Witch Harem

Story created by NightOwl005 ∙ 11 September 2023

Three witches seek to return magic to the world and in order to complete their ritual they need the assistance of a specific girl...

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  • Witch Harem

    Chapter written by NightOwl005 ∙ 12 March 2023

    Three witches seek to return magic to the world and in order to complete their ritual they need the assistance of a specific girl...

  •             Dahlia waited until the last student left before she locked the doors to the library. It was nearing finals and the students were staying later as a result to get their grades up. Dahlia didn’t blame them, but it did irritate her that she would have to sometimes close later than usual. Especially now since the ritual was almost complete.

                She turned off the lights around her with a flick of her wrist, casting the library into shadow. From her pocket she pulled out an old pair of glasses which she snapped, improving her vision so the dark library appeared fully lit to her. Upstairs, she could already hear Blossom and Sacha preparing the ritual.

                On the second floor she found her sisters sitting in the center of the circular carpet surrounded by bookshelves. Blossom was looking through the book, muttering under her breath as she searched for the locater spell while Sacha was looking through her bag for the materials needed for the ritual and for the locater spell.

                “You couldn’t get them to leave earlier?” Sacha asked, pulling out a compass, “We’re already on a tight enough deadline as is!”

                “It’s finals week.” Dahlia replied, “and all of the students who took their classes lightly are just now remembering what’s at stake if they don’t pass.”

                “Aren’t you the head librarian here!” Sacha hissed, pulling out a magnifying glass.

                “I am.” Dahlia replied, “And as such, it’s my job to make sure these students have all the resources they need to succeed.”

                “And what about our resources?” Sacha asked, getting to her feet.

                “Sisters calm down,” Blossom begged, laying the book down.

                Dahlia glanced at the tome. Blossom had found the locator spell, thankfully. It looked like they had everything they needed for it as well. Magnifying glass, compass, blank paper, and the blood of the people who were searching for the person.

                Blossom licked her lips nervously as Dahlia and Sacha placed the items in the middle of the carpet. She hid her eyes when Dahlia produced a knife hidden in her jacket, Blossom was never a fan of violence, much less blood.

                Dahlia drew in a sharp breath as she nicked her finger, letting a single drop of blood splash onto the items. She handed the knife to Sacha who did the same and who then coerced the struggling Blossom to add her blood to the pile as well.

                Above them, the moon was shining through the glass ceiling. If there was ever a time to do it, now was the time. The three of them held hands and began chanting, with Dahlia leading the chant. They thought of their desire, to let magic flourish anew in this world which has long since forgotten it.

                The three of them have searched across the world and were certain that they were either the last of their kind, or that the rest have gone underground to hide from the world that didn’t want them anymore. A cruel world we live in. Dahlia thought, A cruel world that would stomp us out when we have much to offer.

                They continued chanting as the items before them began to glow, levitating in the air and dissolving to dust before their eyes. The three of them chanted harder as they saw an image forming amongst the fog. A woman.


                The fog started swirling around them and then the three of them were blown backwards as the spell was completed. Dahlia was the first to recover and there, standing in the middle of the carpet, was the naked form of a student she had seen sometimes around the library. Betty. That was her name. It wasn’t the real Betty, of course, just an illusion of the person they were looking for.

                "Who the hell is that?" Sacha demanded.

                Dahlia licked her lips, her heart pounding in her chest. “She is the key to our entire ritual.”

                Blossom walked over and examined the illusion of Betty, “I wonder what her story is, any ideas Dahlia?”

                The head witch shook her head, she had seen Betty around sometimes. But the student looked tired, uninterested in her classes. Did something happen to her? Or was there something else bothering her? Either way would be troubling as they needed for the ritual now.

                “A bit lacking in the chest department.” Sacha noted.

                “Hey!” Blossom replied.

                Sacha held up her hand, “I’m not saying they’re not pretty, just stating their size is all.”

                Dahlia looked at the image again as she began to fade. She burned the image of the student into her mind, making sure to remember every detail of her face, her green eyes, light auburn hair. Her perfect breasts, her round ass.

                She opened her eyes as she felt a wetness growing between her legs.

                “You alright?” Blossom asked.

                “I’m fine.” Dahlia replied, regaining her composure. “We have two days to get her.”

                “I can cook up some love potions.” Sacha replied, “Or maybe some sleeping potions, or maybe-”

                “The participant must be willing.” Dahlia cut her off.

                “Oh right.” Sacha sighed, “That will make matters more difficult.”

                Dahlia looked away, “I’ll try to convince her to come with us.”

                “You?” Sacha asked.

                “Yes.” Dahlia replied stiffly, “I’m head librarian, she might have at least some idea of who I am.”

                Sacha snorted, “Alright, but I won’t be too surprised if this doesn’t work.”


                Betty rubbed her eyes as she closed the last book before her. It’s only been a few seconds and she was already forgetting most of what she’d read. She looked at her journal and her notes appeared as scribbles to her.

                Fuck me. She thought, I’m sorry mom.

                She looked at the clock on the wall. Her job wasn’t until another hour and half but she was just so sleepy. Maybe she could get some coffee on the way out.

                She started packing her bags when she heard footsteps coming her way. She looked up and her breath caught as she noticed a tall woman coming towards her. Shoulder length black hair with dark eyes that matched. She wore a white blouse with a black skirt. Betty remembered her, the head librarian, Dahlia, that was her name.

                “Hello.” Betty said.

                “Hi.” The librarian greeted, “I… I noticed you looked a little tired and was wondering if you needed help.”

                “Er… I’m… I’m sorry, I just haven’t been getting any sleep lately is all.” Betty replied.

                “Oh! Well, I have some tea in my office if you’d like some.”

                Betty followed the librarian to her office. It was just what Betty thought a librarian’s office should be. Small, orderly, and with a bookshelf that contained heavy looking books. Although, she had never seen books like those before, maybe Dahlia was a collector of old books?

                “Forgive the mess, I hadn’t had the chance to clean yet.” Dahlia said, pouring her some tea.

                “This place is cleaner than my room.” Betty commented.

                Dahlia grinned, “Well thanks for that. Here.”

                The mug was warm, and Betty took a cautious sip. It was warm, sweet, with a slight honey aftertaste. She hadn’t tasted any tea exactly like this, but it did wake her up just as Dahlia said. Maybe she could look over her notes while she waited for her shift. Or maybe they’ll still be nothing but scribbles to her.

                “How do you like it?” Dahlia asked.

                “It’s good.” Betty replied, finishing the last of it, “Thank you.”

                Dahlia nodded and hesitated. Betty saw something behind her. There was a window behind her seat, and she noticed a raven sitting perched on a tree branch that it looked to be watching them.

                “Haven’t seen any ravens here before.” Betty said.

                Confused, Dahlia looked behind her and let out an audible gasp as the bird.

                “Something wrong?”

                “No.” Dahlia replied, sitting back down, “First time I’ve seen one here myself.”

                Betty wrung her hands in her lap, “Is there a reason why you called me in here? I mean, thanks for the tea, it was really helpful, but I was wondering if there was any reason you called in me specifically.”

                “Well, I noticed you seemed to be struggling with your classes,” Dahlia began, “and I was wondering if you’d accept my offer to tutor you after hours.”

                God knows I need that. But I don’t think a few days of tutoring will save my grades. I just want to get this semester done with and help my mom and brother.

                “Umm… what time, exactly?” Betty asked, “Because I get off work at five.”

                “I might be able to squeeze some time in.” Dahlia replied.

                “Alright. Then… I’ll see around six then?”

                “Sounds good to me!”

                I hope I don’t disappoint you.


                Dahlia sighed as Betty left her office. She was struggling alright, but there seemed to be something more than that. She wasn’t a stupid girl, that much was sure. Or did she only want to believe that?

                Outside, she heard the raven cawing. Most people would be unnerved by how human like that raven was. It sounded almost like it was laughing. But Dahlia knew full well it was laughing.

                With a snap of her fingers, her window flew open and a quick tug at the air and the raven was struggling in her hands. “Mind telling me why you were spying on us, sister?” Dahlia demanded, releasing the bird.

                The birds black feathers gave way to the naked beauty of the blonde witch Sacha. She lay sprawled on the floor of Dahlia’s office, her chest heaving from the struggle. “That was almost painful to watch.” Sacha gasped.

                “Well I managed to convince her to meet with me after her shift at work today.”

                Sacha stood up, dusty herself off. “And what? Seduce her by teaching her some ancient history?”

                Dahlia didn’t reply. That had, in fact, been her plan.

                Sacha wandered towards the bookshelf, plucked out a particularly thick tome, and the bookshelf slid to the side to reveal a hidden closet where Dahlia kept her spare clothes.

                “Are you going to be pay me back for those?” Dahlia asked.

                “Why?” Sacha asked, “It’s not my fault they fit a little tight on me. Hmm… no spare shoes.”

                Dahlia growled and pulled at her own blouse. The clothes on Sacha flew off, and the blonde witch glowered at her. “Now’s not the time for petty fights, sister.” Sacha said. “Forgive me, but I don’t think your plan is going to work, so I want to try to do things my way, and one of the things about my way is that I WILL NOT LEAVE THIS ROOM NAKED!”

                Dahlia huffed and threw the clothes back at Sacha. “Away with you! If you’re not gone in ten seconds, I’ll send out dressed how you are.”

                Sacha changed quickly and left Dahlia’s office. The oldest witch shook her head as she moved her bookshelf back in place. Maybe Sacha was right, Dahlia certainly wasn’t a people person so she was beginning to wonder if Betty would actually come back. But she was really worried now, because she had no idea how the poor student would react to whatever crazy scheme Sacha was going to pull.


                Whatever was in that tea Dahlia gave was strong stuff. She was able to survive for the past six hours dealing with customers and their ridiculous orders. She even managed to get a decent tip in as well. Looks like she won’t be hungry tonight.

                But she was tired again when she left work and drove back to college. She had arrived forty minutes early and had planned to either nap or take a little walk around the campus to clear her mind. She killed her engine and looked around. She had forgotten that it started getting dark earlier now, a walk probably wasn’t the best idea. She also didn’t think a nap would be good either. Didn’t want to over sleep and miss her appointment with the librarian.

                She checked her phone and without thinking, texted her mom asking how’s she doing. No reply, and she wouldn’t be expecting any for the next few hours or so.

                Seeing no other point in waiting, she decided to wander around the campus. While she planned to explore the grounds, she decided to stick to the building as she didn’t want to stay out there any longer than she needed to.

                She’d spent a year at this place, and everything was starting to look the same already. The three floors were built nearly identical to each other, with the difference being the number of students and faculty on a floor at any given point in time.

                Betty wasn’t surprised to see there weren’t many people out in the halls today. Most of them didn’t have classes this late, and those that did were in a different building on campus, not the main building. The third floor was just as empty as the other two floors, however she saw a woman standing in front of one of the classrooms.

                She was a little bit shorter than Dahlia, but still taller than Betty. Blonde hair framed a muscular body, whose curves and muscles were highlighted by the snug clothing she was wearing. The blonde woman glanced at Betty, her blue eyes meeting Betty’s own green. The blonde woman’s mouth quirked upwards slightly.

                “Hello, you must be Betty, right?”

                “Er… yes.”

                The blonde woman walked closer, “Well I’m Sacha, Dahlia’s told me a little about you. Such as how you’re not exactly the greatest at schoolwork, and that you’ve seen tired lately.”

                Betty took a few steps back, the woman was getting a little too close for her liking.

                “So… I was wondering if you’d be able to help me with something. Of course, I’ll make sure to help you as well.”

                Betty backed into the wall. “What is it?”

                Sacha put both of her arms to the wall, trapping Betty in place. The student swallowed as she looked up at Sacha. The woman smiled for a second, before leaning down and pressing her lips against Betty’s.

                Betty stiffened, not wanting to fight back when she felt Sacha’s tongue slip out from between her teeth and begin exploring her mouth. A part of her wanted to give in, but she managed to break the kiss and before Sacha could react, Betty sprinted down the stairs, but not before shouting a quick, “I’m sorry!”


                She didn’t stop running until she was outside, nearly throwing herself through the doors and down the steps. She found rest beneath one of the nearby trees. Her heart was pounding, but it wasn’t just from the running. She brought a finger to her lips, tracing the outline of her mouth as she remembered Sacha pressing against her.

                “There you are.”

                Another woman had appeared. She was shorter than Betty and had light brown hair pulled back in a short braid.

                “Who are you?” Betty asked.

                The woman held out her hands, “Sorry, sorry.” She said, taking a step back, “I’ve come on behalf of my sister Sacha.”

                “Sister? You don’t look alike.”

                The woman waved her hands through the air, “We’re not blood related, it’s more of a group sort of thing. Regardless, I’ve come to apologize on her behalf. I think she came on a bit too strong for you and it really wasn-”

                “Who are you?” Betty asked.

                “Oh. My name is Blossom and-”

                “That’s not what I meant.”

                Blossom’s smile faltered. “I… I think you might need to hear it from Dahlia. But, we don’t mean you any harm.”

                Betty swallowed, “Alright, let’s go see Dahlia.”


                It was a little before six when Blossom and Betty went to see Dahlia in her office. The head librarian was surprised to see Blossom there as well, as she was preparing subjects related to Betty’s classes.

                “She met Sacha earlier.” Blossom explained, “I think the poor girls a little frightened now.”

                “I never said that!” Betty replied, hiding her blush.

                “What happened?” Dahlia asked.

                “Who are you three?” Betty asked, “Why are you all focusing on me?”

                Dahlia thought for a moment. “I think you might need to sit down for this, Betty.” Dahlia reached into her drawer and pulled out a feather as well as a piece of tissue. She muttered a few words and in a puff of smoke, a dove had come to life in her hands. “We’re witches.” Dahlia said, letting the dove fly freely through her window.

                She turned and saw that Betty was unimpressed.

                “Is that all?” she asked.

                “What do you mean?”

                “A simple stage trick? I’ve seen magicians doing that since I was seven!”

                Dahlia twitched. You did not just compare me to a simple stage magician. Without thinking, she plucked a hair from the student and tied it around her ring finger.

                “What was that for?” Betty asked.

                “Sister, I don’t think this is a goo-”

                “Silence!” Dahlia commanded, pressing down upon the piece of hair.

                Betty stiffened and fell silent. Her eyes widened, fingers clawing at her lips in an attempt to open them.

                “Sister…” Blossom growled.

                Dahlia blinked and looked towards Betty, “Sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” She threw off the hair as Betty regained control of her mouth. “Sorry. You alright?”

                She placed a hand on Betty’s shoulder. The student breathed heavily, “It’s true then. You’re witches. All three of you.”

                “Probably the last three left in the world.” Dahlia replied.

                “Why are you interested in me?” Betty asked.

                “We’re preparing a ritual.” Dahlia explained, “And one of the resources needed was the orgasm of a specific virgin born when Neptune hung over the earth. By the roll of cosmic dice, you were the only person in the nearby area who met that requirement.”

                Betty looked down, and Dahlia could see her eyes reddening at the edges. Did I say something wrong?

                “Are you alright?” Dahlia asked.

                To her surprise, the student leapt forward and brought her arms around her in a tight embrace. Dahlia glanced at Blossom was just as bewildered as she was. Betty sobbed for a few minutes before calming down, “Sorry. It’s just… sorry.”

                Dahlia knelt down and wiped a tear from Betty’s face while Blossom handed the student some tissue paper. “Of course, we’re not expecting you to give us something for nothing. If you help us, we’ll be willing to do what we can to help you with whatever you want.”

                Betty swallowed. “I see. Well… I might need some time to think it over.”

                “We have until midnight tomorrow.” Dahlia said.

                “What happens if I refuse?”
                Dahlia shrugged. “We pretend this never happened.”

                “That’s it?”

                “We’re not particularly vengeful.” Blossom chuckled, “Well, not unless you compare our magic to simple stage magic. Don’t worry, we won’t turn you into a frog or anything.”

                Dahlia thought for a moment before bringing her finger to her breast and tracing an X over her heart. “Cross my heart.”

                “A children’s promise?”

                Blossom smiled as she did the same, “Where did you think it came from? And don’t worry, we’ll make sure that Sacha swears as well.”

                “Alright.” Betty said, “Um… so about that tutoring?”


                It was a little before midnight when Betty left and Dahlia closed up the library. Thankfully, there were no other students so Dahlia and Blossom were ready to go onto the second floor. Blossom had already gotten everything they needed for the ritual, hopefully Betty would say yes.

                If we didn’t scare off, that is.

                “Bring her out.” Dahlia said.

                Blossom grinned as she reached into her bag to pull out a struggling raven ensnared in rope. Dahlia drew a circle onto the center carpet and motioned for Blossom to throw the traitor inside before she closed off the circle.

                As the bird flew through the air it transformed into the muscular blonde woman who tried to make for it before Dahlia completely closed off the circle, trapping her inside.

                “I told you to leave her alone.” Dahlia said.

                “Like you would’ve been able to do the job yourself!” Sacha shouted.

                “Actually, she was doing a fine job of it as far as I could tell.” Blossom interjected, “She explained everything fully and even showed off her powers. A bit aggressive though.”

                “Well good for you,” Sacha spat, “but will you be able to give her what she wants, sister? I saw it. I saw in her eyes exactly what she wanted, and I don’t think you have it in you to give it to her.”

                Dahlia’s jaw tightened as she brought out a nude doll along with a length of blonde hair.

                Both Blossom and Sacha’s faces paled at the sight of it. “Sister!” Sacha said nervously as Dahlia tied the hair around the doll, “I was just messing around, you didn’t think I’d actually-”

                Dahlia pressed her thumb against the doll’s boobs, rubbing over them gently. The blonde witch shuddered, her legs pressing together involuntarily as her arms instinctively went to protect her breasts. “I told you to stay out of it.” The oldest witch said, tracing a finger downwards along the dolls body.

                Sacha, grunted, her legs slipping from beneath her as she fell to the ground. She squirmed as she felt an invisible form rubbing against her, little hands running along her boobs and down her body. Getting lower, ever lower. She started panting as she felt pressure building up between her legs.

                Blossom tenderly tapped Dahlia on the shoulder, “Sister? Don’t you think this is a bit much?”

                Dahlia remembered Betty having her arms around her, sobbing into her. She doubted Sacha had anything to do with that. But that woke up something inside Dahlia, and she knew that she didn’t want anyone to take Betty away from her.

                The oldest witch removed her fingers from the doll, “No don’t stop!” Sacha growled.

                Dahlia grinned at Blossom as she handed the doll over to her. The youngest witch looked at her and then towards Sacha who glared daggers at her. Quickly, Blossom began trailing her fingers along the doll’s body, which caused Sacha to once again squirm on the floor.

                Dahlia crept closer to the circle, making sure not to break it. “Blossom and I made a promise to the girl. We promised that if she refused that we not hurt her or anyone she cares about. We promised. Now you need to do so too.”

                Sacha groaned as Blossom continued to trail her fingers across the doll’s body. She stopped when Dahlia shot her a quick glare.

                “Please!” Sacha said through clenched teeth.

                “Swear it.”

                Sacha was rubbing her legs together as she dragged a finger across her chest.

                Blossom tossed the doll back to Dahlia who brought the dolls crotch to her mouth and took a few licks of it. “Argh!” Sacha screamed, releasing her juices across the carpet.

                Dahlia untied the piece of hair from the doll and threw the doll back in their bag. “Tell me, sister, do you still doubt I don’t have what it takes to give the girl what she wants?”

                Sacha breathed heavily, her body relaxing. She looked over at Dahlia and started laughing, “Why sister, I haven’t seen you this fired up in a while! I’m starting to wonder if the girl is a witch who managed to place you under her enchantment!”


                Betty stared at her phone. Her thumb hovered over the call button. Her mom hadn’t texted back. Maybe she didn’t see the text? Maybe she was still working?

                She took a press and called her mom. The phone rang for a few minutes before she heard a click, followed by a masculine voice asking, “Hello?”



                “Where’s mom?”

                “She fell asleep on the couch as soon as she came home.” He replied, “Didn’t even eat the food I made for her.”

                “What are you still doing up?”

                “I was playing some video games, waiting for her to come back. I was actually about to take a shower when you called.”

                Betty sighed, “How’s school?”

                “It’s alright. Looks like I’m going for all B’s this year. Oh, did I tell you, I got a job!”

                “Oh, where at?”

                “Some sandwich place close by where we live. I’ll show you when you come over for the break!”

                “Alright, tell mom I love her, alright.”

                “No love for me then, huh?”

                “Of course I love you.”

                “Heh heh, love you too, sis.”

                There was another click as her brother hung up. Betty fell over onto her bed as she thought about the three witches. They said they’ll be willing to help her if she helped them. At first she thought about asking them to improve her grades, but now she’s wondering if perhaps she could ask them to help out her family.

                God knows they deserve it. Her dad passed away soon after Jesse was born and her mom worked hard to give the two of them what they needed. She felt like she wasted her mom’s efforts by not doing well in college, if anything, paying her back for everything seemed like the least she could do if she didn’t want to continue her college career.

                It’s decided then. I’ll help them. And I’ll ask if they can help my family.

                Shaking, Betty fell asleep under her covers, wondering if she’d be able to follow through with her plan the next day.


                She gave it some thought throughout the day. None of the witches had bothered her, although she had seen some of them throughout her day, she was also aware of a raven that appeared to be following her.

                When night came, she approached the university library a few minutes before closing. The doors were still open, although the lights were already off. “Hello?” she called.

                “We’re up here.” The witches replied.

                Betty took out her phone and used the flashlight to make her way upstairs. There, in the center of the room knelt the witches who were all dressed in loose robes. They sat before the circular rug, with lanterns surrounding them. Above them, the full moon was revealing itself from behind the clouds, allowing even more light to shine through.

                Betty gave a nervous smile as the witches rose to meet her.

                “You came.” Blossom said.

                “Yeah.” Betty breathed, looking around. “Is… is everything ready?”

                “We’re only missing one piece.” Sacha replied, “You.”

                Betty swallowed, the palms of her hand suddenly feeling sweaty. “Well.” She said, slowly unzipping her sweater, “I’m ready whenever you are.”

                “Oh, about that.” Blossom grinned and then looked away. “We gave it some thought and wondered if you’d be comfortable doing it with all of us or if you’d prefer only one of us. We only need you for the ritual, and we don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

                Betty paused and looked over each of them in turn. Blossom seemed uncomfortable, shifting where she stood. Sacha grinned when Betty looked at her and Dahlia had remained silent so far. Betty met Dahlia’s eyes and the head librarian blushed slightly.

                Slowly, Betty walked forward and reached out for Dahlia, taking her hand and giving her a kiss. The head librarian kissed back, but unlike Sacha she didn’t have the same experience. It was slower, clumsier, but that was more than made up for when they pressed their bodies together.

                Betty was aware of Dahlia’s hand snaking its way across her back, finding the hook of her bra and unclipping it. She was a little self-conscious, hearing the audible gasps of the other two witches, but that feeling soon faded when she felt Dahlia’s hand exploring her now fully exposed upper body.

                Dahlia broke the kiss, “Come, the ritual is about to begin.”

                She led her to the center of the circular rug and paused. Betty stood there, watching as Dahlia’s eyes traced over her body. She looked down and came closer, stripping Betty first of her shoes, then her socks, her pants came next and Betty felt a wetness growing between her legs when she noticed Dahlia’s eyes widen as the pants were removed.

                Her fingers went to her panties, but Betty held up her hands.

                “Is something wrong?” Dahlia asked.

                “Yeah.” Betty replied, reaching for Dahlia’s robe, “I want to see you too.”

                Dahlia gasped then smiled as she leaned back, allowing Betty to remove her robe. She was only slightly surprised to see the witch wasn’t wearing anything beneath, and she gingerly took one of Dahlia’s breasts in her hand and gave it a slight squeeze, earning a sigh from the witch.

                “You’re beautiful.” Betty said.

                “Thank you.” Dahlia said, reaching out towards Betty.

                She was pulled towards the witch, and she went willingly into the witches arms. Dahlia’s stroked their way down her back, reaching the treasure that was her panties. This time, Betty didn’t resist as she felt the witch pulling her panties down.

                Dahlia rose and they switched places, with Betty being on the bottom. Betty laid there, exposed, as Dahlia’s hands slipped downward. She gave a jolt when she felt fingers around her crotch, a moan soon escaped.

                That was when she felt another pair of hands embrace her. She opened her eyes and saw that Sacha had joined in as well. Much like Dahlia, her robe had been discarded, exposing her slightly muscled frame to everyone there. Betty gasped, noticing how the lantern light highlighted her thighs and abs.

                “Sister?” Dahlia asked.

                “Do not fight me, sister.” Sacha growled, “This spell needs to be done, and I’m afraid you’re taking too long for my liking.”

                Sacha bent down and kissed Betty. The student’s body shot up as she felt the blonde witches tongue once again exploring her mouth. She groped around, feeling across the blonde’s body until she found the curves of her breast. The nipple was already erect, and Betty gave it a small pinch.

                Sacha shuddered and broke off the kiss, “A devious one, aren’t you?”


                Sacha gasped, as two smaller hands grabbed her from behind, giving her boobs a good squeeze. Betty saw the third witch, Blossom, had snuck up behind Sacha.

                “I think that honor belongs to me.” Blossom purred, “Although, I will say that sneaking up on them was rather sneaky.”

                “Come. Closer.” Betty begged between pants.”

                Blossom smiled and maneuvered herself so Betty could get a better look. Blossom was the smallest of the witches and was on the thin side as well. Still, her petite form was more than enough for Betty to bare her teeth, she could feel the orgasm was close.

                Dahlia gasped, grinning, she leaned forward. Betty saw as Dahlia was working her how her breasts moved with every bounce. She also noticed how close Dahlia was to her knee. Grinning, Betty bent her leg, her knee positioning itself right between the oldest witches legs.

                Dahlia arched her back, “Well, that’s not really- ah! Oh!”

                Betty began bouncing her knee, hoping to pleasure the witch just as much as she was.

                Other pairs of hands grabbed at her. Betty trembled as she felt Sacha’s powerful hands glide across her body, followed by her leaning in for another kiss. That was when she felt the much lighter touch of Blossom, whose fingers teased her now fully erect nipples, then Betty released a loud moan as she felt a mouth close down upon her right breast.

                She arched her back, practically screaming as she released the largest orgasm she has ever had. Then the light from the lanterns went out.


                In the midst of pleasure, Dahlia was aware of the ritual going off. The beautiful woman beneath her had shuddered, releasing her orgasm the last part of the ritual. The lanterns went out and to the three witches, it seemed that time had slowed.

                The three of them stood up, looking to the heavens to see the moon had turned a deep red as magic now flowed downwards. In that moment, the three of them held the power of gods.

                They had agreed upon what to do. To release the magic back into the world. And yet.

                “I can’t do it.” Dahlia said.

                “Why not?” Sacha asked.

                Dahlia looked at her in the eyes, “I made a promise to her.”

                Sacha snorted. “Seems like that girl managed to catch your eye.”

                “Like you hadn’t enjoyed the attention she gave you, sister.” Blossom interjected.

                “Shut up.”

                Dahlia pressed onward, “If I recall, you sought her out in quite the hurry.”

                Sacha blushed and refused to meet their eyes.

                Blossom laughed before looking down on the college student. She knelt down, taking her hand and placing it upon Betty’s breast before taking out a ghostly image of her heart. She held it gently, as a mother would a child. “She’s a good person, you know.” She said, examining her heart.

                “I’m going to use my power to help her.” Dahlia said, “You two can do whatever you want with yours.”

                Sacha looked away, while Blossom who still held Betty’s heart in her hand smiled. “I have an idea in mind.”

                For a fraction of a second, the three witches held the power of gods. And they released it all at once. Dahlia poured her energy into fulfilling the college student’s wish. Her power flowed throughout the city, seeking out Betty’s family to grace them with good fortune. It wouldn’t be instant, but in a month or so, they’ll be living far better than they currently were.

                Sacha, reluctantly, released her power into the world where it would seek out new vessels and endow them with the power of the mystic. Hopefully, they could hide their existence, and spread their existence. Hopefully, another ritual such as this one wouldn’t need to be performed again.

                Blossom, poured her magical power into Betty’s heart before placing the heart back in her body.


                Betty saw a flash of light, followed by a chilling sensation as her orgasm shot out. She twitched, her final leg movement being the last straw for Dahlia who came on her leg before collapsing on top of her. Blossom and Sacha were sprawled on the ground beside them, both of them collapsed.

                “It’s done.” Dahlia sighed.

                “My family?”

                “I’ve taken care of them.” The witch replied, “Soon, fortune will come their way.”

                “Thank you.” Betty said, tears forming in her eyes.

                Dahlia met her gaze and smiled. She leaned forward, giving Betty a kiss.

                “Ouch!” Dahlia said, leaping back.

                Betty looked down and saw that little lines of lightning danced between her fingers.

                “That was my wish.” Blossom said, climbing to her feet, “We needed more witches in the world, and I decided that it would be nice if we played teacher to one of them.”

                “Heh.” Sacha grunted, sitting up, “So that’s what you did. I guess I was the only one who followed up on our original plan.”

                “You did great.” Blossom told her, “I can only hope that it’ll work and that magic will be able to make a return.”

                Dahlia thought for a moment, “Well… I suppose it wouldn’t be right for us to end the day without teaching our new apprentice some things.”

                Sacha smiled, and crawled closer, wrapping her arms around Betty, “I agree with you, sister.”

                Blossom came over and knelt down opposite of Sacha. “It wouldn’t be right of us otherwise.”

                Dahlia came over and crouched down in front of Betty. “That is, of course, if you want that.”

                Betty looked into Dahlia’s eyes and smiled. Her hands found their ways between the legs of the other two witches who sighed in response. “Oh yes, please.” She begged.

                Dahlia bent down, her mouth heading for Betty’s breasts. The two witches leaned Betty back just as Dahlia’s lips connected with a nipple. Betty learned many things that night.

No more chapters.

TekoPenn ∙ 19 March 2023

Pretty good. It felt a bit rushed in the middle, but it worked out.

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