Stealth Control: Zach's Long Term Experiment

Story created by jibaky ∙ 11 September 2023

Zach was a tech wiz. He planted all sorts of surveilance equipment in his and his neighbors' houses in preparation for the beginning of his Stealth Control network. He was ready to enjoy all these bodies to his own pleasure, maybe even manage to change a thing or two in them, during his two month break from college. He was ready to have the time of his life, playing and manipulating the bodies of his hot mom and sisters, and his neighbors.

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  • Stealth Control: Zach's Long Term Experiment

    Chapter written by jibaky ∙ 01 June 2023

    Zach was a tech wiz. He planted all sorts of surveilance equipment in his and his neighbors' houses in preparation for the beginning of his Stealth Control network. He was ready to enjoy all these bodies to his own pleasure, maybe even manage to change a thing or two in them, during his two month break from college. He was ready to have the time of his life, playing and manipulating the bodies of his hot mom and sisters, and his neighbors.

  • Zach had been ecstatic when his latest parcel arrived in the mail. Though it was very expensive to use it legally, the college student had heard about a few rogue servers of Stealth Control here and there, and had been wanting to try setting one up for himself.

    He had spent the weekends at his family’s home preparing the grounds, just waiting to get his hands on some real hardware. He had used all of his IT knowledge to place an extensive array of spy cameras, and wireless network routers in his house, and both side neighbors, enjoying the good old excuse of helping them with technical problems, that in reality, had been caused by him.

    His specialized hardware had arrived a week before his summer break started, meaning he’d have just enough time to finish setting it up in time for two months of pure debauchery in the three houses he’d use as testing grounds.

    Fortunately, with all of his previous prepwork, the next step would be easy. First he’d need to set up a main control hub in the server he installed in his room, and tinker a bit with his wireless routers to interact with the proper receivers. 

    He also had to make sure that both his transmission points and his receiver nanobots were absolutely sealed to intrusions outside of what he wanted it to. Stories of people setting up entire networks of Stealth Control, just to have it promptly hijacked by other more experienced hackers scared him to death. The only one that had the right to play god in his neighborhood was him, thank you very much.

    He had gotten enough nanobots to control a hundred people, but he’d start small, increasing his range as he got more and more people dancing in his hands. Beyond using all of his best methods to black box his network, this was his main defense against other Stealth Control users, his network would be small at first, but would slowly grow, making it a lot harder to detect.

    He’d spread it naturally. Give his mom a cup of infected juice here, his sisters, some infected cake. The neighbors themselves would take some more effort, but he’d get there eventually, especially if he managed to use his mom to do it.



    Zach was the quintessential IT major. He was lanky and awkward, plain face, and big round glasses, and though certainly not as shy as most of his peers, still hadn’t managed to get himself a girlfriend. 

    To spectacular contrast, his mom and two sisters were gorgeous. Alice was a 45 year old woman, who despite her age, still had an amazing figure. The widow made sure to keep in shape, so still seemed to be no older than 30. Brunette hair and large breasts, coupled with her wide hips, she was very famous among Zach’s friends when he was still in high school.

    Blake and Charlie were both older than Zach by a couple of years. Blake had just graduated with a physical education degree, and Charlie was in the final year of her business major. Though neither carried their mom’s sexy older woman appeal, they were still beauties in their own right.

    Blake was tall and fit. Her breasts and ass were smaller than Charlie, or Alice’s, but she more than made it up by having the perfect balance of muscles and fat to still look feminine, while being a top athlete, her short boyish hair completing the tomboy look.

    Charlotte, usually shortened to Charlie, was thin, and held the classic model look. She was a bit shorter than Blake, but had her beat in the chest department. Somehow, she had even larger breasts than their mom, and her svelte form did wonders to accentuate it.

    Knowing all of this, Zach had been jittery when he first arrived home after his last day at school this semester. He quickly ran to his room in the attic, checked his diagnostics program, and booted Stealth Control up.

    While it should already work immediately, he knew that having the host acclimate to the nanobots before use would make it easier to connect himself, and smoother for any mental effect his mind being in control of their bodies could have.

    He set the controller band over his head, and set a timer for 30 seconds to start, while he laid down in bed, and got comfortable.

    Once the 30 seconds passed, he began hearing the band starting to humm, which slowly made him lose consciousness, which had the effect of getting him to find himself in a wide blue expanse.

    Zach could barely believe that it had worked. While all legal operations of Stealth Control kept a very strict hold over how the process worked, having a few employees taking requests of who wanted to possess who, and either connecting them, or denying the connections, pirate networks worked in many different ways. Some kept to the basics, having people controlling connections between server nodes and client nodes, others, tried to implement ways that the users themselves could have some control, by either using specific passwords, or using a managing system.

    To solve that, Zach had installed a very well hidden backdoor, straight into his main control hub, in every wifi network in the three houses he worked on, so he could theoretically access it from anywhere, as long as he had the right tools, namely, a smartphone with the right apps, one he made sure got installed in every smartphone connected to the wifi networks he set up.

    The operating system he had developed to do this, made it so that instead of going straight into the head of one of his hosts, he would go to a digital space, where he could monitor every node connected. He could see three bright spots of light around his own spot, each with the same address and a different port. He had no way of knowing who each node was before possessing them, so he decided to just pick one at random.

    Target locked, he entered the command, and for the first time, became someone else.


    Alice was about to go upstairs to wake her youngest, when she felt a shudder run through her body. Weird, she thought, it was summer, so there shouldn’t be random cold breezes running through her house.

    For some reason, her bra was feeling constricting, so instead, she went to her room to take it off, while idly picking at it. Slowly but surely, as she approached her room, she could feel her heartbeat speeding up.

    Once inside, she made sure to lock the door, before removing her clothes. They felt stuffy, she needed to breathe a little. When she stood naked in front of the mirror, she couldn’t help herself.

    “Damn. You’re -I mean- I’m hot!” exclaimed the older woman, staring lecherously at her own tits. She had never thought about it, but all her hard work at keeping her body had certainly paid off.

    She didn’t really know why she was suddenly so attracted to her own body, but seeing herself, massaging her own boobs, made her so wet she could barely hold herself from just going to town on her now sopping wet pussy.

    “God, this body is awesome, I love it.” she made sure to say out loud. She really enjoyed hearing her own voice right now. She sounded so slutty, so sexual. Usually, whenever she was playing with herself, she would just do it as silently as possible, feeling no need to vocalize beyond any moan that came naturally, since she had no partner to communicate her feelings.

    She could feel the distinct call of her climax coming. Usually, when she got this close, she would try and ride it for as long as she could, taking her time to make sure all her pleasure points were being given equal attention, but not today. Today she felt like just ramming her fingers as deep inside herself as she could, and pressing her ample breasts with her whole palm, twisting her nipples every once in a while.

    It came very suddenly, one moment, she was forcefully trying to extract an orgasm out of herself, the next it came, like a tsunami breaking through a barrier, flooding her entire body with pleasure.

    She could barely breathe through it, orgasming had never felt like this. She felt a brief shudder, followed by hearing a light knock on her door.

    “H-hey mom… Charlie and I are leaving for work, talk to you later…”she heard Blake awkwardly say.

    After she got her breath back, she finally felt her mind clear. She had been going to wake Zach up, so they all could have breakfast together. Was this a symptom of her menopause coming? She still had her regular cycle, so she didn’t think so, but a sudden lustful surge like this was very unusual indeed.

    In the attic, Zach could barely believe what had happened. For the entire duration, he could control his mother’s body as his own. It worked. It really, actually worked! After taking off the headband, he jumped in joy, before going downstairs. He had spent the night finishing his network’s set up process, so now that he finally had tangible proof that it worked, he felt himself held down by exhaustion.

    Still, while he wore his mom’s body as a meat puppet, he felt as well as she did, so he could spend the day experimenting, and compensate for his sleep during the night.

    Getting to the kitchen, he grabbed a mug, and filled it with coffee, before sitting down to drink it. After a few minutes, his mother entered the room.

    “Good morning, sweety…” she still seemed to be somewhat dazed.

    “Hey mom, are you feeling ok?” asked the college student, feigning true concern, knowing exactly what she had been feeling.

    “Oh, I'm good, thanks for worrying. I was going to wake you up, but felt a little faint, so I went to my room to lie down a bit,” said the older woman, face slightly blushing.

    “Well, good to know that you’re feeling better. I gotta test some new tech, so I’ll probably be in my room the whole day, if you need me.”

    “Oh, ok. I might need to go out during the afternoon to buy some groceries, do you want me to get you anything?”

    “Humm, could you bake two cakes for me at some time this week?”

    “Sure thing honey, why do you need more than one cake, though? Not trying to prick any delicate subject, but you don’t usually have anyone over.”

    “Oh, I’m giving one to mrs. Evans, and one to the twins. The money I got from the IT gig I did for them really helped me during a personal project, so I wanna thank them with the cakes.”

    “Aww Zach, you’re too nice sometimes, but I’ll make sure to buy the ingredients. I’ll only be free to bake them tomorrow, but by Monday they should be ready.”

    “Thanks mom, you’re the best,” he said, before standing up and leaving for his room.


    This time, when he started the program once again, he noticed that only one spot was appearing. Since his sisters were currently working, they would be unavailable to play with.

    He made sure to use the nickname function to mark his mother’s node with her name. Later in the night, once both his sisters arrived, he’d make sure to mark them, and once he got his neighbors in the network, they too.

    Still, he could barely help himself, he jacked into his mother’s body as fast as he could. He got the tail end of the shiver that signaled the successful connection between a server and a client. The shiver felt wonderful on his mom’s skin. He was almost hypnotized with how soft and smooth it was, and with how different it felt with the goosebumps across his new body.

    She had just finished setting an alarm in her phone for when she would go to the market. Zach set his mothers phone down, and once again walked to her room. The first time he possessed her, he had been too overwhelmed by the whole experience, but now he could fully appreciate how different it felt compared to his.

    His mother’s body was shorter than his, but the weight distribution was also distinct enough that he felt it. Her center of gravity was easy to deal with, all he had to do was not think too hard about it, and the body’s own muscle memory would take care of it, but had yet to get used to having his mother’s large breasts jiggling in his chest. 

    He noticed that even after she got dressed, she still didn’t put on her bra again. That was good, it meant that already his influence could be felt. He could barely hold from squeeing from imagining all he could do in the coming months until he had to leave for college.

    This time he was more contained. He wanted to fully enjoy it. Sitting on his mom’s bed, in front of her mirror, he examined her body. His mother was 170 cm tall,and had beautiful brown eyes, and hair. She looked stereotypically motherly, but instead of where there would be a slight hint of fat and sagging skin, Alice was still slim and taut. She was a very good middle ground between his sister’s figures. Not too fit, not too ample, she was just right, and right now, she was fully his to enjoy.

    Zach slowly undressed himself once again, committing every detail of his mother’s form to his mind. Once he had a proper mental map of it, he’d fill it with all the best places to touch, for maximum pleasure. He had heard that some Stealth Control networks had some features that allowed the one in control to directly access the host’s mind for better impersonation, or to get general information, but he couldn’t find how to replicate it, yet.

    Now, with his head not being overcome by lust, he had to admit, his mother was incredibly hot. He gently took both her breasts in his hands, massaging them slowly. He really did have nothing to compare the feeling in his male body, but it felt nice, comfortable. Once the nipples stood erect, he ventured to play with them softly. It was weird knowing that these breasts, that he suckled when he was just a baby, were now on his chest, being enjoyed once again by him, for a different purpose.

    Zach could feel her slit quickly moistening itself. He allowed a hand to wander towards it, spreading his lips. He could see it in the mirror, his mom had a bush, and small inner lips. When he spread them open, he audibly gasped, his mom’s pink pussy looked so very pretty.

    He started massaging her clitoris. The wave of pleasure hit him unaware. He had already been out of his mind when he began using her clitoris the last time, but now he was still completely in control, so he was surprised by the sudden intensity of pleasure a simple small nub could provide. His other hand left the tit it had been holding, probing the inside of his vagina. He really liked the feeling of being filled, and though he wasn’t gay, he could only dream of what it felt like to be filled by a proper cock.

    Though he had to admit that he could easily solve that problem, after all, there was still a cock in this house right now.


    Alice was very horny today. She really was worried about it now, but she felt so good today. It was like she had been opened to a whole new universe. By now, she was sure that if she had a clone, she would bed it as soon as it would be humanly possible to do.

    “Oof, that was a good one,” she said, relaxed from the, now more thorough, self pleasure session. “Still have some time before she gotta leave to buy stuff,” commented the woman, finding it weird to refer to herself in the third person.

    She stood from the bed, and left the room. Her first reflex had been to wear clothes, before deciding that it wasn’t like Zach would be leaving his room anyway, and since she wouldn’t be going anywhere with an exposed window to the outside, there wouldn’t be any danger of peepers catching a look of her naked body.

    First she went to the kitchen, to drink a cup of water. She really must’ve been out of it, even as she swallowed tap water, she couldn’t help but note how nice her plump lips felt. She prodded both upper and lower lips with her tongue and teeth, indulging in their soft fullness.

    Hydrated after a long masturbation session, Alice slowly crept towards the attic. She wasn’t sure what she would do there, but hopefully Zach would be asleep, or deep enough inside whatever technology he was playing with, to not see her naked body.

    Entering the dark room, she couldn’t help but notice how warm it was in here. She turned on the fan, to at least circulate the air inside. She took a brief look at the computer screen. It was filled with all sorts of graphs and diagrams that she couldn’t make any sense of, but she felt that it was like it was supposed to be. Then, she laid her eyes on her own son.

    Zach was such a good kid, though she still worried he was too awkward amongst his peers. He had friends, and would often go out with them, but lately, he had spent all his free time at home, doing some errand or another.

    Her eyes slowly panned over his body. He was wearing an off white shirt, and she couldn’t help but blush after noticing he wasn’t wearing pants, his boxer being the only thing between his penis and herself.

    At least it was, since the first thing she did after looking at it, was to kneel beside his bed, and remove it, leaving his dick exposed to the world. As her loins started to heat up, she couldn’t help but think, sure, she was unusually horny today, but she didn’t think she was the kind of person that would use her son’s unconscious body to satisfy any hidden desire. She was sure that she had never felt anything like this towards him, though she had to admit that her own body had also never aroused her like it had today.

    She took her son’s dick into her hands, carefully massaging it, she could feel the blood slowly pumping into it, heating it up, more and more. As it grew, she eventually placed it in her mouth, trying to speed up the process. It tasted salty, and smelled musky. She didn’t know when was the last time her son had taken a bath, but it must’ve been not too long ago, since it wasn’t bad, just a bit strong.

    “There you go, now mommy can have some fun,” she said, smiling wide open. She couldn’t believe that she was really going to do this, the taboo of the situation making it so much hotter than sex usually was for her. 

    “Gonna be honest, using these smaller hands, my dick even looks larger, maybe that's what women usually mean when they say that size isn’t everything…”, she commented, unsure of the reason, before placing herself atop Zach.

    “Anyway, I guess I’ll be losing both my virginities right now, though I guess it is a shame that I won’t get to feel my first time.” She lined up her crotch with his, marveling at how wet she currently was. Without waiting, she used her hands to place it in the correct hole, before impaling herself into Zach’s dick.

    “Augh!” she moaned from the sudden intrusion, even as she expected it.

    “Dear God, my fingers feel nothing like the real thing,” said Alice, enthusiastically moving her hips atop her son.

    She took her time, fully enjoying having her inner emptiness filled. She guessed that there were some advantages to using her son like this, unlike the usual one night stand, she had complete control over the speed and intensity during the intercourse, and unlike a dildo, it was warm, and throbbed slightly every so often, reminding her that it was an actual person.

    She still had a few minutes before she knew her orgasm would come, when she heard a ringing downstairs.

    “Crap, just my luck,” her face turned into a snarl of fury, she had been having fun, but now she had to leave, otherwise the market would close, and she wouldn’t be able to buy groceries for the week. She slowly took off her son’s erect dick from inside her sopping pussy. She was lucky too, a few moments after it finished exiting her, he came, the white semen missing her by centimeters.

    “What the hell, might as well try it,” she said, before licking it all from him, leaving no trace of this. She placed his boxer back on, and went downstairs to her room. As she put on her clothes back on, this time she made sure to not wear her panties. She wasn’t sure why, but the thought of going shopping while going commando did wonders to her pussy.

    She grabbed her purse, and got into the car, when a shudder passed through her body, making the woman flush intensely at everything she did in the past few hours.


    Zach was loving it. His mother’s body felt like a dream. He could only imagine how it’d feel to be in one of his sister’s even younger bodies.

    Once again, he went downstairs to rehydrate. Though all the physical effort he did was using his mother’s body, the sex, coupled with the heat from the day, and the prior lack of ventilation in his room, meant that he had sweated quite a bit.

    He drank a cup of juice, and made himself a sandwich, before going to take a bath. Once he left the bathroom, he heard motion inside the house

    "Who 's there?” he asked.

    “Afternoon Zach, I was just waiting for you to finish your bath before taking one myself,” shouted Blake from the kitchen.

    His sister Blake was currently working as a personal trainer for a gym downtown. Zach had assumed he’d have less time to play with his sisters, since during the day they were at work, and both were still regularly going out to have fun during the night. He knew that they usually spent the whole Sunday lazing around, and that was when he expected he’d have the most access to them.

    “Hey Blake”, greeted Zach, entering the kitchen, towel around his neck. “Are either of you going out tonight?”

    “What’s up with the sudden interest in your big sisters’ social life?”, asked the smirking woman. “I think I heard Charlie would be going out with some friends, but I had a rough day at work, so I’ll be turning in early this weekend.”

    Zach could barely hold himself from grinning and running straight to his room to try her out.

    “Oh, by the way, did you find anything weird with mom today?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “It's just- She went to wake you up this morning and… well, nevermind,” hesitantly finished the brunette.

    “When I woke up, she said she felt faint and went to lie down a bit.”

    “I see… Well, I gotta take a bath, see you later, Zach” finished the young woman, leaving the kitchen.

    Zach quickly hung his towel outside to dry, before running towards his room. This time he made sure to open the windows, before lying down on his bed, put on the headband, and started the program.


    Blake was tired. She had a surprising number of mutual students today, so she spent most of the day running through the gym, helping each of them with whatever they needed. At least she got enough time at the end to do her own workout routine.

    She had been slightly disturbed with what happened this morning, so she had tried to go head first into work to try and forget it. It worked until she returned home. She had nothing against her mother doing that kind of stuff, of course, she just hoped she’d try and do it after all of them left the house, though she did know that Zach would probably be spending all his free time in his room.

    Still, she was tired, and was just about to enter the shower, when she felt a sudden shiver run through her body. Thinking better, she had to gather her dirty clothes and take them to her bedroom first. Locking the door after entering, she carefully displayed them on the floor.

    She carefully stepped around them, going to look at herself in the mirror. She was beginning to feel a familiar heat in her lower abdomen. Had she always been this hot? Blake knew that she was an attractive woman, but never had any sort of reason to feel this impressed by her own figure.

    If anything, she felt very conscious about not being as full figured as her mother and sister. Her breasts were very petite compared to theirs, but the only reason she could take her own eyes from them right now was because she was salivating at the sight of the rest of her body.

    Though she knew how to do it, she did a mocked version of a few bodybuilding poses. She knew she wouldn’t be correctly showing any muscle like this, but she supposed it was all for good fun.

    She massaged her boobs a bit, moaning softly.

    “Huunh… Smaller, but just as sensitive…”

    After a few more minutes of boob fondling, and quite a few twisting of her erect nipples, her hands went south and back. She really was proud of her ass, and it was an ass. She wouldn’t accept any other word to describe it, not after all the work she had done to make it this big, round and firm. She hadn’t tried, but she could probably bounce coins on it.

    Massaging her ass didn’t feel particularly good, but it still aroused her, for some reason. She wasn’t really sure why she was feeling like this, but whatever it was, she liked it.

    Suddenly she stopped the exploration, looking into her own eyes in the mirror.

    “You know, I really wonder what’s going on inside there. Maybe you’ll think you got whatever mom got this morning, or maybe you’re just going a little bit crazy… Still, I’ll make sure to enjoy ‘myself’ as long as I’m you, hehe.” she laughed, though it did make sense.

    Maybe something was happening in the house, though she would hold on before blaming the supernatural, since it could only be that. She had been feeling very frustrated lately, and work was very tiring, so she could be just very pent up. She certainly wasn’t feeling anything weird.

    Blake lifted her arms, probing the skin of her forearm with her nose and tongue. She tasted salty, and smelled like she usually did, though it felt very stimulating right now, for some reason. She slowly went over her arms, gently biting into her tensed biceps. 

    Her armpits' smell was stronger than the other parts of her arm. She sniffed her own musk deeply, deeply hypnotized by her own aroma. 

    Blake didn’t really know why she smelled so good today, but she wasn’t complaining. Turning towards her dirty clothes in the ground, she went through each piece, smelling them, and comparing. Though each part had gotten impregnated with her sweat, the smell was a lot stronger in her socks, sports bra, and panties. She put those aside and gathered the rest, before returning to the bathroom.

    Placing them in the dirty laundry basket, she finally started to take her bath.

    The warm water felt soothing over her tired muscles. She made sure to diligently lather every inch of her skin with soap, carefully cleaning between each of her toes. She was really feeling it now, the warmth that had begun while at her room was returning every second she spent gently spreading soap with her own hands.

    Slowly but surely, she finally got to her vagina. Once her hands got there, she wasted no time to penetrate herself with one hand and massaging her clitoris. She wasn’t usually this aggressive while masturbating, but she really liked how it was feeling today.

    She paused a little to clean her hair. She really didn’t know why, but even the flowery scent of her shampoo felt arousing as hell. With one hand scrubbing her scalp, she gathered some of her juices and spread it over her hair too. The thought of her hair being washed with pussy juice was the edge she needed, climaxing instantly, her legs giving.

    After a few moments enjoying the warm water caressing her skin, she stood up in shaky legs. Blake finished rinsing her hair, and left the bathroom, while drying herself.

    Since only Zach and herself were home, like when she first left the bathroom for her room, and then went back to it, she didn’t bother covering herself, crossing the house naked.

    Once she arrived in her room, she grabbed her discarded clothing pieces, and went towards the attic. Zach was in need of a real prank, so she would sneak into his room and place her dirty stinky clothes there. She would love to see his face when he discovered it, but them’s the breaks.

    Inside there, she saw that he was in his bed, with some kind of silver ring around his head. Was this some new sort of VR game machine? Anyway, she placed her used panties over his face, and hid the dirty socks and sports bra in his backpack.

    Prank done, she went downstairs, wandering naked though the house. It felt really liberating to walk around naked. Pity. If she lived alone, she would do it all the time, but it simply wasn’t possible right now.

    She was broken out of her thoughts when she heard her mom’s car entering the garage, which accompanied a distinct shudder.

    Oh shit! her mother was coming, she had to put on something before she saw her naked in the middle of the house!


    Zach was getting the hang of it. Blake’s body, while familiar, felt very distinct from his mothers. What caught his attention the most was the smell. While his mother had been clean that morning, and had only started to smell of sweat as he used her during the early afternoon, Blake had spent the day at a gym, so every moment he spent in her body, he was accompanied by her own body odor. 

    He hadn’t thought about it before, but when he was in there, it was a distinct reminder that she had spent the whole day doing all sorts of stuff, and he could easily just take it for himself to use as he wished.

    While he was inside her, feeling the mix between her perfume and natural musk had made him so horny that he could hardly believe he waited that long before starting to masturbate.

    But he held on, trying to do things before beginning to pleasure himself. If his predictions were correct, like his mom not wearing a bra today, if he consistently acted a certain way, his hosts would eventually adapt said behavior for themselves. Fortunately, he had a lot of time to play and experiment with it.

    After leaving Blake’s toned body, Zach masturbated once as himself, before playing some games, waiting for dinner to be ready. Beyond everything he did today, waking up with his sister’s used underwear was definitely not something he was expecting to do today, but he made good use of it while pleasing himself. 

    Still he had to sleep properly tonight, so he’d have tomorrow’s entire day to play with his family, so he dutifully went down and ate with his mom and Blake.

    His mother warned him that she’d be making his cakes tomorrow, meaning he’d have a very brief window he could spike the ingredients with his nanobots. He didn’t know much about how baking’s chemistry worked, but he hoped the nanobots wouldn’t stop the cake from working out.

    Later, after everyone went to sleep, but before Charlie arrived from whatever she had gone, Zach snuck downstairs and mixed the nanobots with the sugar, flour and the milk his mother had bought to make the cakes and the frosting. Once he delivered them, by this time next week, he’d have at least 5 more nodes in his network.


    It was a little after noon when Zach woke up the next day. He could barely believe that he had spent a not insignificant amount of time as his mother and one of his sisters yesterday. Before leaving the room, he checked the server, and saw that Charlie was already home. His first instinct was to jack in her head, and have some fun, but he held himself. He had done a lot yesterday, so he wanted to check the lay of the land first- seeing if his mom or Blake had any noticeable effect from his time inside them.

    As he went down to the kitchen, he bumped into his mom.

    “Oh, good afternoon, Zach. I was just going upstairs to wake you up. Lunch is almost ready.”

    “Oh, thanks mom.”

    Zach did notice that his mother’s eyes lingered on his crotch a bit when she first saw him, but after catching herself and blushing, she quickly averted her eyes. Once she turned her back to him, he also noticed she lacked a bra strap. Zach quietly smiled, his actions already making a noticeable change in his mother’s actions.

    Downstairs, he helped his mother in the kitchen, setting the table, and cleaning some of the remaining dishes in the sink. Half an hour later, his sisters also came downstairs to have a family lunch.

    It was a pleasant time, all four of them making small talk. Blake talked about her work, while Charlie talked about her last few classes and internship. Alice told Zach that his cakes only need frosting before being ready. After they were all finished, Zach and his mom went to the living room to watch a movie on the TV, while the sisters washed the new dishes, and stored any remaining food.

    Zach really enjoyed seeing how close his mom was sitting to him on the couch, her hands caressing his legs every so often. After 15 minutes, Zach’s sisters finished their chores, and sat down to see the movie too.

    Zach noticed that Blake seemed a little uncomfortable. She would every so often try to discreetly sniff herself, her face blushing every time she thought she got away with it. 

    On the other hand, Charlie was as normal as she could be. Zach noticed that she also realized something weird was going on with their mom and sisters, giving them silent looks every so often.

    Knowing that he was the reason for both his mom and Blake’s unusual behavior, was very hot for him.

    Once the movie finished, Alice informed Zach that she would be finishing the cakes, so he could deliver them in two hours. Charlie and Blake both went to their rooms, and so did Zach.

    He checked the server, named the only remaining node as Charlie, and got ready to jack in. He had some fun to have with his remaining sister, and he could barely wait to decide what he’d try to program her into liking.


    Charlotte was currently laying in bed, headphones on, listening to some music. Yesterday had been a weird day, what with her mom audibly masturbating during the morning. She had tried to keep that out of her mind during her internship, but she couldn’t, so she had a subpar performance yesterday.

    She hoped everything would go back to normal, though she was at least grateful that since she was on a break from college, she didn’t have to study for a test while being this distracted.

    She could even blame the smaller amount of work she finished, on not being used to work that much, since her supervisor asked her to do some more work, since she would be free from school for a bit. Because of the extra hours, she’d even be able to take a two week vacation from it before the end of her school break, meaning she’d get two weeks of lazing around. 

    She envied Zach a little, for being able to just spend two months doing whatever, but she had to take her punches. If she worked hard enough, she'd eventually be as lazy as she wanted, without needing to work anymore.

    Still, it had been an unusual weekend, her mom’s unexpected, very vocal masturbation session, Blake was also weird, though she couldn’t put her finger on what, exactly.

    She shuddered, but kept relaxing on her bed. She could lower the ceiling fan’s power level, but she wasn’t feeling like it.

    She paused the music in her phone, and removed her headphones, before sitting on the bed, and gently massaging a boob.

    “It’s bigger than moms, but it’s slightly less sensitive though…” she muttered. She had felt very conscious about her breasts when she was younger, what with being considerably larger than her older sister’s, and most other girls her age, but she had grown to like them.

    She balanced her phone on her desk, angling it so she could record the bed. She quickly stepped out of her clothes, before hitting the record button.

    She stretched a bit, before showcasing each of her best body parts to the camera. She would be worried about someone getting their hands on the video, but felt herself slowly but surely moistening at the thought of someone else watching it.

    Charlotte started looking inside her drawers, though she wasn’t sure what she was looking for. Only once she opened a very well hidden compartment inside her wardrobe, she realized she had been looking for toys.

    She took everything in it, dumping it in the bed. Charlotte had been very proud of her sex toy collections, having experimented extensively with them, though taking care to only do so when the rest of the house were either asleep, or outside.

    She attached a pair of breast massage vibrators to her nipples, and grabbed a dildo that could stimulate both her insides, and her clitoris with over 12 patterns of vibration. She laid down in her bed, making sure the camera had a good view of her, and turned on the breast massagers.

    She blanked a little. She usually started her toys on low, then gradually powered them up, but not today, so she was really surprised by the intensity of the stimulation in her breasts. Though she wasn’t planning on it, she knew that whoever got to watch her video would be having a treat.

    Somehow, while all of this was happening, she still managed to keep quiet. She wasn’t keen on her family knowing about what she was doing. She even began using the dildo, fitting it neatly inside her pussy, leaving the clit stimulator resting against her clitoris, before turning it on too.

    She didn’t blank this time, but she did almost scream. The waves of pleasure felt so good, if she didn’t know better she’d say she was melting. And so she continued, toys going as strong as they could, her every reaction filmed, until she could feel herself getting close to climax.

    And then she heard something close to her door.

    “Zach! Your cakes are ready!” exclaimed her mom at the foot of the stair to the attic.

    Instead of finishing, she stopped herself, and removed her toys. Maybe it was knowing that her mother was that close to her room, maybe it was something else, but she stopped playing with herself, her pussy still burning with desire. She was frustrated, but she went to her phone, stopped the recording, and emailed it to some random address.

    She didn’t know whose it was, but she felt that she needed to send it.

    “Well, it’s a pity we couldn’t finish, but I have something else I need to do right now. See you later Charlotte,” she said, looking into her phone’s face camera, and then she shuddered.

    Charlie started blushing immediately. She wasn’t sure what came over her, but filming herself felt so good, that she almost started it once again, before thinking better about it. She still went and finished masturbating, she wasn’t a self cock-blocking savage after all.


    Zach removed the headband in a hurry. As soon as he got those cakes to their destinations, the sooner he’d get even more toys. Even better, he still loved his family, so he wasn’t planning on doing anything too extreme to them, his current plan consisted of mostly getting them all to see no problem with walking around naked, and with having some fun with each other, but his neighbors had none of those limitations.

     He'd be able to do anything with them, push as far as he wanted, turn them into caricatures of themselves. In theory at least. He still wasn’t sure about what sorts of limits were inherent to the program or to the human mind itself, so he couldn’t be sure he’d even be able to go as far as he wanted with his sisters and mom, or if he’d be able to do it without ridiculous amounts of time, and/or effort.

    First he knocked on mrs. Evans’ house. The family of 3 that lived here was perfect for his plans. Mrs. Evans was around his mom’s age, but unlike her, she looked about what one would expect from a 47 years old woman. She had quite the plain face, adorned by signs of aging, framed by short blonde hair, though not as short as Blake’s. She rocked the kind neighbor lady attitude, and had never been rude to Zach, unlike her husband. 

    Mr. Evans was a very grumpy man, always complaining about stuff, though his wife assured Zach that he was nicer when they were alone. The short and stocky man had worked in construction in his youth, and was pretty damn good at it, before an accident forced him to start working in the management part of the family business.

    Their son was called Francis, and had gone to school with Blake during their childhood. Zach hadn’t been particularly close to him, what with him being part of all sorts of sport clubs, and Zach being the quintessential nerd. While keeping his father’s stocky build, he had a more average height, which together with his quite common face, helped him a lot in his gigs as a martial arts double for action actors.

    Mrs. Evans didn’t want to accept the cake, but after much insistence, her husband arrived from work and accepted it on her behalf, while also claiming their TV’s internet functions weren’t working, prompting Zach to check it out.

    Zach had gladly done it, taking the chance to double check his previous work on the house. The scarily extensive network of hidden cameras would greatly assist him in his experiments with the house’s inhabitants.

    His other neighbors apparently weren’t at home, so Zach went back home. He’d deliver the remaining cake later, for now he had a few things to check.


    Zach kept a window with the server’s current available nodes open on his secondary monitor. He wanted to jack in as soon as one of his neighbors had eaten enough cake for the nanobots to activate, but while that didn’t happen, he’d be checking the hidden cameras he set in his own house.

    Charlie had actually gone back and finished masturbating after he left, which surprised him a bit, since the last time he had been interrupted, his mom had just gone on her merry way. That meant that his arousal affected the host enough that they’d still feel aroused if he left before relieving themselves.

    His mother had been mostly normal, sans being more touchy with him in the living room, and the lack of underwear. As he hadn’t possessed her beyond those first two times, he supposed that he couldn’t expect to see any radical change. Once he got his hands on his neighbors, he’d try and leave her alone a bit, so he’d see if with time, his manipulations got cleansed from the host’s mind.

    Blake had the most impressive change. While not acting too overtly different while with the rest of the family, she was currently locked up in her room, sniffing some of her dirty clothes, and furiously masturbating. Maybe some people were more susceptible to his modifications? It could also be that different things affected people differently, so maybe she had already had some sort of smell fetish, though probably not directed at her own body odor.

    Zach almost went and joined his sister, but before he could, he saw that one of the twins had arrived.

    Gary and Harriet were twins, and lived together. The pair were in their 30s, and had very good jobs in their parents’ company. Zach didn’t know as much about them as he did about the Evans, but he nonetheless had gotten his Stealth Control Network, and his camera networks set up in their house.

    It was through that that he discovered that they were a very kinky pair. They usually shared partners, though Zach had never seen them do the same person at the same time. 

    Gary happily accepted the cake, and actually ate a piece of it right there in front of Zach, complimenting his mother’s cooking. Before leaving, Zach made sure to ask him to leave some to his sister,to which the male twin answered with a mock disgust face, before agreeing.


    Within a month, Zach could already see the fruits of his labor. He had successfully conditioned his family into being a whole lot lewder. Now all three women walked around the house naked, and neither of them cared about anyone else in the house masturbating openly.

    It had been harder to shape Charlies’ mind into accepting it, but once he managed to instill an exhibitionism fetish into her mind, it was only a matter of time.

    Neither of them would have sex, of course. That was the one limit he didn’t manage to cross. No matter how many times he had with them, the three simply refused to have sex with each other, which bothered Zach a little. He could solve this by managing to quickly change between hosts, his current network needing at least a couple of minutes between each different possession, but he hadn’t figured out how to do that yet, so it’d remain something for later.

    His neighbors on the other hand, had been way more successful subjects. He got all three of the Evans to have sex with each other, the same with the twins.

    Gary and Harrier had been the first ones, though he could see why. During one of their kinky dates, all he needed was to slowly get each twin to slowly tease the other while they were too busy with someone else to deal with it. He could still remember Gary’s face, when his sister started to step on his face while he was being ridden by one of their female friends with benefits.

    He had also managed to accidentally give Harriet a slight appreciation for being a domme, and her brother a foot fetish, but he swears it wasn’t intentional. At least not a first.

    The three Evans had been a bit harder. He needed to do some extensive solo play with each of them, trying to slowly acclimate them to the idea of their family members being sexually attractive. Getting Mr. Evans to see another man, his son at that, sexually, had been very hard, though he had cracked in the end. 

    Zach had to admit that he never hadn’t intended to have any gay sex between men, but the time he jacked into Gary while he was being fucked in the ass had awakened him to that possibility.

    Somewhat surprising, once they lost all their inhibitions, the Evans ended up assembling into a matriarchal structure, with Francis and Mr. Evans both being Mrs. Evans’ pets. Zach had seen her walking both in leashes in their backyard, hidden from every sight but his cameras’ lenses.

    He didn’t like needing to act like a dog while inside them sometimes, but alas, he needed to keep reinforcing, since before these behaviors took root, if he stayed long enough without entering their minds, they’d start reverting to their previous state.

    Keeping being 8 people simultaneously, and long enough as each of them to keep his modifications had been beyond exhausting. Zach also had to keep being himself at least enough for his muscles to not atrophy. He had found that the big networks, like that one resort, used machines to hold their user’s bodies, machines that kept them safe and healthy while they had fun as the young people visiting the resort.

    Still, from a virgin, to someone that had sex with, or as, sometimes both, 8 different people, in 29 days. Zach was having the time of his life, each of his bodies felt just different enough that he couldn’t get tired of them. All he needed to do was to change who he was at the moment, and BAM! A different experience.



    Garry was drinking some water, after a very intense marathon of sex between him, his sister, and a coworker of theirs. If he didn’t know better, he thought his dick was about to fall off, so they agreed to give him a break. He could barely believe what he had been missing before he started to fuck Harriet.

    He had never seen her like this before, the extent of his sexual feelings about her being related to knowing they were both fucking the same person in the same night. He loved that idea, that someone could feel both of them, one after the other, again and again. Then she stepped on his face.

    He had felt uncomfortable at first. It wasn’t bad, he just didn’t know what to do about it. He tried talking with her after she started to do it every time they shared someone, but all she said was that she wasn’t sure why she was doing it, but that it felt good for some reason.

    The next time she did it, he couldn’t help but lick and suckle on her toes, like he was a man in a desert, and her foot held the only source of water for kilometers. After that he slowly started noticing the feet of both men and women around him, but especially his sisters’ pair.

    Once they started actually finding pleasure in each other, not just at sharing a third person, they quickly started exploring it. She had started it by giving him a footjob, and he answered it by eating her out. Before long, every night they didn’t have a partner, they would find themselves fucking each other’s brains out, indulging in their newfound fetishes.

    And that wasn’t even the stranger part of this weird month they were currently in. This was the fourth night he went to his kitchen to drink water, just in time to see something absolutely unexpected in the street.

    It was around 2 in the morning, and walking outside, wearing everyday clothes, the mother from two houses down the street, was walking her husband and son on a leash, like they were dogs. They were both naked, and had just stopped, so the boy could piss on his lawn.

    The first three days he just felt a bit exasperated, but today the sight had made him rock hard once again. His eyes were locked to the spectacle outside, while his hands stroked his engorged member. Once they were out of sight, he returned to the bedroom.

    Britney was asleep, tired from all the sex, and his sister’s new tastes, so he felt free to talk to her.

    “You know, I’ve just seen a woman walk two other men in leashes down the street…”

    “Not gonna lie, when you walked back in, with your dick that hard, that was not what I expected you to say. ‘Harriet, could you help me with this’, ‘Harriet use your foot like you know I love’, sure, but if I didn’t know better, ‘a woman is walking men on leashes down the street’ could be one of those brand new sentences.”

    “Ain’t you just so funny. Turns out we’re not the only weirdly kinky family in the street, it was the Evans.”

    “Wait what? No way! You mean the mother was…”

    “Yep, the husband and the son.”

    “Damm… That is actually even weirder than what we do…”

    “Yep… So-”

    “You’re about to ask if we could also do it, right?”

    Garry’s dick, which started to soften while they talked, immediately stood back up.

    “I suppose that answers it. Come here, I’ll give you a footjob, we’ll talk tomorrow.”

    Garry felt a certain smug happiness. He wasn’t sure what it was about, but he did. He approached her in the bed, and shuddered for a moment, before Harriet’s expert toes massaged his penis, until he came for the last time that night.


    After leaving Garry’s body, Zach went to bed. He woke up early the next morning, waiting for the mail truck. Once his new long distance router arrived, he went back up to his room, configured it, and as fast as he could, installed it in his sister’s car.

    He connected it to his Stealth Control network, and hoped it would work. He was trying to circle the distance limit in his control over his new bodies, meaning he could take them over while they weren’t at home. He had set his private network on the internet, so he could connect anywhere, as long as he knew the right passwords, addresses and ports.

    Sure, it’d be less safe and private now, but the network was still small and hard to find, so he still felt confident that until he found a more stable base, it would do.

    He had breakfast with his family, and anxiously waited for Blake to leave for work, Charlotte now being free from work for a couple of weeks.


    Blake was having quite the slow day, since her usual clients were not here today. She walked around the gym, greeting people that arrived, and correcting anyone she saw doing any exercise wrong.

    She was bored out of her mind, when she felt a shudder. Through the last month or so, she had come to associate shudders to pleasure coming soon, which really worried her, since she was currently at work.

    She looked at her phone, checking that the only client that had reserved a time slot, had done so only a couple of hours later.

    “Lucky me, huh, really good day to be trying this new set up,” she muttered.

    She felt something weird, like there was a slight delay between her thinking, and actually saying something. She wasn’t sure what it was, but she wouldn’t worry for now.

    She moved quickly, looking around the gym, her eyes locking onto every toned woman that was currently exercising. Seeing the soft curves in their bodies got her lower body to slowly warm up. Just imagining all of them grabbing her at once, with their sweaty bodies- she shook her head, she’d have more time to fantasize once she was somewhere more private.

    Blake walked to the restroom, before stopping in front of the doors. She carefully looked around, before deciding to enter the blue door. The act of entering a place she wasn’t allowed into, walking into it confidently, made her feel invincible.

    She entered a cubicle, and sat on the toilet. It was a lot cleaner than she expected, so she started to remove her clothes.

    Blake had worked out a bit before she decided to do devious shit at work, so she had worked a bit of sweat, so she briefly sniffed her own armpits. The strong scent of chemicals in the bathroom mixed with her own body odor, which was still being kept under control by her deodorant. It wasn’t as good as when it was all her, but the change in pace was also arousing.

    Blake began feeling herself up, her hands cupping and massaging her humble breasts, before caressing her skin on their way towards her slit. She was honestly surprised at how wet she currently was. Could the thought of being caught masturbating at work, and in the men’s restroom at that, be making this so much better for her?

    She could feel waves of warmth coursing through her nerves, starting from her pussy, and reverberating all the way from the tip of her toes, until the top of her head. Blake started picking up her pace, until she heard someone else opening the door, at which point her body  locked up, two of her fingers inside her vagina.

    There were two men inside here. Any noise she made, would probably be heard by them. She quietly placed one of her hands over her mouth, mortified as her other hand kept slowly and carefully teasing her clitoris. She could feel her heart trying to jump out of her mouth.

    “Hey man, did you hear anything?” asked one of the gym goers.

    “Not really, what’s up?” questioned the other. Blake could hear them coming closer to her cubicle.

    “I’m not sure, it was a wet sound, like someone placing a hand inside a pot of hair gel…” Blake heard them both entering the other two cubicles, the sound of urine hitting the water quickly filling the air.

    All the while, she kept teasing herself, her eyes almost rolling into her head from pleasure.

    “I don’t know, maybe there’s someone in the women's restroom doing their hair? The walls in this kind of place are usually very thin,” answered the second man, after they left their cubicles, the sink now gushing water.

    “I guess, let’s go, I’ll treat you for lunch today,” finished the first man, opening the door.

    Once she was again alone in the restroom, Blake immediately stuck as many fingers inside her pussy as she could, the shock claiming an orgasm out of her. It took 4 minutes until she was fit to move again. She had never had such an overpowering climax in her life.

    She used the toilet paper to clean herself as well as she could, before wearing her clothes, and walking to the mirror.

    She looked herself in the eye.

    “You know Blake, even hotter than being able to partake in your body like this, is knowing that no matter what I do as you, you will think it’s your own action,” she said.

    Was this what was happening? Was she being taken over by some other person? Was this why she felt so horny all the time this last month? But it felt so natural, she knew that she was perfectly able to do this sort of thing.

    “Come on now, I just admitted to possessing your body and mind, using you as my own toy, and your pussy is already growing moist again, even after this whole thing?” she smirked at herself, hands caressing her face.

    “I suppose there’s a reason you’re my favorite between my new lives, if you really like this sort of thing, I suppose that it makes us just that more compatible than Charlie and Alice.”

    Was this what was happening to her family? Why now everyone was so happy to masturbate out loud during the day, to walk around naked inside the house? It was so hot! She almost wanted to touch herself at the thought once more, but she couldn’t, someone else might come, and she couldn’t be seen doing these sorts of things.

    She shuddered and left the men’s restroom, her mind reeling at the thought of someone else being controlling hers, and her family’s bodies. She just hoped that they weren’t doing anything to Zach, she hoped that by now, if he was willing to have sex with them, it was by his own will.


    Zach couldn’t stop himself, the latest experiment had been a success. There was a slight delay between him doing anything, compared to when he did it close by, but it had worked.

    The sheer pleasure Blake’s body felt while he was in that restroom, was overpowering, even now, he was sporting the hardest erection he ever had. Still he had restrained himself. He still had a lot to do before his break ended in a couple of weeks, so he couldn’t waste time having sex using his own body.

    Still, he knew exactly who’d he'd wear for now. Francis was a very handsome man, and Zach had quite the fun turning him into his mother’s pet dog/sex slave. He knew that Charlie had a huge crush on him when they were teenages, and though he wasn’t sure how she felt now, he was sure that with how absolutely horny he had made all of his family members, she’d love to get a different cock to fill her needy pussy.

    He really had been lucky that Charlie ended up receiving a two weeks break from her internship, meaning he had a lot more time to work on her than he expected to.

    First things first, he jacked in Charlie. When he found himself in her supple body, she had been watching a show in her room. Zach slowly began teasing his sister’s body, which quickly responded, a pleasant warmth blooming in his lower parts.

    Though he preferred Blake’s body, Charlotte’s was also very good. Compared to his other sister, Charlie was simply ampler, and the bigger heft of her breasts were a wonder to play with. Her sensitive nipples almost leapt at the attention, getting harder and even more sensitive in response to his ministrations.

    Another big difference was the pussy. Blake’s really enjoyed a slow crescendo that finished into an earth-shattering orgasm, while Charlie really liked intense and almost aggressive stimulation throughout the whole session, usually ending more subdued than Blake’s, but having longer lasting orgasms.

    Still, climaxing was not his purpose right now, Zach slowed down a bit, and grabbed his sister’s phone, and looked for a picture of Francis he knew she had stored somewhere. Once he found it, he looked at it for a bit, planting the idea of screwing the neighbor in his sister’s mind, and then, he disconnected.

    Disconnecting was a lot more jarring this time. The whiplash between being mid-pleasure to just having a hard on was uncomfortable, but he needed to do things in the right order for his plan to work without a hitch. As fast as he could, he connected to Francis, needing to wait just 30 seconds for the program to finish loading again.

    Once more he found himself in a different location. He recognized his neighbor’s backyard, though he had to admit this was an angle he wasn’t used to. Zach was currently crouching down over a sandbox. He looked down and noticed a very conspicuous small amount of shit.

    Though greatly repulsed by it, he tried to not express anything in his borrowed face, lest his indoctrination worked in the wrong direction he wanted. Francis was a dog, as far as his family was concerned, and dogs did their business outside. The sight did make him wonder if he wasn’t going too far with this whole thing, but he shook his new head.

    Zach entered the house and went to a bathroom, cleaned himself, before he went to have sex with Charlie. He was very grateful for the Evans’ bidet, making the cleaning process a lot easier. He got dressed and went outside, towards his usual house.

    Being Francis always felt novel for Zach. Though not as short as his dad, the young man was buff. Zach liked to sometimes possess his body just to flex on the mirror and admire his borrowed body, in different ways than he did his female hosts.

    He knocked on the door, waiting for his sister to open. He knew that she would come, her new exhibitionist tendencies would make sure that was the only course of action she could take while this pleasure drunk.

    A few minutes later, he heard the door unlocking, and opening slightly. A red flushed face met his eyes opening perceptibly when they crossed his.

    “H-hey Francis, d-do you n-need anyth-thing?” Charlie stuttered, and even now, he could hear the slow shclick of her fingers pistoning her vagina, even with her whole body hidden behind the door.

    “Hi there, Charls,” that was his nickname for her from school. “I just wanted to know if you were interested in having some fun today?”

    If he didn’t know exactly how she’d react to that, Zach would have been very surprised to be on the receiving end of what was about to happen.

    Upon hearing his words, Charlie’s pupils dilated, before she quickly opened the door, showing her almost naked body to the world, aggressively grabbed Francis, and pulled him inside, and locked the door once again.

    The sudden movement made him lose his balance, which resulted in Zach being down on the floor of his house’s lobby. Charlie eyed him like a piece of meat, and almost pounced on his chiseled body, pressing her hands, coated in her juices, on his face, as if to mark him with her scent.

    She kissed him deeply, her lips tasting like strawberries. Finally gathering his wits, Zach caught her head, his hand full of her deep brown long hair. That was one thing he loved about Charlie, unlike Blake’s short sporty cut, she kept her hair long and silky, like their mother did, though hers was curlier than Charlie’s.

    Zach gently held Charlie down, as she indulged in his new body like he was an oasis in the desert. Her hands caressed his body’s every inch, tracing his muscles, until they got to the best part. She expertly took off his shorts and boxers, before shoving his hard cock deep inside her slit.

    Her insides were warm and wet, the previous lubrication she had making his dick thrust inside her smoothly. Charlie rode him like a champion, only letting him go when he warned her he was about to come, before she promptly placed her mouth in his cock, making sure to swallow every drop of his cum.

    “Well, I’m not done yet, so you better make sure I’ll finish too, got it,” Charlie said, dilated eyes looking straight into his soul.

    “Yes, ma’am,” Zach answered instinctively.

    Charlie stood up, turned around and promptly sat on Francis’ face. Zach went to work, licking as much of Charlie’s pussy as he could. She tasted different with Francis’ tongue, but he still loved it, supping deeply of her essence and juices. The slick and smooth texture of Charlie’s pussy had felt wonderful on his dick, and even now he couldn’t help but enjoy it with his tongue, the slight salty and tangy taste, mixed with her natural musk quickly got his dick hard as soon as his refractory period ended, it being a lot faster on Francis’ fitter body than on Zach’s own.

    Charlotte licked and teased Zach’s new cock with her large breasts for a minute, before standing up, and once again impaling herself on his dick, pressing her tits on Zach’s borrowed face. 

    Zach was surprised, Charlie hadn’t been this aggressive during the times he fucked her on his own body. He wondered if it was a mixture of his previous actions before he jacked into Francis, and her having a crush on him way back.

    Still, he went to work, placing his hands on both of Charlie’s breasts, his fingers sinking into her pale orbs, as he nibbled her nipples every once in a while. During this, she rode his dick as hard as she could. He was a bit worried she’d accidentally break it, but since it wasn’t his own, he let her do as she wished. Zach was glad though, that this being the second time it was being used this soon, his dick was a little less sensitive, as he wasn’t sure he’d be able to hold on cumming for long with this much stimulation normally.

    Charlie’s breasts tasted of sweat, and felt like two big, and warm marshmallows, her svelte body felt fragile, as if his big, strong arms could break her by accident. Her inner warmth made him feel like he was melting inside her folds, the quick in and out motion, making her feel like a sex machine, designed to milk him for as much cum as Francis’ body could produce.

    When Zach noticed his sister’s pussy gripping his dick more and more he actually felt glad that it was coming to an end. When she finally came, moaning loudly, he felt like his borrowed cock was being held in a very moist, warm, but very firm vise. He began to moan, feeling his own orgasm rapidly arriving, trying in vain to warn her, when it happened.

    Francis’ dick exploded inside Charlotte’s tight pussy. He shivered, before catching his breath.

    “Holy shit, I-I tried to warn you, I swear I didn’t mean to cum inside,” stammered the man.

    “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill, and this wasn’t my fertile period, so it wouldn’t do anything anyways…” softly said the young woman, turning to look at Francis, his dick slowly softening, still inside her.

    “Oh, yeah, that’s good.” he said softly, tension leaving his body as he relaxed, “You know, I’m not sure why we never did this before.”

    “Who knows, this has been a weird month for me, so maybe it’s something related…”

    “Yeah, for me too. I knew that you had a crush on me, but I guess I just thought of you as Blake’s little sister, until earlier today, when I felt the sudden urge to come looking for you.”


    “Huh, it was something kinda like that for me too…” answered Charlie, finally opting to stand up, fully removing Francis’ soft dick from her.

    “Let’s keep in touch, I’ve changed a lot this past month, so maybe we could have some more fun later,” said the young woman, leaving the young man to go to the bathroom to clean herself.

    As she walked, she couldn’t help but to think to herself, maybe he’d like to do it in riskier places too, softly smiling.


    As Zach sat in his room, looking like a supervillain, he watched his hidden cameras. It was the last Sunday before he had to start going back to college. He was sad to have a lot less free time to enjoy anyone else’s bodies, but he would be getting a chance to score himself a few new hosts.

    On one camera, he could see the Evans, all three naked, save for the little collars in the father and son’s necks. The mother was sitting at the table, eating dinner, as her pets ate in bowls of human food, on the ground. Zach laughed a bit, as Francis peed on the floor, before his mother stood, and grabbed a rolled up newspaper to hit him.

    On the other, he could see Harriet, clad in tight leather, holding a bright pink riding crop, punishing Gary for cumming in one of her running shoes. Even as he got lashed, the twin smiled, and tried to lick her still exposed toes, before she lashed him again, before his tongue could reach her.

    Zach was proud of all the progress he had had in his immediate neighborhood. He was even prouder that all 5 of them were perfectly capable of just switching from pervert mode to normal people once they either left the house, or had someone else coming over.

    He looked on the other monitor, seeing his mom walking naked inside the house, cooking dinner, even as she swapped her left hand between massaging one breast and her not-so-private-anymore parts. He had done the least modifications in his mother, focusing on making her feel comfortable with walking around naked, and pleasing herself as often as she could.

    Charlie was filming herself with one vibrator on each hole she managed to fit. She still sent those videos to him, though she didn’t know it was him. He had seen her having sex with Francis a few more times, usually outside, whenever he wasn’t busy being his mom’s little puppy.

    Blake currently had one of her worn panties on her head. She had taken to, besides greatly enjoying her own, and other women’s body odor, roleplay being possessed. He had really impacted her that time he possessed her at the gym. Still, it was very hot, and as long as she didn’t go around blabbing it to his other subjects, or worse, to someone that wasn’t one of them, he would let her do as she wanted.

    Despite everything, Zach was satisfied with his break from college. He had all but assured he wouldn’t become a wizard and gained magic powers, but he had something he thought was at least as good as that.

    It was with that in mind, that he went downstairs to have dinner. His whole family was naked, eating and having the same old small talk as always, at least until all 4 of them finished their meals.

    To Zach’s surprise, once all four of them were sitting in the living room, subtly all three of his female relatives started to feel each other up. He hadn’t managed to do it himself, but they did end up doing it by themselves. He was quick to join in, partaking of all those nubile bodies that he so often wore during the last two months.

    Zach really was in a blessed place in the world, his skin shuddering for a second.

No more chapters.

JJ97TSF ∙ 01 June 2023

I love it!!

DakotaZulu ∙ 01 June 2023

I'm still a little disappointed. The effort and content are all there, but the journey of how they got to that point of all walking about nude, about first encounters with each other, how did they all come to agree it was fine. The journey is part of the sexy. Not just the end game.

trixiemae101 ∙ 05 June 2023

Amazing story! Really enjoyed all the different characters and actions “they” decide to do 😉

Eb18 ∙ 15 July 2023

I really enjoyed this story. With the number of characters there were the story was really well balanced. By far your best work yet.

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