Possession Slumber Party

Story created by NightOwl005 ∙ 11 September 2023

After finding a potion online, Mark decides to have some fun when his sister invites some of her friends over while their parents are out of town.

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  • Possession Slumber Party

    Chapter written by NightOwl005 ∙ 16 March 2023

    After finding a potion online, Mark decides to have some fun when his sister invites some of her friends over while their parents are out of town.

  •             “Mark! We’re heading to my room, don’t bother us!”


                Mark could hear his sister and her friends make their way up the stairs, past his room, and into Jenny’s room at the end of the hall. He sighed and leaned against the wall. If he listened carefully, he was just barely able to make out the sounds of conversation. They were hushed, perhaps they were aware that he might be listening? Or maybe the walls were thicker than he thought?

                His phone buzzed in his pocket. It was his mom, texting him that she and his dad had arrived at the next town. Recently, one of their cousins was getting married and so both his parents were invited, but both he and Jenny declined to go.

                Their official reasons were to catch up on schoolwork and while that was partially true in Mark’s case, the real reason was that neither of them really liked their cousin Ben, and a weekend free at the house seemed like a fun distraction.

                Mark rubbed his eyes as he remembered the math assignment he had to do earlier. He hated fractions.

                On the other side of the wall, the girls started laughing. He wondered what it was about. If perhaps Victoria told a funny joke or Susan made a small mistake. Perhaps they were talking about him, and how weird they found him to be.

                His phone buzzed. He looked down and saw it was Jimmy texting him that he, Zack, and Brayden would be there in about an hour. They’re just waiting for Brayden to finish with soccer practice. Mark replied ok and went downstairs. He made sure the door was unlocked for them and that the outside light wouldn’t turn on to alert anyone that more people had come inside.

                “Oh, hi Mark!” Victoria had come downstairs, “I was just going to get some water, how are you doing?”

                “I’m fine.” Mark replied, “Just checking to see if there was anyone outside.”

                Victoria frowned, “You expecting someone? You didn’t piss off the wrong people, did you?” she joked.

                Mark chuckled, “No. Just expecting some mail. It’s supposed to come in later today.”

                “Alright.” Victoria said, “Well… we’re all upstairs… so yeah.”

                And with that Victoria left. A part of him wanted to call out to her, to ask her to stay with him for a little while longer. But he wasn’t sure that would have been a good idea. She would just end up laughing at him.


                An hour later, Mark received a text from Jimmy saying they were outside. Mark opened the door and let them inside, reminding all of them that they needed to be quiet. Unlike Jenny, who got permission from their parents to have friends over, Mark wasn’t allowed to have guests in the house.

                They shuffled into the basement, making sure not to make any sounds that might alert anyone they were there.

                “You got it?” Mark asked.

                “Calm down.” Zack said, reaching into his coat, “It came this morning.”

                He pulled out four small vials of a purple liquid. The four of them stared at the vials before Jimmy, bravest of them all, took one of them in his hand. Mark gulped as Jimmy brought it closer for inspection.

                “You sure this will work?” he asked.

                Zack shrugged, “Possibly. The guy I bought it off of claimed to have made it himself.”

                “You’d buy this stuff from just a random guy?” Brayden asked.

                “You’d be interested if this horny creepy guy was actually a hot red head.” Zack replied dryly. “Mark was there, he can vouch for me.”

                Mark told them the story of how a week ago he and Zack were looking through the web for anything that might help him get better with girls. He didn’t have Jimmy’s natural confidence, or Brayden’s athleticism, but he was hoping to find something that would give him a leg up.

                That led him and Zack to dark corners of the internet where they came across a man who possessed the body of a red haired woman and told about a special potion he created. Hesitantly, the two of them bought four potions of the stuff and waited for Mark’s parents to leave for cousin Ben’s wedding.

                “Ok.” Jimmy said slowly, “Did this guy explain how this stuff works?”

                “He said that we’d figure it out once we drank it.” Zack replied, “But… to be careful not to spend too long away or else we’ll start to change.”

                “Ominous.” Brayden said.

                Mark grabbed one and opened it. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to try it!”

                “Hold on, hold on!” Jimmy cried, “I’m coming with you. I have my doubts, but I can’t let you poison yourself.”

                “Naturally, I will be joining you as well.” Zack said, taking one vial.

                The three of them looked towards Brayden. The athlete thought for a moment, his brow furrowed. Despite being a player known for taking risks, Brayden was extremely cautious outside of soccer. If he declined, then at least he would be able to call an ambulance on the likely chance this was all a scam.

                Brayden shrugged, “If this makes me miss practice, I swear.”

                They raised their vials, clinking them against each other, and drank it all in one gulp.

                Whatever was in the vials was surprisingly sweet, and reminded Mark of grape soda, save for the lack of carbonation. It left a bitter aftertaste in his mouth, however.

                They waited, glancing at each other. Nothing.

                “Looks like that’s two hundred down the drain.” Zack sighed, “Here’s hoping I could track them dow-!”

                He doubled over, clenching his teeth and seizing his stomach. Mark and Jimmy got to their feet, only for Jimmy to immediately fall, his body flailing in pain. Mark was beginning to feel weak, suddenly aware of how fragile his balance was. He turned to Brayden, and saw the athlete had completely fallen, laying on his back unconscious. Mark tried to scream, but no sound came out. He couldn’t force anything to come out, he just felt so weak.

                He heard shouting followed by footsteps from upstairs. The girls must’ve heard them. If nothing else, they would call an ambulance. Maybe the hospital will be able to save them.

                Or maybe that was just a dream. Mark didn’t know when he fell to the floor, but he remembered thinking about how he could no longer feel his body.

                And then he realized he had no body.

                He floated upwards and looked down. He expected to see something down there, but there was nothing. Around him, he saw the apparitions of his friends as they looked about with their mouths opened.

                “Holy sh-!” Brayden screamed, before the door to the basement opened.

                The four of them floated in shock as Jenny and her friends came downstairs. Mark was frozen when Jenny’s eyes met his, certain she would cry out in fear. Except her eyes passed over his and the rest of his friends.

                “What was that?” Susan asked.

                “Did the washing machine turn on?” Isabel asked.

                Jenny looked, “No, and there’s nothing in it.”

                “A ghost?” Victoria asked.

                “Maybe.” Jenny replied with a chuckle.

                “Sis?” Mark asked, walking closer to Jenny.

                His sister didn’t hear him, “I wonder what Mark’s up to. Do you think he heard anything?”

                “I’ll go and ask him.” Victoria said, running upstairs.

                Mark waved a ghostly hand in front of Jenny’s face. Nothing. He looked over at his friends who were just as confused as he was. If she couldn’t see him, could she feel him?

                Hesitantly, Mark brought a finger to her face. His finger met her skin, and Mark gasped as he was suddenly pulled inside!

                Once again he had a body, only this time he was carrying a pair of breasts! He swallowed, feeling cold all of a sudden. He couldn’t see his friends anymore.

                “Are you alright?” Susan asked.

                Let me out! Mark thought frantically. Let me out!

                He gasped as he felt himself ejected from her body, appearing next to her. He was still a ghostly apparition, and he was once again able to see his friends who stood in shock as to what they witnessed.

                “Jenny!” Susan called.


                “Are you alright? You looked like you were freaking out or something.”

                Jenny brought a hand to her head, “Yeah, I’m fine. Think I blacked out or something for a second.”

                Victoria came back down the stairs, “Mark’s gone.”

                “What?” Jenny asked.

                “He’s gone.” Victoria repeated, “He’s not in his room.”

                Jenny growled, “I’ll try texting him to see where he is. Hopefully he hasn’t gone far. Probably went out with one of his friends.”

                “Don’t you think he would’ve told us?” Isabel asked.

                “Probably hanging out with that creep Zack.” Susan muttered.

                With that, the three of them went back upstairs.

                “Dude, what was that?” Jimmy asked.

                “I think I figured out how these potions work.” Mark replied.

                “Any idea how we get our bodies back?” Brayden asked.

                “The guy said the effect will wear off in about twelve hours.” Zack replied, glaring off at the stairs.

                “Are you sure about that?” Brayden asked.

                Zack turned his glare at the athlete, “The potions turned out to be real, didn’t they?”

                Brayden held up ghostly hands, “Alright, alright. I’m sorry.”

                Zack sighed, “It’s not you. It’s just… anyway. I think I might mess with Susan for a bit. Does that sound alright?”

                “What?” Brayden and Jimmy asked.

                “What did you think Mark and I got the potions for?” Zack asked, “And you saw what Mark did earlier with his sister.”

                “Dude. That’s a little… much.” Jimmy said.

                Mark scratched his head, “Like I said, I wanted to know girls.”

                Jimmy thought for a moment. “Well, since you and Zack got the potions, I guess you get next pick.”

                Mark thought for a moment. Jenny was considered one of the most beautiful girls in her college, but she was also his sister. Sure, he had possessed her earlier, but that had been on accident. He didn’t want to do that again. Susan would have been his next choice, but Zack had already claimed her.

                He had no interest in Isabel, which only left him with one choice. If he still had his body, his heart would have been pounding when he said, “Victoria.”

                “Alright.” Brayden said, “I call Isabel.”

                Jimmy groaned, “Umm… Mark, what exactly do you plan to do with these girls?”

                “Stuff we shouldn’t be doing.”

                “And would you be ok with that knowing your sister would be controlled as well?”

                Mark shrugged, if anything he would like her to be taken down a few notches.

                Jimmy sighed, “Alright. Just wanted to ask.”

                As ghosts, the four of them floated upstairs and into Jenny’s room to find the four girls were sitting on the floor. Jenny had her phone in her hand, “He’s not answering my text.” She said.

                “Call him?” Isabel asked.

                “I might.”

                The four men looked at each other before making their way into the bodies of the women.


                They all gasped as they returned to having flesh and blood bodies, even if they weren’t their own. “Unreal.” Jimmy breathed through Jenny’s lips.

                “Soft.” Brayden said, examining Isabel’s hands.

                “You started with her hands?” Zack asked, bringing Susan’s hands to undo her blouse.

                “I wanted to take my time and enjoy things.” Brayden said, “You people can do what you want!”

                Well what Mark wanted to do was watch as Zack discarded Susan’s blouse, revealing boobs larger than you would expect on a woman of Susan’s build. The breasts were held back by a white bra that was soon tossed off. The boobs bounced a little as they were freed before falling into their resting position. “This feels interesting.” Zack commented, bringing a finger to a nipple. “Ooh! That’s nice!”

                Mark licked Victoria’s lips, feeling a strange sensation between his legs. He rubbed them together, finding the sensation similar to that of a boner. Is this body getting excited? He wondered.

                He placed a hand under Victoria’s shorts, feeling around the panties and was surprised that it came back damp. What is this? Mark wondered.

                He was suddenly aware of his stolen body. He leaned back, aware of his small breasts that lurked beneath his shirt, as well as the short shorts that exposed his thighs. Mark had thought Victoria was hot but being her was a different thing entirely.

                He was so caught up in the revelation of being Victoria that he hadn’t noticed that Jimmy in Jenny’s body had gotten completely naked, their clothes discarded at the floor by their feet. Jenny’s body had made their way over to Isabel’s and they were interlocked. He looked up at the sounds of them moaning, their breasts pressed together as they leaned in and kissed. Jenny’s hands snaked their way under the covers of Isabel’s clothing.

                “That looks like fun.” Mark said, his legs twitching.

                Jenny’s body broke the kiss. She looked sideways at Mark, looking at him with eyes that were half closed, her body arched in a way that drew attention to the curve of her back as well as her breasts. “You can join us, if you want.”

                Mark should have felt ashamed at being turned by his sister’s body, but instead that was the straw that made him throw off his clothing. Victoria’s clothing were snug, in a way that they drew attention to the muscles along her legs and arms. Her boobs, though small, were still heavy enough that they bounced slightly when Mark took off her sports bra.

                “Mmmh.” Isabel’s body hummed, beckoning her closer.

                Two pair of hands touched her body. Victoria gasped as those same hands traced along her muscles. Jenny’s hand explored her frontal body, giving her breasts a nice squeeze before going down and following the lines of her abs where she found her way between Victoria’s legs and then-

                “Ah!” Victoria cried, feeling a finger entering her.

                Isabel’s hands were lighter and more experienced, it seemed. She ran her fingers down lightly across her back, lightly tapping away at her muscles, all the while making her way to her ass which she gave a nice firm squeeze.

                Victoria hummed as Jenny began manipulating the inside of her vagina.

                “I’ve always wanted to do you.” Isabel whispered. “You and Jenny.”

                Victoria opened her eyes, seeing the smiling faces of Isabel and Jenny looking down upon her. She was horny, but why? She found their bodies attractive, but she wasn’t attracted to girls. Was she?

                But I am! Mark thought, reclaiming himself.

                He struggled remembering his own name as Victoria’s body climaxed. He moaned, Victoria’s back arched as a wave of pleasure flowed through him, feeling similar but not quite the same as the orgasms he would often experience in his old body.

                My old body. Mark thought, looking down at Victoria’s naked form. Yes. I am Mark, I am a guy, this is not my usual body. Why did I think it was?

                “Jenny, do me!” Isabel moaned.

                Mark looked to see his sister’s body and Isabel’s body fumble to the floor. Susan, it seemed had left the room and wandered off. I need to find Zack. Mark thought, Maybe he’ll know something about this.

                Quickly, he left his sister’s room, leaving Jimmy and Brayden alone to finish what they started. He found Zack soon enough. He was still in Susan’s body, now completely naked on the couch and was taking pictures with her phone.

                “What’s going on?” Mark asked, “Earlier, I thought I was actually Victoria!”

                Susan nodded, “A side effect, it seems, of the potion. I almost lost myself as well. Although… it seems that in doing so I was able to learn a few things about Susan.”

                “What kind of things?” Mark asked.

                Susan grinned as she quickly typed something into her phone, “Just some usernames and passwords is all.” Susan showed him a website on her phone. Mark gasped as he saw multiple pictures and videos of Susan, each of them having her in a sexual position of some kind. “This is how she’s been paying for college, you know?” Zack laughed.

                “I… I don’t think we should continue this.” Mark said.

                Susan eyed him, “You’re the one who wanted this. Besides, you managed to remember yourself. Besides…” Susan aimed her phone at him and snapped a few pictures, “We should at least get something to remember this by.”

                “I… I don’t know, it’s just…”

                “Just what?” Zack said, putting down the phone, “That now you get the chance you’ve always wanted and now you’re too scared to go through with it?”


                “You wanted to do this. You gave me half the money. You planned this.” Zack snapped. “But… if you want to back out of this, be my guest. I’m going to continue having some fun, and I think Jimmy and Brayden will as well. But if you want to stop early, that’s your problem.”

                Mark gritted his teeth. “Alright. You’re right. I… I think I will call this early, for me anyway. But… do you think Jimmy and Brayden might be willing to do something with us?”

                Susan raised an eyebrow, a small smile on her lips.


                They arrived to see Jenny and Isabel panting heavily. Despite this, however, the two of them were still willing to join with Victoria and Susan as they laid down on the floor and began exploring each other’s bodies.

                Victoria was once again confused by why she felt attraction at Susan’s large breasts. Sure she was once jealous of all the looks Susan would get, but she never once felt herself attracted to them. And why was she fine with both Isabel and Jenny getting so handsy with her?

                She gasped, suddenly aware that one of her hands was massaging Susan’s breasts, making one of her nipples erect in the process, while her other hand had found its way onto Isabel’s ass and was gently gliding across the perfect roundness of it.

                She was forced onto the floor as the other girls, giggling began having their way with her. This isn’t right! She thought, Why I am doing this? What even happened? She tried to fight back, but the three girls holding her down combined with her own body spasming at the pleasure she was facing made it difficult to think much less act.

                “Come on, Victoria.” Isabel goaded, “Make me feel good, too.”

                Victoria was aware of her fingers entering Isabel’s pussy. The other girl moaned as Victoria began fingering her. Why am I doing this? She wondered.

                Wait. Mark thought, I remember why I’m doing this now.

                Shame washed over him briefly as he wondered what would happen if he slipped out of Victoria and she woke up to find her other friends completely naked and having sex with each other. Would they still try to have sex with her, now knowing that Mark was still inside?

                Victoria came, her body spasmed as she fell limp to the floor. The other three giggled, continuing to play with each other and completely unaware as Victoria reached for her clothes and left Jenny’s room. Mark found comfort and safety in his own room.

                He leaned against his wall, barely able to hear the others having fun in the other room. He laughed as he began putting Victoria’s clothes back on before stopping and remembering what Zack was doing earlier.

                Victoria’s phone was still in her shorts and with it Mark took a few pictures of her body and sent it to his own phone, for his own use later back in his own body. Afterwards, he put Victoria’s clothes back on and wondered if now was a good time to leave.

                If I do that, she’ll be wondering what she’s doing in my room, and why all of her friends have suddenly become so horny. Mark thought, bringing his legs up to his chest.

                I feel so weak.

                He gasped. That thought was not his.

                Cautiously, he let those other thoughts come in. Victoria’s thoughts. She wasn’t conscious, at least Mark really hoped she wasn’t, so these thoughts must be related to memories in some way. Slowly, reminding himself of who he is, Mark allowed those memories and thoughts to come to him.

                Victoria was running. She was on the track at her college. Jenny, Isabel, and Susan were cheering her on in the stands. Victoria bared her teeth as she made it to her final lap, placing all of her strength into her she managed to pass by the others and claim the victory.

                And yet, she was still too shy to tell anyone else about her feelings. An image came to mind. Of a boy with thin framed glasses and short hair. A boy who Jenny rolled her eyes at and badmouthed to everyone.

                Mark swallowed as he saw himself come into mind.

                Mark opened his eyes. She has feelings for me. He thought. And I just stole her body. And my friends are having fun in the bodies of her friends. Some crush I was.

                He decided to wait out the time in Victoria’s body. After some time, the sounds from the other room had stopped and Mark, unknowingly managed to fall asleep.

                She woke up as a ray of sunlight fell upon her face. She blinked, opened her eyes and wondered why she was Mark’s room and not Jenny’s. Wait. She didn’t do anything weird with him, did she?

                No! Mark screamed, Because I’m right here! And I need to get out! Get Out!

                He was thrust outwards, falling onto the floor of his room. He laughed, but stopped as he heard Victoria take in a breath. “Hey, it’s alright it’s-” As he got up he stopped, aware at how cold he now felt. Slowly he looked down and saw he was naked, and what was worth was that his penis was completely erect.

                He looked up, expecting Victoria to scream, or get angry with him. Instead, she asked, “Mark? What did we do yesterday?”

                Before he could answer, screaming came from the other room. Both female and male voices. Mark and Victoria dashed over to Jenny’s room to find Jenny and Isabel, still naked, glaring daggers at the naked Jimmy and Brayden who had now appeared.

                “What happened?” Mark asked.

                “We remembered about the deadline,” Jimmy replied, “but we didn’t expect to appear next to them without clothes.”

                “You didn’t dress them?” Mark asked.

                “What’s going on?” Jenny demanded, “What did you and your creepy friends do to us?”

                Mark looked around the room and noticed that two people were missing. “Where’s Susan?” he asked.

                “Where’s Zack?” Jenny snarled.

                Those questions gave them a sort of silent truce as they looked through the house for any evidence of the two. Jenny and Isabel both got dressed and refused to look at them as they called out for Isabel. Victoria avoided Mark as he and Brayden found their clothes waiting for them in the basement, along with a note from Zack who said he ran off with Susan’s body, saying she would be able to make him a good amount of money in a small amount of time.

                The three friends looked at each other, each one wondering if they should tell the girls what happened and what they had done last night.

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