistic figure above Vanessa. “Now, just to make sure no one will be able to say I’m a bad Mistress, I’m going to make you feel real, real good.”

    And then she finally got to use her borrowed skills. Theo began by slowly stoking flame within the blonde’s body with her lips, giving it gentle kisses, wherever she felt the most response. Every time Vanessa did anything that could be considered resistance, she would hit her with the crop. The locations of each strike randomly alternated between her nipples, ass and clit to keep Vanessa unprepared for her punishments, involuntarily arousing her with each crack of flesh, to the point when Theo saw strings of drool beading from Vanessa's snatch and she knew Vanessa was ready for the big buffet. As she slowly lowered her face over the ex-model’s body, she finally got to her vagina. This would be the first time Theo would actively perform oral sex on another woman, and it was her mother at that! She took a big whiff, and the musky scent of Vanessa’s arousal, coupled with her pheromones, smelled so good that it made Theo slightly lightheaded before she went deep into licking that beautiful opening.

    Vanessa had never been eaten out before. Her husband thought it was beneath him, and her other partners from when she was a model didn’t care either. The feeling of the woman’s flexible tongue mingled with the pain she had just experienced, satisfied her in ways that no cock had ever done, and it would even go up to lovingly caressing her clit. 

    Theo felt euphoric as her mother moaned, and cried out in pleasure above her. She felt even better as her plan slowly came to fruition. As Vanessa climbed the throes of her pleasure, she could feel that her climax was fast approaching. She could feel the wave coming and going, ever stronger until it hit that sweet spot, and it was like a bunch of… Nothing? 

    “Wu-wut is going on…” cried Vanessa, before loudly moaning, as a sharp spike of pain echoed throughout her body.

    “Hush now, pet, you aren’t supposed to talk, and until you learn that, I’ll make sure you won’t be getting the release you so desire.” smirked the witch to her newest toy.

    And so they continued with this routine. Theo would tease Vanessa to the edge of orgasm, before using magic to negate it. Every time she spoke, Theo would use the crop to punish her. She couldn’t even resist one hour of this, before she obediently became completely silent, which was when Theo finally allowed her to cum. His plan was going smoothly, he knew that it would only take a few more sessions of this to make the woman that put him into the world his true and absolute pet.

    Wait, thought Theo, when had he begun using masculine pronouns in his mind again? And then his world was white


    Sabrina was furious. The thought of a silly teenager thinking he could control her? Her!? She was the Sorceress of Lust! She was an 857-year-old witch! If he thought he’d get to just take her life like that, he’d have another thing coming.

    When she finally woke up inside her mind, he had just finished his first session with the blonde. The sick bastard was screwing his own mother, for some reason or another, and he didn’t even feel the need to use his dick? She wasn’t sure what he was trying to do, but enough was enough. 

    She would use a spell to drag both of them to the innermost sanctum of her mind, and there, she would beat him up, and make sure to unmake him as well as she could. Nothing would survive from him, not after what he made her do.


    Theo wasn’t sure what was going on. One moment he was Sabrina and was admiring his work with his mother, the other he was inside the white place, once again. At least he thought it was. The book and the statue weren’t there anymore.

    “Hello there! I gotta admit, you got me better than I expected, but now the fun’s over. This body is mine, and I will not suffer a fledgling trying to usurp it from me!” he heard Sabrina say.

    It was the first time Sabrina had spoken directly to him inside her head, so he didn’t know what to expect before a pair of giant spears came flying from the ether. He managed to dodge the first one, but the second grazed his side, and he was certain that if one of those hit him directly, his only destination would be the deepest pits of oblivion. Huh. Perhaps Sabrina’s magic knowledge had been spilling into him more than he thought it had.

    “You’re persistent, I’ll give you that, but you should try not to prolong this. This is my mind after all. Inside here, I might as well be a God!” exclaimed the witch, while throwing even more magic spears at Theo.

    “Inside, you say…” muttered the boy.

    Theo kept evading the spears, all the while going over the spells he learned from Sabrina in the last few months. As one almost hit his leg, he finally found what he needed. If what he understood was right, his host was actually here with him, and would probably be why the statue was missing. So he used a scrying spell, followed by a revelation charm where he now knew Sabrina to be, and voila! There she was, in all her glory!

    “What the fuck!? How did you do that!?” asked the witch, confused about how someone, who was by all accounts a normal person the last time she saw him, was using magic as if he had used it all his life.

    “Yeah, turns out I wasn’t just hanging around for free inside your head. But if it makes you feel better, I've only gotten this good by slowly assimilating your own experience.” taunted Theo, gaining some time for the next step. “Which of course, means that my specialization is also mind sorcery!” he grinned, his hands flashing brightly for a second.

    “AAAAARGH!” cried the witch, rubbing her eyes furiously, now temporarily blind.

    While Sabrina was stunned by the sudden attack, Theo lost no time in preparing a way to beat her. As fast as he could, he used his control of Sabrina’s mind space to draw a magic circle beneath her.

    Sabrina’s sight had returned to normal when she noticed her usurper finishing up an entrapment circle. She tried motioning to try and break it before he could finish, but before she could lift her arms, the circle activated, and glowing glyphs bound her limbs spread eagle.

    “Goddammit, you bastard! What are you planning now?” She tried stalling, but Theo was relentless. He slowly approached the bound woman, for the first time admiring her sculpted body as every other man had prior, only now being fully dissociated. Sabrina was beautiful. Her breasts both generous in abundance, and perky, flowed perfectly into her thin waist, adorned with just the right amount of fat that while faint traces of abs could be seen, retained an overall look of softness. All of that flared into wide hips, complemented by a proportionately large ass, leading into thick and toned thighs, neat calves, and petite feet. Her face retained a model-like symmetrical it was almost eerie. Were it not for the few indiscernible imperfections like the faint scars and beauty marks that dotted her face, it would have not been a stretch to say she had an ethereal sort of otherworldliness about her features that drew you in and made you unable to look away. Her eyes colored like the shiniest emeralds, looked defiantly at him, as her beautifully thick lips curled in distaste at being at his mercy.

    The more he stared the more he could see it. Taking it all for himself. The idea consumed him, as he thought of all that could be his. The power, the adoration and the endless pleasure that had all previously been absent from his miserable life, before that too had been pathetically cut short because of her vanity. She had taken his life from him, so it would only be fair to reclaim from her what was taken from him with interest, right?

    “Rejoice, this little song and dance is about to end for both of us.” Theo’s serene face troubled the witch. Even if he had succeeded in trapping her, he was still in her mind, no one in their sane mind would be so calm. The sheer advantages she would have if she escaped, would make anyone try and deal with her as fast as possible. Which meant he still had something up his metaphorical sleeve.

    “The truth is that when I first woke up inside your head, this wasn’t in any of my plans. I really do have to thank you for making this possible.” He said while approaching her.

    “You see, before you tried to weed me out, there was a very important layer of separation between us. As deep as I got while controlling you, this was still your mind, and nothing I ever did could change that.” She noticed that his penis had started to come to attention, but started feeling a growing sense of dread from his words.

    “But by coming down here with me, you subjected yourself to the same vulnerabilities you tried to inflict on me” His dick was fully hard, causing Sabrina’s eyes to widen, as she started thrashing in her bindings.

    “No, no no nononoo, you can’t do this to me, I’m the Sorceress of Lust! I’ve commanded men so much more powerful than your impudence will ever be able to fathom! You don’t have the right to kill me and take my body for yourself!” cried the now terrified woman.

    “Who said anything about killing you?” He was now so close to her, that his dick touched the outside of her slit. “No, you are too important a fountain of knowledge for me to just erase you like that.” She grew cold in terror from the words he uttered next. “Don’t worry Sabrina, I’ll make sure to be a better you than you could ever be.” And he entered her.

    This was the first time Theo used his penis as himself. He thought it was poetic that it would be to fuck the woman who screwed him the most in all of his years. Sabrina’s cries of resistance were almost music to his ears. She was hot inside, in ways that he had never felt while using the dick spell with other women, if he didn’t know better, he’d think she was trying to melt him down with how warm and wet her insides were.

    He used all the tricks he learned from her, to ensure she would have a proper send-away experience. He nibbled at her breasts, showering her body with kisses, all the while he pistoned in and out of her sopping pussy. She smelt just like the first time he possessed her, like sweat and honeysuckle. He would make sure to treasure these last memories. Although it wasn’t necessary, he wanted Sabrina to submit to him both body and soul. So, Theo carefully teased her body, slowly curving away at its defences, until her squeals of indignation unconsciously turned into enraptured screams of delight.  


    As he felt himself nearing his limit, preparing the last spell he needed to cast to ensure his ritual would work, Theo had a few parting words towards Sabrina.

    “Before we go, I want you to know one thing. The only reason this will even work, was because you were too prideful. You didn’t think to look deeper when you first noticed something had gone wrong with the spell. You unwittingly taught me both magic and how to best please a woman. Descended down here to smite me, like a god of the old days. Everything that came together to ensure my victory, happened because of you.” whispered the young sorcerer in the witch’s ear.

    It was her fault. It was all because of her

    Together with the most amazing orgasm of her life, that realization was what broke Sabrina’s last dregs of will. As her mind rode out its last independent orgasm, she roared in pleasure. Theo too, had come at that time, his semen tainting the woman’s insides with his essence.

    The sheer lust energy released by both at that moment was being used to power a very unusual ritual. Theo used all that power to open up a crack in Sabrina. A crack big enough he could fit himself inside. As he finished his first and last orgasm with his true dick, he gently kissed Sabrina on the lips -he couldn’t answer it, since she was passed out, but he felt that he owed her at least that- and promptly started to crawl into the crack that had appeared into her midsection, crossing from the base of her breasts until the start of her pubic bone.

    She felt warm inside, Theo thought. He wasn’t sure how long it took, but eventually, his whole body entered his host’s body one last time. The only evidence of time was when he felt the crack sealing itself up, which meant that at least 15 minutes had passed. Theo felt so comfortable inside Sabrina’s ego, that he slowly fell asleep.


    When Sabrina woke up, it was morning. Vanessa had left, but that wasn’t a problem. She was sure that the woman would come back before long, even if only because of the hex she had left in her car.

    She checked herself over but didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary. She got up and went to the bathroom. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but marvel at how beautiful she was. The clear distinction between her past self and the old Sabrina meant she had never felt 100% comfortable while controlling her body, but now it felt as natural as if she had always had it.

    She smiled, before leaving the bathroom and starting to get ready to work. She felt kinda bad about what happened to the old Sabrina, but being herself fully felt so good that she knew it was worth it. 

    She felt so happy about taking this new life for herself, that when she got to the school, it was almost contagious.

    “Hey there, Ms Dee, anything good happened this morning?” asked Britney, as she arrived in the history professor’s office.

    “Oh, don’t worry about it, a project I had been planning for a while finally came through.” answered the witch.

    "That's great! Well, I also have some good news. Remember that asshole, Mark, that I told you wasn’t backing off?”

    “Sure do, what about him?” Sabrina was quite aware of who Mark was, he had been vastly interested in bullying Theo, a friendless nerd who would have no one coming to his rescue after all.

    “I finally got him to sign off on a magic contract with me. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t think it was real, so now he will become a woman every time he gets the slightest bit sexually excited!” finished the track member, and witchcraft apprentice, almost cackling with glee.

    “Serves him right. Couldn’t think of someone more worthy of having such fate.” chuckled the older witch. “Just remember to take care when doing this sort of stuff, witch hunters are quite sneaky. Include some clause in the contract that stops them from communicating your identity or something like that”.

    “Will do, teach! I can barely wait until I’m a big wig Sorceress like you!” Exclaimed the very excited girl.

    “Oh, don’t worry about that. So am I, hun. So am I.”

No more chapters.

Eb18 ∙ 03 May 2023

Yoh big shout out to jibaky who delivered a massive story after these past 2 weeks. It is very creative story that borrowed a lot of inspiration from TheOddP05535510n on DA. I'm very grateful for the effort put in and this being their second story, I'm impressed by the overall result.

slimebel ∙ 15 May 2023

Very well done. The gradual takeover and learning combine together to make a coherent "power fantasy arc".

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