The Ditzy Witch

Story created by BMJ ∙ 11 September 2023

Jake is ready to move on from his on-and-off girlfriend, Sue, as he gets ready to enjoy one last summer with his friends before heading off to college. Sue isn't having any of it and goes as far as to cast a spell on Jake to ensure that she'll be the closest person to him, but it doesn't go exactly as she had planned.

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  • The Ditzy Witch

    Chapter written by BMJ ∙ 14 July 2023

    Jake is ready to move on from his on-and-off girlfriend, Sue, as he gets ready to enjoy one last summer with his friends before heading off to college. Sue isn't having any of it and goes as far as to cast a spell on Jake to ensure that she'll be the closest person to him, but it doesn't go exactly as she had planned.

  • Jake was out enjoying a Saturday at the mall with his friends. They were enjoying the excitement and energy that comes with enjoying a final summer together before they all went their separate ways for college and other plans in the fall. He felt a need to spend as much time as he could with his friends to make up for time lost during high school when Jake was dating Sue, his on and off again girlfriend with a controlling personality, great looks, less-than-average common sense, and a general lack of critical thinking skills. That was at least the polite description that Jake had come up with in his head to describe Sue. He wasn’t going to let her take another summer away from him, especially not after how she stood him up at their senior prom just two months prior.

    After walking around the mall for a couple of hours and spending a fair bit of time at the arcade, Jake and his friends settled down at a table in the food court to take a break and figure out what they were going to have for lunch. The conversation soon shifted from food to talking about Jake’s mom, Martha. The guys had always given Jake a hard time about his mom and how hot she was.

    “Jake, quick question,” said Alex. “If I paid 100 dollars, could you swipe a couple of pairs of your mom’s underwear for me?”

    “You know, with the way you guys obsess over my mom, I can never tell if you’re kidding or not. Also, no. She’s my mom, and I will not do that for any amount of money,” replied Jake.

    “Ok, fine,” Alex continued. “But can you at least tell me what kind of underwear she’s wearing? Such as the kind she might wear with a long dress with sunflowers on it?

    “That is an almost creepily specific request,” laughed Jake.

    ‘Well,” answered Alex. “I ask because…”

    Jake turned to follow Alex’s gaze to see his mom, Martha, walking over to their table. She smiled and waved at the group, stopping behind Jake and resting her hands on his shoulders with a slight squeeze. 

    “Hi, Mom,” said Jake, trying to hide his embarrassment. “I didn't realize you’d be here today. Where is Dad and everyone else?”

    “Oh, he’s around here somewhere trying to find us a table and something to eat. You know how he gets. Has to have the perfect table. He’s an odd man, but I love him dearly, just like I love my little Jakey wakey baby boy!”

    Martha leaned down, wrapped her arms around Jake, and planted a loud, wet kiss on his cheek. When she did, Alex and the others on the opposite side of the table caught a glimpse of Martha’s well-endowed breasts, struggling against her bra as her dress flapped from the quick motion. Jake made a show of trying to push her away to get Martha to stop embarrassing him in front of his friends. In reality, however, he appreciated her attention and care. His mom was a loving person, well-known and highly regarded in the community, a woman of stunning beauty but modest appetite for attention. She loved her three children more than anything in the world.

    “Ok, that’s enough, mom. Thank you,” said Jake as he gently pushed at his mother. “You can go and embarrass your other children now.”

    Matha laughed and gave Jake another hug from behind, unknowingly squishing her breasts against the top of his head and giving his friends an unprecedented view of her cleavage. She was a modest woman with the body of a goddess, and everyone in her vicinity who was attracted to the feminine form found themselves wanting for more as she walked by. But Martha had no desire to show off her body and only ever wanted to make love to her husband, not fuck, bang, or experiment. She was happy with her modest and relatively vanilla life, and that is what made those around her desire her all the more.

    “Well,” said Martha as she stepped back from the table. “I should let you boys get back to your fun-filled day. I’m sure you have a lot planned for this summer before you’re all off to college, so make the most of it, and please stop by before the summer is over so we can all say goodbye and wish you luck before you go.”

    Jake’s friends could only nod and mumble, still transfixed by the previous sight of Martha’s chest. As she walked away to find her husband, the boys’ eyes followed the sway of her hips outlined by her summer dress. They were all startled and attempted to avert their gaze as Martha abruptly stopped and returned to the table.

    “One more thing, Jake,” she said as she again wrapped her arms around her son. “You’re dad, and I are getting some things for vacation coming up. Text me before you leave the mall today, and let me know if there is anything you need us to get. We’ll be out and about yet this afternoon with some more shopping.”

    Jake just nodded and smiled at his mom, laughing as his friends practically drooled over the table as they stared at Martha. Finally, shaking himself out of his trance, Alex asked Martha what she had been shopping for already in preparation for the family’s annual trip to the US Virgin Islands. When Martha just listed off some basic items like towels and sunscreen, Alex suggested that she check out LustiLadi if she wanted a new swimsuit.

    Martha smiled and replied to Alex, saying, “Thank you, Alex. I’ve never heard of that brand, but I’ll be sure to try something on of theirs before I leave the mall today. You all seem very enthusiastic about their products. They must be quite popular.”

    The boys lost themselves in daydreams of Martha’s beautiful body in a skimpy swimsuit, leaving hardly anything to the imagination. Jake took the opportunity to stand up, hug his mom, and walk her away from the table before one of the other guys said anything else. He sent his mom off to enjoy the rest of her shopping. Then he returned to the table to rouse his friends from their erotic daydreams of his mother in a bikini, or their wishes of a sudden gust of wind to raise her dress to reveal her voluptuous backside outlined under her dress.

    Eventually, Jake and his friends wrap up their lunch in the food court and head toward the exit of the mall to find something else to do to spend their afternoon. On the way out, Sue seemingly materializes out of nowhere to stop them from going through the door and heading outside. They all stared at each other for several moments before Jake told the others to head out and start the car and that he would be right there. Alex rolled his eyes and led the others around Sue and out the doors, mumbling, “She’s gonna reel him back in and fuck up the whole summer again.”

    None of them liked Sue. She and Jake had dated on and off through high school, and she never wanted to commit to him. Her affection toward Jake only flared up when he seemed to be getting eyes for someone else. At that point, Sue would swoop in and steal Jake back and away from his friends.

    Jake had come to recognize this pattern with the help of his friends, and this time he felt ready to keep Sue out of his life. In some ways, he had been waiting for this moment to tell her off and to finally reveal to her that she was the reason he was going to college out of state. He had assumed she would find out eventually and wanted to try to talk him out of it and again be in control of his life. They remained silent for several more moments before Sue finally spoke.

    “I had thought and hoped you’d be going to school around here in the fall. A voice in my head has been telling me that we could try again and make this thing work as college sweethearts,” she said as she stepped toward Jake.

    Jake didn’t initially respond. He stood still and waited for her to keep going. He knew what she would try to do, and he wanted to wait to tell her off to maximize her embarrassment and his satisfaction. Frustration began to boil up inside Sue. In previous attempts to get Jake’s attention, it was usually enough just to show up and say some sweet things, and he’d come crawling back to her. She stepped closer to him and put on a coy smile, desperate to keep Jake with her over the summer and into the fall.

    “I’ve missed you, baby,” she said as she placed a hand on his chest. “I was thinking we could maybe head up to the lake this afternoon and talk. I got something from LustiLadi today that I want to show you.” 

    Sue held up a bag and opened it slightly to reveal a collection of micro bikinis and a box of condoms. Jake laughed to himself and pushed past her saying, “Lucky for me, I started listening to my friends these last few months after you stood me up at the prom. Have a good summer, Sue.”

    That was all he had to say. Jake brushed passed Sue and jogged through the parking lot to catch up with his friends. The guys were happy to see Jake and greeted him with a chorus of cheers when he told them what Sue had tried and how he had responded. They headed out with plans to make the most of the afternoon and the rest of their summer. Meanwhile, Sue pouted and sulked around the mall before a revelation struck her, and she rushed home. She ran up to the attic and began tearing through box after box of her late grandmother’s belongings. With each box turning up little more than old clothes, Sue grew increasingly frustrated.

    “Where is it, you old hag?” she spat, tearing through yet another box. “ I swear if you got rid of that spellbook or took it to your grave, I’ll dig up your bones and desecrate them.”

    No sooner had she finished her sentence than a large thud erupted from the floor. An old, black book had fallen out of the box she was going through and onto the floor. Slowly, Sue knelt down and picked up the book, cradling it as she would a newborn child. She slowly walked back down to her room, where she closed and locked the door. Jake was going to be hers, whether it was by his own will or not. 

    Sue flipped through the book until she found a spell that sounded promising, one that would make her the closest person to Jake and his strongest feelings of love. She began the spell, gathering the required herbs and tokens, including some of her own hair that she collected from the shirt she’d been wearing that day. Unbeknownst to Sue, some of the hair was not hers but Martha’s. It had come off on Jake when Martha hugged him in the food court and then from Jake to Sue when he pushed past her at the mall exit. That, combined with Sue’s rudimentary understanding of Latin, ensured the spell would never go off as she had intended.

    The next day, Sue woke up feeling groggy and almost hungover. She rolled out of bed and shuffled toward the bathroom, only to find she had walked into a closet. “Stayed up too late with that damn spell,” she mumbled.

    Frustrated and still half asleep, she shuffled out of the closet, not noticing it wasn’t hers to begin with. Once in the bathroom, she sat down to pee and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Progress was slow, and she still felt out of sorts as she finished on the toilet and shuffled over to the sink to wash her hands and face. When she finally looked into the mirror, she screamed as she saw Martha’s face staring back at her.

    She reached up with shaking hands, touched her face, and pulled at her hair, feeling the pressure and sensations.

    “Who…what…how… THE SPELL!” she exclaimed.


    Jake’s dad, Ron, came running into the bathroom.


    “Martha, sweetie, what’s wrong?!?” he asked frantically.


    He ran over and put his arms around who he thought was his wife and held her close.


    “What happened?” he asked as he stroked Martha’s head.


    Sue panicked at first but quickly gained her composure. The adrenaline of the initial shock was wearing off, and she could now think more clearly.


    “Oh, I’m so sorry…um…you…sweet husband man,” Sue stammered in Martha’s voice.


    “Ron. Honey. My name is Ron. Did you hit your head or something?” said Jake’s dad, growing concern in his eyes. He loved his wife dearly and the life they had built together. While at times he wished she was a little more outgoing and adventurous, he still adored her and the stability their relationship had.

    Sue kept trying to rack her brain for memories of Jake’s dad as she spoke. “I had the worst dreams last night, and when I came into the bathroom, I was still half asleep. I could have sworn I saw someone else in the mirror,” said Sue. “Thank you for being so protective of me.”

    She hugged Ron and had a sudden thought about seeing him and Jake out on the boat together the previous summer when she had joined the family on a weekend camping trip. Sensations of pleasure and arousal pulsed through her. Sue had always thought that both Jake and his dad were very attractive. They both had athletic builds and spent a great deal of time at the athletic center, where Ron was a fitness instructor and swim coach. Where it would have been taboo for a nineteen-year-old to pursue a middle-aged man, Sue realized she could get away with anything she wanted. She could have Ron anytime she liked, and Jake was just down the hall, at least for the summer.

    “Oh, dear, I sometimes forget just how strong you are,” purred Sue as she ran her hands over Ron. “I bet you could pick me up right now without issue and fuck this milf pussy right here on the bathroom counter.”

    Ron was stunned. Never in the twenty years that he and Martha had been married had she ever spoken to him like that. They certainly had good and satisfying sex, but it was always an act of passion and love and never born of lust and intensity. He looked into Martha’s eyes and was confused when he saw a spark and energy he had never noticed before. The usual loving and nurturing look her eyes carried had been replaced with fiery, lustful energy. It was enthralling, intoxicating, and more than enough to overwhelm any voice of warning or logic in his mind. Seeming to work of their own accord, Ron’s hands swiftly removed Martha’s clothes before cupping her ass and hoisting her up to the counter.

    Sue couldn’t help but smile and laugh to herself as Ron’s hands raced over her in Martha’s body. She pulled his shirt off to reveal his chiseled form as she deftly pulled his athletic shorts down using her feet in one swift motion. Ron’s erection popped up and down from the momentum.

    “Wow,” mouthed Sue through Martha. Her eyes followed the motion of Ron’s member before moving up to meet his eyes. When he tried to move forward into her, she stopped him with her foot and coyly pushed him back into the wall with her foot as her hand moved down toward her abdomen. Ron’s eyes followed her hand and never wavered as Sue began playing with herself.

    “I have to get things a little warmed up for that big cock of yours, baby, cooed Sue as she intensified the motion of her fingers. She could see precum dripping from Ron. When he tried to touch himself, she slapped his hand with her other foot and shook her finger at him.

    “Let that pressure keep building, whispered Sue through Martha. You’re going to explode inside of me and fill me with your cum, but not until I let you.”

    Sue continued to tease herself, building momentum and tension. Meanwhile, Ron could only look at his wife’s perfect form on display before him in a way he had only ever dreamed of. It was all too much for him. The powerful sensation of an unstoppable orgasm had already been building and passed its point of no return faster than Ron could react. Cum erupted from his cock. He leaned forward and furiously stroked himself and continued to spray cum onto who he thought was his wife, covering her stomach, breasts, and face.

    “Oh yes, cum for me, baby! cried Sue through Martha. “Give it all to me!”

    Ron fell back against the wall, his erection still firm and twitching. Sue hopped from the counter, dripping cum as she went, and began kissing Ron while stroking him through his post-orgasm sensitivity. Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth, again catching him off guard. Never before had his wife been interested in sex of this caliber. The excitement of it all was almost too much to bear, and he began to wonder what could have happened to change her behavior so drastically. But his questioning was short-lived as Sue stroked him ever faster, her hand slipping nimbly over his cum coated erection.

    “Dad,” called Jake from the bottom of the stairs. “Are you up there? I’m ready to go to the gym.”

    Ron tried to get Sue to stop as he answered Jake, but she continued to stroke him furiously, spurred on by the sound of Jake’s voice.

    “Be down …in a minute…just.. in the bathroom…oooohhhhh,” Ron grunted as his voice trailed off. Sue finally released her grip on Ron as he came again, spilling his load onto her legs and the floor.

    “Okay,” said Jake slowly. “Don’t want to know what you’re doing up there, but maybe leave the door open when you’re done in the bathroom to air it out for Mom.”

    Ron sighed before slumping down to the floor. Sue admired her handiwork through Martha’s eyes before walking over and grabbing a towel from the rack next to the shower. She looked over her shoulder at Ron before slowly and sensually bending over to wipe off her legs. Then, she turned and cleaned her stomach, chest, and face, before passing the towel to him as she stood at the counter to wash her face and get ready for the day. All the while, Martha’s supple ass was inches from Ron’s face.

    He could feel the lust building up again but knew he needed to get down to Jake. Against his basal desires, Ron stood up and pressed himself against his wife, wrapping his arms around her and cupping her breasts as he pressed his newly erect penis gently against her ass. Kissing her neck slowly, he said, “I’ll have something more for you later tonight.” 

    Then he got dressed and left with Jake to go to the gym. Jake’s siblings were also out of the house for the day, enjoying the beautiful summer Sunday with their friends. Sue enjoyed having the house to herself and spent the better part of the morning in a bath before getting dressed and snooping around the house. She did so while wearing a tight tank top with no bra and a short skirt she had found in Jake’s sister’s room after deciding that Martha’s taste in clothing was not her style. Eventually, Sue made her way into Jake’s room and searched about for anything that might indicate he was talking to or interested in another girl. When she found nothing exciting, she put on his wireless headphones and lost herself dancing to music in the middle of his room.

    Before long, Jake returned home, having left his dad at the gym to teach a class where the usual instructor had called out sick. Jake walked into his room and stopped dead at the sight of his mother dancing like a young woman at amateur night in a club, trying to show the crowd that she was the next big thing. Her shirt failed at times to completely contain Martha’s large breasts, and the skirt rode up, exposing her bare ass any time she bent down during her dance. He called out to her more than once, trying to ask what the hell she was doing, but the dance continued. Finally, Jake stepped forward and pulled the headphones off his mother’s head.

    Sue turned around, startled, and gazed at Jake through Martha’s eyes. A well of passion and lust welled within her as memories of Jake’s dad flooded her mind. That, coupled with the lack of release earlier in the bathroom with Jake’s dad, had Sue hungry for more. She eyed Jake with hungry, lustful eyes, admiring his toned frame that lay partially hidden beneath his sweaty clothes. As Sue stepped toward Jake in Martha’s body, he stepped back until he was against the wall.

    Jake’s heart pounded as a mix of adrenaline, lust, and fear surged through him. Something was deeply wrong with the situation, and he knew it didn’t make sense. Yet, he couldn’t help but feel physically attracted to the woman standing before him, his mother. His gym shorts did little to hide how his body was reacting to the situation, and it only became more evident as Sue took his hand and guided it under her skirt. He shivered at the touch. It was hot and dripping wet. The temptation to push further in nearly overwhelmed Jake just as his cell phone started to ring. His ringtone snapped Jake back to reality, and he pushed past Sue and ran back downstairs to take his call.

    Sue went after him but stopped at the bottom of the stairs to look out the front window at Alex walking up the sidewalk to the house. He saw who he thought was Martha and waved at her before coming up and knocking on the door. Opening the door, Sue smiled at Alex and made a point to drive Alex’s focus toward Martha’s breasts. She knew Alex didn’t like her, and she was determined to get some sort of revenge on him. 

    “Hey Martha, um. Is, uh. Is Jake home?” stammered Alex as he tried to keep his eyes on Martha’s.

    “He is home, but he’s a bit busy at the moment. Did you two have some plans this afternoon?”

    “Um, not really,” said Alex, his eyes again dropping to Martha’s breasts. “I just wanted to see if he wanted to hang out since you guys are leaving for your trip in a few days.”

    Sue had forgotten all about Jake’s family’s annual trip to the Caribbean. A malicious smile crossed her face as she thought through her options and what she would be able to do on the trip. Finally, she turned her attention back to Alex, who waited awkwardly on the front steps.

    “I’m sorry dear, but Jake won’t be free tonight. We’ve still got quite a bit of packing to do,” said Sue through Maratha. “I know that must be disappointing. So, to make it up to you, would you like me to show you my tits? I can see they have your attention already.”

    Alex stared at her in astonishment before blurting, “YES!”

    Sue laughed hysterically as she shouted, “No!” and slammed the door in Alex’s face before retreating back upstairs to plan her next move. She spent the rest of the afternoon and evening hiding out in Martha’s bedroom, listening to music and messaging her friend Valerie on an instant messaging app she had downloaded on Martha’s phone, which was not password protected but used a fingerprint sensor.

    Sue: Valerie, do you remember how I told you how weird my grandma was and how she was always talking nonsense and bullshit and cooking bizarre stuff in her creepy shed?

    Valerie: Yeah. I always assumed that was code for drugs or something, like she was making meth.

    Sue: No, that bitch was a witch!

    Valerie: Now I’m thinking that you’re the one doing drugs.

    Sue: Val, seriously. She brewed potions and cast spells, and she wrote her own book with everything that she knew, and I have it. My parents had stashed it away in the attic with a bunch of her other stuff that they took from her house after she died. I used the book, and I did something big.

    Valerie: Ok. I’ll play along. What did you do that is so big?

    Sue: Well, if we’re talking about big things that I did, I made Jake’s dad cum all over me by hardly touching him at all.

    Valerie: WTF

    Valerie: GTFO

    Valerie: Seriously, what?!? What did you do? Is he big? He’s so fucking hot. God! I’d scream and cream for that Dad D.

    Sue:  I see that I have your attention now. I cast a spell, and I took over Martha’s body—Jake’s mom.

    Valerie: I’m sorry. What?

    Sue: If you don’t believe me. Look at this video.

    Sue attached a video of herself talking through Martha and told Valerie the intricate details of every secret conversation they had ever had with one another.

    Valerie: Holy shit. This is unbelievable.

    Sue: Girl, It’s fucking amazing. You have to try this. I bet we can get you in on this with someone else in the family, like Jake’s twin sister, and then we can go on this trip in a few days. They go to the Virgin Islands every Summer. Leaving on Wednesday.

    Valerie: Idk, sounds pretty crazy. What if we’re caught?

    Sue: Not gonna happen. This whole thing is foolproof.

    Valerie: I guess it could be fun. Jake’s dad is pretty hot. How and when would we do it, though? And what are you going to do tomorrow and Tuesday before leaving for the trip? Doesn’t Jake's mom like work at that big insurance office?

    Sue: Wait…work? Oh shit.

    Valerie: And what happened to Martha? Is she like dead now or something? How do we reverse the spell when we’re done with this?

    Sue: I have it all figured out. There’s just another little spell we do to undo the spell when we’re ready. As for Martha, I don’t really care where she is. Probably in some sort of dimensional rift. Not my problem. I have to go. Jake’s dad is home, and I’m going to go help him in the shower after he spent all day getting hot and sweaty in the gym. Think about his naked body covered with soap, his muscles glistening in the water, and use that as your motivation to do this with me. Just think, two weeks' vacation with him on a beach where he will hardly ever be wearing a shirt. Might even get some chances to fuck him. Just saying, if you were serious about that scream and cream bit. ;)

    Sue left Valerie to think about Ron and his toned body and hurried to the doorway of the bedroom to call out for Ron to come upstairs to help her with something. She was determined to feel him inside her this time. As he made his way up the stairs, Ron felt the same powerful urges of lust bubbling up inside him. He knew his wife was waiting for him, and he had to have her in every way possible. But it was not his wife for whom he lusted. A voice in the back of his head tried to tell him something was wrong, but it was drowned out as he walked into the bedroom to see Sue in Martha’s body, waiting for him in nothing but a short bathrobe Sue had taken from Jake’s sister’s room. The voice of caution and reason faded away as he took Sue in his arms and began kissing her.

    On the other side of town that same morning, Martha awoke in a strange room she didn’t recognize. Her breathing rapidly increased when she looked at herself in the large vanity mirror in the corner of the room. As she worked to slow her breathing to keep from passing out, Martha’s thoughts raced and puzzled over what was happening. 

    “Am I still asleep?” she thought. “Was I drugged? Where was I last? What did I eat? Where is Ron? Oh, Ron!”

    Martha collapsed to the floor in Sue’s body and cried. Several minutes passed before she was able to regain her composure. As her sobs faded away, an eerie calm came over the room. The sudden buzz of a cell phone on the nightstand startled Martha from her solemn state. Feeling on edge and unsure, she slowly edged toward the phone and picked it up, and was surprised when it unlocked with her fingerprint. “I need to figure out what is going on. I know that I’m Martha, but I’m not… I’m...Oh, this is so confusing and overwhelming…”

    Martha’s internal monologue stopped as she came to a haunting realization as she pulled up different social media accounts on the phone. She slowly stood up and set the phone back on the nightstand before returning to the mirror.

    “Sue,” she whispered. “I recognize the face now. Oh Susan, you wretched child, what have you done?”

    Feeling her calm increasing, Martha walked back over to the nightstand and sat back on the bed to dive into any and all information she could pull from the device. She knew that Sue was a very social individual and talked to a lot of people. Martha was confident that she could find more information on what had happened and how she might be able to fix what had happened.

    After gathering all of the information about Sue through her social media accounts, Martha decided to check through her texts as well, thinking she may have talked to someone about what she did to switch their bodies or do whatever it was that she did. Sue’s texts were full of conversations with different guys she had gone to school with and guys from around town. Every conversation was a different level of sexting full of lewd photos and language Martha had rarely encountered and certainly never used. Certainly, she enjoyed being aroused and making love with her husband, but there was something untamed about these messages. There was little to no emotion associated with the exchanges, just pure, undiluted lust. She was surprised and moderately impressed with how Sue was able to get just about anything she wanted, and all she had to do was make sexual promises she never actually seemed to keep and send some photos of herself.

    As Martha continued to read through the messages, her venture became less about finding information about Sue and what she had done to Martha and more about a morbid curiosity about sexual escapades she had never considered. A tingling sensation grew in Martha’s stomach, like a thousand writhing butterflies. The sensation spread lower, and she began to feel flushed and excited as her heart rate increased.

    “No,” she thought as she looked through more pictures these men were sending to Sue. “I need to be looking around for information. I should get ready, trying going home, talking to Ron and explain what’s going on.”

    Somewhat reluctantly, Martha put the phone done and continued to look through the room. Looking under Sue’s bed, she saw a box. Pulling it out, Martha was greeted by an assortment of dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys. She stared at them for several moments, feeling the tingling sensation return, stronger than before. Shivering with a mix of excitement and anticipation, Martha slowly reached toward the box but stopped when something caught her attention in her peripheral vision. Turning her head, Martha looked toward the desk. Underneath it was a large, weathered black book that looked very out of place. The tingling sensation ebbed away as she crawled over to the book and began to look through it.

    Page after page revealed potions and spells to treat any ailment or concern a person could have. Martha’s eyes darted from word to word until they froze on a particular passage that described the spell Sue had performed. Martha read and reread the passage and the warnings associated with the spell.

    “That little monster,” Martha said to herself. “Now that I know what you’ve done, I can confront you and fix this mess before something terrible happens. But first…”

    Martha looked back toward the box on the floor next to the bed. The tingling returned in full force, and she passed the point of no return. She needed a release and would have it one way or another. Positioning herself on the bed with one of the toys in hand, Martha removed the clothes she had woken up in and began to tease herself. She had never done much, if anything, to pleasure herself, but her hands and body seemed to know what felt best. The toy she had selected had initially seemed odd and complicated, with multiple attachments Martha wasn’t entirely sure how to use. But the size and shape of the main shaft of the toy seemed to closely resemble her husband’s cock, and that’s all Martha was able to see. She looked at the toy, and she just saw Ron in her mind, leaning over her as he spread her legs and slid into her.

    As the thought of Ron penetrating her crossed her mind, Martha slid the main shaft of the toy into her pussy, slowly and deliberately. The sensation sent shivers through her body as she continued to slowly slide the toy in and out, increasing the depth and speed each time. Within thirty seconds, her rhythm was quick and consistent. Martha looked down and admired the sight of the toy glistening with her body’s own lubrication. She noticed buttons on the side of the toy and haphazardly began to push them, desperate to increase the sensation she was feeling.

    The first button started the toy’s main vibrating function, causing Martha to squeal slightly as a new sensation of pleasure began building and spilling over. Another button activated one of the attachments, which lowered itself onto Martha’s protruding clitoris and caressed it as a lover’s tongue might.

    “Mmphff,” exhaled Martha through Sue’s voice. “Oh, Ron, why haven’t I ever asked you to use your tongue on me? Oh, this feels amazing. Oh, Ron! Oh, Honey, YES!”

    Waves of pleasure built and crashed over Martha. She closed her eyes as they rolled back, and the sensations washed over her, making her shiver with delight and craving more. The pleasure she felt was building, and Martha was determined to reach a climax. Her right hand continued to push buttons on the toy as her left moved up to caress her breasts and tease her nipples. She wondered if the strength of the sensations was simply because she was in Sue’s body or if she had just never thought to explore all of the feelings and sensations that sex had to offer. Her thoughts were cut short, however, as she pressed a button that activated another attachment on the toy that began to tease and explore her asshole.

    “Oh no! That’s not…” started Martha. “Not…so bad.”

    The anal attachment slowly continued to caress and tease her, probing her and adding to the overall feeling of excitement. Martha repositioned herself and spread her legs a little further to allow better access for the toy. It almost seemed to sense what she was doing and probed a little deeper still. She continued to fuck her pussy and clit with the other attachments, adding to the continuous stream of juices that ran down over her asshole as the third attachment continued to probe deeper still, its speed increasing until it was fucking Martha’s ass at the same pace with which she was fucking her pussy.

    A sudden feeling of panic surged through Martha just as her climax was building. What if she wasn’t alone in the house? But the feeling faded as fast as it came as the waves of pleasure increased in frequency and intensity. Martha was going to let this orgasm live if it was the last thing she did.


    Martha couldn’t help but scream for her husband as she reached her peak. An involuntary series of moans escaped her lips as she continued driving the toy into herself. A growing wet spot had formed on the blankets underneath her, and she was sweating profusely. Her arms burned and cried for respite, but still, she kept her rhythm through the strongest waves of blissful sensation that pulsed through her whole body. She clenched hard against the motion of the toy, arching her back as her pace finally began to slow down. Martha shivered and squirmed from overstimulation as she fumbled to turn the toy off completely. Even though she was no longer thrusting it into her pussy, the attachments continued to work her ass and clit, threatening to drive her crazy. At this point, she was overly sensitive, and each new pulse of the toy nearly sent her over the edge again. Finally, she managed to power everything down and relaxed into the soft bed, the toy still inside her.

    A euphoric calm came over Martha. Her mind was filled with blissful thoughts, wisping in and out of existence. Her muscles also felt a sense of release and calm, as if she had just finished a relaxing massage.

    “Oh, Ron, when I get back home and am myself again, I think I might finally be ready to try some new things in the bedroom,” Martha whispered to herself. “I don’t know how much of that was me and how much was that little monster, Sue, but I don’t think I can come back from it. The feeling was too amazing, too strong, too sensual to ignore.”

    Martha slowly and carefully slid the toy out and dropped it onto the floor with a dull thud. Her hand reached down and touched the bed beneath her and felt the magnitude of the wet spot she had created. She giggled to herself before slowly getting out of the bed, still feeling tender and sensitive.

    “I am going to clean this mess up and then have a shower,” thought Martha. “After that, we’re going to take this book, confront Sue, and get this whole mess sorted out.”

    Martha took her shower and changed the bedding, all the while thinking to herself that it probably wasn’t the first time something like that had been done in that bed. She felt more confident overall in Sue’s body after having explored herself and opted to wear a short skirt and a tank top. In searching all over the room, she couldn’t find a clean pair of underwear.

    “Oh dear,” thought Martha.

    She knew that even though the dirty underwear belonged to Sue and was probably safe to wear, she wasn’t comfortable with the prospect of wearing her soiled panties. However, the only other alternative seemed to be to go without entirely.

    “Well, I guess I’ll just feel the breeze a little more today,” said Martha as she left the house. She hadn’t run into Sue’s parents, and for that, she was grateful. Suspecting they were off at work or out enjoying the day. Whatever the case was, she was happy they hadn’t seemed to be around when she had been masturbating and that she had some additional time to look around the house. In doing so, she found Sue’s purse with her wallet and car keys. Feeling ready for a confrontation, she stepped outside and looked around to get her bearings on where exactly in town she was. Having grown up and lived in the area all her life, it took Martha just a few seconds to plot a good route to her house and think of a place where she could park the car out of the direct line of sight of her family.

    As she drove, Martha rehearsed what she was going to say to Ron and her kids. A short-lived feeling of dread made its way through her mind as she thought about the damage Sue could be doing to her family while masquerading in Martha’s body. She shuddered at the thought and pushed it from her mind, refocusing on different ways the conversation with Ron might go. “He’ll know it’s me,” she thought. “He has to.”

    Martha arrived at her predetermined spot and parked the car before walking back toward her house, trying to stay off the street as much as possible and not draw attention to herself. She weaved through backyards and an alley for a few minutes before coming within line of sight of her front door. She saw Jake’s friend Alex walking up to the house and contemplated calling out to him before reasoning that doing so would only cause more issues at the present moment. Instead, she stayed out of sight, using some trees and bushes in the neighbor’s yard as cover, and moved closer to the house. Peering through the bushes, Martha could see the front door and only look on in horror as she saw Sue in her body open it to greet Alex. Every second that Martha looked at Sue in her body, every word that Sue spoke in Martha’s voice made her gut churn. When Sue slammed the door in Alex’s face, Martha knew that she had to do something, but what?

    She began to think that a direct confrontation would be a bad idea. Moreover, she noticed that Ron’s car was gone and reasoned that he and Jake were probably at the gym.

    “Stop,” Martha said louder than she anticipated. She had only meant to say it to herself.

    She covered her mouth and held her breath as Alex stopped walking back toward his car to look around. He looked in her direction and slowly walked over to the bushes. Martha began to panic. She hadn’t planned on having to confront Jake’s friends about all of this, nor had she given any thought to what to say should the situation arise. Alex came around the bushes and stared at her.

    “My god, woman,” exclaimed Alex. “Why can you not take no for an answer? How many times do we have to tell you to stay the hell away from Jake? He even told you himself just yesterday to stay out of his life. Give me one good reason not to call the cops on you right now.”

    Without thinking, Martha blurted in Sue’s voice, “I’ll suck your dick if you keep your mouth shut!”

    She was just as shocked by those words as Alex was. She had not planned on saying that. It had just come out. Martha’s mind raced back to the information she had read in the spell book and even contemplated getting it from the car to show Alex what was going on. There were passages and warnings after the directions for the spell that explained potential hazards and side effects.

    The book said that in the event that the spell causes two people to switch bodies, aspects of personality from the original person may still be present. Additionally, the individual who casts the spell can further alter the effects based on their mood and state of mind when the spell was originally performed. In extreme cases, the emotion felt when the spell was cast could even create an influencing aura that affected not only those directly involved with the spell but those they interacted with afterward as well.

    While Alex still stood, mouth agape and staring at her, Martha tried to salvage the situation and fight the lustful feelings building up within her.

    “No,” she thought. “I can’t let Sue’s libido and pent-up sexual desires control me. I have to be stronger than this magic.”

    Martha’s eyes locked with Alex’s gaze. A storm of mixed emotions of fear, arousal, excitement, and anxiety swirled in her mind as the tingling sensation she had felt earlier in the morning returned. She could feel her cheeks begin to flush, and she felt an increased wetness between her thighs. Sexual anticipation charged the air between her and Alex. She stepped toward him.

    “No, I can’t!” she screamed in her head. She took another step forward.

    “This is Jake’s best friend, and I’ve known him since he was a baby!” she again shouted in her mind. She was just a foot away from Alex, who was still fixed in place, seemingly in shock.

    Martha stopped just as she pressed up against Alex with Sue’s body, her hands on the waistband of his shorts. Primal desire told her to rip off his shorts and take his cock in her mouth until he came over and over again. Visions of his cum filling her mouth and covering her face danced through Martha’s mind, and the desire to make them a reality was almost overwhelming. But a voice called out from the confines of her consciousness and told her to stop, that they would be seen, and being arrested for sexual acts in a public setting would not help her get back to her family. The feelings of sexual desire subsided somewhat. Martha looked at Alex through Sue’s eyes.

    “Or maybe just the thought of your cock in my mouth is enough to buy your silence?” she purred as she playfully bit at his ear.

    She looked down to see a large bulge in Alex’s shorts and a wet spot forming as he leaked precum for her. It took all of Martha’s willpower to keep from grabbing hold of his cock and stroking it until he came for her.

    “I think I have your attention now, huh?” she continued as she ran her hands over Alex’s chest. “Why don’t you head on home now and rub one out while you think about my lips around your dick.”

    Alex shivered, and the wet spot on his shorts grew a little larger. “Okay,” he whispered as she awkwardly turned and walked back toward his car.

    Martha breathed a sigh of relief and decided that she would head back to Sue’s house to make another plan. As much as she wanted to go and confront Sue, she knew she needed to have some sort of backup plan and a means to convince Ron and her family of what was happening. As she drove, her mind wandered to what she had seen Sue wearing when she answered the door, and the feelings of despair returned. 

    “If this spell is making me overly sexually charged, I can’t imagine what Sue is doing in my body,” thought Martha. “I don’t want to be angry with Ron if he does anything with her because it’s me, after all, in voice and appearance. Still…”

    Tears flowed freely down her face as Martha drove on. She felt terribly guilty about even the slightest thought of wanting to take Alex in her mouth, and she cried, knowing that it was only a matter of time before Sue was using her body to make love to Ron. “I have to figure out how to stop this,” she said out loud as she wiped away the tears. “Sue may not have planned properly to get this whole thing started, but I’m going to make sure I can get back out of it, even if I have to make backup plans for my backup plans!”

    Once she was back at Sue’s house, Martha went straight up to her room and started going through Sue’s phone once again and looking through the old spell book. She found a notebook and pen on the desk and began to draft her plans, the supplies she would need for another spell to break the one currently on her, and the risks associated with doing so. Even with perfect intentions, ingredients, and a clear mind, there would still be risks of losing aspects of her personality in Sue’s body and mind. Martha understood this clearly but wanted nothing more than to be back in her husband’s arms and to see her children through her own eyes again.

    “I’ve been away from you all for just a day, and I already feel so alone,” Martha cried.

    Martha spent several hours going through her notes and reciting the words to the spell over and over again, using Sue’s phone to translate the Latin through multiple apps to make sure she knew exactly what she was saying and how each word should be spoken. By the end of it all, she had nearly filled the entire notebook with her plans. Just as she lay the notebook down on the bed, she heard Sue’s parents come back into the house and call out for her. Taking a deep breath, she walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs to greet them.

    Sue’s parents asked her how her day had been and if she had done anything fun, and said they had missed her while they were out and about shopping and enjoying the down. Edward, Sue’s father, gave her a hug and apologized for the argument they’d had the day before. Martha played Sue’s personality as best as she could, acting aloof and accepting Edward’s hug with a feigned half-hearted embrace. She knew the longer she was around Sue’s parents, the greater the risk of exposing herself. Fortunately, the conversation wrapped up, and she was able to go back upstairs with a promise that she’d be back down for dinner later.

    Back in Sue’s room, Martha noticed that Sue’s phone was pinging with several notifications. She picked it up and opened the corresponding app to see in real-time the conversation Sue and Valerie were having.

    “Oh, this is perfect,” whispered Martha. “She must have signed on through my phone, and it never kicked her out on hers.”

    She rushed over to the desk and found a new notebook before settling onto the bed to read what the two girls were talking about and take more notes on anything useful or any thoughts she had about their conversation. By the time Martha needed to go down and have dinner with Sue’s parents, she had modified her plan. In the chaos of the day, she had forgotten that her family was supposed to be leaving for their vacation in just a few days, but she could use that to her advantage. Running downstairs to the kitchen for dinner, Martha couldn’t help but smile. She was going to not only expose Sue and break the spell, but she was going to make sure the girl was not able to cause any more harm to her family moving forward. All Martha needed was a little bit of time.

    During Dinner, Martha apologized for being aloof earlier in the afternoon and for the argument that she had started the day before.

    “I’m really sorry, Dad,” she said with a quivering lip. “I know I’m not a very good daughter sometimes. I’ve just been so stressed lately because I know I’ll be going to college in a few months, and Jake and I have been talking again…”

    Martha trailed off to pretend to wipe away a tear before continuing.

    “I know it probably seems so silly, like he and I just keep going back and forth, but he’s just so wonderful. And… and we’ve been talking again, and I can just feel that something is different this time. He invited me to go on his family’s trip to the US Virgin Islands. I know it’s really short notice, but I talked to his mom, Martha, today too, and she really wants me there. She’s so nice and loving, and so is Jake. They even offered to buy me a plane ticket too, which I know couldn’t have been cheap on such short notice. They’re such loving people and…” said Martha, her voice beginning to shake.

    Talking about Jake brought back the fear and anxiety of being away from him and the rest of her family, the fear of Sue having free reign of her house, and the feelings of uncertainty that she was in over her head with everything going on.

    “I’m sorry,” said Martha. She was no longer acting and let her true sadness show. “I just feel alone without him, and I love him so much. It messes with my head, and I just…”

    Sue’s mom came over and hugged Martha, thinking that she was consoling her daughter. Martha held her close and buried her face into Sue’s mother’s shoulder and cried. Although her plan had originally been to put on an act and convince Sue’s parents to let her go on the trip, Martha hadn’t realized just how much she already missed her family and feared for their safety. When her tears had dried and she was able to compose herself, Martha sat back up and apologized to Sue’s parents, laughing to herself as she realized that she didn’t even know their names. Her plan had worked, and Martha got the permission she wanted to go on the trip. Using the excuse of needing to pack, she rushed back upstairs to Sue’s room.

    The next phase of her plan was to make sure she could get a plane ticket and find a way to get to the resort once she was on the island. Fortunately, Martha had her credit card information memorized. She searched for available seats and jumped for joy when she found a seat available in economy on the same flight Ron and her family would be on. Now all that was left to do was pack and lay low for the next few days while trying to make attempts to get back to her house and get a hold of Ron. As Martha reflected on a busy and strange day in Sue’s body and tried to relax, energy was peaking for Sue as she continued to exploit Martha’s body.

    Ron’s hands swiftly removed the robe that Sue had been wearing and gazed at the gorgeous body of his wife before him, not knowing that it wasn’t truly the woman he loved. Lust burned within him as he pulled Sue back into an increasingly aggressive embrace. Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth as she tore at his clothes. Once he was naked, he scooped Sue up and carried her into the bathroom. She wrapped her legs around him and felt his throbbing member pressing against her, desperate to push inside her increasingly receptive pussy.

    “I’ve been thinking about you all day,” panted Ron.

    “Is that so?” whispered Sue. “Tell me what you were thinking.

    “I was thinking that I was going to repay you for a wonderful start to my day,” replied Ron, gently placing Sue down on the bathroom counter and spreading her legs.

    He slowly reached down and nimbly worked both hands over her labia and clitoris before gently sliding a finger into Sue, repeatedly making a “come here” motion as his other hand continued to build pressure and stimulation on her clit. Meanwhile, Sue couldn’t help but moan as Ron used his lips and tongue to continuously tease her nipples and neck. For several minutes, Ron continued his manual stimulation, slowly building a pressure wave of pleasure that continuously threatened to boil over. Smaller waves of pleasure rippled through her from different directions, coming from each point Ron touched. Sue leaned back against the mirror and closed her eyes, savoring the sensations.

    “Seems like you’re ready,” said Ron, smiling.

    Sue opened her eyes and looked at Ron gripping his cock and gently pressing it against her labia, coating the head of his cock with her pussy’s juices and making it glisten. The sudden realization that she was about to be fucked by Jake’s dad sent a shiver of anxiety and excitement through Sue. She wrapped her legs around Ron and pulled him closer, forcing his cock into her. In Martha’s voice, she cried out, “Oh fuck yes! Oh, fuck me, baby!”

    Ron had never heard his wife talk to him like that. Her words supercharged his lust, and he began thrusting into her with tremendous speed. Sue wrapped her legs tighter around him and locked her arms around the back of Ron’s neck. He picked her up from the counter and didn’t miss a beat as he increased his rhythm further yet.

    “This. Is. Amazing.” exhaled Sue between thrusts.

    She locked her hands together behind Ron’s neck as tight as she could and locked her feet together behind his back, holding on as tightly as she could. Raising herself up before Ron’s next thrust, Sue let herself drop to meet his movement, forcing him into her at a slightly different angle. The resulting change set off all of her pleasure alarms, and she raised herself up again and again to meet each new thrust. The pressure wave of pleasure quickly erupted as Sue came all over Ron’s dick as he continued to fuck her. Involuntarily, all of her muscles tensed, and she tightened herself around Ron’s shaft and dug her nails into his back.

    “Cum inside me before you fuck me to death!” exclaimed Sue.

    Her words seemed to do the trick as Ron quickly reached his maximum and tensed up as well, pulsing his cock with a new eruption of cum. The two of them stayed locked together for several moments before Ron gently placed Sue back onto the counter and slowly pulled out of her, causing his cum to drip onto the floor. Sue watched with tired yet lustful eyes.

    “I thought I may have drained you dry this morning,” she purred.

    “I’ll always have more for my goddess,” panted Ron.

    He kissed Sue again before starting the shower.

    “Are you going to join me?” he said, winking.

    “As much as I’d love to, I think I might go lie down for a moment, “whispered Sue. “I need to get the feeling back in my legs.”

    “Fair enough,” chuckled Ron. “I love you, honey. So much. You’re the perfect partner and the perfect woman. I don’t tell you that enough.”

    Sue was taken off guard by Ron’s sudden change from lust to passion and admiration.

    “Oh, thank you. You too,” she replied as she quickly hurried out of the bathroom.

    She put her robe back on and went downstairs, sneaking past the living room where Jake and his siblings were watching a movie and into the kitchen. Sue opened the fridge and freezer and browsed through her options before settling on a tub of chocolate ice cream. Scooping herself a generous bowl, she crept back upstairs to the bedroom and sat in bed to watch TV and enjoy her ice cream. After some time, Ron came out of the shower in a towel and moved about the room, taking an inventory of his clothes and making mental notes for packing for the trip. He turned toward Sue to talk to her and noticed the empty bowl of ice cream in her lap.

    “Um, honey. Did you eat an entire bowl of ice cream?” asked Ron.

    “Yeah, why?” replied Sue as she stared at the TV.

    “I guess I must have stopped the blood flow to more than just your legs then,” laughed Ron.

    “What do you mean?” asked Sue as she turned toward him.

    “Honey, you’re…you’re lactose intolerant, answered Ron flatly.

    Sue felt a sharp churning in her stomach. Her eyes widened as a sudden and primal urge to rush to the nearest toilet forced her from the bed and into the bathroom. Not bothering to shut the door behind her, she barely made it to the toilet before the floodgates of hell opened from her backside. She heard Ron roaring with laughter over the torrent before he closed the bathroom door.

    “What are you laughing at, Dad?” Jake called from the bottom of the stairs.

    “Oh, nothing, just your mother’s misfortune,” Ron called back.

    Speaking to Sue through the closed door, he continued, “But seriously, Martha, honey, please let me know if you need anything. If this is anything like last time, you’re probably going to be out of commission for a couple of days. If you need me to, I’ll call the office for you and tell them you need to rest up from being…sick, before we go on our trip.”

    Sue cursed to herself and, for the next few hours, even regretted having ever cast the spell in the first place. By the time she was able to walk back out to the bedroom, she was sore and exhausted from the ordeal. Walking over to the nightstand, she saw a large sports drink and a note:

    I know you’ll be up a bit tonight. Sleeping on the couch, so the bed is all yours. Drink up, ice cream girl.

    Love, Ron.

    Too tired to think of any retort to the note, Sue took a few drinks from the bottle before flopping on the bed with only her thoughts of regret and the angry sounds of her intestines to keep her company. 

    “Wherever Martha is, even if it’s some sort of demonic dimension, can’t be as bad as this,” thought Sue.

    Martha lay awake in Sue’s room, her heart racing. A thousand thoughts a minute raced through her mind as she struggled to calm herself down. She began to hyperventilate. Sitting up and clutching a pillow, Martha rocked back and forth as the thoughts continued to move through her head. One stuck out above the others, and Martha’s eyes darted to the spell book that she had placed back on the desk. Summoning all of the energy she could, Martha hopped over to the desk and retrieved the book, darting back to the bad as quickly as she could. 

    Panting from the anxiety, she clumsily opened the book and began to thumb through the pages, trying to find what she had marked before. When she couldn’t find it, she tossed the book aside and grabbed one of the notebooks she had been putting her thoughts and plans in and flipped through the pages frantically. Finally, she found what she had been looking for, the passage that she had remembered reading earlier in the day. In the dim light of the bedside lamp, she reread her notes:

    The spell is a distortion of reality and may create severe anxiety and distress in those impacted by it. - Warnings on page 83.

    With the page number in mind, Martha picked up the book once again and flipped through until she arrived on page 83. She read and reread the potential symptoms of the spell, which could be amplified if the spell had not been cast correctly in the first place. Frustrated, Martha through the spell book onto the floor and curled back up in the bed, clutching her pillow.

    The next two days passed, with each woman battling their own demons. For Sue, it was the aftershocks of her love for ice cream and the physical pain that came with her inhabited body’s intolerance for dairy. For Martha, it was the twisted mental struggle that came as a byproduct of being the main target of the spell she found herself under. Visions of otherworldly and fantastic beings and events haunted her waking dreams. Neither woman slept well and was only able to keep going due to the thought of the potential salvation that the upcoming vacation might offer. Wednesday morning arrived with both women finding themselves drained and anxious as they boarded their flight for Saint Thomas Island. 

    Martha took special care to make sure she stayed away from the gate for as long as possible so as to avoid being seen by her family. She didn’t want to spring her trap until the proper moment, Unbeknownst to Martha, Sue had sent her friend, Valerie, to her house the day before to take pictures of the spell book and bring some ingredients to her at Jake’s house. Martha had been out of the house at the time, taking a walk to try to calm herself as the anxiety brought on by the spell wreaked havoc on her mind. Together, Sue and Valerie had performed the spell on Jake’s twin sister, Cheyenne, and done so successfully, or so they thought. Sue had once again managed to mispronounce her Latin, and rather than swapping Valerie and Cheyenne into each other’s bodies, they trapped both of their minds into Cheyenne’s body. The process had put Valerie in command and made Cheyeene a prisoner within her own consciousness. 

    Valerie’s body was pulled into a void out of space and time, left with small fragments of her former personality but a full capacity for memory. Her family immediately noticed her disappearance, but the initial search ran cold as they came to realize that Valerie had left no trace whatsoever as to where she had gone. All the while, Sue, Martha, and Valerie (at least most of her consciousness) were making their plans for their two-week stay in the US Virgin Islands.

    After checking in at the resort, Jake wanted to get out of the room and start exploring to see if anything interesting had changed since last year. His excitement turned to anxiety as he heard his mom’s voice call out for him to wait up so she could go with him. Meanwhile, Jake saw his sister skip off with his dad and younger brother. He noticed something odd about the way Cheyenne was moving and almost clinging to their dad. As he went to call out to them, Sue came up to him in Martha’s body and pulled him into a strong hug. Planting a kiss on his cheek, she winked at Jake before taking his arm and leading him down a walkway in the opposite direction of the rest of his family.

    Sue couldn’t help but smile. Everything that she and Valerie had talked about was going according to plan. They had successfully gotten Valerie into Cheyenne’s body, they made it to their destination without being found out, and now they had Jake and Ron separated. The only additional piece to move out of the way now was Jake’s younger brother. However, the girls were confident that they could dump him off at one of the pools for a time to give them a chance to seduce their respective men.  Valerie had made Sue describe the sensations of being with Ron in intimate detail during the flight to the island. The story became so descriptive and involved that both of them had to leave at separate times to attempt to relieve their sexual energy in the airplane bathroom. Neither of them was very successful and were now primed and ready for a release, with Sue going after Jake and Cheyenne going after Ron. Valerie had asked about going after Jake at some point during the trip, but Sue would have none of it. As far as she was concerned, Jake was hers alone, and the only reason Valerie was even on the trip was because Sue had offered it to her. In Sue’s mind, Valerie owed her a debt of gratitude.

    Jake felt a mix of emotions as he walked with his mom around the resort. He knew something about her seemed off, but he couldn't quite place it. At the same time, he felt a nearly overwhelming urge to touch her, to feel her, and to be intimate in any way possible. Stress clouded his thoughts, and adrenaline rushed through his body. Sweat began to bead on his forehead and run down the side of his face. Sue took notice and pulled Jake off of the walkway and into the nearest building. It was a lounge with several guests and staff milling about. Frustrated, Sue continued to pull Jake through the area and down a hallway until she found an unoccupied bathroom. Pushing Jake in, she followed and locked the door behind them.

    Leaning against the counter, Jake tried to catch his breath as he grappled with the feelings and emotions swirling and moving in his mind. Something was wrong. He didn’t feel like himself. He had only ever seen his mother as a loving and nurturing figure, a woman he admired, adored, and loved. But now Jake was feeling increasing pressure from some outside force to view his mother’s body in a new light, a light of sexual desire and pure lust. It was wrong, and Jake knew it, but his strength and ability to fight the pressure were rapidly deteriorating.

    Sue was also at a loss for what was happening, but when she caught the outline of a growing bulge in Jake’s shorts, any thoughts she had for caring for him were quickly dispelled as her desire to see him naked took root and spread. She moved toward him and quickly pulled his shorts and boxers down to his ankles, revealing his pulsing member. Moving quickly, Sue pulled the straps of her swimsuit to either side and let the top portion of Martha’s one piece that she was wearing bunch up at her hips. The thought to remove it entirely, along with her swim skirt, crossed her mind, but it was brushed aside. She wanted to taste Jake, to lubricate his cock with her saliva before sliding it between Martha’s beautiful and full breasts. They were much larger than Sue’s, and she wanted to use them to make Jake cum for her.

    Jake averted his eyes and looked up at the ceiling as he felt Sue take hold of him with Martha’s hand. As Sue lowered her head to take Jake in her mouth, he suddenly pushed her away. A voice called out in his mind, “That’s not Martha!”

    He quickly pulled his shorts back up and ran out of the bathroom and back out to the main courtyard of the resort complex, desperately looking around to find his dad and siblings. Jake kept moving as he was not sure how far away Martha was.

    “I don’t know what’s happening, but that was not my mom. It couldn’t have been,” he thought.

    Out of the corner of his eye, Jake saw a flash of movement. He turned just as his sister, Cheyenne, ran into him, throwing her arms around him and crying. 

    “Jake,” she cried. “There’s something in my head! There’s a voice, and it’s…it’s making me want to do things. It made me want to do things to Dad…” She trailed off, burying her face into Jake’s shoulder.

    Jake was confused and still felt the urge to keep running, but he stayed still and held his sister for several moments, unable to move. Sue came up behind them in Martha’s body, rage filling her face. The sight of Jake hugging who Sue knew was Valerie infuriated her. Sue opened her mouth to begin screaming at both of them as Martha, in Sue’s body, emerged from behind a stack of pool chairs. She was mumbling under her breath and only raised her voice as Sue and the others took notice of her.

    “Et pereant malefici, ad veras formas revertantur omnes animae implicatae!” recited Martha as she blew the ashes of burning sage over all of them. There was a bright flash of light and a sudden rush of wind. Everything seemed to stand still for several moments, and it was as if the onlookers in the area had forgotten what they had just witnessed.

    Sue was the first to realize that she was back in her own body. She tackled Martha to the ground and began to hit her wherever she could, scratching at Martha’s face and knocking her head against the concrete. Jake and Cheyenne snapped out of their momentary haze and, in turn, tackled Sue to the ground as a crowd gathered around them. Screaming and cursing, Sue writhed and twisted, but Jake and his sister held her firmly down. Resort staff arrived quickly with security. They helped Martha to her feet and relieved Cheyenne and Jake of Sue, carrying her off as she continued to kick and scream. Although her head was pounding, Martha took Jake and Cheyenne in her arms and hugged them so tightly they had to plead for air. When she relented and released them, Martha could only smile and cry that she was back in her own body and holding those whom she loved so dearly.

    Ron arrived shortly after the incident with Jake’s younger brother and had to shoulder his way through the crowd to find Martha. Upon getting to her, he picked her up and held her close saying over and over again,” Please, Martha, tell me it’s really you. I’m so sorry I didn’t see it sooner.”

    It took Martha several minutes to get her husband to calm down and a few hours more before all of the statements had been collected by local authorities. Nobody in the family revealed the fact that they had been under the influence of a magical spell, but they went along with the narrative that Martha had planned initially. She told the authorities about finding strange charges to her credit card for airfare and local transportation and only realized it had been Sue when she saw her at the resort, stalking her son and her family. That’s when Sue had attacked her. A multitude of bystanders attested to the validity of the attack, saying that Sue had seemed to come out of nowhere, and before anyone knew it, she had Martha on the ground and under a brutal assault.

    Several days passed, and Martha and her family took it easy, mostly enjoying each other’s company and assuring one another that everything was fine and that none of them was truly in control of what they were doing while under the spell. By the weekend, Sue’s parents had flown out to get her and travel with her back to the mainland. They had already been interviewed by police back at home several times. Police had confirmed that Sue had used Martha’s credit card information to book her airfare and that she had been messaging her friend Valerie about going to the islands. Valerie had protested and then seemingly disappeared. She turned up, naked and bruised on her front lawn days later after Martha broke the spell. The part of her mind that had been trapped in another dimension and remembered the pain it had experienced. Those memories overpowered what Valerie thought she remembered about her brief time in Cheyenne’s body, and she went along with the story that Sue must have kidnapped her and left her somewhere. She then apparently escaped and found her way back home.

    That Saturday night, Jake and his siblings went out to enjoy some fun at the beach with a nighttime volleyball tournament, leaving Martha and Ron in the suite by themselves. They curled up in the bed together, just enjoying each other’s company and the peace of a quiet room without their kids.

    “Is your head feeling okay today?” asked Ron as he stroked Martha’s hair.

    “Yes, for the hundredth time, I’m fine,” smiled Martha.

    “Is there anything that you need, or anything I can do for you?” asked Ron, guilt still in his voice.

    Martha propped herself up on her elbow and looked at her husband with a smile. She gently caressed his face and kissed his lips softly.

    “You don’t have to feel guilty about anything. We were all struggling with horrible and overwhelming urges. I did and said things that I would never have done otherwise as well.” She kissed Ron again before continuing.

    “And now that I’m feeling fully like myself again and recovered from what happened earlier this week, I think I’ll let you in on a little secret.”

    Ron perked up. His guilt was replaced with cautious arousal and anticipation. Martha kissed him again, this time gently parting his lips with her tongue, something she had rarely done before. Their kiss deepened, lasting several seconds before Martha pulled away again. She got out of bed and removed her shirt and pajama pants to reveal a black lace bra and thong Sue had packed while she still had control of Martha’s body.

    “There was one good thing that came from this whole experience,” Martha whispered seductively.

    “And, and what was that?” Ron gulped.

    “I told you how I read through that spell book extensively and saw that pieces of personality could slide between those caught in the spell?

    Ron nodded.

    “It would seem that either a bit of Sue’s libido stayed with me, or I just came to realize how much fun sex could be. So many things to explore.”

    Ron’s heart raced as he slowly moved and sat on the edge of the bed, revealing a growing erection. Martha took note and bit her lip before smiling and slowly walking toward the bathroom.

    “I was just thinking,” she said as she walked away from Ron, putting extra emphasis on the sway of her hips. “That I might need your help in the shower. You know how I struggle to wash my back very well.”

    Martha unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor. She locked eyes with her husband as she slowly moved her hands up to caress her breasts. Ron removed his shirt to expose his toned chest and core.

    “Mmmmmm, I love the way you look, honey,” said Martha. She took her breasts in her hands and sensually massaged them, teasing her nipples with her fingers and savoring the ripples of sensation that radiated from them and through her body.

    “You’re a goddess,” smiled Ron as he took off his shorts. He sat on the edge of the bed and began to slowly stroke himself to the sight of his wife.

    Martha turned around and slowly bent over as she pulled her thong down to her ankles before standing back up and kicking it across the room. She looked over her shoulder at Ron and stepped into the bathroom, calling out to him.

    “I might need your help washing my breasts too, honey. And maybe when you have them all soaped up, I might just slip a little and slide them over that godly cock of yours. I might even let you cum on them, but you have to play with my ass first.”

    Ron stopped stroking as Martha finished talking and turned on the water. He twitched, unsure how to interpret her words, and cum began to leak onto his hand. Martha peaked out from the bathroom and smirked. She waltzed over to Ron and knelt in front of him at the edge of the bed.

    “And now here you’ve gone and started without me,” she said as she took him fully into her mouth.

    Her tongue danced over the head of Ron’s cock as she took him as deep as she could without gagging. She had never given him a blowjob before and wasn’t entirely sure what to do, but Ron seemed to enjoy it despite her inexperience. Within minutes, Ron began to tense up. Martha withdrew from his cock, breathing in deeply. She continued to slowly stroke him, admiring how slick his shaft had become.

    “I’m at a loss as to whether I should finish you off right now or keep teasing you,” she said, still stroking her husband.

    “Make me cum, and then we can have more fun in the shower before we waste the hot water,” panted Ron.

    “Hmmmm,” giggled Martha. She stopped stroking and hopped up to run to the bathroom and turn the water off. “There,” she said, her eyes sparkling. “Now we can take our time.”

    She sauntered back to Ron, savoring the lustful but agonized look in his eyes. He was aching for release, and she wanted to enjoy herself as she edged him along. Reaching her husband at the edge of the bed, Martha turned around and bent over in front of him, showing off her glistening labia and tight asshole. Backing herself up, Martha began to grind her ass against Ron’s cock, which was still wet from her spit and his precum.

    “Now tell me, honey, now that you know I want to try new things in the bedroom, are you excited?” asked Martha as she continued to grind against him.

    “Yes,” whispered Ron. He could barely speak as he tried to take everything about the experience in.

    “Good. That’s what I want to hear,” purred Martha. “You must know that I’m going to make you cum for me several times tonight.”

    “I do,” said Ron, groaning as Martha applied more pressure to his cock with her ass.

    ‘Mmmmm, good,” whispered Martha as she leaned back against her husband. “Now tell me, where do you want to cum first? You have so many…options.” 

    Martha spoke the last word slowly as she slowly continued to grind against Ron.

    “B-breasts. On your breasts…quickly!” said Ron, breathing heavily

    Martha swiftly stood up and wrapped her husband's throbbing cock between her breasts and moved up and down, stroking Ron as she applied pressure from the sides. Looking down, Martha giggled at the head of Ron’s cock popping in and out from between her breasts. Lowering her head, she took him in her mouth as well, once again teasing his head with her tongue.

    “I’m cumming!” exclaimed Ron.

    Martha quickly pull him out of her mouth and lowered herself so that her backside rested on her heels. Ron stood up fully as Martha stroked him through his orgasm, shooting streaks of cum across her chest and neck. A stray shot even hit her in her open mouth as she gasped at her handiwork. In the excitement of tasting Ron’s cum for the first time, Martha took him back into her mouth and continued to suck and stroke him until the last drops of his cum were sliding down her throat.

    Standing up, Martha took Ron’s hand and led him back into the bathroom. She turned the water back on and then turned to face her husband.

    “You made a mess, so now you have to clean me up,” she giggled. “Take your time, though, and maybe tease my ass a little. I might want you to cum there, too, a little later this week.”

    Blood flowed back into Ron’s cock at his wife’s words, and he knew he was ready for another round.

No more chapters.

Moose ∙ 14 July 2023

Honestly my biggest criticisms is the storys just too short All the ideas are good, but I feel like it needs to be longer to flesh it out better

BMJ Author ∙ 17 July 2023

Thank you for the feedback, Moose. I will get right to work on fleshing this story out. I apologize for the delay. I was finishing up my summer semester of classes. I wasn't sure just how in-depth folks were wanting me to go, but I'm happy to go full bore as this seems to be a popular one.

Moose ∙ 22 July 2023

Alright cool, is there anyplace we'll be able to see the fleshed out story? As I don't think theres any way to edit the current one?

BMJ Author ∙ 25 July 2023

Good news, I contacted the support team with Outfox and sent them the full and updated version of the story. They have said they'll be able to update things for us on their end, so there shouldn't be an issue once they have done that. I really hope you all enjoy the expanded story!

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The story is now updated to BMJ's latest version, and voting has been reset! Thanks BMJ, we appreciate you going above and beyond here.

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