Bros Before Hoes

Story created by Eccho25 ∙ 11 September 2023

So this is a story all about how two guys switch bodies with their female bullies and have a reeeeeeeeally fun time.


I saw this as a commission and took it a while ago and kinda took too long with it, so if the OP is still here............sowwy. Hope you enjoy anyways.

mtf body swap revenge lesbians bullying gay?

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  • Bros Before Hoes

    Chapter written by Eccho25 ∙ 18 April 2023

    So this is a story all about how two guys switch bodies with their female bullies and have a reeeeeeeeally fun time.


    I saw this as a commission and took it a while ago and kinda took too long with it, so if the OP is still here............sowwy. Hope you enjoy anyways.

  • Milo couldn’t be happier with his life right now. He’s at the tail end of the worst part of his life, his freelancing career is starting to get off the ground, and he’s now in a relationship with the greatest girl he’s ever come into contact with. He never thought he’d be this happy in his senior year.


    “Shut up,” Rosaline says with a giggle, lightly shoving Milo, “I like kittens. Leave me alone.”


    “I’m just saying they’re little prissy brats,” Milo retorts with a shrug, “Yeah, they’re cute, but they just go around ordering you around like they own everything. They’re like the late stages for a spoiled rich kid.”


    “Well, I don’t care what you say. I’m getting one.”


    “And I’m not gonna stop you. I’ll just place it somewhere really high if it annoys me.”


    “Then it’ll climb back down and scratch you.”


    “Then I’ll eat its food.”


    “Then it’ll bite you.”


    “Then I’ll bite it back to assert dominance.”


    Rosaline giggles again at Milo before saying,

    “Oh my gosh, you’re such a jerk.”


    “What, you never complained when I ate your kitten before. What’s different now?”


    “Milo, stooop.”


    As the pair enjoy each other’s company, Milo’s friend, Rayleigh approaches them, taking note of their merriment.


    “What’s up, lovebirds?” he starts, “What’s going on here?”


    “Nothing much,” Milo answers, “Just discussing how she wants her kitty in my mouth and how it’ll result in me getting scratched.”


    Rosaline gasps and blushes at Milo’s phrasing before pounding his shoulder, prompting him to laugh at her embarrassment.


    “Classy, you two, real classy,” Rayleigh says with a smirk, “Well, the reason I came over here was to inform you that Alex is inviting everyone to his house for a bit of an end of the year get together. So you guys wanna ride with me or do you wanna continue your kitten conversation at your place first?”


    Rosaline pouts at his statement before folding her arms. Milo embraces her in his arm before answering with,


    “Yeah, we’ll go. Didn’t think that Alex was the party type.”


    “Senior year just brings out the inner party animal, I guess.”


    “That honestly doesn’t surprise me. Especially since he’s been stressing like crazy since the year started.”


    “Yeah, this might be more therapeutic for him than anything. Alright, I’ll tell him he’s got two others on the guest list.”


    Rayleigh walks away, leaving the pair alone again.


    “You’re so embarrassiiiing,” Rosaline whines through a playful pout,

    “Yeah, you’re right, I’m the worst,” Milo plays along, “Tell you what, I’ll embarrass myself by fucking up a backflip when we get to the party. Will that make it better?”


    “Noo. I don’t want you to get hurt.”


    “It won’t be permanent. I’ll just knock the wind out of myself.”


    “No. You’re not gonna inflict harm upon yourself in any way.”


    “Ok, you win, mom. I won’t intentionally hurt myself. But what if I-”


    “Oh, hey there, Milo!” a familiar voice says, gathering the pair’s attention,


    “How are you doing?” another familiar voice follows.


    Milo groans in agitation before palming his face, immediately recognizing the two voices. These two girls have made his and Rayleigh’s entire high school experience a living hell. The fact that they only have to deal with one more month of it couldn’t make them happier. Not only are they gonna be done with school forever, but there’s a fairly favorable chance that they’ll never have to see either of these girls for the rest of their natural lives.


    “What do you want?” Milo questions, not even looking at the pair above him,


    “Is that any way to greet your best friends?” Bianca teases,


    “Yeah, why do you have to be so mean to us?” Jenna chimes in, ruffling his hair.


    Not wanting to be framed for inflicting harm on the girls again, Milo just endures the verbal and physical torment.


    “Ooo, Milo,” Jenna taunts, turning her attention to Rosaline, “Why didn’t you tell us you got yourself another girlfriend?” 


    “W-wait, ‘another’?” Rosaline questions, confused at the insinuation, “What is she talking about?”


    “Oh, he didn’t tell you about us? Milo, you big meanie. You can’t keep these things from her. You’re in a relationship. You gotta tell her these things.”


    Irritated with the lies she’s spewing, Milo snaps back with,


    “What? What are you talking about? There was never an ‘us’.”


    Jenna brings her hand to her chest before letting out an exaggerated gasp and saying,


    “Oh my. So cruel.”


    “Yeah, Milo,” Bianca piles on, “Not cool, dude. How could you forget all the good times we all had?”


    “You...all?” Rosaline questions with disgust,


    “Rose, I swear, they’re lying,” Milo assures, “They’re just a couple of assholes. Let’s just go.”


    He stands up, bringing a reluctant Rosaline up with him, but before they can walk away, Bianca stops them in their tracks, saying,


    “Wow, quite the language you have there, Milo.”


    “Come on, you know good and well that boy has quite the mouth on him,” Jenna says, “Let me tell you something, you’re a very lucky lady. Has he shown you how educated his tongue is yet? He just reaches all the right places, doesn’t he?”


    “Well, he’s kind of a cheater. He’s basically obsessed with having you sit on his face. But he more than makes up for it with how much he’ll touch you, know what I mean?”


    Rosaline’s face gets redder and redder with every word. Partly because of the perverse speaking from the pair, but mostly because their descriptions of Milo’s actions are 100% accurate in her experience. Their claims are getting more believable the longer she listens.


    “Oh, if you think that’s cheating, just wait until you see how he found out how to do those things,” Jenna says, “One look at that internet history would have a nymphomaniac blushing.”


    Milo’s immediately shaken to his core as soon as the mention of his search history is mentioned. Taking note of his sudden apprehensive demeanor, Rosaline looks at him with even more disdain than before.


    “Not only that, but let’s just say he might have the law giving him the side eye,” Bianca chimes in, further strengthening Rosaline’s suspicions,


    “What-...what do they mean by that, Milo?” Rosaline questions, fearing the answer,


    “Rosaline, just listen,” Milo starts, trying his hardest to dissolve her suspicions of him.


    He takes her hands into his, but she immediately snatches them away, staring directly into his eyes and holding back tears in hers.


    “What do they mean by that?” she repeats, demanding to know the answer,


    “Well, if you’re that curious, let’s just find out together,” Jenna says, swiping away on Milo’s phone.

    Milo, petrified beyond belief, tries desperately to retrieve his phone. But Bianca stops him in his tracks, holding him in place and giggling.


    “Seriously, putting your phone in shorts that baggy is just begging people to snatch it,” she says as Milo tries fighting out of her grasp,


    “Ok! Let’s see what we have here on Milo Turner’s search history on his phone!” Jenna announces, gathering the attention of everyone in the gym,


    “Jenna! No! Stop! Ple-” Milo pleads before Bianca covers his mouth with her hand,


    “Alright, let’s see, here! Ahem! Just last night we have: ‘POV Step daughter sucks step dad’s cock while mom sleeps’! ‘Mommy domme pegs her baby boy’! ‘Kitsune femdom erotic audio’! ‘Granny stuck in a wall and begs for anal pounding’! ‘Dragon Maid Kanna Yuri Smutfic’! ‘...Wait a minute...What’s this?!”


    Milo, instantly realizing what Jenna has found, tries even harder to break out of Bianca’s hold. But she has him locked in too tight. His fighting proves to be for naught. He’s already overflowing with embarrassment, but if Jenna follows through with exposing what she’s found, he’ll never hear the end of it. So he continues desperately fighting Bianca until,


    “Big brother you’re the best

    Especially when you touch my breast

    I like the way that you touch me

    Your chin-chin makes me kimochi

    Just put your dick in my mouth

    I’ll make it go in and out-”


    The entire gym erupts in a mix of laughter, repulsion, second-hand embarrassment, and a combination of all three. Milo can’t even bring himself to look at Rosaline, who is recoiling at him with a look of shock, horror, confusion...and hatred. She doesn’t recognize him anymore. She can’t believe what he’s been hiding from her. And she fears that’s not even a fraction of what he’s been hiding.


    Rayleigh snatches Milo’s phone out of Jenna’s hand before frantically closing out of the tab. But the damage is already done. Everyone’s either laughing at Milo or giving him a look of utter contemptment, Jenna and Bianca are joining the former, laughing up a fit, and all Milo can do is sit back down against the closed bleachers and cover his face in shame. Rayleigh then notices that Rosaline is nowhere to be found. He scans the gym for her, catching her angrily storming through the gym door. He then spots Milo’s lime hoodie that he let her wear haphazardly tossed in the trash bin.


    From the noises of his peers, to the tragic end of his best friend’s relationship, to the heinous act that the two girls before him committed, Rayleigh is seething with rage. They’ve done some terrible things to them in the past, but this was diabolical. He can’t believe that they would stoop this low. They completely demolished the image of one of the most respected guys in the school. And they’re laughing about it. It’s so infuriating to him. They get to do anything they want with no consequences. No one to teach them what happens when you constantly meaninglessly antagonize. Well, he’s had enough. He refuses to have that be the case anymore. Somehow, someway, Rayleigh will embed that message into their skulls.


    A few weeks pass after the incident and Milo continues to remain in his room. He doesn’t bother mending anything with Rosaline, finding it to be a lost cause, he doesn’t interact with his parents, he doesn’t answer Rayleigh’s attempts to reach out to him, he doesn’t even plan on attending school for the last month. He’s too ashamed to bear the thought of showing his face in public with everyone knowing what they know. Thankfully, his grades allow him to afford to do that.


    As Milo continues lying in his bed and thinking about his ruined status in the eyes of his former peers, he hears a knock on his door. Believing it to be his mother, he ignores it in hopes that she’ll leave him alone. As expected there’s another knock and it’s met with the same treatment. He’ll set her mind at ease when he eats his breakfast later. He just doesn’t want to see her or anyone.


    But things take an unexpected turn as another knock is heard. This time being slightly louder than the previous knocks. However, it still doesn’t prompt a reaction from Milo. He just continues to lay in his bed in hopes that the unwanted visitor will get his message. That is until he finally hears Rayleigh’s voice say,


    “Ok, screw this. Open the door, dumbass!”


    Milo is taken aback by the subversion, but that still doesn’t motivate him to get out of bed. He still doesn’t want any company. Rayleigh ignores Milo’s nonverbal objection and opens the door himself and steps into his room.


    “Sup, dude,” he greets, “Haven’t seen you in a bit. You doin’ alright?”


    Milo doesn’t answer. He doesn’t even look at his intruder.


    “Yeah, I figured. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna stand here and give you some long-winded boring speech about how you shouldn’t waste your time wallowing away in the confinements of your room and how you need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and fuck the horse and whatever. Not gonna do any of that. That’s just gonna be a huge waste of time. Instead of telling you to get out of this room, I’m dragging you. Come on.”


    He grabs onto Milo’s arm and pulls him out of bed. Milo doesn’t really put up a fight. For one, Rayleigh would just relent until he conceded. Plus, he doesn’t have the energy to persist. It’s just easier to follow along until Rayleigh’s done. The lack of a struggle takes Rayleigh by surprise, but it doesn’t slow him down. He drags his friend downstairs and outside into the passenger seat of his car before stepping into the driver’s seat.


    “Ok,” he starts, “We’re gonna go somewhere.”


    “Yeah, we’re in a car,” Milo grumbles, wanting this to be over and done with already,


    “How right you are. Now, where do you wanna go?”


    “Back to my room.”


    “Alright, bowling alley it is.”


    Milo sighs as Rayleigh grabs his laptop from the dashboard and places it on his lap. Rayleigh then starts typing on the laptop, prompting Milo to look on in confusion. What was the point of asking him if he was just going to type away on his computer? He rolls his eyes before leaning his head on his hand and looking out the window.


    But just one glance shakes Milo to his core. Beside him is someone’s car that he doesn’t recognize. He looks forward through the windshield discovering the aforementioned bowling alley. As he takes a moment to process what exactly just happened, Rayleigh just gives him a smug grin.


    “Yeah, still wanna be in your room now, Debbie downer?” he questions.


    “Wh-.....WHAT?!” Milo shouts, not able to form any other words in his mind,


    “Cool, isn’t it? I don’t know what happened, either. I just accidentally spilled some soda on it a few nights ago and it kinda sparked out. A full day in cinnamon and sage coated rice later and I’m in the possession of a keyboard that grants anything I type.”


    “Creepy. Wait, cinnamon and sage?”


    “Michelle was trying something and mom and dad wanted to be supportive.”


    “You know, you say things like this and wonder why I wonder what the hell goes on in your house.”

    “ANYWAY, you do know what this means, right?”


    “Yeah. We can pretty much do whatever we want.”


    “That’s one way of looking at it.”


    Milo’s mind immediately starts racing at the infinite possibilities. He’s still trying to fully digest this. Anything that’s typed on that laptop becomes reality. They can travel back in time. They can raise the dead. They can achieve world peace. They can summon super models. They can change the laws. They can reshape the entirety of what they’ve come to know. And no one can stop them.


    But Milo’s brainstorming is brought to an abrupt end as he hears Rayleigh typing on his laptop. With curiosity piquing, he asks,


    “What are you doing?”


    “Just a bit of debt collecting.”


    “What do you mean by that?”


    Right as he finishes his sentence, Rayleigh along with the rest of the scenery starts to fade. Confusion overtakes his mind as he peculiarly finds himself in a standing position with an unsettling unstable platform below his feet. As reality warps before him, Milo starts getting dizzy. He closes his eyes to avert the shifting setting.


    After moments of patiently waiting, he starts to focus on what he can to get a feel of where Rayleigh could possibly have sent them. He takes a step forward, feeling the unstable platform shifting with the weight applied from his step along with a subtle squeak following behind. He immediately recognizes the platform to be a bed. He’s in someone’s bedroom. But as he’s coming to terms with his current environment, he hears something that freezes him in place,


    ‘Woah, this bottle is stronger than I thought it’d be. I’m already getting light headed.’


    There’s no mistaking that voice. That’s Jenna’s. Milo snaps his eyes open, dreading the sight of the soulless blue eyes of the sadistic brunette. However, to his surprise, she’s nowhere to be found. He scans the bedroom for the girl, but she’s not seen anywhere. But during his search, he feels a slightly irritating sensation on his shoulders. He reaches for the source of the feelings, discovering it to be...his


    ‘The hell?’ he questions in his head,


    ‘Wait, who said that?’ Jenna’s voice questions,


    ‘Where the hell are you?!’ he exclaims, walking all over the room,


    ‘What the fuck is going on?! Why can’t I move where I want?!’


    Milo relentlessly continues his pursuit, checking under the collection of plushies on the bed.


    ‘Wait, stop! I just organized those!’


    Looking in the closet and carelessly tossing aside the shirts, skirts, dresses, and cheerleader uniforms.


    ‘Quit it! You’re going to rip them!’


    Ripping down the signed boy band and inspiration posters to find a hole or something.


    ‘No! What is wrong with you?! I got that for my 6th birthday, you asshole!’


    But coming up short at every turn. And the constant sounds of disapproval to his actions are driving him insane. Why can he hear her, but not see her? What did Rayleigh do to him?


    In his pursuit, he passes by a mirror, catching a glimpse of himself. And with the brief sight of the reflection, he immediately recognizes that something isn’t right. He hesitantly steps in front of the mirror, taking a look at what is shown before him. His growing confusion and anger are immediately mixed with shock and horror.


    His rugged hands have been replaced with the soft pale hands that have slapped his butt, earning a loud sound to be heard that caused him to catch the blame and be labeled a perv. His long hairy legs have been replaced with the short smooth legs that pinned down his arms while being force fed worms. His emerald green eyes have been replaced with the soulless blue eyes that gleefully watched his suffering over the years. His lightly bearded stoic face has been replaced with the clean silky face that smiles and laughs at his misfortunes. He is Jenna.


    Milo stumbles back in disbelief. He’s in the body of the person he hates more than life itself. Why would Rayleigh do this to him? Where is he?


    “Wow, you really don’t make it hard to find out where you are, huh?” he hears Bianca’s voice say behind him.


    He turns around to the door and he spots the caramel toned girl standing in the doorframe accompanied with her signature curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and smug grin. He reflexively panics at first, but his mind starts piecing everything together. If he’s been put in Jenna’s body, it’s probably a safe bet that Rayleigh followed through with the obvious. And as if to make it even more obvious, upon further investigation, Milo spots his laptop in her arm.


    “Wha-...what did you do?” Milo questions, covering his mouth as he hears Jenna’s voice instead of his own,


    “I thought I made myself clear,” Rayleigh replies, “We’re gonna do some debt collecting. Remember? ‘We can do anything we want’. These skanks know damn well what that’s like. Year after year, they’re relentlessly on our necks with no one believing a word of it because ‘They’re such sweethearts. What could they possibly gain from doing anything malicious?’. Well, here they are: drinking alcohol, prank calling authoritarian figures, and committing other various acts that they have no business doing while we tried so desperately to stop them after we just so happened to pass by.”


    Milo considers Rayleigh’s words, admitting to himself how fun it would be to give them a taste of their own medicine. But before his voice of reason can speak up, he hears Jenna saying in a dreadful tone,


    ‘Listen, I don’t know who or what you guys are or what you want, but just take it. Take whatever you want. Just please leave us alone. We don’t wanna cause any trouble. Please don’t hurt us.’


    She wants mercy to be shown to her. And there’s no doubt in his mind that Bianca’s pleading for the same thing. They have the nerve to beg for mercy after everything they’ve done. Then his mind suddenly goes back to a few weeks ago. They ruined his image. They decimated most of his friendships. They demolished his relationship. The last thought cements his mind. He wants them to suffer.


    “I’m in,” Milo says,


    “That’s my boy,” Rayleigh replies.


    The night ensues, seeing the pair of vengeful boys finally giving their oppressors their just desserts. Milo mixes a concoction of different drinks with Jenna expressing her disapproval throughout the entirety of her pleas. But her words fall on deaf ears as Milo gulps down every last drop of the drink.


    “Woah, Jenna,” Rayleigh taunts, filming his friend’s actions, “Those drinks looked expensive. You sure your parents will be alright with only getting a quarter of those bottles?”


    “Oh, don’t worry about that,” Milo replies with his most obnoxious fabricated valley girl impression, “Mommy and daddy will just get more.”


    After a few more drink mixes, Milo takes Bianca’s phone, directing Rayleigh to the direction of Jenna’s parents’ room. They giddily giggle at the possibilities as they walk through the door. The very first thing that they spot is Jenna’s father’s nightstand, which contains a wedding photo, a necklace that reads “Love of my life”, a small teddy bear holding a heart containing a picture of Jenna’s mom, a stack of $100 bills, and the start of a bead portrait that looks like it took months to get a corner accomplished.


    “Awww,” Rayleigh and Milo say in unison,


    “How cute can a couple of people be?” Milo questions, getting closer to the nightstand,


    ‘No, no please!’ Jenna pleads, ‘Just stop! They’re gonna kill me if you do anything to this!’


    “I know,” Rayleigh replies, picking up the teddy bear and gradually pulling at its head, “This is why marriage is so magical. Look at all of these one of a kind artifacts. And you wanna know the best thing about them? They’re just. So. Durable!”


    The bear’s head rips off of its torso with Rayleigh’s last word. The pair giggle as Jenna cries in fear of what his dad will do to her after seeing this. 


    “Oops,” Rayleigh taunts, “Guess I was wrong. Looks like they won’t be needing this anymore.”


    He rips the heart out of the bear’s sewed clutches before snapping it in half and tossing everything behind her.


    “This might as well follow, right?” Milo says, picking up the wedding photo and throwing it at the wall, causing it to shatter,


    “Oooo,” Rayleigh says patronizingly, “You broke iiit. You’re gonna get in trouble!”


    He shoves Milo into the nightstand, causing it to knock over and send the beads scattering all over the floor.


    “Well I won’t get into that much trouble,” Milo replies, “I just saved dad all that time and energy of finishing up that stupid fucking project.”


    “Huh. I guess you’re right.”


    They head out of the room with the girls dreading what they’re planning to do with them next. Rayleigh leads them to the dining room table, ensuring that he’s in frame of the video before sitting on the table and looking down at the table cloth.


    “Hey, Jenna,” he starts, rubbing the cloth, “This table cloth looks really nice.”


    ‘Wait! No!’ Jenna begs, ‘Please! My aunt made that!’


    “Like it?” Milo retorts, “Aunt Whatsherface just handed it to us. She’s such a fucking cheapskate. She couldn’t even be bothered to use Egyptian silk. Fucking bitch.”


    “Yeah. Such a waste of quality if you ask me. But I know how to make it so much better.”


    Rayleigh smirks directly into the camera as he crawls to the corner of the table. He then takes his preferred spot, leaning back on his left arm and bringing his right hand to the front of Bianca’s shorts. He rubs her clothed center as Milo continues filming, enjoying the show in front of him.


    “It’s only right for such potential to have a more...modern woman’s touch, right?” he questions with a giggle as he pushes the shorts to the side, exposing Bianca’s wet pussy.


    Milo gets closer as Rayleigh slowly starts moving Bianca’s hips back and forth, grinding her pussy against the table and soaking the cloth in her juices. He tilts his head back and moans as he starts rubbing Bianca’s moist folds to amplify the sensations. Milo gets a close up of Bianca’s swollen center, getting even more turned on the longer he observes her actions and listens to her sounds of enjoyment.


    “That’s one way to improve something so heinous,” Milo teases, getting inches away from Bianca’s center, “You think my aunt would appreciate the honor of having such a pretty little pussy touching her disaster?”


    “No doubt in my mind,” Rayleigh says in between moans, “Can’t wait until she sees this. Just the thought of her watching her niece’s friend getting off on her stupid cloth just makes me so fucking wet. Imagine the look on her face if she were here right now.”


    “That would be so fucking hot. Maybe she’d wanna thank you in some way for improving her work.”


    “Really? Like how?”


    Without giving it much thought, Milo leans forward, sticks out Jenna’s tongue, and gives Bianca’s pussy a long sensual lick, prompting another blissful moan. He has no idea what prompted him to do it, but he’s not gonna complain about it. He thinks about repeating the action, but his better judgment emerges as he realizes what he just did. Not wanting to ruin the fun, he pushes his regretful feelings aside and continues filming.


    “Ooo, you naughty girl,” Rayleigh says in a sultry tone, “You’re lucky your aunt’s not here now. You’d be punished for doing something so nasty.”


    “Well, she’s not here, is she?” Milo responds, “So no punishment for me.”


    “I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I have half a mind to bend you over and spank your misbehaving little butt.”


    “Yet all you can do is talk about it, so I’m safe.”


    Rayleigh slowly stops grinding before hopping down from the table. Milo tries to make a hasty retreat, but Rayleigh’s too fast. He grabs Jenna’s arm and pulls her back as the pair exchange laughter due to the roughhousing. Jenna’s then bent over the table, taking nearly the same exact position that Bianca was, but in reverse as Bianca’s hands explore her body. Milo moans in response to the softness of her hands as her hands reach Jenna’s awaiting butt.


    “What, this is what constitutes spanking now?” Milo taunts, “I knew you wouldn’t do-”


    He’s cut off as a loud slap is heard after Bianca’s hand swat’s Jenna’s ass. Milo whimpers in response to the sudden slap. But before he can collect his bearings, another strike is delivered, garnering the same reaction.


    “What was that?” Rayleigh questions, “You were saying that I wouldn’t, right?”


    Another slap ensues as Milo starts grinding Jenna’s pussy against the table, coating her shorts with Bianca’s fluids.


    “Bad girls like you need to learn respect.”




    “You need to know who’s in charge.”




    “Someone really needs to put bad little girls like you in your place. You need to learn what happens when you step out of line.”




    With each strike that is delivered, a whimper is heard. And the more spanks that occur, the more those whimpers are heard as moans. Not only that, but the things being said and the way that they’re being said are making Milo feel things he never thought possible. Realizing the effects that the spankings are having, Milo snaps out of his pleasure fueled trance and leans up from the table.


    “O-ok, Ray,” he says, stopping the recording, “Tha-that should be plenty to get them back now. There’s no way they’ll push us around anymore. Plus, I’ve read Jenna’s mind and her parents might be back soon.”


    “Well, first of all, Bianca apparently made it so that they might not be back until Monday. So she is good for something. Who knew? And second of all, you still haven’t learned your lesson.”


    “Oh...Well, uh-...I’m-...Tired! Yeah, just absolutely tired. Yawn, sleep, counting sheep, and what have you. Feminine charms like mine can’t just appear out of nowhere.”


    Milo’s slightly taken aback by the last sentence he uttered. He didn’t even mean to say it. But he just brushes it aside, thinking of it as stress taking over for a moment. Meanwhile, Rayleigh looks at Milo, not buying his blatant lies.


    “Wanna try something else or do you actually think I’m that stupid?”


    “I-...I uh-...”


    Milo can’t think of anything. He’s panicking too much. He stumbles on his words for a bit before he’s silenced by Bianca’s finger on his lips as he hears her voice shush him before saying,


    “Relax. You know we’re not doing anything wrong. I know we’re not doing anything wrong. We’re just a couple of goofball girls having some fun, right? You like having fun, don’t you?”


    The young brunette is conflicted. On one hand, this is going far beyond anything previously anticipated. There was no implication that the night would see both of them in this position. Not only that, but Milo always made it abundantly clear that roleplaying will never be something he indulges in. But on the other, hearing the soothing sexy tones of the ravishing ebony girl as her gorgeous hazel eyes are fixated on the ocean blue eyes of her prey tip the scales pretty significantly.


    “N-no,” the confused brunette weakly protests, “B-Bianca, we can’t. We’re...we’re not-...ngh~”


    The final protests of the brunette are immediately silenced as Bianca’s lips latch onto her neck, gently sucking on it. Jenna’s then lifted onto the table as she closes her eyes and tilts her head back from the newfound pleasure delivered from Bianca.


    “That’s it,” Bianca whispers in between kisses, “Just let go of all that worry and overthinking. Be in the here and now. Don’t worry about what might happen. Feel my lips on your neck. My hands on your nice, soft, delicate body. Yeah, you like that, don’t you?”


    Jenna can’t respond. She’s too infatuated with the various sensations coursing through her body. With each kiss, with every word, with every inch of her body that’s being touched by her pursuer, the more she obeys her commands. She’s slowly but surely giving into her desires.


    Bianca then trails kisses from Jenna’s neck to her mouth, still exploring her body with her hands under her shirt. Jenna leans back on her hands, balancing herself as Bianca deepens the kiss. This causes Jenna to give in even more. She loves the feeling of Bianca’s lips on hers. She could stay like this forever.


    After a few minutes into the kiss, Bianca briefly breaks it to pull Jenna’s shirt over her head. Afterwards, they resume the kiss with Bianca grabbing onto Jenna’s DD cup chest with her right hand and caressing the submissive brunette’s face with her right. Jenna moans into the kiss as Bianca squeezes it. She’s so firm, yet tender with her. She’s never felt anything like this before.


    With every moment that passes of Bianca grabbing and kneading Jenna’s chest, the more Jenna longs to have her wrap her lips around her nipple. The thought alone drives Jenna wild. The more she thinks about it, the more she needs it. And as if reading her mind, Bianca pulls away from the needy brunette, trailing kisses down her neck and to her well developed chest. She looks up at Jenna, giving her a coy grin before latching her mouth onto her right breast. Jenna lightly moans as Bianca licks and sucks on her right breast, while squeezing and kneading the other.


    The look on Bianca’s face along with the various sensations caused by her worshiping her chest earn more reactions from Jenna. She moans louder, gripping onto the table cloth as Bianca continues enjoying her body. Bianca then alternates, latching her mouth onto her left breast and squeezing the other.


    Jenna’s in pure bliss. By this point, her fears and anticipation are nonexistent. She just wants this to go on forever. She’s feeling pleasures that were previously never thought possible. All at the hands of her best friend.


    After moments of the intense pleasure, Jenna’s starting to feel an overwhelming sensation rushing throughout her body. Her moans get louder and louder as this extreme sensation builds and builds. Eventually, it proves to be too much for her and she arches her back, lightly spasming as she reaches her orgasm.


    Jenna lies back on the table, riding out her orgasm as Bianca looks down at her, giggling at what she’s caused. She brings a hand to Jenna’s bare tummy, lightly rubbing it and saying,


    “Good girl. See what happens when you fully give yourself to me? You feel wonderous sensations that you never would have otherwise. Now, do you want more?”


    “Y-yes, please,” Jenna replies almost immediately, drunk with pleasure,


    “That’s what I thought.”


    Bianca guides her hand from Jenna’s tummy to her abdomen, latching her fingers onto the waistband of her shorts before pulling them down below her legs and fully exposing her entire body. Bianca then fully guides Jenna onto the table before taking off her own shirt and shorts and joining her on top of it. Before doing anything else, she observes the girl’s full frame. She watches from her chest as it rises and falls from her catching her breath to her soaking, wet, little pussy. She’s practically salivating at the sight of her. She can’t wait to ravage her. But before she does, an idea crosses her mind.


    “You wanna know something?” Bianca starts, bringing a hand to Jenna’s drenched slit and lightly rubbing it,


    “W-what?” Jenna answers, enjoying the feeling of her friend’s palm on her cunt,


    “I’ve always wanted to have some fun with your flexible little body ever since I saw you do that backbend leg over the head combo.”


    “Like how?”


    “Oh, maybe something like this.”


    Bianca grabs Jenna’s right leg and lifts it to meet her head, making her do a perfect lying split. She then straddles her, connecting both of their pussies with each other and slowly rolling her hips. Both girls moan from the action, staring deep into each other’s eyes as Bianca continues rubbing against Jenna’s pussy.


    “Fuck, you’re such a sexy girl,” Bianca moans as her hips start rolling faster, “You look so fucking sexy like this.”


    Jenna blushes at the comment, getting even more turned on from it as she continues moaning. Bianca giggles at her bashful demeanor, continuing with,


    “Don’t be shy about it, sweetie. As cute as it is, I want you to know how sexy you are. Your beautiful eyes just begging for more, your cute little face expressing how good this feels, and especially your adorable moans from all of this.”


    Bianca starts grinding a little harder against Jenna, making her moan even more.


    “Yeah, that’s it, kitten. Moan for me. Let me hear how good I’m making you feel. Yeah. Tell me how good I’m making your little pussy feel. Oh, fuck, baby. Yes. That’s right. Just like that. Moan for me. Moan louder for me, baby. Yeah.”


    Jenna does as she’s told, moaning louder and louder with Bianca following suit as her pace grows more and more. Not long after speeding up the pace, Jenna gets the overwhelming sensation again. And Bianca’s not too far away from it, herself. Without thinking, she leans down and embraces Jenna in a passionate kiss as both of their orgasms build more and more. Eventually, both release onto each other, moaning into the kiss as they soak the table with their fluids.


    Bianca pulls away from the kiss and slows down her movements, allowing both of them to catch their breath. She then looks down at the exhausted girl, caressing her face and giggling before saying,


    “Such a good girl. You did amazing, baby. I’m so proud of you.”


    Jenna blushes again, secretly loving the comments she’s receiving.

    “But you know, I’m kinda wondering what we both taste like together. Aren’t you?”


    Jenna slowly nods her head. She can’t deny that she’s at least a little curious about what she tastes like. So Bianca leans back up and pulls Jenna up with her. She then backs away, spreading her legs to invite the brunette to have a taste of their combined fluids. Jenna hesitantly accepts her invitation, leaning down and placing her head in between the ebony girl’s legs. Bianca then brings a hand to the back of her head, guiding her face toward her awaiting pussy. Jenna then sticks out her tongue and drags it along Bianca’s soaked cunt, tasting both of their orgasms. In short, it’s one of the best things she’s ever tasted in her life.


    She latches onto Bianca’s pussy, eagerly lapping up her mess as Bianca moans in response to her licks. She strokes her hair, taking in the sight of her friend eating her out. But she’s not content with her having the tasty treat all to herself. She’s entitled to some, too. So while Jenna’s hungrily licking Bianca’s pussy, Bianca leans forward and grabs onto her hips before lifting her bottom half over her top half and presenting her glistening cunt.


    Bianca wastes no time. She wraps her mouth around Jenna’s pussy, immediately enticed with their combined flavors. Both girls are now needily savoring each other’s tastes, moaning from the sensations coming along with their indulgence in the tasting. They just can’t get enough of it. And the feeling of their mouths on each other’s pussies is unmatched. They both need more.


    Jenna wraps her legs around Bianca’s head, pushing her further into her pussy, and Bianca wraps her arms around Jenna’s torso, doing the same. Bianca slides her tongue inside of Jenna’s pussy, making her moan louder and Jenna does the same. Jenna rolls her hips, grinding her pussy against Bianca’s face for more friction. Bianca brings a hand to the back of Jenna’s head to get the same effect.


    Not long after the additional pleasures implemented by both girls are set in motion, the awe inspiring sensation makes its appearance once again, making both of them moan more and more. After moments of the sensations building, both girls release one final time in each other’s mouths, basking in both the second dosage of their fluids and the satisfying feeling of their orgasms.


    Once they ride out their orgasms, Jenna plants her hands on the table, lifting her top half up with the help of Bianca. She then leans up in a sitting position on Bianca’s shoulders before descending and straddling her. They engage in another kiss with Bianca stroking Jenna’s hair and Jenna holding Bianca’s face in her hands.


    This moment feels so serene to the pair. It’s almost as if after that entire segment, they’ve become one cohesive unit. It’s more than euphoria. It’s more than the joys of sex between them. It’s almost as if they-...


    Milo snaps his eyes open, deeply inhaling as he catches his breath, coughing in the process. Once he’s composed, he takes a second to observe his surroundings. He’s in Rayleigh’s car.


    ‘Did I fall asleep? What the hell just happened?’ he internally questions.


    Just as he has that thought, the memories of what had just occurred flood his mind. The sleepover, the damage, the-...He recoils at the thought of it all. He’d just had sex with the two most despicable people he’s ever known.


    “So how do ya feel?” he hears Rayleigh’s voice say beside him, shocking him to his core, “You still gonna be a negative Nancy?”


    “Ok, don’t you dare think I’m gonna go through that and not expect a fucking explanation from you!” Milo interjects,


    “Alright, alright, jeez. Basically, I had us infiltrate their bodies for a bit to give them a taste of their own medicine. And the only way to get back was either when I said so or when their parents got back. And...well...I didn’t say so.”


    “And you couldn’t have told me any of that because-?”


    “Because it was fucking hilarious listening and watching you run around that damn room like a chicken with its head cut off while trying to figure out what was going on.”


    “Well, fuck you, too.”


    “You already did, gaylord.”


    “First, we were in female bodies, so that’s incorrect, stupid. Second, even if it worked like that, you initiated, so you’d be the gaylord.”


    “Spoken like a true gaylord.”


    “Ugh. Whatever. You’re lucky that was actually kinda fun.”


    “So no more lying around like a sad sack?”


    “We still got that footage?”


    Rayleigh pulls out his phone, saying in a smug tone,


    “Oh, this isn’t going anywhere.”


    “Nice. And everything’s transferred over?”


    “Yup. The power of modern day technology and other science mixed in.”


    “I still can’t believe that. That’s insane. Wait! Hang on a second. I just remembered something.”




    “You said that we’re only here because her parents came home early, right? Doesn’t that mean they’re getting chewed out right now because of what we did?”


    “Oh yeah. You’re right.”


    “You thinking what I’m thinking?”


    “Typing it in now.”

No more chapters.

Eb18 ∙ 18 April 2023

Hey Eccho I think I'm going to make a comment before I read this. First of all I want to apologise. How I conveyed my original idea was so messy. I was experimenting on the site and didn't realise there wasn't any edit button. I can really struggle with writing my thoughts or sentences in general if I don't pay extra attention to what I'm doing like now and read over everything multiple times. Lol. I am extremely grateful you still decided to post something especially when the incentive to do so was taken away. Its been a learning experience on my end and I don't believe you have anything to apologise for because I can admit the improvement was only needed on my end.

Eb18 ∙ 18 April 2023

Wow wow. You somehow managed to deliver everything I wanted and more. The dialogue honestly made me laugh out loud and you definitely nailed all the kinks as requested. Very well written piece that was flawlessly executed. I feel bad that this can't be rewarded with the original 100 dollar plus commission amount. To make up for this I'll definitely be giving you and this story a shout out wherever I can. Whoever decides to read this please support Eccho25. On a side note, to the other author that also accepted this particular commission I still look forward to reading your interpretation. This version of the story was completely unexpected but does not influence my expectations in terms of potential comparisons. Though I would understand if this was still rather off-putting so I would accept if major alterations were made as a result in terms of characters and plot.

Eccho25 Author ∙ 18 April 2023

Well, first, no need to apologize. It was still comprehensible and it was still fun to write, so all's well. As for compensation, I'm still getting tips for it that I'm highly grateful for. Might not add up to $100, but it's still something. And thank you so murch. You flatter me. Thanks for the prompt to work off of.

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