A Dinner Date for 2

Story created by GaylynneQT ∙ 11 September 2023

Jolene's been waiting for her date to show up, but no sign of them. But, a mysterious gentleman named Cliff swoops in at the last minute. Is this a fated meeting between these two?

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  • A Dinner Date for 2

    Chapter written by GaylynneQT ∙ 16 April 2023

    Jolene's been waiting for her date to show up, but no sign of them. But, a mysterious gentleman named Cliff swoops in at the last minute. Is this a fated meeting between these two?

  • Jolene picked up the menu and looked over the specials of the day for the sixth time, or was it the eighth time? She had started to lose track of how many times she could read about the grilled steak served with a potato glaze and cooked in a red wine, whatever that meant. Apparently it was a dish that was created when the head chef swapped bodies with the janitor and allowed them to make a meal, becoming a large hit for the restaurant. Her eyes darted across the table to where an untouched menu remained sitting on the table, exactly where the hostess had placed it down. Her eyes moved up to the empty chair that sat on the other side of the table, still waiting for a warm body to sit down.

    “Ma’am.” The voice of the waiter started Jolene as she jumped a little in her seat. Part of her hoped that it had been who she was waiting for, only to have been dashed away. “Would you like a little more time to consider your options?” The waiter, not so subtly, gestured to the empty chair.

    “Just a little bit more,” Jolene said as she feigned her best smile. 

    The waiter nodded and walked away to other tables. Jolene could hear the other patrons murmur whispers to each other about her. She wanted to slink away and hide in the bathroom until the end of time. She could feel all the eyes that were on her. Maybe no one would notice if she just left. Jolene reached for her phone to look at the time. About 15 minutes past when the reservation was, and about 30 minutes since the time that Jolene had arranged to meet. Maybe it would be better to cut her losses.

    “Ma’am,” the waiter said as they approached the table again. “I’m going to have to ask you to order something soon, or we have to give up your table to someone else.”

    “That’s fine,” Jolene said as she slung her purse over her shoulder and tapped onto the edge of the glass of water she was provided. “I was just about to-”

    “Oh, hey, there you are.”

    Just before Jolene was about to get up, a blond haired man sat down on the other side of the table. He loosened up his green tie. “Oh good, the waiter is already here. Can I get a bottle of white rose wine?”

    The waiter looked over to Jolene, confused and waiting for Jolene’s response. Jolene looked the man up and down before sitting back down. “I think that a bottle of white rose wine would be lovely.” The waiter nodded and walked away from the table, muttering something under their breath.

    “You would not believe just how terrible the traffic on the 63 is,” the man said as he relaxed into his chair. “I should have taken the North End exit but I thought the 63 would have been faster.”

    Jolene set down her purse as she looked the man up and down. “Well, it can get very busy around this time of the day.” She extended out her hand to the man. “Well stranger, I guess since you’re going to be joining me for a meal, I better know your name.”

    The man nodded and took Jolene’s hand. He leaned down and kissed the back of it. “My name is Cliff. Cliff Buckner. And to whom do I have the honor of sharing this meal with?”

    Jolene smiled at Cliff. “Jolene Garcia,” Jolene said as she chuckled and pulled her hand back. She looked Cliff up and down. “Well, you’re certainly not who I was expecting.”

    “Oh, and who were you expecting?” Cliff asked as he looked over the menu. “Some dashing rogue to step in and sweep you off your feet?”

    “Well, I was expecting that I’d be having dinner with a beautiful lady who was supposed to show up about half an hour ago,” Jolene sighed. “But, I guess she never showed up.”

    “I can’t imagine the reason why someone would pass up the opportunity to spend time with you,” Cliff said as he took a sip of his water. “But, I am thankful that she gave me the opportunity.”

    The waiter returned with a bottle of white rose wine and two glasses, pouring the drinks for the two of them. “Now, may I take your orders?” The waiter had the hint in their voice that they were a little tired of asking repeatedly.

    “Two orders of the daily special,” Jolene said before Cliff had a chance to respond.

    The waiter nodded and took the menus and headed off.

    “What if I didn’t want the special?” Cliff asked.

    “You’re the one who came in and ordered the drinks for us. I figured then that this makes us even,” Jolene said, smirking as she took a sip of her glass. “Oh, this is good.” She set the glass down and swirled it before looking at Cliff. “So, been anyone fun recently?”

    Cliff chuckled as he took a swig of wine. “Do all your dates start with such hard hitting questions?”

    “Only the ones who catch me last minute,” Jolene said, grinning. “Now, have you been anyone fun recently, Cliff?”

    Cliff sat back in his chair and stroked his chin. “Well, a few days ago, I was Gordon Van Kimmer. Was able to play a mean basketball game for a charity stream. Then a couple weeks prior to that, I had to give a lecture as Miss Beatly about fire safety.”

    “Wait, so that was you?” Jolene chuckled. “I thought your mannerisms were a little familiar. Now I know what I know you from. You got quite a little bit of fame from your video, huh?”

    “Oh, it wasn’t that popular,” Cliff chuckled as he swirled around his glass. “But enough about me. Tell me more about yourself, Jolene. Who have you been lately?”

    “Oh, it wouldn’t be that interesting,” Jolene said as she curled her hair around her finger. “Nothing compared to what you’ve been up to.”

    “Try me.”

    “Fine,” Jolene said as she huffed. “Last Tuesday, I swapped bodies with major league pitcher Jack Franks.”

    “Are you kidding me? I won a bet because of you!” Cliff laughed, his head thrown back as he pounded his fist on the table.

    “Great. Then you can pay for dinner,” Jolene said with another sly smile as she sipped more wine.

    Cliff stopped laughing as he looked at her before smiling. “Well, I guess you got me there.” He resumed laughing before composing himself. “So, who was the best person you’ve ever swapped bodies with?”

    Jolene pondered to herself as she thought about the answer. “I would have to say the time that I loaned my body out to a Body Flipper.”

    “You’ve tried them out?”

    “Believe me, I was hesitant at first. Granted, I wouldn’t have minded being Natasha for the rest of my life. She had one tight ass,” Jolene said, humming as she thought about it. “But, lo and behold, one month later, she had my apartment all fixed up, made a good plan for my health, and even helped burn down a few pounds. Totally worth the price.”

    “I always thought about using a Body Flipper, but I could never afford someone like that,” Cliff said, chuckling. “Plus, it wouldn’t matter if they made the perfect plan to lead me to being richer than Bezos. I’d probably fall off the plan before step 2.”

    “Not the kind of guy to stick to plans?” Jolene asked, leaning forward to give Cliff a deep view of her cleavage. She stuck her foot out and rubbed it against Cliff’s leg. “You’re more of a spur of the moment sort of guy?” Cliff smiled as he felt Jolene’s leg against his slacks. He tried his best to keep focused on her eyes and face, but he couldn’t help but look down now and then at the sight that Jolene was giving him. “You know, if a lady is showing you something, it’s rude not to look.”

    “And what a sight it is,” Cliff said, raising his glass and pouring some more wine into his and hers. “But I’d like to get to know the lady behind the chest a bit more.”

    “Well, what do you wanna know?” Jolene asked, resting her elbow on the table and her chin on her palm.

    “For example, what do you do for a living?”

    Jolene smiled at Cliff. “If you must know, I work as an aquarium technician.” Jolene shook her foot, freeing it from her high heels. She slowly slinked her foot up Cliff’s leg, now rubbing against his thigh under the table cover. “I make sure the animals are all well kept and everything. All that good jazz, you know?” Cliff was caught a little off-guard by Jolene’s advances, but appreciated them nonetheless. “So, you could say that I’m used to handling squirmy things.”

    “Is that so?” Cliff said, trying to keep a straight face as Jolene continued to rub against him. “What’s your favorite animal?”

    “Oh, the jellyfish are always fun,” Jolene said as she guided her foot up to Cliff’s crotch, lightly touching her big toe to Cliff’s growing erection. “But, you could say I have a soft spot for the sea cucumber.” Cliff coughed in surprise at Jolene’s forwardness, still trying to pretend that nothing out of the ordinary was happening. “But that’s enough about me. Tell me about yourself, Cliff. What do you do for a living?”

    “Well, if you must know, I work as a professional sleeper,” Cliff said, sitting upright and adjusting his tie a little.

    Jolene looked at him, wide-eyed in surprise, before laughing. “Well, that wasn’t the answer I was expecting.”

    “And what were you expecting?” Cliff asked.

    “Given the suit and tie, I was expecting something like a lawyer or some office job,” Jolene said. She smiled at him and put her full foot against Cliff’s bulge. “So, as a professional sleeper, do you have a lot of experience sleeping around?” She began to stroke her foot against his cock.

    “Oh yes, you could certainly say that.” Cliff smiled back at Jolene as he adjusted the tablecloth to cover up his crotch better. He leaned a bit forward, allowing Jolene easier access to his bulge. “I spend my days testing out mattresses and hotel rooms, rating them and judging them.”

    “Wow, that certainly sounds exciting,” Jolene said as she appreciated Cliff’s gestures. She rubbed her foot faster against Cliff’s crotch, feeling it twitching as she moved her toes to curl around his shaft. “Where’s the best place that you’ve ever slept?”

    “Let’s see,” Cliff said as he stroked his chin. “Oh, there was one time a client let me swap bodies with a sexy hula dancer team in Hawaii so I could try out the new mattresses at a hotel they were opening up. Though, there wasn’t quite as much sleeping done during that trip,” Cliff said with a wink as he adjusted Jolene’s foot, letting out a soft moan.

    “Oh I can only imagine how delightful that must have been,” Jolene said. She quickened her pace, stroking faster and harder. “Tell me, are you more of a single or a doubles man?” Jolene gently pointed down to the table.

    “Doubles,” Cliff said.

    Jolene nodded and slipped her other shoe off her other foot. She now put both feet on Cliff’s bulge, rubbing it on both sides. There were more gentle moans escaping from Cliff’s lips. “You get paid well to be a professional sleeper?”

    “Oh yes,” Cliff said, having a bit more trouble focusing on the conversation at hand. His mind was starting to be flooded with pleasure as he took another sip of wine. “It’s quite rewarding, both in experience and in paycheck.”

    “Oh, that’s great to hear.” Jolene said as she looked around. All the other people were focused on their meals, no longer caring about the woman who was sitting at a table alone for 15 minutes. As she reaffirmed to herself the coast was clear, she reached to the side of her dress. With a quick movement, she bit her lower lip and pulled down the edge of her shirt, flashing Cliff with her left breast. “Sleeping around can be quite fun, wouldn’t you agree?” Despite her rhetorical question, Cliff’s twitching of his cock answered for her.

    Cliff tried to keep up the conversation, but the pleasurable sensation of her feet rubbing his dick, and now her flashing him with the risk of being caught? His brain was being overwhelmed with stimulation. His breath became heavier and more rapid.

    “When it comes to sleeping, what’s your favorite position?” Jolene asked, emphasizing that last word as she gently rubbed her nipple with her pointer finger. Cliff watched as it slowly became engorged. “Well, what is it?”

    “Oh, uh, I prefer to sleep on my back,” Cliff stammered, shakily lifting his glass to his mouth and gently sipping. “Come on. Hold it together,” he muttered to himself.

    Jolene took his response as a positive one and stroked his cock faster and faster, alternating movement with her feet. She could feel his resistance slowly eroding away with every stroke she made. “You know,” she said, refocusing Cliff back to her, “I also like being on my back. Just getting to spread out all over the bed. But, I also don’t mind being on my stomach, ass up to the air.”

    Cliff was practically moments away from bursting in his pants. The food hadn’t even come out yet and he was already near the edge. Jolene’s descriptions weren’t helping him hold on either.

    “Come on, Cliff. Sleeping on beds must be so nice.” She quickened her movements, squeezing his bulge from both sides. “I mean, getting to just let go. To relax and just, enjoy the moment. It must feel like such bliss.”

    Cliff was biting his lips, trying to distract himself with anything. Anything except the pleasure that Jolene was doing to him. There had to be something. Some other topic to talk about.

    “So, how about-”

    There was a soft clink on the ground as Cliff looked over at Jolene, who had a wide grin on her face. “Oh dear. It seems that I dropped my spoon. I should get that.” She slipped down under the table, ducking under the tablecloth.

    Jolene crawled over to Cliff, resting her head against his thigh. She unzipped his pants, letting his cock pop right out. She grinned as she watched it twitch with anticipation. Without hesitation, she put her mouth over it, listening to the beautiful groans that caused Cliff to make. She stroked his shaft with her tongue, lapping up the pre-cum and sending shivers up Cliff’s spine. She bobbed her head up and down, taking in the full length of his erect member. Jolene could feel Cliff trying his best to hold on and ride out the pleasure as long as he could, but she wasn’t playing around. With all the foot rubbing she did, it would take just a little push to bring him over the edge. She pursed her lips tightly and rapidly sucked on his cock and swirled her tongue in circles..

    “Fuck!” Cliff said in a hushed whisper as his body tensed up.

    His legs squeezed onto Jolene, holding her in place as he shot a huge load into her mouth. He twitched as he felt Jolene swallowing the whole thing before he released her. She rubbed her tongue around his cock, cleaning him off before tucking it back into his pants. Jolene fixed up her shirt and reemerged from her side of the table, holding the spoon.

    “Got it.”

    Cliff huffed as he picked up his water, frantically sipping it. “Dammit, I thought that his body would be able to hold out until at least the food got here. But you’re just too damn good, Diane.”

    Diane, in the body of Jolene, chuckled as she looked at him. “Well, I did have some challenges. I mean, again, I was expecting a beautiful lady, so I picked a body that had some good pussy-eating experience. You showing up as a guy really threw me for a loop, Traci. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to keep pace.”

    Traci, in the body of Cliff, sighed as she set down her glass of water. “Yeah, well, apparently someone had accidentally rented out the body that I wanted to go with, so I got stuck with Cliff.” She gestured to the body she was in. “I didn’t think it would take that little to make him cum.”

    “Come on, you know me,” Diane said. “When have you ever been able to hold out long against me?”

    “Las Vegas, 2017,” Traci replied.

    “Okay, that doesn’t count and you know it,” Diane said as she playfully threw a napkin at Traci. “And you’re the one who made it easy for me. I mean, look, you’re the one who laid the foundation with that professional sleeper story. You can’t really tell me you didn’t expect me to run wild with it.”

    “Well of course I did,” Traci said as she swirled her wine glass. “I mean, you’re the one out there with that aquarium tech cover story. Sea cucumber? Not exactly subtle, dear.”

    “Oh, you know that subtly isn’t my specialty,” Diane said as she looked at her date. “You did make me worried a little bit.”

    “Hey, you’re the one who didn’t give me the signal until 15 minutes after you sat down,” Traci said as she tapped on the glass. “Here I was beginning to think I’d be the one thrown out for waiting for so long.”

    “The waiters here have gotten a bit more tolerant of people dining alone. You would think they would have known after so long.” 

    “I mean, new waiters. I bet some of these are even swapped employees,” Traci said as she looked around

    Diane shrugged. “Either way, I knew that my shining knight would show up and save me a horrible night alone,” she said, exaggerating her movements in a dramatic fashion. “After all, you can’t resist saving a damsel in distress.”

    “You got that right. And I’ll come in to save you from a night of despair just like I’ve done every year since that fateful one where we first met,” Traci said as she held up her wine glass.

    “And each year, you still always manage to outdo yourself and give me that wonderful thrill,” Diane said as she picked up her glass and gently clinked it against Traci’s.

    “Happy anniversary, my dear.”

    “Happy anniversary.”

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