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Uh, hi. I’m Ross. I’m a university student in the not-so far off future of 2103. Huh.. alright, how to describe my last twelve hours… Well, I've certainly learned a lot. hahaha... Experienced a whole bunch of first times. Hm... okay so this was how it went down. After an exam yesterday evening, I was all set to go grab dinner with some of my buddies from class when my girlfriend sends me a message. Turns out she was hella horny now that the test was over so I gave my friends a rain check and went to meet up with her. After a bit, though, my gf messaged and canceled on me! Frustrated at being jerked around, when another girl hit on me, I had a moment of weakness and agreed to fool around with her instead. 

Turns out this other girl had some wild secrets of her own, and things only got crazier from there. I learned about an entire fetish I never new existed and I got to have a threesome! It was a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions, but I think I came out of the whole ordeal a better, more experienced boyfriend, and you know, I think I am looking forward to the next time we get a chance to have some fun!

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  • Vulnerability

    Chapter written by Lheriss ∙ 08 March 2023

    Uh, hi. I’m Ross. I’m a university student in the not-so far off future of 2103. Huh.. alright, how to describe my last twelve hours… Well, I've certainly learned a lot. hahaha... Experienced a whole bunch of first times. Hm... okay so this was how it went down. After an exam yesterday evening, I was all set to go grab dinner with some of my buddies from class when my girlfriend sends me a message. Turns out she was hella horny now that the test was over so I gave my friends a rain check and went to meet up with her. After a bit, though, my gf messaged and canceled on me! Frustrated at being jerked around, when another girl hit on me, I had a moment of weakness and agreed to fool around with her instead. 

    Turns out this other girl had some wild secrets of her own, and things only got crazier from there. I learned about an entire fetish I never new existed and I got to have a threesome! It was a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions, but I think I came out of the whole ordeal a better, more experienced boyfriend, and you know, I think I am looking forward to the next time we get a chance to have some fun!

  • “Alright, time. Everyone, pencils down. I don’t want to see anyone writing any further.”

    I had finished scrawling down my last answer not seconds before the proctor announced time. I was about to breathe a sigh of relief now that the exam was over, but, as I prepared to hand my papers forward, I noticed at the last second that I had forgotten to write my name and the date at the top. My heart jumped as I crouched forward, hoping Jordan’s board shoulders in the seat ahead of me would hide my pencil strokes as I hastily jotted down the missing identification information.

    “Proctor called time, Ross. Hand it up,” Jordan turned in his seat and reached for my test smugly, but I had already finished by then.

    “Nice try, asshole, it was just my name that I almost forgot,” I sneered back, letting Jordan take the papers from my desk and passed them forward along with his own. The disagreeable guy scowled, realizing he hadn’t caught me as off guard as he’d hoped.

    I maintained my air of indifference until he had turned away before allowing myself a cringe.

    “Realize you made a mistake already?” My friend Ian chuckled as he wandered over to chat now that the test was over. The dark brown skinned young man leaned casually against my desk, his cargo pants bulging as usual with who knew what odds and ends he loved stuffing in the pockets of the retro threads.

    I shook my head and grabbed my bag, turning away so that Jordan wouldn’t overhear; Ian followed the short way from my desk to the back of the classroom. “Nah, just wrote 2102 instead of 2103 for the year.”

    Ian laughed, snorting slightly. “I’ve done that before. We’re only a month into the new year, so it happens. Luckily most things auto-fill or timestamp these days. Sucks that this course is required for us – it’s one of the few with a professor that still insists on using physical media exams. Oh, here, I grabbed your phone for you while I was up getting mine.”

    “Thanks,” I sighed, accepting my phone with one hand and wagging my mechanical pencil at my friend with the other. “Seriously, they make us go out and buy a friggin antique just for this class.”

    “If it were all digital like the other classes, everyone would just look up all the answers online, like in other classes,” Jordan asserted, inviting himself into our conversation. He and Ian bumped fists, but he knew better by now than to try offering the same gesture to me. “Why else do we have to surrender our phones before we start?” They were friends, God knows why; bless Ian for being able to get along with anyone.

    “I dunno. If the questions are so straightforward that an Internet connection was all that was required to cheat, then maybe it’s not the technology that’s the problem. Despite what you’re implying most other digital classes don’t have an issue with cheating just because we can be online at the same time.” I shot back, unlocking my phone to see a waiting message. It was from my girlfriend, Carole.

    I glanced up across the room, spotting Carole herself with her friends. The adorable redhead noticed my look and hid a mischievous smile behind her own phone’s hot pink case. Her blouse today was a creamy off white with a light pink floral pattern and puffy, frilly short sleeves. I caught a glimpse of her knees squirming a little, black dyed denim capris that fit tight to her thin figure. One of her friends, a cute short haired blonde with freckles named Amy if I recalled, said something that drew her attention and she answered them, her cherry glazed lips reappearing in my view as she lowered her phone, but the girls were too far away for me to overhear. I was, however, close enough to hear Jordan still running his mouth.

    “Technology has advanced disproportionately in the last hundred years because of industrial lobbying power.” Jordan grumbled. “We have autonomous android servants dressed in advanced skins that make them virtually indistinguishable from normal people, yet science has yet to figure out teleportation and lobbyists have us still using cars with tires because, heaven forbid an antiquated industry like tire production go out of business. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the true disappointment is that modern society has been dealing with the same social issues from hundreds of years ago, like transphobia and homophobia, and those two in particular have somehow gotten worse than they were a hundred years ago!”

    “Hate to remind you, but homophobia and transphobia have basically been around for all of recorded history. If we haven’t stamped them out yet, chances are, we won’t ever,” I responded tiredly. It was becoming a stock response when Jordan inevitably steered conversation to these topics.

    On principal, “Love-rights” was, blessedly, something Jordan and I agreed on: everyone should just mind their damn business and let other people love who they want. Assuming their partner loves them back, of course. But the way Jordan always managed to bend every conversation to these topics had quickly become tiring. I suspected Ian felt similarly. The otherwise unflappable and chill guy frequently seemed eager to change the subject when Jordan brought it up.

    “Oookay. You know, this is a fascinating debate I’ve heard twenty times now, but don’t you suppose we could move on from the classroom?” Ian interjected, sensing things getting heated. I sighed and nodded as we filed out of the classroom.

    “Just because it’s always been a problem doesn’t mean we should get complacent and stop fighting it!” Jordan made his usual closing remark on the topic

    “Alright,” Ian clapped his hands, drawing our attention. “Regardless of exams or human rights, it’s Ross’s turn to pick a place for dinner tonight. You wanted to go to Arnold’s Diner, right?”

    “Wow, that was a transition. Actually, though, sorry guys, something came up. You and Steve can go get dinner without me,” I announced carefully.

    Ian blinked. “Hm? Sure, alright, I suppose. I thought you were finally looking forward to getting to pick Arnie’s Diner, but sometimes it do be that way, right? I’ll call Steve and see if he still wants to go there or somewhere else.”

    “You guys were getting dinner together?” Jordan piped up, following Ian as the latter dialed up our mutual friend. “I know a place that just opened up…”

    With my friends on their way out, I hefted my bag over my shoulder and glanced across the room once again. Carole and her friends had already left. I smiled to myself. Wouldn’t want to keep her waiting.


    Despite what I thought. I was the one who ended up waiting. As per Carole’s instructions, I was to meet her outside the convenience store we frequented on our walk to and from campus. Even though she left the classroom before I had, I seemed to have beaten her there. But perhaps I had my own eagerness to blame.

    Lately, Carole and I had found a new spark in our love life. When I found out last week that Carole had a good eye for security cameras and their range of view, I jumped at the chance to propose the salacious challenge of finding somewhere outside that we could make out that wouldn’t have a digital audience. Imagine my excitement at the chance to introduce her to my public sex fetish! In the modern age, it was quite a challenge, but we had found a few spots since, and had both taken quite a shine to getting dirty and even doing the deed in those blind spots where we thought we could get away with it.

    When Carole asked to meet here, by this convenience store, I instantly knew what she was implying. The most recent blind spot she had found was in the alley that went behind the store building, and we hadn’t made plans yet because of the exam today. With the test finished, a little public-not-public romp sounded like a fantastic way to blow off steam.

    Still, I wasn’t going to have much fun by my lonesome so until Carole arrived, I seemed to have some time to kill. My stomach growled so I turned, and sauntered into the store to look for a snack. On the way in, I was greeted by a girl in a skimpy bunny suit.

    “Welcome! Hop you find everything you’re looking for, and if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask!”

    Anyone with rudimentary understanding of footwear would balk at an employee willing to spend all day standing in heels much less dress so lasciviously in public. Fortunately, the bunny suit wearing girl felt neither pain in her feet nor shame over how much skin her outfit revealed. She was a customer service android dolled up in the latest big breasted skin. I mostly knew because the store had been required to post clear signage that they were buying and employing her in advance of her debut, but aside from that the only other give away was her lack of shame and her inhuman stamina. And the heels.

    I also happened to know that that model and outfit were designed for casinos, but the proprietor, a dirty old man I knew by “Randall” had done well enough for himself even on his lonesome in this location surrounded by affluent neighborhoods that he’d apparently saved up enough to buy the robotic help. Randall was fairly unsociable himself, so the chipper young woman-looking android picked up a lot of slack and may have even paid for herself already. Given his eternal bachelor status, I’d be willing to bet Randall had also paid for the ability to bring his bunny girl to bed with him. Not that I could blame him; she was designed to be hot.

    As usual, old man Randall himself was behind the counter and he gave me a disinterested nod before returning to whatever he was reading on his tablet, leaving me to browse the shelves. In the back, I happened upon a real treat, but not the kind of snack I was looking for.

    “Hm? What’cha looking at?”

    A college aged girl (though no one I had ever seen on campus to my knowledge) was staring down the coffee cans when she noticed that I couldn’t help but stare. When she turned to face me, she only gave me more to see. A low cut yellow halter top barely contained her huge tanned rack – just one might have been nearly as big as my head! Despite the knockers, her waist cut in pleasingly before her bodyline flared out again at her hips before flowing down long, shapely legs. I barely noticed her booty shorts on my first pass, there was so little to them, she almost might as well have been wearing a denim thong. The last thing I noticed was that she had long, strawberry blonde hair tied up in a side tail that ended with a little curl and soft gray eyes with long eyelashes.

    “Ahem,” I cleared my throat and, by sheer force of will, forced myself to turn away. “Sorry,” I mumbled, hoping not to make a scene, since I was definitely hard just from looking. With what I was hoping to do with my girlfriend soon, the last thing I needed was to make trouble and draw attention to myself.

    The girl sniffed dismissively and but thankfully left me alone, swaying away to a different aisle. I pretended to examine the ice cream as I calmed myself down. Finally, I grabbed a milkshake and paid for it before walking out of the store and settling on the curb. As I slurped my sweet treat, I tried to think about other things, to mixed success.

    I had only ever seen those kinds of proportions on sex androids. Between her outfit and her curves, she could even make Randall’s bunny girl blush! Well, probably not technically, but having seen both recently, the comparison was fresh in my mind. Somehow this strange girl had the market-ready sex appeal robot beat.

    Could this girl actually have been a sex bot herself? No, that couldn’t be the case – As far as I could tell she had been alone and androids were required to remain in the supervision of their human owner when in public. It was one of those safeguard policies. Android skins were getting so good in recent years that they could be visibly indistinguishable from normal humans which naturally could be a problem if not for mandates like that. And I supposed with regard to sex androids, they could be made to feel authentic, too. But regardless, an android wouldn’t be able to be outside on their own, so that’s a moot point.

    I shook my head as if the motion would help clear that line of thought. I wondered if she had gotten surgery to achieve those looks. She seemed kinda young for that, one would expect that more from older women fighting the effects of age, but with the wealthy suburban population in the areas around the campus anything was possible. My girlfriend herself came from a rich family that would happily spend pretty much anything daddy’s little girl asked for. In fact, that up-bringing did give Carole a bit of a spoiled streak sometimes, and it had caused friction in our relationship before. Very much a: “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” kind of attitude.

    Finally, my phone rang and I looked to find a new message.

    Sorry, babe, something came up, and I can’t hang out today.

    Was that it? All that only to fizzle before the starting line? I was seething. I had canceled on the guys when I had been looking forward to hanging out with them because she had promised something better, but now? I couldn’t go back to Ian and Steve like, ‘sorry guys my other thing canceled so I’m un-canceling now!’ My pride wouldn’t allow it, not to mention if Jordan was there, he’d flay me on the spot.

    Angrily, I raised my hand, ready to spike the rest of my milkshake on the ground in frustration, when someone caught my wrist. I looked up to see the tanned girl from before take a slurp from my straw.

    “Now, now, don’t go wasting it and making a mess for poor Miss Bunny Tits to clean up. If you don’t want it, I’ll help you finish it off. I love this flavor.”

    “Ah… sure…” I scrambled to my feet, and let her take the milkshake from me. She helped herself to a long drag and seemed to quite enjoy it enough to forget her phone in her other hand.

    “Oh, my girlfriend has the same phone case…” I blurted out, after mere moments felt like too much silence.

    The girl gave a start. Realizing she was still holding her phone, she stuffed it into her garish heart shaped purse. “Oh? You have a girlfriend already? A shame. My fuck buddy just canceled on me out of the blue and even with the ogling, you seem like my type.”

    I gaped. “I… uh…wait wha- no, hang on. I meant ‘ex.’ My ex-girlfriend did. We broke up recently, so I still sometimes just say ‘girlfriend’ out of habit.”

    Her eyes narrowed and she smiled around the straw. “I see… so does that mean, you’re… interested? I’m Sarah, by the way.”

    I licked my lips. I had jumped the gun when I heard I had a chance, but what about Carole? I glanced around furtively and made sure no one was around who knew me.

    No, Carole was the one who stood me up and put me in this position in the first place. Not to mention, she wouldn’t be around so she didn’t have to know.

    “Ross. I’m Ross. And yeah, I’m in. In fact. I know just the place.”


    I felt a little guilty. Just a bit. Not enough to stop Sarah from giving me the best blowjob I had ever felt. As expected of a pro. At least, I assumed she was based on what she had said. I leaned back against the back of a building, the overhangs casting the back alley in early evening shade. The tanned girl varied her rhythm as she swallowed and sucked my dick; her tongue technique and pressure were incredible. Carole had given me head before, but she wasn’t as good at it. Just as I was thinking it though, Sarah pulled back, letting my manhood slip from her lips but rose to catch it on her bosom.

    “This is quite the spicy spot. Someone could come around that corner at any moment, huh? Nothing would stop them. Not that anyone would go out back behind a convenience store. Unless…” She murmured in a sultry tone. “You have daring taste. I like that. And this.” She took hold of her breasts and pulled them apart, allowing my dick to submerge within their hot, soft embrace. “This is quite the specimen, as well.” I wasn’t small, but she giggled as her boobs nearly engulfed my shaft entirely. Only when she shifted her diaphragm low did the tip of my penis poke out from her cleavage.

    Already close from the blowjob, feeling her huge tits slide along my length quickly pushed me to the brink.

    “Ah…” I breathed, “I’m cumming!”

    Sarah lowered herself so that my head breached her sea of softness, allowing her to swiftly bring her lips over it just as I burst. I could feel her gently sucking, drawing more and more of my semen out. I couldn’t believe how long it felt like my orgasm lasted, but when it finally subsided, Sarah let me go, licking her lips with a mischievous look.

    “Not bad,” she grinned. “Hope you’re not done already, though!” She rose and ran hands down her body, starting with her breasts, and drawing my eye down along her curves to her waist. She knew exactly what her figure could do to a man. When her hands reached her hips, she hooked her thumbs into the low hanging short shorts and pulled them down along with her panties as she traced her hips, stopping when she could simply let go of the garments and let them fall to her ankles. She stepped out of them and turned, showing her backside. She had an almost comically small pair of angel wings tattooed over her shoulder blades, and down the middle of her back was another tattoo of a zipper that ran from the nape of her neck down along her spine to her tailbone.

    I swallowed hard, feeling my junk fighting its refractory period to get hard again in a hurry.

    Sarah braced herself against the far wall and stuck out her rear, reaching back with one hand to spread one cheek and show off her sopping, eager pussy.

    “My other mouth’s thirsty, too, Ross. Hurry.”

    Encouraged by the shameless display, I stepped up, finally feeling myself grow harder again, just in time to line myself up with her waiting folds.

    “Mhm… mahhh…” She groaned softly, squirming a bit as I inserted myself, until I had sheathed myself entirely up to the base in her hot, moist grip. I marveled at how amazing it felt inside of her, her insides seeming to convulse around my girth, so much so that I almost forgot to start moving my hips. It felt a shame to pull out, but the pleasing friction of pulling against her flesh and, when I was almost out, the anticipation of driving back in made up for it. Soon, I found myself bucking against her; hands gripping her hips like handles, my thighs slapped against her butt as I strove to push myself deeper each time.

    Having just came, I lasted a bit longer like that than earlier, but even so, our time copulating felt simultaneously like an eternity suspended in pleasure but also as brief as a blink. Pressure building in my sacs gave the barest warning before I blew my load, filling Sarah with almost as much as I had let out before, to my surprise.

    I took in a deep breath, filling lungs with blessed air. Had I forgotten to breathe while overcome with such pleasure? I felt the usual post coitus fatigue set in, and though I really didn’t want to pull out, I feared I’d collapse on top of my impromptu partner if I let myself stay connected. Gingerly, I withdrew myself and retreated to give her space, stumbling a little and catching myself back against the far alleyway wall, while Sarah seemed content to remain how she was as she caught her own breath.

    I saw a large dollop of white slime ooze from Sarah’s pussy, falling sloppily to the ground between her wide stance, followed by another. That had never happened before… or at least, Carole had never let me see it. Had I really cum that much? Given the length and intensity of my orgasms this time, perhaps it was possible. Why this time was so different, though, was a mystery. Because I was ch-cheating? Because Sarah was hotter than Carole? Carole was plenty attractive in her own right… My mind wandered a bit in the haze until my eyes refocused on the small puddle of jizz collecting between Sarah’s feet and finally had a terrifying realization.

    “Ah shit… I went in raw without thinking about it,” I groaned.

    Having recovered some, Sarah straightened up and stretched. She turned back around to face me with an unconcerned smile.

    “Don’t worry. It’s alright. Maybe not your relationship status, but you don’t have to worry about getting me pregnant. After all, this isn’t a real pussy,” she explained nonchalantly. She adjusted her stance now that her slit seemed to have stopped leaking.

    Wait, what? I blinked, hearing her words but not understanding.


    My head snapped to look at the familiar voice whimpering from the alley’s corner. A pale, confused hand gripped her long red curls. Her eyes wide, her cherry pink lips hung open as she stared in shock.

    My heart stopped. “C-C-Carole? It- it’s not what it looks like!” I stammered before my brain caught up. Though, really, what else could it be? My voice failed me as I felt my relationship and reputation crumble around me.

    “See, what did I tell you, he’s a man like any other – weak to temptation,” Sarah told the blubbering redhead. That was… not what I had expected her to say.

    “Wha… what’s going on?” I managed to ask hoarsely, looking between the two girls.

    Carole drew closer, ambling unsteadily. Sarah swayed forth meeting her half way and Carole folded into the other woman’s arms, burying her face in Sarah’s tan bosom. Sarah looked back at me with a smug sneer.

    “I met Carole a few weeks ago after you’d let her down. Who only gets themselves off during sex and then just leaves? Well turns out a girl can only fake her orgasms for so long before the sex starts becoming a loveless chore. Feeling uncertain about your relationship and sexually unsatisfied, she found me and spilled her guts. I swing both ways and it was so hard to just leave her alone after that. So we started dating in secret. Whenever you left her wanting, she’d visit me afterwards and I’d finish her off for you.”

    I didn’t understand. All I could do was stare as Sarah once again widened her stance and reached between her legs. She inserted one finger into her cunt with a look of concentration, followed by another and another, her folds stretching unnaturally until her entire hand had disappeared inside her. When she pulled her hand out, she drew with it a thick black phallus. Erect and slick with clear juices, it must have been three or four inches larger than my dick even at my biggest, and girthier to boot. Carole let go of Sarah to kneel before her, mirroring the scene in that very alley from earlier, only instead of Sarah giving me head, it was Carole sucking off Sarah.

    “Is… is that? That’s a dildo, right?” I asked. It looked too big to be real, not to mention the color stood out against Sarah’s light orange-brown tan…

    “Is it?” Sarah responded tauntingly, “I wonder…” she laughed, resting a hand on Caroles head as she worked the shaft. Carole alternated between running her tongue along the massive member’s length and girth and attempting to deepthroat it. Sarah kept throwing me amused looks between guiding her tool deeper down Carole’s throat till the redhead was finally able to swallow the huge thing to the base. It would have been an incredible display if it weren’t so incredibly messed up.

    Sarah’s face scrunched up finally and as Carole let the tanned girl’s huge dick out of her mouth, my head spun at the thick stream of ropy white goo that spewed from the tip, plastering Carole’s face. Sarah let out a pleasured sigh and glanced at me then at the puddle where I had fucked her just minutes earlier. The puddle was still there.

    “Ha, did you perhaps think you had produced all that?”

    I looked away, my cheeks flushing. This was as humiliating as it was confusing, and I had had about enough.

    Angrily, I packed myself back into my pants and stood, but found the duo standing in my way. Carole had produced a towel from somewhere and cleaned herself up a bit, but there were still globs of white in her hair and on her clothes. For Sarah’s part, the tanned girl was still bottomless, with the thick black… no dark brown dick shaped thing poking out from her nethers, still hard as ever. I noticed a milky white bead remained on the tip as I eyed it.

    I didn’t know what to think of the thing. I’d never heard of a… err… shemale? Transwoman? Futanari? whatever Sarah actually was: She clearly had a pussy – I had felt it myself. Yet, she was able to produce this extra appendage… seemingly from within her womanhood, assuming my eyes hadn’t betrayed me earlier. Seeing it in action had shaken me, but I got my nerves under control and reconsidered things logically.

    I knew that realistic dildos, even ones capable of ejaculating, existed. If modern technology could give androids realistic human exterior skins, then the same technology could make such dildos equally indistinguishable from the real deal. The only mystery was how Sarah had hidden it. Maybe it was collapsable? To an extreme degree? Wait, what did Sarah mean about her pussy not being real? Could that… Aah! Forget it, this wasn’t worth thinking about.

    “Where do you think you’re going?” Sarah grabbed my arm as I turned to try to leave out the other side of the alley. “We’re not finished with you yet.”

    I felt my anger flare again. I’d tried to be civil and accept my failure as a boyfriend by getting out of the way. “What?” I asked flatly. “You’re not done humiliating me? I’m sorry, alright? I shouldn’t have, I don’t know, let Sarah seduce me? Why am I the villain for that when she was the one who came on to me? I shouldn’t have succumb, but she shouldn’t be blameless for inviting me!” I spat, my voice rising with each word.

    Carole looked around nervously, and Sarah put a finger to her lips to shush me. “Hang on, hang on, we’re the ones who should be apologizing. We took things too far, sorry Ross.”

    That… disarmed me.

    “Wh-what now?”

    The girls shared guilty grins with each other before Sarah turned, showing me her back once more. Before my eyes, I watched as Carole dug her fingers into what I thought was a zipper tattoo at Sarah’s neck and drew the chuck down the woman’s back. With Carole’s continued help, Sarah’s tanned back stretched, revealing a different pale back just underneath her skin. That’s what it was, as I watched – just a skin, that, once it had peeled and stretched far enough, a familiar bundle of red locks breached from the opening.

    I once again stared (I’d done that a lot this afternoon, it seemed), as I was faced with two Caroles. The one that had been inside the Sarah skin…suit? offered an apologetic smile.

    “The plan had been just to tease you a little before we reveal these, but as I said, we got carried away and ended up taking the teasing too far.”

    The Carole who had appeared to catch us earlier reached behind her neck and I had to watch in horror as my girlfriend’s lovely features deformed and her head deflated as she removed her own skinsuit, revealing a vaguely familiar freckled girl with short blonde hair. No, I did recognize her. She was Carole’s friend. The one I saw talking to her after the exam earlier.

    “Sorry,” Amy conceded guiltily. “We did go too far, but there’s a good reason for… well the original plan.”

    I raised an eyebrow, still unsure of how to feel.

    “Well, the truth is,” the real Carole started, “I have been a little unsatisfied with our sex life. Don’t get me wrong, finding these semi-public places is great, but it’s not really my kink. This is my kink.” She lifted the husk of Sarah’s upper half that still hung flaccidly from her waist. I was aware in my mind that the black phallic thing was probably still there hidden behind the skin. “I know it’s weird and you’re probably traumatized by it now after what we did, but I wanted you to experience it first hand before you could judge it. You’d shared your interest in public sex with me, and you know, we can combine the two. They’re not mutually exclusive. But… um.. well, I’ll tell you more if you’re interested, but I just want to first ask for your forgiveness. I really don’t want to break up with you, and I’m sorry for even falsely giving that impression.” She bowed her head nervously. Amy did the same next to her.

    I was hurt for sure, but I also found I couldn’t reject her earnest apology. I sighed deeply.

    “Alright. I forgive you. But you definitely do have a lot of explaining to do.”

    Both girls looked up, meeting my eyes with relief and excitement.

    “Let’s go back to my place. We’ve been out here for a while and made quite a mess already, so we can relax and talk more freely in some real privacy,” Carole suggested, and Amy nodded emphatically before both girls began putting their suits the rest of the way back on. Walking around half suited was, understandably not an option.

    It was as surreal watching Carole pull Sarah’s skin back over herself as it had been seeing her shed it. Sarah had a different body shape from Carole – Sarah was generally bigger all around, while still maintaining feminine proportions, so it almost seemed like Carole grew inside the suit to match the new form. Without any empty skinsuit to obscure it, it quickly became impossible to ignore the elephant in the alley, and once Sarah’s gray eyes fluttered open she offered me a grin, keenly aware of what I was thinking.

    “As you guessed earlier, this is a dildo. A fancy one, too, as you saw. As for how I do this,” she prefaced before taking hold of the incongruous appendage and slowly pushing it back inside herself. Amazingly “Sarah’s” pussy swallowed the huge thing whole leaving nothing but her feminine lips to be covered by her string thong and short shorts. “That’s one of the interesting and convenient side effects of these skinsuits’ spatial shapers.”

    “Spatial shapers? Like that packing technology? The one that lets you stuff a whole closet of clothes in one suitcase?”

    “The very same!” Amy picked up the explanation as she adjusted Carole’s face. It was bizarre seeing wrinkles in my girlfriend’s very face, only for her to smooth them out and be left with a perfectly normal and natural looking face the next moment. Also that she wasn’t actually my girlfriend. “Spatial shaping tech manipulates space – it can make something too big fit into a smaller area, and conversely, it can allow something too small to fill out a larger volume. In this case, skinsuits were adapted from skins for androids. Even those were being developed with spatial shaping inside to allow androids to pack more technology and features before letting the skin hide the extra bulk. For our skinsuits, the spatial shaping tech was refind by private endeavors to make sure it’s safe for people to wear. The result is as you see – what amounts to a perfect disguise anyone can wear.”

    “Pretty amazing, huh?” “Sarah” took over the spontaneous seminar, apparently unable to help herself, despite saying they’d wait till they got back to the apartment. “This kink’s been around for a while, but as Amy said, only recently has modern technology given us ways to actually realize it properly in real life. Aside from fetishists like us, there’s some real case uses for skinsuits in film and medicine. Oh, as a fetish, it’s called ‘Skinsuit’ or ‘Kawamono’ in Japanese. It has historically been portrayed in media as disguises for spy movies or mystery cartoons. Some popular horror/slasher media also technically falls under the umbrella but while some fiction in the kink can undeniably get that gory and twisted, most of the fetish usually focuses less on the body horror and more on personal exploration and experimentation or with the social changes that come with the ability to become someone not yourself. It’s adjacent to Transformation and Possession but still it’s its own thing most of the time.” I wasn’t really following most of it, but it was cute and a little amusing hearing her enthusiastically prattle on like an innocent introvert finally allowed to spill about their current hyperfixation, all while redressing Sarah in her slutty get up.

    “Some elitists from other fetishes have condescendingly called skinsuiting ‘transformation with extra steps,’ or similarly, ‘possession with extra steps,’ since it can go towards either if the story choses to create a skinsuit from magic or technology or if there’s a victim that becomes a suit to be worn. For a lot of us though, those extra steps themselves actually add a bit of believability. Rather than, ‘I can just magically turn into someone else,’ it feels more feasible to find a mysterious suit that can transform me into someone else, right? It’s a lower bar to achieve. Even if the suit is also magic in the end, making the origins of the suit more realistic or ambiguous removes some of the burden on suspension of disbelief, at least that’s how it was in skinsuit fiction of the past. Now that we actually have real skinsuits, we don’t have to exist solely in fantasy anymore. Ahh I’m so glad I was born into this era!” Amy, or rather ‘Carole’ added. I was going to have to figure out how to think of them and fast. Might be best to think of her as… an Amy variant of Carole, perhaps? “A!Carole”? I’d have to ask them how they do it.

    “So I suppose you obviously share this kink,” I observed, directing the statement at A!Carole.

    “Guilty,” my girlfriend’s impersonator admitted. “Imagine my surprise when I found out we were both into this. It is not and probably never will be a common fetish, but our numbers have grown over the years.” That sounded like a story in of itself. For another time perhaps though.

    “About that, Ross,” Sarah piped up. “There was another thing I was wondering about, Ross. When I was Sarah earlier, I mentioned that I swing both ways. That’s… actually true. I was wondering if you’d be okay with Amy sometimes joining us. You don’t have to commit to dating her and she won’t take me away from you. In fact it’s probably best if you pretend like your just distant acquaintances still while in public. But in private, I thought it might be fun if she could join us as a fuck buddy. We can sort out the specifics later.”

    I blinked. “Um…” I shot A!Carole a look and she blushed (the suits can do that, even?) and nodded in confirmation.

    “If you don’t mind.”

    I scratched one cheek sheepishly. “Well, I can’t say I mind. I was er.. baited by Sarah after all. What guy wouldn’t relish the opportunity to have fun with two lovely ladies?”

    “Aww! You’re the best, Ross! Thanks for being so open minded!” Sarah squealed excitedly and pounced, taking one of my arms and hugging it. A!Carole took the other, doing the same. I felt extremely self conscious waltzing out of the back alley behind the convenience store with A!Carole on one arm and Sarah on the other, especially with the latter dressed as she was.

    With the enticing prospect of imminent and future threesomes, I allowed myself to be hauled back to the girls’ apartment.


    The girls began stripping the moment they were safe behind closed doors. I supposed they had an extra layer to get through if they were going to remove their skinsuits, too. The show was a feast for the eyes regardless, even with the weirdness that came from my being unaccustomed yet to skinsuits. Now that I was in a bit more of a stable emotional state, it was almost humorous seeing Sarah’s bare tits once more deflated like balloons and peel away to allow Carole’s own smaller, but still perky and sizeable mounds to breathe.

    Amy stripped from her Carole skinsuit, revealing an attractive body in her own right. She was only a bit smaller in the bust department than Carole, but that was probably because she was thinner on all fronts.

    While Carole was used to being naked in front of me, Amy was expectedly a bit more bashful. And to be honest, getting naked myself, I felt a little more guarded than usual, too. But I pushed that feeling away; it served no purpose here.

    “You’re beautiful in your own way,” I tried to reassure her with a warm smile. She smiled nervously back.

    “It’s pretty different being yourself than being in a skin. I didn’t have any trouble doing fellato for ‘Sarah’ as Carole, but now that I’m, er.. myself… well don’t worry about me. I’ll get used to it,” she told me.

    I noticed too late to warn her and Carole snuck up behind her roommate and slid her arms under Amy’s, grabbing handfuls of the other girl’s breasts.

    “Amy’s cute as a doll,” Carole snickered from behind her friend. “Hey, Ross, did you know that cup size is a relative measurement? It’s not just the size of her bust, but the size of her bust compared against the size of her frame. So even though Amy’s smaller than me, she’s still a D cup like me, just with a different band size.”

    I felt my smile twitch. What exactly was I supposed to do with that information? “Is that so?”

    “Indeed. Why don’t you come appreciate Amy’s Ds like you love mine.”

    “C-Carole!?” Amy squawked.

    “Uh… But I’m not sure Amy feels quite ready for that,” I rebutted as politely as I could. As exciting as it was to have a third, I still wasn’t quite sure how to handle someone I wasn’t as used to being intimate with. Especially since she seemed shy herself.

    “This is the best way to get over that awkwardness though,” Carole insisted. “For both of you.”

    “No, she’s right,” Amy admitted and stopped struggling, allowing Carole to present her assets for my… appreciation. Well, if she said it was okay, I wasn’t going to object.

    “Mnghnn…” Amy winced and moaned softly as I gently cupped her breasts. As Carole had mentioned, they weren’t as big as hers, but they were still quite full and soft. Much like Carole’s they were pleasant to knead, but there was some discernible difference, even if I wasn’t quite observant enough to be able to tell specifically what. It made sense though – all women were different in their own ways.

    The mood heated up as Amy and I grew aroused. As I played with her tits, I noticed Carole’s hands slide down to tease Amy’s nethers, and Amy herself moved her hands down to stroke my stiffening member. As things often did when we got in a sexual flow, we moved on instinct, finding each other in sync even without words. Amy shifted down to begin sucking me off. Carole took her place in my embrace and we kissed. Carole switched places with Amy again, letting me kiss the thinner blonde, appreciating how her cute freckles also flecked her shoulders and dotted her chest. I was getting close so I stopped Carole and moved the girls to the bed where I laid them down and ate them each out in turn. They clasped hands as they moaned. Finally it came time to take the next step.

    The girls inserted their contraceptive inserts. Small bullet shaped inserts that, in my admittedly limited knowledge on the topic, functioned like suppositories – melting from body heat and coating their insides with a thin, potent, but safe spermicide. Amy climbed back on the bed, but Carole stood up and made for her walk-in closet.

    “Amy can go first, I’ll be right back,” Carole suggested before disappearing into her closet’s depths.

    “If she says so, huh?” I joked lightly with Amy, who giggled back.

    “Carole’s er… broken me in already, but you’ll be the first guy I’ve been with,” she murmured.

    “Oh, lucky me,” I grinned before we kissed once more.

    She laid down on her back. Missionary was a good place to start. I lined up my cock with her waiting slit and slowly pushed my way in. Knowing how kinky Carole could get, I could picture her fucking Amy with that black dildo from before and I had a moment’s fear that my size couldn’t match up to what sexual technology could offer. But fortunately Amy’s folds convulsed tightly around me, and she moaned softly, seeming to be feeling me plenty. My hips rocked, not for the first time that day, and it probably would not be the last either. Close as the girls had gotten me, I felt myself on the edge of orgasm pretty soon, but the taunts from earlier echoed in my ears. I held myself back as long as I could last before I couldn’t keep myself contained any longer and my semen burst forth.

    “Ah! I’m cumming!” I breathed. “S-sorry, was that too soon?” Having shot twice already earlier I didn’t have much to give and my orgasm was comparably short, but I still found it reasonably satisfying. “How was it?” I asked nervously as I pulled out.

    Amy reached up and pulled me onto the sheets next to her where she rested her forehead against mine, her face still flushed.

    “Don’t worry, you were great. Thank you,” she whispered. I felt relieved.

    “Don’t go falling asleep just yet, Babe. The night’s just beginning,” Carole’s voice pierced my growing fatigue. Rising I glanced over to see her holding a long orange-brown garment in one hand, her other behind her back. No, not a garment. A skinsuit. “But we will give your penis a well deserved break for now.”

    “Wait, you want me to wear that?” I asked, incredulously.

    “I said anyone could wear these, didn’t I?” Carole asserted smugly. “That means anyone.”

    I frowned. “I… wait didn’t Amy say that?” Inspecting the skinsuit, I could tell from the extra baggy flesh around the chest and lack of anything between the thighs that it was a female skinsuit. The long blonde hair and tanned skin tone clicked. It was not just any female skinsuit. The image of Sarah’s voluptuous curves entered my mind, and to my surprise, imagining myself wearing that form aroused me considerably.

    Well, since I was getting a threesome out of it, I supposed it was only fair I played along. At worst, I could handle some laughs at my expense. And at best…

    “Alright, what the fuck, let’s give it a try.”

    Carole and Amy directed me to the edge of the bed and led me through the process of putting the skinsuit on. The opening in the back was the starting point. They guided my legs in first; it was like putting on a wetsuit, yet somehow the material slid over my skin more easily than I expected. Pulling the skin taut from the upper thighs, I wiggled my toes and watched as Sarah’s painted purple toe nails waggled back at me. In my mind, it felt off – like my legs and feet should have been bigger than they looked and felt, and the dissonance was a bit trippy. Despite that, the sensation of compression against my skin was not an unpleasant one.

    “Ah!” I gasped as Amy put one finger on my covered thigh, running it down my leg before tickling the bottom of my foot. “Ah! Hey! I… I can feel that.” I could feel the skinsuit against my skin, yet at the same time, I felt Amy’s touch as if the skinsuit’s surface was my own skin.

    “Another trick of the spatial manipulation in conjunction with some other technology I don’t understand myself – sensations are transferred through directly. As if it’s your own skin. Wait till you feel her boobs,” Amy chuckled as she explained.

    “Before that though, we need to take care of your junk,” Carole interjected.

    “Huh.. so do I need to tuck or som- ack!” I asked but my girlfriend cut me off, casually reaching into the skin and grabbing my equipment. She guided it into a pocket in the interior surface of the skinsuit.

    “That’s what this is there for. It’s where I stored my dildo before. It connects to an extra space that then links to the suit’s vagina but doesn’t intrude unless you tell it to, so when you know how to, you can project your manhood out through the pussy,” Carole informed me.

    “And how do I do that?”

    “With that taken care of, let’s keep going. Once you’re used to it, you can get in and out of suits pretty quickly. I’d already be done if I were putting Sarah back on myself!” Carole evaded the question with a smile. I could guess what that meant. She had said my cock would be taking a break.

    The girls had me pull the suit up over my hips and waist and held it for me as I inserted my hands into the opening in the back, finding the arm holes and sliding into those. Following the girls’ instructions, I pulled the torso up over my shoulders and slid all the way into the arms in one motion. To my initial disappointment, Sarah’s funbags remained deflated against my chest as I fixed my fingers that had missed their respective digits, a process that was interrupted when Amy zipped up the seam along my back up part way. Apparently it was far enough to trigger something in the suit though, because Sarah’s breasts suddenly came to life, actually flinging my arms out. Carole was in their path and got smacked.

    “Oh my God!” Carole snorted laughing. “They puffed up like airbags and.. pft hahaha!”

    “Was it that funny getting hit? Since when do you snort when you laugh?” I forced a laugh of my own, trying to keep up the playful teasing atmosphere, though I was too excited and anxious to feel as amused myself. At least she didn’t seem hurt.

    “I’m fine. Are you okay? A little warning next time, Amy!” Carole answered, fighting down her giggles.

    “S-sorry!” Amy squeaked from behind me. “I didn’t realize it would do that. I thought it had to be all the way on before changes applied. At least, when putting on fully for the first time.”

    “Depends on the suit and maker, I think,” Carole surmised. “Alright, anyway, all that’s left is the head. Ready, Ross?”

    “Uh… as ready as I’ll be,” I nodded, resisting the urge to play with the new weights on my chest. They were heavy, and really pulled on my shoulders and back. No wonder some women had back issues, and they didn’t have the convenience of being able to take them off like I would.

    The girls showed me that the zipper hole stretched far more than I expected it’d be able. I held my breath on instinct as if diving underwater, and they pulled the reverse hood up over my head. Everything went dark and I felt a pressure over my entire head and face.

    “Easiest thing is to find the nose and lip slots and everything else should align itself from there,” I heard Amy instruct me. I plucked at the fabric covering my face, remembering watching the girls do it behind the store earlier. It shifted on my face until I felt my nose slot in. My lips found their spots as well and as promised I could suddenly tell what parts needed a little tug here or there. Before long, I opened my new eyes.

    Without the husk of Sarah’s head blocking my view, I had an unimpeded view of Sarah’s beautiful tits filling the bottom of my vision. My hands found the soft, warm mounds without thought, and I felt an electric shock run through my body when my fingers found my new nipples.

    “Ah!” a sultry moan escaped my mouth several octaves higher than my voice should have been. “M-my voice has changed, too!?” I remarked, both in surprise and testing my voice. Now that I thought back on it, Sarah sounded distinct from Carole, so it did seem consistent that suits also changed the wearer’s voice accordingly. “How?” I looked at Carole, but she just shrugged.

    “Dunno. Another thing I know suits can do, but I’m not an expert on how they work. Probably also different depending on the suit and maker. Either way, that’s over my head. I just know that these ones do. Besides, it’s more important what you do with them, isn’t it?”

    “R-right…” I felt at my throat and also noticed the lack of an Adam’s apple. It reminded me of one other key spot that would be different from what I was used to as a man.

    Carole caught my wrist before I could get between my legs though.

    “Nu-uh. Not yet. We’ll give you plenty of experience with your new found femininity soon enough, so just be patient. The night’s still young,” she told me commandingly. I had a feeling I’d be hearing that phrase a lot tonight, even when it stopped being true.

    I wasn’t used to her being so dominant, and maybe it was my new, unfamiliar body, but I found her taking the lead weirdly comforting.

    “Over here.”

    I hadn’t noticed Amy step away but she returned from Carole’s walk-in closet with a sly smirk. I was beginning to understand that Amy was more comfortable around women; her previous shyness seemed to have dissipated once I had sheathed myself in the other girl’s form. Instead, the blonde strut forward, boldly letting a large light purple strap-on dildo sway affixed to her crotch by a black leather harness strapped around her hips.

    Given the direction of the last few minutes and the knowledge that Carole had one, I wasn’t surprised to see a second dildo rear itself now that I sported a pussy of my own. I wasn’t surprised, but I was intimidated as fuck. The purple one eyed monster looked even bigger on Amy’s slender frame, making it seem almost grotesque. She climbed onto the bed and stood in the center. I turned, mesmerized, following the wobbling tool and found it hovering in my face.

    “Hope you were paying attention when we were sucking you off earlier. Cause now it’s your turn,” Amy declared, folding her arms under her bosom.

    Up close, my fears multiplied. There was no way the huge thing would fit. Like Carole’s toy, It was bigger than my cock by several inches and girthier, to match. As I felt her press the thing against my lips, I noticed it was even warm, and seemed to twitch in response to contact. For all the things technology had advanced, of course it would be sexcraft on the cutting edge.

    “Come on, suck on it. It’s only fair after we swallowed yours, right?” Amy prodded. She pushed against my lips a bit more with her tip. My transformation really seemed to have unleashed a different side of the freckled blonde. Was this what it was called being a ‘switch?’

    Unsure of what other option I had, I parted my lips and let her enter. My jaw felt wrenched wide as she forayed into my mouth, and when she found the back of my throat, there was still a good quarter of her toy still outside my mouth.

    I felt hands on my head, preventing me from retreating.

    “That’s no good, Sarah. You need to take it all the way to the base or your partner won’t be satisfied! Isn’t that what we’re practicing for?” Carole’s voice whispered in my ear.

    Amy smiled innocently and jerked her hips forward, invading my throat and making me gag. I shuddered, my eyes tearing, and my nose pressing up against the leather harness but Carole held me fast from behind. It felt like forever, but eventually Amy pulled back, withdrawing entirely from my mouth and allowing me to breathe again.

    “Well that’s no good, but I suppose until you’re ready for proper deepthroat practice you can work on other fellatio techniques,” Carole’s voice was gentle but her admonishment stung. The redhead climbed onto the bed next to Amy. She had equipped her own strap-on, bringing the purple phallic toy reinforcements in the form of a dark brown cock. It wasn’t as big as Amy’s but it was just as thick and up close, I could see a fleshy texture and veins. It was indeed one of those top quality ones presumably using the same skinsuit technology that I was currently wearing to disguise an ejaculating dildo as a real cock.

    I was right when I suspected that Carole’s toy would be the harder one to service. I had to suppress a gag reflex even before getting my lips around it. It even smelled and tasted authentic – a musk and hint of salty sweat respectively assaulted my senses as I opened my mouth to let it in. The hot, firm yet springy rod was an oppressive presence in my maw, yet Carole seemed to enjoy my performance, so I forced myself to focus on that. It must have had another side inserted into her womanhood that reacted to what I did to this end, because she would twitch or moan as I got more accustomed to and bolder in working her shaft.

    “Hey, don’t forget me, too.” Amy asserted, pushing her purple toy in my face once more. I let go of Carole’s and swallowed down Amy’s. Despite the shaky start, we fell into a rhythm like before and even I was feeling aroused and comfortable by the end. My trance was shattered before long though.

    “Ah… I’m… it’s cumming!”

    “Me too!”

    I felt the brown appendage in my mouth pulse just moments before hot, ropy ejaculate burst forth into my mouth, slamming down my throat before I could react. I choked on the bitter/salty slime and reeled back. To my side Amy’s dildo similarly began squirting thick dollops of imitation cum. Between the two of them, I was covered in seconds. I could keenly feel the hot milky spunk clinging and dripping from my skin.

    As I was wiping the fake jizz from my eyes, I felt warm bodies settle in next to me. The girls cuddled each of my arms, unconcerned by the slime.

    “Sorry, we got a little rough there,” Carole cooed in my ear. I felt her cup my heavy breasts, and I gasped as she gave them a pinch. Amy did the same on the other side almost in sync. “I’m a little excited I finally get to share this with you. I never thought it’d be possible. I was so afraid of sharing this fetish since a lot of people hear it and assume the worst. Thanks for giving it a chance. Now, lay down and relax. We’ll show you what it’s really like to feel like a woman.”

    I did as I was told and Amy occupied my top half with some intense frenching while she played with my tits. Down below, I felt Carole spread my legs. I felt her breath upon my mound just moments before she began.

    “Don’t worry, Sarah’s not a virgin, so you don’t have to worry about your first time hurting. Lucky you,” Amy whispered, taking a break from their making out.

    I barely heard her as the first stroke of Carole’s tongue against my folds sent a shock of pleasure up my spine into the back of my head. I hadn’t even recovered from the first before she struck again. I struggled to maintain any self-awareness as I felt her suck and tease my pussy, alternating between slashing across my folds and clit with her tongue and shoving it into my depths. If this was what just a tongue felt like, I could hardly imagine how a full penis felt, much less the monster toys the girls sported. I knew that would be coming, yet I was helpless to prepare myself, brought to a blubbering, sweating mess just from Carole’s cunnilingus. When Carole rose, satisfied with the foreplay, I had already cum twice – at least, I assumed that was what I had felt. It was different from a man’s building pressure and powerful singular release. It wasn’t as intense in a single moment, but rather, wave after wave of ever escalating pleasure that, altogether synergized for a wild experience.

    “Hang in there, Sarah, the best part hasn’t even begun yet,” Amy purred, her eyes twinkling mischievously.

    I felt something nuzzle my folds once more. The mere touch made my breath catch. It was coming. Amy held my hands tightly as Carole put more pressure behind her hips. I could feel my quivering flower resist for just a moment, before giving way, parting to allow the ever insistent appendage entry into my depths. I groaned. The feeling of being entered, of the fleshy toy scraping against my walls accelerated the waves of pleasure.

    “Halfway in…” Carole’s voice informed me. Only half way?

    Color bloomed and my vision blurred and I felt my whole body curl. It was painful, like I was being split down the center. Yet it was also pleasurable, like… my whole pelvic area had become as hot and sensitive as a dick mid orgasm. That wasn’t quite right, but I wasn’t sure how else to describe it.

    “Haaah, yeah… I shoved the rest all in at once. That’s what that was… hehe. Alright, I’m gonna start moving now, enjoy~” my girlfriend sighed, clearly enjoying herself as well.

    It was like Carole’s oral before, but more intense, and accompanied by a new sense of fullness in my pelvis whenever she pushed her false dick in. I was helpless beneath her as she bore down on me, and I came so hard I feared my body would break, if not from the overwhelming stimulation, then from the huge toy driving into me.

    I don’t know how long we went on, but I only recognized Carole’s orgasm by her lustful moans accompanied by a new hot sensation filling me below my stomach. I was delirious from the pleasure. My mind was a haze. I vaguely registered Carole and Amy switching places before the sensations assaulted me anew.

    I don’t remember what happened after that – everything was a blur of feelings. Heat, pleasure, sticky moistness, sweat.

    Eventually I passed out and the next morning I woke.

    Something felt wrong. My head was fuzzy and my whole body was sore. As I sat up, I nearly fell over again because weight on my chest messed with my sense of balance.

    Weight on my chest?

    My eyes refocused and I realized that I had the biggest, fattest tits I’d ever seen mounted to my front.

    “Whaa!” I yelped before I could stop myself. My bedfellows stirred as I cupped my bulbous mammaries and tried to process the organs and my high pitched, girly voice at the same time.

    “Mhm? Sarah? What’s wrong?” Carole muttered, leaning into me and even casually resting her chin on one of my breasts like a pillow. “Nightmare?”

    “I’m… what? I’m a girl?” My mind couldn’t process this first in the morning.

    “What’s the matter?” Amy on my other side groped my other breast making me gasp again. “Of course you’re a girl. Would a guy have these beautiful melons?”

    “I… no, but…” I studdered. “But I’m not a girl… My name is…"

    Sarah,” Amy filled in for me, but I shook my head. That wasn’t right.

    “No, I’m… Ross. I’m a guy… but…”

    “Alright, that’s enough teasing,” Carole reprimanded Amy. The blonde stuck out her tongue playfully but rolled back under the sheets where it was warm. Carole picked herself up and faced me properly. “You’re right. You are Ross. Do you remember what we did last night? First behind the convenience store, and again once you got back here to our place?”

    Slowly the shock of waking up with boobs faded and the adrenaline made room for my memories to return.

    “This is… a skinsuit?” I testingly pinched my cheek. It hurt, scarily, but I was able to find the superficial layer and it stretched far more easily than a cheek should.

    “That’s right. We were… experimenting last night. We got a bit rough, probably more than we should have for your first time as a girl. But did you enjoy it at least?” Carole asked repentantly.

    Thinking back I remember surprise, and a bit of shame, but also a lot of pleasure, intense sensations that lasted a lot longer than I was used to orgasms lasting. I nodded cautiously, but upon seeing Carole’s radiant relieved smile, I felt myself relax.

    “Good… good. Do you think you’d be… open to trying more like this sometime?”

    It was a little scary, but at the same time, it was hard to imagine never getting to experience that again now that I had had a taste for it. My pride as a man protested, but I suppressed it. Carole had shared this side of her with me. The least I could do is respect her courage. And it wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy it in the end.

    “Y… yeah. I’d want- I’d be up for that.”

    Carole grinned. “You have no idea how happy that makes me to hear. Thank you, Ross! I love you!”

    That smile.

    That damn smile.


    Wearing a light red, sheer nightgown, Carole smiled at her boyfriend’s back until he disappeared from view, shielding her eyes from the morning sun. Once he was all cleaned up, stripped from Sarah’s husk, and headed back to his place, she retreated back within the shade of her apartment and closed and locked the door behind her. In the entryway, she glanced up at her security camera, studying the lens as it automatically focused on her.

    “Did you enjoy the show? If you liked the warm and fuzzies, stop here. If you have a taste for darkness though, come with me. The password will be...” she paused to consider.


    The camera feed flickered and froze and a link appeared in the center of the image:

No more chapters.

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