Body Rentals - Elle Gets Controlled

Story created by VexenFox ∙ 11 September 2023

Elle's friend Sarah has gotten ahold of a prototype device which allows one person to take control of another, seeing and feeling the world from another body. Told from the perspective of Elle, in this chapter Sarah takes control of her body and plays around in her room.

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  • Body Rentals - Elle Gets Controlled Part 1 (Chap 1, 2, 3)

    Chapter written by VexenFox ∙ 12 December 2021

    Elle's friend Sarah has gotten ahold of a prototype device which allows one person to take control of another, seeing and feeling the world from another body. Told from the perspective of Elle, in this chapter Sarah takes control of her body and plays around in her room.

  • “I’m not sure Sarah, I’m not that desperate.”, I said.

    “Come on Elle! Aren’t you at least a bit curious?” Sarah whined.

    Body Rentals had been around for a few years now, but only recently had the price and portability of their control unit’s dropped low enough for regular people to afford them. Regular people like Sarah, who was now sitting on the floor of my room desperately trying to get me to let her try it on me.

    “Curious, yes.” I said “Keen for you to take control of my body? No.”

    “Why not? It’s perfectly safe!” Sarah pressed me. She knew I had a hard time saying no to her, and she could tell my reluctance was waning. “It’s easy as pie, all you have to do is stick the receiver to the back of your neck, and then when I put on the helmet and remote in, I get to see what you see!”

    “And make me do whatever you want.”

    “I won’t do anything weird!” she exclaimed. Sarah had been telling me all about the Body Rental kit on the way home from class. Her father worked for the company that produced them, and had brought home this new, portable version just yesterday. Sarah had snuck it out of her house -- without permission, I’m sure -- and brought it over to try it on me. Why she wanted to try out being the small mousy girl from biology, I had no idea, but the concept made me uncomfortable.

    See, the thing is, when you’re wearing the receiver, whoever wore the helmet had complete control over your body - as if it were their own. Sarah would be able to feel, see, and hear everything I did, and she’d also be the one behind the controls. I would be just a passenger in my own body, unable to even blink by myself, just watching myself move until Sarah had the good graces to release me.

    It actually was even worse than that. If she wanted, she’d be able to make me completely ‘black out’, cutting me off from any awareness of what my body was doing. In that case, I’d just wake up afterwards, having no idea what had transpired while she rode me. It gave me the shivers. I liked Sarah, but we hadn’t known each other all that long, and I didn’t trust her with something like that.

    “Why don’t I try it on you, if you just want to see it work?” I asked.

    “Becaaaause”, Sarah replied “You don’t know how to work the controls! I have to be the one to wear the helmet.”

    I hesitated. I didn’t quite believe her, but I couldn’t really see a way out. She was right -- I was curious.

    “Come on Elle, I’m not asking much. Just 5 minutes, to see if it works.”. She wasn’t used to not getting what she wanted, and I’d been fiddling about too long.

    “Okay.” I said. “But only for 5 minutes.”

    “Yes! Thank you Elle! Thank you!”, Sarah jumped up, excited, and started setting up the equipment.

    “But I want to remember everything that happens, okay? And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”, I tried to think if there was anything else I should say. “And don’t leave my room, okay? I don’t want my brother or someone to see me acting weird.”

    “I won’t act weird.”, Sarah said, her face bent low as she fiddled with the helmet. 

    “And the other stuff?”

    “Sure, sure”.

    I don’t think she was really listening, but before I had a chance to repeat my rules, she straightened up, holding a small metal piece in her hand.

    “Okay, turn around Elle! I’m going to put this on your neck!”. I signed and turned around for her, as she lifted up my hair and stuck the piece right above my spine. It felt kind of cold.

    “Oooooh, this is going to be so much fun!”. Sarah moved back over to the bed and put the helmet on her head, then carefully laid herself down.

    “What do I need to do?” I asked, but she wasn’t listening again. I just stood there, looking down at my arms and legs. They’d startled to tingle, just a little bit, like a quiet kind of pins and needles.

    I was in the middle of wiggling my fingers when suddenly... they stopped moving. I tried to wiggle them again, but couldn’t, it was like somebody had just chopped off all the control signals from my brain. It was a very strange sensation, since I could still feel everything.

    I tried to look over at Sarah to see if she’d connected yet, but I couldn’t do that either. My eyes wouldn’t obey my commands, they were just stuck, staring at my now stationary hand. I found I couldn’t even blink, no matter how hard I tried. Was it supposed to be like this? Had Sarah stuffed something up? Luckily I was still breathing automatically.

    Then I felt a very strange sensation, like ice washing down my spine, through my fingers and toes, over my face. And I felt myself smile. Now that was weird, because smiling was about the last thing I wanted to do right now.

    The fingers on my right hand clenched and opened themselves, I was powerless to do anything about it. Then I felt myself look up, and the smile became a grin. “Looks like it worked!” my voice breathed, in a low kind of voice. 

    Inwardly, I cringed. This wasn’t going to be good.

    “WOW!” my voice cheered with Sarah’s enthusiasm, as she easily controlled my body. It was kinda unnerving, having your tongue and lips move by themselves. My eyes flickered over to Sarah’s comatose form laying on the bed, helmet fixed on top of her head.

    “I look like I’m asleep!” Sarah said, way too loudly. I didn’t want my brother walking in on us. “I’ve never seen myself from this angle before!”.

    Never looked at a photo, then?

    I was annoyed at myself for letting Sarah take control of me. She was making me act all outgoing and girly -- like her -- not like the mousy nerd I was. It felt weirdly wrong.

    I felt my weight shift and found myself taking a step towards Sarah’s body, my legs moving without my command, my bare ankles rolling slightly on the carpet as Sarah got her bearings in my body.

    Careful, I don’t want to get it back hurt because of your clumsiness.

    “Haha, you’re so short.” she said, her attention distracted away from her limp body. I felt my legs bend as Sarah maneuvered me into a squat. Then she used my legs to suddenly spring up into the air, jumping as high as she could, swinging my arms awkwardly to try and get more height.

    “I can’t even jump up to my normal height! This is so cool!” She jumped again, and again. Then - OUCH! A sharp pain shot up my leg, I’d landed on something. Outwardly my body didn’t react at all, even as I sent the automatic command to yelp in pain and move away.

    Goddamn it Sarah I said be careful!

    The pain flared as Sarah kept the weight on that foot, squishing something sharp into me. I instinctively tried to adjust my weight off the painful object stabbing me, but nothing happened. I couldn’t pull my leg away, couldn’t wiggle, couldn’t do anything. I was helpless!

    SARAH! What are you doing!?

    A moment later she looked down, noticing she was standing on something. Another flare of pain as she adjusted my weight and lifted my leg up, to look at the bottom of my foot. One of my brother’s lego pieces sticking out of it. Wasn’t that kid too old to have lego?

    “Huh, that’s weird.” my mouth moved, betraying none of the frustration I was feeling. “Shouldn’t that have hurt?”

    Yes it hurt!

    She flicked off the lego brick, the skin had an indentation, but wasn’t pierced. I wasn’t being a princess, I swear, those things hurt!

    I felt another sharp jab of pain, this time in my arm. Sarah had pinched me with my own hand! That bitch!

    “Wow, I can’t feel that at all!”. She pinched me again, harder. I could feel the muscles in my hand straining under her command to squeeze.


    “I mean, I can still feel the touch, but no pain at all. This is great!” 

    Yeah, great…

    She chuckled. “Sorry about that Elle, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She pinched me again as she spoke, clearly not putting that much thought into her apology. At least this one wasn’t as hard. 

    “It’s just so weird not to feel the pain, you know?”, pinching up and down my arm. I tried as hard as I could to stop myself, willing the muscles in my hand to let up, concentrating… concentrating…! 

    “Ah, well”, she said, brushing herself down. “I suppose I shouldn’t try that one out too much, unless I want you to bitch about it all day!”. I’d poured all my energy into letting go, and she hadn’t even noticed. I felt my nervousness increase -- I was totally at her mercy.

    She brushed herself down again, my own hands moving down my chest and flat stomach. She made me look down, eyes lingering on the lumps that were making my shirt stick out. I felt myself bounce on my toes a little bit, as if in indecision. I hoped Sarah wasn’t thinking what I thought she was thinking.

    “Um um um um…” the ditsy girl said. “I’m just going to… well… it’s just… I just want to see, just quickly.”

    Oh no.

    My betraying hands reached down and began lifting up my shirt, moving quickly, sloppily. Sarah pulled the shirt over my head, getting it caught on my boobs on the way. “Oops, sorry!”. 

    I felt myself look down, at my breasts held tight by my bra. “Oh my god.” Sarah breathed. “They’re so big.”. 

    My boobs weren’t that big, they just stood out on my small frame. But the way Sarah was making me stand, with my chest jutting out and head tilted down as far as it would go -- well, it was certainly showing them off in a way I never would.

    “I’ve always wanted tits like these, Elle.” I felt my stomach knot up a little bit. Was that why she asked to come over and try out this thing on me? To try out having bigger boobs? My god that girl was shallow. She was tall, blonde, and hot. The fact her boobs were only an A cup didn’t dissuade any of the dozens of guys she got with each semester, why did she care so much?

    My hands reached behind and undid the clasp of my bra, letting it fall to the ground. Sarah didn’t even notice the uncomfortable position she put my shoulders in while doing it. 

    “Oh my god.” she said again, hefting a boob in my small hand. My hand felt cold and uncomfortable to me, but Sarah certainly was feeling something else…

    I felt myself grow wet. And that was certainly not at my command. My own hands fondled my boobs more, the fingers pressing into them as Sarah heaved and jiggled my chest around. It was surreal, to have my body respond to the touch, while I felt totally trapped and helpless -- and not wanting to be aroused!

    But I felt it too, and inwardly I gasped as Sarah used my finger to flick my nipple. She squeezed my boobs hard, hard enough to be a little painful, even.

    Take it easy Sarah! I think that’s enough for now!

    She pressed my legs together as I felt myself get wetter. She was going to ruin my underwear at this rate. She slowly began lowering a hand, down to between my legs.

    That’s not yours to play with!

    And then I heard a gasp. Sarah made me look up, and there, in the doorway, was my little brother Ben staring open mouthed at me. Shit! How long had he watched me -- Sarah -- fondling? Not cool!

    I cringed and tried to cover myself, but Sarah made me sit still, hands still squeezing my boobs. She forced me to smile. “Oops.” she said. He stared for a moment longer, then ran away. 

    She turned back to her limp form on the bed. “Guess I should let you go, ay?”, she said casually, genuinely enjoying herself.

    I’m going to kill you for this, Sarah. 

    Sarah walked me back to the bed, my eyes looking down at her body’s limp form. She stopped and smiled down at herself. I wanted to scream.

    My brother just saw me fondling myself! Get the hell out of my body Sarah!

    Ignoring me, she reached down to brush her hair out of her face. My eyes lingered on my nails as she did it. “You have such nice nails, Elle. And such small hands!”. She waved them in front of her own face, giggling. Then she poked her sleeping form in the cheek, with one of my outstretched fingers.

    “I can’t feel anything from my own body.” Sarah said to herself. Or maybe she said it to me, it’s hard to tell who she’s talking to when she’s using my mouth to do it. She laughed as she used my hands to push her own mouth into a smile, and then a frown, playing with her features from the outside.

    Yes, yes, very funny. Now get out of me!

    Sarah fiddled around with her eyebrows for a moment, using my nails to pluck a few hairs. Then she stuck my finger up her own pert nose, letting out a snort of laughter from my body.

    That’s disgusting, Sarah. And it’s your own body!!

    “I suppose I better check how you’re feeling about this, Elle.” Sarah said, sighing. She leaned across her body, and flicked a switch on the side of the helmet.

    Instantly, I felt myself falling, suddenly no longer having Sarah control my balance. I fell forward, landing awkwardly on top of Sarah’s body on the bed. I scrambled back, regaining control of my rebellious limbs.

    “Haha, careful!” said Sarah, opening her eyes and grinning. She sat up on the bed and stretched. “I wouldn’t want to do that for too long, already my body feels funny coming back!”

    My own arms and legs were tingling slightly, but the feeling was going away. I quickly found my bearings and rounded on her.

    “What the hell, Sarah!” I hissed. “What do you think you were doing?!”

    “I just wanted to see what it felt like having big boobs!” she replied, innocently. “I didn’t think you’d mind that much. Even you have to admit you have a great rack.” She gestured at my bare chest, and I blushed, scrambling to find the clothes Sarah had thrown around the room.

    “You should have asked first.” I grumbled, putting my bra back on.

    “Oh come on! I could tell you enjoyed it!” she chucked “I certainly did.”

    “About that! I don’t appreciate somebody else turning me on like that!”

    “Don’t we usually get turned on by other people?” Sarah grinned mischievously. “Maybe I’m just extra good at it.”

    “That’s not the same, and you know it.” For all my posturing, it was actually kinda hot, having my body get all aroused without my input. Wait -- did I only find it hot because Sarah found it hot, and she was controlling my body’s feelings? Argh, this was so confusing.

    Sarah was still looking at me, a bit of a glint in her eye. “Oh yeah? I bet I could make you soooooo horny.”

    I gulped. She wasn’t going to do that, was she? I hesitated, then began to reach up to remove the receiver from the back of my neck.

    “Maybe another time-- “

    Sarah flicked the switch on the helmet again, and my hand froze in the air. I felt a chill wash over me. A moment later, her body collapsed back onto the bed.


    “Oh yesssss.” my traitorous voice breathed. My mouth opened wide. “I’m baaaaaack” Sarah sung, way too loudly. 

    Keep it down, Sarah! 

    My eyes looked down at my chest, with my recently re-donned bra holding up my perky breasts. Sarah jutted out my chest to get a good look. “Can’t be having that, can we?”. She reached behind my back and removed my bra, letting my breasts once again fall freely. She took them in my hands. “Mmmmm, where were we?”

    I could feel a growing wetness down below, as Sarah squeezed my boobs tight. She ran my fingers down my flat stomach and began to undo the buttons on my jeans.

    “You’ve been working out, have you? I suppose you wouldn’t mind if I pigged out in your body then?” She giggled, forcing my voice into her girly mannerisms. It sounded wrong - I don’t normally giggle.

    She pulled down my pants and kicked them across the room, controlling my foot with a finesse completely foreign to me. Then she bent all the way down, and used my eyes to stare directly at my vagina.

    “Didn’t even shave for me!” she laughed. This was so embarrassing. Not that I had pubic hair, of course, that was totally normal. But bending over and talking into my own vagina? Not something I would normally be caught dead doing.

    She poked it with one of my fingers, and I felt a wave of arousal wash through me. Sarah was enjoying this immensely. I could even see some of my pubic hair glistening with the wetness Sarah was forcing on me.

    Sarah poked the lips again, pushing my labia to the side, inspecting the hole. And… “Haha, your clit is much smaller than mine.” It was bad enough she was controlling my body, but did she have to compare everything between us?

    She used my middle finger to give my clitoris a rub, and I felt a spike of pleasure jolt through me. Sarah gasped, and clenched my vagina in arousal. I tried to rub it again, but couldn’t -- my body was still completely out of my control.

    If you’re going to do it, bloody do it!

    My fingers curled themselves, then flicked my clitoris. Hard. 

    Ouch! Hey!

    My body responded positively though, the pulsing wetness within me getting even more powerful. Sarah flicked again, another jolt, of pleasure and of pain. “This normally hurts too much to be much fun.” my voice announced, “But when I’m controlling you, we can’t feel any of the pain! Isn’t that great?”

    Hey! Wait! I can still feel the pain!

    I wanted to shout, but nothing came out. I concentrated on moving my lips, but only felt myself lick them as Sarah worked herself up. Another flick. Another jolt. 

    Sarah moved my body down onto it’s knees, a grin on my face. She reached behind and slapped me hard on my bottom, using all the pitiful strength of my weak arm. This was humiliating! Not that I masturbated very much, but when I did it was lying comfortably back on my bed, quietly rubbing myself until I orgasmed. 

    This was loud, messy, and not at all comfortable. Sarah lent forward, my face and shoulder pressing into the ground, uncomfortably close to her dirty shoes and socks. She reached down with both arms and began rubbing in a circle, pushing down harder then I would have liked. It was so strange. And so, so hot.

    I could feel all of Sarah’s pleasure as she played with my body. A warm, radiating, pleasurable pulsing deep inside me, with spiking jolts as she manipulated my clitoris clumsily. She rammed the fingers of my other hand deep into my vagina and began pumping. My voice moaned loudly into the floor.

    Sarah, keep it do-- dow--- dooowwwn…

    I could feel every ministration, all the build up, and not being in control just made it ten times hotter. Sure, a lot of this pleasure was just because of Sarah enjoying it -- it was her making my body wet, after all -- but I secretly was into it as well.

    We built up closer and closer, my hands pushing harder inside. I could feel my right hand start to cramp, but I couldn’t control it, couldn’t loosen the muscles or adjust the position. My face pressed into the ground, and my knees ached. The massive orgasm continued to build up, and I couldn’t do anything about any of it.

    Oh god, I’m coming!

    “Ooooooooh!!” Sarah made me moan. “OoooOOooh GOD!”. I came, squirting all over my bedroom floor, fingers continuing to rub inside of me. My toes curled, my breath caught, my eyesight went white and unfocused. Holy shit, Sarah.

    “Wow.” Sarah panted. “Told ya I could turn you on.” She didn’t even bother getting up, just rolled over on the floor and reached up to her form on the bed above. I could feel the mess she had made on the ground pressing into my bare bottom.

    She forced me to do a slight sit up, and flicked the switch on the helmet again. I fell backwards onto the ground, my shoulder hitting painfully as my stomach muscles instantly lost the commands they’d been receiving from Sarah. I just lay there, overwhelmed.

    Sarah, her body still fresh, got up easily. She removed the helmet and blushed as she looked down at me.

    “I’ll, uh, I’ll leave you to clean up the mess you made.” she said. “I’ll come get the stuff later, my Dad won’t notice it’s gone for a few days.” She made for the door quickly, leaving me laying in her mess. “Bye!”

    “Bye…” I mumbled. I don’t know how I felt about what just happened.


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