Possession Party

Story created by Kripto ∙ 11 September 2023

Several people are invited to a party and given a chance to possess one another via stickers imbued with a possession spell. Chaos ensues.

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  • Possession Party

    Chapter written by Kripto ∙ 14 January 2022

    Several people are invited to a party and given a chance to possess one another via stickers imbued with a possession spell. Chaos ensues.

  • “Why are we here again?” Ryan asked as they approached the entryway of the large house.

    Bailey rolled her blue eyes. “Because we’re freshman in college. We’re here to make friends, experience new things, and party. We were lucky to get this invite, so don’t be a wet blanket or next time I won’t bring you along.”

    Ryan’s whole tall, lanky frame slouched in defiance. Parties, any kind of party, was not his scene. He liked his socializing done one or two people at a time. The only person who could have talked him into coming was Bailey. But he still wanted it known by his words and posture that he was going reluctantly. “I didn’t get the invite. I’m just your plus one, and I said I’d rather stay in my dorm room.”

    “And I ignored what you said and chose to drag you here anyway,” the bubbly blonde chided as she playfully slapped his arm. “It’ll be good for you. You’re always talking about how terrible you are with women. I’ll help you get the confidence boost you need to get laid!”

    Ryan stopped walking as his brain didn’t have enough processing power to understand that last sentence and walk at the same time. For the briefest of moments, he thought that Bailey had offered to have sex with him at the party. He would have been more than okay with that. 

    The day they had met at orientation had been the day his crush on her began. He had been so awkward when introducing himself to her during an icebreaker. Bailey, however, had accepted him just as he was, and then  placed him firmly in the friend zone. But every once in a while, he misinterpreted something she said as a possibility for something more. He knew he was probably wrong though, because he always struggled to communicate with the opposite sex.

    Still, Ryan was eternally grateful to have met her. Bailey had helped Ryan come out of his shell bit by bit over the last couple of months. They helped each other in their classes when they could. Most of all, Bailey helped Ryan overcome a strong bout of homesickness he felt at the end of the first month. She was a good friend, possibly the only real one he had made on campus. And he was pretty sure he was in love with her. He kept hoping she would make a move on him, but she never did, and he didn’t want to ruin everything by asking for something more. 

    But she had mentioned getting laid. Him laid to be specific. And his ears had perked up and wondered if she was coming onto him at last. But as his eyes met hers, and he watched her head tilt in confusion, he realized he had mostly likely misread the situation.

    Bailey cut back in. “Yes, laid. I thought boys thought about sex all the time. I can be your wingman. Or wing woman as it were.”

    “Wing woman, sure. It won't matter. I’m terrible at-”

    “Talking to girls, I know!” Bailey finished for him as she rang the doorbell.

    “Except for you,” Ryan pointed out.

    Bailey smirked. “Because we’re such good friends!”

    Ryan almost said something. He almost let it slip that he didn’t want to be her friend. He wanted to be her lover. But that would have been horribly cheesy and pathetic. And she would have laughed at him. And she’d tell him that she didn’t see him that way. And their friendship would effectively be over. So instead of saying anything, he turned to leave. But Bailey caught his shoulder.

    “Hey, you can do this,” she said in all seriousness as she spun him back around. “I’m with you all the way.” She booped his nose and winked at him. “Until you go all the way that is.”

    Ryan was about to point out that most likely meant she’d be with him forever, when the door swung wide open to reveal Topher Steward. Everyone knew Topher. He was the guy on campus that could get you things. The kind of things that you needed a fake id to get. Or the kinds of things that helped you ace a test without studying. Or the kinds of mind altering substances that police would absolutely arrest you for having in your possession. And he was always on the lookout for the next thing to sell to his fellow students. 

    “Oh good, you’re here, you’re here,” Topher said with open arms and a wide grin. As he pulled them inside a large foyer, he spoke loud enough for anyone in the house to hear. “I was worried we were going to have to start the party without you.” 

    Ryan had a brief second to take in the place as they were shuffled into the lavishly decorated interior. It seemed even bigger on the inside. There were stairs that led left and right to a second story. To his right, there seemed to be a study, and beyond that an entryway to what was probably a kitchen. 

    Topher was leading them to a large room to their left that had a pool table near the middle, shelves of books along one side of the wall, and a fully stocked bar in the corner. There were already thirty or forty people huddled in groups around the room, talking amongst themselves. Ryan thought he knew a few people from around campus. But there was one person he absolutely recognized, because she was probably the hottest girl in a thousand mile radius. Ryan only knew her name was Tiffany, along with the fact that she was a senior with dark hair, an hourglass figure that could stop traffic, and a gorgeous face. 

    This vision of loveliness stood watching as Topher ushered in what looked to be two naive freshmen, a guy and a girl, into the room. The guy had spotted her, and was now gawking at her tits as if they were celebrities that might give him an autograph. She was used to men staring at her, but they usually did it with a little more subtlety. She shot him a look and a gesture that said my eyes are up here, then made a motion to Topher to start whatever he had planned. She had other places to be. She wouldn’t be here if Topher hadn’t paid her, and he said he’d only need her services for a 90 second demonstration.

    On top of that, he’d also paid for her to recruit several of her more attractive sorority sisters who had come as well. That hadn’t been hard. She ran their sorority, so with a snap of her fingers, they would go to whatever party she told them to. But she wasn’t being paid to be lusted after by a lame freshman. She tapped her foot and looked around again for anyone worthy of her company. It took more than a cursory glance, but she finally saw Frank, one of the few good athletes on campus. As usual, he had brought his girlfriend, Kim. That was a pity. She’d totally jump Frank’s bones if Kim didn’t have him on a two foot leash all the time. 

    Frank was wondering why they were all just standing around. Usually when he came to one of Topher’s parties, the party was raging by the time he walked through the door. So far this was a very quiet and subdued affair, definitely not his preferred scene. He liked his parties loud, because that way he couldn’t hear his girlfriend’s incessant complaining or trying to draw him into a fight. He would have already cut and run if Topher hadn’t told him that it’d be worth his while. So he tried to wait patiently, and hoped his girlfriend Kim would do the same. But by her posture and the expression of discontent on her face, she was going to do no such thing. 

    “Babe, look at who’s here,” she said derisively. “I’d talk with, maybe like, two or three of these people. And there’s no music, and nobody’s drinking! We’re leaving.”

    He slid his hands around Kim’s tight waist and pulled her towards him to hopefully calm her foul modd. She felt so soft against him, and she smelled terrific. “Babe, give Topher a chance. He said-”

    Kim pushed his arms down and stepped out of his embrace. “I don’t care what Topher said!” she hissed louder than she knew Frank would like. “I said we’re leaving.”

    Frank sighed. It was always her way or the highway, and had been for the last year they’d been dating. It hadn’t been like that in the beginning. She had been a little feisty, and a lot bossy, but she had always accepted his hands on her body. Now most times he tried to be affectionate, especially in public, she’d push him away. With a year and a half to go till graduation, it seemed she was just keeping him around for his status as a jock. That might be fair, because sometimes he wondered if he was keeping her around for her body. The problem was, he got to touch it less and less these days. 

    As Frank and Kim stepped out to make their exit, Topher called out, "If you go now, you won't get to see what these do." 

    Every eye locked onto a folded manilla envelope that Topher extracted from his back pocket. He reached inside and pulled out a two by two inch square of glossy white paper. 

    "Is that some new drug?" Frank asked. 

    Topher smiled and began to pass them out, one to each person. "Better. I'll explain what it does after everyone gets one. Don't break the seal on the adhesive to them before I tell you so we can all enjoy the ride together."

    Everyone's curiosity peaked and the room began to chatter. One by one, they studied the innocuous looking white square that Topher placed in their palm. As people poked and prodded it and held it up to the light, it looked like just an ordinary sticker. How could it be better than recreational drugs?

    Ryan was examining his when Bailey nudged him. "We haven't been here five minutes and someone is already checking you out."

    "What?" Ryan asked as he doubtfully scanned the room. "Where?" 

    "Play it cool, Romeo," Bailey said from the side of her mouth. "3 o'clock." 

    "I asked where," Ryan began, but stopped talking as Bailey's foot came firmly down on his. He gave a quiet yelp, then followed where Bailey's finger pointed. A cute, chubby girl was staring at him from the opposite side of the room. Well, he didn’t notice that she was staring at first. He noticed her boobs first. They were huge. And when his eyes finally found her face, yes, she was staring at him. He recognized her from his Chemistry class. She gave him a little wave, then looked down at her chest, then arched it forward, as if giving Ryan permission to look all he wanted. 

    "Damn," Bailey whispered. "It might be easier to get you laid than I thought.”

    He looked away from the girl as he remembered Bailey’s words earlier. His mood became sulky. “She’s not my type.” 

    “No giant boobs, check!” Bailey said.

    Ryan noticed that someone else was staring in their direction. An overweight, nerdy looking guy was looking intently at Bailey. Ryan pointed him out to her. “It looks like it might be easy for you too!”

    “Ugh, that’s Steven!” Bailey muttered. “No thank you!”

    “You know him?”

    “He keeps hitting on me in my introductory science class. And not just me, I’ve seen him hit on other girls in class as well. He’s real suave about it too,” she said sarcastically. “His signature move is to stare relentlessly like a creep. But he also likes to brush up against anyone of the female persuasion when getting to his seat in class. I’m pretty sure he would hump anything with a pulse, which he might not have if he ever brushes up against me the way I’ve seen him do other girls.”

    “I think you should give him a chance.” 

    Ryan unsuccessfully dodged the hand to the back of his head.

    As Topher handed out the last piece, the room grew quiet with anticipation. With a flourish, Topher held up the last square and said, “Thank you all for accepting the invite to my party. It will be unlike any of my other social gatherings, because of this.” He shook the small square in his hand. 

    “Is it a new drug?” someone asked excitedly.

    “It is not,” Topher grinned wildly. As disappointed murmuring broke out in the room, Topher raised both his hands to quiet them down. “It’s something better! And all of you get to be the first to experience it. Tiffany,” he called as he motioned for her to come forward, “now is when I require your assistance.” 

    Tiffany did as he asked, but with some hesitancy. She liked making money, but hated surprises, or being made to look foolish, and this had the potential for both. But he had paid her five hundred dollars for 90 seconds, so she dutifully strutted over to him and struck a haughty pose with a fake smile. The clock was ticking as of now, and she began to count.

    With Tiffany beside him, Topher continued. “What you have in your hand is a sticker that has been infused with a possession spell. Yes, I said spell, as in magic spell. And with it, you’ll be able to possess a person’s body for about 90 seconds.”

    Tiffany did her best not to laugh out loud at him. Had he gone mad, or was he under the influence of some powerful pharmaceuticals? Either way, this would be over in 77 seconds.

    Kim was already pulling on Frank’s arm, a sign that she wanted to go. His eyes met hers, and she said loudly, “You brought me here for this. This is a joke, you idiot. Topher’s messing with us. It’s just an excuse for us all to act crazy and pretend someone is possessing us. It’s stupid. We’re not kids.”

    Before anyone had a chance to exit, Topher cooly said, “I know none of you will believe me so…” Topher peeled off the plastic tab from the sticker and pressed the adhesive gently to the small of Tiffany’s back. “...so I’ll show you.”

    Everyone gasped as Topher’s body phased into Tiffany, who seemed completely unaware that anything was happening to her. Her body only twitched slightly, and then relaxed. 

    Tiffany began to speak as if nothing were out of the ordinary as she raised a hand and stroked her soft face. “As you can see, I’m not lying. I’m not making it up. The possession spell works. I am now in control of Tiffany’s body.” Her hand slid from her face, landed on her breast, and continued its descent down her voluptuous body. “Every single bit of it.”

    It took almost half a minute for Topher to quiet everyone down again. When they did, he kept on explaining with Tiffany’s voice, but his salesmanship. “I can see a lot of you have questions, and I’ll give you the basics. But if you want more than that, you’ll just have to experience it for yourself. For starters, it is reusable as long as the sticker’s adhesive holds, which in testing is around ten to fifteen times. To use it, you must stick it to a person’s back. It doesn’t matter if it’s their skin or their clothes, just has to be near the center of their back for the spell to kick in. And that’s it. You don’t have to say or chant anything, because the spell has been preprogrammed into the sticker. And-”

    Tiffany’s body jerked again, and Topher’s body rematerialized right behind her. Tiffany was at a count of 24 seconds. He’d better hurry up with whatever he was trying to sell.

    Topher picked back up his pitch in his body. “Well, once the time is up, you pop back out with the person you possessed none the wiser, thinking that nothing has happened at all. And then you can go again by pressing the sticker on their back if you want. Or you can pick someone else. Or you can let someone possess you, or-” 

    Tiffany stopped counting. Why was Topher so obsessed with this silly bit of fiction. She spun to look at him and asked, “What are you talking about? No one’s going to believe any of this.” But she saw that everyone’s eyes were on her as if she had done a spectacular magic trick. 

    “You see?” Topher said jubilantly. “She has no idea she was possessed! When you stick someone, it happens instantly, and when you come out, no time for them has passed. The only way they might have a clue that anything funny happened, is if you’ve changed their surroundings, like say moved them to a different room, or if you’ve been naughty and maybe taken off a few articles of their clothing.” He mimed taking his shirt off.

    “How is this better than drugs?” a dimwitted sophomore asked.

    Topher addressed the question while he deftly reached behind Tiffany’s back and retrieved the sticker. “Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to be in someone else’s skin? To feel taller, or stronger, or…” he placed the sticker onto Tiffany’s back again, and Topher vanished into her.

    Tiffany’s hands went just under her breasts, and she pushed them up and locked eyes with several guys in the room. “...or to know what it’s like to touch the best boobs on campus?” As Topher glanced around, he saw that he had just convinced every man to stick around. “But ladies, you could know what it’s like to have an extra appendage between your legs. To feel what it’s like to run a hand up and down your own dick for a change. Or, you could walk a mile in another woman’s shoes and see the world through their eyes. The possibilities are endless, right up til the time runs out.”

    Topher could tell that not everyone was on board, but many were already imagining what they could do, or who they wanted to try it out on first. He hurried his pitch along. “But maybe some of you are worried that if you were possessed, someone would have access to all the secrets inside your head. Well rest easy. No one will be able to access your mind, your memories, your passwords and pin numbers. The only thing a person will know about you is what they already knew when they possessed you.”

    Topher knew he’d convinced even more of them now by more eyes darting around, looking for a person to stick. He gave the naysayers their only out.  “Anyone who wants to go should leave right now. You can even take your stickers with you, but know this! They won’t work outside of this house. The magic is tied to this place. The sticker would become just an ordinary sticker. And if you try to leave in the body of another person, you’d get ejected from them immediately.”

    Tiffany’s eyes had a few more seconds to gauge people’s responses, until Topher reappeared behind her. She didn’t understand why Topher had stopped talking mid sentence. Her sorority sisters were looking at her with a mix of nervousness, excitement, and possibly fear. She didn’t think a full 90 seconds had passed, but she was going to cut whatever this was short. “Look, Topher, if you don’t need me anymore, my sisters and I are going to leave.”

    “Just 10 more seconds, Tiffany,” Topher said patiently. “Yes, anyone who wants to, should go now.” Six people began to shuffle forward to leave. Before they could get far, Topher added one more incentive. “But for anyone who wants to stay, there is an open bar.”

    Only three people actually left, one of which was the frightened looking sorority sister. Tiffany thought that was weird. Nobody left when there was an open bar. Why hadn’t Topher led with that instead of talking about some possession sticker nonsense.

    One person that was trying to leave was Kim. She was gritting her teeth and glaring furiously at her boyfriend. “Let’s go!” she commanded.

    But Frank dug in his heels and said firmly. “I want to stay! If you want to go, go!” 

    His girlfriend’s eyes narrowed and both her hands went to her hips. “Why? So some skank can possess you and grab your dick? Or maybe they possess me and try and make out with you? Is that something you want? For some hussy or geek to take me over and make out with you?”

    “Uh…” Was all the reply Frank could muster. Her words had sounded so exciting, so forbidden and alluring. 

    “Are you kidding me right now?” was all that Kim got out, before a girl behind her put a sticker on Kim’s back

    Frank watched with wide eyes as it happened. He saw his girlfriend gasp, then squeal! She began to flex and wiggle her fingers. After that, she brought her hands to her boobs and started squeezing them shamelessly. “Not as large as mine,” Kim’s voice said appreciatively. “But definitely perkier.” Kim looked up into Frank’s eyes and smiled. “Sorry. It seemed like your girlfriend was about to rip you a new one. I hope you don’t mind.”

    Not only did Frank not mind, but he was hornier than he had ever been. “Would you mind if I made out with my girlfriend right now? Probably won’t get a chance to later.”

    The person in Kim appeared to consider it for a second, then shrugged her shoulders and giggled. “Sury, why not. It’s not my body.”

    Their lips met and their tongues intertwined, but Frank wouldn’t get to experience all of it, because a sticker got placed on his back as well.

    All around them, people were placing their stickers, and several people disappeared into someone else. 

    “Let the possession party commence!” Topher shouted. He bobbed and weaved his way quickly to the bar and began pouring drinks. “If any of you are feeling frisky, all the bedrooms are available to you!” He pressed a button on his phone and dance music flooded the room.

    The most attractive people were the first to get possessed. Bailey would have fallen into that category, but when two people tried, Ryan saw them coming and intervened, pulling her out of the way. They escaped temporarily to a corner and watched as people started behaving strangely. Clothes began coming off and inhibitions were shed all around them. All combinations of people started making out passionately, guys and girls, guys and guys, and girls and girls, kissing, touching, groping. Two of the sorority girls had taken off their tops and bras and were just mashing their boobs together and giggling profusely.

    “So, we’re not staying and being a part of this insanity, are we?” Ryan asked Bailey as they surveyed the debauchery around them. He wanted to leave. But he was also keenly aware that Bailey was almost cheek to cheek with him, and he didn’t mind that at all. He could smell her perfume, or lotion…whatever girls wear that made them smell good. He’d stay in this corner with just her for hours if she’d let him.

    “How about I let you know in 90 seconds,” Bailey grinned as she snaked a hand behind Ryan’s back and placed her sticker.

    To Ryan, it was as if no time had passed at all. Bailey’s face was grinning mischievously at him one second, and then the next, his face was meshed together with a girl’s. He could feel her in his mouth. It was hot and wet and warm. His dick was throbbing. He pulled back, and saw Bailey appear next to him out of the corner of his eye. He recognized the girl in front of him though, the one who had just been exploring his mouth with her tongue. It was the chubby girl that had been staring at him earlier. 

    She looked at him now with disappointment and hunger. “Why’d you stop?” Then she spotted Bailey.. “Oh, were you the one possessing him?”

    “I don’t…” Ryan was at a loss. He looked at Bailey curiously, and she just gave him a thumbs up. 

    The girl smirked at Bailey and extended a hand towards her. “You’re a really good kisser. My name’s Tabitha.”

    She took it and replied, “I’m Bailey, and this guy that can’t form complete sentences is my friend Ryan.”

    “Just friends?” Tabitha asked firmly.

    “Oh yeah, just friends,” Bailey confirmed, which felt like a knife through Ryan’s heart.

    Tabitha looked at Ryan slyly. “I wonder if he’d kiss differently now?”

    “Only one way to find out,” Bailey teased. 

    Tabitha wasted no time in pulling Ryan’s face back to hers. Again, Ryan felt her hot tongue as it probed his mouth. She was the one that ended the kiss this time. “Not as good, but he can learn.”

    Ryan glanced at Bailey, and saw that she was happy for him. He couldn’t help but resent her pushing this Tabitha person into his path. Yes, he had gotten all worked up. But he was not happy. He didn’t want Tabitha. He wanted Bailey. He should just tell her that, out loud, instead of it broadcasting on loop in his mind. But he knew, deep down, he was too much of a coward. He tried to smile back at his friend, but his mouth crinkled and looked like had bitten into something sour. 

    Bailey thought he was joking, and made a face back at him. “Enjoy yourself, kids. I’m going to go get a drink.”

    As she walked towards the bar, Tabitha hinted at Ryan, “I wouldn’t say no to a drink.”

    Ryan had found his ability to brood wildly impared by a toplessTiffany who was making out with one of her sorority sisters.

    Tabitha’s temper flared, but she gave Ryan another chance and loudly repeated, “Will you get me a drink?”

    The question got into Ryan’s ears and bounced around as he saw the two gorgeous women kiss and fondle each other. He somehow managed to say, “I’m not thirsty.”

    Tabitha looked angrily in Tiffany’s direction, and walked away from Ryan, who had just seemed to notice how many more topless women there were in the room.

    Close by, Frank noticed his kiss with Kim had ended abruptly. One second he was kissing her luscious lips, and the next she had disappeared. Before he could even look around for her, time seemed to skip again, and he found himself in a room making out with a girl he had seen earlier, but didn’t know. Her hands were underneath his shirt, feeling the abs he worked so hard to keep. He heard the door shut behind him as whoever had possessed him left for a different target. 

    The woman in front of him was now trying to remove his shirt entirely. As he began to push her away, his girlfriend burst through the door at the worst possible time. 

    Kim charged like a bull and yelled, “Is this why you wanted to stay you two timing bastard!”

    The girl on the bed with Frank yelped, rolled away, and ran out the door. 

    “Baby, this isn’t what it looks like!” Frank began.

    “It looked like you were hooking up with that girl that just ran out of here!” Kim said as she took a swipe at Frank. 

    Frank dodged, and then continued to do so as Kim kept yelling and swinging away at him. Unbeknownst to her, a rotund looking guy had entered the room, and was sneaking up behind her. Frank saw. He saw it clearly. He could have said something, could have warned her, or shouted at the guy to stop, but he didn’t. A part of him, a very specific part actually, wanted his girlfriend to be possessed. He watched as a sticker was placed on her back, and the guy took control of his girlfriend’s hot body.

    Instantly, Kim began to take her top and hurriedly struggled with her bra strap. As she did this, she said, “Ooh, I like this one. She’s real feisty. You’re welcome by the way, man. I think she had it in for you..”

    The bra fell away and her perky breasts sprang into view. It wasn’t Frank’s first time seeing them, but it was different somehow. It wasn’t his girlfriend behind those eyes. It was someone else, controlling her, moving her, exposing her. For reasons he could not explain, it was the hottest thing he had ever experienced.

    “Hey,” Frank said in almost a whisper. “That’s my girlfriend.”

    The person inside Kim took this as a challenge, and Kim retorted, “Well sorry pal, but she’s mine for like, another 80 seconds or so.”

    Frank looked her body up and down, then asked, “Could you take off her skirt too?”

    Kim raised one eyebrow and jeered, “You want me to take off her panties while I’m at it?”

    “Yes,” Frank said quietly. He was suddenly embarrassed as he realized he was asking this of another guy. A guy who would slide her underwear down her legs. Who would be able to see his girlfriend without a stitch on her.

    Kim began to slowly nod like Frank’s request were totally sensible. “Alright. But first, introductions. The guy extended Kim’s hand while the other cupped a boob. “The name’s Steven.”

    “Oh, uh, Frank.” He shook the offered hand. This part was weird, but it was worth it as he watched Kim’s eyes lock onto his, and she pulled down her skirt, then her panties.

    “So, now what?” Kim’s voice asked casually. “You’re just going to stare at me? I mean, if that’s what gets you going.”

    Frank thought it was so weird hearing Kim sound so easy going and accommodating. She’d been nothing but angry, bossy, and belligerent to him for months. Now she was talking to him without any of those tones or irritated expressions she typically used. And now that he wasn’t shaking her hand, she was groping both of her boobs.

    “Can you like, make her strike sexy poses?” Frank stammered. Why was he so nervous?

    Kim stopped mid squeeze. “I thought you said she was your girlfriend? Why can’t you just ask her to do that for you?”

    “She is, I just, um, we’ve been going through a rough patch recently and…”

    Kim put a hand on his shoulder. “Trouble in paradise. I get it. Say no more. I can pose her real provocative like, and you could take pictures. I wouldn’t mind that, especially if you’re willing to send them my way.” Kim fell back onto the bed and asked with feigned innocence, “Now how do you want me?”

    Frank’s mouth went dry as he pulled out his phone to take pics. 

    Downstairs, Ryan was still gawking at the boobs all around him, but eventually remembered that Bailey was somewhere on the premises. Hadn’t she said the bar? He went to find her to see if she was ready to leave. But should he try possessing someone first? That was the whole point of this, wasn’t it? He could possess Bailey, but…just because she had possessed him, didn’t mean she’d be cool with him possessing her. They should just leave. But first he had to find Bailey She was being a terrible wing woman.

    He felt someone touch his arm and he whirled around. He swallowed hard, as a genuine goddess began speaking to him.

    “So, can you like, protect me from all the creeps here?” Tiffany asked like a helpless maiden. “Everyone keeps possessing my friends and I. Maybe if I’m with you, they’ll leave me alone.”

    “Oh, uh, I guess that’s okay.” Ryan managed meekly.

    She sidled up next to him and began running her hand up and down his arm. “My hero. I’m glad you’re here to look after me.”

    Ryan tried to respond, but he had registered that her breast was pressing into his arm. It was so big and soft. He had never imagined being this close to Tiffany’s boobs. His head had turned of its own accord and his eyes had zeroed in on her cleavage. He had a front row seat to the twins. He could die happy. Wait, she was saying something. He hadn’t been paying attention! “I’m sorry, what?”

    Tiffany giggled. “I said you seemed hypnotized by my boobs.”

    Ryan went red. He couldn’t look at Tiffany. In a panic, he began frantically looking around for Bailey to help him. “Oh. I’m sorry! They were right there and, they’re so perfect, and…”

    Her eyes narrowed. “Who are you looking for if perfect boobs are right in front of you?”

    “My friend, Bailey,” Ryan answered honestly, even as his airway seemed to be closing up as a defense mechanism not to say anything stupid until his friend could come and bail him out.

    Tiffany pulled back and put her hands on her hips. “Ryan. A very attractive woman that you couldn’t stop ogling earlier is now right in front of you, and you’re looking for me! Get your head in the game!”

    Ryan’s head snapped back to Tiffany. “What?” 

    And right about then he watched as Bailey was ejected from Tiffany’s body.

    “Are you kidding me?” Ryan asked her.


    While Tiffany looked at the familiar freshman in front of her, Bailey moved quickly to retrieve the sticker. 

    “What is happening?” Tiffany blurted angrily. “I seem to keep blacking out and waking up with different people in front of me.” She looked down at her outfit. “At least my tits aren’t out this time!”

    Bailey put the sticker back onto Tiffany’s killer bod and was back in the driver’s seat a moment later.

    “Why are you inside her?” Ryan asked.

    “Oh, so you can talk now that you know it’s me in here?” Tiffany/Bailey challenged.

    “Well, yeah, I mean…”

    “I’m trying to build your confidence Ryan. Tiffany is just a girl. Sure, she’s hot and all, but you can carry on a conversation with her the same as me if you just…Ryan…” She saw that she had lost him again to the depths of her temporary cleavage. “Oh for the love of…here! Get it out of your system.” 

    She grabbed the back of his head and plunged him face forward into her tits. She laughed as he struggled briefly, but then he began to slide his face around the big, bouncy orbs. Bailey noted that it felt good, maybe better than hers felt. But it had been awhile since someone’s face had been this close to her chest. 

    Ryan was in heaven, but with a limited supply of oxygen. He didn’t mind though. His face was between Tiffany’s boobs, with Bailey in charge. He’d still prefer Bailey’s body, but he could make do. He lifted an arm and pulled her top and bra down, just enough for a nipple to pop out. 

    “Hey, I’m not sure you should…” Tiffany’s voice protested, but stopped as Bailey felt Ryan’s tongue snake out and lick her borrowed tit. Damn! It was so  sensitive. She was going to have to rub one out when this was all over. Or maybe she could still find a guy at this party to screw. As Ryan began to suck on the nipple, she reveled in the pleasure for several seconds, then pushed him back. “Okay, okay. I think your confidence has been built. Told you I’d be a great wing woman.”

    “Can I…could you let me kiss her?” Ryan begged. “I uh, probably need a lot of practice in that area.”

    Tiffany’s mouth grimaced slightly. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

    “You made me kiss a girl with my own mouth earlier!” Ryan countered. “And you just let me lick Tiffany’s tits!”

    “That’s a very good point,” Tiffany laughed. “Well, I guess it’s okay.”

    She puckered and leaned forward. Ryan felt his heart surge, and his lips met hers, and it was an amazing two seconds, and then he felt the slap.

    “What the hell do you think you’re doing!” Tiffany shrieked, and hurried off. She only made it five steps before a guy hopped into her and began feeling her up.

    Bailey was standing in front of Ryan, and mouthed the word sorry. 

    “It’s fine,” Ryan said with a hand on his stinging cheek. 

    “Let me make it up to you. Is there anyone else you’d like me to possess?” Bailey asked helpfully. 

    Ryan thought that was such a loaded question. There were several beautiful women in this house. Bailey would probably let him touch any of them he wanted. But the person he really wanted to touch was right in front of him. He should just say that. 

    He tried. “Maybe…what if you…”

    And then Tabitha walked behind Bailey and put a sticker on her back.

    Upstairs, Frank was wishing 90 seconds were longer as Steven popped out of Kim for the fifth time, and promptly fell off the bed with a loud thunk. As his girlfriend’s face flared with anger, Frank reached towards her and pulled the sticker off her back. “Here!” he said, and shoved it towards Steven. 

    “Are you helping this gross pervert possess me?” Kim snarled. She looked down at herself. “And you still haven’t made him put my clothes on?”

    As she was shouting, Steven placed the sticker on her back. It didn’t stick, but fell off.

    “Put it on her man!” Frank urged.

    “I did!” Steven said anxiously. “It’s not sticking anymore. That means the spell won’t work.” He looked towards the closed bedroom door as he planned a quick exit. He did not want to be in the middle of the impending lover’s quarrel. 

    “Worst. Boyfriend. Ever!” Kim shouted. “What were you letting him do to me?” She seemed to notice the phone in his hand for the first time and gasped. “Were you taking naked pictures of me? While this jerk was touching my body? I’m going to kill both of you as soon as I get my fucking clothes back on!” 

    “That’s my cue!” Steven said as he lumbered towards the door. “Good luck man.”

    Steven was pretty out of shape, and Frank beat him by a mile to the door. He grabbed Steven by the shoulder and began whispering in his ear. “I never used my sticker. You can have it if you keep possessing her and, uh…let me…”

    “What are you whispering about?” Kim shouted as she pulled her pants back on.

    “Let me touch her,” Frank blurted out.

    “I told you I’m not doing anything gay!”

    “It’s not gay when you’re in a chick!”

    Kim’s shirt was on, and she walked towards them with malicious resolve in her eyes.

    “Negotiate later!” Steven squawked. “Possess now!”

    Frank gave him the sticker he had kept in his pocket. A second later, his girlfriend’s hands were pummeling him about the head. He blocked what he could and tried to catch her arms. 

    “We are officially over!” she screamed. “And you should know I’ve been cheating on you with Mark for months. He’s got a huge dick! Much bigger than-”

    But she stopped as Steven had moved behind her, and taken control. 

    Frank felt the fight go out of Kim. His hands were still on her. He let them slide down her arms. Her face lifted to his, and she looked him straight in the eyes and asked very hesitantly, “What kind of touching? Does this count?”

    Frank stared at her soft lips. He wanted to kiss her so bad right now. Why? Why was she so much more alluring to him this way, with someone else inside of her?

    “Hey dummy,” she said snapping her fingers in front of his face. “Clock’s ticking. What do you want me to do so I can keep your sticker?”

    “I want to kiss you!” Frank demanded.

    Kim’s body twisted from his grasp. “Gross. No way! I’m not kissing a guy. I didn’t have a problem posing your girl, especially after you said you’d send me the pics. But I’m not kissing you, or letting you touch me, or…”

    “What if I eat her out?”

    Kim/Steven paused. “I, uh…I guess that’s… Would I have to see your face?”

    Frank shook his head. “Not if it’s between your legs.”

    Steven was tempted. He’d only played with the boobs of the other girls’ he’d possessed, except for Kim. He’d managed to clumsily rub her pussy. It had felt okay, but he was pretty sure he was doing it wrong. “Have you eaten your girlfriend’s pussy before?”

    “It’s been awhile, but yeah.”

    “Did she like it?”

    “Oh yeah.”

    Steven knew the seconds were slipping away. He didn’t want to waste a whole possession round on the negotiations. “I guess, but no other touching.”

    “How about this,” Frank said as he fished from his pocket Kim’s unused sticker that he had taken from her early in the chaos. “I give you this fresh sticker as well, and you let me kiss my girlfriend before I lick her pussy and make you cum.”

    Two stickers! That was enough for Steven. “Deal! But I’m going to close my eyes and pretend you’re a chick. And try not to use a lot of tongue-”

    But Frank’s mouth covered up any more words from Kim’s mouth. And his hands became needy and started extracting her from her clothes as quickly as he could.

    Downstairs, Tabitha in Bailey’s body was grilling Ryan about his preferences. “How about that one?” she said as she pointed to a brunette taking shots at the bar.

    “No. I don’t want you to possess her either?”

    “And you’re sure you don’t want me to possess that Tiffany girl again? The incredibly hot one that everyone has been fighting over.”

    “I’m sure.”

    “Then who do you want? Because it wasn’t me! I could tell when you kissed me. But I can be literally anyone in this house you’d like to fuck right now. So who’s it going to be?”

    “I, uh, no one, okay. Why do you even want to do this with me?”

    A mischievous expression danced across Bailey’s face. “Because my kink is deflowering virgins. And I’d be willing to bet that you have never had a first time, have you?”

    Ryan sighed and nodded once. 

    “Well then, virgin boy, I find myself with a terrific opportunity, and a quandary. You don’t seem to want to have sex in my body, but that’s okay, because I can be anyone in this house that you want me to be.” Tabitha watched him carefully. He refused to make eye contact with her, and only stared at the floor. Occasionally his eyes would drift up and he’d look her in the boobs. 

    A thought occurred to her, and she ventured a guess. “It’s this girl, isn’t it? The one I’m in right now. Bailey, right? The one that’s just your friend. She’s the one you really want.” Ryan said nothing but his eyes snapped right to hers, and they were filled with panic. That look told Tabitha all she needed to know, and she placed a hand gently onto Ryan’s cheek. “Well, she’s right here for the taking,” Bailey’s voice purred. “What do you say, virgin boy?”

    “It’s not the same,” Ryan argued. “You’re not really her. And the spell will wear off any-”

    And at that moment, it did, and Tabitha felt herself pushed out of Bailey’s body. She grabbed the sticker off of Bailey’s back, and almost put it back on. But she looked at Ryan curiously first, and seemed to reconsider her course of action. She whirled about suddenly and headed towards the bar where Topher was pouring a steady stream of drinks.

    Bailey pulled her hand from Ryan’s face and asked curiously, “Did someone just possess me? What did they make me do?”

    “Nothing,” Ryan said truthfully. “We just talked.”

    “What? Lame!” Her gaze shifted to something behind him. “Oh my gosh! Look at that!” she exclaimed, pointing to a guy in the corner of the room. His sizeable dick was out and he was twirling it around and around. “He’s doing the helicopter twirl thing! I’d heard guys could do that, but I’ve never seen it til now.”

    A girl popped out behind the guy just then and she walked away with a blush and a smile. She didn’t get far, as someone hopped into her, and her tits were out shortly thereafter. 

    “You good for a bit?” Bailey asked. “I’ve got to go try that out.”

    “The helicopter thing? Be my guest,” Ryan said, doing his best to smile at her.

    Bailey started to walk away, but noticed the cracks in her friend’s smile. “You okay?”

    Ryan did his best to swallow his feelings. “I’m fine. Go and see what it’s like to twirl a dick. Can we leave after that?”

    She sighed. “I guess, since it doesn’t seem like you’re having a good time.” And then she ran to sticker the guy. 

    A few seconds later, Ryan heard a guy’s voice yell from across the room, “Ryan, look! Look at my dick! I’m doing it!”

    Ryan waved and gave Bailey another thin lipped smile, then walked to the bar. He might as well get a drink before he left. He was glad to see that Tabitha had already come and gone. 

    Upstairs, Steven was in paradise. He was getting eaten out 90 seconds at a time, which wasn’t ideal, but still felt amazing. He was fully prepared to use the last of the stickers possessing Kim if Frank kept licking that pussy. 

    It was even okay that Frank’s hand occasionally reached up and groped Kim’s boobs. It felt good to have another hand squeezing and pinching them. Steven arched Kim’s back as another wave of pleasure washed over him, as Frank hit that very special spot. “Oh damn! This feels so great! A pussy is so much better than a dick!”

    Frank came up for air to ask, “How about you let me fuck her?”

    Kim’s hand pushed Frank’s head back down. “Stop talking crazy and keep licking me.”

    Frank obeyed for another few seconds, then stuck two fingers inside her sopping wet hole.

    Kim/Steven yelped. “Ooh that feels weird, but I like it!”

    “My dick goes in even deeper than that,” Frank pointed out. He watched as Kim/Steven seemed to consider this.

    But before he could make up his mind, Steven popped out of Kim from behind her, which meant Kim was on top of him. Steven pushed her off quickly, and Frank handed him a sticker, which Steven hurriedly slapped onto Kim’s back. It slid off. “This one’s out, Frank.”

    “Okay, here’s the other one.”

    Frank saw Kim’s expression during the exchange. She still looked mad, but also like she was trying to work out a puzzle. “What have you been doing to my pussy?” she moaned. “It’s on fire.”

    “Uh, just attacking it with my tongue.”

    “You haven’t done that in forever,” she growled. She noticed Steven and shot him a glare, but then continued talking to Frank. “My pussy feels so tingly babe. Why don’t you ask this guy to leave so you can get back to it.” 

    Frank had to wonder why she would suddenly be cool with this, especially after yelling consistently at him between possessions.

    “Oh,” Kim cooed. “I know what you’re thinking. This doesn’t mean we’re getting back together. I’m just so turned on right now and…” Kim froze for a second as Steven lunged for her, then, “I’m back inside her again, Frank. You should really listen to what the lady said and get that pussy.”

    Not one to look a gift horse in the pussy, Frank did just that, at least for next several seconds. And then he stopped to talk again, and Kim sounded like her old self as she cut him off before he could say a word, “Stop starting and stopping. You keep getting me right to the edge and then back off at the worst time.”

    “How about I go ask Topher for more stickers?” Frank propositioned. “I’ll pay him whatever he wants. And you let me fuck Kim with you inside of her, and then you keep the stickers.”

    Steven mulled it over quickly, which wasn’t easy as he was so horny and couldn’t really think straight, pun intended. “Go get the stickers, and maybe I’ll give you a handjob.”

    Frank tore from the room, a man on a mission.

    Ryan was on his second drink at the bar when Frank bumped into him. “Hey man, watch…” Ryan stopped himself from saying anything else when he saw Frank’s additional height and muscles. 

    “Sorry bro,” Frank said with a brief glance at Ryan. “Hey Topher!”

    “Having a good time?” Topher asked with a wink.

    Frank glanced at Ryan and a woman at the bar. “I need to have a private conversation real quick with my friend here.”

    “Oh, so we’re friends now,” Topher smiled. “I thought I was just your dealer.” He waved everyone else away.

    Ryan was slow to leave, and heard Frank say, “No man, we’re best friends. Listen, you got any more stickers? I’m willing to pay.”

    Topher nodded like he had expected this. “You’re not the first person to ask. You know the drill. Only the first taste was free.”

    “How much?”

    “Two hundred bucks.”

    Ryan almost spit out his drink as he began to walk away. Two hundred bucks for 90 seconds? Well, 90 seconds times ten. That still seemed like a huge rip off.

    He heard Frank read his mind. “That’s way too much money!”

    “Well like I said, you only got a taste. What I’m selling will have more of a kick.”

    Ryan was out of ear shot after that. He didn’t have money like that to blow anyway. He looked around for Bailey. He really wanted to leave now. He checked where helicopter guy had been. He was still there, but he wasn’t twirling his dick anymore. He was stroking it though, and a few other girls were watching him do it with wide, hungry eyes. 

    Ryan observed long enough to see a different girl hop out of him. Then another girl, one that had been eagerly waiting, possessed him a second later. Ryan shook his head. That well hung guy had a line of girls waiting to possess him like he was some kind of ride. But where was Bailey? He was beginning to get worried when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned and breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of his friend’s pretty face. 

    “Sorry,” Bailey said quickly when she saw his concern fade. “Didn’t mean to worry you. Just had to use the bathroom.”

    “It’s okay. You ready to go?”

    “Well, what if-”

    A person slapped her hard on the back, interrupting her. A guy had just put a sticker on her back. It stuck to her, but the guy didn’t disappear into her. He pulled it off and cursed, then said, “Oh man. I think I’m out!” 

    As he turned and walked away, he got possessed a second later by a girl who ran up behind and stuck him. His body quickly walked over to where Tiffany was making out with another guy, and began grinding his dick against her hip.

    “If people are running out, that means the party will be winding down soon, I guess,” Ryan noted. “Sorry you didn’t get laid, Bailey. At least you got to swing a dick around. How did that feel?”

    “What?” Bailey asked, then added quickly. “Oh, uh, good I guess. Hey, come with me.”

    She grabbed his hand and pulled him into the foyer, but instead of going towards the door, she led him up the flight of stairs. 

    “Where are we going?” Ryan asked. 

    “Just somewhere with a bit of privacy,” was all she said. 

    The first two rooms they tried were occupied. One contained a guy and a girl going at it like it was their job. The second one had the makings of a mini orgy. Ryan had to pull Bailey away from that one because she couldn’t stop staring.

    When they got into the third room, Bailey locked the door behind them, then looked intently at Ryan.

    “What?” Ryan wondered aloud. “Do I got something on my face? Why’d you bring us up here?”

    “Is there something you want to say to me?” Bailey asked. She walked towards him slowly with a look of concern.

    “What?” Ryan asked apprehensively. Internally, his mind was racing, wondering if she knew about his feelings for her. If she asked him directly, he’d deny, deny, deny.

    “Is the reason you didn’t pursue any of the other girls here…” she got shy all of a sudden. “Is it because maybe…you like me?”

    “Yes!” Ryan practically shouted. So much for denial. “I mean…I know we’re friends. And I don’t want to ruin that. Our friendship has been the best thing that happened to me since I got here and-”

    Bailey raced towards him and kissed him. Her momentum pushed him back, and he fell into a sitting position on the bed. Bailey crawled onto his lap, and peppered his lips and face with her mouth. 

    “Oh my gosh!” he gasped. “Is this really happening? Is this real?”

    In a quick movement, she yanked her shirt off and watched as his eyes locked onto her bra. “What do you think?” She seemed to take a moment to admire her cleavage before taking one of his hands and placing it over her bra. She helped him squeeze her. “Do these feel real, Ryan?”

    Ryan was so happy, and so turned on, but there was this thought, a stupid thought, one that buzzed about and dared to try and interrupt his happiness. “Uh, is it really you in there, Bailey?”

    With mild shock, she asked, “What? You think someone’s possessing me right now and that’s why I’m coming on to you?”

    “Well, yes. I mean, this was a possession party after all.”

    Bailey nodded thoughtfully. “Okay, you’re right. But it has been longer than 90 seconds since I started talking to you downstairs, hasn’t it?”

    “I think so.”

    “Well if you’re not sure, why don’t you count down from 90. You can watch me closely while I remove this bra.” With a soft click, she unfastened the clasp, and let the bra slowly fall away from her boobs. Ryan was watching very closely indeed as she added. “If you see anyone pop out of me, you’ll know I was possessed. But if not, you can decide what you’d like to do with me next.”

    In a room close by, Kim became aware for what seemed like the twentieth time that she was sitting on a bed, still completely naked. That wasn’t new to her. Nor was the fact that her fingers were on her pussy or a hand was squeezing her boobs. That had been how she had discovered herself a few times now. Also not new, was how her body felt. It wanted sex, it wanted to be penetrated, it wanted to climax! She hadn’t been this worked up in a while But none of that mattered because she knew what would happen if she didn’t move quickly. The pervert behind her would put the sticker onto her back and take over her body. And then she’d find herself in a slightly different position with a finger on her clit and a hand on her boob in another 90 seconds. 

    All of this flashed across her mind in the span of a few moments, which normally would have been too long, but behind her, Steven had fumbled the sticker. He picked it up off the bed and tried to place it again, but Kim had already sprung to her feet, whirled around, and faced him. 

    The door was just past him. She could do this. She’d have to run into the rest of the house naked. And would have to dodge anyone else with a sticker. But she’d just have to make it out of the house. That’s what Topher had said. The magic only worked inside the house. And then she’d get even with Frank, and Topher too. But first she’d flatten this overweight geek who was standing in her way. She faked like she was about to dart left, then faked again to the right. The guy’s response time was slow. She could get by this guy with no problem. 

    “I uh, I can’t let you leave before Frank gets back,” Steven stammered.

    “Yeah, and why’s that?” Kim shot back.

    “Because he wants to, uh…” Steven couldn’t finish and went red.

    Kim spit out the rest in a fury. “He wants to fuck me! While you’re in my body! Is that it?”

    “No, I wouldn’t let…I’m not gay!”

    Kim laughed in spite of herself. “Oh, I’m sorry! I get confused sometimes. You’re not gay. You just want my boyfriend’s dick inside of you, while you’re in me. Now it all makes sense.”

    “It’s not the same!” Steven argued, trying to stall for time. “He just really knows how to get you off! But he’ll only do it for your body. That’s why he’s coming back. He can’t get enough of that,” he said as he motioned to her.

    Kim wasn’t sure how to feel about that. She believed their relationship had been nearing its end, but…he still wanted her. She had walked all over him for months, and he still only had eyes for her. He could be banging any other girl while she had been possessed, but he wanted her body. But then she gave it more thought. He wanted her body, but not her mind, otherwise Frank wouldn’t need this pathetic excuse of a man to possess her. And Frank had been helping him do it! 

    “Well, he’s going to have to learn to live without me!” Kim declared, and then made her move. She had been right. The guy’s weight did make him slower. She was past him in a flash and her hand was on the door before he was fully off the bed. She yanked it open, and ran right into Frank. 

    “Steven, I thought I told you to stay…” Frank trailed off as he saw a sheepish Steven with one foot still on the bed. “Oh, I see.”

    Kim whirled around so her back wasn’t exposed to Steven, so he couldn’t use the sticker on her. Her bare butt backed into Steven, and she felt his dick push against her. She understood what it was to be between a rock and a hard place. 

    With her eyes on Steven, she pleaded with Frank, “Babe, you don’t need him. If you want to fuck me, I’ll let you. I didn’t know you still loved me and wanted me this much. If you make this creep go away, we can try again.”

    Frank put his beefy hands on her shoulders and spun her around. She was scared for a second, until she heard Frank’s booming voice say, “Drop the sticker, Steven.”

    “But…” Steven protested as he shambled forward.

    Kim smirked. She couldn’t believe Frank was buying her “try again” speech. She looked up at him and said, “My hero.” Then gave him a peck on the cheek.

    She was so confident that her deception was working, that she didn’t notice Frank’s hand reach into his back pocket and pull out a blue sticker, and extend it towards Steven. Steven wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do, but then he made eye contact with Frank, who winked at him. Steven closed the gap quickly, grabbed the sticker from Frank’s hand, and began to remove the plastic tab. 

    Kim realized that something was going on, but when she tried to turn around and see, Frank’s hands clamped onto her shoulders, pinning her to the spot. “What’s going on, Frank?” she asked sharply.

    Frank gave her a knowing smile. “Everything with you has been hard lately, and you just suddenly have a change of heart about us? I’m sure that’s not the only time you’ve been fake with me.”

    She began to squirm in his grip as she shouted in his face, “You’re right about that you pathetic waste of space! I will make you regret this! First chance I get I’m going to cut off your-”

    And then the fight left her. She stopped squirming, and her face broke out into a grin. “I’m back in.”

    Frank couldn’t help himself. He kissed her. 

    Steven felt a tongue enter Kim’s smaller mouth. Her feminine body responded automatically to the sensation of Frank’s body so close to hers. Steven’s mind rejected it a moment later, and he pushed Frank off and began spitting. “No, ew! Gross, man! Why’d you do that?”

    Frank ushered them both in so he could lock the door. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself. This is such a huge turn on for me.” 

    “I’m happy you’ve found your kink, but I am not comfortable kissing you.”

    “But it’s okay if I eat her out?”

    “Obviously,” Kim/Steven said as she fell backwards onto the bed and spread her legs wide. 

    “And you’ll let me feel her tits?”

    “Yeah, yeah, all that feels good. Now hurry up so we don’t waste this sticker.”

    Frank opened his mouth to say something, then thought better of it and lowered his mouth to Kim’s pussy. It wasn’t long before Kim’s moans filled the room. Frank started groping her tits with one hand, then both. She grabbed his hands and helped him squeeze harder. She had always liked it a little rough. 

    Steven found it hard to think about anything else but the waves of pleasure that kept rippling through Kim’s body. If he had been aware of the passage of time, he might have realized that more than 90 seconds had come and gone, a few times actually. He felt a finger go inside of Kim’s pussy again, then two, all while Frank’s tongue did its thing. Steven felt Kim’s pelvis begin to instinctively writhe and buck against Frank’s face, and a tsunami of ecstasy washed over him from head to toe. It was better than any orgasm Steven had ever felt in a male body, and lasted much longer as well. 

    Frank stopped his tongue lashing and withdrew his fingers. He looked at Kim, who lay sweaty and spent before him. His dick was throbbing. It needed release. Her legs had closed around Frank’s head as she came, but he steadily began to spread them wide again.

    A thought finally occurred to Steven. “Hey, how long’s it been? Shouldn’t I have been kicked out of her by now?”

    “If it had been the normal sticker, yeah. But Topher gave me one that lasts a bit longer.”

    Kim’s face became worried. “How much longer?”

    “Twenty four hours,” Frank said, and placed a finger directly onto Kim’s clit.

    Kim moaned and her body squirmed. “But, that’s too long,” Kim/Steven whined. “I don’t want to be a girl for a whole day.”

    “I’ll try to help it pass quickly for you,” Frank smiled as he slipped a finger back inside. “Or I could stop right now and we could go our separate ways.”

    “No!” she pleaded. “Keep doing that! I’m still so horny! I could totally go again.”

    That was the other kick Topher had promised. Not only would this version of the spell last longer, but it included an aphrodisiac spell. The possessed person’s body would have a higher libido the whole time. Still, Frank acted surprised by Steven’s words, even as he continued to tease Kim’s clit. “Oh? Well, I wish I could help you, but…” Frank stopped touching Kim entirely, leaving a very frustrated Steven.

    Steven wasn’t dumb. He knew where this was heading. Kim’s body didn’t seem to care though. Steven made himself one final compromise. “I’ll shut my eyes, okay? But no kissing. And you can just…do what you need to do, but keep getting me off.”

    “That’s my Kimmy,” Frank said. He watched Kim roll her eyes at that, before shutting them tightly. He pulled off his pants and boxers, and then stared at her sopping pussy for a few seconds. 

    Steven still didn’t look as Frank rubbed the tip of his dick in her juices, getting it nice and wet for entry. But Steven couldn’t stop himself from letting out a delighted squeal in Kim’s voice as Frank’s dick went in. Kim’s pussy was being filled slowly, inch by glorious inch. Kim’s eyes opened as Frank began to pump in and out of her. Steven was letting a guy fuck him. That had not been on his to do list today. 

    He looked down and was calmed by the sight of Kim’s tits, bobbing up and down as Frank pounding Kim’s pussy. Steven knew that Frank had clearly gotten more than a little pent up. It was okay. As long as he didn’t try to kiss him again. It was okay that he was inside this body. It felt good. So good. Impossibly good. He could do this. He could stay a girl for twenty four hours. He wondered how many orgasms a girl could have in that time. He couldn’t wait to find out.

    Back in Ryan and Bailey’s room, things had moved a little more slowly. At Bailey’s insistence, Ryan had begun counting to 90, very slowly. Bailey had turned his count into a silent striptease, removing her shorts and underwear. Ryan only made it to 32, and then stood up. 

    “Can I touch you?” he asked in a nervous tremor. 

    She gave him a bigger smile than he had ever seen. “Of course. You can touch me anywhere you  want.”

    And that’s what he did. She giggled as he began to run nervous, shaky hands over her. He felt her soft, smooth skin that seemed to go on forever. His hands went up and down her arms, then he crouched and moved them down the side of her legs. This put her pussy directly in front of him. He saw the patch of dark blonde hair. He moved his hands to the back side of her legs, and lifted them up. When his fingers touched the underside of her butt cheeks, he hesitated. 

    Bailey was breathing hard as she encouraged him, “Keep going. Feel all of me. I want you to.”

    He kept staring at her pussy as his fingers continued their journey. Her cheeks lifted at his touch, and then he was gripping them in his hands. Her butt was small and tight. He spread her cheeks apart, then pushed them together. He saw a trickle of moisture run down her inner thigh.

    “Are you…” he started to ask. Then he brought a hand around and touched the clear fluid.

    “Yeah, that’s how wet I am right now for you,” Bailey said with knees that began to shake. “I love how you’re touching me. I love how much you want me. I think I’ll need to sit down soon.”

    “Of course, sure, yeah,” Ryan said. He stood and led her to the bed. They sat down, and he put a hand on her boob. And then he kissed her. They stayed like this for a minute or two. Ryan had no way of knowing because for him, time was at a standstill. Eventually, some instinct kicked in, and he began to push her down onto the bed. 

    “Wait,” she said. 

    Ryan froze, terrified that he had done something wrong. 

    “It’s your turn to get naked,” she whispered softly.

    He sighed, and clumsily shucked off his clothes, almost falling over in the process. Then he was beside her, pushing her down. She spread her legs, letting his dick rub near her pussy entrance. He tried to push into her. His aim was off.

    Bailey giggled, then reached down and took his dick into her hand. “Let me help you out there, virgin boy.”

    That phrase struck Ryan hard, as Bailey’s hand guided him into her. His face mirrored a mixture of horror and delight as he felt himself slide into her depths. “Oh!” he gasped at the overwhelming sensation of being inside his crush. 

    “Try not to cum too fast!” she said quickly. “Think of something else if you need to.”

    Ryan was already thinking of something else. The phrase virgin boy. That’s what Tabitha had called him. Had Bailey overheard her say that? She couldn’t have. Tabitha had been inside of Bailey at the time, and Bailey wouldn’t have remembered. 

    “That’s it,” Bailey cooed underneath him. “You’re nice and hard inside of me.This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

    Had Ryan ever told Bailey that he was a virgin? He didn’t think so. She might have assumed, but…

    She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deeper. “You have to start a rhythm. You need to go in and out, not all the way out mind you, just to the tip. And then push back into me. Slowly at first, but then you can speed up, and you want to try and go deeper. Good. Just keep doing that.”

    Ryan found himself following her instruction, even as his mind wondered. She began to moan loudly underneath him. It was incredibly sexy, and Ryan did not doubt that he would have exploded in her several times already if his mind weren’t otherwise preoccupied. 

    “Put a hand on my tit and pinch it!” she ordered. 

    Ryan obliged. She leaned forward for a kiss, and he gave it. It seemed hollow though. His dick didn’t care, and as it surged towards the finish line, he asked, “So, I guess thanks for being a great wing woman.”

    Her expression became confused. “What? Wing woman? Sure, whatever. Just give it to me harder!”

    He did give it to her harder. He was pumping furiously now as he kept to his line of questioning. “You called yourself that earlier, a couple of times actually. You said you’d be my wing woman and help get me laid.”

    Her hips were bucking under him, trying to get him deeper every time. “How am I doing so far?” she cried out.

    He could feel his balls tighten, and his dick begin to pulse inside her. Even so, he looked her in the eyes, and said the obvious. “You’re not her, are you?”

    The hungry smile she gave him was one he had seen before, on Tabitha. She bucked harder and faster against him as she saw he was right on the edge. Then she gave him an extra show by playing with her tits. “That’s not going to stop you from cumming inside of her, is it?”

    To Ryan’s regret, it did not stop him in the slightest.

    The end?

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jibaky ∙ 14 January 2022

Wow, this was very good, are you going to continue It?

VexenFox ∙ 14 January 2022

Great work Kripto, that was awesome!

Kripto Author ∙ 14 January 2022

I am definitely considering it. A lot of ideas came to mind when I edited it.

jibaky ∙ 14 January 2022

On rereading it after waking up, I will say that I especially like the parts where Frank and Steven keep doing Kim together. Wasnt really a fan of Ryan never actually possessing anyone, but thats on course with the other stories I read from Kripto back on literotica, where both in mindhack and in shudder (although, i have not, actually read shudder's sequel where the MC has the possession powers, or the shapeshifter story) the MC, kinda just go along with stuff, and don't really have much agency beyond dealing with the situation and resulting consequences (mindhack having a slight exception, where dan did actually abuse mindhack in the first chapter and in dan's apartment, before dan and stephanie do it more in their neighbours and in dan's family). Hoping that in any possible sequel that ryan gets to have some fun beyond a girl possessing the girl he was interested in to fuck him, although i understand that this is how you write, and maybe the character wasnt ever supposed to have the same interests as the audience have

VexenFox ∙ 16 January 2022

I actually quite liked the section with Ryan & Tabitha & Bailey, even better than the other half! I think that was because they stayed with the chaos of the main party and so it was much harder to guess what was going to happen. Sure, it would have been nice to see him possess somebody, and get possessed more often himself, but the realisation that Tabitha had possessed Bailey was done really well!

jibaky ∙ 16 January 2022

oh yrah, don't get me wrong, Bailey, Ryan and Tabitha's part was very good, the very end specifically was great, i just wasn't as into it cause, like i said, i kinda already expected what was going to happen, since that's a common theme(? i'm not sure this is the correct word in this context, english is complicated sometimes) in the stories I've read from this author

jibaky ∙ 16 January 2022

but then i guess it all mostly falls down to specific tastes of specific people, anyway, keep up the good work kripto

Kripto Author ∙ 17 January 2022

Glad to see there were parts that everyone enjoyed. I tend to keep people's comments and critiques in mind when writing future chapters. If I continue with this, I'd be sure to give Ryan more character development.

RT101 ∙ 13 February 2022

Great story! Really enjoyed the whole thing. Tabitha pretending to be Bailey was especially good

TicImagine ∙ 27 May 2022

Where can I request for story?

TicImagine ∙ 27 May 2022

I want to know how many words for how much money?

VexenFox ∙ 26 June 2022

TicImagine -- Click the 'Commission A Story' button in the top right. All stories are 3000 words, and the minimum contribution is currently $4, but most stories aren't written until they have closer to $100 in total value!

Heisenberger ∙ 07 August 2022

Brilliant story, I love how Ryan & Baileys sweet and genuine relationship is transformed into a superficial and lust fuelled session of debauchery where Tabitha abuses the pairs friendship in order to get herself off. I would love to see a future story where the consequences of this night and the the actions undertaken by the partygoers is explored further. Would Tabitha take the sticker off there and then and leave a very confused Bailey with Ryan on top of her?Or would she stay in Baileys body & continue to toy with Ryan, or even wander off in Baileys body and take the story in a new direction… Tabitha might even have noticed Stevens not-so-hidden fascination with Bailey and decide to ramp things up even further - he could be a virgin too, who knows? Plus, a creep like Steven would definitely try and make the moment last by recording (stealthily or not) his encounter with Tabitha-Bailey so he can watch all he wants at a later date, privately or publicly. As for the story overall, I would love to see the same level of character development in following chapters to add the extra oomph when the characters are possessed/ choose to posses another. The implications of the 24 hour possession stickers are just starting to be explored - and the possibilities are exciting enough for many more chapters to come. If you would like assistance in furthering this story I would be more than happy to help capture your vision and progress the adventure further, if not thank you very much for writing this story, it was an excellent read and I hope you come back to develop it further.

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