The Possession Ring

Story created by Haxxare ∙ 11 September 2023

Matt stumbles upon a ring that lets him possess people.

Heavily inspired by the story The Possession Spell, but nerfed so the one with the power isn't in absolute control of everything.

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  • The Possession Ring - Part 12 (Mira's Path: Revenge Planning)

    Chapter written by TicImagine ∙ 19 September 2023

    Jarred and Rachel finally decided to plan for their revenge on Mira. In order to make it public, they plan some erotic ideas to humiliate her even further that she's not able to show her face again. To be cautious too, they need to make sure none of Mira's friends found out. They will found out soon.

  • It was morning and Jarred/Mira is enjoying herself as she masturbating in the mirror. Suddenly, she heard someone knocking the door.
    "Who is it?" Jarred/Mira asked.
    "It's Rachel, can I come in?"
    "Sure, come on in." Jarred/Mira said as she quickly put on her clothes.
    Rachel walks in and close the door behind her. She then looked around the room and saw that Jarred/Mira is watching some porn videos.
    "Hey, Rachel." Jarred/Mira said as she paused the video.
    "Hey, sweetie. I just came by to see how you're doing." Rachel said.
    "I'm doing good. Just enjoying myself." Jarred/Mira said.
    "Good. I just came by to tell you that we're going to start our plan." Rachel said. "Someone is having fun in a girl's body I see~"
    "Oh, really? Who?" Jarred/Mira asked, feigning innocence.
    "You know who." Rachel said, her eyes narrowing.
    "I don't know what you're talking about." Jarred/Mira said with a smile.
    "I think you do." Rachel said. "But that's okay. I'll let you enjoy your little game for now. Just remember, we start our plan today."
    "Oh yeah the plan, so what is your plan?" Jarred/Mira said she standing while squeezing her soft ass. Rachel went to the bed and sit down on it. She brought a big bag and it seems very heavy with some items.
    "All right then, our first plan we need to do is humiliating Mira. That's the first plan, I want to get rid of her as soon as possible because she has stole my dream boyfriend. So we're going to film some videos of naked Mira and post them in the internet." Rachel said.
    "Just naked? Aww that's just waste of time. She will not be doing anything, unless...." Jarred/Mira glance to Rachel's direction. Rachel give her a smirk as she nodded.
    "Yup. You can do anything with her body and the sexier her actions the more money we make!" Rachel said. "By posting in the internet, there's a chance that if we become popular instantly we can get rich in no time!!"
    "Now that's the revenge!!" Jarred/Mira said.
    "Not just that. We're going to put the videos online on porn sites which we can make more money with it. The better your actions, the better money we get~" Rachel said with a grin.
    Jarred/Mira is laughing as she hold her stomach. The idea is brilliant and she can't wait to see that happens. Walking to the mirror, Jarred/Mira let her hands behind her head as she admired her jiggling boobs.
    "You heard that Mira? We're going to be famous and it thanks to you!! We're going to have so much money as long we keep you in our pockets~" Jarred/Mira said.
    "Oh please!! Don't do that!! I don't want you to expose my body to the world!!" Jarred/Mira roleplaying as she hold her body to cover herself.
    "Fuck you Mira. It was your fault in the first place. Stealing Rachel's boyfriend, laughing at us.... and of course..." Jarred/Mira squeeze her breasts on the mirror. "These fucking body!!"
    "Now now don't get ahead of yourself. We need to think what Mira will do in the videos. Like her actions." Rachel said smiling then touch her chin.
    "How about this?" Jarred/Mira said as she put her hands behind her head, exposing her sexy body and then she started dancing her ass to right and left. Shaking her hips and her bouncy butt as her breasts and her ass bounce with the physics.
    Rachel watched in amazement as Jarred/Mira danced provocatively in front of the mirror. Her body jiggled and bounced in all the right places, and her seductive moves were sure to get anyone hot and bothered.
    "Damn, she's good," Rachel said, her eyes glued to Jarred/Mira's ass.
    "I know, right? We hit the jackpot with her," Jarred replied, also staring at Mira's ass on the mirror.
    "So, what do you think our viewers will want to see her do?" Rachel asked, her mind already racing with possibilities.
    "I'm sure they'll want to see her do everything," Jarred replied with a smirk. "And I mean everything."
    Jarred/Mira started rubbing her ass, feeling her up as she continued to dance.
    "Okay that's enough, that will be in the list. Now we need another action..." Rachel said as she tap her chin. Then she got an idea. "What about stripteases? Stripping yourself in front of the camera in live or record. Then after that you feel yourself as you touch every parts of your body but don't masturbate!!"
    "Stripteases huh? I like that!! Give me a second, I will wear a bra and panties then I'm going to do it."
    Jarred/Mira walked back into the room wearing a lacy black bra and panties. She walked over to the camera, giving it a smoldering look as she began to strip. She slowly peeled off her bra, revealing her large, perky breasts. She then slid her panties down her legs, revealing her shaved pussy. She ran her hands over her body, touching and teasing herself as she continued to dance.
    The camera recorded every sensual move she made, capturing her beauty and sexuality. She continued to touch and tease herself, making sure to give the camera a good view of her body. She then started fingering her pussy, rubbing and teasing her clit as she got closer and closer to orgasm. She moaned and writhed in pleasure, her body shaking as she came.
    As she came down from her orgasm, she gave the camera one final, smoldering look before walking away.
    "Sorry I got carried away right there." Jarred/Mira said as she look at the mess she just made.
    "Don't worry about it. You already done it already a few times before." Rachel said slapping her ass.
    "Oh yeah I have. More than 20 times too!!" Jarred/Mira said as she touch the cum and taste it. "Yummy." Jarred/Mira then look at Rachel. "So what's the other thing we can do huh Rachel?"
    "This is going to be our favourite one. You're going to have sex." Rachel said.
    "Sex?! You're kidding!! But how it's going to work if I'm possessing Mira?" Jarred/Mira asked. Rachel then grin at her.
    "Who said you're going to possess her? I'm the one will." Rachel said.
    "I see. Man I want to feel sex as a girl but maybe next time after we done everything." Jarred/Mira said dropping her hands in disappointment.
    "Don't worry. Now let's see what we will do to make Mira even more humiliated." Rachel said as she begins to write everything on the paper while Jarred/Mira watching her do the work while fingering her pussy.
    It's time for school and Jarred/Mira is walking side by side with Rachel as they talking about their plans.
    The plan was simple, Rachel would possess Mira's body and then have sex with Jarred/Mira. They would make sure to record it so that they could watch it back and enjoy Mira's humiliation.
    When they got to school, they went to their locker and got out their books. Rachel leaned in close to Jarred/Mira and whispered, "Remember, just let me take control when the time comes." Jarred/Mira nodded and they went to their first class.
    The day seemed to drag on forever, but finally it was time for lunch. They met up with Mira's boyfriend, Matt, and started walking to the cafeteria. Matt had his arm around Mira's waist, and she felt a pang of jealousy. She wanted to be the one Jake was touching, not Rachel.
    But she knew she had to be patient. The plan was in place, and soon enough she would get what she wants.
    On the other side, Jarred/Mira is trying her best to not expose the ring because if they did notice it then they would find out that Mira's body has been possessed and the thief is controlling her.
    Jarred/Mira went to the bathroom to hide from her friends as she breathe in relief. Looking at the opportunity, she lock the bathroom and lower her panties and found her pussy again.
    Mira's fingers start to play with her clitoris, circles it softly at first and then starts to apply more pressure. She starts to moan softly as she imagines Matt's hands on her body, his lips on hers. She picks up the pace, her breathing coming in short gasps as she comes closer and closer to orgasm.
    Just when she's about to reach her peak, she hears the bathroom door open. Someone is coming in! Quickly, she grabs her panties and pulls them back up, just in time to see Rachel walk in.
    "Oh, sorry," Rachel says, looking slightly flustered. "I didn't know anyone was in here."
    "It's okay," Mira says, trying to sound nonchalant. "I was just about to leave."
    "Okay,and remember, don't let them know it was you who possessing her body." Rachel says, and Mira hurries out of the bathroom.
    She knows she won't be able to keep up the act.
    Mira knows she won't be able to keep up the act for long, so she makes her way to the bedroom where Matt is waiting for her.
    "Did you find anything?" he asks, and she can see curiosity in his eyes.
    "No, nothing. I can't find the ring." Jarred/Mira lied to him as she is fiddling the ring in her fingers behind her back. She then looks behind Matt and see Rachel watching her. Rachel don't want to let the suspicious went bigger so Jarred/Mira quickly excuses herself and went to Rachel.
    "That's a close one. Don't let them know our identity." Rachel said.
    "Don't worry," she replies, "I won't."
    Rachel and Jarred/Mira then make their way back to the classroom, where they find Matt and his friends talking and laughing. It's clear that they haven't noticed anything amiss, and Jarred/Mira is relieved.
    She knows she won't be able to keep up the act for long, but she'll do her best to enjoy the ride while it lasts. After all, it's not every day that she gets to experience something like this.
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