Parasite Zero

Story created by GaylynneQT ∙ 11 September 2023

Zoe had a wonderful life! That was until everything just went wrong. No relationship, no job, and most of her stuff got stolen. Zoe finds herself the Queen of a host of mind-controlling parasites. And she figures it's about time that she takes her life back and more.

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  • Parasite Zero: Chapter 5

    Chapter written by GaylynneQT ∙ 16 January 2024

    Zoe extends her reach even further, gathering now a very sexy and very lusty hostess to her Legion, but now without having some fun with her first ;3

  • Zoe put two fingers up to her temple as a way to better focus her mind. It was certainly easier this morning when she only had Cassandra connected to her, but now that she had Luke, it required a bit more effort. She could only wonder how difficult it would be to keep straight even more people; maybe she’d get better at it with time. She focused on, thinking about Luke. Within a second, she could feel herself connected to his mind. She hadn’t fully transferred her consciousness to the body, more of just an open line of communication.

    My queen,” Luke thought, “How may I serve you?”

    Oh good, it worked,” Zoe thought. “The hostess at the front of the restaurant. What can you tell me about her?

    Give me a moment to delve into the memories,” Luke thought. A little time passed before he responded to her. “Her name is Shelby Collingsworth. She’s 24 and started working here six months ago. She attends the nearby Seymour Community College. Based on inferences made, she appears to have a thing for myself and has done actions that would be interpreted as flirting. However, nothing has come out of it yet.”

    Zoe nodded, then turned her attention to Cassandra. “Hey, so, I know that you said that you can’t create more Legion. But, if I were to give one of you a parasite, would you be able to put it on someone and take them over.” Cassandra nodded in response.

    “Alright, Luke, I want you to come by the table. I’m going to hand you a parasite. Then, go to Shelby. What I need you to do is to seduce her, flirt with her, whatever. Just get her attention and bring her to a quiet part of the restaurant. I would join but the quiet area probably isn’t some place that I can go as a customer. Once you have her there, let me know and I’ll take over the rest. Understood?”

    Understood, my queen. I will stop by the table promptly.”

    With that, she closed the connection to Luke. Having spent so many years directing her coworkers, Zoe was thankful that she developed the skills that would help her to manage a small hive mind. It didn’t take long for Luke to walk over to the table. Zoe coughed a little, spawning another Legion parasite from the back of her throat. She handed it to Luke, who concealed it in his hand. Then, he walked off towards the front of the restaurant.

    “You’re quite impressive, Zoe,” Cassandra said with a smile. “Growing your numbers already. As to be expected of the one that I would follow.”

    “Well, I couldn’t really have done it without you,” Zoe said, placing her hand on Cassandra’s. “I mean, it’s honestly because I have such a great guide like yourself that I’m able to figure out how to do these sorts of things.”

    “I cannot wait to see how far your power and influence grows, Zoe,” Cassandra said. She leaned forward, pulling Zoe in for a firm kiss on the lips. Zoe blushed a little, surprised at the sudden gesture. Cassandra chuckled. “If you’re wondering why, it’s simple. I don’t hesitate over nothing. If I want something, then I simply take it. And what I wanted then was to kiss you. It’s as simple as that.” It was easy for Zoe to have forgotten that, despite being taken over by the Legion and having all the in-depth knowledge of them, this was still Cassandra Blaike. It was reassuring to Zoe that even as part of the hive mind, she still retained some individuality.

    A shiver went up Zoe’s spine as she felt Cassandra’s foot brushing up against her leg. “Cassandra? What are you-?” Another shiver of delight coursed through her as Cassandra’s foot moved past Zoe’s knee and up against her inner thigh.

    “Like I told you, Zoe, I am simply taking what I want,” Cassandra said with a delightful smile. “If you have an issue with it, all you have to do is simply tell me to stop.” Zoe took a deep breath, but didn’t say anything. She just gave a little nod as she bit her lower lip. “I can tell that you’re enjoying it.”

    “It does feel really nice,” Zoe said, trying to keep control of herself. She wasn’t normally this horny out of nowhere. It was probably just an aftermath of the intense night of sex from last night, but she didn’t think that she would still be feeling the tingling from it.

    Cassandra smiled as she rubbed her foot back and forth against Zoe’s thigh. “See? Isn’t it much better to just let yourself enjoy things? You deserve to let yourself enjoy things that make you feel good. From what I can understand, that is how humans should live.”

    That’s how humans should live? Even the Legion, with how little time they’ve had being human can understand that. So, why should I? Zoe thought to herself. I’ve already gone through hell and back now twice in my life. I should get to enjoy my life and everything that I possibly can!

    Zoe scooted forward a little, letting Cassandra’s foot move further up her thigh. “See? Doesn’t it feel much better, Zoe?”

    “Yes, it-”

    Then, Zoe felt a little buzzing in her skull, almost like her brain was getting a phone call. She focused on it, feeling herself connected to Luke.

    My queen, I have her with me right now in a private area.”

    “Very good.” She turned to Cassandra. “Watch over me.” Cassandra nodded. “I’m taking over now,” Zoe thought as she tried to channel the same feeling she felt before when she took over Cassandra. All the sensations shifted around her as her mind was transferred to Luke’s body.

    She found herself in a little narrow produce closet. It was a little darker compared to the bright natural lighting from outside, but she was still able to see well. She could feel the parasite wiggling in her left hand while Shelby was pulling on her right. Shelby had a wide smile and an excited look on her face. Now that she had more time, she could better admire her.

    Shelby had a pale complexion with numerous freckles on her cheeks. Her hair was also blonde, but it was a few shades lighter than Luke’s. She had deep hazel eyes that dazzled like gems in the dim light. Her uniform was somewhat modest; a button up shirt with the restaurant’s logo and a long skirt, still showing off her curves, likely to help draw in attention. She was rather petite, shorter than even Zoe herself. Luke stood nearly a foot taller than Shelby.

    “I can’t believe it, Luke!” Shelby said in an excitedly hushed voice. “It’s been so long, I was starting to get worried that all my efforts would have been for nothing.” She reached up on her tiptoes to just barely kiss Luke’s neck. “But, here you are. Teasing me for so long and it’s finally happening.” 

    She didn’t even bother to unbutton her top; she just lifted up off her body and tossed it to the side. Zoe got an eyeful of Shelby’s B cups held back by a red lacy bra. Without giving Zoe a moment to react, Shelby pressed her body up against Luke’s, the force pushing them both back against the wall and causing Zoe to accidentally open Luke’s left hand, dropping the parasite onto the ground. Zoe could feel Shelby’s hot breath against Luke’s stomach. That, coupled with the sight before her, caused Zoe to become very aware of the rush of blood that was engorging Luke’s cock.

    “Try not to be too loud. We don’t want anyone to hear us,” Shelby said as she dragged a finger from Luke’s chest down to his groin, taking a firm grip onto his dick. Zoe shuddered in pleasure. “But at the same time, it’s all I want and all I care about right now. So, come on. Take me. Ravage me. Make me yours, Luke.”

    Zoe wasn’t entirely sure if it was Luke’s body craving it or if she herself was, but the next thing she knew, she was lifting up Shelby with both hands and planting a firm kiss on her lips. It felt strange with how Luke’s lips felt, but Shelby’s lips felt just right. Shelby moaned in delight into the kiss, wrapping her arms around Luke’s neck. 

    Zoe was becoming quite aware that Luke’s body was far different than her own. For one thing, Luke was very muscular. He had to have worked out at least twice a week to develop the body that he had. Despite that, it was toned and lean. From this, Zoe guessed that Luke must do some sort of speed related sport. Whatever the case, she would have to ask him later. Right now, it was all about Shelby. Her body was shaking, though Zoe couldn’t quite tell if it was from nervousness or excitement. She gulped a little before pulling away from the kiss.

    “Are you nervous?” she asked, her eyes locked into Shelby’s eyes.

    “A little,” Shelby said, resting her head against Luke’s shoulder. “But I want it. I want you, Luke. So, take me. Use me. Make me forget all about Douglas as I ride that big thick cock of yours.”

    Before Zoe could even begin to think about who Douglas was, a shiver of pleasure washed through her. Shelby was stroking Luke’s cock through his pants and it was getting even harder.

    “Come on, you don’t want me to have to beg, do you?” Shelby said, with a little mischievous glint in her eyes that said she’d enjoy it either way. “We don’t have much time left.” Shelby lifted up her skirt, showing Zoe that she didn’t even have any panties on. “Make it hard and rough and quick.”

    That was the last bit of push that Zoe needed. She reached down and unzipped Luke’s pants, letting his six inch erection fall out. Shelby’s grin drew wider across her face with excitement. She straddled her legs around Luke’s, positioned right at his cock. She slid it right between her legs.

    “How are my thighs?” she said, leaning against Luke’s chest again. “Just as soft as I said they would be?”

    “Oh, they feel heavenly,” Zoe moaned as Shelby moved back and forth on Luke’s cock. Her brain was melting from her first time having a dick. She had no idea how in the world she was going to be able to handle actually fucking her.

    “Well, you can feel more, Luke,” Shelby said as she pushed her tits against Luke’s chest. “Feel me however you want. But you gotta make it quick, or else we gotta get back to work. So stop hesitating and-”

    Zoe grabbed a handful of Shelby’s cheeks, one in each hand, and lifted her up. With Luke’s body, Shelby was surprisingly lighter than she expected. She guided Shelby down onto Luke’s dick, the warmth of her pussy enveloping it. Shelby’s pussy was so wet, Zoe nearly stuck the entire cock in. Her brain was flooded with sensations. Sure, she had felt pussy plenty of times before, but those were with her fingers; never with something as sensitive as a cock before. 

    “Oooooooo, that’s more like it,” Shelby moaned as her eyes fluttered. “Now, don’t stop. Ram my pussy. Fuck me, Luke. Fuck me like the hot stud that you are.”

    Zoe kept her right hand under Shelby’s ass, using it as a seat for her. She moved her hand back and forth, practically just using Shelby like a fleshlight. Shelby panted harder and sharper with each thrust, her pussy hungry for all of what Luke’s body could give her. Her soft breasts, while certainly not as big as Cassandra’s, were still just as wonderful pressed against Luke’s chest. Zoe lifted up Luke’s shirt and Shelby’s bra just so that she could feel them better. Shelby’s nipples dug into Luke’s chest, causing Shelby to shudder and moan more.

    “That’s it. Oh! Keep going just like that!” Shelby cried out. “More! More! Give me all of it! Give me everything!”

    “You’re just a horny slut, aren’t you, Shelby?” Zoe said as she tilted Shelby’s head up to kiss her, licking her lips with her tongue.

    Shelby moaned in delight. “Yes! I’m your horny slut, Luke! Call me that! Call me your whore! Degrade me! Break me! Give me everything you can and more!”

    “Oh, I’m going to make you completely mine, you fucking slut!” Zoe said as she started to move Shelby even faster and harder onto Luke’s cock. It was taking every ounce of her strength and willpower to not cum inside of Shelby right now. She wanted this feeling to just keep lasting.

    She raised Shelby up and completely off Luke’s cock. Shelby gave a confused and saddened look, only to be delightfully surprised when Zoe flipped her around so that Shelby’s back was facing her. Rather than holding Shelby by the asscheeks, she now put one hand on Shelby’s thighs, making sure her legs were spread apart, and the other was squeezing one of Shelby’s tits. With a quick motion, she shoved Luke’s cock back into Shelby’s pussy, thrusting the whole member into her. The feeling was so intense, Shelby had to cover her mouth with both hands to not scream out in pleasure.

    “That’s right. You’re nothing but a sexual plaything for me,” Zoe said as she pulled back on Shelby’s tits and whispered into her ear. She could feel Shelby’s pussy clench in excitement at that. “Yeah, you like knowing your place, don’t you?” Shelby nodded excitedly, her gasps and moans from each thrust barely muffled. “And your place where you belong is with me, riding my huge dick...” Shelby gave a sharp moan as Zoe gave a long and hard thrust, whimpering in ecstasy. “Serving me as my fucktoy whenever and however I want it.” Zoe could tell that Shelby was on the verge of a climax.

    “Yes, I want to be yours,” Shelby moaned. “Make me yours! Make me all yours!” Her body was twitching, aching for sweet release from the pleasure. Her eyes were practically rolled back into her head completely. She needed this. She craved this.

    “Then cum for me,” Zoe said as she pinched Shelby’s nipples. “Cum for me and become mine completely!”

    “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Shelby could no longer contain herself, reaching back and grabbing onto Luke’s neck for dear life. Her body tensed up every muscle as it prepared itself. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna- OW! Something bit me!” There was a sharp pain in Shelby’s foot as a Legion parasite that had crawled up the walls leaped onto Shelby and bit into her, burrowing itself inside. Her mind was a flurry of panic and pleasure that had no way of sorting itself out. The feeling of the parasite sent shivers of fear and confusion up her spine; while her pussy finally gave out and sent an orgasm rippling through her. Her body twitched and convulsed, the parasite converting all the fear into pure ecstasy. Her eyes shimmered to the Legion’s purple as the infection took hold of her, and her expression changed from confusion to that of pleasure found only on the most erotic of hentai. “AHHHHHHH! I’M YOURS!”

    Zoe quickly put Luke’s hand over Shelby’s mouth as quickly as she could. At the same time, the feeling of Shelby’s pussy clamping down from her orgasm was too much for Zoe to bear. She gave a hard thrust, feeling the explosive pressure in Luke’s cock relieve itself inside of Shelby. It was a delightful sensation, feeling Luke’s cum shoot out of his dick and fill up Shelby’s pussy. Zoe felt like her brain was melting from all the pleasure. It felt far different, and yet oddly familiar, having her first orgasm in a man’s body as compared to her own. A part of her wondered if the other bodies also had different sensations from their orgasms. She was excited at the idea of getting to test and experiments with all the different bodies that she would be-


    Zoe and Shelby both turned to see the closet door wide open. Staring at them both was a large adult man, easily in his late 40s or 50s, with such anger in his eyes, he looked like he was about to scream his heart out. Zoe’s mind raced, trying to figure out what to do. No matter how you spun the situation, it was two people caught having sex in a produce closet and there would be hell to pay for it. Zoe wasn’t quite sure if the man had come in because he heard the sounds of their fucking or if Shelby’s scream alerted him.

    Before he could say anything, Shelby was already face to face with him. She put her fingers into his mouth to stop him from screaming. Then, she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and swept under his feet, bringing him into the closet. With a swift motion, she shut the closet door and put herself on top of the man. She was trying her best to pin him down, but it was obvious that she was losing ground.

    “My queen! What do we do?” Shelby said, turning to Zoe. 

    “Uhhh…” Zoe’s mind scrambled for some sort of answer. 

    She could feel the intense rage coming off of the man. If she didn’t act fast, they were going to get in trouble for sure. Then, like a sudden flash of inspiration, Zoe knew what to do. She focused and transferred her mind over to Shelby’s body. She could still feel the warm post-orgasmic glow coursing through Shelby’s body, as well as the wriggling of the man underneath her. A bit of Luke’s cum was running down her thighs, but she didn’t care.

    “Luke! Hold him down!” Zoe said. Luke nodded and swapped places with Zoe, holding the man down much better with his stronger build. “Hold tight. Shelby, put your shirt back on, then come to the table where I’m at. Quick!”

    Zoe transferred her mind back to her body, waking up from laying her head down on the table. After taking a second to readjust back to herself, she forced herself to spawn another Legion parasite, reaching back and plucking it off her tongue. It only took a few seconds afterwards for Shelby to come to the table. Zoe handed her the parasite.

    “Go put that on the man. Hurry!” Zoe said and Shelby nodded. Shelby quickly headed into the back of the restaurant and disappeared from sight. As she did, Zoe refocused and transferred her mind over to Luke.

    Shelby came into the closet in no time, shutting the door behind her and putting the parasite onto the man’s arm. Zoe could feel the man struggle and try to scream, but Luke’s hand kept it muffled. There was a bit more writhing and flailing, much wilder than anyone else so far. Then, after a few seconds, the man stopped and relaxed. Zoe slowly removed Luke’s hand from the man’s face.

    “I am so sorry for that, my queen,” the man said. “Allow me to properly introduce myself to you. I am Daniel ‘Powder’ Bartleby, the owner of this restaurant.”

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